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Full text of "Theatrical and Circus Life: Or, Secrets of the Stage, Green-room and Sawdust Arena"

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Illustrated with Numerous Engravings and 
Fine Colored Plates. 




Knlerod ACCDrdtne tt> Act of ('ohjthsb. In the ^ear ]88E,bf 

SUN ruBUsiiTSf; company, 

In the OtOcv of Lhc Llbrannn of Coikfrese, At WuhLogtoti. 


'0 ^ 

(j,»itv» b b ^^ b 3 1 

'■ ^ ;-^ 


The theatre and the dreua, both souree^ or unllin* 
Ited amuHfment to (he world, are nUo objects of thd 
greQte«t Interest to all who have had ovon a slogla 
p(>ep At tbo sitkge or pri>s8od their f'^et even onoo upon 
the Buwdust precincts of th<» toritftti show> Tho tricks 
and JIliibionB that aro mystifying to nm^-tonihs of 
thrjHp to whom ihoy aro prpwtiilcd nmOy ftiil tn ho 
pivxltjctivo of ploiLi^uro, %ml iho y>iivri>vmontt whtrthor 
bftforo thd f()ot-hght» or witbiii tbu cii-cjum Hug, gon- 
er ally succeed ill no thoroughly whining tho hvarLfl of 
tlio puhik, timt, though th4>Jr facea, wbon the paint l« 
off luid tho BtmoapUoro of glory biis de|3aTt«<l, might 
Dot bfi roeo^uiiHHl tijiou tho street, theii jiamoa aro to 
fixp<lly >(Icnti1i(?(l with tho pleasant iiioineDid associint^sd 
with their art, that Xh&y become household wor^Ja, and 
are «pnk«u, with admiration aoO praise, by ail ckseeSf 
from tho nowalioy and bootblack np thixin^h the vxn* 
ons etrala of society oven to tho ruler of tlio nation. 

In pre««Dtin^ thi^ volume to the public tho inton- 
tion haj^ boon tohrio^'lhfl (itiypram! iht? peopio into 
ciowr rvUtionM, and by rcvifding thti pwcrct* of tho 
ilogo miyi AAwdtist Arena to chitw that what AppcEirct i;t 
first to bo deep mystery and to many, who are bigoted 
and avvrBo to Uieatricjil and hhidred «nt<TE*tatmnonta, 
tho hluokdat diabolism, is merely the rceuU of the 
simplest oombinRtions of mechanical ekill and aiudied 
arit and is oa innooont of the alnietcr character he- 
ttowod upon it u^ arn the ofloi-ta of school children at 
tlicir annual cxbibitiona or the €xem»ca of ex Snbbath 
School elaat before a row nf drnivsy mul nodding chorch- 
dcAOOOS. Fault nmy be fouod with tho private lives 




of niimber« of the niemb<»ra of tho th^fltrtoal and c\t-> 
cus ]>rofe»3|oii, hut the sins And «hortcombgs uf [iidi- 
vMuiili, cjin Up viiiit^Kl upon the entire class with no 
more jtiKtioo tliun can tUa fmillies of » few prencheie 
bo applied ^ii?ni11y to tli^ pidpit, or tho dUhonesty 
of u handful of luwvwrii be ivf!pcU'J upon nil iliv dit- 
ciplcAof Bl](£-kdtf)ne in exiati^uei?. Nt-^IUierU it ju^^t 1o 
olasa tu Lho£itr«s ]>1iicoj» of report Cbflt do Dot deaerro 
tho uamo — tbo "divee" and "dens" that aro fre- 
quented by dUroputable men and women whose low 
tiutea are catered to by men nnd women every bit as 
disroputablt) as their piitrons. Such «Atabliehment5 
reoeivcj in thii* volume, only tho sevore treitment they 
fully merit. 

In cxpliiining the myetcriee of sta^ i<epreaenta< 
tions, un<l indii^ittinK thu li-iolw of ring pcrf^irmunooSj 
nttwcll (13 in ejtcakingdf llio privAt^T lives of pcrfomiora 
and gLvinj^ hio^ruphiea of tJio most noted nciorn luid 
aotrx^auoH now before the publio, an attumpt h^t^ l>cen 
made to be porfectJy aoourate ru every dctaih The 
anecdotal pcirtion of the book haa Jikewl^e received 
careful attention, and indeed every feature of tho 
work haa beeu given duo eonsideration . in the hope 
that in and out of tho prcfcapiou' Theatrical and 
Ctncva Life may moot with a f[ivorEil>lo inception and 
be regiirdod as worthy the subject:* of whit*li it treats. 
Commanding: it to the kimhic.*A ol' nil into whoai? 
hands it ftilU; and aftsurin^ the inbabitanta of the 
mimic nnd rent worlds, that, whutcvtT con^at ruction 
may In? placed upon Iiia tf<inti;ncc», naii^^ht but rc&pect 
jirid alTiHiion is fvit for the ti-ue jind good men aud 
WOII1C11 <tf tbc Atajce, the author parts from hia volume 
rrgriTlling tb«t it is not Inrgecnou^^h to g^ivc everybody 
a place in \i» pii^e«, or to sny ms mach al>out each i^ 
dividuni aa cjtch dcsei've^. 

St. Louis, August 1, 1^2. 



4dBlMlo& raav — Ccrberas at xIm Itoc-k DoiK — Tlic Ayta- 

ton anil Emplojrt-ii—- iti^wrl|>ili>iL <if su^t*- H"-ii^Tign — 

VMM Ui lliv DntK.iL^.Tru( itt ibc Clrvu^ — AuAcl 
tluu Hivt4 Hiitiiil^ 'M [be klD^ in tut World ^Tbc 



CflAireR U. 

tn-ftwlth HU fur S(ji^4^TtJ^fitrciiAl Ihv l-:i1t»T>*tihMn 
lVrlo>i --Supdaj Theatre* in iW ■■tiald«» SS^*' — 
DucrtpUtin ol ihkj fjlubi; la Sliahcjiptarc'^ Time — 
VJaym Id tbo Tldoii of Ht-Tiry VIII- — Slgii-Trimnl* m* 
Sancb — AnHdotfl of ClmrUvi II. — TU ''WJU,>' 
'■Ctovrr" U<ja Anil ihc Vul^nr Crund — l'li>«e» Tuuk- 
«nT4, awl ijQvilp -.-«.. 


i«« AMNfLVUM mr.ATAi:. 


[Datj GArrkk M Iirur; Iauc, l^omdon — Ensllsh Aclota mH 
tvr Ainrrtca — Tmau? ]u lliu Oinnutii^ ^\\y In ITAS — 
Tlwi KifHt AoM'rti'ftuTti'fltm^Tti* Flmi Pmgramnio — 
TW Fl«l Sew York ThVAU*, ITM -TUa Flr»t P<j»- 
tonauov IJi niLaJpliibla, April, i:^ — Tfju First 
Sbavr In Uo«ti>n. adc^iV ITvif — Tlh* Trlent ami th^ 
6pani«b ttdf -^ Klogiiiit TttciUrvi of Ui« Prcneut 



AT not fitAOK-ttOOb. 

TroBt Door ami Rtrk Txmt PiitT^n^-i'ii — **MMhf-rH" ai the 

<'8UeO'l><*or" — Tfie Or^MH who ScnntJri [iuftrd — 
rrt>]tJl!<llca L'n.ld to Ulni— iiutkhiraa and the Uallot 
Girt*— Tim TrUik* of the S<fitc VaXnicr an Hit Girl* — 
The LilrtH* K^VDDge — Bold miil Honrtitm l^v^m ^ 
NuUA Pu:<luul (iiiclcr Die [lrcj»ijii|£-]tu(iiTt I>i>or— Alic« 
Oatirh'H MoAh — WalrhJnic Ihv Manimivn^H ctf Lti« 
"Muti^r^'^—TLluur UtAl'imcSfLnmiftrlcnU • ' 48-VA 


P«Opl« Whn Pnironlw the Tlnwliv — Ttic roiintr niocHl — 
Morabcraof Uic ^U'wfoiih" -The (Jlddj- and Gunhlne 
Cshor — TUf Bouiitcr " The FcAimt Cr»inc|n:r — The 
Pwplu Who CO "«t "Bi'titri^ii Ai^lx" — Tlw BIj Hit 
Vniunoe— AfloO(tol« of <;«orir(i atid Jfnrry - - < 85-0) 

An Afiuil'"»t'Tlisi\in' — Thu AiUli'ir'- KniM-rltfrwo iw " Jm|>" 

In » PftctJuiuUr Scono —A Trip to tUir Mu*ji; ■ - 60-flS 

CfUPTKIl vir. 

!« TUB nnaaWSO'iLiJOM. 

QoodvEn^H *' Mak^op '* f or UobMt* — tfooth tndC^inpatiy 

Ranm* of nH-Time niiri Proscut Thutirc* — I^uli 
]lnrriv;tii S|iai]A it Piny Kt Siui Fr«ucLa(!0 — Hakv Aclor* 
"Mifccup" for Viiriou" Ptirt* — Tlic lULr-Pix^Htfor 
aad tiw Acin-u «rt-]oa 

aJAlTKU Vlll. 

wirms Tflx wnriM. 

llK8toe*Pnjinpt*:TB0d lib Dulles— Aflom who -'Stick" 



A]iLlcr4'>n buA ilvr Ctif<irln^-(iuia,— £auaQt'H tadkECro- 

Uvn* - - -."*••- . iofl*lsl 

CItll-TKK IX. 

vD«u - 8c]ptrpc)tloa» of Julm MoCiinuufili, RajrmoaiJ, 
Joe J<^ffcr«uu. SolljLTn, I'loroiirt-, tluuilj, (/lianfrru , 
Byiv>n, 'HiorDc* Nc&Uod, Lolia, etc, ptc, — couitaino 
and Inca iSft-ltf I 


Actara wbi> MrnicrlK whuk Ncvrtpujicm — I^vcty Ptffgy ^ 
X«(ui Hying nft Ijo PiOyiNl — Sol. Siii[<(i'rt Kminf AJvcri" 
|ut«— ^A MuAhL'r trnt-lc (^crticcabb — OhiirluUe CuMi' 
mnu niK) U10 Coloml KclMtoy \th\i linxmUi 1>i>miu Itio 

Hfli]ti« — Th4» r'aLl'Kaj'it K-vi-n^i — Thr» J.i>rhH'pr, 

Trick (^iiillif Aii<] Tmp DovT— An Ku^tlDhP«r(ijrniao«o 

9t VUlUia Tell 



J IVIIHir inil Mr. »t. L«[C?r In liublln — Kouase&u** 

l^fwi«l:!Tlfi Sttaiti. Fire, Tliiimli^r, Ll^liUiliig, itc;. ^ 
nilv* l>i^n aiiil litff J«H'u|* — Stio*^ Slrjrm In ^'Tha 
Two Orpbjina" - Ruin I)) 'Mlc^ru cf (lak" — Hlvu- 

IP ft XfUMlon riiMilrv 




Th* Prnpri^y-Miit ntnl tiU nail"* ^ ^niLritflir, — Mom- 
U«lit — Tfwinkltug vt Rlam — Oii'in Wuvp# — Fir* Lft 
'ThavlK "jmd "Strccia of S^wTork"— Full Dokt^rip- 

tkm (il Uw VkuuUH Kaft fdr^uij 




(HAPTKIi Kilt. 

Brtikcii Howii or "Crutboi]" Actor* ox Door<lCi:ap«n — ' 

TtJflTPBiJtirrT of iho Thtnfjvi ^Tlifl ITuh^r — firclio«ra 
and Loiulor--*itn5o MdhfLKtr — Thii Itwrniu ArtUl — 

Lutbmnor, l^AittilutiTHJMiiiy 


. igfi-»^ 


The Yoaoft Mm fron CAlkohla The H-^X Of Oac* — 

SUiiifSlnnkQlrbol LouliivUlc — TIji- CiilK-tft OrjJuaUi 
Irom Illinois " "Thu WmTior Ho^vod 111* L'tvslcil 
HtttJ'* -Tlio **N.f;J*Oinjiri — Mariu DKoii'* K*il- 

Sctiwnb 4 kummcl — Harry KiUHOtt JVautlU " MKrui- 
gOT^*— AColondTroo]>NCu]-LoUBi:p|9Ufl ■ - iOt-a-JO 


TIIK l[ . 

Oid-Tlim?*m! I'Tcsciit KrljcnrwlH — oUtc Ixikbh"! Dc^icrliv 
lion or fi K*hoar«ll — Kohuarinl of the Coppi de JJat~ 
bt — Aifp^ftniavc of Ta^Ui^iiI, Cvrhui Carlot[4 QrUI, 

c»3ti>]i>ATn4 ton *H'JKT f'i'<*rnr-*, 
AdiMritidnic r<»r Ballot filrN — 84]nrtoi* PaM Uwm —Who 
Apply — Whtrc Ihc Cnij-C^n l^loiirMhcH — The Up»*iiJ 
licivnji i>f n Baltcc iilr]*i Llfu— Tlie Nftuuh IJuiu!i-r4 nn-i'U) 


IjiUirrkirlnjf Si;;, .1. T, C^-irilclU ^ The Frpficii SctikKil 
Tlu^m Lu !^cAiA —AjuounL. ul PiarUc<; Ri'ijuInM] ^— Tliii 
Aintrloia IMIlct — ^iorlM of Prvm^TtH, Coryphfctt, 
etc. — TheTiuo Requlrcii— A Uttic Foutt u»d Fdallsb 

•t ThnoA 

fllAPTKli xvin. 

riAve ASP 1'i.AirwHiiiiiTs. 
The TtUIh bud TrLbalnt^nn^ of lie Gtivky Yonitis DrHs^ 


Uftt — KagJbhr French Uid ArfufrErjui FIjiyvTrlgljU — 
TliB T>vh]iv for ForeUn riHv* — awilcy Cjiiii|j1j*:H"ii 



ctLimca XIX. 

GuutkopbkglAtd Of Woin&d tnurs Cotncr Loofcra — ' 
Ma*1jvii> of thii tVotvuiciii — Fviiiak- M^mlivri — 'Tb? 

Ulluai UuMwirt K*cap]Ulc< — ■■ l^ttr^ ami llm Mii1i|<il 

Ri^clTliEhUi at rtir1t;*«i:ai'«^,\iri<(ic %a,\ Mnthm^ - -I'^-^ift 

CHAtT^Klt XX. 
TUB 3t«ii»iN viu me rK;Y<)fi. 
Ambtfl^S — lllA fon] Pun dI Art tii'l Thr^^t FulJ of 
MnpkC'— >Di3 JuBtAyLtiii! Ltiti riuk oC U^iiuiy anU ret* 
fiFCtton of BotWFMii - T^tp CTioniv Sin^vr MELihrnl on 
Ui« UnMck '-1^0 Mrtfh Mutual ^ Tbc Brother »uU 
I^vcr MiwUlli* TcQLrr^ Suit tor iU>.000(UH] lUe Cuui- 
pfOOilM - - . . :fi1lt^'KIU 

vuntxcj van fuuK fvtva^ 
A ?trM-n*:^4 ?Tiff In n Ta^iuItLIIi? P^kpnr— All Amloim Ui 
Appear tn Prtot— V»rloii« Wnj-- ol PiiHIilu— S*m1lo|| 
rhotoft ^ DlamoDiJ nobf>«rlL>a — F»l]1iij: llrlr (q a Fct^ 
tii»c, pu. — Mlonlo rolini'r"s Artie^iw Ubplay o( Un* 
itotWvAr — ThoAhbott Kli»— L'fltlujrlno Lcui* Kllng^ - 
&&c]|fl Mflvinr'a Pjcsuiit* (o CViUu — The MoruJn^ 

Bucunlaiiil Uia >^u(iliiiE Cri>H 


TUB ACXH%*» *yiu iriR t?ftti:v iKwr.n. 

All PnforsKni mn^ M«n lh« Int^rvi^ivliifr t^'Uml^Dnw 
tb« tntcrvkwct I9 It^CPlvcd bj PihtlJ, Nllnaii, Gcrvtcr, 
KfllkoiQ, ('^ry. llMLk, Arib(ilt» LfcnilinrtT. MorrU. Mi^fl- 
jMka, !f«ll4Ciii, AniUmon, Ikftvcnporl, Uiiclictl, Lottk, 

aid OOiBrt »ifl-au 

niAPTBn xxiiL 

Vottu*on^Cb1Idreaitf Actoraond Jlclre**e*~ 



Uttl* Corlano — Debut vf Emmn Lkrf — KhII Gwjpo* 
tb* n»h (Url— LoU Moulc/, Ihc rittty IrU^i Olrl — 

TrogodleDDC — LocU and MaggE< MlE«tifllt, aa<l a Iloni 

of Otiwn aW-s-Mi 


Orcal T^iiK>lj uf lli(: riar — OmcHpUonof nCtilQL-ai^Tlji.-ji- 
tro— Tin* rnxniiti'T — Tlii" AHr)lim(^r-»Tb« ArU^i* — 

Sc«to"— PfiMsol AdlllU^lou — SUlcShoiTB - - WS-Sfii 

?l■llac^ tbo Fttbct ot Ix^iian Opcrii En Atnt^rlui— Inl«rrtpi« 
with Co]. iluplMOQ — The Cj»t of Rluirl"e *v Coin* 
ptny — VThAt it rn»iM Kircr? lime thi? rnrtnin ti Rung 
I'p — Mine. Ori»ii*j» Siiptrsiitlou — Tho Hc*t Uptms — 
SalArltfH Ktt 3btcvf» ^ Kciijiuu CLud tW Pi]iiiii>ULt Mcf- 
ahvit AAJ^tci; 


EniiQCt. BrouTtr, WUKIockuiiU IVlh^m among the Kufii«Kt^ 
I'ot-I'le Herbert — nmlily Klce hthI Jlin rftiw--/ij» 
Coon Cent Black ItoH My Lcri-Tnil Ulue — Enriy 
Ihiyrt i>f Oi;i>riit: t*hrbty — Mi[i»tit-I Mvn Orucnili^ lin- 
provulriit — Mlnarri'I lli-n ** Mit-hrri. — KMvtTly'!* Mti*. 

cnwnn xxvir 

Gtattfff L- Fut, tliD KlnB — ti. 11- Aclauia, 1^9 Surc-eMor — 

Botio^ Nlgiii In London 

CHAlTKll XWni, 

FlrO-CLuA TarlctltH — ]Urr> lEUIV FaiiioUH Itemti — fn- 
UCvL^w wUh llAfrj Hill -- lilA iiri^l Ji>hrititi>^ IVaeoni 
la ft Dl»c — The ]l>>iincer iit Work — Tbe Cowfloj** 
CftU for Mu} ^Tbe CftO'Can^Miialu b/ BarnJ^ — 
Over the Rhine ........ 



t TWAV or luttif roMROijhiei. 

Tlia ADttf Ami llftiiTir ai>!iii» IfATrlicftJi A Hurl— 'Lnl Mf> 

aittflUt|i«Atd«npu 4UMM 


Bwnri SfTAltowert^—Jacckn In Arnvrlcs, &uroii«, Cbtiuw 
anJ lliniloo^ui} — llf^nirnn Ni^lij ih** T<iirlK<r?i — ITer- 
man Sold t>7' Ibv '■ Uoj* " — Wond«rfi^[ L'Lilaofo Jug- 
ffkrn — Uow Ladiea »re fto»i*to\Ir(l la Mld-AJf — How 
tuKat nrr^WaJkouKcJ ll^l Iron — Cut ^f n Mhii'a 
UMd, «1C.» vtc. 130-439 



Th< Trkh-Bos— Tlie BuarxJ— TU* JU»kel— Thn Mft^i- 

Clin'f « OluMl flbM-y " 44(M4S 


Prof, Kmnody nud Vul Vom — T^qIh Hrftbtai Void d^ 
C^atitW* U> TtMivU I, Wins Wifi; ami Forlciiiu throu^Ei 
tali iVonilf^rfol frtft — M Hl r.Uli- aiiiT liU IpVoml-^rfitl 
KxplollB — ^Alounilrv ami Ihri Lnjul uf ITny — TIlv I^i" 
lotlm FtUlf LipJula«J— ']I<>w to K\ir k — The Sttflo- 
«ModVtat1ta U^-*U 

ojt rtfr. iWAif. 
UiUaC IHtttiB at Itw "ibaB(|Qap«*'— Copy of Conlroclfl^ 

OnilactbuToiirD— ThcC.T<lmiicAi)vAuc« Ajprnl - IJJ*J-^fiZ> 


mil OttKHK-RVKIl A«l> OTHER l4l^lN it TKHA, 

Th« Stjuot JlralM a«4l I>itui— »Tho Slxgp at thA Bi>|fiQDlii|t 
of Um ElffUE<rlilh C-^^nLiiry — UU]« ",\ocJ*IrtJH '• vi 

ffimilirltnrnl Ju'llwtuLluLis or Pivil — " Huildcu Jtibu- 
nl«'* uid C0k»nMpr^Mx«lf Mi.'LiUri LriTni^— MLu 
BarthA Wtlhr KDd UbB Ckto* Tl>u ^ ' Old 1; rtj ' * uid 
ihe Stipptnic Bopa Dancer '—liu^band and Wife Aiid 
BaUH rurl — Ur^hUitopholDB anil Vbqlim ... 4afr-LH 




jcmx witKiLa nooTTt, riitiitiLvr u«rot^'« iHiJtJiiy, 


laul:'!!— An Ok] Aclor'fr Uplnlon of J. W. Booih — Hln 
Blshurd the IH. a Fine Plocc of Acllng— Boolti hah 


Koff th4> StArv an<1 Lcxwr Ll^hK l>1«|>orl Ttwm>«lvO«" 
AcW»rfi«lUi.'S(iiu'S(|"— The ''Ord Gray " SfirprHpi the 
Acton nt tho J<Ltn<]Uet — MkltloDt Up^iil upoo Tliuatr]- 



Who tbA «*-Klka" nm — Jagh&niJlc'4 Fricml Wiinu ta h« nn 
Bik — CkailiiH thfl rJini1i<-Ji)ttr ItiMkily - - Thn lll;;h Mi^ck- 
vMtick— TliB ri'tiil^iu Circle — TTn) rK^wy'HL — Tlir 
I'Bth of ProifiviM* — Th*» KiiwikTVl VJl^tir. Iji dory — 
Dottd! Downtr DoimlM — On " KlaojMic " -Tlui 
Mtfrclful :fcl-Aa i:tk 



Tha Dliunffigod i^ftnTiuni&Ti'e ?o«uy — Ciretu F^un — 

TUf Orand roruilc — TUc 925,000 Beauty- Twdvc 
PtrnlL's uinl F^Kly H"«5i^"» ijii n aiiiiinj-e — HuKr^ Clay 
»cctt «n^1 hU Ajcil V«ltii<r^%^LI bk 8lfna La gn to 
the Clrooe ll^^il 


i;:vriKK niiG <uw«s. 
ic ftinftK boy \mr\ xhv Otnru* B^alln^ lie ^how -— Skok 
Ttrv 4u4 llallooa IVirarLiLaiicci — DcculdMtt'tf III- 
Fiit*d Trtp — Frl^jliifHl Accittonc In Mculoo— nfcH* 
<ir«tL-IU-<>iiiat]0 Drculag-IEootntt — 'n^^ TEown — Baro- 
^auih nii>i» m^^l Titiiir>lirv— ^M<rr7ii)4n'« A^lmlMloa 
K« — TiAi Clown'* Biir-y £-ia»^M» 

CUA]-T£B Xli. 



Prrfonopni — Tlshi lUitv F^'aW — Tntiilnir Itkk-ni — 

X tvntnyiCB or run nixn. 

rul florchAck HSiW In tlin Wnrld — lUr rnii^l T*ak- 
Diwtor— X«tl Kirtilhtfra tu iIhj RiiMUO — ' XlVn V^aiX • 

UiAtEudji Well" OJVa-^S 


The Alblcto <tt Ancl«nt Romt^Or&ia^ and LsJtj Tum' 

CllJLlTKn XLIll, 

C»p4->f. V. nu«a lod Wife — The ThlluHt Cuupio Ld Uu< 
World— Th0 Fit Woinin nad the Living Mkrlctoti^ 

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Tti« '*lLtl,'* In Ulc HnreloK Vit^vr — Capl, Coat^DtedOB — • 
Tbe Jfoifiij Ojar^ifi^iJ — Hi-anebcrry iiq<1 the " Cld 
Bah*'^Slii;!iilflr Siofv Told tiy Henry Fmmflll — Ttt- 
tooed bf t^cmh I'ullli^ lavage* .... fiSl-fi^ff 


SUmI Sboi aul of « C»Dnon— -Tlic Zulus— Qcii. Tiini 
ThnokO and Wit* — Tfiarnhnnd Ciuipunlnt ^flug^nd 
Mid KWfil l>j HiiApA — MKiEn rhrlHliiKT ll^u FrtmoMS 
Twu-n^adtd LfcJjr — Ttiff BIjjhih Wyodvr of tbn 
W"«ld— J<^fco ftpttlH » C'jtupdy — i^lnrai In Winur 




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Catherinfl Lewis ----12B 

Cbuifnia 131 

Fancy Davenport -.-..-... 134 

Dion Bouclcsalt - - ., 135 

MfB. Boacicftolt 136 

Maud Granger 139 

M'Jie Muntrose 148 

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LolaMtHilpi - _ _ _ _ ItiO 

LiZIIK Wedstek (CoLohKU PlatbJ 160 

Ljiwrnnre Barri?U - 161 

J. E. Emmelt 164 

John T. Raymond 166 

Katherlae Rogers -.....-.. igg 

Joacphltia D^Onne ---.---.- 170 

Con Pearl 178 

L*?st«r Walliick 175 

CUrn Morris 177 

Hi-K-u llSnffoon 178 

S*!oii-Si<Mon*i 181 

JoiaParadlo ie+ 

SolSmilhRofiflell 187 

Bo^eCoshlan laa 

Tbe Raft Scene 192 

MlntilcIUuk 197 

Helping the Scene Pointer 201 

The Olfl Woman of tbe Company 204 

The .EHLliClii; DttHHa 208 

KUty Blcuicburd 20D 

Fhol»;n^phLug an Amateur 213 

Harie Prescott aa PurthenEa ------- 217 

Mdig- Fanny Jaoauschek -,,..,_ 222 

Ilo>e F.ytingL' 226 

Agues Booth 230 

■■Now then, Ladl04 and Geiillcmcni all Together" - - 284 

Training Ballet Dancers 285 

National Dances 237 

MamKM £lkoii» (CoLoaED Plate) 240 



PiMin oiit-^ of tbc Mnattud • - • • > ' 

Adellna t^tll'f *' Miith" 


A M(*(ikvjr ^(ii'llh^i; u Mufih - • > • • 
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Scrrlns EL Wrlt«ii Pouor Dnfon^rt < . < 
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Shjiptrn (or Kro* Puff* - - - - , • 

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lOilaoflc Propi?itf Roam - . . , 

[HinuSc MadJera - . • . - 

tcn>wn!nq a Tattot - - - - - 



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All Mofll )bahc« - lU 

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John W. Nino* ...... 4;iij 

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11u<L-H Miftk - - . - A»< 

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Cv«r ll^jv Kftld on thv Uog (M 

kplos . - . - 51^5 

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JecXoftafiasConwil) - 5J4 

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Aiijbnily mn grt iiitd tlit; nmlitx^rliiiu o( n thratrtr 
hy iMyit^ nit Ailinhaioii feu rvai^iiiig fnmi Iwi^tity-Rve 
caniA tt|> to $1,50, mill iIitt sawiltiht |f]iTL-tiii-1n of tlie 
ciTCQd niay bo [i«neti:n1i-Hl foi- tiic mudis&t sum of fifty 
cfitiU ; titit behind ilio curtain of tbe tho^tro nud beyond 
tbo »crpeiHTd drmr throu<5h «h1rb dreusnltraetion* enter 
thr rxliiliitioa urtNin, nrr wiciird jiI;iccm, witli sciircU* 
tbut an^ Ml \\x]u:tU\v. h^ llu^r ciwnrrs thntj Ibi^y <]jii'<! not 
fcir leu than ii unmll fnrtiuin iiUow Ihfr pitliliit tn viitw 
rv(-n ti) iimli'i>luiid tlii-tn. A f^*iirr»l kikrnvlmlge 
Uii* niwn>liniy of thi-iilrit-iil fiml dr*'iw trirkH— >of 

le dtflu^mufl I bnl tnuk« tip Llic aUick la Lm<1n of alioir* 
lli"f»n j;rm"riilly — wimiii iJir^ti'ov \hr\r viiUw Jis sniiilile 
nrtiHi'A, niul tmikv cverylwidy a Vixxit? ]i:iriiiiiiL or Jiiak 
[fnvvrly nf biK nivn, witb nhiliiy t^ funiiHti hitiinrlf 

lib iimiiKrrtir'tll nr bctmr, yvltlin xUt^ Utriurr iiin^lo* 

Linic lutmn^VTBi rorilil imly Ionic on [itui W€rup uL the 
ilurjfttliHiMl fu-i1ilk4^9i Willi whWh lln* i?ountr)' wm* over* 
nm, miO nionin lUn StiaikeHptfitHuu <biy«i wlit^u ]»*o|>1« 
■,W<»T© ctuily plenitMi with th4> povpity-H^d(?n Hl:tgP and 

ira^ rvjir'*4i*<!lfltioiiA lbn|. wvivi itllV^ml t.lirm. But 
ib^m U no fi^nr ihnt tlm public will itver bo iiXructed 
i^H la niK'fi II bi^ii fltf-^ir^i* ill Tf'inifil In rlu* tnHi(hi trork- 
ici^ of tbo tbi*-itnMiiid chv^K, tlml thcMc will not at 
ttll tlineit bo |ikii1y of putrv>nM for bolh tlufun oxoollent 
faniMof enienalnmeiit . Tb«^niaiiEigurHtiiLeg<>odc4ire 


A Fltl^lltlS'AKY PLKT. 

to k^^ th^ir eocreU to tii^m^olvog, n^ tho^e \^ho 
pt^bij^ airoand Iho aiuiiioe la which tlio theatric nrcaii 
am li<?ld, vcrvfoon find out. At tho hsick dixtv 
evorjf Uivalro - thn cutninoo to Ihr sUigo^ is a Ciri 
hcvu% of Ihci rnfjst protifjuurod kinO. who would Moont 
hit© hi-H oWD gni nil til I tier's wir ofl' thuii ullc^w aiiyhoel; 
not tiiilJLlfiU to the privilege, to jm** him ; whik at tlifll 
door of Iho cinnitj cJix^sAii^g^-room nnd jill ihrriuiui it iiroj 
fuitbful ^cnLinold nlio vriU lirttcn to no fmrifiword, andj 
through whoac runka it ia ns jm|K»:<^ihl(T to briMik ua tti 
is for the tat boy ui the eiilc- .ihow to Uirow :i doublo^ 
aomoraault over tfev€ittutu hor--(o». wilEi uti dqjhuat oB 
l>i£ OS Jiimbo at the furriid o( tlic Ime. It nlll, how- 
ever* be the [JiouU juivilpj^e ol" the rcaiim^i of t\m book 
to get ji» close lo the Butrvlft of iha *trtj*e and suwdust 
arcun ita one c^ii wt]\ do vrtthotjt kiiuwiug ribaolulrlj nM 
about them, and bv thu l»a»3 tb« hi>t |iri^o is read and 
the volume i» ititdy to bo cliwM^d, 1 think the rcjwlerfl 
rnli he Will (Iid(g)iled :attl aj^toiii^bvd with thi; nrviht- 
tions tti»t huv« been tniKle. 

Torn the uvrni^^eiinrt Iooai* oti the sln^eof a Ibf^ilrit 
at Di^ht, vrbilfT t\ jd.-JV jfi ^'oinir uii, nml h, ih fi KI]-«^inl1 
kohci] ngnhint ii whoh^ Sun Jonii iioiihtg difftrirl. tlmthcf 
will not kijow ifchelher lit- hus hIe-ucU ihe M'vi^ath rh-rlo 
of boaveiL or i^ lu u luiiiilU: iLH}'him. H« will ua'ei 
Aou»e very i|iieL'r irt^atur^M h\ ih^ fti-eac^t* ; hi* will ?iee 
nuny Mmnge Ihiitg^; the bi-lIlUiit ll^hu at'ooiid hiiTi,| 
ibe pnt*^ho*4 of rolor Il:i^hm^ Into hlf oy***, th^ s**!i of 
fiiroK nr»] thr l^ingl** of aiil1in(*ry in llie uiiditoriian, will 
oiyHtify liiTd I tho Miiribng Kittaikit of hU^k mmn lb 
faces* of thr jiinu uiid wr>mrii wliri jo«tIo him ;l^ Iiq 
i^OAoly hiigit tho whij^it, tjjpir red iioK^it tim) hloomiiij^ 
i^ooks th« j^iicrul tomiito-Cun iiH|>oel, of thvir fiicc* 
the sLuf^' wtg« tkud Kiragglin^ bc-iinU thul biok us If 
tbey bud been torn of iltu buck of a goat oTily ton 



A rKlCtJHlNAKr l-EGP. 


nlntitaft b^forfl ; Uw liUin^l, commoDplace clothes that 
vbiDO %o ntilianlly whou seen from a chnir in the par- 
i[iji*ttr(>r4lri!s«citx-Ur,— u1UIie»e thfiigs Will w?t hU poor 
bniiiiiiinw]iirl;iind whii«ihri«lor>kii]goLiJLWi>-htnckpn» 
thff iu?<-Tic' Hl]il\(TM will 4^mD riii«hii]j} tlotrii upon Iiimi 
with n Dftijr d4^It]«toii, trainplitig on hii: Uicn in :i Enctciutir 
t!iat HU^i»it^ in ii imjsl piit<Tnti;i1 vriiy liii* MiiporlluTty Jn 
that purtltiuhii- pljtv. aiul ptinhing him u«ido wHIioLit the 
tnereiiL npoUt^v, untl pvrTiapa with iLi>oiboi' r^niuik Uiuii 
Hfriii-montof fei-ventprolanhj^asif htsrtorua wi'tfich*xl 
Btroot Arab in that miiuk wudd hi which tlio acvu« 
thift«randtJi9capumof tJio "eupoi's" playauoh vcr^ 
ini[>ortaut parts, PiM>plo porno out of evoi^ inia^'ina- 
blo pUco Ul nrouml him. There ae-^ia to bo doorj* 
CVtiiyithoTfii — in llio waiUt the floor, tlie coiling, and 
^^9u in «p«oos And as tlio *' vni^tj dcop" und tho 
rfint €tf i\m ±iiirrounJingH ^ivii ii|> tljt^ir dwcUor^, tlio in- 
truder ivccivott fruE^h joltM unit tlimntri, nnd [j<>sMl>ly 
ftd'ZiliontJ dnuution« of profanity- Tlitd, of coiir»Q, 
&p|iUt!3 only {<* ihc mtiJo appariljorid that ovcrwhoLin 
the ntrAn^u vi&iU>i' to the now world behind tho ectinoa. 
The f<imale |K>rl)un of Ibut illusory e^ihcre have noth- 
ing to oay 1o hhn <rxc*pt with their cycf*. whiiih very 
forcibly itiqulro Ibc meaning of hia proaeocc th«ro. 

If u person would like to undenvtand ho^' ^iwfully 
atvttQgo and lotivly it will he fur the ]aai individual 1i:rtl 
aSivo upou earth, hv* uted only puy u lir^l vi^t to the 
M^L^^e of a Ujealrc ^\\h-vg \w \a uui netfOAiuted with uny 
of the sctOfl'dot' actresses, jtnd has uol even the pleasure 
ofknowinsone tif thi^ minor ntt^rhr-*. Anyftllompt to 
form nn nc<pi:iinljuiiH^ j?t promptly jmd iinmi^lnkably 
re{H;1le<]p and nil ihr po^r tinfurlunalTi hns to do in tu 
move up whi-rxf h" i* onl of ebcrvhiKfy's wny, iiTid 
b() CHO hmk tni nml womlrr l« U\h hrart'x <'ci]ilrnt. As 
heiil*ptfct«hi»MLrrouiidLug» atidhoM hii alti^ntiou cullod 



to t}ie actions of 1h« ])pap1e whose business It 
p1»c« iho ittAge in «h:(|w for nn at^t or sof^tio of n 
he will r^miily romprphorid (bf? mewiiiTig of forming a 
WrtHii out of chnos. If they av^ ir'-lTin^ rendy th« 

V • 


baloony mwiio for ^* RtJineti and Juliet," wing imoeA 
ptiftliGLl i>itt to nTpn-ftciit trees and tlie *iJ*> of the hoo 
of t4ifi CiiiiiileU^^&ui wLal & biju:^ it usiuilly L6» too, 




for fuch olofpuit p«to|)k; I Tli« frc^iiL of ibo Uoubo U 
m|)idly |»1«*<I in poMltimi hel«'i>*ii two whig%, the b«I- 
oouv is (juti^klv uuilcKl on, iLml v-lth tht? aid of n nulo 
ft^affoJilin^fWhiniltlio&c^uoniiclii IkddoiMhfi Cair Julioc 
mountk,nn<I, Isiat stops out 
upoti tlw ftvil structtiro totoll the* «woot moon h«r lovd 
IbrBonKo. '^wwbnlclh^r^^ln^^k-:^^^i^lll<nJt. KvAntho 
iUtolT dmi^tor of iho<.rt|iul*^l*hiLNiiiaUi*:>ut_vor ^slcill 
vaoii^h trt miiiovoth(4atj«tjrflUy froniihoKcono whrclihiLA 
tho iip|H^nmnrrt af Inking, niicl i* in ronlity nothing* c\ao 
iJun woihI imd atnvA4 ftv«ly tpLiiilivd vrilli imitiL of 
Umt proper oolotv. A paintod box rcprt^tiL^tiU a Monc ; 
ft j^cu carp(>t poaaoA forfrnu^t tho binkLitiful liri<<*fi- 
bnu^ ttiat opcii^ Cbc cve^ of th« icatbc1i£< ]>oo[)lti in tho 
fttidivii<:e lA only brown pai>or hun-iodly duubcrd by tho 
MWiM pinitlcr'fi app»MtioQ; tbe wnll of tJto Oupulot*' 
ftKt^^ii ijt n rory rniil vunvjij^ coiKviT). and fhc flonH 
iltribubos aro fniud^ oftbcdccpcel dye from tbo eccino 
artUt's long Inblo of colors. The vrholo picture ia 
einiple* but QniiiUlli^hlc to tbc lookrr-on fortho tiret 
Lime, nud iu« Ik vmnh^ thntti^b the iJoi^r he lu^gba 
hniTlily ut tlic very Uiin di»guJai* tm^dr ind comedy 
EUT ixH|iiiru-d In put oil to dcbidc mid pk\i-ic tin* puMic. 
hci, litin rcluni to IIk- ibcatix* lit tlic monuiig ami 
Ttavf Ha n\rvUiT\vn -sUoni of tbci du/xk nnU .tplcndttr 
tbut tbe dI^IU. briiigA. He will hm more iL4tnni«b^ 
ill. *nie \i]ii,ce U usiiidly AH dmk itn ii i!uii«^f>n, ihriv 
tn^ THiiiJirlbing jnrcirliar Jii tin- (-rjii-ilnic^ti»i) nf thi*- 
alrvA wblcb imikt-s Ibem bn^bl. iit nij^Iit jiiid dixmni 
diirtii;^ ilitrfr^fLl. Tf » htmy nlutit of li^jltt IeiI]^ uti}*' 
vrk«^t« ii|HMk tli« eligc* il K'ill bo ruiU-Iy inockt-d by tlii^ 
MtA of burning nimllv by tbo iild of vvbiHi thi» ilngo 
oiqi^nior k nt work righn In (he very »i»3t wbore, 
twolvr bofirE Ifeforo, lLi>in('f> niid Jtilirt ][v»>d :uid diod 
for eftcb other in «U('li u bimcntably pMthetic wny lliat 





AnvtMHly mm get hito :]ie nuditnnLiin oT a tLvntrn 
W pnyi";f nil ft'1mt4Tiii>[i tV^j nsir^liiiij^ IVoin twoniy-Hvc 
cents up ;o (L'jU, nfttl tbc ^u^ilur^t prmnctfl of the 
<dr<ras mnj bo p^iMti'ated for tbc inixlodt euni of Jif^ 
c<^lit«; hilt t>»hinLhh(i ctirUinof thet^eutronii<l1>oyond 
Iho wrrcnni dr>or through whifh fir«tui*(ittr»oiion* ouUr 
iho rxhitiitioii lircnn, un) «^:r^'d |>lftC0f4, with Ho^-roU 
xhm «ro fio valualilo to tbcir owners tliat tboy cinro not 
for 1ct»A Ibun a &in^l1 fortiino iilMw the pTil>1io to viow 
or ovoii to undcj^tiiu^i tlirm. A gcricrnl k^owkilgo 
of tbft simpluritjr of tb«T:)trirtiI nnd circu« tri*^ — of 
tbodclQi^ions that mHli**iip f liOHtodi in tnufo of $Uqw- 
mttn^uenilly — vrutiKi dcr<tro_v their riihic ji^ aalablo 
nilirlott, anJ make cvcrjtjoti/ u litllv Bumtmi or Ju«k 
Huvorlj of hU ovrii, nith fl^>ilil_v l*> furiTi^h bimHslf 
with flinu^Pincnt at home. wliiL* tbo former munto- 
donk ttmiitL^m t-ouhl mily Look on ^ind wocp At tho 
odacirtionat f:u.-iJittc« vriih which the country was ovcr^ 
run, and iiioiini Ihc Sbdcpj^pniriun iliiv^i vfhr:n |)<^op1c 
wt-ro Li*flil_i' pkMcrd ivilk thv j)ovci1y-ridiltNi f*Ui^v mid 
bar« reproaoutatioiia tbftt vrora ofTtrcd tbotn. But 
tbero H DO four lh*t lh« puhli!.' will over bo itistru<TttTd 
lip to feucb u b:gii de;:it'<? in ri^^urd lo tbe iiiaiUe w»rk- 
iitur^ of lliu lUeatf« ai}d cirtru^, tbAt ibero will oot at 
ull time* Iw i^lciitv of pntrotis for both Ihese excellent 
Jbriiia of cnt«rtiii3tiif:nl . The niAUjgcrB tnko good care 



to kt^<>p tli«ir fl0crct» to thcmscIvoB, aa iti<j^€ who go 
])r}ing around tlio ^liriiica In which Ibc thontric aretmii 
urc Ui-UI, VLti'y^^ua AiiJ out< At tlir buiik dtmr of 
every thctttro — Uio cntmin^c to th*> «ti^;G — i* a wr^ 
lioriid of the in«.<it pronouiKcd kin^l, whowmiM sooiior 
bit© bitf own gmiiilJ»thcr'« car olT tb-iu allow nnybody 
n«t ciititktl to the privilege, to iwto" him ; wjiile ut tb« 
door of the vircua diTwing-room 4wl aXi nrouDct it arc 
faithful ^ciuh^frl^ who wUI Ibtctiloiio poa^^ord, anil 
Uiroii]|^'li whoHc rank? it i> an imporinihlu to hr4!ak afl it 
uforthofjtL hoy la the aiilc nhuw la throw a double 
fiomoraault o%'cr M;veiit«cu honca^ wlih an okphaiit &a 
big aa Jumbo at the fat E^itil of the tine. It will, how- 
ever* be tbe prouil pnviU-;^> uf {he muderd of this book 
to get 08 cloae to the ^uci-et;! i>f the atage and auwduat 
areoii aa one c;»ii w^ill do without kuowiii;^ aLl>»olutc!ly all 
about them, and by the lifnt_* \]w llL^l■ ]>Ji^o is r«iid :Liid 
the vuluiiiv iH jiauJy Ui Uv v]ur<M, I ihiuk lh« rcudcrs 
will be butb ddlghled and ustoiiiabt'd wilb tJie T«vela- 
tkiiiHlltarl, havu IretTti la^ktlv* 

Turn the iivtira^t^ man hn\f^& un th^ sla^t uf a th<*;i1rp 
at night, while a \ihiy w ^'>iii;^ on, and it iff a Kiis^iiin 
kobol :ig^4iiiMt a whole Hclh Jnnn niiniii^' ditlrict thattte 
will not know trlti^l lii^r hn ]tu* Atrnrk lhn M-viJith ctrnlcs 
of hfuvi^n or i?> \t\ a Tnn^ n.tvliiin. Ih' will tnuttl 
le very f^unt^r rrr^if.iircjt in Ihn mwik^k; lie will «i*i4 
^any fdrnngt- tlniig.-i ; ibo hnMimit TighiK iiroiiiid him, 
the patirh*fi of I'olur llLi^liing iiitif hi* i^yvs, thr neii of 
face» ujid the tanglti of millinery k the aiidiUjHniii, will 
niytttify liini; the ararllht^ utreafc'* (»r blark upon lh« 
faeea of the itieu aud women who Jo^ttc him a^ be 
doa^ly hugs the wings, their red no^^s nml Idnomtn^ 
cheeks, the general toniatocnn aajwct of I heir fa om, 
the *hjigg}' wig* and straggliii^; Ikvii'^I^ that hiok iw if 
bod been Xajtix off the back of a goat only i«q 



teiautctt bvfcir« ; Uic di^mul, (HJtnmouplocv clothes thai 
flliitio M> radiaully ythcn m^cu J'lxini ik chEiir in Xhv por- 
i|UoU6 or drods circle,^- uilthcic! tilings will t>«t hid |>i>oi' 
bmia in a wliiH ; uitd wlu^c hv h lottkinj^ on iiwc*atnck«ti, 
tboacoiie sbifltrd vril] coino ruHbiii^' down upon him 
with ft u«w delusion, Irampliiiguu hj^toea in a maimer 
Ihat 9iJgt«0U ill A Wt^at poteutiu] way Jii^ aupc-rlluily In 
that pnrtiuuLnj- place, nn4 pualiiii^ bim OAide wit boat tb« 
merest opology, and pcrbnpA triih no other reiujtrk tiiau 
a fragment of fervent profanity* m if be w«ro a wrotLUod 
AtrtutArsb in t lint iniiuio world in w)ii<:b tlie «(;eue 
a]LiflorMidliiocj4>t4iinof tlio '* AUpcra '* play aucL very 
tDiport&ni pAn«. Pcoplo oomo out of on-ry iixuigina* 
bJ<i pUoc aH iround him. Thcro swrm to be doord 
evtTywb«i\\— in tins wtilts. Uifl fiiior, tJw coiling, uiid 
eirmt in ^pii^u ; und ii^ tlic ''vuhLv dt'i*p ^' und tliv 
n^t of tins aiiiTonndingH g[r*s tip tlicir itwrllm'?*, tli» in* 
trudi^r rvcvjves tttinh jirlts iLml lliruaUt und poafilbly 
E(li]itioim1 donatlun-i of prof^iully, Tln», «rf t^imrHi^ 
mppli(r» only Ut llit; uulu ftp|uu-ilii>n» lliHt (ivorvrlitjlcn 
the kU-hi)^ visitor to tU© new world Ijvhind tlie vceiim. 
Tbo fiTm;ili^ purtion of tli;it tllu^orv sphere hiive noth- 
ing I** ^'»y to bim except witb thf^Ir eye^^, wliicb very 
fcinrlbly Sn'piire tliu niCfLnhig of h\% pi't*»enee there. 

If a person would tike to iinderHtnnd hou' avrfVillv 
Mraago imJ lonely it wtU 1>o for Ihe but int^iviJitul )efl 
alive upon eaith. he need only ptiv n fTr^^t visit to the 
Mag« of n theatre whe^ he i^ not nc<[Uiiinted with any 
of the ariord ornclresKci*. imd hnflnot<>vf»n theple^isnre 
of knowing oii« oribemtonr siltiwb"**;. Anyjitfempt to 
form an a<^piainlance )» prnmplly and nnuiiaUlaihly 
rOfMllud, luid ftll tb<i poiir nnf trttiiiiito Ui\n to do ia to 
movo pp whcHT hfl 11 out of ovtryJHjdr's way, auid 
bo Clin b)o[c on &nd u'ondur to bi^ bcxi't'ie cont^mt. Aft 
bolllfipoctshi^atirroundiii^'uiind biu Iiiit iitt«!ntion called 


A ]'n>:1Ju1^AftT T>KKP. 

to the ac;tions of tliA poapio wlio^o htiKlnoM it is to 
pWe the siAge iri fihA|ir Tor un a^i^t or »i-niio of ;i I^IhJi 
he will rowdily ooni| n't? bond tlie mcnnin^ of foTmrng n 
irorli] out of cliiioa. ir thoy eii^ giittiag toady tlao 


■ balcony ecene for '* Borneo and Julkt," win; pieoea are 
puslicd out to represent twes aud the s:do of the IiouBO 
of tbo Capuleta — auU >vlxdl a UuUbc it udui^lly i^, too, 

A |-RHLIUI>'aBV pbep. 


lor mich olrgntit pco[>)c!! TI»p frrml of llnj hoiiao ia 
mp>01y placed in portion li«tw<^*it two wirv^f«, tlw htd^ 
cony i» ijuickly pailotl on, mid v^iib the aid of a rud« 
sealToldin^ltchiiuKbesociioAiida [iuldei-, the fair Juliet 
monnt^t and, fo^lin^lierwAy eai-d'iilly,:it In^^t atqis oiil 
ii|iot] Ibe fmil filmcUirc I'jtcll Iho swcrt moon licr Iwv 
forUomiX'. Tbovholcthinf^rlorik^ridiculoitri, Kvcntho 
Uati^ly dau*^hl«r of thcCipulct^luLHnothcAutyor »kUL 
Dnoagli to nrtnovo lh(! uUtmJily from tlie t^f^n*^ wliich Has 
lb<T ai>|*ramiicft of Winy, nixi i-< in rf*jdily n'>lbiiig cl»€ 
than wood nnd cauviia fi-ciTly spLiftWi vriUi pVmt of 
the pm|icr colotv. A puititcd box n^[)^CM^Rt^ rt tlonc ; 
a grcrn rivriK-l. j«iiw<« ror';rnia-H; ibe Witjliful brio-n- 
lirnr tbjil ii|)T!ji?* the eyen of lint jirMbclir iiini|j1r in tbo 
■udit?iicc ia oiiIt bi^nwii paper hunirdly duubed by tbe 
toann jiaiiilei-'fi appi'eiii^i^ : llie wnll of tbi- Ci|ju]ru* 
gflrdi<n lA m very frail i^aiivii.^ iVrtK*<?ni# and Hip floral 
mttributvfl are fmuds of tbe dtrt'pr;<t dye fniiii tbc^ M't^nb- 
arliAt'tf Uiii^ 1al>Ir of t^doti4. Tbu wbole |iid.itEi< w 
Mnijde, bttl tiLilntvlli^'iblc lo tbe Iook«r-uu for ibe fir*l 
liiiiL% and «>£ bt« ritiki*>brA ibrouirb tbi^ door be biEigbn 
becinily nt Hra very thin di^^zuW Ir^igedy nail conied^' 
nrr rorpiinvl In jiut on to drbidi* and pliMAO ifw publio, 
Let bini reluni to ibe theatre in the morning aiitt 
viPwItA niy«t<TrM>H ^lioni of Ibr daiutbi and splendor 
tbat tbe ni^bl brings. ET<* ijrilt bf> more aatoidtflied 
fflilU Tbr* ^lUfi-' U avnidly iw rbiik a** .1 dtm^on, tb^ru 
bluing ttomHbing pernliar in lb« roiiKtnicticn of the* 
nlrv* vrbicb nuiki'H thi^m brij^it at nl^ht und dUmiU 
durioj^ dayli^bt, \Cn vtray vbiiit of iJLrbl fUD^ anv* 
wbrri* uguin t!tii ulngiv it will be* tiididv mnotctriL by the 
btta of burning ciLmjItf by llici aid of which tbe Mi^o 
i*arjx»riU'r U At work Hg!jt in ibe vorr spot where, 
iwelvf hoiirs Wfore, Rorni?<> nui Juliet livrd inul «iied 
for «&ch Dt^r In aueb a limiuntobly pathetic wny tbat 



the ttudtcDCO fthed t«ftrs. and onl^ gave the Whrymj 
niTn»toi'm n rtrtt ul intcn-iiU long «noiigh to sbowc 
lh<f Ht.'ii' with Eipjtlaiiwf. The "tugi? I'ttriwiiUr'i* nj**» 
aiil l^ \hr.rn Um, Ihn iiiiLi-UiiuM.. lltr t-ni^iw pHiiitt^r*, tTi4 
men winj hrtvr cliar^^ of tlir. €"iii|miiv"s Ijiigj^ge, tllQ 
pitipm't/ iiLHEi, nud nllitn^. Tliv^v lill lli» xreiK! in n 
hi^ubrum.'* miil whi>!lv' iinioh*n'sl.iTig wiiv, — nil iirc i. 
work, nrnl .-in lii'pill<\v*orilii? ui.U'IjiIpiiicl' uf slningfrsi : 
the Hctur* iitkI Htigo liiiruln uf llin iii^Iit Tn^furt- lizt 
been. The swiir* hiive lost ihi'W eahiV — siidi tia ar^ 
l(^f^, iiuti Tlif« luimio worlO IIijll IizkI Ua ailiiih-iug uud 
nnpinni^ LtiiKlitHlrt U na boi^ and doi^Gi-l^'Uko na » lintd 
bciut jif\4?r iu owtT^r hA9 fioen iidng li»ir re^tnnitiv 
for nN-kirt j^ix luonllii^. It hn^ noithor ftl»!t|w nnr an_ 
*iig^*tion of il*i wikilnin tjeuuty and siUrunivmc*!* 
Tlio givpii-room omy Ho ^xploivil, mid th» clrr*«m^ 
riKmtK, Inil liioy will rovt»td iiotbinp; tliwr formor t 
cupitiit^ iirn |ir('bEiijlr fIiU nbod, And iitdc^s^ thoru U to 
he a ivbcari^jd tb**y will not }w eoon nround iiffiun uulil 
7 o'clnok tit iii*rbt. llff miir't not ho too ^uiirtbiii^z; in 
hU oxplfiDLtioiu or :lw lUtutittoit of the iLlUiboa will b» 
iittmolL>d, Hiid the oonvoraiaioii thai will follow nuiy 
Dot ho tliv inortt vlc^^i^ittiJi ihcMVorUto tim. Moving 
down tlio tttuii's thftt livkd to (Ul* e]>nco undor thiA sUiTO, 
Iho explorer will JinU it durkor and mmo duiij^on>1iko 
allJU and ovcii if it wcw lij^jht notbing cotJid ho *poa 
hut tho «tc»m hoikr, for hcorin^ ninl powvr purpfu^o^, 
llic rciitlUtiii]? ii|>|>tiratii»t the niiiucroLU« trn])-<Joor 
openiii^'a and tbo postn iihoiiL (hrm, with ii few <Ah^ 
accc««oricx thttt lire hardly worlh mcnttojiin^. A^uia 
he will \k forced to coii^?*h Ibiit t-*vcrvMiiiiy; io very 
fiimpk, hijt ht^ ooiniot Lind<;rMniiil any |iurt of il, mid 
^guiii h^ goC9 iiwiiy irith u lau^h on hiti lips and moi^ 
riucut in hid heoirt bccauM tho people ar« dO oiMily 


A i-ftSLtuiSAitr peer. 


Ic«m4, and Ihcjitrical mflmi^i-s tiud it so cnsy to 

itertain Ihoin. 

A ri»it to Lbo ihys«iDg-t«nt of tbo circus vrilL bi3 
\]j bniTf u of 4ppt*odubli^ PMult-*, H« can rtt'c tbo 
Itng contiiiiio?!, tbi* ribu|K:Iy lirii^>-t i>t' Ibc f^-'umlutf, 
ibc gnilyH:ai>uri^cmi-<l [ttend^, tho red ^iM-liicnd coAtft 
of tbe Aiipi-rs. aiitl a ebnotk licnpin^ up of a number 
of mUc*3cntKtlil« ^Lrtklt^, but Wbttiii lUv i^Mxvn^ Hcrccn 
Ibat divider tbe tent lie sccreU tb^t lio must not 
Attetuptto penvlralo, fur llitire art! tbe livca. tbe lies 
iftoU ttt« raM*-itk;itLmL6 of tb<4 |>HrfDnuorA. Tbcrc, ftwk- 
vrarxl limbic xvorivo tbcir rtiumll/ hb:i|]ujgtOud ob] f\go> 
bjr ft niagtc toucb iriih tlie elixir of Uio '* tu^ikotip '* 

iX, put-< nil tbe m:t?u|urr.ii1[ng btooni of yoiitli. Tlic 
lo mrgbc. to HuriiQ vxti^iit, bi; mlI^I of tbe drr^Aiiig-' 
roi>uL4 (if ibo tb<ruln^^ only (br ]L|i]ilirutii)ti coulil iioL 
be ax ni<lL* iir geiieml a-* In Hki diTii?* jjroriwsidh, for 
Um livt?3 Uii^ao p{*ii|i]Ti Xvw] miitii htjr nj^te tht-li' bi^uuly 
if tlioy bii|ii>eu to be youug, ami cn^wd Aifnillly u[>on 
Ihem loii;^ ti^fiira tbi- u-^iinl liiiir. Tbi>ir work \a u1w:iy4 
llAnlt tboir tiirrouQi]ij>Lf4 sire nf thii vt-ry vroi'^t. kind, 
ih^y firc*^ "P »" »" TitTiicitplipro of A'^luiI, iin<l tboy 
iirc«wi«it'ily Iwim early tbp arU fjf dw^ption wlien?l)y 
tb«Ir rmpliiyt r% mitki^ furnn nhd foriMinv Hitt T Iihva 
takon n «lnin}^*r iiilo llut drr^^ing-lrfit.iiiut I nui^l nut 
abii«o tliA hoMpitallly of Uie plui' by tMjios&irig ibt iiioic 
in bU pn^Mfticw. Tb« HirHri^iT is inliyuluci'd itit ui-iuiiid, 
akik«k buitdti vEih evt^-ybody, wen tbe |>ri.*mitiro 
^ucAtTiefiiie, or, p«rb[ips, tbe eUaruiiug aud daring 
Uulelndy wlio U twl*« dnily *bot out of n ciuiiion.aud 
hoaidt^ iiiakdft two headlong div^s a day from tbo dom^ 
of tiie teiit into ib^* net e|)n?Ad i>oii(!alb. All ^re j^lud 
to»00 bim, arut be U eUTpna«d to find thiit tbo two 
Indian* who ju^gl© rtre-bniHdrt nnd do olhvx- fvnts not 
,at all <N>i>fri*t9iit ^itb the tradiuon^ of tbo SLWrnj^'tLieti^ 


A riiCLnit.N\iJT ri-:EJ>. 

hiii'o not «tiffi<i(OTit sava;^ blood in thoir voina to mab 
ivwpriTUbIc cig-ar tiU^rc &i^M, but aro baso countotfoiU 
f>r lim noble rrd mmi, n]>ikliratio]ie of clitvcolatc And 
w^rniilion to tlicii' f;icc!«, niKl the uaiiiU nccouipanimciit 
(if black huir^ fcntlicr^, and dccr^kiit clothing hnving 
l»estoiTci] ti[H>ii tltnm ull the »ir of the chihl of thtr 
foi^ent tbiit the/ pnnM;jt:icd. A« tlio band nound^ ttiu 
tnuaic for th^ nilin^ net the ci(iiG.<ncnnc'ji UorM* 
daaliea tamt^Iy into Uio Hug, jinil thu goiiLloni^iily 
a^eziL of lhi< ^htiw pu^hc^ tbtt vi:(itr>r mil Ui have bim 
■' l(j(]k at un 04:1 l\inl \hs;aU niij'thiiig uf ihij kiud in Uio 

A* fii thf* ir»it<-rbd m" mtHrbniiu'id fi'iiUireM i>r llie 
stiow IbtTi'o am jii/rtt^iieH (jf fUt* iiKi.nt iiiteiv^filirig aiifl 
iJiiLi'Lctive kind. «o, loo. tbe |>^rM>md r4?Hturi.*» of i\w 
Tcatm t>C cuXfVUumnt^Mi — tb(T grt^nt winld of nnni*©- 
nu'iit — <<oiil:iLii niiirh that will not (inlv j^uqrriKL', but 
will tli^klti the tm.«4>|i1iiMli(--Mlird, Rv iiflijig llm vi-ll tbti 
ImiHL hit, n^j^di^r run hjLvn ii [Mup iit thn iiioal. at* 
Imt^tivr *)f ititf evrnt* iw»l iruNilunu ilitit j^fi to fuiike 
Uiu roiininU^ nniH'i- of an Jirlor or aielri>!M. Tfioi-e aro 
Tarknia little tliliign tliaiL look Himplo and Iiiiioi^pnt 
enoup;li \vh<-Mi tlio-v tti3|*e]ir In the *ib:i|je of a iiownpTijwr 
[nnigrajdi tUttt coutatn ii world of TH"':ii»ing to thi? ini- 
tlatQj. Thore are mi^thwU of gt^uiag ntul k<M-]>irig 
(iliijer* hofoi"G th^ ptihllf of wKic^h tlio laltvr kimw no 
mow tlkiin thoj do nt'lTin writ* r>f i.lii^ miui hi tin? moon. 
There uva llA^mtit dojindiiU niin^rlitig with Lho huiocent 
rovotfi of thiMO tntuquomding |i«^op}e, and tb^H) ui^, 
loo, fiMne of ihc viiihillicKt, swoote^t, manliest and 
wonutnlio^ of individuals ia a profe^^lon th^tt ulnlost 
Uioontiro urorld lonk^ upon with the wildest ftiispidoni 
uiid wlnjiso bri^'ht named and fair fumtrH pan ni'vnr he 
tarnished hy Iho iin>-|iiitou9 doin<r* of |wr«>ii« lowor 
and le4a roapevUblo In cbarAct^r. In iJl Ihtit vUl be 



vrritt^ti bora rcgaHin^ Lho dnrk hiUo of thijatrml lifut 
I wirih it diritiiu'tlj tiiiitL'r0toi>il thut thfi-o is nr> dcsiro 
or iiilcTiitiou U> <Trtflt evoii the Hli^'ht&*t reflection upon 
thfi honoi-ed ond r^t^jiccto-d rncmbers of a j*ninil pro- 
fodaloUf and vkiu-rever u 8eemi(>;;1,V gwoopln^ ui^d uii- 
cnniplimfuUry ^Utemcht ituj he m»<[Oi the reader 
vf'iW W kind I ijtm^li l<> mid a ^nviiij^ cIjihe^ tii lavor of 
ull llii^M wbit xUt not deH]i'VQ Huch oonUcmmitioii. In 
Ihe concert autouu. IUl- vaik^ly den, tlio boya' tbcalrc, 
nnd tlic ntimeriiWJi other divca iu which rk^ pjiradGa 
boldly Jtiid ».iW1ty, will be fotind aiiipio liold for 
tranchant nod <!iuphic wriiing. These piu of infamy 
fioririjdi c^'enwherc, and nre fl» fi'coly pidruiiizcd as 
ttM-* cbdrm^ of Iht^ir foiJj:dr ittl-mi-.tionA nrr fiiclv d!»* 
played ; the jfirlA in ^hiirt dn^M^.-N, iu j^lrjimin^ li^hu, 
wiih piuhW biittt uiid a>tton-rtturHh'd linibA, thr-ir tic^ 
ducUvtf wileh, tWJi^ tft>ri--lbl]>litieh8. thth- rin:kltha 
rEuniliaiity wkb luidn filtud^ and bir»ug«^iAi nlike fnjm 
the bcarxlle^K boy of fourtecii to Ihe hM ;nid wilher- 
ingi-ffjir, ihr iinip[« fn^b>m wiUi whidi tliey Unow 
thuniM<lVf*ji inlo thv? iirin^ iif virljjn^ jljilI givo Ihrm- 
H^lvi-B up l[> lh« m(if<t »nlni^'mn» n-tvU; lb« frinritM 
ininiJirvl giiug Ami iha Ijivuk-c/Mlay ^irN, who nnpph-- 
iiicnt ibrir Mno on thi" hIii^^m >\'Ub Hiib"<'<|ui"nl, nml I'vini 
iiiorp Aiirpiiniiii; itni^uily in the h*i|i or (hnire ilint fVil* 
low4 lite nboiv, — nil lhe0«i pbar^c^ at ihe lowL*r stmtu 
r>r tbr^tricid lift*, n^ hniii^ innrr priNhiriive of interi'^N 
ing M'l-nTtM of ft ^^l*^:lll^■d Ht;ig<% nm-^i hi- lixjriictil upon, 
that tlitt riMiler inny be< nblci b> t^oiilrftnt tbiM^xi ri»m^j( 
nf tW oiiiiiH-rni<til irtiHd, and uiidfr<linid Ui:l1 hi iiiiinic 
3H W4<ll im ro^l Ufff, tbor^t ai-e ubji^rt tniKt^rv and <fpr^itid 
miofiibitf^s whtli), bImw nil, i^ldiieA tbcf ^tnid Jind hIuiu* 
lc«i r)urnet<*r nf ihi? imbl** »ikd pure-minded people 
wtui bring griihjif mid virtue \o Uie profetfaloD of 
"vrliiob tbpy niv bright, ^hinin^ oni^imente. 


JL THBATTIE OP .^llAfCKHT-KAnrc'r* l»Ar. 

If tome of tbe oI(] Grei-k duimatiBU cuuM ^huka to- 
gotber lltvir n:«h4f« iiml nhj^umo life, thvy would a^jen 
l.liiiir iincicrtit oyos tit look iipcm lhi? bcAiity, cDmrml-i 
anc3 rlmnnmg »vmiiirtry of Un* lirsW^lnsj^ tWnlrc of 
IIkt pmHriiL (liiv> Thn mir'iriiU wnn^ :il fii'Kt otjliLA^tl 
to )>ttl ti]> Willi rKpr<*!<mtiil ionH giv4-ik ii|tot] niilf? 4:iLrt« ; 
jiftrrwiti'tU Tiloitif tlirnfrt'K wl'i'h t:oji'«U'ii('i<<i], wUh tint 
pyrfontu'J'a jjUu'ed in u jiil In llio ml<Mli.» ^^nuc-, hut no 
8UL-h elTorl lit douoi'iiUiJi), or lo pruviilu for Llw ctm- 
vi?inipiici* of "^i^ectntDra, waa to be aeea aa iii lit !ie found 
evpi-ywbcro now. The play3, tco, whllo lUoy maj 
ha\'o l¥*en dcli^^rhtful to our Iteilenic predect^saorSt 
woulfl linnliy dniw u corporni's ^vinrd :it lln present 
Inncs nhnu uprotncuUr in^lodninin i* M ih« n^G. 
iiuO Ujo only 4.iljc»ru» Lho iivoragn I Ucjilrc-f^oor c^uros to 
ftcc U tho niri2;ropuiou of pr^Uy girl» in gntraticinj^ 
1i^*lLU> imJ with iho ulniost fi03Lutin<j«i4 of clothi.'^ to 
}ki<hi tiLvir jHrntotial diiinn^, who it'\ug tlio coiu-erted 
mtuio ill coniio opcni. Tliiid U ihc kiud of «boru«tbiit 
ftoncltf Ei Ltirilt of i^c^iacy tUruugh Xhe lit*art, unit firound 
tho rva[)bndL*iit dumo of thought of Uio iiiuch-mahgnod 
modern bnUJ-bcMd. Tbo ati-ophe aud auti-Btrophe of 
the aoeicnt diuiiiu would svt the umoteoiith century 
citizofl ctnxy aa a wilJ uu]i of Borneo, Xto unciont 
dtMiUEi vrii8 gr&duuUy roplaoed hy the occksta^tioal 
drnuiji, — thoQiyatcryijrraLrucLcpbiv, — &n cxjiinplo of 

A TUEJVTftlt OF CUAK^l'KAim'o V.KT. 



which roiniiiii« lo a» in the celebrated ** PoMitm 
PUy," [Mrfnnaod at Obammroorpin atdtutisl irtcrmU. 
ADd over llie pmjocted produeiiou of wlikh, in tbij 
country, Uiprc wil4 eo much trorjllc thjil tiic pUv wu« 
ii«ror ijroduvcd. In thi^ style of drumn. ovonts in tlio 
lift* 4jf ihoSiivior, or tlic jrivat luvotcriosoflhcclnircb. 
vt*re Ibo t^jpiiifi dciilt with l»,v Ibc saintly plnv-wri?ht, 
liiid the ACton per^oiiuled (fhurii<;tcr« ningmg from 
t}w Ucvil up through tlu^ vurinu-? grntlr^ <if mtinlltne^d 
luitj UD^elio li<ratillctiLion lo God Alii;l^lily Inmst^ltl 
Tbo ttiiraclu pbiy llLturidhf-d during tlic ttiidiile ugos, 
ajid survived down ahtio^l lo the KIj^iijiIktUiuii period, 
irbeii Sliiiko^jHiuro a|)p<Tifcrc*(1 iipim the scene ; niul with 
hia a^lvciit tLi^ro c;itii(? ?i iL-i-oluiiim, Hi« outgrowih of 
wbkh !S tlic pieM^JiL perfect Aud licntjliful theatre. 
The chiui;:c II) the &tjk" of pliiys brought a cUari^ie in 
Iho Atylo of ploc«A for tbelr roproBei^tatioii^, and vrhjle 
tlw Ikird of Avon wu« m-^king bis ix^putation in 
tlie dnimiitio line, the Globe nnd Blackfrinrs wci^ 
leiuliiLg tlif. vray lo 7ulvBn<winciit in tlir ntatirr of tlic- 
atricol titructuren. Tbry Uad perforin uncuh tni 8uii« 
<lnjr in lUoist ()1^trn t.imi*ti, &ml vrKile {citoiJ CbnHioiiH 
wt-n- n'orK]u]»[jbj^ (mj ill tbpif Baiu^lUuriL-H, ilia nnOi'- 
¥ouL IIl iloziH ijf llic '* ^uliteii aj;i? " wirrt W(j|-fi1iipping 
Tlieapid iLt Ui«. 

L«t U4 drop I>JLok iuin r theMtre nf iIr* ?ltaki?>pci»riaa 
epoch* f^mw Siindiiy nfli^nH)L>r wht/ii the weallicr is 
fine, 3ind you will ni>t Im i<otti|)rUiMl lo ulanil liiiiv- 

heili|«r<t 111 tJM- piL Lrrl. Uri ^> lo tbn filolm, II ^lut 

»itaatn(i on tbr Raiik^idiT. It wii? a wooden builJ- 
Ttigi nf hrxiigi>ii[il Klmpi% jipv-ii tu iho sky, and 
pnrlly thutcbed. To a liLlIu lowi^r-lik'* pnijeclirm fraia 
tb« roof irras fu«leoL<d & Htaff of no inouiiMdnniljlo 
bcigfal, from irhbcb iilways flLiUL'iod iUl^ lltg of Kng- 
Ittod. Windows wore ipari^ly distrituited ber^ And 
lh«r«i on •^h sXde of the building, while ovor the door 


A T1IRATRB OP »llAKR^reA»K & DaV. 

wi-i iltfiplnyod the %ijro of Ucixules bcArin^ tbo globe 
upon hifl bniivny ehouldci^p Whether the mylholegi- 
cal giiitit citmo n-tlli hi4 teiTe«tniil Uurdf'n to dedicate^ 
in propria persona,, tliia tciriplo In tlie nn^htic^t of the 
musea, or wUvilier tho wlioJe \\\\\\^ \yixr\ otily ii running 
contrivance of some AUtlfiil nrtisan, enihoOyiii^ the 
eoiicei>tion of a elever play vHt«r, hiatory deei not 

Wheacvcr a play waa tu Iw oiiACtvd, the entrance to 
the Ol*»lie WAS always jaittin^d with footboys, eager 
for a chance to hold a gculTcmun's horse* or loitn^ing 
galluntA, who coltectcti tt> show themselves nnd to ogle 
the Indk^ na th'^y eiHcrwK It W*i4 n lively sperytucle, 
it» e<liir ihtJiin tind rtitlird nolihnir'ii, (Hi»r iirtisniut imd 
nlcek giilliiDtf', wlU ami rrill^TH, fooliiicU iind lithoit^n 
iiiid niggud nrchinn [(U'|?pi?d fnrwfird tii |Kiy tho iidmit^ 
laiicis fei* <jf u ?ihiniiii; «r :i ^ixpt-nne, or to inuKe a r^ 
HiHTi^tful (ilTi-r of lln'ir ( ri-'dil, which wri* uniuilly iiio&L 
dt^rertptHTl fully [rondL^mnud a<i inihiwfiil tendi^r. It ira^ 
a llvi^ly al^hf U8 gt»uly old g'-ntlr'intNi flonri^hivl lingo 
hatoTVi (>v>rr the MTagtzv hciiU nf m/ilprii^nA hnyti who 
Jo«1I(*il thrni [inqioKrIy; nrt l.ith*i[ uUI d^tiiif'H tii iiti- 
meiise d:inii<^ petlTerKiU rn4l(<iivi>ivd lo Himinth ihetr 
nohlr wriiikl(*j«, ciiid hmk niiiirhig iind modest under 
the jnip*>rltnk'nt guxL* i>f Ih*? hediz^Mied fo|>!*, and a* iha 
fo|Hi IhtftnHclvoa twisted and 1>ent 'UkI boivtxl iinil 
ahodk lhj»ir jumnkrt'd wlgr*, hvirltnl Th**ir ghivy-fingci^*, 
or lurnvd out llieir toe« fii»tWio»*ly, iir, thn imrnhntnt 
ri*k of dUlocating Iheir tairs"l», 

Bui li'^t u* enter W'ith th" t'nm'd rtiid iihrn-rviT the In* 
tom^ eeonODiy of thu thnuu^^, nnd T.lio chium<ter of 
the perfornianee. Thongh t^xli'mully hn'xrtgomdt the 
buUdiiig wiUjiii i* cireulsir in form. There is no mnf, 
A4 ftcfuro intirUEited, tiud the exhibllions o<<-(^urntig only 
in the dutuiuer lujd hi |>lea^iit wsatber* tha idr m 


A msAtsK or »iiAKi:ereAUK'8 i>\r. 


AlwAiTfl MrcfMi and puro, owl tho nu«iien<;c r«>qiiirr« no 
protection fixtni £torm9 or mud. Jii tho centre of tho 
ifLicliHare b» tliu pit, as in modcni plnr-hoii^c^. llorOf 
"the (in<JorvUn(ling gentlemen of tho gnmnd," txt* 
lUin JoiiMin hii4 it, ivvcllrd in tlit- dcliglit^ of thn 
iliiinia at Eki3i|>Mi(i; II Scrul ; tiio 1in:<om of ibo earth 
Uioir rtnlcr fout^tool, ami llio l)1ii« caiiojiy of licnreii 
Ifadr only shelter. Tin; " ^rcat unwa.-ihcij dul con^ro* 
gate*' iipoti thiti £»|)ol, Minitrtiiiu-.-* Ui Lmiiii-ii*ie ninTibcr»» 
to luxuriate :i( otiro ill Sbikt-^pi^iin? ;muI 1o1>arc*o; for 
be H known, tlie ancient tlniaLn^s uf Lunilun ivera (o 
tiio working clii*»t* rm-y inurii wliai ila niodt^riL purler 
itiid bcor sbopa are. They wuiv pluctri i^f ri»c»i't vrhow 
lmi)<-MiKn ntid tmdeMnif'nV wiviM ass^Dibkd to gowMp 
ttmj i^^ and iLU*ep. 

Sum»tintling lUo pit upoi all »i<LoJi cK«T(Tpl wlaoro tbc 
•Iftgi* rnniplrlrd ibr r'ircl<\ wtrn tlir Jhix*'** arrnotni*, ivt 
Uiuy ivi-ir mUc^L In tlii-jur nvi-ti iLKMniTililc^l iJiomi wbri 
ctiiiM' hiy eluiin L(» nink or weiillh. Tlii*y wuna fur* 
niHlii'd ivitU wiitidcti b(<iitUi*4 — iL luxury of u'bkli llm 
pit, could iievor lioaai.^ ajkI wliidi vv;is ]>utvlinA4ril for a 
hltinin^, U. vrill bn riLwrvott, frtnn nliiii lin?4bo<!»li AAid, 
IbiU- Iho inM^riial armnjptnimiU of tlio nnrimi tbiriiin^ 
wpi'ff ti|K>it pm-iM^W llifi Miimr^ iilmi ^h ttLo»4i nf thn 
miMt^ni. Tlifi 4'»ii«o nf iIiIm ifb-nEilv i>f »lriH-tnrn inav 
bo ctuily iniceil. A* hue a»lln* r4?igu uf Hi'iny Vlir.» 
U waa cn-tbnnEU'j to vnai.'L \Aiiy^ i\tn] |>[t'!t-:i(ii4 in rht^ 
OQUrU of Uuu^ Three wi:*iv usually quadrangular in 
foriDi with b:^1coiil«e or plas^rvf projecting Into tbo 
wnrt, null ■.■onv-pondiii;! v-ith ihii* 9tori<»» afthe IjiuKI- 
\ng~ llie slagn w:ift pivci^doiPjir the I'lilnnico-grttc, 
uni) oocirpiftd nne eiilini Rnh\ of tb^f <|inu1r;i[iglr, Tho 
ifta-yArd thuii fnrmod the pit i^r piirquHti?, for tho oo- 
.«ofiiinod4ti»]i of Uw " nndor^i^inding ^^tuilenii^n/' 
rbik tbe b.ik'oliiet or rootu^ (rising iihuvu ottcb otber 



Ill lieni vmtyhig with this niim^Kfr nf sltirits) pornw 
,Hpfitii]i<cl (ri lliii !i[iiLiT7«, Tt H-:iM frnm HiIh iTurlo, iirigU 
im) ruiKii-pliotitliut^ I lid rLri;fiili^i-l-< itf Qiuh-ii Kli/.uU-lirs 
reign frtT^liHuuHl Ololiu Hiid BliiL'Ufn:irH, uiiil rrani 
tJjenco liiLH It ooiMO down toiho pro**]»t claiy^ 

Dlri^cllv' 111 I'rutil t>r tW pit wjb ilie "Liifp, jinilected 
hy A woollen curiJiiw, Uiillk'* iiiodi?ni " drop*/* it waa 
(lividod in the middle, and suspend*^ hy rm^ from 
nn i['f>ii nxl. Wh^ii the perfornimu'e wti* alwHt to 
cnmnii*ii<?e it wa* dniwu nsido — opr^nin^ (nnn tli« 
middle; the i-ollliipf up process U an nchievment of 
«omo lat^r mind. 

Ilnrkl Do ynii hoar ttie penile ^^i-ating, tho jin- 
gling, tll*i ru*lli[ig of wooUoii? IVilhont tlK» eUahtoNt 
promoniiorr r^yinptoms th<tro lifts boeii a niplurQ of 
tlio curtuin, und \)w myfitcrii^s it &o st^uivly hid iiro 
Xno»t uncxpcdcdlr rovcidcdp r^cutcd Ujitm w<>odcn 
iitoola or r<K^]imng upon iha ni^licj wiili ^hich tlifl 
0tAg6 U vtrovii, in-i! » niimbi^r of jntlividLmln com-, 
pododly iinAkitig long pip^. whom I hi; inipophiisl l* 
catcd miu;Lt take for actom. Var fi'om it ; thi^y nro 
tbo poiiWuat huno ot' ueton^wilff nrid ^ulljint^, who 
delight m hotbiii;; so much aa in cxhiliilin^ thomaelvva 
for the public to admire, or confu^iii^ th^^ actora by 
their plofiAnntrit^^ mid dietiirbiii'j' the progress of the 

Protruding from tho further wuU of the tiagG U« 
Moony, etupportrd on noodcn pillars Aud fliinkcd hy 
14 piiir of ho:c^^ in nhinh ihmwi who rcjoiTCd in ho^ 
ingflir^ulir or who could nnt ulToid tho ridl pricu of 
udini^hic^n wvro ac^ouiiiiiHluic'd. Tiiv halcouy wiis 
Ubvd hy the actotH. ]t heived iia the nxnlruiii ^vlicii a 
Iar^« compnny wua tf» hcjidih-L'Mi'd ; it wu-t the tlimne 
ofkiug?^ mid princes, thogniiidjudyftwiil^eatof luiglty 
umpires, iind in cases of ucocbaity v(ji» oonvcuteDt as tho 





I firvt-stoiy windovr of an imcijfiiini'y tlwclling-houna, 
I P«r tJiU latter pLir]>ost> k M^^e imitmilcirly nssftful Id 
I ibp gnnlvii *«*iK» Wwocii Konioi} niid Jutiot. But 
I nbilo wc Imi'o tM*in iU'Uvin-j in dosoription , Ih* tuahort 
I upon Ibo boanli; bavo ni^loJ, tho nctaia Iiat« made 
^^Uiwii* npjiechniiicu, Aud tlic UiJHiiic«5 of tbo pl&y ha» 

For iho purpose of illuE^Lrntiiig the mnnncr in tvhich 
|>crfi»rmunc«0 were (?<>iidiicUrd, wu aoWt the " A» Vou 
LikoK/'of SImko4|>ctLri^fi>4 hi^iti^ luoal rriinilmr to thc< 
g«Derml reader, aud aUo pcrcnlijiilyadiiptvd to wtr pur- 
]»oee. Orbndo ond Ad^im malic their uppoatvirKiu, 
ftod a fti*;iit>oai\l iiailod to une of tlio »iido oitLrunce 
eotDmiitiiv-iiti'^ tbt; aUogcUicr uiu^J^poutcil fact ttiat wt? 
arc giucin^ tipou nn orcbcird. W« soc nothiii;* wbiuh 
in *iiv vrjv (uy*>r^ the ji^rcwiMo illusion: there ar« 
tbr ni«hc-A> the ^muking fop:<, the hako:iy mitJ n majM 
of pmc )>a^rd-4, Imt iiotbiitg tliiit l<K>kn like tTco»> 
Stilli lijt not tbcM) tbint^ft antvt you tu timt degree 
ot unobaiiuMLHK'U or prc^uaiptiotL ibiit. ytut dmilit 
irhHhi^r ihrrv lie ^iil orchard ; dijoa i](4 thu ijilulliMt? 
boani with ita puiiitud Ictt«r7( posJUvely affimi. " TbU 
bo all orchard? " Olhrr draauifi$ jjrrson't ^uun t'otor, 
jiikI iUl' hv[>olbi-tk^I urehivrd h<!-cv>mc'« tlic ^-eiitr ftf n 
ttii»l anlnuitLv] aad int^rr^ling ci'lloquy — the »am*iii- 
hWd oomfmny nnvivui^ m* mllmnl'ion thai thi? fnat 
tn-rs nro no inr>itT, until thrf ciiriJiio Ial1a, ur mtbur in 
dravrn* npnii tbr. llrstdH. 

Wbftii ihti wcKiliMt huii^iiii?r< nto n^i\,h\ Hupanilrt] , the 
imuiriiTaiuiii in no longin- imiiifnlly Htrntn«d In Mi|i[}ort 
thu ilhjiiiriii of tlm appt«4» but the utjtrrbig bi>[]nl 
dirvru ibc wand«.niiig nveiu the va^t foreAt^of Ardcn, 
Iture Jsijitva makt-H brs suhliiiiL* furt^Kt lUtfJihiUoii* hi 
uii urea nf leu feel hy t^veive, <?in Icw^d hi rough pi«<^ 
boards; bis eulhu«ia«m, <x)itHidi«EMhly damped hy tht 



d him 

proroking witti<^iAUii4 ^f uritlce nnd ^lUnU, and 
utli'ritiK'OA clioto'i \ty ttin Vftluni^s of lolmcco smoko 
wliicli roll ill Wy, i^itlTnoiilitij; rloitd« towiu'd tho ceW- 
Xag from n ^ova ol* j>l|)o&. Tim utToctionnto dittica of 
Orlnixid uro juliIuJ Io vl^unuirr true*, and Ins nmkM 
pasaia»aco I(JV« lu iUl* tnii- RoKiilini) ninld fuiiw* whwh 

monury ^ymjJtoniH olu dUfi^rent character. 

It should h^VQ h& olisei'ved f»y wiiy of 03q>tAuaUQii' 
tbnt Koaahud, whvu pcr^onutcil in El]Ziil>^'ih*4 timo > 
va« fair only ^y courtOAy s ri>r foiuulo piirt^ won) <><^| 
iM;tcd during ii^r rci^i, luH iiuli^nl, duniig many r^ul*- 
nequcnt roi^i^, by \n?y& or ytiiiiig tiicii. Tliuco tct itii 
ADOcdote reluttid i>f Clinrkd il.,whid: i« a mutter of 
hbtory, uad ilhi^tniU'd tlii^ pnint vnry vruU. IL ta 
auid tbaL oil Olio ijcc4iejton, vHiliug tliu tliciUt'i^ ut tbe 
briii^iug out uf a iww play, by «oiiio ^rvut nuLhor* 
bd bccAAio impntioDt ikt tilt) imusuAl delay in dnimiig 
lutindor tbo «Mitinii< Tbo royal wiiith euoii bi^nino 
cxtrcmc> an<] it "woa oi^scntiLd to tho pvo^pcct^ of the 
" maiiii*;otncnt " th:tt it ?h<iulJ bo iipfjciwcd- Accord- 
ingly, wh<'U Ihc viiLf,-* of iitipi^riiil hidigiuiUon vciv 
about U> bo cfnpti«;d ^iromi^cunii^^ly u[)ou tJto iiadoiul^ly, 
ivh^n the «lun» wns juat about to bursU a mo^^cii^r 
from tho ^reeii-numi uifciiriit'd hia miijt&ty Ihnt tho 
fair horuinu lud not Bnibbi*d «hav)n^« — ;aid the Um* 
pest iintmHlintvly eubajdi^d. At oai^h su c cess ivo act 
new baania wUb fii^fth iiiacriiJtioiift inform us of tho 
BLtuat jtHi i»r lLw imifin-uunh. The tuiooiia of tho duke's 
paWiT mid tilt! C(itti<jo 4>f the peasant — scciim hi 
doors anil sf^eiif^a otit of doon^ — nro pn?ciKi?ly the 
aaine, with tlio rx^option of tho iaviiiiablo and cvoi^ 
chaii^iii!^ »igatioard- 

But thi*jit ia onr iiovidly, i>nii now fraLuns in tiw 
repre»euta|ioii ilk the play pro^reHtmH It will lio 

A THKATRfi Or »ltAKr»rKj|llK 9 DAT. 


^collected thnt th** biih'otiy was iiipintimiril su forTii*b- 
ing Ti tfirDnn far prmri'it, iiikI n. jiHl^mriit-sc'iit for cIIh- 
pmiMt-rii nf jiiKflrct, Oiirhi^ llir wn*-'»lliiig notili^st 
l»rtwiv'i] ChaHv^ um\ Orlaiuhi, thi* most Mrrvic^rable 
comm(»i]rly vomea \nu> n^juisiitiou. Hf>re bIu thti 
■*<luk0'* HH umptc'o of till* L'EtitiliiU Hml ^i<[ii>rnl of thi^ 
rroaps ATid r^ilnora wIk> *ti-\iitl on guuril 1>q1ow. Il 
i* cjaite refVo^hiii^ to hear KU steiitoiiuu volco ieguing 
from so unusual a qiinrlor — it funii^hos quit<? an 
ii|j;rv4)abK> relief to tLie UhIidus monottiny of iueipiLl 
dt!4lo£^e ^oinj^ on nmong the ritflbos below, 

Th* P^»y- boweTor, proweds rnlhtT slu^iMhly from 
tho xiUef meai^no**! ?iml inniifficiomy of tlio " »ccnory, 
macbiiit^ry and diH'nriJinnii/' #o iiK)U[)oridekblt> to tlio 
iLttrjiHivniDtfki of tlwutriciit txInbUiuni. Tho Lrad«»* 
m«h 111 tlt« ]>il turn ihi.'ii- bticlcH to tbo alagu nnd ibcir 
<«yot to Ibo Bkkfl, ud iboy du^p nlFoot innately the 
Alinoet «xbau6t«d ibi^oii, aud jioui' uUo their thirsty 
throats ibc rL«»idue of half n doKi?t] potuilons. The 
crirD|)1ijd dames ia the boxe^ lobx their majestic 
3tiffnc8£t and ri^ap«« eouiuolci^t iiiln Xhv urmn of the 
^outy old genlloincn, th^lr huRbamt^. T\w vritif and 
''cicrcr*" men ti[>oii tbo slllg^^ gvnw iiujro )»oistoroutt 
in thvir pIcununtriflA, und Lutnigalc tuui'L* Ki^alouedy ad 
they iwli the UEifortiinEit^; ncLoi-d with rnshoH, or trip 
ihcm ftft Ihi-j' " cxcirnt/' To tie vuI^ju- crowd 1h« 
only attnctiona vp-hii'h Cho |nn'f<innaiic(^ ullV^rit uro ihti 
briltiant di-entted of the acrton iiiid the vest)^ of u plot 
wbicli the por>»onatiu4i enabk<« tliew to ^lean. Aa a 
f-eneral tbin;;* however, the sla^ now receiver bai^ly 
any attention. Pj|)c&. totikardH, and goasip are the 
order of Iho day* and everybody is ffbnd whtii Orlaudo 
fQccccdn in obtaining Uis hercditury ri^ht^, n-iua the 
lumd of tbo beoutlfuL KoMtind, iiv di^miMcd in liapiii- 



DG3S, aiul the woollen screen slips along ita iron rod 
for the lust time. 

Such w:t3 the style of drumutic exhibitions in the 
Elizubeth^in em. The stage ivus totally dcvfitd of all 
scenic uppendages ciilcutated to produce the illusion 
necessary to add interest aud intelligence to the plot. 
Rocks and trees, palucea and hamlets, plac-ea of ferj* 
livity and scenea of shipwreck, all existed merely in 
the imagination, with neither properties nor scenery 
to aid in the deception. 



Gixxl-natiir^fl, roftj'-chcrkml, cbrorfnl ITltU IHvy 
Cnrriek, lu Dr. Jnlmafin 4<ii1l<tcl tntgniliciMr w^u in 
tbo xcuitli of bin pWy lU llio Drmy Ltim-. Ltmdon, 
ubmit the iiiiddio of ttio ]u«L ociuuit^ unit riOitiltiian'K 
Fi<^hU, wbidi hnA cnidlcft the v^oDderfiLl ac*t»r» was in 
iU d^?cli^l^^ It i.k'(^itio(j to inplOly uftec Guirick 
di>aoi-lcO it tbut tte mnua^ei', Wm, HiLlbiin, fiulod in 
1750, AMit tha ttif^utre w;i!« cl'^r^fl. Ilullatii nt once 
turned hie ttioii^ht.8 townrd Amc^Hca n« a field in which 
liis fortune tiiigiU l>o ivpk niched, -^ Ku^ljJrLfi ac^Lord nnd 
Binnagf-rn ittill look upon tlik coiiiitnr a» an El 
l>onii)<i, — mmI *o ho coiiHUUnd wiih hiA Iiit3th<ir Lowis 
Hullitm, n eoiniHlmtt, niu) tb<^ hvo cnmo to tbr conc-lu- 
KU>ii to orjE;iiiii7U^ u <?oiiii»atiy aud run tbo lisk of bt-ijiA^ 
itcaip^ l^v wlua tboy coneid^rod tiic lifKrnd )Hit Mood- 
tbirnly trtmabawk-wi^ldiii™ ciliKooiioI tlio Kt-w World. 
They g*)l a compfi^y l»>irplh<ir, lw«nly-1oiir etock i>liiyr<, 
many of thom StutkifApoimun, wore «c1eotod, with 
«i^bt farc4^ and n tin^k pantr>miinc," Tbo llnrk^uia 
CVUcclot, ni- 'Hw MdltT [><vnivcd. *' Win, ilalljira 
and hi» hrc^XiiPt wore to nUnrc Ike iircfiU of Ihc vco- 
ttiro* fti>d tlic ftTrmcr wn^ lo renmin ut home vrliilo the 
l«tt«r mnnnp'd the cmnjuLny iind Ihrc^r in bi« Hc-nrioc« 
M firvt low cmuudbtt, Im wifo imd ubildiun n[»tt Utklng 
p(trt4 in Uic |>orff I nuances. 

Uwler the direction of Lewis ihn cntnpnny, \nth 




Ijiq — 

tuiiiifc PH<L<iii?ry, i'tJMl.uiiit-K, niii] ull thi^ titttm] j(l»gi> ur^-ni 
aarlen, m-l r«jul iin lirmnl tlm Chuntiitig Bnlly in 175S, 
Dttriiig iIh* viiyiijfo wln'ti lln' weMlIjT-i' |>i-rinit|pd, tl 
coiiipHMy rL»bi*atr!*Lvl thilr \i\nyi on Ujo tjimrliT-ded 
of tbo ve8M>l, Imviii^ l\w ci'vw and iiffic^ora for tlieli 
ftudienoo, nml rocoivii)^ fi-i>m tJipm many mniiiresui^ 
tions of the 4fplight. whi-.h llieir histrionic efTorW! 
brought to thi? Jiirk Tnr*' licruls. Thpy landed at Wil 
]inm«bur<f, thon th& nipitid of Vij'ginin, tiiid tin? iniinai 
jr^T nftnr n dilii^^nt ^i^viivb fr^tind ii Atorr-boiii^c on 
ibo onlvkiris i»f llif tawn, wliii'ii U*^ tboii^ht woilld^ 
suit Id^ |iur[>i>ftcf. TliiH bo IcihJK^d mid niot!imorpbosdd^| 
into « ibi'atn? with pit^ ^rdlrrv, mid fiox«»;, mid luiviiifj 
thootttidilistjtiK'nl rtndy *m St'|>U'iiiVtr hI, 1752, on Unit 
day tbo tii'st perlormiiiK'* ovtr ^ivlhi in 
II le^ilur enrnimiiy n( eomodiHriM, was given to a |n 
fumably |ja;je ntid dcli^^hlod andit^iifro. As \vns lh« 
CLietom in tlioeo d»yj?4 tho bill whh i« doublo o do, con- 
sisting of "Tho Mcivhiint of Venice" flnd tho ^tix^^H 
" Lctho." Tlio I'tifi for *' TUrt }^Uf\^\vtni of Vetdeo*' 
Wiis na fidiow*: JinifMini^y Mr, Ri^Uy ; A't/onio* Mr. 
Clurioion; Gratianoj Mr. Sio^leton ; Safanw Aiid 
/>Hi"ir, Ml". HoH'urt; -Sfr/eiciH^J hikI TyoW^, M<"- ^Vig-^ 
n*l ; i^rruriLWo^ amJ TuAftf, Mi. HuUain ; ^S-'iy^ttci-, Mr. " 
MidoiK- ; St*nMrU to Portm^ MrL^tf-r Lowi* Hutlam (bo- 
ingbii4 lir>^t ni>[)eArinoo on nny el:^^i>) ; Nmssa, Mia|^| 
Pubnci'; Jr«ir-it (h<?rfii"*t uppoimmco on any stnj^),^* 
Mise JltLlbiiu; I'oftiat Mi'*^* Hidltim. 'J'h<i cii«t for 
" Letli« " vf^ a» follow* (Iho Tnihr having bccu en) 
out. and tb<i|>iirt of /,rt»-r/ VMJcsfon njA hnving Iwcn 
writt^a iftio ibr fnrco at th<'1inio Ibi- lluibiin cfnipiinj: 
kft Engbuid); J?j<rjyf, Mr. ClnrkAon : Oid yfan^ MrJI 
Malono ; J^inc (r/rnllemnii, Mv. Sin^lc*ton ; J'rrrLrJt- 
moitt Sir. Riirby; Vf«irf>;t^ Mr. Ht'Hu-rt; M'^nurir, 
Mr. Adcock; Drunka^ J/an aud 'Ihitwtt ^1^'- Halbiin ; 



John, Mr. Wi^n^l ; Mrf. Taltoo^ MUx Palourr : Fine 
Lndy^ Mn;. liiilbim. 

Thti WiUisimiTnir^lhciativ wa* a voi'v rmlft sinicturo, 
an<t an [lear th« iTondx Uuit tho mcuuif^ifr couU, as ho 
often did. Atiiiid in Dlo Ituck duor of th« building and 
shoot pi^;»oiia for lii« dinner. Still tho company ro- 
miuiit-'d hero for a Imig tiitii* juid ii;cl wilh mu^li fiiic^se, 
Tho hoiisti Vft0 finally di'Hlri>yud hj' tiro ;\nLl i\\\^ cotti|mjiy 
romcvod to Aunnpolta, wbcro a eubetautial bmldiog 
was oonvorled to Iho'rr iwo and whoro they remained 
wiib fortUQC fuvoriii^ tboin tiiiLil tboy pot iviidy 1o go 
to Now York. TbU tttc^y did in Hfi^f, opening u 
Uioiitn* ia Uic- inctro|>ob« on Soflenibt^r I'tli, that on 
NoANin 8trcc(, in a bnifding oftcrwiird^ t>rcui)trd by 
tbo old Uatrb Cbiircb> Tbfl bill forllit- firBtiiijrht was 
•■ ThoCot3AcintiALov4rr»'*nndtlicbidlud-riircD** D^unon 
And PliiliiJu." But tluvji jxirfonnance* wcro ^iToa eath 
wcvk<— on Mtmdaj-a, \Vednt'*dayft, ftiid Kridftys — and 
Ibitf continuiMl Ui be tJi& rule up to llio l>cpnmnj; of 
lb<» pifwiiL <^iMilnn'. Tho pilov uf odniiMion was 
eight flhilbngs lo tLo Ik^x^i. ax »]iiliiii;cA tatho pit and 

ime *iliilliii;;H tu lbe)rullery, Tlii*- waft on tlr l!i-At 
liij^ht. but tli^ second iti^lil the prices wciv lowered to 
six «hiningft, iivo ^bilUn^s. mid three ^billin^s for box«s, 
pit, ntirl ;£nUMy n.^!Sjwciivtdy, nnd by 1,1k* inidilln of Oelo- 
b«r iL fourth rwliiHmn wtw inndc, so Hint iidmi.-«Mun to 
the pit iitiild Ito IhkI fur fonrv^irillin^^t urtil to the ^nlWy 
fiirr.wcihhililn^v. Tl>" pi'iinndjinrc^bi'^^m iitniitoVlfick, 
aod nu U]« bill fi»r IIk' opiMiing night Hppenra 
A Tngut'al ihaL hit] ten and j^'JiHeiiicii will coiiiu 
Id Iho tlie'JtE>^ in tiino. and a >itaLi?<nient thiit nothing 
under lite fnll pn<<e will be t^ikL^n during the «n- 
im iMTrorniflWTp, Thi* st^cnm to h*? a di^pjirltirn from 
th« riiAiniti of tli(4 iii4>lli<fr i^nuutrv, whcix* ii:df price 
vnii nvi<ivi-i1 fcir iidmission aOer llfr tliinl lU't, Thft 
IfoAiiaii StroH. lk<*(ilrr vrsn cIo^^hJ on Lliv evening of 




Marcli 1$, 1754, wiik •• Th& U^^^gar** 0|i<»ni " and 

While llio cmiipciDv wfiK util) ill N^w Vork, Miinngcr 
IliUluiu wuM ezidouvuring In toitit: lo ti^rnu nitli tlio 
Qiiolcora of PliSbdvlplib, whovtfviiiioufilrohjoctvd ta 
bavlit^ pkvoraiii their mii]E«t, or u^jAlln^iiig; -ttagorcpre- 
s43ntntiou« ill lliolreity, 5lr, MiJoiil*, a member «ftbc 
conipauy, w;is at k-ngtb s^iit <*n to lUo t^imkor City, ns 
Mnlliim's al1lb:u^^fl(if>r, aiid aft«r cou»liJenkble lionble 
etirvoeiJp*! ill ohiiiininp; Gov. Hiiinilton'R pormi^ion to 
present twenty- lour [Aixy^ and tiipir »tlCDd;iiit fnwt^s 
prorid<»;l thoro u-a» iiotliiuf^ inducwtit op inimonO in 
tb<fin. Id Aprils ITM the coinpimy guvo iu liriat per- 
formance ill I'hiludHphia, playing tlie tragedy of ^' Tlio 
Kiiir IViuteiit,'" aaJ the fai<c<T, " Mifiti in llcr Tocrn*/' 
Tho Ijuihliiiff oet^npied liy llie aeton ia deaigiiat^d by 
Willinni Ditiilnp, tho liintoriun of the early Aiiicrioftii 
thca(n\ EiH*- th(;r(L(iru')ii>uKor>f aMTn Pium^lead, *' uixl 
waa vituated '* on i}w corner of Die first nU*y abov© l^ao 
* Aflt^r tlio iwentj'-frmr pnrr<>ni»aiieee Ii^ 
^iveti hy '*aitthorily of ln« exct'llj,nicy," (Jov. 
Humiltou, tbo players wurc allowed to add tix nioro 
ntglit^. after wliii*b tb<'y returned to Now Vork. Horo 
tbey cre<-led a tiieuLi-c on Cniirer's ti'lnirf» between 
Old Slip and Coffee Houao Slip, ami prospered. 

Bo«t<m did uot havxf o theatre until lli^i. and then 
got Jt« tivnt place of amusement -mly heeai^^ M'lgrwU 
andtltreo oLber oiomWrr^ of Hullfitu'^ eompany, lor 
sonic tvdson ov other, M»eeded froin it. Th^i ncccders 
broiiirhl to their litandard ftoin© mouey men »f tb^UiTb, 
abnildijLg wiw erected, and on Au:2iiKt Hi, 17**;;, ihe 
fir^l k]](»v was giwti t f&tits cm the ti±!ht rope and acro- 
biitk and oilier artifiti*coninhuEiti^ to ihecntv-rtainmoul. 
Five jcai^ later New York bad U\o Ukt.'Mres, one on 
tlic Jobnfi. aiwl liic otliiT on Grec-oaHj Sireot, mid when 
thtf tiintftt^enth ccnlnry began, ftn\u^mov\u w©« iu it 




douHahtng rtiiiiliUon In all Llict Inrgv dlk-ft of Lhe cnim- 
try, ami tliu li)L<<iUt! h:i*\ Uik^n linn root and y^avv full 
pmniise nf ks prBaent pixj^perilv ht the New WortO. 

Ther were a queer IjmhiK iJie-ie enrlv flTolli-i* on 
American soil- It re:ii)4 like ^ romiuice to follow llicTn 
tlimiigh the hUt«ry of thr-ir wily struggles, mid to 
iH"nittiiiJ5e lh*» j>p[''innnl pendinrtifM of the iinliviiltinls 
wlio rf>nipnMiv) {\w Minnirinv. One (if lln-m — 1 furgrl- 
wbieh Kt tlio |>riTjH^iit iiiornt^nt — wn* :m imaifinutivo 
fpUow givf*n u|t tniill moiIm ttf Mrhc^tnti^ luid itivetjlionii, 
nn<1 jiublUbcd Ttit hiaI wi(I« thii ddiKiiiiiooiiiL'iit ihfil ho 
IijkI iliitotivtro4l a ]jri»L*«>*i of Timimrui'iiiriiig *rik from 
»i<-ii wiitA^i". A nierulutr of one of lh« eurlie^n orvtioft- 
trn* — n iliort titni? iifti*i"Hnll»iij hin.lo&rne<l foniUhiiig 
tnunic to hid aLtdienL^e wiib *'oTi<f Mr. Felham and his 
hnrpUcbord " or the ein«;ie fidldle of a Mr, Hewlett — 
l>oeQ a C;ithrilic |me«t in Switzerbiid, itin) hrid 
tuflervd the torhirefl of the InquiHitioii- lie teld hi^ 
story to bis inaua^er one (Uir and it w^i^ rriLlly tonrh- 
lug. Hi« inolhor, ho «dd, htui (ttHlU^it^id him in hU 
infancy lo tho inncuihooiL Whori lio hof^mio nlU 
ciioii^fh be vk-^LH |ihKx-d in a thi^iilci^iojtl Etctninrkrv, 
ini4rurteil ami duly ordaiLiod. He w&a h prioiit v^bcu 
S|>alu wvnl to :ipuni4t Fnino**, ll'in tninion nxunn] 
n tti^'iitwEil, and the pt-icai being luadu it^|>rui]) acs 
coiupauk-d iltoJladnd. lu Hudi-id ho for tbc firaC 
tiino IcArned to lore, He niijt in the piroet a luind- 
i^tmt Spdnieh lady who u'on bia heait and lit tUo tire 
(if poaaion ill his frame. J lo became aoi|uaioted with 
her. and a#c«r1aiiicd tlmt iho lady rociprocatcJ hi* nf* 
'Mtion* Tboro wj^rcniany momrnt* of ptoleTi p!cii*tirc, 

tauy^i^UAlid rovr^, until Ibcy linally agivcd lo ticc 
lofrthcr to Anncrica, Tbo day and In^nr vr«ro 
ftgtiH^l u\)ttii, attd tJw lovcvw wcrr in reiiUm^ss. wbrn a 
«tnm;r hand was laid njton the r4!0i«ant prii^rtl.'a nh^nildor 
(] b^ wnjt thix>(Vu inU> prinon. lie reiilij:ed Wis awful 

4i THE .UI£>EirA?4 THIUTftB. 

position at oiux, kiui"'in;f iluxi ho vra* in the i>ownr oP 
that motiatcr, the liujuisilion. For vri*ek!i he- ivmmiivti 
ch.iinetl to llio floor of Jiia coll. Once !ie vriv* Ivd out lo 
GXccutioiu but by aome miruclo or acci^lent, wiia i»av©d. 
At U^it, having' »ufri:'roi.l severely* he was j>iit to Iho toi^ 
turc, iLnd troJtk* dyiii^i tu\d di»lrai:ted was W to tho^ 
gtX^ of hi« piisDJi, thrust oiiL into the iti-eet, and 
irunipil IV* ho vnlnrid lii* life to Wv*i Mndrril witlriii trn 
dayi*. It isiic"(yik*i« Innay hci did w^ and iiorer l^'-anird 
I or saw nnjiihiiij; min\j ai hi* Spiiiiifh j*wtcthpnrt. 

FrHfii fhn riid<-7iiif) (incmMlVirlnhlr thr!ll.r^Trl^:l^rni^Iry 
llgl^ Mrith diT>-tirL(;-n»cmiM rimlrr thti Nf.itgr, mid btti, a 
siiiL^ln fidillf iH" hiirjwii'luinl jdjiycr for Ihn orchr-sti-a^ 
with pcmrly lighttnl and illy vc^iitilutod ntidiloniinitt^ 
wUh nu^iigro M't^nm- and rn^'yrd wiirdrohoR — fr^Mn th« 
l*rimiLiv(5 tliciilrL* of iUv New ^Vfirldh:i»growu tliotiiiig- 
rdficent, aymmelrk-aU and dogantly appointod liouite* 
<jf amii^omcnt of tbo pri>soiit ih\y — Hiruetiir<-T« bcautl- 
fnlly aud chiiatoly omanionU'd iti their exteriors, wbUo 
th«ir inieHora hftve reeeived the most delicnte toiiehea 
of the nrlist'a hrush and the most careful nttcnlion 

tfpom the upholsterer — beautiful m color aii<l dr:ipery, 
ridi in fnrnitiiro, and tho wvy pcrfiHtion of nrchitoo- 
biml de«i^ii. Our rta^rft* aro rt^vMation* of c^ramatio 
4H>m|>lTft<>ne»!(, tomotimeji pred«zittng Acenic pi(tiirft« 
that eliailU^tii^i' naiiiiv iunlf hi their at1rai.'live]i4-A«, mnl 
nlull tiniod tmrrointdinj; tbo netoi^of a i^luy with ac- 
vcfl<jorf(*d piru<^oiiB and e?cten^ivc eiiouifli to my^tifr ii% 
well nd dclijEThl nmo out of ei'ery tew patroiia of the 
iQi1rc< The inarnier in whieh tbe^ oxtmordinniy 
l^leosin^ illuFiione ^re produced ii; one of the nvc&i 
fin of the Mn^^S and when the tnoch^Liii^in em- 
'loved i» cxpltttiicd thi5 reader vfillhc*nri>riM<I to l<^ru 
>vrsi|]i|>lo and nlmoht iindin^iis^d nrc tho methods 
^1m r^bv the |HToplv l>chimi the iii;eno* work niid multi- 



Tb« pniTonfl of tho thoaii-c mii^t nil finU tUoir wmv 
into Ibe hciUD Ihroiigh tb© front <loort ; only tho priv- 
ilc2!0<l fow fti'O aUoiPod ucccm to Ibo niT^tcHc* nhd 
Wi>Dikr0 of ttic ]?tago through tho biK^k cioor. ihro 
«tnml-« n gcntkman, gcnt^mHr of rcpnhivc mini ami 
utijillniotivc munncr*, wiwtc J'pc^'inl htniin^M it ifi to 
BK^P thnt noboiiy. not cntitW to tlo c<o, ponclriUe* the 
wcrfJ procinctf. nnd ^vtio )cnTn« at once to di^ftinguj^b 
V^twcni t ho people who t^omo prying unximlhisbrtili- 
wiok nJcn-ljr for tiiiriosity. ainl thu'M^ who urii ihi-n* to 
<*m»Ah^'iLMLM.(*[ilil>lnhullH,g^iri(ir |H<rb[iphHii tmlitii-'rout 
m«TpWr uf thft company. Tho»'^ wbn im^ W to tin? 
»U^;>^H]oo^ by cuHithltv urv iLUiniTuiis tiikI tliey Htv uW 
procDptly rupulr^U ; iiiid the -* iti^isln-rs** whu ntiiinl at 
tbe Maj|;e-cJonr aft«r the portoi-iiiAiioe In tivvr, tniivlget 
into tb? gotid ^racea of llie iloor^b^trper. and retahi lki4 
fnoiiJMiip if (hey il^siiir tlie ooiir^io of tru^ love 1o nm 
>fDonUi4fr tlian tlra oM ni)»^n niy^ it ri]li«. 

In 111" lat';gn tbr-sitiVH of Knu^rn ckip* the cerbenis 
who giiuiU ihci Ktniinn <»tLtr»ni'r grnf>rnt1y Ujw sl Itltio 
Sffatry 1h)x juxt ltkuIo Lhn donr^ witli n window cnl ia 
it, II Mtovo plii(^i*<l liiKldn ill i^oUl wutlior, a niimTx^r of 
p3gvon-bolo» for Ivtton&f am] incWil nil itio^hirti ron- 
Tea(eii«», Ji« tlw Maying gi>c>v. Ilmv ho %\x» ani] 
Hmokctt, bAlUng ovet^'bocly viho jWKiftH in tLml icaying a 
kind or finarlin^ woriJ to all who pud« out. If the mnil 




lw!» bioiight a. letter foi" any iwemlwr of tlie coTii|)miy. 
or JL " inashct" ftns sent oiio ofihe girl* n iJa'tuly lil- 
tle nolc tx|)n'*>m-^ fjf ibo scnliment lliM J« Huelliiig in 
hlfi tw<-nlv-nu-iiirli ln»om, lln* w*rl>eruH wUI hnvo il, 
iind will h^iiitl ll, out iu liifT jirrvon ffjr w))f>in ft N 
Intctidtid vritli au ]i[)|>ri>(ii'mU- Hml no!. jilwnyM nctmjilU 
mcnlaiy roaiMik uIjouL a, S»miMTm<"K this ir,i:inliiiii 
of thoLhcaLiicnrcaun «vi]I liiktf aihualjj^i? ol" hin puei- 
liciti to tjrrraiiisiT uvor the ]iallt*t glrl^ hfiiI oilier aizlioi'- 
iliiMtf'M nf a L'rmi|»:viiyi mi'l wilt rule In hii uiittK-i'Htic 
wiij t(i liM fivrik iic*4Tijiiiitrv .'iiii) <itlk*>r jn-iffit. Til lit" 
R:L'"t hi^ i* timilii n IcimI of t.inii^ki'L'jiin-, iinlifsc whmi 
tint jirrft.rruflnft njifii-jii' ri>r iliitv ritid wliiMi tli<fy nr*t 
ttb*L'ii1, lH'fllfl<-» nllirrwt*it niiikirij,r hiiii'teir ?HTrvi<*wihlu 
to the maJiit^emiMit ami iMi'^fnl tif Urn rultM-i^sLi «t" 1iU 

A storj' i- toM nbodt ono of tli'?ni — [ Ibtnk lil^ 
iinme wm Rulkliend — who wih employed ut ii thoutro 
wli«re the Icilkt wa« l»rge, hikI the girU paid very 
lUicrnl tnlxito to him. They g'^^'O him silk h:iMdkrr- 
chiiffK lyf iUi^ pivttii*3t tiiii] iiinsi oKj^tfimivo kiiLi) tn wipo 
hU f;ujluaUe lung oil ; lh4?y pmU t'oi' iQiiuii^enililu hot 
di'luku wirli which ho raniidcd oiU Lhe waUt of liU 
]>iu]|ido»ii)i ; Iht'v ilr<»]J]J*.'d *.'l^is iulo Uis alwii^s »ut- 
strtlcht^d puw, unil otht^rivioo drained tb<^ir own 
reooureoo to ni:iko Mr. UuHJiutu) a* hu}>py iind ckxii* 
fortnHIe 114 pn»^iiil>hT. Hit, »l lirett, t^iok whatever wa» 
oifcred, but *rooii gruw hold, tiitd demftuded fifty c«nte 
each of thinr liltle livo dc^Hur-A n w*ek, eveiy sadui-j 
dny. ThoxirU mude u|k their wluda not to acccdo to 

\» drmurid, nhu'h tliey (itemed unjust niid exorbitant ; 

;y not only poaiiivuly lefuHini to ;»iv« itidkheud flity 
itoy, l>Mt vouk] ^iro bim nathiiij; cbo, not oven a 
^cxrntcigftr. A a a result, jbotLktoiK-hulf of thcf irl>^ 
ilcd n portion of their sidArica ocxt pay-day. ThU 




nmiiiitvl elTI tHf* fiivy 1h«ir& wn* in Th^ t>n1irp> IihUm, jlikI 
wliv.ii tlii^jk" ffiLUiil mrt, Uio, th:it IliilklK^rif} linil rlriv<^ri 
:rwuj their mnit- ^Liltniri^M thi^y werv :u uiUI ti^c un muny 
hyrtiti*. It <IU[ mit lake" long tnr thi<m Ir^ hit u]>i>i: u 
ini^an4 al' wroiikiii^ Yr-ii^<>AfifT uyion iht- ht-iirik'^tt mid 
tinariijpulcHift <lo<>r-lcoi>[>or, Tlwy cliibti^ tugelhei- 
irhat cbaiig« tlioy Imd And ^Jt BulUhc^ud UolUiig 
drunk: by tboiliiR^lln-'iljow wih i>vii on that (t<» hiui) 
inomorablo nighl h« did n«t know wbieb ^vay lo loijk tor 
Sunday, After tbe ttiml eartutii bad fuUen niid tbo 
1i;^bt*i ^orodinitnedtBulkbuju!tfja;Lt Iho Jooroii bU ^too) 
*HW:iyiiig lik<.« nil uufrtoiidy ohuivli-oleeplw nnd snoring, 
like iia ongiiio vrhoii fts bnilor 14 notirly <>nipty, Tl 
giiln picked him up nwl parrimi him inttt rt niinotfi 
cofncr <d' tlic Htigc, w[ktc ihcy piitnl u lot <jr old 
veetitiiy >'U^uiid Itim it1\ci< tyhijic bU huiutat jiiid f^ot 
seoUTvly, Then Wuy gi>t rod and blu« liro re^dy, nl- 
tfioflt tiikdor bU I'bcrry ix-d and puntiu;* noi^e t oti<i of 
tli« Ifiris ti^H>k hvv ]>o«ition at tbo ibuitder dmiu ; uii- 
oLhor hnd fauld of tJi(» nun irhocl ; iin<ithc<r vm4 ut tho 
wiJid mnchlnc ; » r<iurtb ^ot :\ bi^ bra>'5 horn out of tbd 
Qjui^LV mL>iri tu)i{ 11 tiltb ^t tlkc bit»i< dnitii ; tho rcrtuuu- 
dor ivUkmI ready to lend Aulstnncc with their hamU and 
lbniat?«. At a ^^irrii iiigiml tlic tbtiridrr rolivd lonidlvi 
tbo wind nbi-nilod vigorualy. tbo niiu vtimv down iu tm- 
reatd, tlio bntm* born monnrd pitvou^Ly, thi^ baatt dnim 
wu iHHitcn vtiimcmfully, bikI pnn* of Imniin^ blue 
Etod rc^ fire were poked Ibrou^'b oiTvitx-?i 111 tbe piled* 
up miLcbinury ri^bt undi-r tbo drunken dooi^kiicinrr'^ 
uoflttil«* wbiio alt the j^irli «bouted ul tbo itjp« of tUvii' 
voiccft nnd vUpped a» €Dtbu4i;LTiiK'aHy a<^ if tbcv woro 
dppUiidiii-^ » fivoritc. biilkhcAd afl«r o]>eiuii;^' Lie eyes 
ami ItAvm^ bin OAr» iMailed by tbo din, «bouted wildly 
for AwittLftnoc nnd mercy luid all kimla of tbiug!^ ; but 
begot noitbor AJhUiitaiico ii^r mercy- Tho racket oou- 




Uqihm! for iicai'ly t»u minut«4 nlion quiet uiid (Jurkiirfs 
vrvro reatorod, and the g^irla quiollv atolv uwny kaviug 
Balhh^Ad nloiio In lii^ n^ony under tUo pUo of ecc^noi-v. 
wUoi'o ho was fouiu) hy tbi3 sta^ ciirpciitiT next lU'H'ii- 
inff, a tirflt-clii^Jr, doiihlc-hurrcllod ciiw of jini-jame> He 
]«iiowiiwiTi inninic !i?^yliim, ni>d employs moet of his 
time telling pcnf»lu tliat tiotwitht^tnndin^iill llotilag^r- 
K>1i> bill LOO III lie Eind hliiriu-y tht^ni mu^t bo ii hctvuftcri 
for h« hia himnoU' heun through tfao .-^unstrokc »oc- 
tioB of it. 

Tlic Wlot jrirl^ of uiLOtlK'r thouU'u pluy<}d t\n c^uaWy 
effective Olid ARiu«iug trick upon ait obuoxioua »corie 
painter. Tlio artl)?t hnd t>oc(i in the habit of p^uating 
I>oi?t4^, dotpr^tcpst c1c.> in the nui^hhorbood of the 
atftgCHJoor in colon thiit vrcro not nudiJy j>ercei)tiM«, 
and Tvhcii ihti yviutig liidii?fi' " imishr* " viiaa: atound 
after the pcrrm'tuantt* In wait ftjr Uicm to tlrcM, thoy 
i&iitjcentiy aat down upon »r Wncd ii^^tinvt tbc fresh 
liiAint And niinod iLcir ciothea^ The mvnc pniiitcr niid 
Ilia friend i^ere idwjiya in ttie iit*lg!iUor1iood lo mi>t^ n 
ku;^h wh«[i the dutastor \ras inadv known, jind the n?- 
ttult vraa that the ^ly young m«ii would i^omr 
TKuu the Btajro-dooi no tDorc» and that the avr<-rtl/ 
nuFu:i'|)lih1t rreatuix) known as the Ejitllet girl wiLt 
obligvd logo homo nlonc, ^mpperlc^. Well, one dav 
ibe ^i'\« fonnil thr arti*'. n.%W'p ngiihi^t hU paiiil-lalilft 
with a hnlf rniptic*! pitnhcr nf h<rrr hy hi^ side. TJiU 
v&s their opporl unity. One? of lh«rgirU w\ki was of a 
d^M-omtnn OKiMr-WiMr-)i](t? turn of mind siif ii fimall 
Urtifih wliilouiinthr-r bidd the <?uhjr.<(, iind in Irn niiiuit?<< 
they bin) tlmt rniin'H Oice pciinted rii> thrit \m- wmdd |i<iuj$ 
for» whole >toek of jteenery ; tbi* tattooed Ori*^'k w;i* 
a more tivo-ct-nt vhMmio jduni^Idt.' of hirji, ntid a Siciux 
Indtaii wiUi forty poivmU of waf-puint on would bo a 
tcn-oent Bl<l&-«bow beside a twelve-monster-abowwi^i.. 


of the gMi«ril aliireitncl uiiUHiinl luugh Ht tilnit tiutll a 
too Moeiiivn IVieiid took blin to a mirror and showed 
liim lib frcfliXM^il f^uturefi. ProfauUr aiid gnaflhiug of 


AT TllB »TAaK-IK>Oa. 

Jwtb roUovr<*d. nnd Uur »rtittt wia j>rcYfotc<l from goii 
Ijuck to the thouln; to murder ten or twdvi^ jveople 
»i]1,v hy u tlioujrhtrnl polici*man «T!ir> t>t<kr(1 Lliii up iin 
h(^ ftt^w out Uintugli tW i]Dor of tUu ftaloinu liutl carnt-d 
him off Uy tlio calalxjoftii. He whs sorry when htv gfil 
a(>F>tr, Aiiil from tUat Lla_)' lo tins hm nut atiempttU to 
paint the cout-lAiIa of the ballet f^'tiW lovt^ra, 

A gicjii imui,voftLtisclovurs. 00 iboj'a™ dcwi^iiateJt 
nru bold still hoiirtk-«« wretrhc«, irho hiive th vooid 
wnv or i>tlnr i»hUiirM:il jiii iLitnHhirlloii to or *fnip«<l 
noi|ijiLiiiUiit'(' wkli llic NiJTTKTtijnr-»> ftiir joiing cr4T»turp« 
wlii> till in thi? rrfTviL<it!4 >uid rliinksi of ii |i1ay, or nir' 
thiTir linibi* iii iTiit lii^ynntlis itfn itiarHi, i«' Mhiilic r}"»m 
tn?HirTH?M.i"ui]gi^;iiul fi-ti-fimririgiUm^i^ Tht^y Iciok u\nm 
tliD iKtlltt girl, wliL'tlior »liG Iw a daiict*!' or merely lit*- 
low tUoi line nf utility, a^ Itrj^iLlriiJLlL' |irr<y, aud Htlliaut 
tho ellghtcet »rni|ilG will wuylay or 8|>ri»ad a net lo 
catfii lior in somp ijiiK't l>iil sucrniwafiil manner. They 
forgot tli»t iikiLny ^trU ittttrr tint thriitrit with th« iti- 
t<<nti<tEt of making hoimnihtii ami hornet livingii; that 
tUity jjri/r Uwlv vih.iKt tis highly n* i\u'. most n'*[Htrlod 
yoiiuj^ Lidy vilin movtu in ilir; topmciat cirvlv^ of iho 
bo*l iKiciHy, and that ibo iht^utrieul pvoff*§Ujii Sa only 
ini>iv^iirii>«eut4id by the moo and women who give 
tJwniituU'c^ u|> to dobaiiGh^ry^ and allow iheir pusaioua 
to run riot to anch au extent that they win notoriety 
of Ihu moH uueavory ami uii«iiviablo ktnd. It is only 
boonuA« tiM flb^ U heslo^ed by go iiijuiy sooundiela 
aikd Wlbina who liuve eithop bouijht or begged th« 
[Kivtlf;;i>4 of ihc h;tok d<»i>r that th*? profession U dfflii* 
g^Tiyiiis I't youn^ and ianoicnt »;iflhorid, Tho elago 
it^<lf i;« piirOi«ndoonld bo k<ipt »o, if thoj<o haiig<cr«-oa 
irero <iily <lot»o n^sr^.iy with and Iho youtlifui Mu<]cat 
nod ag)iirunt fur histrionic honors wi:rci alli^wcd to pnr- 
«iio b<«r vomtton unLL-uaii<^<l by tho hundnomi^ ti^mpter^ 

tio iM^gin by llittory and aHcr tin usually c?iay con- 



quwt, PtvX llifl ilrr-fttn of U>tn liv nulfrly rrmtiiig Uih 
fjdli'H girl luiOr to innkcf morn fnr iiiinthrr irti^tmi. 

StuEul licru in tlu' iluulmr Mwliiln. Tlio pr>rfririniiiiO0 
i» lit tin riti], mill thti gnitUtncii who hnurit ttio Htiigo- 
ilnoram In-ginning Ui AssinibUv TIicut urr? jnxibably 
(I hcilf <lr>z4Miortliem. They fltiiLid :ir>ivind vuiklitg itic 
hj^iUtt of ihtAv can<At mid luivlou^ly ^iwcilEing Uic np- 
[x^itranc^ of ihdr Inamoratiia. A burle^quo coiupafiy 
h^ Uio thonim thU week, and there are probably 
eight^cD or twenty hAndaom^youD^ liiflie^ m the com- 
bkoation. Xejuly every on© of tlwnii iu a '* Hui^ber," 
uid can Ha d^pomWd upon to Iiit tbo oontrd ot'n woaIc 

al» hmirt, wiTb nii iirmw iVfiiii bur U'^imin^ rvtj, ftt 

Olio biiudrvd vhrd-c. Souiu M' tbi-[n li^ivc^ rDodvtfd 

tdndor notcA rnjiti tbe front of tbi* hoiijiu duHii}; tlio 

iiighlt rmiking iippolnliiK^uU fcr ii jiriviitu tiu|ft|>cr iit oue 

of the irve nrid cu^y r4;»rimriitU<t j otheiM havo met 

Uivir giMilkiiicii frioiiUa bL>foro and ouii depcmd ufiim 

tbent to wtiit at tlie BtM^'odcxir every ni^ht. Tho^e 

«rh» r^end the iii)tH>>^dui'ii^if tlu^ pcrformniico ura of what 

U cUa^-d aa the uiin\-chceky kind. A niAii of tbi^ 

t\^9 will do uiiytbiug to mako tbc Acqtuuntiince of a 

l>AUot or chann* iriiL I know ono, ojh? ingbl. to push 

A d^kscit dilforctit notots imilcr the dtior of Kmo Knu»- 

Kmi*» dri-naiiig-rooin, ^\'hk'li opimcd into tbc p'trtpicttc. 

and be wi>u]d not deaUl iiutil ^^imuet Colvillo, tho 

ninnager, caused him to be ditii^Hl out of the thoutrc 

anil pre Q orcr to the police, Aiiotbt>r ^ciai<im;in of 

Ufte nunc proclivities bavinj^fiiiicd to gain Aliro CMttsa'a 

attention wiifii ebo w^l* m (Jliicug'a, fnllawcd ber to Hti 

Loui», CiiK'iiiitalii Mid L<]iiUTitlc« nnd sull beiLig una-* 

ble to vffoci a prop<-r *< ituMh/' ondoavorod to iiitro* 

dnco himself ?arc<?ssruily ami gjiiu \im' fm'or forever by 

making lioc a preicnt of a pair of Ca^i horsca. Alic^ 



voi-y eennMy r^fu^o^ to uGc«pt tho j^tt, and loM Uio 
fond flod foolUh youii<; m^^n to ^o hom& to hU mother. 
Mfiny cjiftc^ of thi* kind mi;>[}il htj cilcJ to show how 
easily Iho n'otnoii who enter tlio profo^iioii, partly for 
thopiirpo^c of prostituting thoir urt, tind <tJkKy conquest 
among tho hnir-hrnincd follow* vrho aro only too will- 
ing to ^>tT t^fiptivci iinil rarrlv Xrv (o hri^Fik the fi-ttnrx 
of 1\)«CA with wliioh tlicy liml tlium^nlw^ f>ont;<I. But 
kc<:|> hoi'c hi tlio eUuiIow ti whilo and watdi the mancuu- 
vrwi of tho "maahcia." The Ata^u^dnor openfl auJ 
out romoii ii v^ry n»odL*st little ^rh Sho (tcnj« not bo* 
louj;to the tomhipjtion playing at Itohoueothia vroek. 
but U a member oftho ix^galar ballet of tho thoativ, — 
one of tho lew poor creatures who aire obliged lo 
got into ridiciilou:^ i:o.-4tnmr!> nf cnctrmoa» drc«H«a or 
unpadilcii iighbi,to nKTca:»o the throng of uonrt-ludiCA, 
the nntnlipr of pag<^H, or ;icld tn th" prnportJon-i of a 
orowtl. She dtH'fliKit dresB any bettor than a girl vrho 
find!t4*ntp]oymeiitin afa^jtory. Hti« layonng, Jtowc'ver, 
anil fi Ul^- At ruck. t>he Iiua ^oui.> )nli:i the prorcHmion, 
braving nil tta <lhnger« and with i\ thia nreoluUon to go 
unMNithcd through it, canyina: with hvt a midcoto Iov« 
for art and a burning doAirc to attain iraLinence. 
But ulaj^l she ban Hltlc tnlmt, and ab#oliitcly no gc- 
uiu?(, Thi» I'lin be Mien nnd [i[}|inHTt:iU'J abcAdy, 
allZuiu^h nhe li^i.i not had two Ihiea to Apeak etnco eutei- 
hig the lhf4itre. Sljo ha* beeci in the emph>y of the 
btiii^ unly t-'tuco tiic he<.'iiujiiig of the scaeou. Tlii? 
" masInTr*" i)art to muko reom for her aa with eyea 
cBst donn bIio IripA along ihc Mrcnt. Some of them 
ff»j ftmiut and pr4.'tty things, »n<l xmic Imvo the tm- 
pudrnrf? to raiiw their hm^ EKiul bid Wr gotM3<rvniiing> 
SIke pay.K uo altttntion l<i them, howL'ver, and it is 
proUibly forUinnte that \h& tall niu^^nlar gentlt^inun In 
work-day i.lothe« nhu liaa liad a |iaaa to tho guUory or 

AT TUi; 9TAOe-t>OOB. 


maj not bnv% been in tlic theatre dt nil, am] who is 
wiiitii)^ a Ijlock brjow to cMurt bcr hour, 4oc9 ni>t 
know tbc ih^Uj" iii7inll--< Uiut an; put nfjim lim' or tli^ 
AiiLiren tliiil ln'firl l>t?r imlli, Evmy tii^hL tliftln;; liurlv 
Mlow rtiiils Utv t\w nuiOcM' lilllc Imllrt ^irl To r*ir ln-r 
bmnc ill aufHy. Tht; ^Irl iIijoa nul Lvll Lli<>iu nt liornu 
to wbat il^i}!^'ra ahe ih ei|Mi»itl. ;iiul tlxi-y in'vt*r hnni 
until fiomulluio the fall come*, wiwu n. Uoiipe uf im^x^'o 
miiii^trrln or II Tm^e conik [Jfx^ni ch^miA invnili? tliit 
hiHjnt? lUiO Iny r^ii^gtr tri tlii* biiiil'lH of Jill the feinak^ 
lliey ^nJ brbintl ihi* ^<vil(*h. 

Hii^rv cnui^ Iwd Ku;glurig Ultmili^v tlirougli Lim Mngt^ 
i]<MPi. Tlio Uxlit falling upon rlit-ir (Wl-a vIiowh ilmt 
iillhuijj^h llivv trv l<> ^4ji|ieiir ItgliL jliiJ I'luH^ry. ihi.M'e U 
wvuriiK'HP^ in llieir ]tirilh>i riiiJ iitfrlkuivA i.]iiHtri.'HH in their 
heiirta, Tliey seleH ihvn male fnendM at oiice ; in- 
deed, ttitt IntUrr huvp I)p*»ii wHinng for the gay hur- 

*' Cliarivy dcur, I didn't ta* yoii in front l<i-[iighl ,*' 
i&yM (HIP. 

•' Ndtber dki I/' «ays tie other : " but fieorj^'e w^i* 
lliere, 1 oiiM toll him hy hiff red eye8 and cli^rnT 

•* Yr»/' rrM]K)hi])i CU!irli\v» ** tjmr*» h'ji* loo miiHi 
I'hnniiiagnA in liinl liiriC hnllUs unci 1 duIiTl e:irc nbotit 
gntthi^ out of tK<d nntil linlf iin Uimv ugo-'* 

" Vou hud c'tHiKidiv-idih" o\* tin* juW iind*^r your 
vntJnBt uight,'* the fimgirl reru:U'ki^ ; and tlivn Uicro 
tt ft laugh, nnil Charley iuiy« hi'. r«f(t]» in n ^>«oJ humor 
for Uckling HLori! wiiin at that |):irttruljr inooit'tit, loid 
tb« quATtPthi move olT to a b:LrU-^t.and. jiin>|i intu an 
«p«»n oarriiigo and with loli* of Imt^^liter thi^ party nvo 
driven avTfty tr> some ^ulHtrban ^^rden witli wiiii^nHinJ 

fttlucblb'nt, (IT to florae nrhnii if^-tnu >l wlirrv wiiio 

Huy flow mA &eely as mobility uiiiy fj^tU* away wilIi Lhti 


AT TIIK »TAO10-lKiOtl. 

apoeding houra, niiJ ttv pkitAui^ may Uai Junt «a 
long lu the rc^Utimnteiii' thinks be is Iwing well |)ald 
for llie i»nvilpgps tjf Ui» c^lJiblinhniftut. 

Anotber ;;irl tunics ibmngh the st-igi^-^lfxir. Slit* i» 
pi'ohably tiveiity*fuiir vL!iu-7t of a^, id taU, hanilMxtm, 
anti oitwt attractiv*^ bi ln^' inniiitfti^. Tbi-i* Is lb« 
Iciut suapiciou of Um iimtron iit Iht ]i|]|)L^nnicu. Ibut 
dignily of cama;jo tbat dianit-lyibi-a ^omi^a alU-c 
muiriago being rlc.'irly clotiii^d in hm- mictions, film 
ktitiwn MiiriiTluiily hiin bi^i^ii wjitting f'tir brr. — a yoiiii^ 
fvlhiw u-1 lall, biiiidHoMir, aiul ii|.tnii.'tiv(^ lu brmrtf. llij 
»6va b(*r at <nit'e aa f»h« (XJiues i*iH, aud ^ofrti to me&t 
bar, llvr f<n>t.!t1,e|>H are bfiit iti his dirt-'ctioii also, Aa 
thi>y Lvxiie l^^ji'tlifr feb« la^'A her baud upon his ex- 
t«ndet] arm, and say^; — 

" No, Fi'lhI. T oanm;t gn tn-nighln Sister is sirk at 
tbe holrl, ami Mi" Iwihj ]i!t»i no «ni.\ tn take cnrn i>r h(*r, 
I nin-it. go home" t^ my diili.l." 

" I'shaw 1" )5nyi* Fiwl, •' J had pv^rything jirmn^jod 
for ail okgnnt *lrivH siiid a raUlliij^ *nppcr/' 

" I'm HO sorry, Fnvl ;" ibn wikiTiiin pb^idM, " hut I 
cbd'I go to-nigbt. Yuu will have to «xuuse me tbU 
oiiee. Yoi) know It wm daylight wb^a we parted this 
uornlog, ' ' 

** I know**' fa^r fnend bi«iitted ; " but whHt'H tb« u>«o 
in wopiying ahoiit tb** huUy, Sbo'n pr^jpuMy a^U^cji 
DOW and viin"t nwrd your t^aro. Comi-*, g» alung," 

>*No, I cnniiot. 1 will ur»t to*uigbt/' But Fred 
ooutinni^s topload, RKkliig lliu ploaxure ofb^r pro»encu 
at A supptrr, jijvt fnr u hrdf bour iiiul no more. lJii-» 
aide to I't^fiiEt thv wxtmih of biH uppL-al^, ftho at buit 
ecm^ftU, itiid ii id -^afii lo ^a?» tbitt oih'« tbe evening'n 
cnt^^ftnititinat be^iiiH, iiiomin;; Ijreuk* upon the slct^py 
biilw and fick cit^tcr at {hit houA botoro Fred and bi» 
cooipanioii art' rcutly to part. 



I knevr a tVi>end — a dramntie wrrll&r — who stood at 
the bncic door one night and vrnlted for a pRir of pt*otty 
chonia singer?. Myfri^ud hiul mioth^r hWml ^vhli 
him — a prominent m^rchAtit. Tliotwo^y*iitlgi*ldy 
young girlHt vrbu wciv only ronlinU flirU, ilid imt know 
ibat the gcnUcmmi irho liiid invitod ihum to a niiihiigbt 
ride and a tatJ> Kuppt^r wi^r^f nmtTic<l. Iii<1i'l*(], thoy 
may not huve cared. So wlum (h© operii of ■* Oil- 
rat te " waa oviT and tbe pair of oLorua ain^rs 
omoi^«d at iho bnok door of tho ala^ anJ found the 
t^vo j^entlemen waitbi;; patiently for ihc*Lo,tbEi <rii'ls 
Oiicb f^ave ov«r & bundlo to her pnrtioulnr friend to 
bar« htm carry in hie pockot until «ui^h tim« n« t)io 
quartette) got ready to 6opnrcxt«< Tbo btmdk« »ach 
coiit&iniid Jft f)"^!!' of pink ■* t^vmmotrictaU " — pTuldMl 
tight«. Tlia yonn^ lnd[<*ft infonninl Lboir fnciLd# of 
tbh fftcti and Cftiitionod th^iii to he Hitrc to rotuni Ibo 
buitdlce before louvin^, AVcU. tht.- iij^bt wore on Jtiy- 
ouj^ly with vino and bin^lnf: and Ujo UAital ploasuroa of 
a liUo drivo. At biat, »t 3 a. M-. tiio girla ^ot nrady 
to relui'u to tlioir holidp Tboy wcro dnvcii tbillicr. 
and tbe «n(ire parly banuj^ iiiilii^>cd moro wine tban 
was ii€oci*»-ii"yi soft and sweet Jidicus were 50 tenderly 
«pokcit tbat nobody tliou^lit about tbo two \tniv9 of 
pinlc ^ynimclricajf*. 'I'hc gentlemen onloix'd tiJtt cai^ 
riuge driver to »|icod bomcwnrfL witli thi^nt. mid Iw did 
ao. First Uie <Iraiimtir wi'iWrdiM^m^>nr1(ed nl the door 
of b)A reaidenco. i-mi up iitjdr.f, indlcd iilT Wtrt cUitbo^, 
and iria aooo »»uiid aalo«p. The inercbaiit wmi soon 
»t bis o«n door, had aoitlvd wtili tbo drinn- and the car* 
riflgebadju^t rolled aw^y vrbcii. aa h<^ wa^ fumbitiig 
«i the litch-key h« thought of the paii- of tighte. 
With ono bimnd be clearcil the «tepi*r and ruunni^ 
into tho atreoti ahoutcd ahvv tho carriage, Tho dnri^r 
heard him, »U>f>po)d,;iiid was given the pair of ti^bts to 
UltoAmiiiid UilhcdiorangirrK hotel tbnt diiyniid n iS 

^P heatdl 




Mil in pocket ffwllii* *«rvi€e5. It vaa a narrow e»cap6 
for tbo merchautn Fi»r tltc dniiiuitk writer it was no 
C4cn])0 ct nil. He wh4 rudoly aw^tkvneO at ten o*ctock 
iu tho moniiiig, Aivl iU(^ fir*t eight that mirt bU er« 
wiu his infuriiiti^d wife lioldiit:^ tho puir of pmk tights 
\>y Ihr. t<it*?< and Mn^uhiu^ tlirm out no tlint tbi; i*iii of 
thi:^ litinbiiiul flto^xl revealed l^i hJin tii tiW lla fuhic^t*. 

'■ Wlitro <lid Uieso come frum?" tlio exits per atod 
wife shrieked, fl^^uiiling tbem before the husbanJ's 

*' Where did you oret ibem?" He a»ked, tremblings 
and utiable to tbiitk of any good ej^cuMO Ui make. 

'* I got thorn i« your coat jjocktt." bis spouse 
atiouted, piHng up iho evidence and ;igoay in a way 
Uint wn» rxcrucmtin^. 

•* By JNigi>! Vi (hat ?o?" rx<lniin«l bn!*))an(^, 
rmniiig nudib^nly tii a nitlJng puF»Luri» in liifO, mii) }>nng- 
ing l»s hiimlri logi'tbt-r vtbt-nienfly, *' Nfiw, I'll Int 

(4 Omrle_Y /' ^ivin^ tha ntuin" of bifi inc<rdmtit 

frieniT. put tbem iher^. IIl* Inid me be bmJ a y\i\\r that 
he Vi'aH ^itiii^ t» rtiitktT a preMenI of to one nf the ** Oil* 
velli^" girtn^t tb<* " 

nnlliant a« thi« ffmuifbt, w:ia, it <1ii1 rot H»ti«fy the 
little bidy. Slut kirpt up llu- argummt all dny^ ami 
thai nighl |Kiiil a viHit to th« mi>ix;hant'ii wift^ wbcr« 
thi' Jiffiiir ^'it bil<T pftirli II langlo thnr. thi? lw« hniilmtu!* 
iirotiyht ill a bai-'beb>r ftii^Md Ut >>houl<ler the bbniii^ 
and who innde the esciiio that the \\h.>\^ iblng was ft 
iHek ptil up by n feir gt>ntlemeii (iimoDg tbem the 
l^aelkch^r was not) oti the di-amatie man and luercbaiit 
to gel Ibt-m I oto domes tit trouble, as lljey had sue- 
eeeded hi doJng, beyond Uieir moat sanifiimo de^rrea. 
And hoiv tbut we have boon b>ri2 enough al <bo h.iek 
dfMir of the ibe^itre^ let xis go home and ^<>mo around 
to-morrow iii^ht to have a vietr of the pia^e« and an-* 

'^yftoood to bo fouad before the for>t-rtght^. 



TluMTi nrr iH^cipIc vrho |witmmB(* \hc ihcittrt^ who do 
not g" tberu ;*iiTHJI^v lo M*e the \t\iiy <n" id Im iilnjuinf] hy 
tli^ ^lik^'rr^k ulkI nliuHiJ iuLri'vtit III i\M tiUigti IS more 
tban doiibto diMrouulei! hy tie interuaL Ihcy lumikfL^st In 
towantft tliii miirif-ti<-<). The " iiri^iln^r'* iimki^s it 

market in whiHi to ilJMpby Ulm fri>dn:ilioiis ^lul c»lL 
«|K'H llip i<iiHrrptil>ln fnw:tii^ii iif iVminiint.}' to iwpodH 
iinil iivail (.b<'tnr»i-Ivi's (if liU lirurUliri<]i1uTi;r nuil soul* 
waating wart-H. AVhi?Lh<-r Ini mcnlt^ftliy tiiku,< hi« hUlikI 
ia tliQ rvAf of tItM utiiliLrirliiiii, oven^onl cm ii,rTu Hiid 
»tf>vepl}>e Unt gracvftjlly puU<^<l iipiiti tlui tlmmft of bia 
Ipft baail, vr1iil«\ wUh iirjlistieil opv-r;wi;laHs, \\» sweeps 
tli<i iwtEiurv:ii-iTgiiU-<I tiiUlinrrv »ni1 ohti'i]Aivivltii<*d ca^ 
moticw, or limvMy liAiigA up his ehnrmii to vffw nil the 
front mw of tluf ilroHK cirrlv, or pnimim^ntly dUptnj'a 
iIh'iu fu n |KiM4t^uniiiiii 1>ov, hi? i« vvt-r ]\w ciitno ollVn- 
iiro And H!uiniel4*ss IttU'lii^r-ioiO-lziniir-^lioji dcronitioii, 
tijiivc^l fiy H ^vilil iimbition lu aitruH nod hold finnlnhm 
nUeatioii, udiI nlway^ Atuihingtoad«grGe ofciotorioty 
among tJie niaAruline tbi?»tre*goera that ke^>a him 
ovrnA'hpliTi4Td nilh conti?inp(» iin<l riiu^f^x hTrti Iti ho it? 
rMulily iv<'r>grii/L-d lulflicf hml ii t^igtiod to liiahni-lcor 
■|>n* iirrnitM hi« m*t CVriut, dt-rlnnng Inm 1o he a 
llibf^r aAer fomidnlty. Wbca tho "mti^Ler" Inkcit 
the »lmp« of the young Wood, wIioao short and tlghcly- 
Aghthiff coat is Qutobed hy tb« ^Lullcwucas of tho 



crown of Iiw ^ttui^bt^brlmmcd hitU »'nd who»o cy<y 
gUa^cd frlrinMlo liis lioa« iu9 gracefully ii» liis twenty- ^. 

fivo-cciit <^iui(? iti curried ^| 
in his liitrxl, iind tlii> ir- ^^ 
re^^iritiMi* <'oiijlnii;Uii>tj of 
fltlmclioDs i^thni^ upon 
tlie fludlenee from a Ur>3C 
opc'uiu^. the nemo i>f ihe 

1^^ and it all the voHd doca 
n»t ridmiro tin? ciToc-Ln'O 
tnhiciLLi it tnii»t bo be* 
c'LtiHO uU tlio wfirld fa 
unfipprucijitivfi and the 
** niudhcr " fitnuda on nn 
THK " Mj&iiKir"' Miliciic plane to which 

the reat of maakiud cunnot hopo to a^piro. 

But tbo " uudhcr '' m only a fnittioa of the claM of 
amuae^ieot patronft to wliHi ^tleiiLinii La* been called 
in the ^poniLg sciitciit^ of thi* chapter. Apart from 
the i)f:opb> who deem it their duty to como IrtLmpin;* 
into tlw? ihcitrc while the perlorin^UKe l^ ?«iiig *>n. 
fttid whfwc floniicig U followed by n Iniiiriphid floumli 
oflMin^ing snutjt, iiml the he^ivin^ fotillHMU of burry- 
iiig u«]jrrrf<, Ut thii iiitmiMT dii^^l^t of nil who cjira Lo 
hunr thff lir^L &vt (jf thit phiy. there uru olhenv wlici 
luivo a ltiiiid]i*rl wnyn of aimnrin^f an jtuditMir^e* and 
wliu miiku u viTV rlTi-'rUtal ii^^ i>f Iheli" ^ifts in this 
dh-eL-iioii. Thtil-o la ihe iiiLHiihri (rf llju "pn>feshi"^ 
tJie ^^t^ouH iidvaiu^ >^o^'tt, or tbe Idoxinto hiiNinp^a 
niftmi^L<i\ the ft<'lor 'M»p a ^lump/* or tbiT *'*iipiii-" 
who bfiH |>l:tyml tbe pjiit of a nli^iit hut »j'i-e.l?LO]itfir 
1k-4tir wiih John Mi-Citll»ii^h or Tnni Kmir, nml who 
3«i|j> i:i thr r<Mr of the hoiiM-, but ^iiflii'ii-iilly pDr- 
wiiri] Id bo distlut'tly boArd by pc[i|jk< in Llm dnw« 

SE^'OSIC mis. F0OT*L1l3»Tff. 


LOriUcieir^ tho EtiJUini>rLgm4 of tVio lad"io« or 
on tlio Etu^t5 flDd "ffiiTJnjr*" ev<?rybotiy 
in th<r oiL«t from Iho eUr down to llio fri^ht<*n<^i] nnd 
iliET-krwod little biJbt prl whootnu inscriiliibk I'rovw 
di>iice haft iillowiTil |o trun<t>.>r iti upon the ficffiio octiii' 
tiottullVt toAuy, " VrM, mum, "or*' No, mum/' Tbo 
JoiBurely bi't loud profoiixic^nnt who thu^ dU|)ort8 bim- 
•«lf muflt n<»ootjiui"[]y ciijoy il liiif*« wharo of the 
ftudieDco's aitontioik, and th<j iiiort^ of tbn he attracts 
tbe moro he is (Micourti$;od lo bt) extraTagnnt in hU 
cntici&ms and iinroeciTod in bi^ clooutton. Ho snm<j* 
timo* mu«t dispute the tillo to obeti cpci-v>U9 ol>truHEvc- 
ncss viih »otiicliqiior-hidcu Auditor who hA3 euccnjodod 
in pilling the door-kccpcroiily to tiini t lint the liwit 
of the hoii^c has lU'ct'lurnU^d Jii» inrlmutioii iind ^iveu 
freedom mid lic<rii»e to hi» ti-o^iio uuLil th<^^ *' houiicci' *' 
liftd liiin outof hiA vetit hytbe^^ulUr aihI do^xisttB him in 
a rpfl^ctiYo And cmrtic tnood on tho curb^tonu in ftv>nt 
of tbts tltL-atrc, Then, too, a crowd of friends soaietiiiica 
get toother in tb4> parqnclle. who boj^in n convcrsntion 
[boforo tho tir»>t citrLiin n^e« find keep it goirig nn in 
'caralcM nnd uuncjiug touf^s until the litiiil HotirlMi of 
the orchc0lr% arrives with tbc dimming of tholigbta 
OK the Aiidtenc<f liird out. Hut if tUo ti^iid ninnbem of 
tbc '* pnifixth,*' iho ititvrJoctivQ iucbijuti-. und the ciY>wd 
of communicnlivo fricndjiurv noloti liaiid <u rnrnisb di- 
veraion W tlio fnlkfl who utu trying to follow whtti b 
oiiig frn-w^nl on tlieMiige, tbiTt) is onu other tievei*- 
uliujj Mturcti of dafitractiou ami miuoviinLu — tie ^idilj 
«fi«l gu«bing ttsber. It 10 tuifc to bi?t tbat ju4t when the 
pioflt piUhrtio pn«s3^ of fi jtlay ih rk?<jie]]<*d, or tlie 
'lr»gedijiD [sMnging Hinnile^tk u few u^liers will tbroir 
liMCRftplviw hnAiily togftther in the lobby and hold a 
rnHM meeUnjr Inm^ jiiir) loud enough tri br takr.n fur a 
Kovoinbcr night polittirKl pivvtitig, if thurL* wprv only 



a etiiko wim^oii and a f«w Cliiuwo lantorna strowi 
arounU, Indeed, lUv u^Uvr ^ttomv to tu&umo that 
ia a ^oi't of doftily^vuh'o Lhroug!i whtcli a disturbtini 
tuUBt brook oul nov and then to ott'^ol tbo quiet of tbo 
&Ddieuco» If tlio ubher imi't plyiug Ul« ti<<udi«h pro- 
clivity. aoniG buld*heiulvd man m the pnrquotto u euroj 
to throw bid akutiiig rinkorcrtbchack of tlio MCnt, utidt 
witli cbinuiug brow turned up towards the *iiii-hunioriii 
tho domr, iDOtKh rounded out like the bjL^ of a cu|m>U1 
iind lUj.ilriU vrorking Jikc ii MU!lLon puiiipi hi» bt-uuli- 
ftil ntinn? will ricic ab;>vo the wildcat roLir uf the orchua-^ 
traiiiid di^iwii thu iiiLdtitliKJUd ruckat <>f iho bl^ boat 
di'uni, until eonto fncitdly hu&d disturbs tho drcamutv' 
and tlio ** "^r-g'g.g-^.g-^^ | '' thut rusbci up bis noi 
triU, di>wn bi^ throut Mid tnii tliroii^^'h his cius, is tbud 
gently aud pci^bups only temporarily iLitciTUptod. Tho 
cLitht]f<i:i^t — the ni;iD who is carried uwiiy by thi^njiirit, 
of Hie ^eeJKi— is aUo a s«"ii-ec of iiniK>>iint:K, tiu« 
wbcii bo nignifirA fnim tbo Ijulooiiy bia wilUngueod 
tuko n biuid ill whjit in being cimeted on Llio atugc^ 
ibuinini^ the viHiau bouitily, rind. Ilka tho haibir of 
old, o|R-iL]y fiyiiipikthi/bi^ nlth ti^niiultiity in dinti-eaEi, 
bufiiM lH?*oTnt?* H taj'jJTi't ftjr tJiC gallery boy**' gntier^j 
wit and Inially a pn-y t*j the inuxorable " IjouoL-er," 
ivhu roam8 around ihti upper tiers of «tery ihc^Atro nudj 
unc«r«iiioinnuH]y dump« dit^tiiH^or^down stairs, L^iffti' 
but by nil m»ni« IcilM, in thi^ di^tnti'tin^ nud cli^lTirli-^ 
iilg feahiri** ut UK-JLlriml prrrnrmjtiir^^H U Ibn pt»d- 
nift rnini-brr. Ho U Ibn itioM r!ob]*bloodrrl nnd In^ut 
pxcuHnbln »f ull lb<-iinni»r:tnrp« with u'liiidi nninMcment 
]nitnni)t tins ulUielod. ll^f u-nqK liin Ii^rtb Hrouiid tbo 
TVKUilr^l gnnfH-r, uUirrly reclclvKi of Iho di)Llr^«4 ho IS 
Klirring up in (bo Ito&oma of iboio arouud bitu, and l>*^| 
grimiv und *maeka ntid ecutinnes to criinoh, alopping^ 
ooco^ioiuilly to charge Uin deiUal quart^crnsher Anew, 





ind ftliraya iHsginiiin^' &n tlie Intcet ^'i)c1>or with the 
pefttoHt fcrooity. wbilo ho fltoraa to make it p\ ton 
tinioe furthi^r, ii& fur as tinier aikI n^ony are c-nnccrned. 
tbnn an}' of its prodocfTS^ni-s. All the nth<ir disturb- 
onco <wn«ocju<int upon Attending a \*hiy nre petty, 
comfMin'd viiih poumit-criinohii;^, nuri it U the opinion 
of tlio umtcr tbat a law ftlioiitd bo pna^^od at once, 
tniLking U a rolony ff»r any baEiiitia-±tuiid orliaiid-ourt 
nmn to 6«U pcanuU to ^riti^cua who are on ihaiT wuy 
to the thOLitro. Jf auch a law veru padaed, and if it 
were not a dciid letter, the people whose bat^kboncs 
feci aa if tbcy were hoiiig loudW by a circiiiar saw 
erery tim<i thoy bear the rn^tliiig of n gooher-0bcl], 
would flop right i\n\m an their kneca jiad reocw their 
confidence in the wisdom of IVovidcnciT, 

The youtig men and the old men, too, who ^o out 
" Wtwcen &i-i.H" to h^dd E<pirit M-Jiiioe^-i irith T]cigtil>or> 
In^hjir-krcp^n, whUe iIiq orchef^tni ii pUyin^ n Strait^a 
wulte or a*mi;itlL-y of comic opera numbt-rs for the 
solace of ibe lovely ladies tbey have left bebiiui thenii 
»rc a greailcr iini'taoce to the aiidieucc of a fii'st-ela^'" 
tbeJitre tbfio one nould iiuaginCi In nine iijiAe« ntjt of 
ten, thv Qjnn who grKm cut to »ce another innn, ax the 
nhvhig i», hudhinpcAt in ilm middle of a row, .in that it 
ia neceA»ary for him lo make truuble fur tvn or a 
iloxeii pei60U4 before be ChUi rt^^uHi tlie niHle. He 
tjampl«vi on ladies' drcMca, comei inlu ralUaioa with 
their kuee^, and M'udH u tbiill of pain to tbv ulmuat 
ctidfi nf the Tuiita Iff t^very niaji'a euni hu tivuda on. 
Tlie same thing iH ix^pented on the way buck to his seat, 
nnd ibrrc are hiUrr iiuitterin^^i^, a great deal of nuh- 
ducd or nmotbered profanity, and feree. rcbnkiii*^ )ook» 
flaubfrom 1)en«rarh thn hiviutifid hnnnet>i nf the f<*mali-H. 
It down' t Mtt^ni toairni'I. thr nnUfincoHtiy, howi^vrr, for 
be ilooi ihtf luumi ihtiig ovvr cvL<ry aet, and »t c4iv^b rep* 


uKrouR TiiK rooT^LUian^. 

ctitioii incrcn^c^ to tbc diunuj^ hi^ <]pc3 juid tbo oam- 
motinii he orffal^.t. Tlictu to rnnkc Ua<I wor«c?, he 
itiatm^e^ lo Attrn>iiiiil Itim-it'lfwillj a distillery otinT flmt 
aamiib fi^niijiiiie tiosliilA in a munt uir<iti»ive niaiiucr. mtd 
tbat will ii<it sufi'er iUelf Ut he cfnicmtril or ttimiitiied 
I ^iLNefrbc<l \hv dl»cunifitiji-e «f a vtJUiig umn of tlis 
kind, oue iii^bt, aud tho sceuo waa a vtry fuuiij' oiie, 
lie Qccupwl 11 Hc^jit in till* orirlicvtra. In l.hc^ centra; uf u 
row €>f ki^^lIa [iniii<i|>iilly tillrO willi IluIm'^. An tli<! cur* 
Idiii wiriil. (liiHvii lh<i _voijng imiii cK'lunuiiiud In gc) nvcr 
uikI Imvtf a Ixuk through Die suloon i>jj|ro^rUT. IJuwiil- 
"mjj; Lo iiit^ommuUo ilw luOiva lu tlif It-aiat, Uio V(>un^ 
muii, Willi C'lii.-sl^rllt'ldian gracH, trk^vatt'd a pedal ex- 
tremity civo<r l!ie book nf h'm clitiir, with thiii iiil«iiiLi<m 
of ^oi(igoijMt]rotii:h the iCtaUi lH.-hiiid. l<nrorLuiJ!it4*lj^ 
liii stepped lic*Lwc^cii thf. KOJit :inif Ihcf Imrk, llic* rinv:i!.tle 
neat i\fvi itp, ni\i} the Iliir^L-V voiJii|^ in^ui vum \cii tL4- 
truli* f>fllm ('haiir hi u dcittidcdly iiru'omftirtalitn {Kimi- 
tioit. By thill Tiiiit' thn gsLlh>rv grxl^ hiid lurirkiHl him 
for lli«ir vii-*li«i. Thnv hortt^*dj whi>(liHl^ nit>UHlU*cl^ 
aud miidc kUiiig rvumrk?< about Jslrjiddlrug tbf? •' r;ig^od 
cdgc</' to UU «?vidorit dii^eoiiiGtiirc, In vaU\ he> at* 
t<?mj>tod lo diseu^ge his Ko. lU*s. The rest of ihe 
audioiieo bt^Ciimo intcivsted, and openi-^laflsc^ were 
dtr^oted toward th«i bhj^hiii^ young man. Tho 
f«miidiie ^iciflea in hiH ti<*ighbovhood rondotvd htni 
frantic; lau^hler and uproar vt^rtr boc»trmg ^'«nornl, 
wlieu (I pood-natur^d jndividunl kindly aK«i*ted him to 
^st^jipe fivini his awkward poitiiion. Amid " thtindor^ 
ofB[>pla«so" ho di*flppmu'OiL 

Tho lndio«, too, «c}in«timo»i contribute ]iirg<^ly to tUt5 
unnoyanco of nti aiidtciirc, Thc-y m^c, lu evotyhody 
kiioivv, invi'toraiT> tidki^^r^, and iaejet on eayiu^ »lmo9t 
«a much ilyring b pciformaiioo ae tbo playera uy. 



'beir (MiticUiii of the toUeiii ftf frii'tKJn nn*l of stranp- 

-ii>d Ihoj huve a atyle of {iiilloi-ying thulr vioUniv in 
s|M*^oh thiit: H <l*]icitK*<ily lit>artlc*^4^ yi'l ru(Vi>»liirtg, Rut 
uU tho f:inlt>i of loud it\\*\ UDifttnc^d ulk itii^lit huva 
h<wn forgiven hnd Wwy not iiitroduoeU tbo troiuiMidoii!) 

ig liftla wliicli 
t^tf higlinhovo 
Rt lok fur otit 
frikin tboirt^Eirtf 

vi«vr of tbc 
«U^ froti) I ho 

diJUnly in the 

U*Ar^ to liud llieiDtfclvi-a oonquerod br thoac big haUf 
Ihi'y have Incnl lo pco|> uround tiK'iiii tuid luwo stood 
ti|i'tof.'d un th(?ir chiiira tu Jiavo a gLmte ovt-r lljc toiw 
of tbo tiiUlincTy Attuctarcs* but in vam, TIja but^ 
w«rc too muth for tht'in» Iti u uiild. H."^Tli<:tio way tbc 
Jadioa' big hata mi^k utiioii^ tljo gi'cutcj^t |iLtgucB tbat 
iv« ever vi^^iic^t tbc inodctn p)iiy-ltouj«c, 
] vu in th(^ Gmnd Opera 11oli5C nt St. Loutci^ ono 
«veiiin;^, siltiii*; in Mjit No- ^, itiw fi, corlro «cctioUi 
|i[in|iHTttc ciixilo, IVf'H'c lUr ]Asiy bt-^ni two ludjc.-i. 
fine dn-r*fK9(l in libu^k rtilk witli ii nbiU* e^al'm jacket ;tu<l 
btnrk bf^ivcr bal., ^illi long Aitri^piiig ftiatlicr, JLni lJi« 
oUinf iitnilil^ drt»-->i'd in lilai:k cjif^nneio, witli n " f)i>tt- 
juitum" bjttflL»3 Ijia^I on, cun)<^ in and Un>k mcuU 1 
und 2 111 row A, tcinn? M.'ciion. PrUtv lo Bvliling doirn 
hi tbtfir jjiac^fi, Lbe^' loakud infjuirni^lyarouiid Ibo rt^t 



UKroHii: THE FOtfr-MiJirrs, 

f>r tlio thoaire, ono romiirkiiig to Cbe otli«r a^ tli^ 
liluinpfd dovBn hi iho ohuiri, *' I *ui>|)Ok^L> tlK^y hAi'cn'i 
g«th&reyct/* Sewta ihroe hhi] four ndjolDiag ibem 
wt-re vai'uut. Tlte ldi)io» h:id cotiio uimii«inded. 
After iboj' liadarrAtk^ed tlietii»o1vE>H tito lad}' with tbe 
b^ver hut di'dwoui.n \^n^v iind h^Td it up tii llio Ught 
w^ Hint tho i"<>porlor ooulJ ivud il. It hinl n cut of on« 
of tUo ]»rliici|i:d hoti^U lii tho tf)p mid (v>» ii<>l«-pu)>ur 
ftftm tbut ctftubLi^huiLMit. It ^ixid : — 

To .VIamik and Sadik ; Your note of lo-day re- 
ceivt'd. IVc like _voui" aiyle and eiiclos« twu Bvats for 
Ornud Opcr;! Ili>uac to-ni^lit, nlicro wo bopo to moat 
you both and mnko your uc(tU!iiEitniLc«< 

Your^ .-^inwrrclj, GeoiwI!: and llAUitr. 

Just U4 tlK* oroboi^lra b&gnii tlie ov«irturo hi wiilkod 
two ^oiitlirmoi) whom tho n^bcr showed to tho vuctLnt 
6031a in row A. Oiio of tho toun wna t^ill, buld, portly 
mid ruLhcr good-lookia^ and w<rll iln^?^soit ; liu had a 
(uuiJv iiiiidtiicbo, utiJ whut linir wus Lcf. on hut hcud 
v/iiB rcddic^li, crisp, iiud ruirly. Ho u-iu probuhly forty- 
tive \ciit-4 old. Hiti ooitijinnhm wuii pi^bubly nut inoro 
thtiEi tiwnty-ore. tall, tbiu, dark-complcxiouoU, with 
hut a aomhlanci^ of a mu^taoho. Tho Udi«.«a fliiiiliid lu 
tho gviitlufDoo took Ihou' p]iic{?jj. Tho in^n looked ut 
euob otbor, winked, Mid ttOi;.'kod. When llio two woro 
ac4t(^Hl> tbti b]dci'beadi.^d mun iii»do a cloeo and evi- 
dently eatiBfuctork' ecrittiny of the ]iLdtr«,Dnd cutcbinf 
Iho cyo of tbo oTicin th^hc:iv( r butt tho two oxcbaagc<l 
flmilca — lujt bmiid, ooniniittid ^riuti, hot Aoft tmilce 
of miltUAl rcongoitioti, Tho ^cfCouJ hidy only diircd 
to look ftiJcwiiy.i now mid then. Tho .necrond gcntlo- 
niAti, who nxt next to thu liidiirB, wtia rath(.-r ohy imdi 
kept hU band up to h^ fuco from he^iimin^ to otid of 
tho play. It w«0 evident thii was tho Hvat time tho 



qojlTtett^^ hnd mec, nw\ it vit^ ^c^nt n]so ihnt tlioy b;i(1 
mndo up tbpir mimlx in A(*t with nil Him tlumnmi while 
in th«< th«*iUi\;. Smil<?K \rvtv tiovr unci tlu^n ■^xc-}uiii^'d, 
l>ut no wnnlit wc-rt) ii[if»U4rn. Oiirc otiit of lli<i Ihdiea 
fti*iil liirr |)rfgnin)m<* lo tliD luild auui, wlui tini] ritJtto^ 
DuHiig the tbtnl net of the plaj- ilie baldb^a^l tiegmi 
writing ehorl not<*8 whi^h ihp hi'Xy h\ lh<? teivpr 
luit aiwwtrrid HlfJrnuitivclv wi(b :i inid of l*r liriuL 
Wbou iho vUnvr wju over the twn Intliuii ivout 
ntxiiiml oti<- vtr(fi<t , ibo I m^o iikmi iirouiid an- 
olbi*r, niid iIh^v moL in IIht niiddln r>f ilt<> Idi^ek 
o|*po»]t« tl]« lli^atro. There vas a firi^f convert 
Aistinu \u whli^'h n great d4*Al of tittering iriu h<>4irdfaud 

eite pnjc^wlcd 

to A qiiicC rc«- 

tuumiit t>f tbu 

mtwt i|iivH!kio- 

Able re (Kif atlon 

an<i took OI10 

of tlie privjiio 


wbioh aria st 

tbo ilUpvitil of 

}wop1« wliobo 

viBit to the 03- 

tab1UhnM?nt H 

not *>>■ any 

OHKioii ri>r ilio 


dnfiking and 

toting, but ttiiB 

n bra-LiE nnd v«i'y uumi^taLknblo t4iigf*ci«tioiL i>r imnior* 

oliLy m it. 

Xho koy to tho whole atfinr cuu bo fmJhd in the foU 



IXHJl*f^ ^tn\i.\iii i:. 

lOiPing odTorU^tDont piibli^hoc] in Ibc (jlott^JMrnocral of 



Hou«o, tn»kin^ tho theatro Ibeir pliKoo uf aattignation. 
" Mutnio iUuL SiuJio " wor« by no iQ«iLr^ tlio miioocnt 
nut! uiiFio|ihUticnto(! i^roiiturrs thov t^ecinc^d to ho. 
Oo« of thoin WHA ili« uifti f>r u tnivollin^ niiui who vraa 
oeoossniily Away A'om homo ten nmnlh* in a yoAr; Iho 
otber wue ft^inph (fn /j«"? — zl Birot*t-wulkcr — who 
wofii-cd thepiiniipAl tliorou^shfurea at iiij^iit for vi^ 
MntA to cnrrr to hf<i- (■ fiirtiisli^d roomt" and who hud 
been f'diiontotl \i\\ to th<» " pcisonal ** racket by ihc 
loiiiily nnii wuvwanl young wvfo of tho coninicrciul 

So muc^h for the oom', othi*rwtt»o oUnmivo pbnecs 
of tho 8uhj«t<tK The lnJio^ who jro lo iH« thojiti'o to 
(tiaplay lhi>inftelvua, lo flnsh (heir jowi>la uad Ihuna 
th^ir iiilks mid Iac^^k in tho ficcf; of tlio com niu inly, 
have IM}Coid<« ao iioi^uvtomitd to ihn <>eni^rid niii of 
thcatri^^al nUniclhiutt thul th^sy mv ri?iilly no longer 
H|>ccLit4jre, Eiiid nuiy 1>o justly vhi£fl4^d among tho dU- 
tnicihi^ fl»i:<^nok*8 iiMho fLiiJimico. Thc*ir mis^iou ii n 
"mH-ihiiJi;" o^*<' ^'* "* t'orluiii cxiont, hut it ie " miwh- 
ID^*' of a vain and hynamErnm hannftil thurarter. 
Other liidi^^fl tifv fvt^n \n tlu* dre>3t Hrchr und Ihu hi>xo9 
ivho do not dinguir^o tikc fuel thai thi.\v hiive come to 
tho th<MitrD lo fadtMitiUje the* too, loo yi^ldinjjf iiicn. At 
tbo inntiiiocff IhoL-i^ arcf ivoLueii of qu^stiouaMo ri>putn 
who uithludhtii'^dy advertise thoJr ctdliT)^ and who mu»t 
he AOt down Hi a fcataro niofit ohjcotionaMo to the 
mpix-talOc portion of any ^wmnmnity. Tht^y htdrnvc 
thcm^olvcdaa far as wonl* or lu-tiona gf», hut thoir 
nicro [irv^scncc hi tho [doy-houro U ^iii anaoyuiK^e tlmt 
refined and cU^g^nt pcopk cuitiuot toknito. Thut ia ull 
about thrui, Kow for (h« vi^ry woi-^t practices tbnt 
nrct orciLBioiudly noted in Uieiiirort, and that tho ininm^ 
ffcra know v^-ry liLtlo if anythiug uhout, — Uio womeii 
wlio aro there for nefcmoua jjurposcs, and the men who 

iicroitc Tue rnor-uaiiTs. 


hfivfl ot}i<fr \i\oi\*. ihttn grntifviri^r 1li(*ir rRiiiiy or nii^rnly 
making hnnt1-i^''»iEi]ii4'^tH. It tKaTioliiriuuHuiii] lln^rmii 
fart thnt fH«t womi^rt u«c iIr* itivnl.n* a* p1:ioi-e of ik^alg* 
n»1ion, whrrfiii thoy mt?rt nUl iniij iiitikt* tit*w lu-qtiMirtl" 
3irKC«, iml It Ik i^ciiinlly iiotoriouit timt rnitn whoAo 
wliolo onoiyj lUTcmA liviit ic Uio Ulatruvtion of iiiiio- 
o«nt j^irlhooil mukt* it ti reriilocvotia for tbu purpoj^ of 
itokotinif mid MimtLii^ llieir vlttltiis. 

It U )>orfGCtl3' »af« to u^tiurue that the ounLilug and 
^nM poif doc'C^il Gfor^e and Hjirry befoi'o tlj«y gol 

Tho very ftiimo ovoniiijE my attention was cuUod by 
ft^oun^ lady to ft ihiuly-beai-(]eil, ape<Ttaelodt ^oldy- 
loakini; mtddl^wt^d ntait who &!tt in tho next seat tu 
the IncJ^', and who, ehc 04in|ikirH, haJ j;tq>]>ed on hor 
trtol »ov«ml tim«* and in oliwr wayi tri<'d Ui attruct 
bor attention ami ^^^t \wr into u coiivoitiatron. I at 
ontHi rcc<i;^tib3vd lli« fvlinu' an one* i>r ^ni unrttrrninilnne 
act wku pored ovci-bi^ lud^eraiii Ihc Gmrt-Uituii^, iind 
pire tbe ^nxttcr paitjun of tbi>ir time to diacu^sionci 
w>Hcortiinj: feiwik^ fncndft of iil-iO|>tili*, «nd t" )i*>artt- 
iii-f of Ihiruia tUcy bid biou^jbt or were aboul to bring 
tn wiute innocent y^>na^ ^rl. 

Th<t same man ^TflA fn the h^hit of buying ungle 
•cota in Ui€ drc» circle and \j;?itcd the tht^atro fi'&- 
quctitly- Ho rrprD«cntJ< n clitns of venemblet but 
iQtiltiitoud fcrlloiv--' wbn tnalcf? n prnclicc of mixing in 
Sdkonj; lh« Jadlvd, in Uiv lio|)f< of tti:ra|dn;r cin cKVit* 
aioDftl ac<|UainUaciti, nnd wbo b.ivi^ no ^od intention 
ia desiring to v:ct<?ild thu ctreir of llirir tVnml» frirnd?*. 
Thcf fliiould Iw kei>t airt of tn^cr^ rea|Hxtablo \>iiu-v of 


HKHTltn TUK SCE7*Kft. 

nmull, (lark rcliur, owikvI Uy u man vrho in uowii mi.'m 
ber of iIh5 Min^ioun Lt'x**^"t 'ircr, itml where <lmlv and 
nijhtly ft a«loot ci>m|iuny of woulU-tio Ethiopiao como- 
dtiLtid of tcitjcf fi<;o £^ive itcrformances to smalt cro'ffds 
of chlUlrrti C4i^h nf whom h.til ptiiil iiu iiUmi^AJon foe in 
pui* or uorlc5 — for wi< valu^il tiii^? unrk.-t liighly »« u 
n«c«t(9ar^' portion of our hIck^U in tnulc ; ire eliurted 
laanjr m one to Mac*ki.-Li out fiioiM AUfi trt-uaun>d lliem aa 
if Ihey wero worlh tliciiMrdyljt in ut^hL Our etn^jo 
w:id rotij^bly <'oiiMruiTtc>d of hoartirt laid upon buTTele ; 
baxfSf^^B i<Mil<:Hiil hiiii^ ;^ronn<l tli4> rear mid eidos of 
tli€ »tAgc ti flint m UiG mysteries of tbc remarkable 
<]rc*tiH{r-nM>m wc had, wnd nn old gniy <-bth :md 
blanket foi'itK^d the ouriiiiii whi^h pJll'tc^d in the niki^llo 
111 lli« mnuucr of Ihia Hl;t^* ciirtittii^ of the ElixidK-Umii 
a^, &U of raiidlt-9 wtro imi fi>.)i*li;rliU ii«d th« au* 
di«ficOi iDrtdc up of boys and ^irls. were ftati»lied to &il 
lt>r lioiir^ OH njdc Iwiieho-fl atretclicd iii-Tos* tho width 
ftf tho crlhin U'c pUye^l nothing but bbck-faoc 
piccc-rt, mid ib# tboy were not token from book*, Imt 
irrro Ihr tticTUQncs of ?ikrUhcf» w*t hud wen in »onio 
:iou# tb«atriv'nj rcnorti. t.lK-v wcix\ of caurTie, short 


and i^iiUrvly <;iiid(;< No inriiibt*r of that liltlt; J^iid 
Itjuv risoo to greaitiL-as in tlie theatrical jimfc^'iMon . but 
I think ercry oin> of tU<iTn nifw living' WikM hack 
foudly to the iriumjib^ of oijrc-«;lUi- t^uRTei. To ma 




IbnL nii]« aUg«f aiiU lu gtiim^'*b»g #iutTiiuiii1in)^ wnn^ 
more int«rfidi.I)tg and full ofmyvierf tbau ImvA tiwii Hiijr 
of the vroMilrrfiil ami bt^iiuliriil tf>m|>k'8 uf ThongnH 
wbicli T hnve »itico ciilered ; atid 1 ihink when I ijU^dd 


jtho part of Ephraim in j*oin<i ludkToufl gketcfa. and 
leponte to tho nld iniLu'^ ciii^a from the stn^^e, *' £ph- 
inil Ephrniml my Hoy, wbur i« yni?" flOt! 1 p>l 
up suddcolj in the roar of tbo audJcii«o oiid shouted 



back, *'H7ar I U, Iwsfl! " — whou thU supremo mo- 
ueDl flrriYoO. ami thi^crovrd luok<?cl bock aurpm^il nmL 
biu^hiMt, tbi^ f^low <tf v*nt&<^Ki\iii prUlo niirl iirtiBtio 
power lliut fiilcii mv heui't wa* a-^ p^atjinclv ugrrc«l>lo 
a» tbo thundcra of fkppUu»o that ^rc^ct Booth or Jobti 
McCulloii^^k wh<*ii their nUrair*r« crtlJ them before the 
ourtuiit a (tor u gtrAi uct. 

I hftvo 4>iil_v A iliitj ivcolWtion of rny fitvt introdaO' 
lion t<i tbfi pntfcA^dtml (<tii^. Tl>c fntry -■<pc<*t4kolo of 
" rh<>fTy uiiil y^jii-Slm" wa^ninniii^^t ulo{.-t)ltlieatro4 
witljHi>l>crl MoWa-lo, ofrct-'eiit Uip Van Winkle fur»e» 
htjU Misa Wallace m tbe cwit. Bv sfmio gtjod or bad 
fortune 1 happonocl to lie loltcriii;; io the nctifhborh(>od 
of tbe bjich 4k>or of tbo tticjUic, wlK'ik ttic captain of 
tbo AUp«n« called inrnTid hired Dio At twnty-livo cent* 
a iv;£bt to ^o oil Aa irn^> in oiio of tho t^K^tAciilar 
scenes. I w-M on hand promptly, and «li.ill ncror 
ftrrgct my vrf>ni)cr and Jutoin:ih[ncnt at gvtlin^ a Hrvt 
glitnpfin "f lilt? iwrr«U of the »tagc. it res\» almost 
pitt'U diirk when the bjit^k dcmr wai cntt^ii'ii, aiul iborc 
H-a«itolhik)}f in lh« place M all ^u^^^Htlve orthv;£hnuour 
(bat tbe foot-li^U ihmw tipcu the acoue. lluae clouds 
of Mack Cflnvni^ tot-f. tipon idl sid^.and men and hovA 
lu tbe (Liiti««l of workdity clolbcs vteve the only [>ci'Aons 
mtU The noi«o of hELmmcr and saw ro#« on vari- 
ous aidf^a. nnd i1 'f't^iuoil il--« if the j^ta^c hiid not brua 
one-h4lf prc|uircd fiir thi* play thai the curtain TCoqld 
riii^ upon witbiiianliour. Tlit'drvs^iniz-nfoin in which 
fifljr or eixly bova woi^c arr.iyia^f ihirrnsi^lvo hiokiul 
like th« iutcrliir of H cuntunie t-nL^linnhmrnt al'trr a 
cjrclooo bad paiueU thmuvb it. But whvu all wmt 
ttrvuedt aiid the fairii-s and th<f goblinn a-4at!itiUU'd in 
the *' wfng^/' and tfa« foot-bsUia wi-rv It^niLn] up :nid 
IIh^ orc'bcAtra ont?<ido nas rattling tliroii-:h btnue in- 
^piiiiig nir, the amnll boy in Impii^h rAiment was nn*- 



modiat<3ly wrnpt into n ^uvi^nth bceiven of delight, 
Thero vtha a tULiUitudo of ^Irla in very low-nockod uiul 
short dr&t(e<»a with |>1owiiip flcsh-colwrtl lifrlil« Tlwt 
iooitkhJ eiK-h iiMJoqoutc cov^i-iii^ 'for tli» roiiiidoJ 
limbit tbuit hlDKlim<^ wiu inovitubtc. Tlio )>rlght oalorfl 
III llioir olici^kf*, iIhs Mui'kly ifuiliiiod oyci aii'l llio 
blondo wi^d aOJud Icj the iiiter»Mt of ihe now charms. 
Every bit of j*l»rious colar iii thi^^or^ooii^ «e(^D«rj ap- 
pemwl to Jl.ifili out amid tho flood of lig:ht, 1 ran 
iii^iinsl **vcr/ viirioty of demon Umt "im L-%cr known 
li> M. D. Comvjiv, mid Wiw pu»^lii*d imt of tho wuv of ii 
himdrvd porvoikfl only to Hnd my^Nf olifitriii'tiiijif aomc^ 
body eUo'a pm^roB^, The nmirti iliooat rov^latiooa of 
that ulg:lit filltd tnv with nv*v tuid aatoiiUktiiout for 
mftny n wook aftorwurd. It was the only night I np- 
poitrod He iin imp, for I hndurcnpUid 1?k» nn-riijirnioijt 
without iwirciiliil kiio^lcgc or consent, and whou they 
l^nnu^d of my auccoi^^ tlic_T at otico ]>ut a dccidud And 
impresHivo vclo ii]mn riny fjrthor clforlH iii Uiv dircM:*- 
tiaii of tho profeMioiial st^i^. 

That Gtsl ovpericru'o una not, of courae, aa abun- 
dant m o|>porluiiitiod for ohHOiiniiou jia lut^r «xi>oi-i- 
ciKcs havo been- The work! bohiiid the foot^lishla — 
the mimic ^vorld as it 1^ <'allcd — h a realm of tbo 
most ^titiitin^ and plcoeinj^ kind. Not only is t bore 
food for wtnulor in \That the eye falU iq)on. hnl the 
people trho finni^h the fan for the worhl jire ol\4rii 
amon^ thcaiEfcivcn a:* proli^L: of plemuiiitry na if th«y 
«xpiM7t«?d tijc iipphiviFtL' of A full |]ou-«e to fo]b>w thciir 
jo1teH< Thfv flay tiiul lUi ihe -itrangodt IhJnga, nad fi>r 
a vifrtlor uho is iuvontijfiitinjr the mystuvirts of their 
HtirnJiihdingA. of\on mako tJii- Liuie wi lively and Um 
amToundin;^4 as oi^oyubjc aa it ia povfihlc for rt^ally 
eWcr and jrmid-nnturi^d jK-cipIo to do. The Sc»t time 
to go behind the nenciv is dunni; the etiga^ibcul of a 



SKLLC noWlTT !> " bLACIk CliOOK, ' (73) 


BElllXD THE BC^ttEd. 

buL'lesqiK^ or comir (ifrt'r:i truii}|ia]iv, iiiiiJ 1 will inlro- 
ducc tbe ivuiler lu a ba|j{JY cniwO nf lliin kind Uiiit f 

Ill IHTit llio KinillVs liraujihl ixut their apectJiciiliir 
1)iirli*M]fiif ctittlird "A Tn|i tn ih*" Moon/' ami I IiikI 
tUv- |)lruAi)n-. tlurirr^ ils nut, ni' iln}|iping in bf'liinif X\w 
M^i-iit^fiof ii W»vitf*ni lJii*ulr«ri[](- n\^^hi tn Iinvr ii piH^ii ht 

ediiieiliin^ like twn Imiidreil uikI t*ijf1]iv tbouHuiHl iuiff« 
fiTitil lu*rt^ — IliiLt 1^ t1u=' Olio rf^piilecl to lie iiijiflv rif 
grocTi rheo»L(-. tuiil IvEVing pliuhi-!^ Jtn iiiinieriiuH a» llie 
ncr-Uflioim tlint nri;; lh<f Apnl «kifv4 with minbonr«. 
But ilir Kirjilfvn" rnnnii *vmj: iti ;nH)ttiri' Brtiirtn^itifF, 
■liiiiing mil lunUl xt^:i'< WtJil, wlic^ri lli<-v u-Ink tlioir 
twinkling t*vi?« c>r «hiilDi^ llu-ir vhitiiug fi^'i, eiM tlu>v do 
JmiiKmlly, thi* I't-toKlijil -tliim^r^ Irivi- gnt to [lut on 
Uioirtlonil iiNter*, nutl hH Jou-n wUIIl- lUe ]iiohrv'mo«o 
evv* i.>f tiko lieaveiia give u]> ibeir lenra, Thnt f& wliv 
it WQ* nttninp: tnrr*>nf* IIjo nfpht I w?iit b&hiiid tlio 
ftceui^a witli Mr. Hj»I('u*3V KimlfV, A« I went In th« 
biio-k door Piyff. Mf'-t-ot^opet 'nn? of ihe fiiiiwy obunic- 
tci'B in the pbiv, Hnislioil by with a t(.»Io«co|>e m)d<*r hia 
arm thiU wuii lrir^'4f <«nnn^h to |>nt l^ord Kfki^Vi: fUnir>n9 
spy-^luKs into il:^ y^ai poc'kct, if it Litd one. Tho 
moon to whit'h f.lio trip u^od to Ikt tniulo ;\um not jio fur 
ILH twohiindri-'U and &ijQ:lit}' Ihou^aud nulo^ by h IiaIT 
block <jr !**>, but it wa?J ii very funny world, full of jrj**- 
ii^ht Hiul biiljjbter, ajid Willi tbo moet mirthful sport* 
imugioable on it« ;>1oTrtD>f surfuce. I wns iuc)in«d 
ftomen-but to biiinr wuyt, and thinkiti^ like a irrcat 
umiiy other nc-^KiloiM mrirtuU, lti»t th*.^ tnuis-iitnio- 
aphcric Lrfp waa r<*nlly miido in :t cniti-idgc^built couch 
tUiit VTJi* firod pulof !i iiugv* monnr nl liii; nit<^ ofubont 
cightocn IhouMind ^\\ butiitii^il und ^ivty-six aiul Iwo- 
lliirds mik« u niinutc, luU fully mndc ii]> my luiiid t4> 




riJc on tlw roof or roTv-<*atctior o( tlie oonoem, nt vrhnt- 
evor rinkn to lifo aiiiI IiiiiI> »]kic^ nii;;bt rI^oiihU in. 1 
expcotod to find 4f)im<thiii;; like a *«li<J *pn<M>-annihiluU 
insr Colnrabkil hobiiid tho fcconce, tnit I wnn A<tiii«-wlmt 

Jiul bcroro the curtjiiii witt runj^ up 1 fouiKl mysdf 
in tliv miiUt itftLu fniry ivoi-kl tiiton which Lbv lirUiiaui^y 

«f 1*10 tool- 1 i;- lit filU. Wliilo tht' lMirI:Ull Wiv^ nlJll 

<Ioffu. aud before the gu^uuiti biul op«UDcl tbu flr»>U* 
a;ule» of ^pkniior, Ibo pla<*P m-?ih <birl; i not \n\^U Jurk. 
bvt pretty diirk, coniimnM n-itb Lbu tmlltancy tbal 
ibowa iiit ov(>rt nntt nrouml i\i H|itL<;o a fctv iniiiutoB 
Utor- i\wd tbi'ii itrt inlrtiNii^itia. pi«cOH uf Bivnory here, 

rtotH pryipi^nif-j tbt-re, ami fccotloii^ of ovovylbing 
mid anyUib);; eonUo<rod auywbero and vveiyvrhctv, 
Biodo A follow fool aa if tbo ]jlac« vra^ dtKvkcT tbmi it 
ly Wftfl, (jlillci'itii^ Mid ^'lawin^ a^ the alAge 
.ppfiarsbrforotJjo fnol-li<;ht^ ; woudcz'fuDy rtimujiticaa 
aro it« eli^dc^s und b^ht«, \is lovo and liuj^btci'; atid 
MUitnding «* nro iU ^ccitir cflVi-t*; ;t* ;uva ititd i»ur^ 
Hninuling? arr lt*rri^lly r^^idi^ tic when the fitot-lighUitrc 
left Jiehiml, uiuj iha ** hushirai " of a pUy iti once bid 
hurt. Hero th«' nijfha of loye*ttiirlc lllIlidt^n.■i mid tb^? 
fipu<miik^ <'rj;ilt-«d^d but unroum^ous wooism, i\\t- 
tears ofhijured iaiioceuco mid U»? Atflf-^nutaUlioiw of 
hanl-bcftrtcd villnins wboMill pujsuo tho flylii<; fcmalo, 
tbo pnUtIc of yoiiii^' miiutli4 and tbe mumTiIings of 
"old men'* and " ohl womon," ure bwt witb thu 
de|nTlc<l socne--* nf llio phiy in tb« iiiiccii^ini; dcsir« of 
tilt* ui-1f)r4 io ^t hack into thrir jiropiM' norlul nm) 
frtvndiy relfttioiis to ^Ach utbi^r, 3uid, niLti* ih^ prompt- 
er'* book ift clododi »tagi< talk II Lid i^t^i^v^ inannor aic 
luidtrr uwUj^ioric lock and ktsy\ mid mumiK^* i« for a 
ivbile at an cmL 

On opera boulTo or burleflt[ut! ulgbLti, bf>u-isver, & 


bkhixd thr scsHca. 

grent deal of the -ilsgir cliariri trlmirii to llie chiirHxrUirH 
even vrheii oS th« xta^. aiiJ oite \i amipbUed Ici ba 
iiitciriMcd In tho fri^itoATiiionr-!** of tlici.M^ to hn mvi \u 
till! khIit MTcim?( — the odd Jiiul r>rLcii prulty croalm^eH 
who Mimd, Hit, lip or 1«^hii imiiind in tlm " wiii<rs " at 


tlitir iitv" RWCH>t le[fii»n> ami pU'Sbure, There U ftom«^ 
UiJiig HO Indt'Kt-rilmljly Aaiiiy In tlie ri>4LiitiK'H, In LIil* 
fjicjftl makivitjft, ntid all thm, uf the bappj? opem'lxmtri^r 
or festive buHosqitor, that th» ejii foHows n quaint 
chancter throagh tb« KCi^ncw with the SAOie iuaH^nnbTe 



til'' hcrUoran nfiliiiii wtlh u ImMiUor^raii »tn\ n tiii>ukiT_v, 
Tbe oyiT, liaiv(«vi»r, niu?it not, muDut liii|it-r or kii^iilsh 

Thmv H lb iiinVLiig |MiiijrarTiH t-oibtiintly ill fmtit of tlti.^ 
surprised vision, iind }iefow» iiQ ©Iftctriff fliwU poiiU 
phnt^gr.'*|>li ftiip KiiiS'l'* iii^Iivi<]ii:il in hi* <ln>1l Lri<f^i<ry 
thorp uroulf] lifi El doxi»n nr tntnv *' sliitiwaj'ing " Iwfaiu 
lh(i cvmorji. 

fiftiee and ftpHirhtly pk'tiy (jf reniiiiiiii* )H?nuty, urtt. tiiriii 

by A well-ronoilfl'l, grBP<*rully ciirvctJ }Wilr tif pink 
liiflit', H \rliita; i^iiliTi >^EirUiiil niul rriMiiU-lrr. plt'iiliriill^' 
Ikc^prmil with glilic*riii^' hricitl niul llnnliiuj^ iH-m!-*, 
duiiily Htlk ii1ipp(M-« til ztt Willi Ul hnvt-Muailo n CbTii^H^ 
priiK'ew woop with **»Ty, lilt*] a j.iiiTily irhuEt linl in 
mulL-U. Sho wjift, of caui-sf. t^t rtyiim iw tlio chftpniing 
little bi^To ofihi* cvifiung. if Iiiitl(v<pi04 r^m }h> »:ii<I io 
ilAi^O (urh [liinie«^ !i>t licriki'it. A ilituglily o\i\ rlirtp, 
v^ith brlslliu^ [jiiir utuT m pf>n'iijiii:i* mfituljir<lTc, 
WEkM *Uui<i\n)c \ty liilkkiig Ui link' pink ti^'lttji. n<5 was 
^ttou up liken circus poller in forty colois, witha 
|>]fiii11ftil imiiy of rot! ftn iiU lipoid •mv\ W« inul n sort 
of aJL-kly-ltwiking, r»inlKm'.*!imlwttli l>iiill whtnit his 
bodji Ilv<1, 1j1ii4' anil hLuvk Htn^^ik* ictruyltig iivttr hU 
fpiiltirrii ina'U' il nppoiir m H" Ik* ini^^ht Imvr W-ii ii*- 
vi^ucd lliy rol« of uii <»gro an*J wh^ uoouiioint'd lo 
tnjrfilty t<K>k arDUnd for hii^ fnir compEknlon to nmkiB a 
piuiil of lK*r. 1 ituiHoiitril4?ly inailtf fri*^nf.U with the eoinlo 
horrnrniid thcHulo lady in ptnk tight;^ uml Ic^nnked 
who Aod what th<>y «roivs. The hilu-r wrtm ( tii tho pby. 
fif eourw) n nobhv young blood krum'ii at Prints 
Voprice, ]H^nt<]hQti?(l hy MU* Aii<^» HurrUon ; ihc rod- 
l^ggwl cOUkcdidci wn* KiMij Pin, tliu yi)UiLg PrituM^% 



Cannj Tatbor nnd Mv^ LouU Ilarriiou vt^A hiddea 
Liiiili^r tli» i^omiirknljlo rojal diAguUo. 

" W<'ll, wljru nve we ^oJiis^ta aurtforthc moon?" 

•' Til 11 (vvf (Irntitig nmnif^nu/^ waa Lht* rugul dough- 
WIIv'* limply- 

•^\nd ill* all tbciC roLkx^'oiii^iuio tlie T3i^>ioctil(^? "' 
potnlirkg to tbo crowd orcurioiiM cimmctor« pa^hi^anft 
ropnasin^ Ite. « 

** Not if tho ewirl kuowtt liL-rMf mul *hc» tliiuba abe 
doOK," fjiit in tho y'n"«r.e, portly; "only the liinfft 
Prof. Miifrt^ftcopt iind myself rtdc in the cab." 

i^m/. Microscope wria ii ]*»ng, 3onivniy fellow. H« 
was tfcrirliiig » ''hag^y moiKtirhr! und Uuzz'w^ a haiid- 
soiuoHiul imt at aU hn.slifut Fmdcl tfiil nt ihc >iimo 
lime, A»luirt dUtiiLKC a>ray. Ho weu gotlcti np in ii 
Wiic-slri|>i*il. sfl-alUm'-Uiil ct>?it, h»iig eiii>ii*:h, if tin? 
Pra/i-^Hf/r I'urLHl rtimut k*iitlin;r 'H* TfUlillg it out, U> he 
uAod for a Mroamee on tho City HuU fla^^talt'. aiid 
fthovL cuftnj;h in iho hark to Ikivo- tho Wjn.4i.-l*ultoiifl 
laiistimtK irliallongin^ th^ cf>llar to ^i prize tiglit oi' 
wrwtiing inaloh. Vory light *>bck paiit«* a Jtjxim* 
antly fnlltHi -diirl fiMnf, fliiu^d rultW, and wkirt) hstW 
alluvftHllo^niw tolht' U^njrlJi worn hy Bulfalo Bill, corn- 
|ilet«Hl Ilia i>ut(lt< When 1 w^la iuti-odiiccd lo bim. tlj« 
Prv}/e^sor ftworo hy the houGA of CiipornicQ^'fl ^lainl- 
mother on r volume of patent ofHce rctmrU th;it h« 
waft tijc KikorigJiuUor and engineer of th" only dirocl 
mooa )i&o» and lio'd bet his bont^ or cut hi# hat that It 
nf*v^r look more tluin fitltc^ro minute:! 1<» ninko the 

■■ You aoe,'^ mM ICut^ Pin^ *" thut Mirrt/nrf/p^ la n 
ijiiF>ur frflofcv — uiiL a I'oin'V uiati, yoii iniii'L" 

'*AUlioii^U/* s:iij tlio /V/af-e, " iie now and then 
K^sis bis lot on the turn of the die." 


~^ ^^^^^^^B 


^J^^K^^F 3Cv \ 



H w^^np^j^ 

^^ 1 1 

1 ^^^^ 



^ iiii'iT"" 



1 ^itrm 


^^^^^^^m 1 

^1 w^^^^?^^^^^ 


1 - 



HrCHlVit THK 3C4^VIEfl. 

•'Vfli*, liffi lot of tn*t year's clodiiujr." 
Kin/j ronitirki>J/" on tlin lum of the dyer." 

Thii t>lXnvi I'osiilt^cl ill ntx of Llic Hiipi^rt. who worn 
gottoii up in ^olurnlium* iloTuivintM with I'laltonUo. litiL 
mi»xf>cii«jivfr,iuk«toWtir(l tntntuiii;r*,ziaJ wrlioworovillijii 
h«trti)ir diflliuico, f^tlititr stilf ahv] 4tiirk \*> tb« bui;;*}. 

»• Dopt ili(M Wm*\ of thio;; 0(vnir oft.uii?" I iii^juirvU^ 

"Oh," prowl^ti tin!* Pri}f"S9ot^ "that ^j; »Taa 
rtiTlTM am] on «xhfbi(ioti til tho CcnlvnniuL. It irii4 
ffiUiiO ill III) Jiitfi.-tn immncl nvwr Mcrniplii-, ami i* old/* 

Anil Hf^ t)]U talk vsvwv nw for a wbilv, whf^n u|> irvtit 
tbe eurlaia iin<1 XTiMy /'tnluipia^ on tlioittuj|e:i>aaii<lHltli« 
laii;;)itc*i' ^i\*\ pluufllt^ cif tUo liourio. t<iM liovr tUo pr(*tty 
Priiu^f Vapf'i<^e hixd tirc<l of tnuti^iLtio tblD^ and wii^ 
heavilv *i^iiin^ fur ih<y fnuiilain-hoad of tho tamUotit 
■ilvor\' mcoiili^ht. Mi*'i'*Mtiop^t who wa» at iho h^ad 
of th<t Ki»vrtl C^>l!l*^'o of Ajilron^mcr^ , wiif* hnMou^ht. to 
do dojauLJitii;; to Aid ttic Prii*oe in iLtrf-'MnidiriEiin^ tho 
JAiimoy to MerrlQ MooiiIiikI. nnd in u iioat ^^ecoh tin* 
foliL'd hn |danp4 fur a ;>:r;itid ilvfiaini»-Gtlii>rial line that 
vrould ftpociiiJy vu\ry iLi? Priin'c to tho wn^hod-for 
hflj>|>}~ Ltinil of Luna. 

Thca <'umn fbe ^'loriou-* ntomnit whvii 1h« lli}:lit 
'mnonwardn vtim to bi> luiuiv. I hurrioit iirouiid to iho 
prxrin|>Lrr'H Mx\e of tbL' ^ln^c whoro I t»aw tht? iiiouLh of 
tlio 1)11^ cannon ^ii|>]n^, and ijot ibcro a^ t hoy were 
atxMit to tiro it. Iinu;;lno ]uv>^>ii7>ri^<^to tindtho extra- 
onlimirvpi^ce^f oidminoo mndk-i entirely of piifiuboBtrd, 
A ftu1i-^taiic« tlialareiv^iinHof|j:un|>owi|>^r would blnv 
itilci ua TOLiiiy pioccfl aa llw* hMVcrs i>f Viillufiibrrmia. 
Still 1b<i paMCEi^er^ were to bo larod out of thid roQ- 
trivftn^r, Aii<l I felt tbat if tboy and the cannon could 
»tADd it, it vras none of iny l>aH]iiodA. It hctd all boen 
cx)>Uinc^l to tbe audi«noe, ihnt King Pin^ Prince 
Caprif^ and Pf^f. Micrractp^ wrro the only Ihrco per- 





^»« to l^giv«n Houb< ill tlio ciirtridfTO-cnb id vrhkh tho 
wonderful jaurncy wa« to bo intulo. Th^ question 
tEicrcrortf iiattinilly uroM;, wLuc vfaA to li«oomo of ttui 
muUitucIv uf ijUunicto» :hiil crovpJo<l Ibo <• wiii;E>.*' 
Xtmrc w<jro "supers" in blut-k, VL-llovr luid mottled 
donilDOtM with Li^'b papie^'-machi c^l^uos, and buge 
our-tnmmiA^ ihul roinintled oao of ih*r flaprt that 
decorate ibo dide« of a Chicn;;o girt*)* hcjid, or the Haii^ 
of II Uko Ittmbcnimn* There woro atar-goacre with 
Kodiatru] irnrmf<iit« luid tin toloscopos, ulL ect ufi* by 
profit paim of «udft-buUl«NUni ovtvgliufi^ciE, tbnt g^ive 
Lbcm the lur of u S^fcchi* or eomeUKly cIhc of lutrc- 
noiDiciU s-tpGCt. TbtM'i! win-o frtiivrUit who ahould(;n>d 
tooth ll^)^llt?4 mudt- cutti-oly of wood, with tndcrx ImadM 
Aomiouiitm;; Uio lope of thoir chapcuux anil Hvrving to 
indicate lliakt thoir IntelleeU bitd j^no uooji-buiiting ; 
And llierc woro other ci^fitiirc«i among tbcm, bomblc 
gtniit who ft^rtcd for the moon hy sotnij abort mute 
ucrOM VM iind got there long hclcirc the ro£i4lar tx^ 

But the conia do bnlUst ] IL wm everything but a 
bv^uty. If there la anything likely to ntrike a thcutri> 
goer a5 ludicrous, it U an awkward Mpiad of ovcr- 
gn>wn prU< ivitJi ^aufii>-(;aru!«hed titnbiiand diH^patcd* 
luukiujf bloudo wig«< A precocious haUet-deiiutanh; i^ a 
bit of Dcad-Scu fruit fthot bnekward off Teq>i»uhore'ii 
faeod.iuid if the buUot doe:* not lay T<irpflichore hKi- 
Bclf out in a timt-cU.t^ niidcnakcr'n style it ia bi?(-»itHu 
Ton>)^i(=l'oi'e happens tn ]>c in terribly good luck. 
Thi'ie rellivtion* weir Hug^strd by n Right of (ho 
iutermin^Un^ (iamwunca thut krpt. prt'Uy w<.'ll in 1b« 
rrAr of the at^gc. Vou enuld tell iho biTight to which 
«acb on© couW safely fling h«i" foiJt uti lurking at b(*r> 
Tho girl who waa muUn^ her first jippeHraiuv hnd not 
yet goiten otcr her splayfootediie&s. luid evory liuiQ 



»ho took u poCTp At tho niidicnc^ nnti began to rcalixQ 
tbcttiriiic«f of b*; r co«tiimo Jin4 giiwbin^ea »riicr ma 
certtt iicr kn^c±( knockod togi^tlior fa«t eiiougli to ku^ii 
& f«vr Dolus ithcuJ of her t'luittoriiig t4,'i?th. And Iivr 
dMeel there waa hoUiin^ mnrvcllou^ nhoul it — nolh* 
io^ thiLt would c^iiry a, ^VAtm oft Inlo the iderti 6iian- 
cial Tcalma oi a uatioiml <icbt. li was powcrfuHy 
plain with a stitF and pr^vokln<- oAbrt nt «howiace8. 
Tho next Line, who al^o lany ho cl^n^od lu Hgurant««t 
ore ptniiilr lii ^>c distin^nUhc^l hy tlipir natty nir of 
aauc.'iucda niiil u iu>liccu1>tc clip|)inj^*i>trof tluf Kupcr- 
abiuidnnt cIoUiIlii; that c^ncumlicrn the latent ndJitiona 
to ilo cdrpB. 'Hiii CMiryphifK. tlioujjli, ml'« ladlaat in 
glillerlEig, cloec-fittiiig ^ilvm- aiiiil, tmd tbcic ia no- 
qairoil grace in their aotioa«. ami a hi^h haugbdncM 
in the iD^i of tln?ir hcyicUn Tiic pi*c-iiiicrcfl <*vcry6jody 
uiiiliM'ntAnds and ivco^iiiKtv-^. wh" linn oiioi< bcon thern 
piroueU« oti thcii' toai or «]am ai-onnd ia a vrild 
fiOstiKij of dan^iii^ delight tlmt Wftuld jj;ivo anybody 
aUo a Tiirtij^o and lend to imuicroii4 uttd po^ib I y se- 
rious didocittioiiAp Woil. all Iheac wtirc whispering or 
prattling to^tl^or, iu tlio ivay uf th« 0ccnc<':(hiftcr:t, 
who went aroiHid reckle-^* of thpir Inngua^r, with 
sleeves nilW ii|> and anxion? fiK.r* mid niK-ationing 
oy«a tiiniud upiui 111! whAiii t hoy cnco unto red Ihdre. 
1l litnick me, as I ^axed iipuii llii-i nhnont nakoJ and 
highly intorcatln^ huHt-t.lhut if the moon had no 
aLmunphmv, an thi»^i? wlio kaow liesL chiim. the qo^ 
hJitii'H nrthcTSH gay and gjildy gtrla Hrirre airy enough 
1j» sloik it with a prutly etteUHv© and he^dtby one. 
Out of IhkF) jniuhlf- of 8oenery and fmiu thu loid^t of 
Um-ac jc^llin]^ charitcters the st^irt was miulo for tiiei 
Dioiin. Thi're wun no'JAge, no rartritlgx^ mi lucid 
in tho cannon. tli>r trip uh a tnp was n icioxt undiK- 
gaiM*d and diitpTi^nims fmud. While Kiii^ Ptn^ thQ 






^^K' 4 

— — 1 ^^1 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B / J^tJ_^l 










S'"' I 



Wf ''ii*' 

^HHt i' 





Al>Aa IK.\\0 aiKMlKW. 

t,t*'*^ ■ 


iivui:^!' THE frrE!4CS. 

Priittyit i\w PrrtfijMort ami ibo rt?*! were arninjituji; 
tlic^iiiiM<^lvr-«Iriiih.'i[iiiy t,it>kjiuTM'tilLul t!ie Ai>co»i] *■ flat" 
biujg I wriit n ^iin lirrd liy m^o of itw MJ|ker4, ALTOtia 
l.})ti Htngo rltfw 9ci^V4?ni1 •■drimnn^t** nr slufT^d Hgnreff 
III lilt- i1invl)iiit <if dm mitft lh4* ■i'^t'iio opcniMi auJ ]tt 
X\u^jo\\y r.mvfil \t*mii In Minmliiwl, AVw; /^in, I*>incv 
Citfrit^ iuhI J/fV/tiA^/ff* vnfrD llifro tuguUicr, iim ri*iu»li 
Aliil fuir urt if tlicv wert* uivii-(lniiii>fl Co iiuikiiig IwA- 
liunilrvTl-Hiiil-*»i^hlv-lUiHiwiiinl-ii)ilr irijk*, Tlio mun* 
Hreli of Ibo iMtHHU /iVm/ Ki^m-fn (W, A. M^^AlHyvr)» 
art4>r bivitig >iitmiitoi]od his ivtlnuo of StOeiiUcs —the 
ftftme ]jiii>^'*ro]»Hl, ])illrttT*^tam:Lctioi) nnJ |]a6l«board* 
oan^d (.'fvw wlia bud ^lied l>i.*hiiKt iho At^en^s x Tow mln- 
Ut4*a Wfora Attrn an ov«i'*9tF0ke of punning — and 
hivii^L! thi»ir>9 »?X]>l:itinMl to Mveryliody's futUPirtioD, 
ciitiir fom-Hrd »ii(] fril (»u tliu f^«*VDnil ii^cks of the tor* 
rcbtrlul vUitiira, wi« |>undind la th« p»un<'h, 1>y tho 
/iViiy. onou-fh time* to *icl ull tho M<>onilf»* inti> roans 
of hm;;btoi%iimi Hwn nu*y:i11 join«hl iii irlmtoUiiiii tlt«h' 
nt^ckii nrd rn«|>iL)^ thotr tlinml^ in u wcWmiug oboriia 

It vriiEi nnf^rtuimti- ftirlhi? vUitor-i lliat AV/r;; A'oamfU 
had H iN^iiuufiil liUlr^ priucftrtTi of t\ daii^^'htvr ca]]«d 
/cin/ffjtm <Mi-''^Onu'i<- PUu-ititd), with x\ vdicc th:it rii>- 
pTt^l iiixl jiOli<d Ml niMMc:, earllilv 119 ibtj 1ndbiir« iintija 
HLidt-Ld<T-<iml;jA thf Miii_Lfs i»f ihiTK^ihi^ti:^ ; Hiid, ofcounn:, 
fiH^IUli IiLLU Vaprim Imd tn ^i imd fall iii love witli 
IjiT udd untjr iiiiiiiiiii-niljlL* ftin"(H?t Miiiga Irt her, MI of 
wliK'l) unlv ^Tit |ioiu' r>IJ Ptn iiiid his friend:^ int'i nil 
«nf1fi ijf ironhU*. ThI* lliry llimllv trinnagt^ In get out 
of hy ivliii-ijing Ui tiMyilwr earth In a i5or;;roiiJ'lv-.i])- 
|Hiiulod fiviiig »liip, as grand a^ Cli^i^pnifni'ii gidUy- 
Dvfont iUi.Mmpin^, however, MoonUnd wns vislti-d In 
txcTv part, «iid lU gnrdoma of «iLv^r-tiit^1 foliage, Ita 
Oi-^btnl |>ulHi-», that made p&l« Ifiina'» light itxire hril- 


sad noCwitLMUndiug na occa«lon!it hitch in i^uingthe 
pannmmti nrfHiinl^vvcn'thinjf m TliU n*?vv and j^lcamlug 
iplwru vu£ vcaWy gloiiotis for a fintwiTglit visit. 



Theae aauie |ieop]o who a^ipear gn^tctquc* Aiid oat 
the p-iIb i>t' iiiNJinai'v ev^irj-dny ciinUnir-i? im tlir 
stugo, jiTp iwarlynW-nhHu.' inn*l iinminnnticjnml rtsilis* 
tir-looking folkfl m llir w^irUI vrhrik you iiun'l tlitMH f>i] 
Lh(? i^rrrt. Thr p\I rfiiinlhurj- inrtnttiDrpluniH tiwy go 
Lhniiigli U> tLrrirv! nt ttii »[i|i(<^miiufi} nuitithlt] fur pi'e- 
wutliUirm lK*firi< Uio ri)4>l-li;:1)l» U a ^errt-t of the dro«a- 
iiig>i(»<iin- 111 l\w imvxicy iif tiii^ ciin-fiilly j^arded 
n]>tLrimL-iii MreH clotbe^ iki>- Uid jwi(!p» mvl vrUnt is 
mni'c w^ondorful slill, fjice^, cyos, aiw! Ivindn timl lowr^r 
liuih^, too, very frenuently, nvc milijoj'Ti'd in |»rot'pwws 
ttiut |>roJiic0 tb«> iiioiil n»iii!ii'k!il>li> r^iiltn, Anytody 
wlifi luiKiU'C-ii NjU Oooflwin, of " HoUliwyi " nt{ni1iilion, 
will n*JuUly iiiiiK'nclTniJ llwf it inkf.'* ti |»r**tly cxtejiwivri 
ti-uimformnilon !»> cliniitfo Iiii uppuaraiioe fivnn Uiat of 
tiie roan to tliat of Pro/. Pyrjmoh'on WltiJfUi, th© 
OocenlrTc rtiiuMo1i?r llint itiuko-^ *■ HoM)io4 " ibe 1:lu^}]- 
al>!c and pojiiiliir |>i«j tbd it is. Mi-, GooOwia ia 
yotuig — uot more tbnu tw«»iy-fonr — -but I aow Uini 
slip f»it of bU yoiithftiln^fc* iiHn thi> bAtd-boitdt-Hlt ix^- 
^'ijljfi^d amJinciTy old iimlpM^or (iii<> iiJ^liL in almost a^ 
short a time nJi it t^iko' a Wiy to f:iU through a four- 
Hory dtivutor ^bfifl. I a^ooiiij^uhiolI hiiEi to biit divgg- 
iii^-|v>orn ono ni^ht. Ilu hsti) jii^t n f(>w inimitc* t4> g«rt 
inendy, and w^« i^t proper i^lu-ipo in liiiio to tniiko \i\t 
appanruriLyi iiL the apper ciilmno<^t amid Iho cru-ih that 
olvrayd uoi:ofn]jAnk<^ Ills lir«t ;i|1)i<uituiic« In tlio pliiy, 



IK TUB i>sefigiyu-n6ov. 

up Uic Iwcfc, Weil, tf(H>d>vin went to Work the 
n^omvut he vnis inside Ihc tioor, Ofl' Lame tbe f^vcl'J■- 
duy clnlht^.i. niifl in ii jilfy en neat thv onv ^hJIt^ mid 
blftok Blockinir thiit will bo i-emcmljcrcd hy M who 
bavc wcD ** Hobbies, *' The ftbirt. cont. pAutuliJona, 
linen duHU'r imd hat ih.'it IV»nn» the i"c«t of liis toilet, 
were carefully liitJ upmi a ^idc tn)>lc. The (shirt waa 
flapped f>\«r hifl hvad in & aecond, the pantaloons w cut 
oti like U^htnJii^r cnid ibeii Wndiii^lnwnnlv u looking' 
^kh8 hti dii>|>ed hit< fingrr^ in ivd &iu] bbit-k r^ilor 
lioxeft, aud «in>n hiul Uh; tiece-v-^arv pniiUiii^ done npnn 
his fsee. Tlj« velvet c<mt ffrllctwc^d t]i« nnLkitig-ti|» of 
the TiLi:!? ; Uienllu'toni linmiduslvr, fiiiJiUv llu' ivd wig 
with i1» charming Imld -^|>iil. whk ehi]>pvd upon \iw 
head ; the white hat was gnitefnlly tilted over h, ami 
wilh a cull to i.lie niiui whfi [daj'fd Arlf/nr Dtyvtftffigh 
for his ciu:e luid tin ■■ I'll soe you later'* to hi^ vUltor, 
he bounded np the st^iim, nnd Ibe next inomeni, us I 
left the Hta^e door, I could bear the haud-c lapping and 
the howlfi of dn<|]^ht with which ai erowd«d hou«e waa 
greeting iheir favoriie. 

The greiil value of th? art of tnukin^-up, ae the 
pKparntion Xi>r p.n'tiripalion in a pluy i- railed, both 
in the matter oif p:iintinf^ i\\c fuev anJ costLiinin^, will 
bo understood wlvn the tAwy tfjld by Mii/e J[C(lward]<t 
who WJtd t^dwin Boiitir^ rQaiiri^^r dnrin^ thu tour of 
l**8l-2, i* fwnlud. • • • Thy i*i>nipany go! to 
W»tcrbury, Coiiiu-otit'LiI, cdjead t>f their bas:i;n^. 
When the hour for the perfonuanee arrived the bo^- 
gnge, conid^tiiiiT <^f nil their co&tnmee and parapherna- 
Ha wifc< »tdl iniiisin^. The maiiflg^^r WlIs in a torriblo 
l>li^ht; but I vrdl Itrl him lell his own story wi he told 
it to a ue^>r»pApcr rvj>ortcr a short time oftcr the oecur- 

"^Vhen 1 found tho bajr^ufTe, with the coj^tumc^^. 

fsr ma DneA-nxc-MooM. 


had not urrivx^d," muM EdivArdd, <* 1 vriv& just ^uln;r to 
dirow myinfU into Uit' rivw, 'Hicti 1 lhou;^hl I would 
go niid t^^ll Mr. llnolh ixh<t\ii it iiutl bid gi>0(I-l\vo to 
aomo of i\w i^Dopk wUo bi^d always thoiij;ht si p*ind 
d«al of mo, Wrm-Q kiUiug myself. To my lu^tunieli- 

KDwi\ tiui^jru. 

leiit Mr. BoniJi took it n» coolly ob you would take an 
{n^'itation to dnnk. lie miid, ino^muc-li n& llio people 
wcro in ihc hall, he would luukc a few- rcmiirks to llaem 


IX TiiK jynrssrsa-Momt, 

aliotil tli« ncciileitt, and th^n they voii1<l go oii 
plnv Ihfnr .iriM of ** IIhiiiI^I " in ibe i^lotbert iWr ftmt 
ffii. Antl Fio il w» up thnt va^'. Wdl, ihe 
tboiigbt or Ilamlft in n Khori-Uilmt ront and l^bt 
|>anlH jilino^t m^lv nw xink,aiicl whrn ^Ir, Booth cikin« 
tipoii thi* filiLgk*, Innkin^ liki- nil Kpiu'iipnl tninUfi^r, 
wiili^si Kntght Ti'iiijtlur'* rhu**5«» knilV licit h** Itor- 
tviW'mI, T rodldii'l Uiiiik oT iLiiytliirijC but HamlH. 
forgnt nil about bU dfvihr^i. ami I MK^vu if b<- tu 
only b»4l nil M pziir of Millor's paiif^ atid ^l rwl diuin^ 
firurnkin^ dbtrt th^t ibe poopla woiilil only biiTQ 
Ilawlet, i IcU yon he is thr* jBn>4tv»i adnr tkai ov 
IJvcd, Tlie jie^^plo wit |wrtVc-il_v »iilL nii'l st^m 
iiTiipped tip ill BihhU. That U, llH-y w^n* wlcn tb<?y 
dbl not look ai thn other rollow*. Bm wlion Ihvy look 
£apKi-«, H'itli a short, h:im-rfit ^^oaL on, a piuf of Ub* 
dD-i^ikh \tAuU iint! a [mii-c^akf^ hat, it ao^mod to mo I 
<rould hoir tbv^m «iiiIUt. And tlio Jftnjr* i/tf m/tf/'f etep- 
^bcr, h« ira< a ni^ht. Iiii.i^ni> a king with a cat- 
amnv chockoi'od coai.a l^dhnuu car hiank«t thrown 
owT liU icbouldi*r for a mbv, and a 1«^ of a cbair Tor a 
wc«ptns iiinshed oil a queen n-Jtb a tmvelliiig dn** and 
a gray wioUeii )Kt»qn« u'ith huiions oit It. And think 
of PoJoniMJ^i, with a lin^n duster ajid a ^ra^v hut with a 
t>1tio ri^iboi) on. Ob, It mado m^ tir^. Ophelia wii« 
:il1 ri^ht ^noitfjh. 8h« had du horno cmsy vlotlicrH lliKt 
frh<i hiid Ihvii trrivdliti)^ iii| niul u-<* ^nt »onio »tTavr fiat 
of n tuLrii and nomo arijti<'iii) Sowois olT the bf>»net»t 
and vba piilU^I Ihi'Mi^h pr<aiy wi»ll. But the Oh<nttf 
You u-auld have dii.ul to hiLVi> soon tbo Ghoil. Ho had 
on one of 1h»#o 'I'l*? hiL]KUfni>^lotvn uUtor ovctcoatd 
with a tjn<-kkM>tUho hiickiLnhi^na a currycomb and tho 
Iwlt WH^ han]zln^drm7i r>n both ^iihw. The bt>y» jp>t 
biiiiK;;rccn int^-^uilo bar lo jiut ov^r il, und with a 
luffed olu^J for a Etceptre, be fell over a chair nnd thou 



lf>ok«d at Booth, nnd for^t all nhoat the xiUur «ml 
tbc O/i'^^Ji i>atiU hvtiig To\M ti]> a4 tbc boUom. It 
was proWhly Uje grtsilehL triinitiili tlut nii ttctor ever 
had fur Mr- U(H>lh to ecimj«*l the viL"*t imdl^nce to for- 
get the ludicrous ^uiTouiKliiigs atui lliiiik oitlv of Uie 
dianctcr he ira^ purtraying. I wouliltrt hi^w miswU 
the nightV pcifomiA&t'c for n thou^aurl dolUr?, and 
when, nt 10 o'cWk. I h«ard tho biiv* getting tho 
truuk-1 U|>>^iunt, t wim nlitioeit vorry. The Wt tiro 
acta veiv |>1;itv(I ttjIIi ihc mntunivji, hut ihey wrrc tio 
better perforioe^ than iJiv lirst. SlUU 1 ItLtLik, ou the 
wluile, I had nitljer tLe hit^'^^Lge vroultl tje ihere. It 
niakc4 41 maim^ci- f^el iKstter," 

111 thi« <)h)i-n tiiuf"!, mu] hi lhf> ilnvM of thu Mirljr 
Ammi'uii (hiMircT, the [ti'i'j*»h)g-rnoniH wrre Iwnvatb 
the »1Jlgi% iiti<l wrnt by iin mi*ann ihr |K'rfairt and e(j»y 
litftriM th:il an- t/j bi> foiiinl in eiUiern'ii ^it pn?3riil. 
lIiid^kioN'iiu I think it yfua^ who, during the bat cen- 
tury built thft fli'st theatiiT having dr^uing-rooin^ nlmve 
junl up>n tb^^ *lJigo» L:ittr im;>njvrrnent hn* innorciil 
iVio drcjiHiiig-riHiniA, in lirAt^cliivt hriti><-i(, i-ntLruly fn>iti 
i\ip. KlJig'\ anipb' ;nid iuiTilly-fnni)--«hi?j| nrimiB b^m^ 
pnivifh-il in jMljiiiiiiuj; bulldmg^, TIiih tlmn^ftr \via been 
ni^<«^^]t:Uml by l1irMb*nKn:d made upon lUeairicjil man- 
H^rr* f "■ ^reiiier -ilag*? mi^rii nud bptt*r opportunRi^s 
Ihun thvy k:id her^lofikro in kf*ephig Tip with the gitiw- 
Ing tswto for tf^xti'O'^iiv ftccrniiT n'pr4^)«<^iilJktic»rLA with 
' ni&}^ltIc4*Tit .'LpjiniiitiiinUjt. Thr vt-ir cif a ninijiany, 
malo or frmair, ilIwhv* li:i« thi- l>e:»l <ln--<uun^-n»om like 
nnUbtiiibnirnl affiinU, and U i*i jj<-iiend1y very clowd Lu 
ti» giTcn-nvrtn. Minor ^w>rf<n'tner» ^hare theSr rooms ; 

pul tfw ujitnin of the mtpnrv usually hi^a an apart- 
•nt l>ciU'alb tlie itngi* whore lie giuh^rs hU Itomnn 
h, or ninrHbal^ \iU inaiW.'kd but awku-ard nqnad i^f 
flora Xo Itett^r buHesqUQ ujion tbU ilUtluthnd, 





dircy-racfid, kiiot'k-kmtcii awl rl(li(^(i1ou« IhoAtrieal cor- 
tiiigont ha* ovor l)n«in prifi^^iitatl mlhor iii Irpo or on 
the tfUigc, thiin ibo oharu<!t<^r oT Clio Ilom:i]i Livtnr 
created by Louis Hivri-lMtii in S<mi FrnucUeOt and aflifr- 

Till: Tllk£i: VILLVS, 

vuitltf rL'l<>^u*(l Ici uiiotltt-T |*trft>nuvr lii " Photos/' 
Tho fll^ry 10 told Uuxt ILirn^^ou bavin;* ti(*vn coflt for 
tLo putt of a tietor in ft trag^v hi which Ji>hi] McCul- 


nr TMK I>lcEfi8|NU*RtX>H. 

lou^b took the leading role, lie grew oAen<led« tiAvlng 
higher i»|j|mtions ihan m«re udliiy bu6iii4<ss. aod do- 
It-miined to niuki^ tho pari funnT ^inil Jf |>owHte, ^poil 
llt» «c«rne, When hocsmo on Ihe st:if;e, be vr,i4 ia w:ir- 
pniiit, hi« f»co #^trwii vnth ^ory colors nnd intf^rrning- 
lir^bliH'k; In- hrul on tim tlirticwt c^wlmnc 1k< c<k)UI 
fiqt!, wiih a WilprrJ ra<y h<^tiiicl, miJ carrk'4 iho 
hifl^nln of bU oflioo »i> huki^^rJIv. vhilv liU kiioos 
came log(<thl^r bin touA toniud iii* imd hiit jroncrul iitti* 
tude wa« thjtt of h iiiuli in tL« tliiM wc^k of a bard 
aproe. Ho brought tho houc^L* di»wn, apoik^ the play 
and vRd di^hihr^LHl for mufeiuj; too much of a AOoo^se 
uf tho pari- Btit %h'\s U ai di;>T»»«lon, and vc& iDiKst 
huny biiok to tb^ dti»^iti^-rooni- 

Tho nio«t difficult part of 1h« ootor's work prolim- 
iiuiry to S'Mbg on Ibo «tJtL:o i» to innko-tip hi« ftuco, 
Bjr ihcjudioioiu tuMof i>o«rdorand |wm1,And a proper 
dti[H]»ition of wigd, bi^ard, dc., tbe oldest man tnay 
bo made lo itNiomi^ juvmiilltr tiiid Ibu youiigo44. to 
•eeni tobctid wtlh tbi» vroij^bt of y«(jir^. Wig^arcto 
a grcMit extent rolia>)lo, but tho old f&4faioD<^d fnbe 
bettrd iMcJumi^y and ti|>t lo Diiike tho vair«r feel f1i»-- 
3«l4Aficd vritb hint»«]f nnd th« r«4t of tbe vorld. But 
the old r^t^iijoiii-il licard i» going ont of »lyk, nod graj 
wool fftiu^k "II tlw* frte« wiUi gre««) w gowcrally uitcd. 
1 cfln ivcfliJ vjridly bow a l>curd of Ihia Hort worn by 
poorGiori^r Oouly, th« ba**", whil^ ^iu^in^ lh<' part 
of Gitep^rd in " The CbinMe of Sonuaikdy." while 
wtth the Kmmn AHt>ot troupi' la^t mm^or, struck mft 
IM lk« |x^i1n-tjn4i of dt-crption. It iilvra.v$ rcquirvaa 
di^OKfwf to put on one of thiwo Ix^ard^i in anylbing llko 
« MLUCiiotory manner. 

An oM actor of Iho •■ cni»bc<l " type ivho h«* 
Hut foin-t.-il olT lL« ftins:*: md into ru»uin^ a 
tin col]«!^i by Uw youug and pu^hhi^ olemeat m 




Uj«|>rore^lou. \u ail iiit<irvi«vr hm\ vrtXb him btrly ia 
PltilaJelpbla. ri'itiArWU u& bu looked with cviJcnt in- 
trrcflt ujioTi the iTiiwil* EiL th(> *(rivt : '• r like In .study 
(wx*. To my minfl il j.> the mn^t iih-.tirljiii^' nLinly In 
lfa« wnrM — tlifit of mnn'!* i'liarn. You »tc<*, Llie t\x'\ns£ 
|]it» mun? inUiriwt. fur tn« l.hiui fijr lh« lu^i of men even 
lu my i^rciftuiitinii . W-ntEt«R I'm iiii tnLliUHiftHt in ft cci- 
Uiiit M?n-ie. I beluLig li» tTiv lirutiH iiht^u the etuily zukI 
lii:ike-u|) of f:;cfr8 ivii« mighty inL|>tirt^id iiitlx^ ihriitn'- 
cnl Itiie. It wrisd't f^uch ii lunglirtiu '^f?'** v^itbi'i': b>it 
'lli« Ume« Jmve rhjuigtit.1 i^tncr then, uiiMl tiow t[|i;tr 
Hr4fniri U» bi? iilnuMt tKi iTflitil ut ^U Ui inakt^-u|i itnd 
liMflc yiuir gmrl. 

*' II iiuint )h- n great de&l of liovible U> make up 
«rery nlghi.'* 

" Ob, hul, niy Imy, look ut the result ! Ooilnwntn 
the thwiiro, wbpre thoy *ilill t!o it, aiml if only tlve 
Vvnnt hiivft nlnpnun} hrtwrrtn t.lx^ ri^Tji, i«im<. Iluw it IH 
Klinwn mi rvi-rv fsi'irt nii llin Magp/' 

" It i* ilifRinilr In m]Lk4^iLi> wvll, U it not?" 

"W«ll, 11*3," mid lh« *n^tor, lijflilin|i u frcr^h cigsr 
mid assuming o inur-e t^onfidi^iiti^tl |Jr>4e, " th« nilc* 
•Mt9 e\tap\e enout^U. am] with u tittle pructiL*i>, iilmoKt 
any ainaleiir coubl b^■t^1 to iiiitke up rLrti?<(ieullv if Ijo 
bft« »ny eye for e^'ect. Some pat1«, llk^^ JioiMO, 
Charit'A Surfrift^ Sidtif^ Drjrtvlf or Cfmtde 3/r^aoff?, 
roqriin? very little m:tkf? ii|> ftir j* youiii; zind s:ood-l(K)k- 
in^ttctor. Th^ facA mid iwck fihutild bo thoroughly 
GOVftriTd with witito p<iw<Ur, iind tb<i cboek bon^ 
and chbi li|rbtty t/uK^hixl with rouff^, wkidi islioiild not 
hou>ovi*ti. Then^ivilhe lnviir oit^)t to look liTLnilsoine, 
'|t« ahrrtild drnw a fiuir Mu^k Imcr uudt^-r hiA biwof ryo^ 
lushed u-ktU a cutnQl huir brunli imd bnrtit umlnT. 
This inAkea the «yc« bntbatut. I'm 4urc it i»u't umob 
trouble to make a|> tbat why/' 

lir 'TBSt DBBtgDlO-llOOtf, 


Uawfceiey, it roquirw only a IIUlc more work. Alter 
lh« fictor liHA laid on Uitf powder aiid nmfcoil hia face 
pt*t*tty Ueafily — for mon are coinmoiity rallior red- 
Tac^J — be must take hi4 bnuh atiiJ iimbcrand Iraco 
fixne lin«« from tho calpr cornors of the eyoe, aud 
oUwr Jiiicji down toward tbo comers of the moutli 
from the 110*0- In fhort> he min^t mukc tlic * crow* ' 
feet that aru vmbh: in uU men who buvo livod ovur 
lliirty ytuTA in iJiiti iTUitalising world of oura. Tlien 
Uio chill photiUi bo UjucTichJ with n littl(» Muc powder, 
which m;ikcs it look na if n^contly ^havcHi. Thuao pie- 
cauliona will louke tbo m^iat juvciiilo face look mature. 
Jfbr; luLo to go further, and took Jiko old upi^ a» in 
juch clinradcrji w* i'«»% yhgintust — fi»r, as 1 unid 
lurfbrc, i'ttyittiw, wiia iiii oltl lUAn, — iticUcHfie, -ViV 
PifJf/ 7V(ije/^, aud ito on, more work i* occc^wary, 
HcAvy fiilfw orobi^iiw?! must W ]>A-ited on. iiud llio eye- 
hollow darki'Tied und fairly trowdi-d with Jiiioe, 
IVrliiklea inunt W painted arn}«ki» the furehead, fiuTows 
dnwn (he dic<"lts, downward Wuva froia iho corners of 
tht; immtb, and (vory iniportanl) thiec nr foar liaivy 
wrmkleft iMintvd nronud the oock t« give it the shriv- 
eled J4>i)tumtice eoutuioii to old jigc. The IjoUow 
ovor the up[jer)ip «houKl be dnrkc^ni^d. u«d iiUo the 
hullow uudvr ihts lower lip. Thii givt<» the luoulli 
tbo pinched luid tootlil^^M look. A llitlu jtowdered 
antimuuy ou tb^ die^Tka imikiM ilir^m liuk fallmi in aud 
tfhi^okeii. Then lum- ilii' fai-'i3 dowu witii a delicaio 
coating of pe^irl powder, auJ youMl have aa olda U/ok- 
ing rnan n» yoti'd cate to ae©,'* 

" H'iw does it feel?" 

**At iiot your fjioo foeU tig1il«iiied> niiJ tho miiiwlr^ 
doD'r pUy inu!illytbu< afters f^w grimiicfj* \l eaini'^ imi 
all right, lt\ :i grifat roliuf tu girt (jiT, liowrver, Eift«r 
throa hour«' work/* 

ISC T1]I£ ifllKe»IM>lLOOM-. 

'*It muni t.<uuH» lathiTr iiiouninil furirr^TiKtii vvWti n 
maa looks on liis own rain niaile U[) fur tbt? iig« of, 

*' Not t-o haci H4 wli«ii Un |[|»kH4 ii|> fifi' » corpse, 

faou-oviT. I'll uiTVtr for^^L Iho llrvL glAiioo I had «t 

nir fiuN! :if\rr fl hnil Iwiii mtide np for G'iMton'w death 

IK', whriL plA^iiig i1l<> *' Miin nf thr> fi-oii MiLfik,*' in 

18. It. p<HiiJvi?Iv ii|i|)»]I(<il iiii<, j(ir, iii}i] I \:\y iiinrake 

zill llmL iiorbL thinking iif it, iiml drt-iinii^d <}t inyvolf 

ill u cdJGii liii' iL ruf^fUth uf^crwurdn" 

"How U il tiinie?" 

'* Wtll. il vjirioo Ali^liiljk . Vi>n «*<;, »uch cboracUra 

f^ftdietici} mimu timt* l^ujitii^ Ihe^' m-tUAllj' dio. and 
tliercrurer, Ibeir fiiooa ctuinot be iiudc very corpflo-likc ; 
Iiut Mfithi't,^ ill* Tim Bi'IIb/ Loittn Xi., OfMJtton aud 
Danni/ Miitiit. uro diacoTcrod i^v^»;^ wUcik lite sccno 
upeu»> ot: ur<j broiigbt iii dead, 50 tluU their faces ciui 

I bo madG oxlrcnic. For th<i 1n?t scries tbc fjti^o aud 
iirrk Alicktild h<T iiprriid wiih inrjf^trud (jSiik Ui give it a 
livid \\m: ni |r1m4<i. Tlii^n |iLit, ;i ik-vp nbidliijc ivi* poiv* 
drivd aiiliia£)ikj^ itnd(?r tbr i^yirhrawa a^id irell into the 

Ibnllnn- rif tb« vvL\ (lit l}iii L'lii-r<k--<, UinMtl :iiid leiii|)1cfni 
Till* lA VL-ry iiiri-<Hive, a* it j^iv™ the fiito Uist diead* 
fully »uiiIcL*ii u|)|>t^r:uiGd na in death. Tlio sido& of Llie 
iiDHi> »tid evi-ct l[ie upper lip fchonlil u1m> he diirhencd, 
duid ihi? lipp* pawjorud lihie. Ttion tlio faco will look 

» about a« deaid ^8 it vronid thn^o bniirA after n real 
*■ In tile tnnko up itf grv>t<M<pji* r:n'r-< do thnv tiJio 
falttit n^ii^eH mid rbiMv?" 

■* V«rj' r^mly. U*uat1y ih? ni<>thod i^ to Mick come 

'Wool ou ihiT 1L0HQ vritb u ^'iitn Eind mold it hi wbat(*vur 

^hllpl^ von ^'ill : tbciJ |Ktwt]<rr and paiuLit m you vtojld 

.^bc aattU'4l uc^u forgrotvsquooreoiiKdypjn^. i^ieto 


rr TttK PKE»«150-ROO». 

in |)iiL nn utlJi gum, iimleiul of woal, KCimrtifnts. 
OuwitA Itavo U> eitcoAB tIi«*u>M:*U'Qs fairlv vrith whiUiifEi 
an<l thvy find tlitH irotilili' eiiou^li wiUjutit bui]L]iii|f ti[i 
Uo«eft or i^'tiC'Bks. Gn»l4?«4]uij :iLli»l#i Iiave to work liuril 
with their faces a^ a nilci Iiiil th^^y arc ol^cti rapaid by 
iTUi'nvrring tifJit |H)infA. Mritiy nf niir h»HL Dlltrh 
arid [riitli rfitniiliiiitH ovrit Lhrir firHt Ufl Ui u hirky 

"*t MujtjxiMf ihoiv ail' ty[io-« of tho roj]itrfM>nttttiofi of 
dtftL<n>iiE ii!itioii"lifi<'*? *' 

"\WU. ii ^iiili'uiiiit U iisurtlly muilc-tiii tho Mim«, 
no niattor whei* he louy htf ftii|)pow*U ic lioloii^, but 
tin? c.iru'alaix! iv iisuidly one uf thi) wl^IULiiou^i niako- 
u|>H. A Fr<>richiiian Ua^ to bo powdt'rtHl with <iark 
n>ug&, and ha> bU ovL^brovr^ black«o<jd u'ttb dark ink. 
All durk i^haractvrA, as nmlHttoe«, creolv^^ Spaolardx, 
Olid £■> on, are doLK< with n<TiitiiiL:and dark rou^, with 
plenty ofbunit tork wrid umlxr," 

■* U niUL'h work neoeMnry on the bunds!'" 
•» In iviU'ho?' H IK «r;rT*^iit iiiiportauci* that the htrndft 
and unii*4 shcnild Ik* i*tdtiiiy and bony. This id uaiially 
doiio by a li^ril powdmng of Dutch piok. and paint- 
ing; b(^tvr«cu the [ciiu<.'klc3 with burnt umber. I^iiiit* 
in^ botwcoii Lho knncklcj^. you i*cct funkc» them Jook 
lar^c Aii^ bony. Uut tliin sounds u good deal Uko 
ancieai hiftoi'^-, non\ dor4 it not? Thn Art i» falling 
juIj diMiM^, my hoy, and I'vet no doubt the time b not 
far ofl' wh«n w* r^hiill Iwivc voiniirMj^rs l>liying old 
men ivitli «igtH ou their bark ro^idinf, * Piene^Cf 9\t, 
Vm eighty yean old,' vth{\v thtiir 5ic«M ari^ a^ frc«h as 

•*Tu wliAt do you altribultt tbt« tendency." 
" |jit/iiirAtt. Tlie rUvati-ical a;^' of to-day ia a won- 
drr t» UK-. The entire [ncirvssiou vairte to star. Au 
ucUir |il»y« old men miv Mm{rfy for a living, whil« he 

IS Tiif: i>D£fesoro-iootf. 


iturc4 huf pUtM for his canMnVat«^ stnrring tour, 
kn flctre» doc« oM women hcaivl<!r pr jnrunili?* only 
tiniil tiltr cun liitd n i^upU^I^l who >tiU- itnalilu Itt^r to 
Atiir, uid iicfiiv of Lh<-tn ftrt-ni In luki^ ntn jmd^r tn tbe 
iniuor lurbi. Hciurc. tlity ilui'r Ukti iln> Uuubli! to 
nuke U|i ftrtiNtit^lty. unil tlio aUi^u i» loliljeti it( tl« (^bi_ef 
tlianii — tp-ilihiii," "/"'■'. 

Tbc luukin^'']fla!iH miii Uie pUn uf puiiil ntid boxes cpf 
powdft upou lhesbclve« tbe iirek*in^-ro<tm are n» ini- 
porUnl niljiinrt^ of the j>lav. ntul irveu mikiv ini|inrtRht, 
srim^linr*, llinii l.ho lnj;j»* iMixfi!^ Hihl IfJiuVft fillnl uilli 
t-fi>itixm*<:« thut iii^< roLinrl ill ilit* htiTiio ]iLk'(\ Tln^y Ik>IiI 
Uifir ]>1nc4* umiJ Hit* ilitirnnntl nei-khcch :iin\ lirlllmnt 
bm*'<*l<iU of ibo ]ifimri ilmiiiEi. ihr (*Ij*^n|Ji*r jinrcU of tlift 
ilmtimlir Ju-iit'lL' miil xUv irruwji-i of king* uml lirUiiH* 
of vamors. Tb^ir jiriwer ia greiit. innl that |>owor 
1b fillip re^ojruizeiT hy nil who uro witliin ttifl iloronhi 
of di^arnritiv an. Aiiti th*? actor or noiro**, tlo prima 
dokina nn^l iho swoll tmior, ntl ^^nomlly m.iko it their 
ba^iru-HH to iittrn<l 1o tlioTr nwti beiiiitil1(*ntioLi in this 
xvuv tbrnmoiro*, Xiiirly nil ntrtr jiftnm cuiT}' maid 
AcrvtititA wbo ni'L^ kiioivri ai Jron^ori;, mid ull priiiniuent 
jictn>««*M bnvv uiukU who airocnipHny tlintii to tho 
tboutix' mid ibo'o b<-1|i l<» compbftit Ibo artlHo's 
U»]ctB. F<irm>>riy tbiTo were hnHH-'m iiivl linir- 
dresaera. ns vr^ll m other HpeclAlUlfl, ntta^'tied to pla?o« 
of aroufl^tncnt, nikf] whov^ ljii«lii?«a it irns 1o nhuvir nti 
ootrr or dross u hetid af liair trnfora tbe (wrforinunrc. 
Udiiy «9tiibb^bniCHt4 i^t:iin thoso yet* but tbey urc not 
«8 oiiiB«rous or ax well-known n^ they were before the 
drtja of tmvelling i'ombitj?ttion*. Apropos the thojit- 
ricid Imir *Iru»i*r Wwns \k *iuitu nn iiiten.'<tip)£' Movy Lnld. 
Ono of tJfM cU*9 fell in kro with a popular aetruss ho 
WM frM|uent1y eallcd it|Hm to beautifV' He eoiifesBed 
hii doTourttig imsslon on bia kocc* and she laughed 

tX TItK tJltR»3^l>rr-KOOM. 


him tn M*nrn. Mom tbuii tlint, sh& insisted on hla 
coEilitiiiiiig Iu4 minixtntticiiiM tn fa^r im<I nrule him the 
liuLt al' her licnrtlntu f[xhc% wUilr ho wtd? ilrvoting liim- 
sair U) L«iihiiiK<« liftr i-iiK.-] I»v<'liiu'j^s. Tlio iron c*iit4?r«id 
Ilia Boul Aiid }i« AWfn'u loujfiNincif. One- night, vhtm 
fad hud to piv>|}fLre h«r for a ntc>t important pan* 1x9 
siir|)iiM4>d hliiuelf ifi th« iplifndor orh«rm"f>wiJHijr do(N 
oraliOQ, Hikvici^ fini»ticHl b^ uiioinlod ii-r g^iKhn Wki 
vUh a cf>m])t>uii<l of u pvcitlim-l}' fitAcinntiDj^iironiHtic 
od^ir, which so ntlnuU'il hi* culJoua on^lnTer'a notloo 
tliat she a^l£o<d him wlint it ^'Us. 

•* It is a ciiKlui'O of mv <hth, Mculamcf/* ho replied. 
'* I mill it Itio lait breath of love/* 

Tho fldrcf^ i'(^tnArk<>d thut ^hc would cnll him a fool* 

uDd ho U>w<'d imJ wiUWrcw. A fev^ nntutea Int^r, 

wboii »h<f npfionivd behind Uio footlight^^ inHtmid of 

tfao rodir of iii>|flLUiHo whicli nUc cx|Krtc^d, nho was 

hailed with ji Un)|>uHtiir»(ti KtTiviiin of liiuglit<r. llcv 

di^TAi-ilid lover had Inid'hia ivvlmi^c. lit* hitd ilyi^d 

ber grilij<^a h>cka with n chcmkid which ttinavl |Krii 

grecit a^ suoh as it wa^ drj. 8hc drcv^i^a ivhitE liair 

Aho hfla left Wreolf now, wbilo bo u bo&4 of a liv<T-«eiil 

[ihrivin^ cftti>orium, tipver spcjika to auv lady Injt hid 

UndUdy, himI Uoa ci ChiamiKin to dn bU wa^bln;;. 

irUitrc i» a bntlot or n hurlcaqilc cruwd or ooinic 

rra elKiriM in tho tli^atrc^ the »ocriic« in tlicii' rw>iii« 

nil l»e of a mf>ic divcr»iticil imttrrc. The ^trU in 

Iditioii to Jtinkiiig thirtrfiWM'^ pretty, luuA havr. thl'ir 

ibsfto fihu|H!ly ilut no fuuh mu ^>e fouad evoii 1>y 

moH carilUng of tia* jr*!'ill<^inou wlio rrowd up 

fblod Uw oixhefilni ^vhili' ihc hauM> boLd^ a hoat 

oftcmnio attractions, UT»o rage for limh oxhihition« 

rendered it tKccA^nry tbut some means nhould b* 

dori«od to hide the cidve* «r poorly turned ankles of 

tb« creatures whoM limbn i;rodi?i»Uyi'ti. lUpjiily th« 


lit tnK bftSftsiXQ-soou. 

li^'mmKricnls, iw jiiutiliNt ti^liLHun^rnllnl, vrc*n>1iir.i]pon' 
ilikI iiciw ^»u (^iitttioi iiiul All iinjti^htly i>iis-u dI' l>JHlrl^ 
pSoniiig ill any Cf>m1>)imlkm, trid «^V4^ii tha poor bull vl 
girl who <1iif4 |iA^i'*s jtiirtH or UtApi to iiLiike up ii i^niwd' 
for |6 a woc-k. Will, ir^ho h:i4 seiiH^nTnl Uiit<^t go early 
to the dealer in tbeutticnt ^oods nnd buvo symrDotrU 
onlff nuid« tn piiit thp* rxigpncies of her na^*?. l^hes* 
ttH.ut.ic<ji<wAM>rir^<irfVfniiiiiiir fIrlit.kiiiAnrKH jirp trgglngv 
or Ugltlsi n'DTi-ri in Kurh » munmr iho thu'kn^'K* of %\ 
di^IirTurit lliigh, tlio piiw-sdem rbiinictrr of a uiilf, nrft! 
filtud out witli sHk hiicl eoiion itiio *iT)iLpL>fiiliK'H4 aud 
beaui^ tbul Venus dv Medki heraelf would imt be 
nshniucd to make a display of. I heard n story about 
an operatic tiHist who for a lone time refused to pluy 
piii-t^ dt^mnndiiiu: the exhibition «voii of .1 frnclion of a 
limh, juid .-dl beeanso Her loivor m^mbfr* wer« too! 
ftttt'inmtcd to ntlnu-t II11V tiling ^t«<^ but ridicule. I.«iit«]yi 
th<^ hni? found hM' W7iy Co thtv imd-muLccr'^ and nowcua 
prpM^iit im pi'otly mi iinLlL* nin\ as round a oulf 10 tbft' 
ftiidienoo lu Ni*t«r artists who liAve more Qesh aiid^ 
blood iu tbt^ir composition. Men a^ welt as women 
putmniKO th^ pad-makar nnd Aiiy it^tor of th«^ mni^hiii^ 
poreuaajon who nisiy hnvo b:u] to kcn^p hi* biimly Ir; 
in wido pnntidooiifl h*'rc*lcifoi* nio now biji-il forih] 
Upon tli<T i^ight ef liiK luIoLvd in all iho gorgeoiti^ Ioveli< 
iie«« und [K^rfcction <»f un ntlractlvt^ anoiomy. 

chapVkii vni. 

WITIilX niE »~IN09. 

The grocti-room. except where ^^<Kk compAnicMi pro' 
Ti^I — uihI thcrv arr not iiiuiv Uttn tbree or Tour in tliol 

United SUt«5 now — hAA iMutBctl out of tlio sihudoiv of 
tJie i'i^on>uis ^||^^-■* that smiw^liiiw* iifro Wcri" powlvd ht.-re, 
nod tliiit hi'l |i> l>e observed, Bj* this 1 do not ino^n 

WttHtK THE VDfOa, 


ruk« havo boon cntircljrd<>i)R airftvwttU behind t)it) 
i>c*; but tn^voilin;^ com|];uiic^A me gavt-niciJ hy tht-ir 
Own riilcf, aarj Ihcir own etusi:^ muuafjcr, |iromptor# 
etc., iin<J tlic oiilr p^i'ftoii-t tbiL lucal gieon-room rult^a 
coqUI A|>|>ly to ti<»cT-jt-4ldvs wuttlJ h^^ tbo four or i\\v 
pDorlr ]ml<l ymwg giv\9 wbo, in thuir dcsim to ^o an 
iho aU^c utkd Wcomu »Ul"», tlart niid gcuimilly Blay nt 
tUn l>(itU>in of tbQ loJdcr, wlicm they atre pAJd pitiful 
vuliiriL^i luul <H>iitiiii]c <« "nwwli" wuriilering iiiirii;tr(?U, 
or tbo iHjually jKiorly paid nui] b.-ully irtfrtUrd iii^mlR-ra 
of .HOiiitt mriln rrtu»nis, Th™? eirN U'^iinlly s^jcrnl tln' 

miir«ty on cluiin in tljo comer of tbe giccii-rootn until 
the ciilM^y rvinlri tbrm worj tbtii tbi^y iii'C ncodcxl to 
till up ftOTDO AiKoi ^u]» in the «iit«rliiLiimei]t. B«yonft 
tbrAtj tber« aro ft^w to b« found in tbe ^prccii'mom dur- 

ij 4 iirrformftiici*. Oi-c^aioDully aiiiutorwil) drop in 
ptKt tho floor ;ii4 li(^ mumbloi^ hia llnca over, or an 
vrho ifl tired IVoEU Mjuuling in thr wijyjs, or on 
the rtHgOt WW] hurvy in nud drop to rot on the ho^- 
Th« »idc »Ccnc», or " wio^*/" ns thoy arc tcrmoil, iirr? 
tbc pU^wn in wbich to find nimost cvcrylxidy who hjis 

ly Ui«Jii<«s luxioitd the stn^'o of n thtatxo. Under 



tb« s1age» in ;^ " niuAlfvroom," the nmsicknft Tiiav be] 
foiiTii.1 irheii lltey iive not Imrftii^inj tlie »u(]teiice wiUl 

Onthdred logetber in thi^ pntrnnce« »n(] within eoAy 
diU of the pr(mi|>t«>r, wlioMv Imsinc^^ it ha« recent! 
1ii>c<k(n{t t<i inliu! rvrrylirnly c^Init'i^ ^^l•iill''«i^ iir^o Ih 
pt^rforiitri'', muh* :iik1 iLnniili? iitiuglJng (ngMlirr, wuitin 
fnr Ihoirc-UQ to gr> iw. Tbu otHi*nc*4f of dinirH inak4M 
il iimM>HHiiry for nil Ui rcminti iiti ihiAf fci^l, nr<! *Mi!y 
wlk'O a frieiiOly " iirojiLTC} " Ibut iimv I>l* ust^J for 
sGdentary piirpik^os i^ wilhtn reitch irlU a weary actor 
or actress T:iko ]io«se^i^ton of it. Enough has beoa 
fiald iilreitdy iHioul the* g(m(>nU rmpoot ff u^uire heliincl 
tb««cciQ<?«nml tin* groiJiiingw in thcgrvrn-rocini, Kow, 
J^ ii« tui'ii our [iLti*iition U: Aritiir nf tlio iiuHviiluitlK an 
in<:id(*nt4 of tliU r<-m»rl::ibl» 1itt1t< wnrttt- Tfio ffctn 
prnniplor i«, |in>lmMv', n* iinpnniint !i {iciiikmnii um w 
CouM firvt run rkgoiitiiT. Tlic promplur Hlaiidit ut 
(l^*k ttl "11^ itide f)f lln» *ltigi\ wilh a lioolc of tlit? [^lu 
b^riMtr lilm duriug tho (>niii'i^ perfomkan^o. It is hit 
bualiiess 10 fbriimh the pinycre ivitli thdlr liiioa wli«i 
memory faO^ Ibem. IIo miiBt 1>g qitjck tu ^ive thi 
parfdrmer tlio ^xnc-t wonl Hm hji8 ihi^oun bim olf tbe"^ 
traok, ami ju^t » »ooti hh nn ii^ior or at^lr^sa loi^k« ap-^ 
poalinaly towiinU bim li« kiictws what it meaun — tlij 
t1i<* pc-rfoi'inur U ■■ itiiclc '* — and ho miif^t run 1o thotj 
nid tit oiKi^. HU ptfthtun i* ahnoiit a^ ix*t!pi>n»ihl4i 
that «r tho promjncr tii the JupAHiMD tlioatrci wli 
gO«» from one aotrrr to tbo otbt^r. during tlnr whol« 
pcrfonDauco, and, wjib a Inuteni pUcud up ii^iiinHt thi 
pUy-boob, rcnda off the 1ln«B wiiioli thi3 aotor U oj 
peeled to roi>?nt. lio muHt 1)^ at tbo Uioutra during 
tho mortiinff r^liear^jilK : ntid h^ also tvrit^^ out part^ ; 
obanf^ of )4C4?r«j: ; make^ IhU of tbo pi^opc^rtice or 
articles needed ; and altogether, hia position u nothinj 


IX Tui: wixos. 

wHit« djuiiug litUc princess in thu niccAt of tl^htcit or 
pintlWi or hiuiditj*, with ^ymmttriciil Umhtt (u\)y dls* 
pinyrd, AiiiJ tiiu M>fl<ist of Wirl.^t l»t\ttidg uudL'r their 
coHM'tA, gat Lihmgtfciilo of liitiu aiiJ becaiiHe llicj hire 
held littlit piu^tHii to nicfniorIr^« and liiivo lot tbcm eltp 
lighU/ and [iAiflJj" bt-vimd Un-*ir r»?c<j|Ioctiou, tcfuo tlw 
proiopUir lu Ui'lp them lo rcguiu tbo lost void*. 

A vct<T»» nu»jiip!(ir, v(\io bati evidently seen a groat 

ItjiI of thr ^Torld lM:v<tLKt Ibe fout-^li^btH, in giving hi^ 

niiiiiwQiice-i, suid ; ** Some uct<ji'a biJiu<<t t1i4t tb^y 

vi^rMit-k. No tuattt^r ir tbej Uave totully fo[;gotten 

!it*UiiCa,ih(;y * My Bi>rK*tliiu|:/ astbey pliraseit, aiid 

Af o nevvr etien tbo dinV-reDce noi«d by tbc audicuc« 

OiKTi, wblle I vr^A umkjog Ibo rouiwld of Ibe 

In txKibU twiiily yi'ara or so ago, I went to see 

fonuauct; of 'Mutbtitb,* by the compaa/ of a 



frionU of miiio in Snii Fraiiei«iTO. It waiifttougb com* 
pany, a bntiJ of i^egubllcit olj^llnio barn storm«i'#, 
and the fL'Uow wUo pbivi-d Macif^fla wa^ ao f^r ^ono iu 
tbe dreauiy va«aiKy of wbiakey tliat he ' ^i^^d * his 
part itioro than onae In tho first 3C¥ii«> Finallv, in the 
ttiu3dl« of hin seconiKbe w;u al»D dead loJ't. Ho bctiai- 
Ut<Ml. but CKiljr for » moment. Tbon ho tiircn* hU 
ftnn* arcHind Lffi*/ M<tf;ff^fi' m vraint, and t[rawiiig licr 
to him, ooi>Uy tiaiJ: 'Lot us rctii'i% dv&rent cbtick, 
mid coti tliU Tii.itl'>r fi%^t^r in a more st»<|noKl«rod tfjn>l, 
tar fi'oiu tbe bu^y bauul^ of lucfo. Hi»i-q tlic u'ulU mid 
doora ai<e a]>>ee, and our exavy vi'ord is eobo«d far and 
near. Come, Miou, lot*« aw^v ! KaW b«nK mu4t 
h'vio, yoQ krtoif, what fal^ bu^irt dan) not sbow/ 
Tiicy Diuda Uioir exit in a roar €>r iippEiiLixo, luid 1 
thought, * Tlioro'a a man wlw hail no uco for u 
proni^itcr, tfuro cnou^zh.* 

**AII n(Ttjj|-i» aru not bko biin, however, lluv/ a<'tcrn 
oro iha i>roui|>ier' » btnu'or. Tbudi.>bulai)t4jiB Lvrnttbur. 
SIio will for^t ovcTylino Ibe morutM)t ^bo ^trikLJs the 
fita^c, and tw so iic*rv<HU. momover, that sbo will uol 
be ublo lo rcpcRit those the iax»(n|>lcr roads to ber, I 
rr^nKMnlwr onn young !udy who iKought .*li*^ had a mifi- 
■non to |day JntifU -Siio mad^ bcr ii|ipcanmco, j<ii|>- 
ported by n couulry oi>m|iahy, aixi IobL i:vci-y tinc^ a4 
ti^ual. WopromptcdbertJiroutfbhvrlirataecne, Home- 
ho^', Whoii thobidL^nv&ccno virfLaon,h€rtnotbor^to<K! 
OD tbc ladder K^iinid bcr, rcadinir ti^r «[>ceobe^ wonl for 
word, which ftbo rc|>cutcd aHcr her. But llio old hAy 
*ra«» bnvy wt^ighl, and Iho ntrp-laddci- \^-^^ no lonpsr 
ill ibo I1oir«ror yourb; xo* hi tb« middle nf Ibc fai'o- 
iFell, tt ^avo vray. Tli« old lady wzk^ tumbled forward 
ibtt tbo rirk«rt(y «4a^inu; of lb« WIeony, and it fell 
iin«t tb43 Bct picoo tbnt muskcd it in fi^in tliij audi- 
eni;^. So Juliti^ tnothtr, bulottiy* and aJl Ui|>[>le<i 


IX THK uixoe. 

fuiry IcAniLi^ u|> a^nat M>me object with her litlio 
Llm^^ cro^cii, :uid^he)>uttiii^ in ibo spcirc liiuo ullowod 
Lcr in doing crochet ov botnc kindred work, i'crhaps 
abc ia knitting n [)iirAO fur »omc dinUul lt>vct. or mityho 
it 13 tL tiur puir nf M>otc?( l'[>r lUc llulc hikUy thut >9 vrai^ 
ing for Li?r jit lionit*. For inctiiv of Ihcstj ;r<n)tkfuK 
diarmlog. luid hfarUWe^iking fzttno^ nt'iil f^tr Ijur* 
Icaqucra aro mamod.and fi'cqueiitly their hu»handa 
arc ill the 611D10 company. A story i;^ told of a vroll- 
kiiown Hiiil popular fictrc«s vrho brini^a her ba^bnad 
\Tith hcv to tlic tb<mtro cveiy tiiglit, and wliili; tho old 
It' — a dear, jntiocotit xnd utioi>mj»hiiiiiijg oUl tVllcw 
U in the ^id^ E»c'ciu-« i^arsirig itahy with a iK^tth;, on 
OEM knee, aud hotdiiifi; an Ku^lJbh pug un tho otliurt 
ivhile Ibo luothcrr ja out bvforc the adatiriug public 
tbrowint^ her anna nbout some #tmi><:o lii^nteot i^nd 
dining to hiiii vnih nil tlic warmtlj ami adcctiou of 
the fiiir -7h/iVf J young lore. 

The atory i** told of a New York liramiLfi, who nmdc 
rc;'d ]i.iVK\ nu*{ luu uuicL of ll, tni tbi? 01^;^. A^t.-on)- 
[ng lo tlic rule^ of the tii^ d«partiueut thert, a tut-fii- 
Iwrof tlic di'isiittiiwat is kopt ou duly at every jxjt- 
fonuLUit-Q JiL the thcutiva. \Vhili> tlicrc h« hiw uolhing 
to do Qxccpt rc=jpoad to any cidl of firo, and give hi» 
valuable services in «iipptcd«ing it. But it h v«ry 
aoldcmi tKht hU M^rvicisfi arc t-jdUnl hilo rci^ulEiltion, and 
con.H«i|iJc<iiL)y thiA |ioailii>u ut tin* tbtrulre it luudi »»ught 
ntivr hy tb«i ^iilbnt fliv Inddlfu. Aa n rtild, tho mtJin- 
ben- uf LJje dopailuii^iit atvi a fm>3bf)ily of 1111*11, but ILimq 
dcluJIoJ jit the l.tHSLlrcA ;irifl very *lHu-h>(>kiii;; and con- 
M^juently very pupidnr irilli the netres^M^^ ;it tlio tbi^M- 
tPKi. Ttw tintnriil n^Rutt. i> tTknt tht^ Un'rimn v>(>[i liua 
ft '* nuflbi*' Aiid havin*; iinrc^trictt^i litn-rlic^ pei^iint>Ti- 
UtcAtbrough thLihuilding willmiil hindr:tncv. Brcorn-* 
lug well MOjuaintf^d witblhetiouksaud coruer« lieiseiH 



iblod t« nnat^h a Tow inontcnU' s*woot coovcrftc with \ 
object of Lu4 ulfcotioiirt, ami in a plucfj vrhoro tho/ c 
oommune with one another miiiillucoGCti by tliu |)r«tf«oco 
af Anyone. But rocoutly llio regular diauppcurmirc of 
tbc firoinaa of acoruiu theatro at n 6laU>d time bocuni^ 
tlic subject of comincut among tbo Attachos. and i 
otbcr Fcruak lulniirrr of the ^jlbuit liiMttnaiL, ii<'liiated 
poi^lbiy bv jcfUoQit tnotlv«ifi, tvatclicd him rocodiDg 
from vtoiritikd follon-cd \m foot^bcpa ailcntly. In ua' 
iinfrc4|uci)ti'<) iioc^k iiiiioiig the ruins of ruicienl Biouti> 
tain:^, ^lluro nml l>rund ficldu — on eanvud ^DtfH>d tii9 
object of bor dieappomted afToetioiu, embnieiiig th« 
fair form of her rivai and giving veut lo the peut-up 
feelings of bi» hcnrtt wlitlc? aht^^ t^ov, and dove-ltke, 
stoodi bliiihittgly iceclviug tho ci>iiipliiacttlH wbieli 
vrero behij; «bowci'cd upon her. 'IbU vrus too miii;h 
for the «1ij;blcd foir oiu% mul thf; pljw:c Xhut knew tho 
loving hcnrti for mmty evening \s now vucfiiit and 
rcntly for the (jccupanoy of nur^ther lorhi^ ccmplo. 

Auoihi^r liiL' hid of the Aartte de|>Mrtm«.-iit lIiQii<^bl bo 
ftinolt fire tma iii^bt juat before the perforuiaiice began. 
Ma itt'wii liround through every nvtuk aittl conwar la the 
fiil3Uu(--iit of bi« duty, hlkI iLt lo^t vTits «ati4fli.'^(l tbiit be 
bad found the pLncr. lie W;i5 uot ?(iiffic»rntlr wM 
po^ti^l l*j Kiion that hv bad kiraUnI tlic inriiiimit bbisfw 
in one oftbn hidio' dro3»L(ig-*rm>m!t. 80 bi hepopgnKl 
^ilhoul ii^iving any vrnnitri^. The ^\vh* wen? dn^^tng 
r tliu Idillt'l and alivradj <nie of [ nitA hi roudttiott ^^ 
^i luio her siyiuiiK'trieaU. Jnuigino tlie eoii^tema- ^M 
of lii« girU at sight of th<" apparitit^n in blue ^' 
HI, uijift luid 1>r-th« bali(»tn, Thry b-i^tily got ^^ 
(1 Inirvls and otl>er articles vrilbin irjirh nnd j<cI ^| 
■reocli that ciiiiin near erefittng n paiiteamf^ii; tbe 
^■, Tlie tim Ixiy did not unit In 6i^d ibo uri^ti 
OKik«t uid it took Jill U10 penujAuive puvfera of 

ly THE wivos. 117 

tho manager and company to koop Uio girle from fiwcar- 


THE Tl'lNOi, 

bnro happened b^Iiind tUc ftccnott and but fevr of 
which bavo rcaoLt'd IhiS public. The Ic*oi]<l »boiit 
Atkins Lttwrenoi;'^ lion 8kiii> vliidi h& M'oar^ who<n ]jo 
pUys Ingooiart nud wLkli wu^ eo honvtly Bjjiiiiklod 
with Bnuff a« a |ir€«erv^ivD n^^iu^ moth^ th;it when 
Pai^hmm ht^^ttn to woo tijc hnrbminti chief unfl Iciint 
Joviugly upon hi^ ehaiiltkr she sUmost siifczcd her 
hca<l oir before tlic ftlanno<l *imlicin*o. ia toUl of Mary 
Andcrboii. The MilwAukco 'Sun prmir-t] Aoinc^tluii^ 
alwut tUo onmo nctiead, UiiLt whether true oi- Mao U 
cqimllr pooil, Tlio wnkr niiy^ ; — "It ia wtU kiiosvn 
that Mi>5 AQ<lor»on is luJdii^lod to the ifum-chewuig 
h.ibit, nnd th;it when fUc <^oc4 upr)ii tbo £tu;;o eho 
^ick« hor chew of gum on ah oMcantk puintctl on tbo 
«cncry. There w:*» u wicked young num plnyiog * 
miliar part in ll>n piny who hud been trcjtt'-d flootnrully 
by Many, i\^ he thou^lit, iimi be hiK\ bt-cn heard to ft«y 
bo would tiifik^ hcN' nick- lie <lid. Ho ti>ok la-rcbew 
rf ^'urn mid jpi^nd it out .m> U wiia iii thin ai pnper, 
Ihcu placed u chew of tobuc-cu jti»ide, neatly ^vrapped 
it up, ttwl t»tuck U Ukck on tUo old cn&tle. Mnvy came 
off, when the curtain went down, and gohig up to the 
nk^ih ^hc bit liko a. 1>au, rutting the guni« which she 
bad roklcn wju« loaded, lulo Iwv inouib. #hc mashed it 
>i h«r irorics niid r>~jllt^d it a^ :i iiwcet morsel 
■ lnu*!Hi^. It i* «dd by tljosi^ who happened 
lid tbo Ki-cnc?L, tb:il wbrn this tobacco bognu 
'4 work iht-rii v/tat tb« wor»t tranp»rorDliition 
9V«r n|ipr:inNl ou ibL< btagCi The nir, otic 
Bfwmed to bo full of iinc cut tolKic^^-o And 
I, mnd ^Tfirv stood thora nnd teiiucd aguiiiftt 
bchf iL xiktuna cf bomc^aiekncM. Slie wad 
lie gill'*, jiud tn^mhlcd lEke nii Aspcn Wf 
>IG wbid. SliL* w;ls cnbu an tk Mimmer's 
I wbilo coneealmont li^o a womi in 




iw TCB wcsoa. 


aa appl?, gnawtiJ at hci" atmnath. and Uive her cor- 
ictfttriu^, frbc liid not Lipljrjiii] tlio wretch who had 
anugg)^ the lilc pill into hi>r countciiaiicv- All flho 
Niid, US »ho tlirnci) ]wt pair fnrc t» flu? iininLivl Ivy on 
Ibtt mrlt. floJ gnupcil n paiuLiv) iiijinkil picri' with hrr 
ItiA htfad, lu htr Hghf ham) rcuti^d on her liuuviiig 
iit»Eii:u'lt, va-*, ■ I tl'm Uy i\u* hum} <it" an ^t-wJit^iii.' 
Women can't W loo iruntrul ivhvro UnTy |>uL iheir 

Actora are nol ff»mlL*r orT>r indulge moro in Itqiior 
ihan nay ollirr l*I:im. Oi'cnMon:illy yon will fin*! h 
tnpTnbfT of t!u^ jirnfrAiinn ivhnsEfi paiixicin for ihn ar- 
dt-uil vlll liMil him far rimiigU lo ili^ap^ioinL rhn piiMin. 
Jdo EniTti^l's iiidiHOivtloji?t In thia flirvLliiHt grivu him 
worl<l*widG notiaiety. and for this r^fi^ni only du I 
montjon thcni hero. Ho i« a favoriu*- crtrrywlicro and 
fnr ihiit rra^mi thr rntim piiMir? rrj^ivMi'd h\< our fault 
nmofig %n many agri'ciljlr vii-|nrs. ISut^ Jon Tmj* nrrji- 
tionod many r^iinind pjitnations in the sidv KC<-n<»4 whtlo 
iiHorfi nnd matirtgi^r wri'ii plying hna wUli Rultser, 
bromide rf p[>t:t>i>^inm and othtT ho1ti>ritivc-'4 in ni'd^r 
to f^H hint tci bcpii vr limih n play, wlu^n tliom wn« n 
jamincd hoiuu ^^iLiUng lo applaud Inm a1 orory tnrn in 
" Fritst." Bill Emniol \tjtit on»*Ki*d tlit> Rnhicon si^rain 
and onco more bi* noHdful of fnentlii ivjinoi) in hi* 
Itofpiut^^ und groiviii;; fciluuo. H« U not tho only 
one in ifio ]jrofi>h>]o[| who lias *k?cu addif^Ced to llio <?[ip 
tbalvh<.-cre and iuohTiftH^-^ at tho sumo Mm*.\ T lmv« 
lizard that n preUy and popular eonliroltu mnni have 
her glaA* of brandy bclirccn thi^ aou, and llmt an aclor 
already at the top of tho Inddor is BUcenmhinj; ti) th« 
a«dtiotivc nnd roay ]i<]ULd. Still lienor Iina tiot mude 
nearly the nnmhor of victiois in the nuik» of Ui« 
thealrical cIms tlwt it Ii-'i^ in rlhcr ptT>fc@(4ii>iis, nnd it 
ia only ailudc^I to here U* lllii:^tratr ;i conucal v\vL>id%x^ 


131 TUB Wiy09. 

that C11CC occurred during tli« cngn^Dicnt ol' jl liui-< 
I^aqtie combination in Kariins City. It vru» mil knownl 
tmtil ftix o'clock mt night tliut the comcdiuit nf {ht 
ccrnvKiy ^'Ji* in g. »acl »lnt« of ttitoiciciULori ^ornc^'bere 
tljrough the town. Partis were sent out at once 

Ui look lirm iii>. Thry iliil not suocwd in finding liimj 
until 7:W wWn thc^- htirrierl hlni to Ibo ih^'atrc. It 
waa II Irrribl* jfili In p^t liini into his sIuge-<^!o1hrj; am 
to kei?j) liiFi lie;id »|L-iidjMind liis oyc8 oj>cn I'fug ciictli 

isi Tins wTwoa. 


to nilow liLs ffii'iiilH til make him ii]> fur h\% pnd. Br 
tbe tiinu Uib liu^:] }it<L-ii ctimu lliu tiii|>iilieiit amlii^rirL* 
sboulcsl mid wItislleO ^nd tlimipod ro vmli<iiLlyth:it nt 
liit^tllie in;\i^jig\}r w:l4 ohlJgLHl loniigMm cLiilnin up. 
Mr. Cfimc^Jiaii was in ibe TOiii;;^ reiuftiiiitly acrq^ting 
ihn nr'DcHttm [imriili^l t)v UU frmrifji, wliilit ihvy wnliv-i 
for lii& cuo to ^t tm. Hi* w:v< fnirly Hi)1i4?r wlif-ii ]n\ 


TyT>K-Li«Kl tbo pri^^e^iic^ of tbc uwilieii<w aui] ullliough In; 
IvotniTod his ixwitition fflii^lly, i't^vr in tbc ]iou»c 
kn«ir ri)OUf;b nb^iut Ibo UxitiMo ihitt kid Ik-^u Uk«n 
witb bim in ordoi- tbLit. tlo tnmagi^r miglit keep bis 
Wurd with Iho iHililic. It 19 nvc*]Ic-i.i to titll thai Mr. 
Coot^dion vas v^-i-y hOTvy, and *i^k vrbcn he ^ot bobv^E. 


STTAliK Cll\inift AYP OlflR.'Vft. 

The night th^ 8outhcm Ilolrl Uiiniod donti in Si 
LouU* 1 Wii* simiiViug at tli4! Utliei' entntiio^ \s\icn\ Kill 
Cliulon, whose {»iv3<ritcc in now nlwuyH iTpird^^jl in Aj 
citjriisominoiia ofii cni^ll^^rratum, cnmQ ckuii tUroug;] 
the fire nnd smoke in her iii^ht tlr^s^ ^n<l m-m* hurrird 
acro^ ih« street and o\sittfi\tkt\^i^v by a^^cnlleiniiii vrho 
leot hor bia ovcKoat while dbe niAdc hcv wav to 


another bot^^l. Thcixj wore«oveiitoeii llvi-* 1o*t 
terrible ni^Ut, and a ytnutu nnd Wniiliful aelnr^s — 
I'V^nkio ML^LcUiin — in ft fnimic effort to c*icapo thf* 
flnmcfti jumped from a throe story window nnil had hor 
fnco marked for Hfo by thi? h\\, JiM iv4 »oon m ]>c'k- 
pli' got over th<) horror of the first iK^iir* of the raliis- 
tropho, go«flp lurtif^d to theorising qui] from th.l^ 
divurnimtj *tiinr^ wmi told roiii'priung thn pi-<]nihiriit 
pmplc >vlu> li^imd in tin; ^alannly. Tlum it Wcauio 
kuovrii that Mlhon NobloA hail lont a brand netr \yatr of 
la('eiidt>r tmnM^r>,in llie i^orkft^ of which were Aevend 
hundn'<l dnllar^ that '* Tim rhti-aJi*' Iirtd Ifpoiight 
hhii ihat fiAJite evening. Thmi too. the iiaiiiiw oscsigio 
of RfTse OAhoroo, of the Olyniptc Mitck u(»in]>aoy, was 
■"ocited ; but prominnnt above nil, MNs IvU.i?Claxtnn's 
prcJKiiico in tho hol^4 wan dueh upon, and, »« 8ho had 
alreitdj fnrly earned ihstinnuLniort^ reputntion that ha« 
jtinrn follow<*d hvv^ h.M- iitimn Itpoame pni-t of iUr hiic- 
tory of tho cH>nllAgraLiou»;uIt Iiix betrn 3iKM>i4/il<'i1 with 
evrrr cy>nl!agni1i»n thtit ori-airr'd hi her vii^inngo mnctf. 



Sho la ratbor unf^lhntly inrl untruly styM Iho ** Fir« 
Fieoil," Hiid nil Morbs of prediction « aro mad« about 
the theatre flho plays in, U:^ liotel <^\\^ Uai; her rooms nt. 
md the vmy town ^lud o^^u^ity In which ftho id tcmpo- 



nmly domicihid. But Knto Cljixtoii, who hy the way 
U MtH. gtcvciitfoii, IS not tbv £rnt ikci^on In livr pi-o- 
fisAsioti to 1iav« Aoqtiirod au<>h an unenTiabb rc|mtaUon. 
Tboouu S. Hftinhlin, an aolor mid manai-or <if tjio ejirly 
hMof th« prcacut ccutury, who came fiv}m Eugland m 


StAOl ClUTUIg AXD otfcm* 

mora rolciitJc^lv tbnn Mii^ CIu:iU>n has Hocn. Nd 1cm 
than Tour thtMHrcn bimic^tl tiiulcr liiw ninnjiffPiRcnt, nnd 
it wriA ^iienilly Huid when be iin<li:rtno]( to npcn or 
llin A placl^ of umiiacincnt iluvi fniTEi ihat momciit it 
was f ited to tbo flfinica. Jl^imblin ti^uit^fi ion&pku- 
oiuly in Iba hl^iory of Ukt Bctwcr^-. lltj ditd in 13M. 

The sailor wji« bnivta ihc daiij:^'^ of tb« dceji U al- 
vnv0 Miiidlv ^upcr^titiaoa. There i^ something iu tho 
"vii^tticM of tbc oce4iii, ill lU n^i«ty immcn»i1yt in it« 
iDJigic titini<ri7. it4 wonder:* lutd iU terror*, thut ]iu7^1c9 
the nihid Aiid ^rl:» iirclo the imjigiuatinii of iioor J-ick, 
mid cvpn Wwildurji hU ^'iipnri'H" €illic4ir», Tht nrUrit 
who utuicrLLki-s to mil befon< thr jnibiir mid in a:iiums 
it for » living in qiiiU' iia maeh at hca na your gt-miiDO 
Jiuk Tiir, lie or bYm tun]** hhiifrulf or lierself on a 
vcriuihlv occAn. busei hy (Ihli^cia. sLirioujidcd hy uii- 
knowEi and licklu oimdllton^ of Mtiuo^phcro and phc- 
nonuMa. AH tiler bj^'ic of tho dry hnid i» f>f no iirail 
in Hinb !i *iIn!4noH, The rcliitionii iif riiu*p sun} rflftjct 
iiTD bfiiki'Tj up. Mfi^'ic i» tbu inlj' t'xrnjn' for the Hrri» 
taI (if tliiT unt^xpfti^Kod. Tbr M'riijinn;1j' iinjio^Ajhlo En 
n*Htitit is idwiiyi till' miHt, pn^^jltU'. 0\nv i-mlmikvd 
ill Lh<f dniimilii' iieii, no oihi can lidl wlnne ihti voyage 
may tml, or wb«t It may liring fnrlU, A ^hipwiotk 
cm aurifi-roLit inrTc^ mny prove a mik^c^aa. 

Triiitnpli limy i-oiili.'' from ruhi ; Impplnc^H from dan- 
ger, mid Uio lon^sl voyage and the richest freight aro 
oft'^n giv€n Ibo mo<*t leaky und Hhnllow craft. Thflra 
i« lio kiionhig which bnat will fluat the lon^jat nn tha 
<]minat>o frC'a — tho bo^t equipped or the inii«t xhaky 
flmi Hiin^y. So it if! no woml^r that actor« nro a\\ 
<uj>rr«lU]oup. Tfi<*v h:ive tio oomi»»^)^ c^vini tc> guid^ 
tbom wbuti li^^t Hy tbo VEiryiiig wiiidii of public opln- 
iou. Tbo inipodsHilu Ls tdu'ayii Kiiro lo luocl tbom ; to 




ihcj arc ftlwajs on tbc Inokoui for mnglc, aiu! di^pfiiil 
in secret ^jiiitc fts niiirh upon ihoir simple uocrtnaaucy 
Ail iipnri Llirtr liilcrnt or thuir Aludy. l^rery star bafl* 
ao io upe^kf a fi'tidi that iu*uita buc^cw, or -r'>ca 
through ail iinagmaij' lunnula to invoke profljicrity. 
Tbo piiViliG ia coostantly under the iiiflucnci; cf the 
VT>iKliro arts of j»ctorn, nml iiicantutiiinn an*\ mjittic 
•igns nile Ihc T\orld of Th<?»i>i» nud cnflhive tho public 
frilhout iUn kitonltdgi^ Soiuit of Ltie^v faiicii^tt and 
fiumuIjA uf ill lull ig<!Ol iiiHin-a ai<i, iiideud, tiioi<^ simple 
and thiliJliku th^ui lhos« Umi cLnnu-tcrizo [)*ifH" J^ick of 
tlitf briny dt't-p. 

Imagine, for iitatiiace, an actor lJk« John Mc- 
Ciillough infumiiij; 1o Hppttmch a tbcriitt* <"X<vpt by niio 
rtmVi; (iht: (iiitT hir fir-^t lakc^-*, no iuatli-r bow n^uiulo 
iibout) frtmi iLt^ht In night. fi»r fuar of brt-aklu^ the 
L'lmi'iii of sm.'[ri->rt. Imagim-, tiwj, i\ \oi of nihin' trifliug 
tbiijga tbat IieM^i hiui — bj-^ii», otuvaa and ibo like. 
Tf be etnnibf^» wb«ii bu lii'^t catcra n fiiMue it i» h sigii 
iif ^o(id hirk> ir Ikt rrci^ivi*j4 AliiiI. iipphin^r in [.]ir fir^t 
)K»-it^ hif lA Mirt! Iti ALit^iri^d, itriiid tliuiidcroiiF^ p)ju]dit«, 
in tlip bu»t ; if ForrKsC^ Hwiinl, UM-d In tlir filulLvror, 
t]4^iMiini-4 dim by damp n\v or ollit!i' cau-^r, it in a nign 
uf lat'K cjf fiTvor hi lliu auditin-'ii of tin' ovtnin^, \rhib% 
on the toLilrary ai> extniordinarj lirlgbttit'-t^i nt ihr 
tTi>ii[}oii !3 a fiur^ »i^il of ^ic^Lt &iiece88. If a u^grn 
should trroM bif* j'ath whilo he rs on Inn wny ir> :i pcr- 
fartnanFfT, lh:it i> a nrvf^r-failiTii^ nnii'ii of u |>m>^por[>us 
oii|pigL<nte]it, whibT In ctricoimU-r n croTo-i'Vod woman 
(not a luit], ftn^ 9,{tiMr^nin* in llmt Mirt tiC cLriiinrr^ 
doea m>< affwl John, pmtmhly hotMUr^^ il is ordy Iho 
vroiiiAn he lookii at), h a Hure !tti:n if not r>f fuHure, 
atlenhf. of annoyiiRf^o to himi^^lf uml coldness oa tbc 
port of \m audienre. The Mnt-fwrh muslo U, of 
cnur»«, bi« great hugtwfir, a<^ it is with all actora. 




No duccosa could AtMiid wny of bb p^rrormancee If 

any ooo were to hLm or whittle tb^ vritch^e* cboria iu 

thoirioga or X)\n drfta^ng-room&. Any po*ii , inexpo- 

rwnced doril nho tnighl try iL wouh) HrtU John, ^uid, 

ill fitd, till tlio c<>m|>iiny, wrohlljti^ with him, luid hjtn- 

»vlf lying ill Ihc ^ultr'r ut tlic but^k duor l)clor<? he hull 

irurtdeil tbrtm^lv l^^o tiura oJ'tlio I'utut mudju, Tlii^< in, 

to tlio opinion of ^t'cry iK'Uir, a sure luvooatiou of ^Ud- 

osUr, Uiidcr tb<> mulJi^ii iiifluouc»> of tliid mvloilio 

doviltAbiio8H citLivr tho tUoiLlrc vrJU bo bumocl dowu 

(for* if wc iro to bclicro tho itctori^ aiir] au^ ti adi- 

tirmi ovciy Ihciilru limt wa« (^vcr bnrticd io tUia cooti- 

Ivy w«s put uudpr the j;|»cll ot firo hy itmio Piiigcr or 

ivbi^tltr o1 ItLtT witcJiLti' oburUH), or ct;ilui'Jv:i ^iU not ho 

p«jdt or llic nmiiii^cr will bring bid sc4i<ioii to nu cjiHy 

iim\ dirtusl^mja end. SomoLiiri)^' ill ia dtiiH.< to h^ippt^u 

iftboMadKtb muaic i^ licurd, and Jobii bIuikj^ that 

belief in common with oven tbo bumbkat Kouiun of 

tboni all who |)^r»dc9 hi:" i^-i'iii'^^y ^hEUik^ nightly in 

ridii-ulou^ contru:>t with Iho hcrt>ic Ic^ of tho trngu- 


John T, Itttvntoiid, wliWv b(di<i.'iii^ f:utbfnl1y lit nil 

• ro*;i]lar fii^nii and i>ni<*n« of tUc Kt.'ijr<s U'M bU own 
bil d^mt M "" bog 'om/' UHlng th(» wtu^t writitc'U- 
lar. Il« baa only out* «oit of clr»th<>3 for C*4oj\tl 
Si*lltrttt niid iroubl not bavo nny olh«r mider unv ('ii- 
OUiniitAUf^oa, It nfoiibt i^hm^go hi« luck iVoeq giK^d to 

»*Bomark/* he mvh, **thcn' n<^'i>r wna a aucco^ 
□outinnod wlioiw n play ujir vutir<*ly t o-^o^l uiiied. 
Tbo public iutcro«l bc^n to He^e idwny# in «omo tny«- 
bdriou* **ay from tbo lumi tho rwy^ dix-KM^jt oanitf oo. 
It H Ib^i old diory iif old niiiv in ikw bottlnj^- Tbo 
wino vill bu»t tim botll«j< TboTv^a goicg to bo iio 
biir«t with my vintv 1 elick to my old olotbt^d a^ long 
m Ibajr «rill alick to me/' 



ffTAOe CHjLRVA jUVD omzxs. 

Wi Inn oLto m Iitck^ i^ gi»M piecr, whi^ h« aliraTM 
c<rrie» in ha rv^l |ic>rkrl nn llti? Htn<ri\ trbatcTer pzut 

htt Jh l^tiijingi *ti<I wlicii ho is nei-^oii^ ni>d fuarful of 
liiok of Giij^rocbtiob bo bnj 6&ly to rub hiA mn^ic coin 



to mak« iM i3i-yUiiiig lovely. In filing out of IhhI lie 
w3l not »\i[i out with ttie left fout fii^t. Wt liu may 
kro bad lark nil tho Hny. His «li'enm« iltytilt'^ his iic- 
cepttiiico of .1 pl^y, :iiul vrlttMi he is [inzi.\*.'d lielweeii 
two tncthcitU of working n\> a " [lomt,** bv U perfectly 
AHlixfiutl In MTtllit it hy this Ub:*^ ijf» ofit i-i*rit, 

pripin-y of otil i-loltiCA. Ilir luin iicvrr rluiiigrJ hU 

• Riji Vim WinM*! " ftufl, lniL h<' bi* W(»» rortrnd 

tmVA it paic'hisl »iiil rt^nov^lnl. HU ticil , wtg^ tv^iii! 

jiiid ^' tHi'k '* ridu — llitf u]t« tliiiL fnllH ti) |tit*4'c-i niit-r 

bis long ale^p—* AFP the 8aino that h(*i]M^J wh^n he made 

lU grotit 8uo(*ess in ihe purt hi London flftoQii yetH"" 

[tpci, He niHJaid ihla ;;i]ii Int ^oaAon, JuH before he 

iluycd at the Fifth Avenue Tho^tre, and wii^ forced to 

gel 4nc)Th«i\ Thiit OTipi»rfnieiit Wiis hi* first failure, 

find a IkuI oite. IK> ha*; found tli? oLd riAe, ami* the 

[ClLsirm hoing now complote Jipiin, he has opened the 

iBoji*o«» wUh a vei»y j(iicri-ji*r«l U'oalc iti Urooltlyn, Jo© 

Itrnuld hrcrtk an cn<^ii^f>ni<*iit Ui ntiy Iht^atro if n do^ 

'irero to walk aoruH^ (Lt-* i>t;kp^ at the Eir>it ivhonrf^nl- 

ThAt i$ a fturc «ign of dmthj Iohh. cir fiiv, rut every 

actor kin>w*. A eat jiaradin^ ihe t*(HiUw*c-* orwalking 

with daftily tT«a<l afiiJM Ibo tt<^iic, ho\i"(>vtr (even at 

%a evciiiii^ performance ), would ho h&ilvd hy him ai>d 

colka^iKs wiib delight a6 an unfAilin^ «i^ of prod* 

perity, health and renown. 

Hoihoni ft^lt tJiat bo wiiEf (lire to fail t^itli hij? nndi- 
enco if ht« v^lel, bv an accident, hntided htm hi^ wig; 
before ht* coat vnvt i>n, while, if he put i(. on Win head 
at tbo laat moment, and not Itofure iho vcii^i^A of tbfr 
ooll-boy waa bc^rd ^umoiomngall on for his ^nt aceno, 
bft bnd "gjot "eia d<;iid to ri^hts^-" 

rioraicv, hko R;iymon<i, carries a lutvky #5 ftold 
pi«co» and bolievea tbo cburni othU popuUirity rcjioscd 


6TA0E ClIAl!»fl AND OUETVfl. 

iftth/) fact tbat ho alirnrs pQis on Lb costTimes in a 
Ocvrr-v.irying nrdcr, and never »;haiiijea his old hniAbi'-H 
imii ui'ti<^k:« of '* make-up." lie* too, ia afmid of the 
nccTommitic power.-* of tho ovil-omcucd dog, «nd ht>- 
li<'Vi:fl ill the nm^n vi\tc\\tn of fiiiiy gnmnlkui. If tlic 
orchetftra pluj'^t ii valtx tNitwceu th» iimt Jind ocHond 
acta of liU pitH!ft, ■tttcce^9 in iu<>rt} likr-ly ili^iii evur to sc^il 
bi§ otfoKa of II115 vv(.*iiiiLg. 

Alrfc. Floroiite, <Jii Liit' rimU-arv, does lua l«-l[ev« hi 
old cljtbcA, l/iit fjuiu- tho revorso, SUo thiiikp^, Uovr- 
ov<:itllkaLbird»(L\uj»i'it<«t oraii3'ol1iorTai'!i.-ty)ai'efiurc 
to brih^ li;id luck, and will nut jdin- bi ibevonipaajr 
wbcru llierc l* n i-i-of*^-cy<^d girl. Tlic rro*fr-i'yed raun 
dcc-iti'L ootint. Iftlifi |ii-omplcr iihnuld tcnr ai piij^ of 
iiiaau?icri[>L arcidcnUdly, or. inorctovor, if the |)iige 
jtlioubl r<K]tiuii iJiE^ luini? or a hpcTeirb of IIkt rbanicLcr 
n]tv U iictiii^, tbvrv U iii> u^ti ill lioping for a givJil 
run>r llmt i^vouiiig, fur ibitrtf tvlU ba nolUbtg but din* 
a|i|ioi]il,ini?iil^ ill iUl* itijiking of piMiita itiid **uutri'teiMii»i 
ill Lbc umna^eimul of llicr flU;^<:. If the prompter 
turn* out tii0 foot-lighu or a row of bi^>H«r-Iight#, 
Avrifl, di>*Ji9iler i« !^(;re Ut I'ome on Lltt.^ t.h^nhn?. Tbi* 
Witt iiisvrr known lo fail in ber cxiH'ritriitc. 

DoLilU will nvvrr gii on llic »tagi<, iii» innllcr how 
lal« i>r burriifil be may 1)0, wiUioiiL HrHl, paving Lhivr 
iiiiiif aL!nj^?i lb« gri-ftii-rtH^iii, iiiuiiiMiiig uvtr not Uic 
iSi-ftl, bill ibe \tsry U»i spectb of ibo piwuc he ia to id^^v 
tbat night. Tbi>a li« Wii\kn ou, sure of his triumph. 
If ho 8ho4ild fail in \iU fm-fniil», Ihi^ »itidioiu-« woald fic 
cold and uiiappiTciaiivo. Il has bi>cn bin ihiaIoeq Lo 
have De^dtaraona** eouch set 111 Lbc M^ctind eiitmrro 00 
f.lio *ta^i', h'ft in thu hi*L wreno of '■ OUirlli*.'* Ar- 
ttoniiiLg 1(1 f,}i[T obi Mvb-. l\w oomrh slioubl bent^T in Lhi? 
(Mfiili'ti do»r, bifhind iijrlatiiH, «* iii front of Lliu 
audittuoc!. Booth beliuvtti icj bj^n^, however, aud 



ntli'^r |i1:kr4T iIliii Lr. K- I'. )i*' ivdiilil ]<i>i4t hiH rbitniL in 
Friink Cliunfniu liclit^^'is in ilu^ irllirnf*}' of old 



€lo(he>t< He hfla only oiio nutt in ^fV, nnj his sucoess 
ia tinvamQg in that pi«ce. Hi^ hulcs tlo^ ou the 
beliovoa in oaU, knowd btrJ^ nro l»ail luck, it!^ 
kvinofld that r hou^e d^^coriit^ in i^ ^rovi^iliti^ Uwa 


tTAOe CnAEHS AVD 03l£>8. 


ofdedded blue ia sure of jIUfortDue, vncl ^hmlder^ 
tho mere meatwn of llic^ ^bctx-th munk. Ho h:M 
Altered clenr of aU tbv^e cril ii^fluoiic«a dtiniig hifl-^^ 
ata^ carccv, aud bu bocn uniformly a<icc«8sfi]l< ^| 

Oliror Doud Uyron has a qicciat dAiln iu Addltton 
to the ro^itar eiipct^titions of Li« cTanfi. IIo biia 4 
ccrUin Uttoo mark of India Lik »ii bis ligbt foroai-m, 
Wlicji lie mlU up bin vloerc^ for bi» " terrible coiib^f 
bat" in tbu Ust ucl i)f "'Acntrt?" ibt* Coutiti^ut," lie 
iDXUli uuc\tvcT tbul murk vritiiuut lixtkin^ atit, or hiii 
fetich I^ uut ctiuiplett?. and tfa« cbatni of bb prosperitj 
vTtll }m broken. 

Cbailes 'fbonio beli«vca kla eucce^ Ilea iu Uw fn 
that lio alinays stcpf on ib«» ^tag^ in ibu firHi acci 
with bi# rigbt font foremost, HEid kec]i^ it in lulvau 
until bft Iws delivered bi* iir«t T^pncrbn Thi* doiiOt l»(5 
h nafii and «are »f n '* wjtlk nvi-r " brfnrn hi* r^nlic^. 
Oiu-L' or Ivr'iai be biu iiicidvi-jioiitly tilo|j|ir4) Otit wit 
hift ItTfl. f^ni] on tbi-?te iHit^ii^iiinH Im b:is fidtt^d, nr iba 
piece b:Lii fulk'ii lliil. Smb atr ju-ddonl bitjiiifiieil bli 
on Ibe ir&T: nighi of '* Lost Cbildr^ii.'* Alnriagirr Pak 
mer, of the I'nion Sijiiare, who bnn ^N't boi^nino a vi 
tim of Pt«g(tHn|»»r¥TilHiti*T '* fi^arfjd of Tbonir Kteiiping 
out irilfa bi* trrrtliTcf left foot on a (irKt ntghl, jii<t 01 
ofrelaliMlinn f(>rMmii*nliuhl'"ririMi^ri'crni'i]t. Tlmnie*" 
jVfwsrf^King tb]< mugi[< |iowt<]- for ^ood or kvII, notn i 
hU finger*' «niK, bill at liie <*nd'i of Id^ loes, !» a te 
ror to Ihc i^tlubll^Iuut'nu and on flr^t nJ^^hUi is trMit 
iritb dUtingnbltf^d c^msidor-htjon Hy tbtft entire ootn- 
pany. So oiw get* in Jii* wuy when lie i* nlmnt 19 
aiuke hio stH-{« entmnec on itAr^tm^blT ^^ii^t ho in«; 
Ih-ixiwn out of »ti*p ;nid mlvsiof*!' u'itb rtird*i(»r niK 
ntboficen^- Thf)me*H rl^htfortL ort4:e put fonvan], 
Tono brctA4bo!« fiver and plays wlib greater \lmj 
critical point of e?ery uevr piny* tberefora, lleSi 



W fimJA the critics mflv not think It, In the mull^ or 
I favorublo ma^c of Thome 'fi feet, atconllTig as he puis 
thorn for^vnvd. 

AdelAule N^ilsoD wub »» siiper^Llliotis »h ilII actresses 
ore. Iler ovciily-balanct^ J lie^Lity iind bntiiia did uct 
free hor fi'om the slav^^ry ofomonir. She cariied about 
Willi hm", ever fim-o )j«r fir*t Ltiutlon «uecoM in JuiiHf 
alacrkji^ilkon rsij* — u dingy, Kti-uw-c*o1orc<l dmpflry — 
which F^tie inMiflUrd upon huu^n^ aver tbcr milin^ of 
the UiUmny whii; JuM bivatho^ Ijcr <-vimp1nl]its to 
t bo moon. Without tliU, tbi^ luii AJclEiido wnr^ «tiro 
aho could »ot Auoooed in the e^^eiic m uiiy prirt of the 
world. 81k* bixm:;;:1]t tlio (iilki.<ii tu^ ucroBv the wEitcr 
with bcr ^i^uiii iind u^iiu- The drnpci'V wiu somewhat 
fidcd Aiid (uUorcil from loii^ somce in tbo twe worlds, 
liut [itie etiil cluiij; fondly to it* vud enid It wi^ pos- 
»C9^d of all it3 oldoii mii;;ic. 

I-(itU ^loci)s three hour* by daylii^bt. but if she 
aliould wake up ten mintitcs before the iiaiilU time (jiwt 
the time lo iii^h to the tho;Ltrc) the filter arc a;;^aiaHt 
lier. uud »be vriU not do wrll tb^it <^vcnin^. If jiiiy one 
w}nHU*« in ft dres^ltig-nToin vrlthiu hnr hcuriiig while 
»fao U doDnm»; li«r c<Htitruc« »he tn auro the pei^ait i« 
<* wbiffthii^ uwuy her luck," and the liouae iit going to 
lip bull. 

Faiiiij Dav«n|iorl ivoiild nol, for any conaidtjmiiim, 
nuAEt reamitighig her wi^btTi^ro the green-room mirror 
jUHt pfBvioiifl to^ohi^ Oil tlic^liLgL-. SEiehiisa regal^ir, 
unvaryitig ronnulH to ^o through to gii^ritutce success. 
She fir*t prp**c» hi-r hand"* lt> Iho widci of b<»r bi'iid to 
lie«iirc the springs nrr finidy 6it<d (uUhoiigb ^llr hiLn 
jnnt h»<l her tlriuut-r iiinke Umt Aiira in her drivuhig- 
n>niii)t thRii ^'ive» the '' buiij; " thri^iT f^uiart tuj;^, pitlTH 
up tbct frisnt-A with a uervuiib t^vik-h of Uat fnt^v», 
pre&MH the eiiliiv w/ig dotvn frcvm the top cjf her head, 



giv4>d bor BJIkon trail si fin:U kiok io iuduoe It to unfol 
iLeolf, and Lt(*a ruehoa pelL mcll to tht^ slu^e in an^w 
to tli6 ftlanniiig cr^ of*'#tn|!;o wiiitiuH." Without thif 
formality &lie would uot l>o hcTiMilf tbo whole evonmg. 


Cbm Mom?i MIotc^ in tlie ct1i(<aj?y of n Jtmnll medl 
riiir vml, wliidi she cArni?H (eiin^j') Ibroiigh rvcry 
Menr, sire ^^ya^ IkrtHigh hjibit, tlioii^jh it U fn 
presuiw-t tbmugh sapot^Ution. WU.HotiL thn vm 
could tM>t gel niong. 


8TAeiE CtlAltM^ ATtU OlICX?* 


Neilscm alaa IiaO jl vial — tt hjwcuil nnn — wliicih rOm 
iQftUtetl fiLoiiUl imly ]je \untt\ far Hmtivtt'n |hmhuii jto* 
tiail, Shi WMLiM ljnrr<li<* ita DlhLn% nrid Ilji« lii't'tt kiicnvu 
U> liAVo tl>i^ hlU ct^-ingpfl hi?ciujso t\\v viul W;i« iiii^laitl, 
mill would not nllour *' Itoinco und Juliet" tn bo |>iit 
ii|> fttr |M HViniiMFici- until it wiix foutii), 

Fniiik Miijrii thinlts his niugiir liu in nii old fur cn|j 
aitO ft h;Ln<'s [uul, 
for nHiginjf, wlncb 
lie had over hi nee 
lie h:u bcH^u <mi the 

D'lririninlt Ir^m- 
Mcw :iiid L« iiumof 
riiUtii'o fnr unv ono 
of hiK p[cc<*>i nliiirh 
b grooiod u'iih 
coinm«iidjilicin by 
ull tho octom ViSih- 
oat a dUrtuiiliiig 
voice, illlie I'by- 
cn oondeiuii hi a 
liic<^ 111 lliG r«be»ai^ 
mtUt hi? i? liurc tbc 
tiudicrncc i^itL lik« 
it> But iinin J event 
no pliir «f liifl caij 
bo a euc4f?p0 iiiilr^^ 
he luam off tbc cov- 
€r to the fii-Ht ii*rt. nod mnko^ awfty with tbtf tilla |iiigo 
nt the ifiAt rcbear>iiL 

Mnode Graitj^vr bii« A crrUiin m:i^lc isiiTe]lit»g-bo4clfl 
which sho )>uU to bvr noHtriU jiiKi iH^fnn- ^Ing on ihe 

Maggie MitchUI attributes li«r ^uccam in *< Fan* 




ohon " to an old pair or sboeit whkh she troftra in thai 


Eliza W«nt1ii>rsby IuIoh liinh. do4>^u*t Hl\« n-b»tlftr*i' 

Find hm for her gpL^ciiil chanu uu citLbroidorccl rove, 

which iilwaya appeai« on hor dress or tiglitft, ixccording 

to Lho ©t^lo of part ilio may bo pluyinj;. 

1*110)11- Mark, tho' 
litllc l'ari»i«iiiic of 
Grnu *3 apora 
bixilTvs hita a T>^t 
pugd(»gwliwh fiho 
nlwiiy^ foud1«a at 
thr' jiid<^i«o^ncs for 
Ittt k. hcforo ^ing 
oiUlii^Htage. Th\Mt 
too. to the intent 
Uon'or of tlio re-^t 
of tlitt compnoy, 
VI bo tljinlc dog« in 

S:ini JewcU illl- 
»;;i iK'»j 1 1in.( HhftGCiin* 

ni-iluvrw li(?r liu- 
dii<LiiCi<n l>jr Miilktnxj 
Ehr>ii^g1i Utr |iOi*i* 
tK>ii<< im the 

UIU^. DOUClCAl l,V. 

&TAOC CltAfUId A>n) 0ȣ>'6. 


received Ihe jjoMcHoiinU during his fintt sooaon of sno- 
OOM- When Tony P^rt'jr ronwrctl from iho Bft^r^'Pjr 
to Broitdwny lie t<vik hi.s IroxoM over there, and b^ 
them with iiim now in hla Icmv over ifie <x)UnU'y. 
With nil our moileni inno virion!* mid reidiani, avc liavo 
not m/ide any i]iro:tdH on the folk-lore «f the dnuiin, 
Tlw ib&klri^ 14 [^li^ t'lury-huid, imd iU creature*, lln>ugli 
not futri«» tb-sinwlves. coiauiuiie with tbem ch>K-ly. 

Actors like many other poopio bare a perfect liorrnv 
of the niiflibcr Ihiilc^vn. Tho only mtm in the profes- 
sion who opculy deficA the superstition litt^ehiiig to 
thi* iianil>CT iv5 Ji»lni tl. Ilr>gcr9, tbc mtnA^r of the 
'• Mj S»vc«*tbc:iTt " Cnmpiiny. of which Minnie PjlintT 
Uld BuhtTt ¥1. <.irab;iui ;in- thrr ni^v fnrUures, Holers, it 
\3 Miid, iiotouly ^1 togi^lb«r a coinptitiy of thirteen peo- 
ple, in which the tJiii'hH<itli*ttL-r4 ot' Air. GrnbaiiL^Ftiiiime 
■UhhI out ill Oninviliii^jT proiiMtieiice ; hitt b« ho^un h\i 
teaitt'U iH> Friday. Ihe I3th i^f the jitoutb. and iii other 
iraya woued a diru and «peedy fato tor hlnj^ctf and hi^ 
peopiv : but good luck a p|> ear 4 tu have attcndc^d limi, 
mid bo i* ^ill tleliEUit^N trvw of the lerror-ludmi uuil 
OfDinoun iiuinber. hi contradUtinctiiMi to Mr. Ho^^r's 
MK?r<^M, tlic f^iiluiv iif aijolhr'r couiUuJiticrn may \w 
givrn. Fr.nik L. (finduin^ who b^t-t ihiri.een letters iu 
hu iiaino. brimght out the p]uy '^Lef^i^u of flonoft'* 
nrliij?>v title i*t Lum|Kj?«ed of exactly thirteen lettei-s, ainJ 
bad Saiuuifl W. I*ien:y.-— who died last wiijlcr iu 
Qoatmi, ivbile Mip|v>Ttin£^ Bdirhi Unolb in liis tour, — 
for trading maji,«iid by doing »ti freiirljled doirii hU 
. ntt<^r|MiJ4e with anolhrr il]->tiirre4t fir^ilure, for Mr. 
Pivirf'y'ii name cmut^uned Uiirlrru Mlers, Tho jtlay 
fail<?d, aikd tim Bn|n-rf«liLiarni jieopte t>f the pnift^HHion 
Smniedi:ilrt\ aUnbtitfd llii< fiulurti tE> the preseiiee of 
Um> many t>ukeL*a tlownt^ hi the or^auljution, A cer- 
tain woll-known piiui^t donna irbu$« eugsgement wha 


CTJLox aunt! AXP oiooft- 

H W^n on l&e 11th of Ibo aH>nUi w«nt to tH itn^ 
ywm^iSo ftmi b«£r^ *^ '^^^ ^^^^ ^'^ chan^d ; cl 
mU »Im kuow »bo vouM have iio Juck if «bo bOfZnn to 
ijiilt KHQ tbo diUo providod for bcr; hc«idc^ thU kcr 
fr fefcJi ImmI iKii^undcd licr thnt forttino would otiij 
ftwtk upon bcr if i^hc made her first nppcurntico on lb« 
13lh. The* l^fth VIA* Friday. miotlitT d:i)- Trau^lil 
wilh Tri^btful «vil to the ringing nx\d ucting /niterfiUYi 
•^> r^ilnr thuu luiko !iii tiiilucky Ix-giiiiuiig, llie pnmA' 
iWi)4i ojK'iKil oij the Ulli, find ruing two nibble for 
ttutbut;;, altbou<;h two i]f;;liU* wurbliug under her coi 
\nv% nii'dut «n KtniMiiit of money thiit vrouM nuiko 

'Ill* N^ir York Ihnttwiic iVnc* in « IjiIo nanibi 
rivnluiiH'd II funny t^ory ahouL Hurry Coiirtjiuio nut 
Jiibw K. Inty*. I»>ih j^^nlkmiit well and furon^>l; 
knoivM lo tho pi^ofc^Aton. Mr. [iitv bud solemnly pni 
fMttud hU oon-bolfofiii ^>oil »t- l^ul hit^k, after wbli 
hit u'it* inrilH l>y Mr, Court^iino to ^ulk wttJi hiui. 
Tb» SrtrA t«ll« Iho story in ilm bappy elylo; Tott_ 
i|iH»fy 4i> lo wbd^ 1m w;id j^>ii^?< ^r, Cointnioc ix^|i}ici 
Ibiit bit vr4» In ntLik^ an cn^a;^ciiic[it for the coojid^' 
•(Mfton wlUi « ^Tultcmjn now avrniliiig bioi a( Uw, 
Uubi|« SiLUiixi !ln1l^l, ** und I wnnt u witTi<:^:<," he «itidi 
*■ bni I ti'imUln't hiivc t>iu-. of thn^e niiprmtitioEiif foJ>^ 
loin« with 1110 for nil tlio norld. 'tlivy mako in^j 
iiibiinit*i| HfmyHoir ^^ilb IlKiir hcsolied — " 

Mi< ('niirt«ino ntopiH^i siKldonly and Hirnoti doadlj 
pMln ** lliTrct Wrcl'* be rrk-d, " cro^s fijiger«i] 
initrhi f " ntiil HclEbjg Ml. [lire's bri»d> be cro^i^od tbi 
mhdb»irrr of br« own over it vrhilc ft tramp with om 
MMii "L>ikKibrd T>y thi'iii. " I ^^tw h'ltn ovw tny IcH 
■ bimbbTf loOb" uiuniniicLl Mr. Cixirtnino. '' De«r 
•II' I tWr liiul hovr oxtJuwlin^ly jinnoyingl *' 

*< \Vb4r«lkotU[at(Ti-r' t^ikvd Mr. Iiic«, rdom Uii 



inaiteo 6f IiIa com|uiiiou ba<l thio^m into n pro* 
fcuud xjuuKiMiiciit. "O^Ju't you ftcl well? Whnt 

"Nothing/* i-qilimi Ml'- Couilniiiu. in stuiic <.'f>»fu* 
«0D. "A Blight twinge of my nlil gouL. Thoee fol- 


Inwi cm the ^iJiuv nri.' «iioiigh to given lUJin the ca!ic» 
with tWirnUrm.l1 Ult nhoift Jfmnh«, unUicUv b^ue^s, 
hivnlcKi niiinngin^ tintl thn likr, f flmi't know anv- 
lliiag I ili.Tt4*xt mnn! than stipeTEttitlon," £a^ Mi-, Coun 



taiiic, with indijrnitnt fon-or. '■ I tbink U fai n loircr 
fliDt! more debuseJ vi«o tbftn habitiiEil drunkGiiiicstft. 
If theru w£ts n lutr i>aaH(Hl Ut imiko It a cspltal oIFcuol\ 
I'm d — d if I wouldji'L &i*rve aj* ULingiUAn triibout aHk< 
ID* a cent pay." 

At tbi? juQi.^turo aa oM wr>man, enveloped in au 
odorous cnmtiimilion of va;^ und liquori scixcd Mr. 
Cdiirtinnc Uy th« sleeve and nulled two oyc«i which 
squinted ncrnM at aicli oilier uliuoat iit ri^ht-^in^cii 
towunla the ttky^ t\A e^lio whined : — 

"Plvo^e, pnod ^titleiiiun, n iiciiny to bny a poor 
lA^daw birad. Ouly n pennv, dear, Uandeome ffontlo* 
nwD, nnd tioj (jn with you," 

Ml-, Coitrtainfl dovo into bU pocket to roa|>ond to thia 
nrlful Ai>peAl, and au be did go, ^Innced at the old 
woidmiIh Tben ho bej^aii a porformnncc which plun^^'ud 
bta coiupcinioii in a uLiipor of woiidt-T. Cro&*ijig hU 
ron:fingcrA, bo ddibciittdv ^put ii|>on the pnvemcnt 
over them, duid then tiirnUi^ inn cirt^lv, r(^|)r:i1cd tho 
cxpff(.rti>mtimi nt (Tiu'b uf thr four pobiL"* (if the i'<im- 
|»ii»«. TbiA utvivinjdinlii^d, h^ mopped tho pf^i^^ptixittim 
from luM pallid brow, and bhnddtfrcd visibly, *' It!s 
Pridav. li«3.'* Ilia multci^d. " D— u it all ' I migbt 
bavekijok^n it/' 

"Known wlint?" asked Mr. Inoe. 

" Let% gfJilonnln Thiiw*'* find got » Ijoer/' aiud 
Mr, CniirtJi'tLii* nhniplly :iiid inirlcviiiitly. 

VoiiM b(-1.lrr K*?«3 jroitr niun firHt," Kuj^gtutt^d tb9 
prndmit Mr. Ttit-*'. 

'*()h, nil. Uo nm wnU: bBfiidi-.-i ! Ihirik il.'s Um 
bile to ealoh him in now. Fl] hunt biiu ux' t<>*tuor> 
ruw- CoDie nlcHig/' 

The libiilion pprf^rtDrd, Mr, 
tb<y ''hoiihi drnp In wt ib^ «■► 
CikurtJiinr ftivored a siroH 



STAVe ClfAllMH .l\li OMKKK. 


bia pro^^mmo would turn out the mo'^l ploiuing c>ii4>, 
mm] Mr. C<>ii>tnino Mid : " Hold on ; wc cixti ehtWy 

r»;*'flnd i>rc4iii-i]ifr n listf-Jolltir he Dipped It, aak- 
E, "Whiiti-it? ■ 
<* H^Luld," ftiiftwored Mr, Itioo. 
" Il'a tail," riMimrkt-d Mr. CouHmne. '^ So tho 
atroll will turn aui hi^at, Lot'a he mavin-j/' 

They moved aloii^;, iind ab thcj pnteed n fniit stnnd 
Mr. Inco tvmitLkcih ''llrUol thurc nro F!oni« ftniw- 

" Xc fii-vt-u i>f zo HMifinn .1-Signoro/* HJiid the Ncnpuli- 
ton iif>l>l(!iniiUi who prcAuivd over tlio div-itiiuiM of tl]«A 
flbind, with n how of iiivitdtioiif '^ico vory rirut-ti, otilj 
fecAy ociU-iiKO Imx-a.'* 

" B_v Jove I '* cried Mr. Uourlatino. pickiiiif out thrco 
of tlie (iuwt uud loavinj; the l^>ox a quurt«r empty, 
*' now, thco, luce, make :* wish," 

■•Whnt for? " doTunu<tcd Mr. lt]w> mnkittg » ruid on 
tb« Wx on Iii4 own not^unt. 

" Scvtr miod/' replied Mf. Coitrtuiiic!, cvnoivcly, 
•' only whcuoiX'r y'>ii out new fruit or vugctttldoa muko 
a viih/' 

And he poetx^d tLe strawbeniea into bia oratoricaL 
oriGoc, and Wjilkcd off, liiaviuj^f the fniit vender fomii- 
Ing at tbo mouth, and «unrliii<; " corpo d% tHavofn/ 
0c«6 Aotor 'nvc-ii Kc [ilKH^k-a of ;\ policeman. Oh E 
Madonna mUi! Vx\ Rem boyw ^id not »lcal-A my 

"Hie ^Imll waa varied l»y no furlhor tiindenta oxcopt 

ikal Mr. C'MirtfiiiTo vk-;tlkrd a block Jimtind to avoid 

\x\^ m drunkvu imui, mid iiv^iirly IdhL hiH lirn nimtx:!:- 

' '^rseiUoo uj) from in fi-<int of i\ strcwWMr. 

homcirnnl Mr» (!ourtaiuo'^ f\t'.» [*iiiglod 

^biii;^ with nil arinful of 1iiiiu)h-H, aud 

iecio« of niuiitHO guvoLttf, waving his 



liH-iiilfl nt livr null ^iliiiaiiii^: *■ CTti lotu tha strcel 
H«v I Ihy 1 look out fur tli« UOder !** 

AntJ wlinn lit «jiil'i of bU adjnrilioii*. Mr*, Coiir- 
luiiic — ftjr lluT l:niy was nnno »Tl»cr — "iilWiT uiwirr a. 
lutlilcr li>BLiiiJ]gEii;.'M|tAt tlin^Mofif Al'i;<iligl>JlilOiii^, til 
muk ojiLvn u nr^v irl' Tn^i-r Ur^^ uikI fa^lt^iittl H l-uiuijI:!* 
iivi? griji [HI Mr, liitM?'s nviii. tiolaimiug — " Diil yoii 

witllfJ^a It W^HlL*t RJ/ fault? I WHTtied tlCC iu tlRK^f 

didn't I?" 

■' Do _vorj n^inc'CDiivr my wiro wnlktng itui]t*r a ln«idgi 
yestenlav?" <iWn'v<d Mr, (^Hiitairm to Mr, T two on 
tho morrow. 

•' Vc*, wliHl ofii?" 

*iWi*1It wIkmi wu gtit lumift \vr found tti« oat bftd 
kilkd tlio iMiiiiry ]iLrd — killi^l nut] uft- it idl but llu 
lull loiiLhurs,'* ^nid Mn Cinii-ubiu trIiLiii|i1m[]t]y. 
■■JCowwliut do you iliiukof ihiii? tlt^po i^omi? itround 
tA Tbdlu'fl or we'll hiivo thame fellows aivtrind U9 wil 
Uieir iiif^raal 1ow-mitKl«d sLi])«mitir>iis ejpilu/' 



and uvcn wt the viit^v in full vu^w <ir tlic nuOt(*nc« — 
occurrene^B tliat ofieti mni- tlio [))c;iaqi a of ibe pluy 
for the people ill tho auditorium, and I'aUe the vn^th 
of tho ^lorfomicr, Aovtlilnir out of tlie ti»u«l 3nm 
of biiEii)ri->^ t!i:it o(<iijrs Whiiid llio Hci?tiC!4 Ihrowa tbe 
[dit}'or<fiirili« tnK'k lidqiK'ntly* TlK^ro h a gr^"^ tltfAl 
of wiirk f£»]M;^ oil At ntl timvM, out of ni^lit ni- knowl- 
iHlgu of llio nuJu^iK'L*, mid a xti^hl diHturbanco mny tc 
mi interruT^I ti>ii fruu;:)]l wiih Uit^ disjintvr. Tborc nr9 
adore and a«t!t'flBi.'s in tbo winifs, «tVuu, comj>lotinjr Iho 
memori^alioo of tboir piulu— *' "injjiuji" pcLil^i o^ H 
id ciiUc'd — or it may l-e psinif over lh(»ir liiica ag;iLin, 
if thcjr nre not confidcot tbnt thoy ha^o full posacMon 
of thou; and to thoHv poopio, of roui^c, an inter- 
ruption U n matt«;r of iho mcrcj«t mom«Dt, Ac<Ui» 
and a€trM46« have alwiii'A bocti nrnditod with good 
incDXiiic-'i, !nit c^'oti tlio hc^t mf^mory may MjmelilttCft 
hv thrown off the- trade, and, indeed, t^umotiiiioa if| 
by an unto^vard or al4trtlliij|E: incid(.-tit. 

SpMiktiiff of memory, lomiiida mo thiit an aator 
onc« in^morized an (MiLire newspaper, vrhru they were 
smaller than no^, iii a ain^lo ni;^'bt. Xho actor vaa a 
mail named Lyon* wbo wm playing small parta throu^^h 
the country. An EoirTi^b actor committed thccontcnta 
of tho London Ttirtrj^^ advi-rti?cnKnt» and oil, within 
aivctik, t)c>id» studying a nuw part for every ni^i, 


■ . k 



1 The feat waa fiucom|>liiheil on n nagL-t. An uclor in ^H 
1 London, sal thruLi^Ii a plu/i and althtm^b lie bad ^H 







1 IM ■ 

1 ^1' ' ^H ^1 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M '* ^^^^^^^^1 ^^^^^^^1 

^^^^^^^^^^hHHc, i^^^^l ^^^^1 

^^^^^ kMlV ^^^fcafa ^^^H 

1 DOV«r ioon It before, eouM re^wut over/ line :inil wiirJ ^^^H 


yoT DOtVN IX TUK niu.. 

of k irhi^Ti ha got liome. Hu vii ^lown ^lud wTy>te 
dut, atid Uie copy thu4 writt<^T] wun iik^cd for th9 pe 
fornianc« of th€ [rlay in Ni^vr YtiTk. MAny n^do 
will rooollect tbe New York couple prt>ifpcitt«d l>j 
Madison Square Tbcati'c Coiupatiy for bclliiig co)>icjf 
of ''llaLzel Kirkc" lo couipainea tbiit had no ti^li% 
to play the dnuiui. Xbo wife, it was explain^^d , won 
to the tlieutre, eiit the play out a f^^ tJoioa, nod di 
tat«d tho \\iw9 to hor hii^l^ml from memory. Sho 
bad boon ivn »ctr(?e^. Thcro nr« many other remark- 
able iai4tuiccj^ of t^wift nud relentivo mumorioe in t 
profeFi^ioti , but one of Iho mof*l iij(t<«ni»biii^ of a 
ihcec fcfU^i M what i:t known utt *' wtnptijz; a i>urtf" a 
€xi>reit«io]i 1 luive used before bi tliU diiipter. Tbi 
eonBT^U ill going on tbo ata^e wilbout hzLvin;; studied 
the Ibiod at all, llio aetor carrying the book in bia 
IXKkul, and pulliug it out every limo bo geta o 
of dight of tbo nu<Jieiiee« fltudying the part to t 
'•tvings*' until he rcecivo bjj* vao to ^ on iigai 
This method of g^Uig through tho pcirt continu 
during tho pL-rlbrnmni^i<, the actor atpealuiijEr tbo lin 
to the \KPt of bin ubilitv. and foUowin;; tbo text 
cloM?ly a& poMibie. 

Rcturaia^ to the aubject of the chapter, tbci'O ara 
several instances of aet^^rs and actrc^^c^. prominent ant 
miaor, rocoiviri^ their death ^trokc^ on the sta^ wbilo 
playing. Mi^trc^s Wofiiiigtou, kn^»vi-n n^ "lovely 
Peggy/' while [dnyingntCoventOanlcn, London, May, 
3, l7o7. fell to tbcT ntjige at the end of the fourth rii^t o 
"A» You Liho It/' in wbidi frb« wa» itiay'm^ lioMtliwi 
and al^er inutlenii^ " i) UodI O Uodi" was cbih] 
vici\ bimiti io die aflt-r a lijigeiing confiuenient c^throfl 
yirar* Ur bi-r btd. (korijc I'rcdcrick Cooko recelYod 
liii dcuib stroke in Nrw York. wbil« pUying iS 
OHes OeerrtticA, and Edmund die<l in Euglun 


voT x>oyns ts tub bill* 


iind«r aimilar circumsUncc^. Tho elder Kcirn and bb 
Boa Cbarlos w€ro playing to^bcr, tbc foruiL-r bftviug 
tborolcof 0(/,kUo, tlio Littorth^tot'/fi^Op Thodatowaa 
March 25» li<^'S. The event, ^y^ a chronicler, created 
great cxcitemcut ninoiig jvLiy-gocns ; tho houso wot 
crammed. Kt-nn^who hLLci avohl himifcif out urith ili*- 
flipatiot]» went tlimtj^li the g^irl, *' dying a* ho nent," 
uiilil be c-hme to thts *■ Furewcll," and the stningely 
»P|in>pi'iiito word», '* Olhvllo*4 oucti|mtioti'H ^ne.*' 
Then be }faa{3ud fur lire:tth and felt upon hia »ir>D*» 
nlioLildei, moauiii^J!^ *'I atii dying — a^Kjuk to them for 
me I " Am! bo the ourtatii dcacomltd ij|i(m biiii — for- 
errOT, His wife had &o[mi'a.tod tVom hliii< '* Comu 
home to me; forgi^t and forgive I " la* wrote her After 
be had beea eoovi^yed to Riehniond. And ehe eanie. 
Ar» hour before !i" dU-d lie spniiig out of be<!, exelaim* 
iiig, **A horiw, II horMT, my kiitgdom for a bor^el'* 
and be rxiiin-d wilh the dying v\'onN fil* OetHvitm, 

•■ Fnrrwrtdl, Flii FIomimLIk! 1 " ujn>n hi* lips*. TliU 

W!m on Mrtv l^* 18^13. mid be whs buried In Rub- 
inond i-burvbyuitt. Iiiiitiuio^H it( Wm hihiui jLi>|ralhng 
kbid ini«bt be mu1lip}ii*dr hut it is not ibe purpose of 
tli« U'riter lo i:nv4?r the pttnge ivitb gloom, or to cause 
death to masque mde any more than U ubHol^tely neo- 
CBsury before (be foot-lightf. More interest will be 
felt, and the hvurl iviU h[< lighter and the iippetite 
betier, if v^e Turn to ihn luda-ronA [n4Mdi*nt>i thiit have 
eausod andieiitei^ reudy to «hed leurit over a tragedy, to 
turn from the Uchrymuiie attitude to onu wini-h mi^bt 
bo represented u laughter holding both h:^ vidcu. 

Sol Smith tella a funny ttory about bia carUe^ 03C> 
peneueoi ou the etage; how be fitele lu through the 
buck door l>efore the perfornnincE*, And hid in whjit be 
thought w»s A ebe«t, but whkU turned out to bo the 
coflin a»od la the pluy that evening, iind when it waa 

?roT tXfWX IX THB &ILI.. 


out or th«r ntagQ youii<^ Smith wrm »o terrEflod 
thftt h« pii^licil tjp Ihit Vn\ uml hniiDilm] mil, to thcxiii-w 
pruHT iif bcilli aoloi-^ mid nmliritc^. N. ^1. I-iLdlow^ 
w1m> wu» StiiUIi'!! jiEirliirr in [ha <h«iih'i<'Ht lnurut^ttftr '^ 
|]it«}4 II liariic-vrlint itUnilnr ini?idi<i>1 iiboul liimsHr 

The awkwai"0 position of n •♦masher" wbog^uinto 
tbo " wings " bjfiomo boolcorcrook Uof^on eicln*iii<?ly 
luughiilil^, I saw A seHo<comic vocjiIIrI — uti tli4? 
son;^tre88pii of ibo Tnri^ty sUin^ are nameJ — nMotitsb 
a w^ll-dreHtiP'i mid ndmiriiiff pentli^niun who wan loung- 
iui* nroitnd ai hU ki*nrr, — luiving in «ome mj'stnriou'; 
inminor {mimikI Xho Pin^o i)ooT-kuq>cr, — b_v haii<liti(i 
bini a pin iimt rt^markSri^, ■■ Pin up my xkti'tfl." The 
mail** cyi^-^biw wEijt knodciM out of pinro bvthtaini* 
per till 4jii^f of lltu (U'lim^ul, but ho U^ok. tho pio itiid 
obv^isl the lady*^ uomiimfid, mid tbia^ to», tiotntth- 
staiHling (I a«uond fcmnlo in tij;;bL-i. wu.-t near Ity, who 
C€Uid biivo done tho job u thoti?uiiid tiiiK^:^ botWr. U 
vras tbe Biroot Biiigi^r's Uttbi Joke, thot^h. 

(Tharlolto CufiboiAu and hvi Bister wev& plnyit^ in 
TrouLoiit NcH" Jersey, oi>g nljjht^ The bili zuniouiioc^ 
ivaB " Konico und Juiiot," with Miaa Cusbman In her 
aAcririird^ fumfius imjici^onMioti of tlio cnale charactei' 
apd her sUtcr a^ i/h/^'- The h)i[f-roo[a of tlio town 
which iviijf Uitcl HA n th^alri:, whi^ii <K'^'.i«iQD required, 
was mdly linking in scenery und properties. The »i»- 
letB treiit to wi»rk. howevor, Mtt\ ^uf^tMrc-dcd in gc1ti[ig 
logetliereverylJiiiiif thry ]Ki.' fi^r i\u' pKrfortniincet 
excejif tbo buleony in the i^ardeu sooiie. Al\cr looking 
aroiMH) tbi-y foQiid an old bcd-fiuilt, imtclLivl, und 
obuundin^ hi ii nmei-o 119 colore ; it wjla arranged thatu 
eolore^l bcll-V>y from an sidJA*^^!^^ hotel should. ^^Iiile 
stationed in tbe }iide-s<Tnr», out of view, hi'Id up one 
and of th« fjuilt whilo the fnir JtUi^t Fsupported the 
otber, Tbe Imijt was on biibd in the evening, aad 

Oil* vii^4i, mill In n fnn*t 1i>iifW jnit, ihn darkey atnok 
tiU lii*Ai| niii fnifii Ilia sidtf niitl mtil : '"I tiny^ MIm 



Cuslungt I It^^ir mj W11 rinfriu' Jin* leo nbligotl to lot 
niy Aiilo oh dc l)miK(T dnipP' ITr di^pjiml tliu quilt; 
Mriil nrrf riilv Tlin hrilirunv, lm( " T.lm Imuse"* — ilm 

audienofl — came down, and IhM brou;;bt tho ficeoo to 
ui «bnipt und ridiculous cti<L 



Aaotlier ocrczifiion th^t vua a Boa^ro of liiflnit«flRiu99- 
mfiintto aiiAUcilcnco tktt t:Lcl beon fully worki>iJ itp to 
tiairlc inlorflat in lhf» play of '* Iliirnlet," ni.'cuiT*ul nt 
Bsiltimort*, MiiryliitKl, it ^hort Xhno ugO' Tlio ucloi' 
cast U)v lihx^ VlandiiXM |]u<l given ^om^ <yft^i\Gt to tbe 
tnll-Ijoy — tN-'Htivt liiiii IjtkIIv Sn ibu j>n>*L'hoe of th^ 
coiiqMiuy ^ so ihe buy wmilL* ui> hrs mind to hav*> am- 
ple r«Fe«g*. He got a iic^dKs titlod a lonjf pioce of 
tlirejid ill Ur :iiid th^^ri priced it in the <rushion ch:Mr 
tliat an9VT0i"».vl foi" tlnj AViiy'* throrio, in *ur'h :i wiiy 
that wlion tJio timo arrived, by a utinplo jerk of cho 
Ktting 1i(> utIghL inovo IIlo nc^edUf tkvwurd. Hi^ wnttcd 
until Chvdi'M \yn^ »uj>po«cO to l>e nioxi hit«ri>iti.Ml In 
th« sc«nc bef«i^ the playera, wlit-ii jtrk went the Ibreiid, 
and A'tVi^ ('iatniim, with »ii alAorlly unbecoming my- 
alty, ioiiudod out of Iiie chair a* <|uiokly m if ho had 
euddooly «nt down upr>u tho shuif> eud of a. li^httiing 
ixkI. Hi? dropped bin 8ce|?tro uud i^ioutiu^ " Ou(?h 1 '* 
uid nuri^iii;^ tl)c irijinx^ pint of Ijm smatomy, Jump(*d 
iLlid d^iitccd fU'ouEid AA if h(i hiul ju«t uiiu;^)jt x^hl of 
Bamk^ir futlitrr'j* gbonl. There n-iL« im ii]l4fmj|>tiou 
to tho £<<<?iiu iimt l}i« Hudienco filled in with bolHcruu^ 
htughtcr. Aftcf the act the Iiiuff^ iiidtotLd cf soadlng 
OUQ of his officers i>i" guards for tbe call-boy, ae be- 
fitted bis exnUed sUitiou, treat aeouriii<,' around tho 
«<:etiefy hlmi^lf, mutt^rinp tho wjidtnt tbri.*at^ itnd ap- 
plying numep; Lo thnt poor boy thflt he eould hardly 
have v-oii for hiinK^lf if lie llvod to bo a thousuud yo^rs 
ohl. It i* hrnilly uoocpsnry to wiy tbat the call-boy ^id 
not wuii urcund tiutil tbe end of that act. 

Mnt. FahsjI, who mn^^ nn ttetrc^ft of ahilUy in h*r 
time, alW being bivi^^id in tbo part of /ftftm, tli« 
heniitK- of '* Tlje Mounnng Hrifk^" and partioularly lu 
the dying ^ceiuf, hmc; fnnn llio stasc, and. appi<*acliiiig 
the foot-light«texprc*:(^cd her regret At not having mer- 



Had Uw flppbEM of lhi> nuOtonci!, -tml oxpUTnM tbftt 
iho bud only accepted Uiu part lo f}bli|:« u frk-iiJ, tmd 
hopod vho t^ould b<» ^jccuEtwl fur not pluying it bott(>r. 
After thi^Uttli! bpooeh eho oiico Dioro a&?ium«^d a ro* 
ctimtkent po^iliou, and traa covered by the attundanU 
wiik a blzivk rcil. 

On one occoajoo a danacuao was listening to tho pro-^ 
t«8tatioDS of ttn elderly loror. who was on the point of 
Useiiij* her baud, wbon, as bo fitoo]>od down bU wig 
cjuight it] tba sptiD^loa of her dro^e. At tbjit momont 
0boiraa colled to the ^t:i^. and mndc ber appraraiK'O be- 
fore Iho a4idicni.<« nmid i^ncrnl Imightcr titi<l jipplau^; 
for on th« front of her ^rvtf^ wad the old Louird wig 
or Hcnlp, hftD^nj^ tike ii tnipby rn>ni hor belt. The 
applaud wue rcnvn^ when u bald boud i^ai sceu pro- 
jcvliag fi-om Iho win;j in search o( lU artificicLl cover- 
ing. Stones, too, ni'c told of impradcat admirorft,:; 
who, bAring csEcrlcd the jcalou&y of the ?tagc carpen- 
ter, did not take tbc prccauUtn to avoid trfips, iiiid nsf a 
con$e*fjU«iicc foiind ihi^nLvilve.** »liot up into the'' l1ic4/' 
or ba»tily dropped down to tho ditfmal depths bolow 

It U a Terr common trick to let people througb a 
tmp-door. ] WQA prodeiit ^uvcitjI times in (bo theatre 
vfhvn viHlms were carried down lo Ibo blatlc and uu- 
imritiog spate Wlow the stage- At a benefit ^iveii to 
a popular treasurer in Si. Loiiia, a well-known yonng 
Duui wbo ^AA in tbe liquor bu»ines» was prevailed upon 
to np|>esr in Uie progrunnio utid w^a put d^iwn for a 
leotunj on trm|^:runcc. Tbc bmt^c wuj- crowded Uiat 

iii<Flit»nnd V ri— — — n^a.-i fhi^rr in all llie gloiy 

wealth of bl* wardrolii-, fully prirp^irrd u> vntcrUun 

.dieticw for half an liiiuror ho. Oha tif Uie boya 

hJ the pli!a;(nrii — Hii Ih< Irrmed it — ni hearing 

read liu Wture thrtfugb, and \te ^avu Uw 



yrxL <iwr7t}tK 

grovriug lulli^r aiiil tnlW a.-* Hiif rluwii in vaiu trim to 
get wiUiiii reach of the ^mo, stood at om side of tfae 
.^eooof funiiture. H iv&nt on the sUi^o bowing 

tcor &OWK m mz hill. 


lus noatctt omi fffniling hid «ivcet»t. Ho wu, of 
caurfto, rc^ocivo<l wjih " tliundc^re of iippliiutfo/' uiid 
0tr>rmd of lh« eame kiiiJ iiittfiTujttud Ititn at IVequeitt 
inlerveih. At I«sl iho pliico w^ia reached whena Iho 
fun was to ctmiiutDoe, '• Bang I" wont a gun in tbo 
air. tho thuniJor ro)]«J. there wo^ i%d tire* and tho 

floor pmtod. Down went H slowly, and up went 

'tlio CAiidk. Ho vas eo torror-^trickcD thivt Uq coul<i 
4)0 noUiing, And was left to giy>pc hi« vrny through tbo 
l-diukiKM to th« wtnirn. Thr Inngnri^o ho u^ud wJit-ii 
no oncifi metric foiind him-n^:!! nmong hja fnciiidj wa^ 
Mroogcratiti le»d decant ihutt irci-t* the phi-aace of hia 
lleeturo. llo nppciirA at n^ aiore benefits* 

A yotirtg *t>dul7 man iio^r of CtiiciimUi wos treated 
iD thti «auie way, a imp LutJii^ been M\ o(>en upon 
which ho «t(rppcd in tho middle of ik play ui which ho 
took tlio loixliiig part whh » comp-iny of »DiAtcu['«, 
Trhcn doittt h(^ wrnl, to the di:*nmy of hi# fricndi, the 
delight of tho ji'un^ followK who hud " put tip the 
ijolj/^ and to hit awn hi)rn>]'. In LracKiltr, VajI., a 
seriocomic »mgur who had inl^uITerd thci di^plc^uiiire »T 
one uf the Mage humUi vatti ivtinng into thi* sidi* 
scenes bowing graec-ftdly and ii^in^ h^r bund to the 
^Alldienc«. when Buddeniy dcwn went one of liei* ijiuk' 
HbA limbs through m\ open Irup, and hi?r moment of 
triumph was turned into 0110 of ridicule, and in addi- 
tion Im hi^r morlTdcation the Irg wju* bn>ken. Sorb 
tnrltn nrr alwiiya dimgeronn and inoro lViv|iJi-ntly am 
foUnwfxl Ity miMJruiug thnn fun. 

Powoll, tJH- KnglUh titrUtr, nought in vnin one night 
for a " itn|rtT" who wuk wont to droM bim, but who 
on thn oi!icaMOii had imdirlnki^n to pbty tht^ part of 
L^kario^B corpse in "Tho Fnir Pentlenl." Powell, 
who look the pHnclpal character, shont^ in un angry 
toiw for Wixrreu, whoooutd not help raising hU head 



froni ouL LTi« <*i)f1lii in wliitli liu ivtiA Ijringf and m 
sweriiig. '* Here, atr-" '* C[>m«, lhi*n," poiitinmi* 
Potvr^ll, not kiiowifijf wbi*rv (htf votui* e»i»o fr(iMJ,''o] 
I'll bre^k every bone Sr your bodj^T" Warren, knov* 




voit to rogfniu nnlmalloii iinUI Uie curtatin hju fiitl^^&r 
wbeti thor r^appoar !n their ovn priviitc elioncilerii ut 
llio ftH'i-ll^hti?, A <IUiiufnjiftb*^<l ttmor. Sigiior Olug- 
liiii, l>oiiiL! much »p^>l^u<l>>il ono ik^'hi for hln «ti);flii^ In 
tho ■■ Midei'pro** sc^ne of " 11 Tr(ival*>r«." (pilltcU tho 
Oun^on^in ^liich .V4i'iric</i««tip|>osc<lto l>e condiied, 
cani*i fnrwjml To llm ptiMii, ban«>(], and thmi, l^ot to 
c\wni Uu' cx^'r«H"i"*i% wi*ia "luiolly hin-k to |>rNon 
Ojpiin. A initrli more ini>dcTrii )iti>r}' of tlic roiirufioii 
of fttoii witli iiii|H'ai'uiuro< j« t"M, nn"l willi troth, of a 
di«tiii;;mKlK4 mikttary ainateui^ whn kul utitlnrtukcD, 
f*ir ono (Kioa^um only. Id pUy t\te |mrl <if /bn OiV 
rartMi, In iho weiio in whkU lla- pmJlijjnC.** horu ia 
seiicd and <^arnc(l down to the inforiiiit tv^ion^, tbo 
|>rln<Ti|mL uhiirui^tor could ti«ithcr pvraimdc nor conipol 
Iho dcruouft, who WArc rqirc*<'nted byprivati* eoldicr^, 
to Uy hjHul* cm wno whom, wbutcvrr pnrt he nLJifht 
tcin|>omnly iisniiinc, Ihoy know wr^H to be u coloitol In 
tho army. Tlio demon* kept id iv rc^ipocttlul dUlAiioo» 
nndi wlnm rn'drrcrd in ii loud rvhi<>por tn lay Im^d.-t on 
their di'amtUtc riclitii, criitUiilL-d thi^meiclvca wUh fall* 
ju^ inlo »n altitwto of atttnitiofi. 

Julrj JanLii. ill the culk'f-tion «f hid jruHHow pulf 
lUhod ntidi-r tlie titk of '^ llialuirii du li Liltmdiiro 
DrauiatujUL*/* i«U» hovir iji the ulirH-tni^ic trai(*jdy of 
■'Trugjidalhii*,'' mi aotor, in Ihi* midst of n sokmn 
Llrai]Q» let a set of fihc tccih full fi-nm bit niouCli. 
This wa» uuLbiQg mon* or Ic»a th»n mt iiccidRiit whicli 
might Impiwii t<i A»y one. l^nd Brou^bani Ia £aid to 
tjovp fiijflfrrrd tlip Miuir ndsfoHunr^ vrhllu fip«akiiij; in 
\\k lliitue ut* Lorda, Uul tht; ^i^ut liuj^i'di.iu fiboircd 
gn^t iirvaoiM:** of mind, and uleo u certain iudl3«£oncd 
to lh« M.'iii>u* UHliiiv of tb« wiirk lu nhlch bo was cu- 
iGU be fooll 






teeth, replaced Uiena between hia jawa, And coiitiiiu^, 
his speech. 


that of & Miikil iriEiE), tikc fLctr>r to ^'hom this part hnd 
been iissigijcj WU6 unwolU urd it seomoil nec^rBsary to 
cull u^nm miMhcr member of the company' to rea^I the 
piut. Xhu» the ^Imufft^ apiMHaclu was vritnes^ed of a 



Apple pliiccd 0L1 Uie head of Tdi's aon, &to[i]>cd half 
WU7 on Uio wire tilong wbicli it should have trftroUod 
lo itfl dcdlinatioii . Kvcrythiii^, hi^wi'V^r, norvcftojed in 

Bo«tiiu*e *' William Tdl," oxoepl the apple incident, 
ns ev<!rytbiii^ &ilod in Ueuiiia's '*Appiue/* cxoopt thflt 
thiiudcr vhicii Uontiiu reco^lzcd nnJ cinimcd ti» hU 
own when ho hoard it a few nig^bts allorward ia '* Mac- 

ffor DOWN i\ thr btli-. 


beth.'* T^ il baa nover beon rory ilifBctiU to icpr4- 
8ettltliiiuderoiith« »tage. Ono of tlio oldest thoairioikl 


anecdote U tliiit of tb» actor, who, pkying the part 

of n b«ir> lioan :i clap ot «Ui;;4>-thundi>r, uitd miitukirig 

it for tbo real thiug, mukes the titgn of dio cruse. 


T&B ILLUSlOKt or TUC tfllOK. 

A person c«n gain nn idea af the f^TtPnt of sttig^ 
docinrntiotiA ami tlif possibility of scenic iitiiAioim in th^ 
old English thoittre hy r94tding a dci^i-rfptioii of the 
tlioatre hs it exiHtcil in it^ |xiv«rty of C0HlE]ini> imd 
brn'otiev^s i>( painl ui tho HlizufK'thiiii (.n't). Roii«jec!|iu 
hna IvtX (1 OeAoHptlou oi' tim VnvU 0|K*in Hou^e u» h» 
mtv it and It will be found iiin*reatiiig to all who uto 
ac<|ijuinUd vrtih th^ inothodd and tho absolute mu^iii- 
mJe «r the ihonlre of the preacnt ilay. It ciunt he 
r4>m<>mlwr<^d, bowevei-j vrhon coaaidoHnj; Xhe aniullu^^ 
of the ai(^E« diHeribod byKoos^oaii, that it svar< blookcd 
up ou both *ido§, aa was the eavly Eti^^lltih 8ta^Q, by 
tho ariaiocratic section of tho nudionco, who sat \n rows 
by the aide of tho fiini^orfl while tbo |)1cbeinn music 
Uwor^ 9tond up in the pit. It wa« in csuiclly the eamo 
condition H9 the Bii^li^h nta^, when actoi-^ and nc- 
trc««c4 were liitorrupted Hnd even m!^JUcd by their 
Li»T-<1ly pntronrt ; — h# when Mm. [(rlhimy one evening 
a» flhe piu»i><l ifcci-rijin ihc iliige at Oidifin wa* ki^cd 
upon the nc<?k by n Mr. St. Lcger, who»c oars the 
&ctre>A4 boxed Umvo mid then ; Lord Che rite I'tirld rose 
ID bis box on thiA oc4:;i9i(in mid appkuded ; the entire 
iodiciiee followod bm escampic and at tho end of the 
perfifrtnanco Ht. Lie^ftr wa» obliged by tba viceroy to 
inak<' a ptililir aEH>hi^y to the actress. 

** [niaginr/' nrilrHHtiUHieau ahtuit the Pma Opera, 
H Ixruad. tt 


iong in pn>jH>r' 


TUB ILLirSIOyit or TttS &TA9IE. 



Uoa ; this Inclosuro la the Ibeatre. Oil ila two siiles 
Arc pljiccd at intervals Acrt^oiis, on wlncli aro ciiriuualy 
painkcl th« olijcrts whicli tlio scene ia H)>auL to rcpre- 
*rnl, Al thii l>;irU of ih*' iiicl'iMiri' huri-r:* n g|-n*t r-ur- 
Uiin, ijuiiiluti in lilit^ in/miior, unil lu-ari/ uIwjijt* ijipr^c^I 
auc] Un'Ti, Llittt it niuy^ rrrpnaNoiit iii n tiLtli) dintaiicw 
gulfti on tlti> i^trrli or liulf-rt iii tbi? ^ky. Kv<*jy oiw 
nliti puAM^b beliiud tUiH Hlii^e, ur tiiuL'lma titti cirrtzbin. 
juroduces n sort of eaflhrjiiakc. wbidi Ime a doiit^lo ef- 
fect. Till? iky 18 mtidii of ci<rt:;iii bluish n^^. 9IJ»^ 
pemknl froTii poles, or fnnn <^or<ls, iw lintrn miy Im 
«oon hung out Ui t\ry in Liiijf w^t-thtrrWiiiiuiziVt vnnl. 
Thn ntiii, far it i^ Nrti lii^rc rtnitieiiment !h a liglilttil 
torch in n lit«l«ni. Tin* riUf« [>f lJi« giMV iiml ^uj- 
dessea an> cnnqmhcd of four intlerH, Hi^ciirvit aiKl ]iiili<^ 
on a thick rope in LU« Ajhti of a flwing or seo^iw ; l>e- 
twpon tbo ififtere U a covirM? plunk, on irhirh Un» gods 
Hit ilnwn, uivl ill front haiigv u jiirm of tui»rfw rli>ih, 
wifW dirtied, wbi^h ik*:U th« jiurt of cloitiln for iho 

iiguifio<*nt c!ir, Oii^ tmiy nre toward rlu* hotl'mi nf 
the nuirbin(> tvro (>r lliroo foul ciimlla^, tmdiv Hiiudcil, 
tvbiirh, wbiio thQ|rn<:iU-r pcmniitLjfo d(<mi;nti-'d] v procuiilM 
hirnuHf ffvniigiij^ Ux hif^ hoo-maw, rumi^uto him wltli 

C*iu» vroi-lhy r>]' h\^ dignity. Thn sijrlintod %«ii ift 
]>OMd of 1'>nj^ iLiigulur lantcrnti of doth Hiul bluo 
pnsti-boiird, ^truiij^ on pamlkl «piu, whioh uro Lui-iiod 
hy litllo hlfick;;ii!ird bov^, Tlw 1hinid4>r is a hoAvy 
cart, r<»lled o/or na arch, mid U not tbo louii a^roo- 
Ablo mstrument iii^ard at our ojifiru. Tbo flai«hc4 of 
liglitnin*; uro ina-ic of pincbos* of roxin' thrown on a 
fbimc, iind tbc ihuiidor i* n oniclc^r iit the end of a 
fuitc. T\in thnnti^ i«, moruovur, fitnii»hcd xvith littlij 
fqtiATO tntpit, wtitcb opening Ltt the ond, luiaoiinoo 
i tb« dtnnoiis uro idioiit t»> i»nc fi'oin thtlr cavq. 
c<i thoy buvu Ui ri» iuio tb(> air, Uttio dumoris of 



M brouru eloili are siib>«litut«d for them, or fiomo* 
times real ch1nin(*y-ewe«|is, who swing nlHiut »i:e- 
peDdeJ oo ropes, liU ib^y aro maje&ticaliy lost ia tbe 
ragt of which 1 bavG spoker." 

This S4id oomtitlon dF th^-atrioal illusiotia i^annot be 

J. K. KMMin-r. 

rpgnnled otlierwiHO tlinti slrangfi when it is recorded 
Ihiit cU*rnnilioiia wvrv. of n higher order in the tei^ 
t>f T^iiiia \|V, SuiriUEvivuitittd ih HUthoijly for the 
tbUeniKtil Llml iJie sun iind mooc wero so w<fll ropre- 

rait iLLUftioNB or tub btagk. 


tinted at tlk« Freaeh opevn during; thU j^erlod that tho 
amboiseador of Guinea, who ossUted at ouo of thd 
perfomisnce^, Wiis decovfld into leanlnj^ fni-wnrd itt- 
\m box und religiously ealutiu/; the orb^. Had Rous-^ 
«eau lived to the prAsent dn;, the wonders nnd mys* 
lories of our sta^fo ^vould hnve mTido his ^r<>nt lioMrt 
loai^ within him. Modem Ai-t nnd modern inoch!ini8ia 
]uiv« hroQfjlU Mti<^9 roproi^ontntionit «f» i;lo«o La nntni'o 
ihiit tho iicono4 AO^m to tvo »iii:l11 xpcUonft, oitbor oI 
country <vr ultv, iniiunliLlii or viUiJ, lifTL^d from tho fftcd' 
of Iho world ami ptiiccd in jlU tbcir b^^auty ut tho 
frtnp^-CRd of tbo lh*i»lro, MiLn^i^ers do not f<?ar to jjoi 
to any loii^rtb in mountins: plrty*^ pvoperly, ond Ihero 
ifl iiotUitk!^ in the outer woild that defies iH?pn)iluotioa 
ia tho mimio §phero. Stoam U frooly used; tiro 
TH'^^s tierccly Ihrouirh ff>ldw of in Ham in able canyas ; 
tho lighttiLDg:<i ll'i'<hi Hondrirk llud^nn rind his mca 
roll ninc^piiiA in tbo UaUkiiltf, mui the lov rtimblo 
of tJi*^ Ihunclor, m tbc ballr* ndtk down from cra^ to 
ontg. U dirttiactly heard hy tbc andicHCC; poor, do- 
mcnt^ old Lf<tr erfi^H to tho wukU to cracU and blow 
tlicir clLC>-kt4, and they do wi to bi^ fall MtivCiictioti ; 
tliore U geimtntiT min in tbo ahtp^n^ck wn-no of " Tho 
lI<-artriof Oak;" a p]>^iitifid fjillof Ibf- bi.Mutif<jI *now 
for *' Tbc Two Oq>bans ; " a perfect roprc)ductir>ii of a 
mounUiii rivuld for *'TLe DamKts;" Meamboat nnd 
railroad €xplQ»1oD% of a r^ali4tlc character in trnry- 
tbiog: an almost horisonlcAs sea for tbo gtvat mft 
loetio in " Tim World ; " and gorgcou* colorluj.', rich 
himilnrc, clioicr bric-n^bnur, nuc palntlii^s and the 
Ltkrd only hoowa Tvhat, fnv Ibn tbnirKEiml tuid orio 
inelodmaiatk iiiid sociM.y pliiy?! that nro now HiK^liug 
the ^in'^rc. Then there Ht\^ ^pm* apparantly rich 
euoii*^b io have Gonie Unm lla- in-^u(ti('i(\< of Kli(>dive 
or Sultan, and tobea ao rodolcDt of royalty in cuilor 



and matarinl that Wm fomulc ponion of the audience 
ie almost driren to dietraoiiou ia admiring and cov- 
eting them* Liule dc*e tbe average lady pnti'OQ of 
tho thefttro imagiQC that tbo finery sho oorote is ofton 
tho product of tfa« artisto's awn noodle^ nnd tbut tha 


gui«tyaiidgloi7 of aiiiotn^SEs's t'uni<;i' — with htjndi 
ftf ftdmirers pouring dmmonds into hor Inp, iind him- 
dMitf of oibci's fciistin^ ujron h^-r ch^u'iUFt, xvhU« tujiuy 
ban^^th reverence upon tbc vrurdtt tb»t fall from her 

Tiie itLUSiOK« or TiiK »TAac. 


tlipe — ia biit tho nier«At of dr^uns; Had that the 
riatev whose profo^ional floccoMOJr cuai^t^ hci' to look 
upon lti<f %i!K^ n* a (iIuca of pluutiurt^ only, miiy live 
III A tcLu^m«iit •Lrroiitidod by a poor fnmily to tvhoHC 
support hvT UfivctTorU tim devoLed ; tliut uht hati fo^v 
iKlmirvrn; tliut ftlio U pinv; ha lUo fuli-4-dt nml ]>imMi 
^romim ii) pri^ato liftr, uud tUut her only mtoriUt'O ia 
miulo to Uio art wbkh eh& lores and to whtoh aho liie 
conaccniti^d horwlf. 

Thei'o Arc but Tow who hi(V«^ not ftn oxn^gcmLcd id«B 
of tho viUlic of ov<^rytljinj^ Uwy sco u|"on tho etfls^o. 
Jt U tmo that many actn^sace aro rich cnmigh to wear 

E diamond nccltlAcct», and U: othi^rvrirto ^prjokLu tlidr 
pccMKU vith hrilhuiit^ of tJio tir^t >v[i1cl' ; but iL in 
equally true* tb:it niaiiy oUiorv ai^ poor, aad that tlio 
^mt tlipy wenr (^oiiio fioin tlio ohca]* stock of luticlua 
kept iu tbo theatrical proE)erty-rr>om. An ainuaing^ 
atoi-y U told by Ulit'c Lo^an, who wna an acti<e89. 
■boiittho fnUc value placed iipou ftago jrncle. 
•' While I was fiilHIIin^u roaiul of theatrical eogngc- 
Qicnt« in the SmJilit diiriiig ttK' war," says iliaa 
LogaD, ** J watt irfiiii|i(>llcd hy ' military iiO(N,\f.-)ity,' to 
pack ti|> my jt'wcl^ and aeiid thorn to Uiariiinuti. Of 
lOOune there wcix* a nuiubcr of stage truiki^U In the 
htig aa well na aoine little jewelry of ival value, hut aa 
It ]i:4ppeiiod a fiibiiloii!» idea. haJ j^ot uHujit of the value 
of ray link tnulietfl, aud I was otfcnd large Aums for 
tire oarpct sack, 'just a» it stood.' after I had |:iacke<] 
It to freiid it to Ciiiciituati> 

" ■ ril j^vc yoii ton tboitsjiud doUarf for it without 
opening/ Willi one ;^mtlcnijin ; ' I vrauit thiuw car-niigs 
for my wife? ' 

** * No/ 1 aaHwerefl, 'no; 1b<Hi' thnigit w*'ro givrn 
IDB in Prance^ and I HhouUo'l lik« (o (uirl with 



b«cn mhl, imd Xhtii %omtihody not myMlf. 1 ivtiirn^ 
to Onclunuti nflcr tny trip tfJ Niulivillc, aii4 tbcro 
fouQiE my cAccin uwuiUn^ m« in goc^d orUor. Cue day 
in the BurnoL Hou^e I was aot-'oaU^i by a ploasaut- 
lookin^goiiUeiiuiu, wtui iafuiuied mc that lio [ifl<l Uiken 
cfatt^p^ of the ba^ from Louievilk lo Ciaciiiuali. 

■* •Did not Mf. send it bv cxpi-ea*?"! a!*kciJ, 

" ' Ko. I woa coming up, aud he thought it beat to 
entmat it t« mc* 

'* ' I'm Y«ry much obliged to you/ I eaid. 

" 'TiMle^d. yoa huve cau»i> to bo,' he taid. ^ood- 
tialui^ly. ' I givo yoii luy word it's tho last time Til 
have on luy miud the charge of fifty (houwiid dollar** 
vcnrlh of diiinioiuin/ " 

Afli^r an Kii);li--ih lady of niiik ivtiii'tind from tho 
coatinent* vAw found hi^r trunk rahbcd of it.-i \viWtiU, 
r>t»!i"clivi-"i tnur<'ri llie ji'weli 1o » Lomlon gianvi-iUop, 
whtTtt ihejr had been Mdd f tr |i- The tliiuvi'h were 
arrested, and wh«n oii« of Iheiu *vad luked why hi^ liud 
been S(j foolir^h h^ to hcII noitriy <irie hundred tlumsarid 
doDars' worth of diiunondH for t'^, lio aitTiirered r 
" Why, yer honor, wo uovm* thnu;rhl f«r a minuter as 
how th©y vfvnv rt^a) jitweU j vr« juwt thought th^ laily 
wnn Htinrr pluy-^u-tnr wontfti.1, and thut tbo wtiolv lot 
WAJtitH worth but a few shillini2»;." 

Thn tHnkcIa orv no inoro d(<fv|itiv4f than aro many 
other meiui* vinployr*<l to rtxtoiLUh ;ittd ^IncMitn the 
|>uM»c. The production of thunder* the ^iinuluioii of 
raiO'tall, the ilctitiona roaring of winda, nnd the mnU 
tSpHcution of £iins, nioou^ and Mar^ are among tb« 
niim«roiia Hlnqif>u< that gire lo Lho theatre that mar- 
TClloaa eharm uud'^r wbo«e ii\>M thou^ud^ arc nightly 
plaecd anil held. In the oldon time? lh«so olfectd were 
produced In a simple and by no menn« mystifying 
tBanner, but late yearn luivo mad« th«m to [wHect m 



their iLpplicaUon that none bot the initiated can even 
begiJl to tbtiik out tlic poliition of \hf n'onirous efforts 

JiMi^-lti^t j> ifitHi:,. 

ill ^>iblcli tho Btflge DOW abouDdd. A novr cflccit Buch 
aa Uie enormoiu stnteb of ae» «u<l &ky to bo iVjuad jg 



" TliB WorlJ/'iMsoixieLliiugllija ilntiimtitr aulbora mid 
stage mech;ii]ic8 aro always seeking after mid aro glad 
(o find- The revolving ttiw^rr in " The ShnMt;lirflii " 
wwi ii imzzle to cveryl>oi]v. Now tltBro a r« hundreds 
nfiinVoM oflhiH kind n-ith ftddingnnd viiitishiiigKC(7iicM 
that urn (*vru iiuti'iT woiidcrrul thfiii Ri>iii-ir-H'adt'A Ifitvt^r. 
Vitwwl frtim (li« wing* lint nitnplif^ily itt IIivt mi^aan 
f»it]l^U>y<td Ui pnidturi? llmwi hIT^tKi niuk*'» iIumii aliao- 
Uite\y laughiiMe, They flhall be exiilalned in this 

Thi]ndet>«torniH are comimm i>ltiir1f4 nt realism, and 
ihity arn >9om<*tiiii«8 simuEiiicd in a wny that mukeft 
tlirrn HpiiL'jirtn frdl v^ry Htllo short^ of nahin?. Thn 
tarlio-il nlj'Ift i>f sdige thimdtT u-as <»ff(K^<ul Uy vigor- 
ouhK' AliHking a |iioc<^ nf viliirct iron whurh niitd^i a niU 
tliJijf aiid ojir-d 14 til riling n»i:((^. Rvm uow wlii<ii a 
show is " oij ihi^ roiul" and :i hall wiLhoti: the imud 
flrat-cUss accei^^ori^a iimsi be ii»*d, llio audieiKo, and 
tho firtor too, must be saii^lled with sbeot'lron thun* 
dpr. Tli4> modern inveiiTinn U lotowii a^ the Ihiiiidei'- 
drum, luid iL sunds ovurtln? praTiii>ler'n d^>^k wh^ro 
It can lie oausily rf^divd by tx \ons^ utick wHli a thick, 
Aoft |>addlri^ at \h<^ olid — i;LEiiilur tn tbu rti^'kv ii^i><l In 
beating baa^Hlrumii. Tli(« tliuiuler-drum oonsUu of a 
vnir*£kiii tl^titlv dravrii ovor th« tnp of a box A'ame. 
WiAh thi^iiHininiQiit the low rumbling of tijatant tbiiii'- 
iw or the bkTftf roil of the elomenial disturbance may 
beattaiucdf :iiiJ, folEawinj^ the sharp rattling of the 
ihakion shMt of iron ntid (hi* Hash of i^iiit«d nia^^no- 
fllum an titixl i* produced that i^ompk-toly awcfl tho 
felmple cittJEeu who know» nothing of thv iii«chatiUm of 
tbl^ etogv. 

The prompter, loo, who hy the way it? a most re- 
sponsible persoQ aj&ung tlic individuaU who pnpubU.^ 
ttw Kiimto woHdi has control of tho rain tnaohino. 



ThU 10 awoffJcn cvtinUcri nl>out two i^t hi di^Lmctcri 
und four or fi^'c fcc^t Ton^. It i^ till<sl with <lricd pcj 
whicli rnttli? fi^uinnt wooden te<^tb in it^^ iiviido liurfiicni 
us the RiiKhiiio, wliii-li \ti iti lUi^ '* flii-j," J?» opuntf^d l»j 
a belt miming ilmvn to tlio pminijli^r':^ dcak. Tliii 
reminds mt) timt 1 Iiavo used iJic «xpri388ion "ili«8*" 
flcvcnd time* wiibout cxpUdniu^ wh^it i» iiJcant, Th* 
**flica" ifl A tcirin D^ed to dcsi^nato tUc &ccii«r_v wn 
»tKicc« :d>ovc the stugVi ciod ns thcra is a £^rci&t deal ol 
it, tt bji--« riit intK'h iin])nHuiico ill ri UicAtriad nciiw ita 
iiuy ctliur purt of liio L'At^k of the hoiiKc. Well, 1i 
rceume lhi> expliinutiofi, Lbo pi'uniiiti}r hut* tlio rail 
nucbino In tbo *^ tlic^ *' Adiy umlit contn'l mal can3 
liirn out miy ktud of n mm-^Untii tli^ piny utaf] 
rcqiiiro ; ifuBwirl (>rtbo:k<|i)(!OU4doinij>ouriHneodc<t, 
eiicb a ronniroatiitioti of wi'athy lacbrvmofteiicfls a%yoit] 
find in a «torni tLut at mtcrval» bojtt^ lucrcilc^Al 
against your windon'K nnd tbc r^idc of your bou«c, 
ono good, slmii^. >Imrp pull nt the mpe will effect it.i 
Lfwt nh'OticiM etlorln uf llu' rlomniU luny be iibtaineilj 
willi a ciliglibM' rxcrlion ni' JiitimJo al tlui I'ojio or b(.-lU 
The wind iiiAcbiiii^ Is n vury itoct'ssrti'y mljumt oft! 
bliirni isffffU, and it \h t<j Ik* fiiHiid in vwvy hit-^e. Uwn^ 
liv, AaitiHbing '* a ni^jplit;^ iiiul an i^u-^vr air " or one 
of Ib'iAo liowliij^ MfiMft tliat nink« iilglit d<rM>bt« and 
ci:iy disiifttroun, Tlio wind mri<^hiticT may l'« moved to 
any part of titfi Atiigr- 8oTn<rtTiiLe8 il ii* bobind tbe 
doivr of il hut. tl]rinti£b wbir^li xnnw tn fi(T4-Hv driwh. 
and .iL cithi^r linio?< it iriny bo in tbo %uln Ki^nniTH, nr any 
locHlity lo uiiirli or tbnni^'li ubirli thovilonn i.t riiidi* 
Ing. it \h sii awful Tunny fhcng io' ru;tii nt the wbid 
niochitidtft tUiak of tb*) <-<itd chill he M>nds down tlio 
back of tlM' i^t]»i(ivi3 [>T^Lyf.'o4<r an iIil* vrind \vhit<il(*a 
acrofls the Sp(%ne in which poor blbid Lmiiite, lu iho 
"Two Oii>hrms," figure*, <"■ liiat seeiic In "Our»'* 



where Jy^l Shtndrifn U at Um; inerpy of th« iJitilnM 
fttoiTO, The wiiiJ Ibal mafcc^n the warm blood frigUl 

COfl* IL.taL, 

uii<tor euch eircumsUQcCH U vcr}* oajiily oonatruct^d, 
A oyImd«r from which oxtocd pa<lcI1cjj is ^t bi a suit- 



THS iLLretose of the btaob. 

Mt finme and nhore iu top is stretched ii ytUix of 
gro.igr^iin ^ilk. Tbeajlk U 4tulionar_v. l>ut I b(^ cylinder 
atii] puddles are operated by tUL'atia of a crunk and 
»(>m«linio« Uy ft ** crank/' Swift niotiou pioducca 
voi'ful giifttfl oi the ^indy aiticio, aad a steady llaet 
may be dui)lkyitod by patiently worlwiig the machine. 
^/^'"bGtl tbc prupcrty-man is diivcii to the iicccs^Uy of 
providing rikin and iviiid in tlicnttiad di^triLtA tlmt do 
ii(?b bo»»t f>r tiKMlnni iipii1tjin(;(-n Lo (lijtiiiit'f iL min (?lfccL 
hy rolling l)ird-?<hat nvvr btnnn pLipcr th;it hai^ hcca 
p[L-iti*d ftromid a Liiop, and tb« wiiid ia rairtud by swing- 
iiLvuroiLnd u im;ivy pioi;e of gaft-butii-. Thin kind of 
Utiiig is cii.\hi *< fuking" the wjud or min. 

When rciit win<ir Ia iihcd on Mhi Ktaifit to sEninlata 
rain* as in thp lii>t ai-t of Un* " Ilr;ij1* orOjik,'' or 
" Oaken lloarUp" «f tWy aL oiio iiiiio triml tij c:ilL a 
pLr»ted odUion of il., tin? efrt<a is olvlaintil hy ("iirrying 
vn&t4fr to Uii< nLa^- lofU, during tbe d»y. wlmi't; it n*- 
nuiina in a tank cannt^^^nl with a ion^ piece of per- 
foriUi*d |k1p<-^. back of the proBc.viiiLni boitlert and 
Htr«tt'bhiiy arros^ the wtai^. At nl^'hL when the projter 
time arrives thf]) n'ati?i' im nllo^id tn rnn into the pfpe, 
ttovn wbloh it nfconr^e falls in numerous small atreamff^f 
upen a nihlwr tJii-juLulin tbut Utm hvnn Hlreldied below^^ 
to receive it, S<* too in niountiiiii nvidrt^ with " real 
water," a* in " Tb« D:iii>Uu</' a tank in tbo hft must 
be fllloil dilly wtlU \>nt4*r Ici stipply ibii vii^blly Jtreiio. 
Ill nil ififiatieei oftbia lort tlje eA'eet i« qnlli) roaUitic, 
snd never falU to meet with a hearty appreciation biyj 
tfao aiidiciieu. 

Thu itnow^tomi ie aUo usually a pleaeln;; £taga plo*' 
tiirc, and ia l>r(]U^ht about in a meet simple nmnner. 
White papci- is out into very small pieces, which arc 
e«rofully treasured l>y the propeily-mnn, wbose duty 
it U to see to everything of thi« kind ia and 



Tins u>LrBioNs or tub stags. 


Uie etagc. and wha regards Uio manufacture of a snow- 
aU>rin as avi»rya[oiv and Wioua pioco ofwork. Whon 
the snow b leiwly it ia placed in what i* called the 
snow-box, aIcQ;;narrowaQarrvrith slot^ on tho bottom 

LKfiTliH W*LL*( h. 

leaving room rnoufrh f<>r tho picros of paper to ei^ 
thruu^h, n-bon the I^ok id jfu'oit it ^vrnyiu^ mvUon< 
Tb« ooiiimai]e« ie awunj; orcr tho «tago by naeana of 
two rope*, uuil b ojjerated by a #bird leading to ono 
ndo of tbo atage. Whon Iho chilled hcroino comeft 


Tira nxfftiONe or tnu fTAois. 

upon tho K01W AEuki u terrible fall of eiiow nod d 
her tfaiD gnrmcnU tightly orcr b«r sbouldor, ^hile she 
Fliiv«r#« the snnw-hox ii|i ntiovc is pwin^^iog to ind fro. 
BLiid the white fltikcx'i nri^ only hit^f of paper fi^uds tbuL 
tbo pro|Jorty>mAii or au txtM\9tini veWl carefully swee 
up after the scene or iict, lo do tluty aguiJi the follow* 
iiig niglit and f(jr mniiy » nt^'^ht to ooint. 

The Mi»vT--il<irm :u]il lh<i olhi^r iUiittinn* devcnhed 
nhove arc ojily a fitietitju <jf (ho Utin^ Lhe property 
iruin hfui Ui look afU-n' and kei-|> iii onl»r. Hn TinH 
rhftrve nf trM^rvlhlii^ upmi tht* »ta^t* uml in tr^poitiitihlo 
fur evei-jtbiijg except the sc«ikery, \V1i(<f] ji |}h«y i 
rutiriiitg that ri'ipjiitr^ Itiitid^otiR' appmnlitii^tHfl, jL !» hi 
btmioesa to pRrvido. Within Ibe p^i^t dccude or so <i 
yezrs it bus boeniTio the eii»trini to borrovr ejcpotisiv 
fiinotiirL' from geoeroui^ hMJn] dealers who are oftw 
aatUlIeil Willi ihf* Hinipb*! mill pJtAy ivimiuenitioii ofa 
line or twn»n[tiic>wWgiiig|lirbmn,iu the programme ) 
orneertain |»ne(! ih piiiil for Um nxe of the fiiniitiii 
during ih^f run of the pIjLV ; or the* Kiit U purrbats^f^J 
outright from thu di^ahTE' ami iv^>iiri?h:iH(>il by him nt .1 
rtsduetion when Ui« theatru U dona with it. Nmrly 
all the^tivs, Iiow(-vt-r. are F^upjilii.*;! with HtiitnTily bHiHl- 
3tnm(> rurnrintv f<»run ordinary ^'cietyjthiy, and it ifionly 
when porgc»i.^U"now<i*:iimrd at tbnlmanugcrnare oblige 
to borrow. !*Uti>U, knive^c, beluicC bini^*, h!i1tl«* 
axes, eniieM, cig-'irii, iiiiinry, p<H-ki^t*brirtk<« Ibtt vial fixim 
which Juliet takcH the futal dniught, thi' nuirblo or 
mnjolica prTile^taU, ibo rbh vii^es, tfiniflnwi^rK Ktjrh a« 
ar9 u**^d in the m-ttli^Ttlo play of '• TIk* Ctibmrl," ihtt 
pa*te-b<rtnl hain» the Uji ciipi, or cut ghisHi*! thjit th« 
c^hurnctcr* dank fVom, fire-pUee, muntel, and looking- 
gla^a — these, nnd many other articles the pniporty- 
nun furnUherfl the pUiyei-4, either pladof^r ttie iiiatiaii- 
ary lucturM ou tbo Uag^^ or MudUig tha oftll*boy to 




tha pcrfonncra witli tbo ariiclca ih^y require* The 
Glicck-l>ook that Uio rich banker draws fi-om hia pookot 
whon fiu ImndA $100,0(30, mor** or loss, ovor Iti aomc- 
txidj uUo in the pltty, the f^uill or |>en he writua the 


check wlUi, ui() tlw hattio mit of which b^ dip« tti« 
imagiDnrj Ink, ull come f^-iitii tho prpperty-room, nnd 
gn Imrk to h Hgalu after the net in avav. A list of the 
Hrtfulifri rivjiiired far » pky la AiniUbed tko ^>roi><Trty- 


TUB iLj.i;uo.N» or Ttu: eTA<ii;. 


man when n plav U to be put on, adiJ tbcso artiolca h« ^j 
must hnvff when the prompter colls or ftends for th^ro, ^| 
Somptimr-tt tbf* piojicny-TOnii ft>r^U» nnd then there 
w trouMc Id (.ho c^mp. It i« n;Utcil Llutt hnving for- 

gollcn la pmvWff a JiilLt't with h<^r vici! fif pnNon, »i 
time, ilitt Oilicle being caUuU fur ojf ihv ^Lt^rr^s 
about to gu CXI tlic! alagv, the jiropcily-niim «niitclKH] 
up the 6rnt ihJTijf lUiit hiTiked UW ii ^i»1 lUut ht>)n>t bi» 
ejroM on. Il yms a battle frnni lh<? promplur's dtwki 

THE iLLcsfo>» or run htaob. 


ftiul vtlmti JuVwi pkirud the ^iwful di-auglit to her lips 
aijj took a pull Hi tbe botttij, ahe iJUcovered to her 
borror tlmt bIwj Itail swallowed » tlo&o of luk- Tli© ao- 
tr^a4, wlio U<)fA the aUtry hcnf^lf in [mv auto1)iogm[»lijp', 
9^d, she wanted to ■^jiwaltDW a «tioet of blotUiig- 
]mpi'-r," \vh*>n aH^ tnar!" tUr inky dUrovcry, 

I fii^i] in AIU< Lii'^m'iti li»itK fiXHTi wlitdi T huvr iH'fnrv 
quoUrd in Uiin I'luipU-r, rli<i f diowinjf ftiinij' iiivriit^ory of 
prfijifTrtitf* runii'^lR-d a iii'rt l^-^H^<L- nf (liu Drury Xt-.itH- 
'Tluaiirt^, Lonili>n: ■- 8piriU of uini-, fnr Hjifnivf nnd 
A|>purilion4, £12^,; cliree and r)ii«<lmir Ijottlox at 
IrgbmUig. £— ; one snot?*fltorrn. of fin^iL French paper, 
3*. ; i«fo -moir-itorm* of oommou French paper* is, ; 
uompluto fcL'fl, w'Uli tiT«lx'e long wave*, Bllgbtly dum- 
»g«d, £1 IOj. i ei^ht«cii clouds, with biMck edj^ea, in 
good ord^r, 12^.. V*d.; rninhoiv. uliphtly fud*d, ij, ; 
uu tasortnieot of Kroiiith cloiuU, Il;Lshi?g of h;{tLtJilii;^ 
and thuiidcr-hoTu, 15«. : a n«w oioon, (lightly tar- 
ni>^hod, 1^'. ; vnywvial iduiHIk, made for CyruH, And 
etibsoqu^ntly worn by J"Ii»* Cn;*ar und ilonry VIH-, 
I0«, ; Otbullo'K Itaudkvichicf, Gd.i «ix iirtn-chuirft 
biid six nf>wi<r-p]oU, which diiitcv couutiy dttu.^rt, i^2,*' 
The Baniti uullior adda arioihor <|uoUi1i<iiL that givQ4 u 
ik^ttvr idea of thc^ quantity and L'buraot«r of the pro- 
p(*rty-^mait'$ po^adseloiie, saying: : — 

'' He haa charge <»f atl tho movaMe^andhas to ixcr- 
clao the ;^rc^lc)^t iiigi^niiity in ^ettiiij^ thont up. His 
province Is to preserve the canviu ^vater from getting 
wet, ki>t'p the *tm*s di^k ciciir and the moon from 
g«ttTUg torn i ho muiiuliictJirva thunder en ahL^ct Uon, 
or from parchment stntchcd drum-like oa a frame ^ he 
pL'Ciparod boxes of di'ied pea« tnr rain and wind* and 
hiigo wDtchmau'e raltles for Ih^ eri-xh of failing tovr* 
era. Ho htia under hia charge demijahns for the full 
of e^nccAlcd china la cupboards; ^jeakini; trum- 



lieb to iinttjilfli llui jp'owl of rnrorinuH wili) ht^^fA ; pctnnjr 
w}iJHtlr!i for Uiu 'CTicki^L on i\u' hciitih ;' puwilcrml 
ruHtij for ligliUiin^ ftrL-tlii-K, wh<*nT gfiA i.% not unnl ; ro9« 
piitlCt r^ir ihe blootl of jmlnuU ; niom^y, rut ua^ ofUn ; 
fini?ly cut lilts of pa|><*r for fiitttl »]iow->Htoriiift ; l«n^iii 
WIU, for tTia distuiJt mutU'ririgti o( s utorm ; h^gs of 
gn1i) ctHituiniiig biu of t>rr>keii g\A^i nnil |]ebb1e», to 
imiUtto th« musii^ul ring of coin ; hatU of cotton wad* 
(ling for uppk dumplingi^E link« of two^i^^H, miido of 
puiiiU-il rt.'itinrl i wtimptijouo bofiiirts of puptor nkiu-b# ; 
block-tin nugH whli pn]iit4^<l lirauU ])iitti<^rl in forroj^iiL 
Aigiiotft ; ci-owiii of Dutch jrildingliuiHl nitb nrdfenvt; 
broomUJck hAn(lI«B cut up for ct-uncheuiu for coramflDd ; 
brooms tbemsek*^ for wltche» to Hde; bi-JUiclu-a of 
ccOarfor BlniAin wood; dretlging hax^ of liour for 
the fdt^-d^^pondin!:; \n\^T^ ; vi^rmilioii to tip the noses 
of jolly Inndlordit ; pieces of nittJin nihcr^*! oror for 
fixiry WJindG ; lo:u3un wnt.chj?*, fi>r |roltl roponloi^ ; dog- 
rhuiiin fc^r ^)w ncckn of ktii^ltlliood, nwi tin HpurM for 
iU h<ii'in ; urmor maOo of Iviil^ivr, and » kicldi f>f Wood ; 
fiiuti for IndioM to <*oi|uot behind ; qtibtdng-gla^iiiiE, for 
o?c<piUit4?ii to o^flo witli ; \v^ of mutton, luiiii^. loaves 
oflfivtid and plum-puddin^fl, ftll cut from canvas, and 
stiiffi^d H-itli aawduol; to;;i?thcr with all tho pnde, 
pomp, and circumstanoo cf » dramatic display. Such 
is till* proporty-man of ti theatre. Ho Iwiir* hi* honors 
meekly ; I19 niixc« molasAoa and wider for wino and 
darkens it a little »lin<Lo for l>mndy;iEt always liu»j 
behind the scenes* but i* .^el<ioni !*<*eii, unkw it i* to 
door tbc etogc, and tlicu vhtii a ^ho«ve^ of yoIlEt and 
lunca doc» be roceivu froin the ^nlloHos ! The 
tbongbUc«0 go<hcTy ' Sujid Sup*!' wWnh if intended 
for an abb rev i at ion of tmpcrior or tiupertiri<.', mny bo 
oi>poflitCf, but in no oilier vitw of the ca^o. Wliat 
vrould a tbentr< be without a propeity-m&ciF A world 

nir iLt,u:»io:f?« or thb ftaqe. 


without A 311D • • • Kui^ wmiM be tniiicli* 
conlosfl And crowolosA; brigiuids \rithoiit &poiU: old 
men wif.liout rmir-^ nnil powder; Hnile^ain willioiit 


-^^^-—^ •'--'-" : --^:^ 


trould olo4o — tliens would bo no tmgodv, no coniedv, 
no fflrco without him, Jovo in hN diiiir nev^r 
moro potent tban h«. Ait tv^tor might, and often dne« 
p^t alou^ w-iihotiL Uio wortU of hU part, but not with- 



out tb« properties. What strange quniulnrio? ha\i> ve 
BOOH th« Gnrrick^ nnci Siddonscs of our eUgc get iuto 
wbcn the propcrty*maii Up.^ott in his duty I Wc have 
uccn Itimco di"traolcd licwiiufic tht? bottle of pfil^on wa» 
not tn 111? fouEiU; Vir^^niLM t«iLr Iti^ Imir Wr^jiuiw ttic 
btitchcr'^ knifv" iraa iKjt reii<ly on the AhnmMcA ; ItAiLlio 
Nicol Jfiivid ii[>nplu^«ij hi^cuiu-iti thoro wzia uo red-hot 
poker to aiogo the Tartan fladUk- wiili ; Mactieth 
frovrumg bocaus** the EighLh Appuritbn <lid uot bc,nr a 
gUfl€ to 9ho>T hiEn nny more ; William Tell in A^ony 
because there wal^ ho snijill upplo for Gcslci' to pick ; 
the Fir*t Murderer in diatrew hoc:(ii:4e there wft« no 
blood for hit fnc<T inid y ; Tlocato fumiog like « hell- 
ctit bnntu.Hi* lirr mr did not Tni-iniit ea-iily ; Kirhun! tiie 
Tliiid blinding hid teeth l)tfcauE»e Lhc elink of hunimvni 
doatiig nvetft up waA fur^olt^n: Hamlet In-ought up 
all slanduij; because lh<?n) wa* no goblet to ihink the 
poison fronit ajid Othello stabbing lago with a candle- 
stick bocjiu»o be had no other swoni of Spain, tbe 
Ehix>** tcniprr^ Ut do thn iJc*h1 with, So, thti properly 
nmii lA no in^^iguilieaiit ]n?i'Annag«i — ho it thr nmin* 
Kpnkig whidi win all lht< work in motion ; uiid nn ;iL^1»r 
hnd betlf^r ha^ti it li^id trpttfiph wht^n di-:id than hia ill 
will while living/' 




A (evt compan'Wf huve donn ftway cmlrclv wkh the 
cniiVAft-nutliiiisI taikc-y EiTifl t.ho H(i*wduftt*tilu^efl <limijw 
liiiiT, unr) lijtvo mcjil* ihiit li;;uru jq Iho jiluy fler%oil on, 
tbo itUi^4> |>i|'i"jr li"t from wnne neigbbonn^i^ ruMBU- 
rnnt. Thor« idgvnuiiie wine loo, ant] oftvn it i* ehrira- 
|Kipic of sueh quality Ihiit ilK np-irkU* mukt^ft lli« eyea 
of thu lipploi-s in iJie audieiKv clum*©, Jind iheir mouths 
mil wAtor In tlm ami tunny otber way* the de^iro to 
get BA n^nr to tb^ real tiling »« ponxililo iit urt. hiu 
caused encroachments on tho })rop*?rty-niiiii"s» terri- 
tory, and grnc]uu11y bi>4 treafiiiT^8A[-E»dGC[«Hstng. Still 
his occupiiiloii \A ntit Ti'igtinn an Othpllo'*. TravrlKng 
n>in1>iiiiitionH hnvr lb<*ir own |>ropi>rty-mnii, itiid tho 
th«itii^ cuuh cnrry one, Hr'Hidi^* 1h» iniignilU'ent 
work «f pmdncHiig i(notv*><torni4 fifim ptiptr, i'U\j th<?rft 
tra uiliior dctaila of IiU bualnc«4 tbut ho bringi as 
miich hH to us ihi* average a<^tor and aelrew lako to 
lb? fltaf^e. He bnftrU a Wiirrior'a bolmet fVom simple 
bi-ovn manjlU paper and miLkes h pitir of bronze iirna 
in ibo Bnm^ cbenp wiiy, nltlioii^rti they may appear tn 
h9 worth $300, Broiijce figures, too, are oblaiuod 
(torn tho pamo niiifrial; uNti flower-jmts, maiiK^l- 
pioo««, and puoh thing's^ He pne* about the work like 
alt arti«t. lie fintt makcj^ a model in clay of the arti- 
cle — ftay it in an urn* Thia dono ho biiitdi^ a wooden 
box around it, and mixing pl.iKier of parin and wator 

rura the mixtui'C bL'Lweon the box and model where 



UOm OT TIIB MV^rr.ttlR.- 

it ifi allotvod to hni'tkn. Afti^rtlic Hay moul<l liai boon 
vriUiilrawii tlic pln^tcr of puri^ mouUl in ^rouaod, and 
five pijc^'ossivo cnnls ot" tmt\\\ |)iewH of ttiit*k brciwn 
pnpcr ihiiK huvc boon Esojikvd in %val«i- ai*o curcfulJy IM 


ijrer of uiu*liii aiicI ghjo Tullow^, mtd llinw 

fif Uicf Irrrtn'ii jui|Hfr. W)u?ii l\io it]t^ilii*a* 

U)iiruit|flkly di'\v<\f Ibo l&«t tlirv« Inycn of 

tpor U1V removed, and tho tini wbk'h has been 

%l<tnK or TlIK MrHTK|[[1U>. 


four davfi lit pivxTcru nf (Timplction U ready fnr uxn. 
Oobli^U fur roynl nr kiiiglitly hA]K]iit*tA nn^ mnntiriLo 
torm! liy thci |irnpnrty*mn]i in Iho s<nitio luiiniirr- OlVu 
]tuA u g{>lJcTi ^o1il«1, c*wi.*r, imi|ibnru, or »:iIvl*i- fcilUn 
tn Ihu Door fmni tlio hiiml* of iiwkward Gnnympd&s 
and Hebea without eraathig any CfUiatematlon Eimong 
the gathered gntUnU, or iuiikli:g n bouikI loiul oiiougli 
to niiplo above the ligbleat ]iol4>8 of llie orchoHti'^. 
Tboeo properties aro l>^lit, but v«iy durable, and wdl 
vntb^tand ihe harsh :ii>d car«lo88 treatment th4?y fri> 
quently t««jive> Often the entire " bauquot set*" is 
mad^of pftper, th^ ^kiUod work of tlio worthy pr^[)- 
erty-mfln,who holds pj^otwhly thn mo>t imipp^tid'^tit 
place in lh<i tb^atro* hoitig abligrd to carry no nrticl^t 
to anybody — not ov«a a foreign Ktar — but Icnvcj^ that 
nKfiiinl work Co ihft *tage manngci', prompJor, or call- 
bo v. 

MiHiiilight JH oitft of thit iuo4t poH'icul hmiI littntitiful 
of ulnjTvi i^lTitnU. TFiii lirsiL wiirk in |)rodticiiig it tH 
iloiio by lEi» >*ivii»i iirliMi, ^h4> plai-t'^ a iiiooii)tght piu- 
turo on birt cxrivuH. Thu Oidritim light tilu-red ihuiiigb 
a jfr^en gliv^ HIU the forogrouiKl with itt mellow Jnflii* 
eiire. At 1h>* bm-k cif 1lii» Atugi- a niw of argand 
biirnpi^ wilh li^dii gn^-n siiiwlr*, givcithn fiiiiit nndsofl^ 
toQchvK tbut fill ill ibc dii(ljitii*0. A ■'ground piccu*' 
orntHp <^f iin*Ei<tty rittiv alfnig tUv llnor Jil thi* Imrk of 
Llio HtagtT* niid JLUt iiiLiIrT th(f muiit ttvino hiden thf> 
**gro«n iitvdiumA,'' u* lUa ulxndvd burrior« arc ojiUcd, 
from thu eyes of tho aiidkii^o. Somclimea the row ia 
nbovo the ttago, and prot&cte<l fmm sight by tho 
" ftky-lwrden," Silrer ripples on tho Burfflco of 
water, ai>d Lwlnklin^ sUrs in the eky are frequently 
inado (oatur^^ of mooidii^hl scenery. The 1winklm£ 
Atare ai« bri-Hit vpMiigkfi huitg by pin-hooki; to Ihd 
MttOMi and the Tippl«M» ara only >lit4 in tli« water can- 


uone OP 7HR uysTCRiBa. 

Taa* behitKl which at\ cii<]1(*».h totvol with HJita cut in \t$ 
surface and a atroti^ ^aiiiijifht bcl^T(^e1l the rfiUorn nnd 
the Mvt of the trnvi'l, is iua<lL- to revolve. Kvery 
time the aWh* in Lhe towel caiiiq oppobitu iho alits ia 
the carraA the light abinea thniu^h and the eiker 
dnnco upon the lake or iiver. When the ftlita in the 
towc! are made to move upward the lijvplea seem to 
lift their silvery tops tu^ardb the lieiidio|j sky, Mooti- 
ng, which 10 always iin ngivtralde illiiMiont oven to 
thcwo who hnow how it in doijf^, ijt (riTrrti'd hy lilting 
tho " mtioo-hox,'" a* it in carriM nlouly up hfrhiiitl ii 
mii?din <:anviu(, uptm whirh hr'Jivy pupt^r i« rnntfiiiid h> 
represent t-loudi*- Tim '■ intion-hcix " it tuj itnlni?u"y 
cnhirtl utttiir with a muiul holt' at <n\c end, over whkh 
a ftCiip of uuittlin ia TuHtetK-d, aiul behind which Is a 
Strang illumination. Two xvire& from ahove are man- 
ipnlated cnuiiing the moon In mnvo Ihi'ongh its orhit. 
When Its pnth lies hfiliind nrn« of ihp pnp(»r <-l(iiid* the 
rrauduTeut Cynthia, jiut like tho gpiinioc* ijut^eti r>f the 
heavoTiA, faiU to ahinvt, Iml ti»i»wMi nii*hpf merge** from 
tha dark J^pnt and the n»U'r ruin oT Lhc* ilUiminjitf^d Hr- 
cular SLiHsco of tho *Mnoon-box" tonohvH 1 ho white 
tnutlin onc^o a^ain, vho i« the fair4|tJoen of iitj^ht and 
tha young lovorx in the audi<>rice feed ns happy aa if 
thoy wero at homo swinging on the iVont gate, while 
pa U at the c*hth and n^a h enteriaining ain amiable 
toaniti In the JCfooud parlor. Tba du^hed countc-nance 
of the moon, aa she is juet riahiif from Theti^'e arms, 
fte yoa ec© her evepfj' nipht when ahe is taking: her first 
dfiiniy steps up the eastern sky. U obtained by having 
the lower ocI«;e of the musUn pLiiotod red imd ^rad- 
tmlly Mending with the white, while floating clouds arc 
only the PCBiik of hani'in^ or *f win* on Ujc gausM! drop 
ill front oftheniu^inifcreentpicoe^of inip»lin or canvas 
Cttt into the proper gbapes. The cfaonge from d^y to 

VOItn tiV Tilt: MVKTKKIItl^. 


ni<:^ht, or pfo* vrr«i, cffc-cts thnt juirjinis thr oMicr iu 
rcjil bc;%iit^-, [in<I also in iittmclivcncis^* for thr ixiTilic^ 
is procluretl hv having n (!mii twioo tbt iisiutl Ictt^.h, 
IMilntud one Imlf in a siinsi;t unil the olher linl f f n niooti* 


light. If ih.9 duinfi!^ from d^y to ni^ht, which i» t\w 
more eS'^cUv^c, is dcj^ircd, the etin^ct nky occupies ttie 
upper liBir M' the drop — that i» nothing but tlio aunat^t 
•ley i« preMLitcd to the cjr« of Ibc aiiilionoe. The Jis- 



tancA Bceuory i» pmjitcd upcn a n^piircLU pi«c« and tho 
outlines of Ui« olijdcU aJ'e shnrply cut out so tbab Uie 
»uii8et sikif cud l>« et-cn atn>\e lln* irreirul»r rtutliue of 
the bori/on. A guuKc Jrup iuiiigs in front to ^tve the 
picture tbe requii-tfcl ha^y effc<^U und red lighta giTO a< 
0illi«et glow to tbo entire scene. Rolling up the tack 
drop the cbango is hiikIc sIowK niid caii'fully uiiUl the 
moon U discorercd in the night half of the skynnj 
goea up with it, vrhilv the ujninl moonlight in<;ditiniK 
arn bmiight into requisition to inorcviac tho bngktncMa 
»f thu vifiw- 

Thezv uri^ two wayH of pnidudng <xil<h.ii wawtt. 
Srmiotiiiitfp 1% piece of hluij clolh wiih O^nhtTH uf wIiiIes 
piiitit for wnve-LTT^ftltt UdveiH the entirtr titu^u, w\wu thtj 
nec^sssu'j motion of the waters Is ohtaiiied hy having 
men or Ikiv* stationed in the eiitrnmes to Away ihe sea. 
A<rutii» «-iirh hillnw m:iv hi^ murhi to whow Ki^pnmUi 
witli ihti nlu-rnalc^ rowH uC bilhnvH zvaring their ivlnto 
4!n«jtl.!t hH.urm^n Ibti l.ijM of thii row tm ttacb sido. 
Thu<t£4 ImIUjwh are ruuki-d huckward and forwanl — to 
and fwm tin* audleuiTL* — while Uie on-jin'!* itmr eoTnea 
iVom a wooden hox lined with tin aiitt containing a 
aniall qiifiniity of bird shot. The desired ftonnd ia 
prndncGc! by rolliii*^ tbe box around, 
V Anybody who has witnessed Milton Xobl^'s ^'Pbflfr- 
Dix " properly pla4?ed on the stage, or "Tbe Streets 
of NeflT York," niii»t bnve b^Gn^ tbe first time, both 
Urriiiodt and litilt somt^wbat dMi^ht^^d, with tlio fira 
ecei»a. Of late yeum tliey have boeit made wonilor- 
ftilly tbrillirfT* and atmoitt perfect fiio^idniileic of tho 
FIro Kitmd bimKelf. Tlio s«i*ni.*-piLtn1ur jfota np bii 
botiM in tliree pk'oea. Tba toof la awuitj;; from the 
*«flic.-*"; the front vmU is hi two piece*, a ja;-sred 
lino ruinuKg from neat the top of one aide of tbe seen** 
to tbo lower end of tUo other eide. If ehuuers ar« to 




I have already written ahoni the propcrty-mfln, lii« 
xa&uy duties, und ihct grcsib rr«pon»ihility ttuit rcitd 
upon hini, I hjivr «iW wriUwi nbtnit Uic pnmiptcr, 
undt1ieva»tHiuiniiU.iJr work lit-* i--* n*ntiired tudu, Bui 
thvm rt^miiin ludiind llm Mit^tit^n lual hi thti Ixidy of the 
hfliiHt^ ntliifr prrHOii.*! wltci gi> tu umk6 tij) IIik gruiid 
urmy af tttrutrioiil uUacIjl^h. mid whf»e jdncu in th« 
iimuHcmmit world ii4 oiits of M)m« imporUn^^, as they 
tiro thu iKljtiiii;U wllltoul whii-h the dntiuA would lie 
loft naked af iu present beauty mid splendor aud the 
circumstanced nuder Avhif.'h it* would Ije patrouLzed 
would be full of luconventeuce and discf>mfort. The 
doDr*ke«pera of theatres are often iriU'restittg churuc- 
tert. Sometimes they have beeu selected ouUtdu tliu 
ruika of the profossion, ^vheo, of ooured, thoy have 
Ultlo more to toll you ahout than the habits and pceU" 
liflLritic6-of th^theAirc-^ing public ; but mauy of them 
are brokcn-^own actor*i, ^iK'tore who have been 
■^cnuhc*!." Aiid la who^o hotter days vieua of 
milimitod hopo openod hefor« their dazsled viaioo. 
The&o ure full of ivmJniitocQCCJt of tho old-time aaiala 
of the c<»ck and bur^kiu. If one could believe a]] they 
have to eay, thc4W victimi« of ciroiimstitncc^ could be 
looked upon as individuals whoso dc^uny it had 
orig[D4Uy been to knock their Mhiny ^t^^'e-pipo hata 
agaiiitft the *tar-* of heaven, hut. by some »truugo i-Atal- 
ity, hod their book^ broken uiid their majestic tread 




lamed, 6o thnt iion* thoy cau only shu^c into a freo- 
lutacli saloon and bcn<l tl^^^ir nicies ov^r tbo eotiiuor aif 
Iboy lovinprly emJ>moo u solioonor of boon Thoro U 
always room iit t\w Imttom for tbo unfoilunuto* of tbo 
profodsion, An<I tlicyltiirl nuch pravUion utniUly umdo 
for tborat 04 tnkiti^ LiclcuU ut tho door, or worlcbg 
outeido Am'^n^ Uio uownpapor boys in Uw lapntity of 
&gonL TliL'truaAurorof athLNktro and tho lickia seller, 
who* in tba brood bcii^v of Iho word, may bo looked 
upon as iLltfichea, aro people thut all patrons of lliott- 
tro9 tiro faaiiliar witli. Tbcy. wild tbo door-keojjcr, 
must ia tho blaii<foai manner fit iboir comninnJ rcaist 
advanoce of the very numcrouB cicad-bcads. A 
rtcoufl rcfnsnl is nlvraye deemed the \tcf\t hxtt frc- 
qucntly the bar:«lic9t trcattuoiit mu^^t be reported kxi to 
get rid of thi« tbc-atrical nuiAnncc, of ivbom 1 »bn11 tako 
occMion to wpcnk liter en, n* well a.'' of tbi^ frcff-pjwrt 
system. The treixsuivr of a thcutrcii* alwny* on term:! 
of iittiniiiey with the protest! on als who fn-^fjucnt hiA 
hoiiffi;, mid \t9 xinaiiWy a joUy-fealuicJ, ^'oodMiutui'tad 
man who kiuiwd how Ui eattirUiin Iua ftieiiilH^ to retain 
thii ifoiid opiinim of hiA iiian:igi'r. whifu llUiog up tiie 
tiukeUlaix ^vitb passtc, and vtIid uiideralandd and ap- 
pr<!i')a1»s the full value of the saying that a soft aiiawer 
tiutLeth aside wnith. Ills salary i^ngL*s from t^i* tn 
150 a week, while » g<MHl ticket-seller, vrlw freifneiitly 
is made to do idl the hurd work, mav be IiaaI for #12 
or (15. A door-krepi'r tt* piul fmru %U\ Lo (l.'i u 

Thecrent AnjrrWti ty[»o nf youthAd (Mlixi'n, with all 
tho manners and dij^niy of oh! n^ and (be iLdvUory 
CLanlitie* of ft Nfrnlor, U ibo thenlrical u^bL'r — the 
youn^ chap who lakihi your re^rved seat ticket wltb a 
•jnilo full of nulijniity and sueooeds In getting you 
into tho wrong eliair and almost Into a prlzt^ tl^ht with 


)\C^t &TLf] otiier flrAt-cla&fi Neir Vork csUblUhmeiiUt 
roa vrilliiiid Ihem in full cvci/mg die?.^ vUh oit ]iirg« 
"an cxhibltloD of abirb front ua the swcl1r-«t of the 
flocicity noodlos who arc among [hn \Kiiviiu% of the 
boiue. Ttio ii»bvr gol» Sfl or tI4 u weuk, but 
impresses the nlmngrr as If hn onnwl lui intei'Wit in the 
U)i:3Ltrc. He mny nell calico iir mil n It^uiunude btauU 
during tUe ilzij\ hut iiL ul^ht he is itififttt-'r of all ho aur- 
,VL-V9(, tiitkn »f ihB uL'tr^Hseb nh fmuiVairXy hm If he wer-e 
blood ri^laUou, trwa to in^kke jou ln-lleve ho ha& ** a 
ilhl gill " in the bullet, aiiU will ofTer ^oii any favor, 
an iDtroducfion to the star to a dozen inatine^- 
■a or a g^imoof sev^n-ap with the niarutger. Liko 
ie claquers, ho is a regnh^r i]iji>wii<:e. After the firvt 
he will sit or «tiuid luul give hU opinion of the I'^^Xt 
immcnlliLf^ iipmi tlin ]>iHTorMicr*i in mu'h hrit^f, li:t1f 
jitculutory, hiilf irilLnTag!i|r>ry Wiiy, u*, '* Ain't *;hi* a 
ii§y» thoujfh?" or, •* Ain't ho a dindy, you l»t?" 
bi ox[K.'ctud to rt[)pli(ud oven tho viWi^t And loast 
in^ thin^'HT uad xvlien Uk^ cuu iii giv«ii, workn hU 
inndrt und f^ttt aa vigorously im I havo o1>«n bccd 
Henry Maplowa iu a|ifduudtii]t Mario Ko«n, lii« wjfe» 
orvtravdhn^ niamijfvr in cnmincEntlng tho cfibit^ of 
hbfavorito among tho fern aba of hm company. 

Down in Iront, ri^^ht tinder the ^io^ of tho foot- 
lif^btd, tho bidd bond of tho kader of tho orchestra 
shim?«- Often ho is tiit<^rc«t4ngt but eoinotiinos, es* 
pccially omon£r the Icudcrn for combiiiationa on tho 
roodi bo biLS Q life history thnt compcU new tenra and 
now o^ia Inu^htcr. When ho i« on tho road he may 
haro a wifo or dimghliT in the company, and if ht liaa 
iK'ith<^r ho J5 hound to loolc lovingly upon some of tho 
fairtalcntvfho^etot^^ twinkle, or toIcoi ripple inaong to 
tbo tunc of bi3 vrariiig b;iton, Aad bo will Bmile out 
through hid gold^rimmed spectacles upon hie farorit« 

TIIR AKirr or ATTArBK*. 


«v^Q whilo ^ho isr^onrtiiifj^tbd fuvor of tlt«Aodinncc,or, 
perbA]ifl, while sln» is tryint; to mnsh M>mo bijofy )j1othJo 
ill the front tows af the piii*qu<'tli*> Jwiloiitjr ofl«3i tiiki:^a 
pos6<ea«Uiii of tbo broiut of tbo orchciitra L&adur. It 
may be Ibitt ho vr'\i\ find <>\iX tbiLt tho wife h« tmu dond 
c^crvthiLig for to muk(> EumoitH b^M yourig«r and hiiitcj-, 
Bomcr ]ovor«, Jroin who^o ^lovving jiioi^otioc alio oomi 
to bcr masicnl ioni 4!ot<l us a CbriHmuH DiuTQitig with 
<iight*cn inched of ityo on pond aud livor ; or it inny bo 
thut ilic fovoritc of Ibe fool-iiglt* whom ho atloroa hoa 
fouu<] ttiiotber fnvoritc in tbe audionco ; then tboro ie 
wur, and aomotiiiica the orchestra 19 Lett without its 
l(*adtr Aud a stor^' of unrcqiiitod love w tidd in a cx>tv 
oner'a mquo«t hchl upon a body found Hoiitiug in a 
pool, or hanging Inmi a trannom in the room of some 
hotel. To It'/ivo thn pnthctio ami ^t down to solid 
Tacta it may be aIhUhI that the leader of an orchestra 
ifl piud from tTii to tl(K> a wock, and 1ki» from a doxcu 
to sixteen munjcmni whr^io Mlanen range from tl3 to 
(t';o » wi!«k. 

A^iu rotnrniiiju; to th» boj^orn of th« titagi* ^- to tho 
[■m'itTdpn^dtidaWy<iml tbi' fo(*t-*li)j;h1.H — wo onctnmti^r 
tlw atji^i; itiajiu^ur, Kvt^iy tiTkvuUJti;!; cunijmny liHf* it-* 
i»wii employee who directs and ruiis the* utaj^e buaim-n.i, 
Hiid mitwilb^undiii;:; the nholitian of slock <^>jii|iaiiit«H, 
Nov^ral tln*fitivH ivtiiiu p.iii^i* iiuna^'cr* of their own 
who work in <^i>iijnit<:ti(JU ivilb Xhtt compHiiyS, looking 
alWr tbc^ cutting of *omiery, boutng thcr itlu^ banda, 
utc- Tliif »1j^t( cnanagei- may b(- an a^rtor, or ho niay 
not, but bi? munt b« a nruj of tlu^alnnd Irinniiig^imd 
tboronghir <TOiiv«]'ttarTt wilb all the rM|tiiiM>rTiftnt9( of the 
Mt>gi0. In imvtdling eornbiriiition-i bi> usually play* a 
mliwr part,»nd, nithongli hi^ may nut be »bk- to aeta^ 
wdl lu hia brelbren of Eho play, be muH |xMdei:4 the 
rrqujiiti-' arttillo knowkdgo to point out and dictate 


THi: AKMT OK ATTACIUC0. all shall Jo. He ^ui^errtsea relK^aruU; ciuU 
pUye, — tbat i«,m8si;^atoeHcbperlVjrnii*rhid<ThunLcler; 
and he looke tiAor the luoiindn^ of |>1nt'A u:id Uio co^ 
tumiiiifijrU-ing the scenic jirti§t ibt* period to wbkb the 
\yhiy btloog*, tnni intjmri in;!^ tJufl »:riino iitfornnaion to 
tlio costunii^ra flo tlut ihcvo niuy bo iiu uuncbromKni in 
tho roprcMJutaLiou nu tlio ain^^, 

Tbe scenic arttflt, ivho i^ ol^eu kiiowu to Ibc pcopto 
only by his work, hne aoiae exlni^inliiiai'v diitiue to 
pcrforiLk. Wbcii n oombinatiou or compauy hwa a date 
at u tb(.'ati<r A wvvl: or so bcfon^buudt thoy send cii 
smat] incdols of tlio ^cuikta' Uiey rpquiro fortiieir play. 
These UJod<.ls ^reiitly rcM*uibl« iu tbvir ^<?iiirml appcur- 
ancG and mzp iUo t»y Uivatred ibut nva tfcM tij chitdrcD. 
The ctftgo nirpotitcTt vrb» jfiiod aruLHid day and night 
treading llio fitajfo iu his cwii §buffim^ niid curelo^^ 
wiiy, iiiid who i* entirely unknown to tbo publit', takos 
tb(j madfU and build* frames over whieh caurua or 
miidlin ta bprtad. Tbea the cnitV(Lb<over(;d frai}ie is 
taken to the scene painter":* Itrid^r wbni it w n^jidy tor 
tho coloi-a, Jn ra[iny tbcutnw Hit brid^u is ii pjiitforrn 
ext«i>diug acroM the Mnj:!^ and dirtUiit from thu rear 
wall abuut a foot* Jt it oti a Uvcl ^'ith tbo IMoh, and 
tbo opening lietwrga it niid tbi^ rt^ur w^dl U Udud for 
lowering and bi>i«tlii£ a acetic, ^hidi i^ buug ou u larga 
woodni fniino nbilc tht^ artist 19 at work upon it. 
TWtfi fniiiK^ moT^jH up aad duwn. Iwin^ Awiing on pul- 
ley*. The UK^st irupit»vi\J theatres EiLst acid Wost, iu 
ai)dlciu<i to bavin-j ibe dix:s»iii«-rooais, eugliies» etc., 
iu a building ^epaiuio fmm the thcatic, liavo tbo paiuL 
bridge aW oepandc. Grc^it iioa doors, three or four 
itori*-n hi^b, elobo l.Ut? oprnirg to tbo painting e^tnti- 
-dimeul* and all Aceinsry nob hi use on the i^tage 
iring tbo run i>f a ]iUy U Kl»t-ed hk tbo spac-j* under 
' bridge, while tlw? Irid^*; it^t-lf i^ rcidly a long 


ruw ruoiii wiiL nil opening iii aiir autiM^f n fitot or Icea, 


througli vrliich coinuiuuicatioii is hod with tb^ «tor^ 


TIIK AKilir or AtTAr«K». 

room, nmi vrhl'^h ^vc^ spaoo fiir tl>G operation of 
frnmos upou wtit-li scenes ar« painted. I'ho nrtijft'«^_ 
paleUo i« a Ioiij; tal)1<> with ooinpflrtm<iat« nt tlio lAck^f 
Tor i]ilTcrojil colorii, mid Hum lis bc^idr-s ft |)n>riiaioji of 
piiint cnn^, jni'*, iMc, with, htigo brui^h^e tluit nii^lit 
#cn'i' the wliiti;n'n4tM-r'« ivHle-fflH'oiut piirjioHC, nnd 
otticrft thiit rnougb to fMittt u IaiI^'u c^«*1u»U. WiUcr-^H 
^ti>rH luv tiAi>d,iMii] }:u-Ai ^plotchrii of it Arc fuuntl 
along tl)r IcnglL/ piik-ttc. The rvmi>V£i) of tlio paint- 
bridge from tlio tiU%gt U a blowing \a uctcrn miJ 
ftotronea itlikct for often duriug a iwrformAiice nt ui^bl 
or a rt^hoareitl tu tb« uiuruii^ l^roMiclotba aiui eUks rv- 
c««vod d&Ahc4 of ptiiiit from Uie bruBb of tbo maa st 
work in inid-aji\ Still uHressad tio noL o(l«n keep ehy 
of tho pnint-1>ri<lgc. The bitMcL-gtrU arc sometimes 
to bti f'Uiid tbcre amusing thi^iusclvca mtii tbo arti«t 
uitl hta AftsUtantA, and tbcjr teU tbe etoij of two Tttw 
Xoiii flctrcMCfl irho autunVly put on nprona, toi^k lioltl 
of tbe Ing brimhest and A»aibt<Hl a tcciuc ai'ti«t ui 
"pfiiiung" bi» canrM, Tbcy were bantiH-iiig btoi 
a]>out thr ?Idw pragrc5!!i be vra« m:ikii)«: nilh a »ccao 
Llint wiu waiitciHliat nijilil, vboii he rcuiarkml : "If 
jroQ aro in «iicb a hurry for IIk* st^ite, wbv ilmrt ^ou 
coino up bcrc and liclp awf " Tbov accepted th« io- 
vilaljiin at nttc^f ntid wrut to work in tlio tnjinnni- I 
havfr iLtrggiVHtud. TIid v^^iif^ w:u nmdjr (but nighl. 1»it 
Um artrt'Mir-n vittf vrrv tinMln Thrv pattili^i no mot^. 
TlwT " priming '* nf n *ppnp wljirh I hsrc* tncntinnm] 
in Lbi! prvrvding iini<o[)nt<\ con^iiiitJi in luying a coat of 
wliit« mixed with kisiirtg njKin xUn eanvsM. IVbeJt ihia 
UdryllHi anlttt fHiltinon hiit itorno in chaivoaL Ha 
lirst geU bid p(*nipM.livi>, wlifcli be dopi by attachhi^ a 
long piece of Iwino 1o a pin fixed ut lii« *' rauiNlUfi|[ 
potnt." Tben blackening tb« «trii% and beginning at 
tiM top be ump^ k oo aa to make a black lime u-blcb U 



ftftonrflrds gone ovv*v with ink. TMs lino ia repro- 
duced whenever tho ilrnwing requires, and tbo jtdr&n- 
t<igo it utibrde will be rondily understood by all wbo 
knovr nuythmg About art cr apprcciutu the value of 
good j>L-rr*pcctiv<» in dialing* Thu i*ky of the eccno is 
first JilL'd in ni|jldl}-witli uwhitcwniibbriHb, after which 
follnw* a Hwift but clover complt^tton of tho riovr. 
The bide iscl'tich which nnt to bv uncd »3 contiiiuationv 
of the ** t\iiW Hi the priDci|ml or b^Lch purt of ii ^ceiie 
is cuUed, ma^ h« in pei'Apoctivu with tlia re»t of the 
|)icturo. Scenic artiste work very i|uickly, and can 
pr«paro a view in a very thovi time. Morgan. Mar*- 
tiJii. Vox, Olid Voegtliiu in Nvw York; GoalcbiT, in 
Cincinnati ; and Dick IlnlW, Tom Noxou, and Em«st 
Albert, in St, Lunii*, nn^ nimmg ihc b<'^t 9*1 p no pnjnlerw 
tu the country. The »u]iLrjitH piiid in this brunch of 
the pniferuion vnry fmrn |10 Ui tl^O a wi^ck. A New 
Tnrk nrli^l, tt it* Krild, wlro works very fartt, it^rtlvc* jik 
ninrh ^li %\M tu |b!iO fi>r oatr in' two nceiic'f^. When it 
U taken into ronaltlvrutiou that at Ibe ond of the nin 
i^t n pUy the8e scenes are Molted out to make whv for 
otiierd, ihe pric'e paid for them t« dimply eiiormotta. 

The old womnri of the compiiny is nn ebkrly 
matronly fomAlo, who mwy Im found hovering in thfl 
vinoB of ^VAiyy thrnlnv Shn ik nobody'x nioihnr in 
particular, but t^ilkr* in a motherly way U\ i%\\, i\x\i\ tx- 
crclscfl a special Kiiporviiiion ovor the fejiiu.ln memhcm 
of iha company. In stniiig<T ('(uiT.niii. f<> h<'r i* the 
oall-boy, a ojiaehicvioii* d<>vil-may-cnL'e yonn^ fellow, 
who call* Booth " Ed." Bernhardt " Sallle," and hoi 
familiar np|>eJUtioaa for tho aioat prominent nnd digui* 
lied pwple in the profession- It is hiH bu^ine^^ to call 
performers from the green-room in time for them to 
take their "eiw" for goin;; on the etaj^^ and this is 
about all he baa to do evoept to maica trouble, to leam 

(201) nrK "OLD ITfWlAx" or THE TOKPANT. 

i-ltit AftMr or AtTAOHKS- 


■(<?crptA tbiil Via wliiK|H*n4 rJ>otft, un^t to luinoinf* iin imj»- 
Uh miiitiint-r rovcliiii'; in mrxit fan tiTK\ Creetlnm than 
jHirlnMy "l*n l>p|iinfl tW **'i»n*'s, Ainuui took n liking 
to Ottii of 1Ik*>i* litfU' gt-'iillrtiii^ri orir-c nu<) fin] liiiii 
cignrplt4w, »jiU 1i>t him Ml lii^ !!<>« rtff ///jiVumi. She 
*M »1j4> IIUimI hinj I>cviiU4l> hv vrriti hik-Ii " zi cliarmlng 
lUUe Jii.^a'it/* Alico 0:lIi>*, of tlfignittt fiim<*. alloworl 
ono of ibfrm DUl "W^t to got into her pooiJ graocfl, nntl 
repeated It, wheu she faund that he (ll^appctutvd «iid- 

THB -R>TKETir l>IUiL\. 

doaly omi d»>' vith a lr»t of her j»*wole. Tha PiilUbo)' 
coiu«4 hist in Ibo lint of utuichc*, hut ho ia iiot At alt 
Wtft. If you hijlivvt^ nil \iv tolU you, liko this u^hur, 
you will tiiiiik him u ^n^tt niAii, I'oi' h« ofl^^^n boasU of 
plnyiiiff |>6kor with *}ohti MtX^uUou^h, »r tukinc Lottit 
out foruilrivo, or of rolling tcii-piud willi 8nJviiti or 
nonui ef|ually ilhtHtrion* rc^prcAciilali^-o ot tho hi^Lfhoat 
ilramaitic url. A call-hoy gcV* ivbouL |IU a ^rcok* utid 
11) five cuacd put of U'^ii Iiir 1011*1 w^rtli t«ii coiiU. 



G«orgc McM»nii?ir tn;a«urer of fho Grand Opera 
Uou»e, 8t. Loulfl, 111 AjUition to boing ft good story- 
teller, 11* 04 fond «r Ji iimetknl Joku na lin is of three 
moala ft da/. Dorin^ llic Acft^on tif 1360-^1 Gt^ur^ 
WftS aI the 1}ux-cjHi4:o nitiUfiw, one d^iv, luiikiiL^ uul at 
the Dutch lagei- htitfiT suh>oit aoruaa the street, anJ 
vondi^riiig why it vya* tU:tt ]itH»|»l« were ao fmid of 
"Solioonerh/' when a tiilU thiu, iiieWf'holj', Hninlet- 
like young fr11t»w, with I he air Aiid chithe» of runt icily, 
itulkvd :*lowly into tins vt-Mihiih' imd lip ti* the boat- 

" WHI, jtir/* iiiiid Ororgi?, ujf Uii; young tiiiin giit iri 
fniiit (if iha ivinihiw uiitl llxml hit^ ulhrtwa im 1\m mI). 

**1 wuat Ui bi* Hii attor," thu yuiing iiiau 1>eguii ; 
•'I kciii ht^rn frurii C;ihoki!i, a fiuuill |>lH«e you may 
huve ItiHfru tiboiit, unt) I'd like to gu on the sUge aud 
piny soiii«Uiln' or other." 

■• Oh/' answered Gi^orge, smiling. " if that's all you 
wHnt 1 can fix you. Whon do ymi wnut to begin P ** 

** I am rondv tn Mart jti Hjrht nonw," wjw thi* ri»ply, 
** I toM llio old ffilkii wLi^n 1 lul> tbn hoiiAo Unt night 
that lUi'y iii^odn't cxjkL'ct to hi^o m\* ag'bi 'ill my iiamo 
Tnut oil Uto wall* ao* the »me:i o' hoij&<-g in lotuirv 
rDoro'n u yar<l long, an" I'm ^oin" lo do It or die/' 

** I seo you're mudo out of the right Iciad of fiiuff/' 
sftUI Guorg«, *' aud I'll give yoii a fir^t-elais ohauoe. 
Tou're aaabition^ and vou't* Uau — Icaa enough to 




[Any FulAUfT — iwd K'mi unJ ^-imliiUuiis people n^wiiy^ 
mjike llieir murk. Have yon (-virr linani nf ihr Irmj 
and hungry Cn^[Ti?? — I don't nirHii n ilti|n>»il,m' at 
tho do'>r of !i bti^td h:ink, hut t\w CTUxiiiH (if * Jultua 
CvJ4>iv-' ril \M yon feci juft like* hiiu now ; y<ju look 
llko htm/* 

Tho Cnhokian cundiduW for Tbo^)iua lioEUtt^ blushed. 

"Wdl," Ihi^ jvnictical j»kcr wi'til on, " y^u <?flii begiD 
^roi'k lhi« mciniuig. Tho injii^troU %ill bo hero iu A 
fovr mhmtca for rvhi};ir«al, uud tbi>y wtuit a u^iir box 
of gAg9. Go over to Hurry N«xoii, at the Comlque, 
and ikik him to pVL* you a L>ojc of the beat go^s h«> 
got. Tell bim they'L-^ for ma,'* 

With a face wraalhod lUfimiloatbuCahokiati Castiui 
stalked off towards tho Comiqu<j whilo Goorgo woiU 
out and ;^thcred iu a fc^v frioada to enjoy tbo joko. 
Tho Cahokian vr^ut to tho <'omiquei unci Unrry iNoscoD, 
umkr«tiiDdiEig wtmt wtLH njciiut, gave tho poor t't-ll<>\ra 
box huJf titled wiili bricks, and t<^JUng him tbnt wud all 
he bad, dircctod bim to go up to Pojio's and uak for 
Ed. ZiLnmemiaii, who wonld tilL Iho bux for hiin. 
Shouldvi'iug tho h^avy JoiLd, the Odioktfui moved 
hrurcly out lowanls Popo's, b\x and tittcnhalf Uocka 
avray, lie vrjia protty Utod ivhen be got then:. Kd. 
Zimmerman, in oWdienue to hid ru'^uoat* euot tho Jiox 
arouiitt totbebtagi^'door. wbcrti Ihu cai-|H-ut«r reiiiovtrd 
ih« Ud and added bricka «uouj^b to till tbo receptAcl«. h 
!f»iling tbo lid ou agahi tho stagt-struck youlb waa 
ODCC moi'o presoiitcd with it. It took a ^roat doal of 
fiiertioii for him to gvt the box to h'n ahouldor* aud 
ivbcn bo bad it thcrri ho *ta*z:gored :doiig under the load 
like H druiiL^i maa, to \ho Opirm Houmi ^cvcji b1oek« 
AWfty. WboQ bu roiitbod tbo OpeiM Houaq, }h(cMajiu« 
oaid tbiv )tinativl>i hud ^haiigod thoir iiibid ahuut tj>iiL^ 
any uew gagti^ ard iMiuiutt'd Uin Cabokraii In cttrry 



them over to Uio OljTiii^ic. Tlw^ Cnhokian looked at' 
McMaiiust thon took n woeful und wrflty look iit tho 
box, aiiiK wipiiig tlic pcrxpimtioii frtun In* high torc- 
hciul nml lliiii Ctu-<ti, he Hwung bu t^IuuoIi hni over hin 
brow mill nriimrki!<l thiil he yfii» tin^K 

*'I wij. Mifitrr," lir wiid, " iflliiit'^ whjil u fallow's 
got to Aa Lo Iso n wiar Vd ftocnii^r jilow irnrn cr 
mil a iJinii^IiTu'-irnHluipn Iwi'iitv-Lbiti* Ijonr?* (nil'r lh<i 
IwrnI v-fcii-ir. I Uicjii^hL tln-i-t' wuh wioriT fuu in Xha 
butttncAft thaa earrvjn' aroiiiKl tvrtt or thn-e UimdnMl 
pounds of troa or MtmeUdiL* Itka Jt. all <1hv in llie Mun. 
1 giji^&s I'll throw ij|> my ^LTgagem&nL Good-We," 
And he strode out into the dtr(^i?L, while Geoi^o and 
hid friends had n lau<;1i t.hfit wa? a^ heiiHy aa the \m-\g3 
thai lod ill th*? ni*?rrinn'iit w<irp !oijcI nnd Ktroug. 

Tboro are :i fo^7 young mm and yoiiii^^ ludto? In tbia 
world who do not take i\w 9nnn* vi«»wof tU^ «tngD that 
the Cjihokirm look : tlioy imiigino tUoiv i* ii ^n>ni d«fll 
of fiKi in Wing uii ac^btr or un iL<!lniKii, and thai it iloQ* 
not ix^quiro aiiv s|>Ls^iul efTurt to arrive ut tho point 
wbi^ro a pt^riioQ bocomes il full-lk'dp^ud profc^tsioDul. In 
tin* \\t<y uj-ojut^t u« mi]4!h miaukt^ti aa wa^ tho Cabo* 
kiim, mid auuivtiine«, dft^T tht^y hnvi^^oiie Into truiuin^' 
for Uwprof^esloii, they tire of the hnrd work as readily 
aIidc&I ite tho fiT,-iire-s truck youn;^ fiirnn>r tired of vair- 
ryiii<f tlio box of " gi^:^/' Tbcns 18 a goiwnd wild 
dn^'ite umong tho young iraoplc of thii« eoUDlry tc 
xnako ]>hiyct^ of thcmeclvo^. Tbr>y dixriim tbnt th« 
9tag<t i?* »on>clbin* like n ecvcalh hcavou wbcrc Ihcro ]« 
Dotbin" but niu^o and eiitging ujul goblcii glory for- 
eyev — iidmircr^. wealth, ftDd an uninterrupted good 
yme gcncndly. They do not know anythitig iihout 
the long and toilMimo b^iur* of work atid (he comp&r- 
ntircly poor pay thrtt form the portion of all who are 
uot at the lop of the drnutatic ladder. The}' never 



paiuo to tbiiik if they are girls of the t4'mptat.ions into 
whieb tbcywiU be tlirowp, and of the slnnrlrrH tbitt will 
be utleved H^ioat ihelr Mv iiamo« iip^m iUc sti^htvnt 
provocation^ All they fi«e or know of th<?jttn<-ji1 lifoia 
Its bright gilded aide, the tinsol th;it looloi vnluiiblo, th^ 


tLlTrr Bi^MciiAjiiJ. 

JAweU thst t^rc ]ui5tr, the ^^itUs nttd HiitiiiA Uiitt aru not 
wUttt lhcya«e(ii,iuid tliubouulifiil facc^uiidbilghl »iiiil«s 
bdiKAtb whit^'h mi! vrriukleB aiul tuJI-tadtiJi Wk»r whtn 
thoAcUeu Uio her home plying her Dawdle orutudyiug 


tbo long lengths thnt U'long to lirr \nivi . It is because 
people m BO ignannt of th« realiUos of (Iminstic life 
tiiAt ao TUAitj 1>ocom6 dtag^^truck und go artiund Mrik- 
ifi^ tragic uttiludefi aud mtiiig imii^iiiiU'jr AL-erierjr in 
A rabid miit thi'oiigh OtWllo's addrc!>a U> tbe Snn- 
aie, or lI;iiiLlGl'g bceiio iiiUi bU muthi^r iu Die Ifll* 
ter's cluintUer. There »re fiiilj IIjoutuiiii] yijuii^ ladied 
in Lliifl laiiii who want to bu Mary Auderaona, iuhI ah 
niAttviuon^ wbnthiiik l.liey vjld ktrk as cutely asLolta, 
whilo one huiidri^d lliou»iind eeini-tiald young men im- 
HgifiQ tliej otiidd oul^Hflintct Ronlli if thtiy liad m 
vhiiiicx', in Vid i\w mmilhi "f Fi>rnT»t frr»m Jubii M*'- 
Ctiltcu^li if tliti hitler diii^d eiiLur L1l» riitg wilh Iboiii. 
A rfOLiiftviHt? im^-^puper rt*[uirLur guv« :l >4-ry buiiior^ 
ous d^Acnpliou of ati epidemic of tliin kind that pre- 
viiiled bi MiLi-y Audemon't borne city &t.axw limo ago. 
*^Oii« ba!f the girU of the elty," eaid tlw writer. 
<*firc8tage*a1i'UckT — stark ,st«rin^6tag^«i ruck. Him* 
dredei of reaideni^e^ huve l>eeii ei>nvened Inlo amateiir 
ptay*bouses« where would-be feiivile star** teiir IbeU" 
hair* rave and ^plit ib^ air with thcU- arins, and eUtk 
mikje«tJOAny acroi^jj irn^^-iiinry etn^es to the imagiaary 
music of imaginary orche^trn^, and umid bur^t of Itn- 
agiiiary app1atiK<t and sbonci^ <tf ima^miry boqnol*. 
In the dry ^ood« Mtoroa yonug la4Ji«M ru*h up to the 
Cftuiktcril uich Inspiration dixippiiig from thi^ir ayes jn 
gixfal htintcA and iti hollow Loiioft eoinniuud {\w aflnght- 
enad dork to — 

" Havto lh<Hj, cringbig vassal ; pr-i'-r-f-ro-duce and 
br-r-r-i'-r^iiig into our pr-r-i'-r-r-ceeuco thy sixiy^fiv** 

[» thu ioo orcam aaloonathe maidens ehove thocool- 
iog crcum Into Iheir lovely rooutfaa and Bwe^tly mut- 
mur to their cfl<H>rla ; — 

'* NoW| by me faith, Orlando, but ia't Dot a nectar 





Hi for the godn? SpiMk, mo boIovoO ; ia'l not ft 
daliuy tWiki \hni ^TaftH om- fvnn] board?" 

And praclloal Orbmlo replit-t*: — 

" I Vn?l you/' 

0)1 the *!roei*cnr iUl* maidou stalks fonvard toward 
tlio driver and JiowU : — 

»* Wli.'it, ho, Ibcre, i^hariotoor, ^ire mej I pmy theOt 
diminnlivff coin for XhU i>ni' dolLir bond itn* J will upon 
tti« iiititiint It^qlJi^o tht^o r<jr tliv xcrrvirrif upon thU 

When Olio of them catoheii u Hc-u »lio liold« tho vie- 
iu at anua' 1oii;:th and hmlik : — ^ 

"Ha-4'O-u I I hitvu llioc iH luitt vilrt eruvcn. For 
attnynl^liU liiyvHiU to mo chamber havohr-r-r^u^ht 
UDTOfil. Now at hi-n-st thou art ii\ m<i tlutchva aud 1 
will shower tfcngoaiico upon thy thr-rico accur&od head, 
DiDi vile iii-ffi'-i'atc, uiid nirty tho soothing lii'va of por- 
ditii>n cugHlf thy (]uivcnTig soul 1'orcver-r-r-r I " 

Thou ohn opcm lu^r l]iigci> a little to gt^t u good 

^•quocxc lit liim uLut Uk' llc.i boii.i out mid gorri homo 

tci tell JU r<>ll<^ nhoui it. Thoy hiwi^ got it liid und 

Done of tho old odubliflht'd UK'Uiods of truatmcut eccm 

to avail. 

li in cho very height of abaurdity to aod ati amateur 
tinpany on a Btii;,^, aind parliciilurlv ou lUy atogo of a 
'lli«iirc. In tho mid^tof Ihc iiio:^t solemn tragedy oue 
i> coiopi lloil tri Imgh nt Ihom. If they huvo on tights 
and Iniult* they try |o got their haiidi^ hito side pock- 
et.H, iuid if they carry an-urJa Lhu ivcapon gold tiiiigjod 
ill iboir Icj^, and tm to onv ^hvr i\w blade hn^ left ltd 
scabbaitl. th? Wi:ar«r will bo Lja;iblo to got iL back 
^p^un. TIku Ihc way iht^y walk upon each other's 
[fl, and tix-iid upon each othvr'a corn* ; joatlo each 
odier in tho eatninces and stick lu tbciir linoa ia enough 
to make cne of tho paiiit«d figures in the pi-o»co[uum 



arch tonr itself out of its moJalioii rram^ ^nd dip front 
excoesiv^ iaM<rhter. Mf>ro IndioroUM <*v<?n tbiii thoir 
peifoi-niimcG i* lli* fi-nnliu ruth ii vr>iini*nni«l<!ur timk«« 
forlho phf»togriiph ^llcry I** hiivo Iiimtclf pre*orr<nl 
u« n courtier, and thtf oquaill y rnpiil pro^«*M Ui<fyAung 
aocioty lady mukc^ in tlio fliiimr dirootioo ^ anxioui lo 
havo U*^T ytMurc tiikeii no mnttcr vrhcther ^hv }>\nys a 
qtiGcii, a Wy of honor, or a ptxgn in li^hU. She ha^ 
no ItCfiiluncy in dUpluyiut: her awkwurd Uuiba in a 
picture, allhuujcU ^he would bo ii^hamcd to show hor 
uikk in Uiu parlor. 

Somctimoa. iiui«ad of being inado tho sciSjflot of a 
practical joho on th^ atreel. aa vr^a the C^bokUia of 
^hom I told the dtcry at the opeulii;; of thia chapter* 
thojokc is can'ic<i even further — thci aspirant bcin^ 
taken to the ttingo tn ^ivc a .-^itinplc of hi* work. Qt'- 
eadtoiially tlio dhow » ^v«u to itio poojJv of Lhc Utoa- 
trc only, Mtd i\na vhlnn \» i^ui(>l1y It*! throu;fh a trap, 
orgLvod uumercifttlly, until ha ia glad uf mi oppor- 
tunity to make hi« e^ciitie. 1 nas present on un 
oocaeion prlien an Illinois.ia who had just gradjated 
from eolie;ro was allowed to go on the atAge during a 
DDAtineo pciloriitan^-o, when the honse wst- light. In 
vjXMik bis pi<»ce. lie choso, of cour*Oi ibo selection ho 
IukI iiiflicte^ on the ^nHcring audictiec that atttind«d 
ibn Tlliii*»i[*(*tdlflgiignidu:itinji<'Xpn-iM*!», It *va* "The 
Warrior [loiri.'nl hi* Created ilwid," a veiT dramatio 
fcUalion and ii dilTiruIt titin cvoii for a gotid ii^ad^r, 
Il9<luhiilan: wa^mlHinl t^ighleen ri>iirHof a^, tit)l, nnd 
*nly I'.riikiiij^. Hi" camn fnruard tn-inbliiij;, .-iinl did 
lU^nipl tti [MX)cem] furtbH- liiatn ahcmt twdvo fiwt 
Ihv entruiico, -^ mni;i[>g a iHifinl-lioy bow ho 
ITiti :iutlioQC9 noudereit at tbi? inuof^oiu-e 
«kwardnw^ of thff enlert^dner who did uot 
ill thft prrjgnininict, but all soon understood the 




nrFiiir. Tlie ilc'butinil fi:ii.] nrit reaflW the mtc«ii<1 lino 
»rtlLC ^ectmJ vf^i^e, nlien Lung ranm a ]>i>fol «liot 
fnitn llie aida nf (he ftlAge. The »|ienkfT diickisl liiN 
bead, UemMed ii liltio inor<* lliiiu hnforr, hul wna cm, 
Biing went anolher |>tstnl *[hjI, iiiid ii^riia ilio f<iii*ak*^t 
Hcknowle<lgf*d n«r^i|»t (if ii f^hotrk Uy Iwit.chin^ hS^ lieuil 
sinil knwrking his tnrcTS tngi'ilur, 81(11 lii? ki'pl <j« re- 
citing, Shfiiti-iiTin thiuiihM' niltli^i] thfxiii^b llit< phoOi 
httnifl w^^^^ Mmvrj, ilnimi liirat^*!!, horse-ninlo* kept In 
motlcii uitd r»i- moru Umn bulf iiu luxir |>iF*1o1 tiliola aud 
fluvhusi :>f lire kt'pl oomiiij^ ft'oni bulh m<Ii.'4 [if ihe i4tA^. 
Still ho Spoke on, miikiiiugi-'^curi'i. livitohiugbls litiitB, 
and ilui'klLigliU bead unlll theU^t line v^8reti«bod»— 
soau'lbing iihftut the hero';) wvrtpr^na ^biiThi^* nt> ini>re 
among the spear* of Spuin, — nlieii he howcd iind re- 
tired hardlv abl(» to Vi'alk. Ud vrn^ aii exr^pUou, 
however, to the gonortil rule thaL sta^^^^truck people 
are eit^lly frij^htonod out of their wits, uudor such cir- 
ciimAlancc!@^ and di^ptayod eucb peraevoraiioo that bo 
uiLd eomphaiented l>y the audience that h;ul tcaroely 
heard a word of whut ho lm<l said — a laud hurBt of 
applause following hi^ i^xU* which was continued until 
h« Ofliue forvvard ugmn and hy a bow nek no it* lodged 
Ujcir kiiidno^^. Ilitmust hnvu been a brave fdlow, fbr 
next day ho wiis nroiind m tbr nianaj^'cr's office nfking 
for AD engagement 

MAuager^nroometinie? very cruel in thcirtreaCiucnt 
of youn_u people who m-c tu]x\nu9 lo adopt (lie stage. I 
8av a Eicwr^piipi-r it<;ni .ttating that at tUo HiiL^kuigbam, 
« roxicty ahow ui Louitfvillet n drop ctJrtuiii yraa 
painted wiUi the huge loUers " N. G.,*' fftflading for 
" no good,'* and the manager or di^ red t hit this rei^ict 
be lowered in fr(*nl of every pcrfoniiCT who failed to 
Bbovraruirdegrra of merit. Ilh^ppt^iLrd ih.ttthe lirrt 
to denerro tbberuahing; rerdicL wil? a i^markably pretty 



girl, aii<l tliL' audiencDaympatbiz^tl with bor. iShe bad 
given nn cx^t^mblo duuce, and was in tlic midst of a 
woeful r^ciiotiim, when Iho'* N> G." ciirtaio vrne low- 
ered. Tho aiidiciico dcniaudcd bcr rcappearuiico und 
did not pornttt nrvbody c\sc to pertorm until the po- 
Uco bid niTcfltcd the more ■fidlniit nnJ ooisy among 

Amutcure who biivc any money to mingle tvitli their 
dosiro to go on the ntitgc ^nd rvin\y Xakev^. I could 
Oaino ncvernl ^c^titlciiK'n nhri arc naw idl<'grd profea* 
AioajdM, wiUi tiilctiiU tliiit liVVi iKii v.\v\i tticdun't'i-, who 
are toteraEtfd hi iiiat^eliitfs compuiiy itu\y bouiiHC thej 
pay for Ih*.' pjivUy;j:f, Onu wnj- ;i uioiwyed, etage- 
filru^^k purBon luta uf gutting l^tfoiu the ptiUlic ie to 
root a the*alre, :t]id hire a ctimpAny for a night or a 
week i*r u iimiUh, ;i* Mm c:i>c njiiy ih'- SiicU'ty swi^lU 
giMienilly do IhU kind of tluLig, itiid Ihry nf^vt^r nuc* 
rired. Miirio Dix«u iv^is. under :iiii]|Ij4ti' rimiif, fi frtirly 
welUtii'do* well i;(>ntim'(,(5ij and pupuhir ludy ti( Mem- 
phis, Tfiirwsnie, Sim vhhh old tmough io hatve a mm* 
ried »^o(tt hilt rlul iifit jip|}Bar to he nioi^ ihitii Ihirty-sfx 
rears. Her funiily had 1>eeii very wt<a1lhy hefmo tlio 
wnr, hut that, i^vr-ni Mvcpt mv:iy flu'ir poMe^ninns, bj* 
it ftvrc|it tiWiiy l[i(i pov^i?<MioiLH itf riiiniy oHicn*. Sho 
wast rslmvtrd nnd niramiplirthird, Iml. wjis »rugL<*stritok. 
She hall u]]pi!JtnH) 111 scvi-rJi! innntriir tuncuil Piil(*r- 
tiiiiinii*Tild ilk Mernphi*, ruid th« lorul pii|H-i'N havhig 
cc>tti[kliinejitL*d hor, :ii}il her frletid^ hiiviiig rt<iiMirkvd 
that Fh« wan intpnd»*il for tin mlntHA, the iHildly, but 
r'^olUhly, rt^-Kolved to l^t't^im" otii<. Shft miidn up hvv 
mhtd Ui i-iv:d Miiry Amhirvou, iind to iitiTAhrulnvv l]w 
memory iif Hiiit or i and u)l tin* griMiipit*4>n« ofthttHtago 
Ihsit hn^i* miido il piiire for tlu^rtHtdvi** In dntmatiir 
hiatory, SI»o ptiid $i,*K»0 for t\m use i»f n St, Ivom* 
theatre for aix uightA; she hh'ed. A very Wd eompaiiy 




at. to tbem, renr exiravu^atit AjtUries; abe bougbt a 
wanlrobo birg«r attd in »om« i«ap^t» richer tbaii tbtt 
oF auj fiftUblrabod aUr ; then fibe raro« to St. LouU 
wkh ber Agwl ffltber. whopw bupea and ieiodgj were 
sUkcd u|>oii ber; tliey puL up »t the LiudeU Ilotcl. 
aixl having left Meuiptjid aiuld a BourUb of UumpeU. 
Ibpy fmjdij- expecleil a midei flourish irLcn tbcj 
retunwd. MiM Dixon a|)]ke:ired before tho St. Loui* 
public for sjr iiigbtn, and wan a fnihtrv. Sh« was no 
ftctreM. She wa^ H^hanifid to return lo MompliU, u»d 
at tills wi-itiiig i» ^till aljMtiit from tli«;rr. The fJiUier 
witnt heme, «ti<l, 1 litw, t\m\ of n brnkrn hmrt. IM^ 
app(>inl<>d frji^TtdH ;it timt pilipd, liwti hiLigbi-il al tliU 
accKinipUxhnit \M\y, wbikMi 4>n1v lutili Ki<i'titt< l4> be Uiai 
nbo WDft imr of tlic^ grand iintiy of tb« nlH^f&HilriiclG- 

MiM HMcEi M, Lnvrb, a ClmrUitoti, South Canv- 
lina, hf^rri^iiit, nh'^ wan nuxioiiu la Tiecome a Snrah 
BiFrnbiinU f»r a Siddomtf wiw lukeii in r^reently hj an 
ibdvisniMMUoat ju n New Yi^rk paper, Th© advertiH^ 
raeiit stated ibat a Udy wHb a little capital was wi;iit^d 
to head a tEral^loB^ dmmutic eornblnation, and that 
elw mlglit call at No, e02 Sixth Avenue, Nftw York. 
MUa Lewis, who was wUhotit any trnintng, nn*wftnHl 
the advQttUemeiit, mid wag told that $1,000 woold ha 
required to obtain the po^^ttion, whii^h wan loading 
bdy ill the " Daniol llochat ** Combintttion, wbicfa was 
to b«^in ita lotir, bv opotnti^ at ttie Boston Theatre, 
TTm ncj^orial ion» wt»rc onrneJ on with Maurice A, 
SchwEih and Robert J. Runimclf vho r^oclTed $700 
from M]<« l^wU, and ftiriii^Ued bor wiib an alleged in- 
Mtructor hi tbo dnhui»tio art. In order to be iioar the 
tboatre Mi^ Lewln took f*n>m% at the Revere House, 
Boat/m, wbero Sohivab and Hnmmel al^o eeUhllahod 
lbein«elTOdi and proceoUed to study ber part after on- 
pkgijig au alleged ja9l4'itolor recommended by Schwitb. 



Aftor two or three weeks' BUndJug ofT by the awln- 
dlerst ivho mode coiuUnt d&mauda on her for money 
for her wardrobo and olhor things, she chiincod to call 
at the Bostoti Theatre to hear hovr tbo I'ehearauU vi 


'•Dnriiol Hw^hnt" wot-o progrt>«rtiii^, Slio wia told 
that there were rin rchciirc^nU in profrois iind learned 
that she hod hocn •windlwd, Siliwub and Kutnmcl 
fi«di karing h<Tr to peiy her hotel hiU. but she bid them 
Arrested ia Now York* ivnd hath uu trial were, I 



think, CQiiv!c1i-4l QtBil M-iiL io Uiti i>tTn)t«ntis]'y, whet^ 
plenty tnori' niMiiajj^ra orilic-ir sItjijo htumlil liu» 

MmiJii^er^ of wiiiii ntv ktio^i ii us " siuip '* compftUieS 
arc jukI it» T>aJ U4 Srhwal:i riiid Ifunimt?]. llivy ar« 
gl.til I') tinil f-nuxe >'itiii>i^ lailv or geiilkninn of ntrniiM 
with lots of iTudv iTji^h, and tli^y do not he«il4ilv to 
luakci viotinnii *^vrn of |iron*«>(ioi)iil ]H^>|j1r. Thti -tnHji 
tnuii»<!;i*r h^i« no nionej ofbiH nwn. Mc liU nniituil n 
tht^nliiivit iiriiilio^ nllii-ci ii)l ihiy, niitt pn'tPMLN lu Uo 
running a rirtnill of xovond Ltiwiu'*- Ha mulches hia 
o]>ti4n-tunilv nnlil » <'i»ni]iany uotncfl along wbk-h lie 
Uiiiikfl he t-'iiii Uke ovi^r to hi?E villa^ei^, Bv fwk© 
r9proMUt;iti<>ns bo mmiiijfifft to nni up a Uig bill ivUh tlio 
printer niid to borrovr money iVora the comiMny, wlio 
go iiK f:ir on Ms <-1rcuJt as tlioir nie^me will p<*i-ft>il, 
nh^n tho i4n:ip man^k^of deserts ibeui. leaving thctn tc 
TTslk, or bo^, or bon'r>i7 tbcir way bomd as b«t tbcy 
can, Miu-io Prc>;c*olt, who supported Salviui during 
hU hicL AiiUTiic*:ni lour, mid who U »n m-trif^u of merit, 
wu CAU^hl in tho itntchoii of one* of llu-»c tuniiugtrs at 
Due titiio und Wiu* pirc in :i pttiublo plt^il. Olli«r ao 
trea*03 of frond ro{>utati<in have lU't.-vptcd engagemofits 
from siruii;;c nmii[ij;cr< only to ftiid ihvaisclvc'e mem- 
bers of lly-hy-ni^ht n>inbhiAtion», giving tb«ir fi«r- 
Wood wlihotit ove:t the show of a probability of ovor 
rocoivii^i: any floilary. 

Even «o ^Xflltod a ^ontleumu and cmincat an imprc- 

rio AM Col, >l;iplo^ciu \a Qllc!>:ed to bavd brought a 

ua^j*iH from France prumiflin;; be would in^iko a 

^gno fnr her, Tii*T girl's futlMrr Atid niotlKT acoom* 

ie>4l her, flEMj vhcn the gtillant colonel of ItAlian 

t0$ faikd lo keep Im contrfict wilh iho swoct 

?, the fiiUKF bc^aajft tnnigcii and w;ml<id to fight 

I With the militAry imprc^rio. The family vent 

France almost |>cuuif«ssp 




Tim vror*i, cliu* of mtimig^vn hi the world an* tho^so 
who tslci* :tilvunt.;igif iif tlir riiTiMtiin nf vottrg giHi^ to 
VfflVrt ihirir mill. In snitiroflhc Viin**tv thiyitrri* ituih- 
«gp|-M jmv jLEll]ini>JA lit y<nii)<; IfitlirH nr iiilrmlnc*r rlK^m 
to the atugd tor i)on« oL}ht ihtui u hui>i> and Mih^ttilniiA 
|>Hr[>o»p. Fnghlful elori^^s of Lhia Ictiid huv<? huoii tolJ, 
nnd Uii> «ucc«v« runl mikiiug^r^ Ikiivu iiu>1 ^vitli rii thia 
lUreclion liAd ciiu^tnl numcmiia pn>t0udera to arUo, and 
tiiaJe th* ihymrk'u! pror«B6iMii a bnit to secure in- 
lit girls far WL-stoiii uiul Si>uthvra bawdv •houaee, 
oonoDit dWG9, and h>\? (]ancin<;-hnl1s. I n?ai.l tho fol- 
lovioj^ &dv«rtia^^E]]ont ni tbo Giob^-Dem^crat one 
momin;!:: — 

PCB^<>SAL — Wontcil, Uircc or tour youn;- MIcb to join ■ tnr- 

1 knew^ Ihflt reputable theatrical maniv;;era did not 
ladrartiao In this stylo — indeed, thoy need iiot ailvcr- 
itlse at all. for there i» iilwitya plenty of tnlcnt \i\ the 
tnarkot — Anci t^ume to Mio ciont-ltinioti thut the 
"Pcrwinal" wa* n veil to hide some pfoco of dirty 
irork- Tlicrcfcrc 1 .-uit doivn, mid. In varyiii!; fommino 
bands, wroic letten to the maiia^i;r, :t&kiii^ for An 
o[>6niiig. Two letlei'a, with tlieii^ torruspottdmg aiw 
Sirom, are here selected :La apcdmens of the remainder, 
autivtera to all linving beca rcecivcU- Uno of the ap- 
plications ran as follows: — 

Sr. LouiA, February 6, 1878. 
Mb. MaxaOKU : I wjLiil 111 ndopt tht* tttuire ; hnvt* np- 
p^ai^ aa so aiUJiU^ur, aitd ^tiII Join you if [ ean leant, 
J »m s«-reiitoen, a blonde, »iimtl, and my fVioiida my I 
lookvroU on tljo Hta^'e. I tiiii^ and p<*rformoti thi* guitar, 
I luivo a fnend — a very pretty hrunetle — who is very 
anicioita to p^ with me, Init ehe has never acted. Sbo ia 
«oDie a^. PLeiie« let me know vrhei-e 1 can aee you, 



if you hftvo not olroiidy ompiovod enough ; but I mu6t 
be pArticaUr, a« my mother docs uot want mo to go 
ttwuy. Address KmE Holax, 

Uily Po*t-Officc. 
1 will cull at gcncnil dotmry and ^t U. 

Tlio oLher wii« wrfU<?ti In tht« stniiii niiil in Ihe^e 
wor<li4 : — 

St- Loi;]s, Ppbnmry iS» 1«77, 

Dg*r Sir : T esw your mlvrrtUomcnt In thi* riiorn- 
irig's G/obr-Dpmocratt ii»kin^ f<»r thivc (^r four yoNtig 
Udit^ to join 11 Iriivelltiig tln^utricnl <*om|iiiny, Jind n* 1 
am do&lroui of ^mn^ on thif Mtiigo^ uutl una of good 
fonn und pn>ity ftitr iii^poHmnco, and hftve a pretty 
good vol eo, I would wiah to join your company, T 
have never appeared on any rogalar stage, bntinnd^ 
several amateur appearance*, which wert* pronounced 
Tory suociMsful. I huVQ an ambition for tlio 6tiig«> 
Olid tltink I would succeed, I jim «ovetiteon y«]ir* of 
ago, nnd mt^diuin h«>iglkl, with lihuk liiiir and duric 
Ajo«r i^nd QUI li tasty dmest^r. I hopo you will not 
pttfti ovor my application, but will n^evrivo it favorably. 
Anxiouflly amiitin^ an early reply, I renmin, respootA 
fbUyyour^, etc, Lixzis Haar-n, 

P< S. — Addrcfij^ your reply to me to the ixjut-office, 

Thea^ aud tlie otburn wnre oil calculated to mahctlie 

*■ maaji^r *' fve] timt bo h^id caplui^d u wlnAe hboal of 

gudg<H>nA. Ho uuuUl i:i?i1iualy rtply to Auch uasophi>- 

tJCOtod ikoLcH an Uio.m-, iind be did. T|je lottery were 

placed ill tUfl ntw^iptijjer utHce box ou Wednesday afler- 

noon, a[irl briji^fit and raHy oa ThnrT^day moruiug, t 

went niviiiiid to llie pD^t-ti^KT, pHT^cutc-d my Htrhig of 

^Sftmes, and met wJIb no liMle oppor^'dion from tbc gen- 

lemarly delivery clerk, at diNt, wliii naliirjilly did ii»L 

Iko to give an nnuful of miiil for fi*m:di<H In one wli4> 



I wiu not A rnmulfi. The ftUuatioii was oTplaLned, bow-< 
cvi?r, and ft ImlffloMMirodtstinie^] envelopes, hH prop- 
erly bEick4fd ui)d HtumptHl, luid each contHiiiing no 
opistio, waa the roault, Ttkoy w&ve opon^d ono afUn' 
EDOther, Olid the rose*iiiUed and porrum^id piig^-* cf 
each told, in a bold runniii^ baud exactly tbo siuno 
story — '*pftssth€» comer of Eightli aiidLoo««tJStnTfl»U," 
at hours varying fiom noon to suikTowu on TIitir*d.ty 
afternoon. It waa jnsb u'hat htal heen expeotod, Euie 
Holiin, tlje pvtito biniidu, who coiild play tb« ^fUitaTi 

WOJ ftllSWClHid LA iVdIowia: — 

St, Louit, Mo., P>bruary 6. 18T». 
Mifitf Kttif: IIolan : Vour letter through the 0^~D, 
at Imikd. Wi9 cir^iro ti>en^ugi> si>VGttil yijun^ ladies for 
the cotnpuny novir truvulin;;, niiduiuon^ iiuiiiurouu ap- 
plicantd noto yom-!*, and thiiilc it poaiiiUo to tix an 
OQgagvmeat both foryour^elfuud lady frieudp Aa jou 
kU« wrj'parlieular About your folka, yoa might possibly 
Hbbject to coming to our o^co, ao ir you doeira the oii- 
■g agecttent^ picaso pLi^s tho comer of Locust, and Ki^^htL 
Strootft with your ludy friend about four ( i ) f/cIo<'t !■. 
U- to-morrow (Thur^Hlay), th« 71h. 
■ Tourc. redpectruHvi llAuur Klj^i:ll. 

And Lixsic Hil^cr* with nothing to rucominend bor 
^iHIt A voice and fi^irr tJiut nbc hail rfcommi-iidi'il hor- 
^belf* was cncoitra^oj m hi>r umbituKta lupimtion? m tbo 
Bfolloirhij: manner : — 

t^, LorBt Mo., February 6, lS7d- 

Mlfla LtzKiR HiLOKk: Yotir favor it hand. Among 

UilJiiC'ix>U9 applicaata 1 have rcniciuberod youra. We 

dcairc aoviTal young ladiri to atrcu^thcn tho company 

^foroor Chicago and Uo^fton oo^^a^cmcat*. and desire 

Rto meet you i>er5imally, if posfliblo, to-morrow a fWr- 

H-pooii. V<Ki m^y objis:! to coming to our office* ao 



I pleftsc pjiM iht romer of Lociie»1 and Eigbth Stteeijs 

I to-morrov nfU^motMi (Tliur^diij') about 3:30 (balf- 

I pac»l tno) ii'clock. 

I Yfturd, reapcctfully, Hariiy Hcse^eli*. 

^K >Uniiger. 

Hfin Ihen was the ** manager* ji " ]ittlo gnioc. Of 




other frii-ld who bad appHod for po«lLioiia through m«, 
'*mi;rbt object to comiiiff/'aQcl of course ho ha*! noth- 
ing to do with etrcD^ciiin? any compaiiy'a Bt^stozi 
<»rChtcA^ cD^igiomcnU^ It wm oridcnt how, if not 

• before, thnt the mlvciti«cnicnt w^i a snare to trap the 
unwiiry uivl to \m\\ the wnol over Uic cyc» of the inno- 
cent Aivd iin?UBi>&<:tiL]^, niij I ntinlc u]t my nutul to pay 
av]«U to th« locality iiumi^d hi the iihore ]c?Uera< 

A viait Wii6 piiid. aftor diiiiior, lo tlio prop<i4nid pUcc 
ofmoeting. On Iho way up I nu I a dL-tective friend, 

«to vhoai my businee* waa discloeedH Tlie detoctiv^ 
©aid ho would go along anJ " spot" tho fellow for 
future reference* and hr did. Ilatid^omo llany wx^ 
found nt h)« po^t* ^arM\^ up ULid do^vu tiitd ficro4« the 
«tr«ot. He waf< nL(iLdiij<; in fiutil of it milmin, on tlicr 
comorr nnd a friend wan haid hy. who wan to witness 
tho Hucict'Ad of tliti little gjiiui?, No^v and thi'ii ii young 
liidy pjL*tsed to irr from hor hoiiiL\ jtiid every time t^lit; 
mrni- wiihiii sij^ht " Miiuiijjrt't " Harry lh.'y;aii to prejiaiv 
hiniM'K {t>v Ui« " niiihh,'* Tin- (.oaL frotit wni rt^iu)- 
Jiiat^, tho »hli't(wllm Mraiglitc^nt'd up* tho hat lifted 
IVom th9 head and tho ^n>;er?( r*i\\ through tho hitr, 
and, UK n 1u«l auit liiii?it]hij£ touch, E lu< i-rids i»f his diJuLy 
tiiou<il»ch« wenr tin^-n'd iind erin-fiLtly at'l nwny fnim liiTt 
li|H u-irh 7L >i]k liiijidkiti-ehitrf. But hf-iv c^arirT tht> 
yottug hidy. H«jw In? f^turtd hi-r in Iho fit'e jlh ahueaiiiu 
toi^'ard>( hiai, ugled her wlieii near by, and cast a di?i- 
coiiBolttte nod di^apj^jjitU'd took after hf^r ilh hhe pci^^ed. 
Tbca h« went l>ack to eorjimnnlcure to biti fHoiid that 
•he iTiiB prohflhiy *' not llit* odo,'* or timt " maybe ahe 
reftkcneJ," &nd as^arn took his stand to watch the next 
oomcv. Tbi» little bu»iines4 w^h ;;ouo through with as 
tMuny tfrues a^ th«ro wcr« youn;- Lidics who p!tH]f4>d. Ac 
lutitira^ovid^nt tothehvo per^on^who had tholritycs 
on Harry that he wa« lic^iiining to we'^cDi aud -was 



&bout to leave the |>lace for n ltm<^ nt Irjutt., Vmh 
these cIrcumsLaiic«0 Ihei'e was tinlv ouu thing (o df> 
to go over and haw a tdk with htm uIh^uI the aUdi 
biisiiiv!^^ mid mciko fitrthor «iig]ig«mi![it8 Tor thr ^uuiiJ 
Ittdiim who wert^ so iiiixious to hlos^om forth on 1>hi 
iiLiige. The J»t.(?c^t,fv{! wulkiM^ up t^ thi\ iitavn \\]ur W49l 
presiJionhlv Hnrry RuHndL 

**Thi ya\i know ofn iniut iinmed Ffnny KiiHsrII kI«|>-i| 
ping nhuui hf!rt«?** iisktf<] tJiL* d<<leoii\if. 

Harry was with IAh ft'miul no^v, ami both hoL-atue nU] 
most livid ill tlie fuce and irere evidently taken had 
by the inquiry, 

'*N-no; vir-what is he? " wtanimered out Hnirv, 
' ■* I helirvn he's miinn^or nf n theiitrirsil iToni|"any.' 

"Harry" hsid iomewhat rogain*^ hi« mt^otal i>i]ij1< 
librinm hy iIiIk time, aud iinswon^d ptwitivfily : '• Don'C] 
know him 5 m-ver h^aixJ ijf him/' 

•' Havo you seen any man around in tlio puit hah 
hour? RusaelL made an ongugenieiU to met^t lu^ 

" I haven't heon here hut about te« minut«$," ani 
AWay '*llarr)'" ami hU friend sailed. 

The detective? and myself had been wat^hitifl 
the peeudo muna2;cr for ovor two hour* fioni a roota' 
aeroas tho streot, und, of course, kni^w thore wn« no 
truth in thr moat^uro ho p1u<-Hl npon tiie limo ha wii> 
watching and wailing for vIcttniH that iicv^r caina 
Uo wa< not a thtiutrioal jniin, but aomo dirty noainp^ 

fijomo timo a^> an advorfiarinc'at of Uio Aitmo ebai>J 
AOtei' 114 \ho " Pergonal ^' quoted abuvo, appt^red ii 
the Chi oa^} papers, and many young hi dies, anxious] 
to adopt the »t^o U3 iv ^mfeaaiou, appUed for poal 
tinOEi. Th<irobtainedadmisDion to tho^iiA^i manager, 
who, wli&u no re^mtauco waa made by thd applicaittda 
dhippi^l them to Xejcas and other Southern potDtA^J 




wborc thoj found thomAolvo« |>cHiu|»3 penniless in tho 
midst of A Ufo of unoerUiiitic^, into which tbty hud 
boon dupfld and to whii:b llvv lind Ix-cn &o\d. Many 
of thcdo bod been, litid would atiU be, r^apc^Ublo 
j'oang girls and omam«nU to tbeir ix^pccrlivo homo 
cirdee, were it not for iho scntcnt with the fti««inaling 
oy«6 that poepcd out at them from under tlio tlirco or 
four bnca in thci mlvorii^ing columns of tbid Cbicugo 
pcip^r. Uiscovcrictt of Uio enmt- ki^id vvcro nmdo iti 
Acvemi citicdof the KilhI, und it h dn-udl'ul to ooiitciiH 
plAto tlio havoc wliiub miiat havu b<.'oii wruu^ht by tbia 
niMDfi, for mircljir many of the hundreds of ix^ally good 
|irlB( who are always buiv to anr<wcr »uch tin advcrtific- 
noit la the innocent belief tbat it may bo the mcuofl 
of making NciI»on», Cu^bmani^, Moni«c« or some otbcr 
eitually firmiimciitAr>' iitdiv'ithml in the galajcy of the 
utogv of Lhctn. and vrb» relumed to be dchiuched, were 
voff^ly disappointed in tlie re^uHof their apparent i^ood 
fortune in obfuininj^ the recognition of the '* mannger,*' 
T\w foUovfinj; telt«r from a hmid of Htag^^irutrk 
young men uf color \* an ejitruordlnnry ducuiiieiit, and 
may b« Ukcn a« n sample of the lettora received every 
day hy theauicid mjirmj-ei-t: ^^ 

Kansas City, 17«** [18711]. Janann- U, Mr, Do 
Bar. Dear Sir, 1 Uke the^^ fipi»jrluuity of wiiriiig you 
thea» frvr linc^ U> ii^k yon for un engngemeiit at tlie 
jOrepry [0[irni] lioij>« if yon fnu ua we wiiuld liko to 
got iL if We L'Ein. i mid my 1j'u^> t:im d^i ii ^rtsal, inviiy 
iwrformenee on thtf aluge, W, H. Terrell he can do 
tb» Iruii Joytl [iron j:iw] perfornit^TTce mid do n Jig 
Dfince and a Clog and Double Soii^ and Daiire and 
other Irick*. Mr. IV^nJermer Fnmkkr [Denjumin 
FranhHn] w:dt? With n pinl of water on h\* head and 
Uya the fr:»iir« hnrp the KHiiPlimc on ihr Mago and 
laymg down with it on hi» hcuid and roal nil over the 




a06e BTT1N0B. 

me pleas write ^noii nml IrL mc kiKiw. S^mi Olinaaimi, 
tji (1110 of my iilrk'iA- yrmi-* Tniljr» B, Fraxklix. 

Kxi'-iJMf writing nml |i:Lpc^r. Thisi (« it CtAd tni|». 

It U linftlly twra^nMurv f^r mr In «>v R*tu Dp Rar Jid 
not^iv^ lh4? <■ Culd Iro^i'^uti rngiij^MtiuiU, Prmr dIt) 
BoL wiw dvof] Ett Ui!«t time. 



AVhi^n (ho ftoeker itftor bi«trionic boncn has nt lael 
ciVAfod t \k tbre^hold of tlin »tjig«, ho or she will find 
Itcotlrcly differcfitt fmm tho gUttcr pud glory \Tith 
tthicli the imrijjfiii^ition buj olotlic-il thiLi<r3^ thcEttrictil. 
The fir^L ]-cv«]nUoa inudo Lc uewMHitiicrs in tho pro- 
feasicin U tbe irLoui-dal. ThU ;;oiiet-iiny bi.';^iri:« about 
teti A< M. and ends about two v. ti. In tbo old d%yn of 
stock coEiipaDica, poifornicrfl bad more bfcboriou* n-urk In 
licrform ihftu men who cany railroad iion out af, ur jnU>, 
aleamboiilif. Often Uicro wero now plays every nigUt, 
whK-1t iiK'iiut new pai'ta t" be lucmorlzod, and ri'Iiezir^A 
crery day. Leaving tbe theatre at cloven p. m.» 
tfaoul the. u^iial hour of closing a pcrforatanee nt that 
tinif*, th«; iirtitr t(Hik litjt pnrt wit li biin, and inntBntl of 
going to bi^ Inrd, WII9 »bligi;d to tni np and study kin 
linfw — iiu itiiiM^r liiiw iiiaity li^iigthH llii'iv wirre. 
Tom nail warn init ^vitb bin nigbt')^ wurk on lti«Mng<t, 
nud ibn int*n1al toil tbiil, fcklbiwful, xl wim ot^A'n n}~ 
ri^ady iiuinnag whon tlio atitur Hitu^lit Iuh i:^ouc1i. JIo 
ireu tbon obliged to bo up in a few liniirs ami a1 tbe 
tbeali-o nl ivn. If ln' ',diKt?iiU?il biia-<ftlf ihm-H wik a Uno 
tlifil U'ould matenaUy reduce liii iih'endy low »idai'v. 
Whero was the room for CTiJoymont for the notor or 
aetr^Kfl So those days? There ivas little opportunity 
giren to miyliody at nil employed upou tbi^ ^tagc to b« 
of diMolute bnbit« or to indaige in niiy of tUe oxccsse# 
that ]mt[jU-pani)der« aiid iboir mtolemot and tnloler- 



TiiE neiiRAngAL, 

ahlo followoi'Bt goncru11>' ulinr^cd ttgainst the profoe- 
ftioii- ThcF^u ou[>ci'-inorul iiiiliridtmla oould not inako 
a dUttaeiion bctivct^ii Ltjt- situ^o of tlio il^yu of Mrs. 
Brdce^Irdlu uiiiJ MMrotfa Wi^Snj^Loii, nf >lra. Jordiin 
and Mre. E[»bij]»oi), whoii lillh mid liceaLiciLidiiei^ pns 
railed booaiiec the pullio fouiid uu fault ^iih it» aud 
tho e»mo thing* vrtrro |)rovjitcQt in ]'unk« of the very 
best society. Now that wc hare travclliog combiua- 
tiona, And thut vim part will Uat a mnn or womnti who 
pjiy» nttcLliuik to bij*inc»a fcr n year or more, tho ]>ro- 
foiuion 13 not so hcEivily tiixcd ; Mill tbcrc is plcrnty of 
w«rk, tint] tlicrc i* liillc, if any, lime to devote to iiny 
of tho p1unAnrc--t or cxc(.-h.*kv» tlml pninrnt ]ni^Xy points 
out UM the; |)ortti)n of pUyei's. But thle ia iiioralixlii^- 
Let us ^ut back U> Ihu ixdicar^d. Lc^.as tbuu t«u youra 
ago a rt-'Lcaisal niii,4>t bi> found ^oin^' on iil aiiy theatric 
iu tho couutry between Iho boui^ of leu a, m, ami 
tiro r,M. Now it iearoixjtliingto tind a rehearsal ex- 
pt on Momky, and ill tlic few ci tie* whero Sunday- 
ght jJtn- formal: CPU htl* givi^n t!ii* ihiy iii.iy Iw set 
npitrtp when the upc^ning or lirst pi^rfoniiuwn? i* nu th« 
v^nio ui^'hl. Ah tnivt-lHiig ^orn tiuw, n ronipjuiy 
rctuxrbt'^ » iiiwn i-llht'r th«i iii^bt. befui^, or the itiDrniiig 
oftliti ibiy fur thtiir initial ui)tei'lujiiTiit<nt. Nn matter 
what tho time of arrival — iiiilewi it In?, at* afi^n hap- 
pens, lliht the uoDi{iMny gcla off llie Itab] Hud in the 
theati'e Iift4.ien mlinitea liefore ihe t-nrt^hL \h Iu ^o up — 
every ineiii1>er of Ibe eoiiijiimy will be exiweled at the 
theatre In tbo iiii^rinn^ for i-ehf^r^al. not ^o mneh To 
go through their pMrt« »m Io fniTiiliarize themselves 
wkh thif ^ntrance^ an^l exits utid the genen^l arrange- 
mcTitof tbo boiue. The slagn n^amagrriM lhi>ro and 
Ifao orchestra is in its plnoo. If it is comic opera ihere 
U ft rehearsal of the mvi^ic, and if it i» otio of tho 
IDOsico-farcieal or burlcsquo pieces that wi;rc upideoiJQ 



dnriog tlio liiMtt two si^ianns, Llia phiy ^viH lie rehearsed 
ihiit \h**. um*.\f^:in% mny cnma iti wtUi tbmr ftare up &t 
llm |>n>[iKr Iitiii*- 

A I'uhinirHiLl i!ti-^IdijL»tL*([lo lako itU the AUroh out of 
the HinUi lion of a noo|i1t}'ic, anil todreriHihis liope» in 
ft Borrowful iiiui.Hii>i'. Tht- ^tai^i? Iwreft of itM floml nf 
light, of ilH gorgeous color and we^ilth of splondor, Ja 
lh« darkesi, drt^ri^^t. and most com m on pl»e>o region 
In tfio world, Tho buzz of *nw and tljo clatter of 
himmerurohonni in:dlcHrecLfoiiii,wliili* mi^n in npunnJd, 
orerulU, «nJ jrrcri»iy cap* am makinj; tlin xaiv-ii mi-ban i- 
uer RoUi>Af and onini^ iiv^n kxn rom^intie ai-i> driLggiug 
about *ocn*>ry orboxoi*; ^.is men are at worlc oti the 
foot-light!}, rind iboL'o h noUii itnd eoiifusjon iMioizgh to 
set a whole TiUag^full of ^ybant4)a crtugr. Down iu 
ft^oilt a ^rouj) of liiUli-a and p>?iUlomon are maviog 
about ami talking'. Th<3^iJ aiMj the [>layGrs — the pco- 
plo WQ »uw the nt^ht heforo In rich attiro* with glowing:; 
joirdi» and Kunvmndod wiih :dt tho ma^nli<>OLiC€» 
v<Hilth could bodtiitv or royalty otJtnmuad. N»w, tho 
king's crown is a bluok eloueh hat and tbo royal robes 
are a d^rk aaolc coat and vest, lijjht troueere, and wUit« 
ehirt with piciidilly collar. The quoen lias a laet-ycar 
botinot on h^r head and a water-pL'oof cloak onvolopoe 
hw form. Tho other actiw-e aro aUo in ev«ry-di*y dre^i. 
aomo shon^irj!; that tholr owaera pntroiii/o fii-sUcliisd 
toilors and otiicn^ tbat tlioy havo bct>ii banded dosvii 
from tbo «bolvc« of cheap roody-oiadc clothing houses. 
Ho «tago maoiigftr is jiushin^ everybody around, aud 
tbo iictot^ and octrcer^^s are talking nt one nnothttr in 
liiW** Some hav« hooks of Iho phiy, for tbey arc ro* 
heantinj;, und all rattle ovur their linC4 an if running il 
r«eo with a locotoolivo that is dra^vjng Vaiidorbitt's 
apociai car over the road at iU to[>most apwd. It i* 
UDp<M«ibJo to undcrataiid what they aro sayUig, and 

TBg UKltkAft«AL. 


ntfld in Ilindui^Uni, Tbo tir^t aci q<ais'\'^u jei :ui oxhi- 
l>iUon of groiU irriubility and imgmtieDCO by th» uta^ 
mtwn^Qv tit th,o noTi-ii^)pciar!nico of coruiri mombors 
of Ui« ti'onpft. At whnt thoalrc? Oli, novrr mind 
whiit UiviiLro. Wcf will tiiko libcttiojt mid mix thoni 
tbutt : ^ 

Stugc Manner (f^nllinp to Aomo nno At llio front on- 
triuic«): •* St^nd Uki.'j** pc'Dido in," 

Th« pcopio arv fiimlly Limited u^ one by oiic Aiid go 
nifibiaj down th<t pusdn^fo and on to tho 5t»p> like hu- 
man wbii-lwinda, 

LcAding Lady (reading): "My cbaiui a-a-a-a-fl 
moi mc tim-uai-um (carpcntcn burst out in ft tre- 
ntondou:* fit rrf h4mmeniig) tlii^ ninii/' 

Star: " Hut I innjlnre — bitr^bijy^lms — TiCf/cr — 
TAHim" (gi'cnt ttfivring of bmirds somcivbcrc]. 

Bebeaniul rending, mind you. conaistr* in the ooc&- 
nibntd dintliict utterance <*( a word* HLUidtvicliud in l^c* 
tvr«en Lurt^ qnaQtitlcJ of a strange, monottxioiie ^und, 
soniotbitig btftv^n a diMwI ami a bii/, tbe bi^t liro or 
three words of tbc piirt being brougbt out with «n 
eoipbatic jrik, 

llrre Th n rushes froui tbe roar ; — 

" Kow my rcviMigo-" 

Star (givjiig Jirnctioria): "No, you Mn», H^ — n, 
•UikI there, and thmi wben I aiipromb ytm, Mr. 
B--r — y. step a Viiih U> tb« left; thtii thr noldinrM 
pitub inUi Ibtr viUn;jt'rn utid Lliu vilJageiH iit[i> thn hiI* 
<li«r9, and T «iioot youaaUL'scapttbUotbe nioutitniiu." 

Stage Mana^r (who thinks i]i9en*nt]y) : '* Allow 

Me to »n^^i>»t., Mi\ 11 s, that." — (here the hani* 

moring and Hawing burst out atl over tbe Hta^ »ud 
drown pvprylhin;;). 

This mattE^r L8 finally Miltlcd, Tbn flpcixlna of the 



<Ad^9\ nombflr of tht troupe bftring hc«!n appnalcd to. 

it adopted. Tlt«n Mr. M^ h la mU^iit^. Tbe 

mnnagcr bawU " Mc h ! " Evcrj-bocljr WwU, 

t«Mr h!" "fiiinMI Gimlet!" Tbi* is l})« 

plavfiil rcli(!nr^nl eippi^lUtioti for Hatidet. Gutilet \s at 
li-n^rtb captiiri'd and gne£ I'usliiii^ like u looomolive 
down thi^ piif.^212^1*, 

&Ug« Mitiiagtir; *' Nuvr, Udt^ ftiid gentlemen. All 
on I" 

They tumble up the singe step^ utid gather in grotipfl* 
fl — 1 — n fence* with <?veryliody. Mi** II — w — ii txc- 
cut«3 Hit imperfet't jxifl ftr^L 

LeniJiiig LuJj : *' T-«i-u-u*n love-iLiu<Tim''Uii] — »ml-ii- 
a-n iiiiQliier — " 

MUs H^*— y, MiM M — il— c, ar any otiirr ^oumii : 
** TliU i*ri^;uj^Li'-ti-Ei Tny ^mi'ii um*iim Bniik Enrliatigc-*' 

A — a — Tt niSses liin liani-U luiil tyisa to beavon, aay- 
iugr *■ GreiLt father! be*« drunk ! " 

Lending Lruly (veryeiiergeUoaUy); " Gn not, doar- 
est Huweet The Goibaniltes are a*a*A-um-um devour 

Mrs. S— n— s: "How! Whatl!" 

Mn* J h: '^Ar^ thos^ p^n^amry tip thare?'* 

Boy com<^s up to tbo fltnc** and addro**^!" ihft m.iniu 
g«r throiigh hU iu>«o : *■ Mr. G., 1 cun'c liiid him ^lij* 

H yJ n; "For iw much a*I" — {t«rribLo 

Ml Wy: ** Mr, 6., I cma't find btm iLiiywhcro/* 
— o — hi ■*S4np my fwipcr!" 
lAgT^r: *' Mr. L,, Lluit miiAt he ^xrcught out Tcfj 
Uius, ^V»^ my paper/ " 

-h (briugm^ It out wjifa nn emp^itiflu irbich 
roof off tbct theatiti): " Stop «v fatek I " 
%g lady here goes tlirough tha motion of 

TUB RBItftAltaAL. 


ramtinj; and fnlla %^mfii the #tftr. who l« pnrtly iinbAl- 
auccd by her weight .tiid momentum- Th^ ^tir thtiu 
rushes dlvtmctc^lly uhout, uiratigiti^ the suiJcrnumci* 
one* lo liU liking. Ed — sand B— y wulk alHtract- 
Dillj li> »nJ fr», S — 11 — tU^iicohs to a Ut/dy iii>ar tbo 
mngtt. ThcMj Jiii]ti-uuipia ilarices -"ccui to 1»« a tuvji:- 
iltt p^stima mi Uie (iudreft§od etiige- 

Second Lady: *' PoMtivel/ a-a-n- Tom Fitch um^ 
urn amusing a-altcli a-tiitx:h n-:utch V 

Tt puKzlpd me for a Intig tlino to tind out what was 
meant hy thi* rrjictiliun of H-iLitdn It 1» Mrnply 

thft n'fidiiig <>f Inughti^r. A-nil.rh i* whir tho 

liiiigh (yinif^'i til.'* Tho guriiiim^ |ii;!LrT!< (if langlitrr }ii'<i 
rt^»*rrr«il for l\w rrgiiUr p^rrunniince, Ac'lros^eB (tuti- 
uoL jlIThv] 111 eiurhiaata during iha tt'dtoMsn^*'^?* iiiul 
driidgTTV [>r rehearftaU U*iiiilly ihi^y fe'ellikt' I'rjing. 

S4iig0 Miinjiger: "Wo must rBhear««r thU liwi not 
over again." 

Everybody at tfaia announcement looks broadswords 
and dc^j^n;. There are )9amit pretty poute fVom the 
hidies, lint! Momc di^op liut cniirc^'tic profanity from lh« 

Th« Cdifi^rniajouniidiiet hnn jiiAt ahont done juflioft' 
to the ttubjuct. I have ntt«tidL*d rulxjur^aU when it 
wa» utterly iinpfiaaibU to L^omprehund \vht'1her thoy 
wore reading ECeveUtious or g^ttiL; through Moihvr 
Goo««*a melodies. Drilling tlie ehorua for operii U 
attained by thesamtT trmh ami trihTiUiions ae rehear- 
Hids Uyv ili'amiitio repr<<Mi<iitalion4. Tlie leader gruwa. 
furiouN at the surrounding iir>iie, and tlie divtract»oDi 
that memT>erA of tbecborue ^ivo themflelvL*^ up 1o. It 
u ft bdul tiling to ;r^-t them together at tirat and harder 
Btilt to keep tUcni tog(^ther aftcrwaixli. When tho 
leader with an ainiosphore of the kind«>&t bnmor dur*^ 
roundiog hift soiooth head bolde hie baton aloft io^Agtii'- 

raS Itf^ItT^ARgAL. 


ftll togo4her. Almut oiic-hnlf the throng be^iu, &nd 
Iho cth^r half loiter bohiii<l to dn->i> in at intervals. 
And BO it goes from act to act aiitU the opcm ia fiu- 
iffbod. The rin^ra are in »lrc«t drc^ mid Iho th-A}^ 
bic»t of garments Hni^b juraJimt ttic mnct stilish. In 
rchcaning gi-nnd o|H-ra onl/ oiio net i^ taken at a tiuc. 

and l]i« AL*«utM |in'!i«ftt<>d, wiUi tliu lutlUlluoua Italiau 
aitd \he itivi*«U»c«iited Lrarllr Ilrr»1[iji( :iroiiiid the stage, 
are |iklun«(iiie to the oj~t^> cliurniiir*^ to tltv c:u', nnd 
abnpl^ eulnuiciDg to tlio iioMt. The priiiclpalpi ro- 
benrs« fitting. 

BhUH dancen bive ilh b^nl wnrk, if not b;in1cr ibnzi 



aoy other cUaa In the profoaaion. They mxnt robeftra 
or pmctieQ <1:iily, unA for hoarft and hours &t a tlmo.' 
The jrmilTV Uth^ro with cane and <tyo*-g1usa» with velret 
cont and Utrondvr trou^m's, to showth^m tlio motions, 
find Hnti :il\t>r linr tliu Htn^figtli find limlx-nLAj&ft of tho 
limhat of tho corpt tlf ttfitlet Ht'o t<Tsiod, Froni tli« 
pramiei-o wltf> ait-t witli »oaUkin «iick over lior »Uige 
eodtumo wiih her p«t dog by bci- sld« down to tbo 
latest aequisition Uj the fttaitr^'a (the balWt mnet^r's) 
corpa^ all niu^t be on hand It) i-eUeai-a* witli or without 
miaaic. In the latter iiiatanoe tbo steps are sloivly but 
curefLilly ^one throi]£-h. Not only ie there ft daty 
r»heiir8JLl, T>tit tli«re 1^ private iudiridiuO rehenmil ol 
tbo st«|>s at nifiht previous to goin«f on the StAg^ ; for 
Khvvti h mw^-h crno^ iu il rofps debatUt^ and QO girl m 
love Willi hijr art wished to be coiiaidor^ awfaward 
In the rear; henoo tho emulation that emtd, nnd 
private reboarsfth in the dre^smsf-room. Many oftheM 
ballet-dancers live poor lives, gi^ttiii;; eularics wtiicfa 
aftcrbuyiii!^ their ^lu^drc^.'rc^? leaves them little Tor ttie 
Qnphoard mid very little to 0rn>te upon street costumca. 
Sotno nro fiTtil, ntid have luhjiiixra who«o purMy^trings 
tbey puU wid*; open, uiij mo thi*i\-fiirc able to rti^tl 
around In dillu iiad spoi't rich golden and jewelled 
nfiniiMila, while the hoiie.^t girU uiUHt sup at home 
eru^Li and ahnre the opprobrium their almmleAs com* 
panioiid bnu-f on the entire eUaa. Ilallf^t glrU evci^* 
where have a throug of giddy. dii^aipEitin^ mate fnlioir* 
era, and tho^e who ivaivL the temptations thnivrn in 
tkotr way are deserving praiae rather than condemua* 

Juat aa the f?panuh have their Maunai. the Ilindooa 
their Nautt-'h girU» the Japanese that renuirkable 
daucc trjTcUcra hnvo written so frequently and so much 
about. Bud cnch country iIa own paitienUr away 






huvi^ liiken ktiuH)- 

wbirl, tio IhU (*cniulry moiii* 

the hiUlot. \y\ivn n biillet dunoor — mw oi ma ra- 

BOnt^J herself for t]R> firet liiu© to un Albunv. New YiTk, 
aiiclierce. ihe Imlios ruiiheU from Lho sta^ and Ibere 
w:i« ttlmcia a pauic. <But It dtd not take Iod^ 1o 
Hct.^iisti3m the APmnlans to tbo midra|>cd diniDUi uiiil 
iht^y Hr*j aa fond of it now as any *»f ibo re*t of thfl itot 
ovor-«;Ln'U|)ii1[)U!c pooplcj 4}f tUo c^unti'y. Not ko m^ny 
yoai'!^ ii^i>, Ihcrn wiu a bidkt <iv(^rv night in Lbe Jir^t- 
ctttAd variuty thoat]X>«; iu>w tlitn-^i nro few* 4>Xoopi lu 
tbo Eiiiii, tJial hixvii tlih fvEitiii-v, "lid foribi* loiwon — 
tbo abiiiduunienl of it jri tUt> W(>dt uud South — tbe 
]><Ki|>k who draw 4;onclu«io»s from ovorythin^ th«ys««f 
iind b<tar cry out Ibut the bidl<^t is dyin;* out. Thin ia 
not *»- Tlnj brtll^l hart bwii diojtpcd fiom tbo li*t of 
attraiTtion» i« th»J W«*t, bocjiumi tbo mnnfigflr* tbougbt 
it too co&tly III! Iifeititutioii lor them to cany and not 
bcciMi%<^ tbo iK'Oplc dill uot want It. ^oino of tho bci^t 
piiyiiig tbt^ati-ical i uvo^iiR-nta of tbu dny arc baee<l 
u[jan 1h« titdcimitiu^ and dnl^vhlg <]iialitic^ »f a dia- 
l>hly^^^^ ftiomlc limi*» Buv]o&(|uo with \U bhmdc iittvi- 
inilc^ H«<pt tbc couittrjr m & ra;;^? Wtv iimiiy ytnrd, aod 
tbo fc'^LKJu srliy it ia oo raro iiovr ia that comic op^ra 
and tbo minor miiBiad attructioiiA of tho yttast lo^lU- 
iDili? »tu;j^ bavo iiaurpod its piiiictpal feature — Ibo [eg 
sJiow — and under the cover of art ;;ct tbe patronage 
of |)e(^pU- who would «bnn hnrksquca, and at tbo »ain(i 
llnitT bnpply the demand of al^ont throe-fourths of ibc 
ULdK- pLU>'nAsion who ai^ as ^od of an itiUch anatomy 
Inpliik ti^iit^ a» tb« law w'dl albjw ihmi. If any on^ 
tbinkN lh(r hLdUt lit on Ibti ilrray yi:^X. let him wttlt 
iiiilil surb nil uUnnTltoii is amionncrd in hi^ nrigb]K>r- 
H(»»d and tbi^i ntmid bark aitd count lu Uj<; baUI-htitulnl 
brigndi? giicA to tbe fmiil. 



Aiid for tbose who tftke anv inlenrat m the l»jil[«l, or 
caro to ht*!f\r Aityih'mg aIjouL tlio woiui^ii who hnvt^ 
become famous its dAUcoi'St tho follawiiig liil L^f his- 
tory whi''l] I ftHjiKl ill Ciliijwnn's Pirfoi-fU for 18M will 
1x1 wry n^ivciihU? iT^uIing; **A ritooiil porfoi-iiiiini'i^ at 
Iwr niiiji.'j*tj"'^ tln^utrc in IiOiid{m hjis liccii f^ijriiiilizoii hy 
Jtii rveiil UEijiiLrultrlrcI In l.hniitnnJ iiiiiiiiU, uikI oiu? 
ivhirii, aoiiio Ivitt ?ti'iin! y<*ttr* lioncr, timv In* hiiiilisl 
<lown L(» ;k tww guiif-ntl.ioii Ijv giirritliiun AniitmigiMiJH 
riaiifl rts one of tlio m<»'vt brfUfatit i-einiii(»(.'eiii"pK of days 
gimo by. The ft|)peLinLtird nf i'wir Kunli (litm'i*ra aa 
Tugilrtiii, Ceritn. OiiHiicu GHm lukd Lii<;Ile Graihu. i>\i 
I lid Win K' luianU ruul m l\i» f-xnv /jiih, is ti'tilv whiit 
Uict Fivnoh winild it^ill ** mif. witi^mniff iftFtUmk^*' iniJ 
j*uch a our (u* tioru* of \\\om*. who Tii-lirlil it nrr liki-ly tn 
wiUkPHM H^iun. It wux Lh('r«ri)i'L« iih much ii itritUn' nf 
cizrlimEly as »f iali>i-OAt, Ia hiirry trj ilit; Ibeatrc to 
wilue^v ihls apcouele; but ev^vy other feeiliijif was 
mer^pJ in Acli])(E-atti>n whoik ilia foui' great d:LiioGrs 
comiiLeiiccd tlic t^rioii of |>icturo»qU4> ^rau]>ljitrp4 witb 
vfhich thia p€»iToi'iTum<'o cj^oiis. PcrhajDi a i»<-»iio was 
never wiin«s>*Pci timrc jxrfec't in all its ilotutU. Tho 
grnal^st ofpaiulm^i, \u \\\s lollinfii fl^jrlilja^ CfHJlil lianJIy 
havcj coiiucivoti, atid cifftaliily ntwr oxiwuted, a ^roiip 
mor« fnaltU**!* and mi>rt* i'o|>lii(« n-ti li ^mcj* hqiI pocliy 
Uijiri l!t*t formed by tb^tti; four d[in<«ii[ii!si, TatfZioiil 
\\\ tho midflt, ber head thrown biickmird^, a|>j»an.Mil1y 
rceliriing in the arms of h«r airier nymph*. Could 
HU<<h a oQiubiiijiUon have takou place ia the ancient 
pal my Jura of ait. the peucil of tho painter and tbe 
pen of lliQ pool vrould have aliko bona oru|)loyc<l to 
pcrp«tunto its i^nu^Tnbrance, No d^fi^cription c<aiL 
render the oxigtjUito, nud idtna'^t ottiorral ifmee of 
movoincnt and atlitmlc of thc^o great dancer*, and 
tboae vrbo have wittiv^jtcd the 9C«iio, mny boast of 



baWn** once. At Icaet, soeu the pot^ection of the »rt of 
dancini* so little u^idersrovxl. Thero wa^ no AdTecUtioii, 
no appnrent exertion or strug<xle for ofiWt on Uio pnrt 
of tho«e giftod (iiti«t«6 ; antl though thoy ditplayod thtir 
tilniont rttfloiii'ccij, tll<To wiim n >iiiii|i1icit_V and ojuo, the 
ab«oncc of wlii<'h would huve coinploUdy broken \he 
Hfcll they tlirt-'vr arrniiid the 0uoii«. Of ilio detAtts of 
thtH pcrt'oniiumT ii id dilHouU to epoak. lu tho eo)o 
vttcpft exocutud by ouch itiui^'USQ, t'ooh in turn sc«m«d 
t*j claim prc-i*iiiinonec, Whoro every on<3 in hor own 
Btylo la p<3rfeot, pecutinr iiidividuol ta«te alone may 
balunc€ in fav^r of ono or the oihcr> Injt the award of 
ptihilc ap|]l;iu9e intist be cqimlly btyttowcd ; mid {he 
peucftaat fortho peculiar «tytc> nnd the odminLtiou for 
the dignity, the rc|io,in and the rxqcmtt^; grjicc wbicb 
chor^toriicc Taghoni, ami th<^ dancer who huit so bril- 
liJMitly followt^d the ammc trai'k (Luoik Grahn), did 
Bot prevent the warm approcialioii of the charming 
arohiic^rf and tv/inkling sU'itA ol Cfulottii Ot'tfli, or tb« 
^nndin-ful (lyiuj; If-ai^s ai&d revuUiii^ buuntU of Cento. 
Tlioii^^h each dispkyeJ her uiiuo*l powers, tho emula- 
tion of the fair dancers wa» unacconapju^icd by cnry. 
Kvery time a *howor of bofjiicts dtr^ccndcd on tbo 
Itinon of a solo pa^ of one or tb« other of tbo fair 
r/jir, her »i*ter d-inccra came fniirard to :ixi\$i bcr 
Jlnrtiiig tlirin. The; apidniuno wa:i nnirenuil anil 
<r di»trihutifd. Hda, however, did not take frota 
-tt^meaL of thL' wxrae. The bouaet crowded to 
if, prcMTiited a wmcouricoflltie inunt ejiger faces, 
llvnrled, for a luomi'iit, frtiiu llm performanoo ; 
extj^u>ntlQ:u'y toninlt of enthiiHhi^tie applause* 
't llifl doli»rhtral efleol of the tpet'taolo pre- 
inpirttil to the whole so^iie an interest Hud 
; that turn hardly bo imagined \tj thc9« aot 




About a wtck boforo tho dHld of Ih© opening of n 
ftpocUuJulur f>liiy ttt cniy mrtropoHt^Ln tbt'iiLre uei ud^'er- 
i{scii]4>ul roaditj^ tr^ntotliiiig Jiko tliU appeal's In th^ 
want coluBkiiA of the Jiiily paper* : — 

WANTKIJ — Throe humirrd glH» for iJic h*Hct lu "Th^ Blue 

ten A, 34. Monday. 

IiE lliiK ^irnfil<t Jtdvorlii^cm«nt Iho llioulrical inBtinct 
wbkh proinpU ttjo pn^ae ug«nt to exag;x^raU fnoU coii- 
coriuiijL; lib ultruction is v«ry tictiuLifutly dinptayod. 
Th^ nvjiiibor of /irU wiuLU^d j^ probubly inH in t^xcc^it 
of fifty ; *till the [ooul mauiL^-oi- does not care la wuatfl 
inonoyiipon tbU litMc advciiisQUicDt without getting 
aa advprtiscmout for hia *liow out of it. Monday 
moniiii-: tinn^ a number cf a|>])ltcnnt« — not u largo 
a lujmlicr jla «ucU an advcrtii^cmont vrouLiI buro 
attra<Ttf'd in foi'nicr year:*, but Htill enough lo nicot tho 
dnmund--( of tbc ballvt-iiiafltvr, who hixtt oomo on ahcud 
of bid troupe lo 5(;lo<-t tbt' ^'wU aitil ^ivo thorn a little 
training, ja?»L aufliriiMit intiiiiiii; to lone down tbo rough 
tfdgeo of tbcit- aukvrardtittHd aikd to drill Ukmu in tho 
narch^s in which tbcy will h& expected to partlctpato. 
The girU, aa ttiey come in singly or in paire — &hy\y 
and coyly approaching the et;ige-door, bnt taking 
coorai^ at the «i^ht of the othei-a who aro tborc beforo 
tbem — ar« told to come around ag:iin la llio uf^ornoont 
orpcrfcapa the following morning (o meet tbo ballot. 




liiens docATi't jic<Mi] t» l>c? any [iiirtiL^ubir ohoicro iit 
ting up ti UilInL of Uii^ l^imL A roll] ul -all L^lildei 
l>n)A<l -nil In !<-'<! , Hi]iiLtiUpyiHl, md^hLsiiW g'ttl Ei;ta bcr 
[iikintT MiUTt-<n3 i»n llici jtUi^MTi^mngfrr'n Ixiuk m< r4<>idUy! 
jtti tliK diitntiiiig Ill.tlt" bUimTii ivh<i Iniii^ an If filie Itt^ 
loiigeit L» the i^i|it^i' ivatkn 4»f lilt^, biitl u|i|)fiirfi iimiijr 
degrees inure at;cuitipUHWK ^iirufiil^ iiul itilellrgontj 
than ihft 8trAbi»im:il, riiiTotv-lii?ji<li''1 criTiJtture who h:M 
pii'ct'di^J Iicrr, Whn: all hnvn [kvh I'^^gUlciT*!, up to 
the ruiiui!^it« numlxT, «(>m^ of tho H^fjiiinhc^d and do- 
lighlrd i^-LtididckliiM, fiAiir having IrnrDinl ihni lh«y will 
iviH^ivi' $4 nr |*!, or, winvIh', |fij fur thii wri^k'« wr- 
viivft^ ]uK» th['mF«<hv?> hi th(! inliK-juu-H rif Ili4^ m^rniry 
xtid w<i»ih-r »t l.hc* houutirs nf thr wt^.ve wcirM hi which 
they find ihrm fli-U'o*. Tlnli' imxt viMt hringd i}wtix 
into Un> |>re»i*ncn uf llw hullut in.'i*lpr> who ivgnnl« 
theni phy^loilly, MTotinixiii^ Mr^li mt tho iinnao in 
called, and si^ldorii rt'jotTrng any n^it aiU*oUiiely <le- 
formt^d wlio iippi'nr ln*forL» him. Thoy aru stiil to tin* 
cnsiuitier'ii find iheir woilc bL*{^ri!i al unoe. All (hoy 
tm; roquirod to do U to run up and dowu or arounil tha 
fttigo ill drills aod marc^h*^, or lo group ihom^elvGd in 
beart>rcitdhi;^ tiihleaiix al iiUorvida during the dancH}, 
The \tQsi — that is, t\w ^\vU who hit- quick to p^rceivo' 
lUid awi^ to ui^oompTi^h lh<? rnmniaudps of th^ master, 
are aelactcd fov Ioad<^rs aud for tho principal irork in 
ibt]» etibordtuflte bniiich of the §|}0<;tac]e. Day after 
d:ir thi>y tufl drilled until the nii-ht of tli« 6reC per* 
formancu arrivoJt, when, of^«u iu tights thut do not fit 
Lhemi in cortumoa thut aro mhikkd and dJity. tliey 
flaeh in nil thc>ir avvkwardn*^ nnd i^lootuuK-^ ttpon the 
■cmr, to l>c Imi^hi d al , and to detract from inatead o£, 
acidiDg Ut the lirauly f-f Iho a^vecliitlc, 

A injwnpiijMT writer of o?(penetico in Ibis line cay*! 
Few of Ihoao who obacn-o and aUniire ibc graceful 

€1A>'D1UATK« roi: AI10UT C?tX}TlllCn. 


Attltuiles, pa^y iiiove[iiPiitri,aiH] |>ich]n?8C[iit^ evnlutton^ 
aC \\w \TA\-Xrjtm^i} rlinRi* or Imllol In sin opera luve 
uny iii\rtii\n[t» i-omqUinn f)f ihy amount of pmcticc Hiid 
dun! wnric noc'r*;wirj^ (or ibo Huge of perfection Hrrivet! 
Hi, A minihi*r i>r jour^ njfo, vihvu bnlM girU \K<*V(^ in 
^nmtcT [I^'Tiuiml ihjtti ut pn^M^iit, Jin n<K'rrti^omont In- 
kcrii*tt trt NV'Kv York pfipcri oi- t,ho«^ i>f tmy i>ihpr l«rg« 
cily ft>r DDhlorTtil lo flll u]> llio rof/w* ife ^^dZ/tf would 
bHng In applicEiiita hy dozen*, mid vrnKilnjea even hy 
hLiuijri3c1d. The suine i§ Irae in » less degrea to-dny, 
but at lliHt tim** ll»<» wniro* puM to working girls wero 
lur maro nirEi^rt? ihnn nt Llic prcnoiit time, uud tbe few 
dolUrn pnr week to bo obtuirod in tlio thontro wae & 
princrcly nitni Ijy 4-'f>fnpari*oii, untl, thnuph llio enirtijro- 
mcut bfl but a few weeks, tho opporluniiy vvua gladly 

Tho preflt majority of tbeae applicants r>omc from 
tho li>wvir Wrtrkui^ class, who aro induced liv peeuuiary 
motiven id*me to oxliibit tlicmwelvcs. They tbow iu 
tbi>ir fiteujt niid ffiniiH th4Ttriict-)L of liurd work aod poor 
Uvltv^, und ixu c\[H rl lUEialcr of tho ImlU^t hwa iirod of 
all lb skill to trtiiii tliem and dl^po-%c tliviii on tie #lii£0 
«o that tbelr uatural dlaadvantn^ea of term may bo 
kept aH much as possible from puMic view. Kow and 
tben, however* thera is a <^i)^o ^\here the f[laiuoar of 
tbo ata^e ha4 «o fascinated gIrU in better eiivnuiMnnces 
tbnt tlioy nr<j reudy to bogin at any round of tho lacK 
dor In a profi-)i>jion Umt Mcem« ko luitlrely luiiniod 
with rortevttt' tinu. It in the exccptioiit^Liitl not tho 
rulo. for lb(!MO to poiv«verG ; for, when bn>ugbt faoc to 
fiiec with Ibe alcrri t^>alitk'!a of tho ciiao, their tinlor U 
dampened, tho win-ld pc*ms hollow, *' Ibtir dolU aro 
'»hitr<-'d witJi fawdn&t," and tbcy ai*o prepared to cry 
out V'inittra vQH'latnm^ and enjoy Iho reat of their 
AlAffs oxpcrionoct} from the other side of the foot-llghta. 


c^yi>n>ArEs for khoiit clotttrr. 

but in agc^ liut ili« ninjoritj 

ThcKC girU vnvy so mew, 
of thom arc not riljovc tvront>% a» a gcnorol rule. la 
nmkjng nn iipp1icutic>n, thi^y jircticnt thcmaulvAS fir»t to 
tho MiJ^c mmingcn', Ilu tukt-Ji iiotu of thc^ir age* drzo, 
upiicunuicti mid j^i-iicrjil contour of liguro, and if ti<^ bo 
fuvorably trnprcsMrtl at^n*}^ Lhcm to the ciHtuiner. Ho, 
in hia turn, bundd Ihfitii over to the women In his em- 
ploy. There thoy arc compclkd to «tiip iiud undei'go 
H conipk'tc cxitmiiiittioii of tht>ir liuiba and form, and 
oo the phy»LCdl exai^iuutioii depends tbcir uccopttiucc 
or I'cjcctioii. 

Ill companies where the ballrt girlsnre •imply female 
eupcniiimenmej aLid do iiolliiLi^ liiti march about while 
Ihc daiir^une and cory]jhcc?» eii^^ige the ntUiiUou of 
th(! .-ludltTiLct?, any extended aniouiiL of training in not 
111*1: c<>^iry. Care h only taken to ohtiitn ^ivla of ordi* 
jiarily fuir phyMitjuo jind Le;i4:h thtnu to uiarcih correctly 
wtth the muAic. But even thiii k!i no jtmM m^k. 

These girU are iiultirally tilted for ariythioy; bnt thiw 
l>iiMiie»n, nud it i« luiLicn.)ii» Ut observe the |iO!iilioiiii 
they luii^iime luid the gait they adopt. Impressed with 
the idi'ii ihid they inii?*t »*'t :ind wnlk didcivntly fioni 
thrir ti^iiul ini?«t'irtt, Llif-y twTHt their [irjdicJt and ^talk 
uhiuil hi H iimnni^' Ihnt ift beyotid dc^MTnpj.iou* Th<^»e 
,itnpnu'i«ed b;illKt> generally pn*-><mil ao exbibitioii of 
»titrn«Tt9aiid awkwii'i.tiieH^ 11I thu firstt puMic Appear- 
haa^ ; hut that >» not to be <xjmp;ir(Hl with the ungainly 
AitUoa of A i1r«t rehei4r»ul, Jii cHae» where greater 
ptloA aro biken, nnd where thd ballet girU ^i tbrougb 
many intriiMt^f cvo|Mt>f>n^, the rebQarsiilti are eoutinueil 
doily* when po»iblG, for n penod of six or eight weeks, 
ftud some uWx of Hie IriiUs of ;i bidLn uiuster may 1>o 
^Jthei'ed from lhf» contrast of the tir*t rehear*ul and 
the lii^ perfi>rtniiiice, 

A gentlcm&n of Ions* vxpeneiice in tfaeatncal luftt- 

cjixT>ir»*rE9 pott mom cijyrwt*. 


tors fiaya in a talk \villi an intcm'icwrr ; *'WHl, I 
should thinli 1 oujcht I'l knciw iiomcthin" uliout hullct 
giH>;. Why, wlieii 1 «Bt'J*l« W iit l!i« OIti Ccmifiuo 
tboy wcro ns pkntifuL a.h aupcrn nnd used to uppotir o^ 
|>oa«int gii'U ill the ix^gulra- Jrumit. 

*'TUo rohcarsuU woiiM bo Inglitfully conl'itM^ig to 
an outtfidcr During i\x<t In^l relieamni, before ii piece 
of thU Um<l iif put on, th« tflngc loolc^ liko a pcrfmot 
piLndemonium. Tiio chorus l^ Iwing put through iti 
final drill on 
one eidot tli« 
Kctor* iiTX) 
t b i r cii- 
truicoAt <'X' 
Jta, dii<l cticM 
on the other; 
bobiiid, the 
flcenopumUrr DsujaNti rtm thb choi^js. 

find hiH jisfli4Unt« nrc daiibmgiLwn/, and the imp man 
and H'^ mail nvc b<>th working tiyvuv in thtir line/' 
" Whiit kind of girlw wrn^ they for th** mo't piirt?" 
** Oh» they came ont of fiirtorics am] ftil tbitt ; they 
coiiM mik« from I') to 1$ a vcok on th<f »tn^, a good 
deal better tbiui they rould do nt tbeir old bnAincM. 
Wo uvcd to h'lvr E(ii(-Ii ft K>t of lipplicatit^t Llicti we could 
pick ont n pretty good crowd. Boine of the[n wero 
vory nW, rnHporffthlrt girls* but lliti jiAdaaaUotinnjined 
most (if Iht^m. A gi»od luany of tboai wi'ro ruiker rty 
whi'ii Llwy first oanie In, nnd Imsidi-s heiiig ejxriiked 
would put oD any ninoiint nf lu^ amon^ their coitiimn- 
ioiis oulnide. Aflor |>h(ying in thd bnlk^l I.wd or tbreo 
weekfi for t'> or (T n wotk, they wonki ^} iironnd und 
say that tbcywero actrcTiJ^o^^ pbyin^ an engagement 
at the Opera House, but they didn't know exoctTy 



haw long thrv Ahuuli) ^tii/ tlii^rn. I woiilUii'L be at all 
BiirjiritfcJ if ihpy tiilkcil iLboiit ^UirriEig U iii uiioLhi:i 
HefiHnii ; Ihtii'^ vihal nil tUv%c flv-W-iiigliU nt ihtr 
LlirmlrcTA Jti mtw, Wliy, <!n voii kunw F Imvn hml ppi>- 
jilu riiihvi to iiif< Mill tiKk wlkiU' pnrl. >fiu 8<wim1-Sn wii^ 
taking, iujO i>ii Imikiiig itiUi thu niLULffr I woiili] fiiul 
that Bite was a Imllot girl," 

"Cafi*t/ou tell liii? nt ftnm« <*iimm nrgirln wlio luivi* 
B Tittle i'oiiihik;^^ ahnut l1ii<tr hiFilorv? '* 

'• WrII, jHi**i}jly, 'jut to one bchltid Uit* scenes there 
in liUln <^ti<*ii*|;ii nl" Ih*^ mmiiDtIc, I oaa lell you. I re- 
nintiilicr ATtullirr rasif of j* girl, ono of the preltiest nnd 
t)(wt hclmvt^il w<i liml — f|ultc* a inodost little thing, in 
fiict. But f^lic got (iirkofl n]i by :« miiMh>-;ti:c<1 rnki% 
mid wviil ti> llii' hiuK [ do not kn'"v hpr i^hoU )*ti>ry, 
tfiit I know aIil' uhacI to moMt Uii4 follow ndm' tlw per- 
fonnaiie^ very fiAuii. Aftor n timo sbo ntJitoO in eou- 
fidoiicc to OM41 of hor cu^injiAinoriK thuL nho wm mftE^<^d 
to him, uml I Unve no doitkt thai Jm Lhoti^sht itlio wiiai. 
Sbo Ivft tho th^tatri) tif^.or ii fuw u'tM,'k« luid wont to livo 
with him. Cut f piic** it didn't liwt I'lng, for I miwr 
h«r irc'voral yoEii^H iilhTrv^arctA Jii une of the Lo^vust tt^av- 
olHng cfnu|ifuiioi I know of, UM vile nnd bi^k«n-4lo<TQ a 
wrmik nB you owr S'nw. If tlicrv U any roninueo in iho 
livcft n( lliuAOgirU, thiB ia generally the style of it." 

" Do Ihoao Rirla ever ri*^ in the profession ? '* 

*' Oh. ycd, eome of onr ho^t aclreasee riae from the 
nuiks. It would innko n cat Uu^h, tkou^b» to s«o tbc 
Grat time they have a liitio gpcnkini* pm-t in a regular 
drama, A girl can gei aioD^ all right ss lon^ «a Iter 
indWiduftlity 14 concealed in the tniik»» btit ^hen ehe 
ha« to etcp to the front und A^iy a few word.«, i^lut 
waltJEOa up OS though *ho wae^ vrulkiiig on egg«.' Sbo 
looks us if site would like to fall UiL-ough the 9tjigo, 





0vrallom and h«^iiiit<»4, and putej'oa in doubt as to 
wbothcr3'ou ou»ht to liuifrb or pity her." 

Horo is'a wrii^i* who tuk^ another view of th« 
ntfair; '■ To tlioiiTimitlntod malo oiliseii I ho po nod of 
j^promo iiiterost in nffain bohiml tho ecoiKi^ ifi the 
prriod ofu grand bnllcT or apcctuculsip show, wh*^iv n 
humlred or two grirlii, vho have tiiidcr^oiK Tin oxamU 
iiAlion of their fncoA, MUoiilifcr^ nii<l limht, nnd beon 
ftccciptrd MB prcaciitul>k tipou Uii* i^tu^e, don ti^liU nnd 
miiko tbtfir bov*- to Ui« imUlie. It ia uol nlmiVA rasy 
to sccnre the iv*)iiiit<l iiumber of girla wlhi have tho 
nqiiiBitc c|iialiticiition9 for un npjieaniuco in U^tite. 
Girls who havo ncv<r bi>ea on are oxtrtTiKly ba^^hful 
flhotit inaklii<; their lir^t api^oanifKc » The in.xji^nty of 
the girl* who nn*iv«r the cull for * ladles for tho bal- 
let' nrfl ftbop girN, gtrU wb-* ukr v.-ovk to tbcir 
honi«a. gu'\t ttuMcnly tbroivn out c^f ciiiplorciiiniti 
poor girla who bjiv6 no otbcn- way of hontwlly LHii-nhi^ 
a dollar. Tb«]o ai-c a f*^\^ who huvc been In the hnl- 
IctH miral>Gr of tiiuo^ before- Tiicyb^ivo ooiiiotolook 
upon il very mnch u a hu^incf.^. Thoy knit and acw 
and crochet unci do fi^icy-worU behind the «ccnct) dur- 
ing tho '*tj^r<T wait!!, TliHr puy i-i libcml compared 
with whjit tboy vm\ «urn t^vcii in wa\'^ tbnt Hfi: coni^jJ-' 
e?rcd more rc--ip(^ctid>l«, and thi*y ban? tb<i novelty nnd 
excitejtH^ni, trhirh, of c'i)itr»v, an.' MHimlbinjf of nii nt- 
fraction in thtm^iiWca, Cnnaidviabh! jud^^^nient lm?< to 
bti exi»r(Tia«d la ibtraHectiiMi of thobe who a^pii^e to the 
cofitiimo of n j>air of tit^Iila and liuoU^ or a gau£e 
dr«A«. It is a (^[nentuhlo faot that all ladies ara not 
plump and ttvuniirtriciLl, tnd for lbi>^< hicking tboffo 
obuniis th(^r» ib no door ti> Xhv halUl Htagc. OniM- no- 
cqiled A<i a 0[)n4titn«?nL pint of a pagtsint tvhirh ia to 
<li>iq)ort i I self before the fuut-liglits, ihv ji^uraufti liaa a 
(ffido ffirld for r»iH|Uc»l u]>en to her. lt*a xuan'a wiuUc 



D6U Ut 1h3 forovvr ' ^ttiiig ££Oui>' on Uic favimti'-A of 
the fooXAlg}itSt to bcHcvo tbixn ull licatilif liI jin<l lu^cinttd 
aetheyBeom fromtbo froni of ilie h^uAe, And BfiiLia 
that tho watchiiiuii ut IbeAUxt-'-dooi-aiid wOl-bojaUivido 
between them maHV a dollar for cari'yiiig in i/iSet-ti^usc 
from lh<? i^rcit ftrmy of ukoslit^d mftdciiliiica. 'Ai3oth«r 
mickcr dctid gone,' mutlcM tho call-boy as ha pockcte 

hie liberal fco iie mjiil -currier. 
lVrlia{>» the fair object of the 
mnshcr^s ndmiriition * won't 
bavc it/ bi^t thmc nrr nmoiig 
her «i8to» thow vrUo, to a 
pr*>nii*iiigly libtjnd »iul attract 
liiT Mmngr^r, would not \ci the 
bick of mi iiitnKlucLioii»taud in 
tliti way II f thinr ^racioiiFtiieaa. 
• 'SJi,' Uu'j &;i/ ta lUo crtll-boy, 
'\Sh! DiMi'i-siLy a wmd. Tvll 
Uini wii'll He<f hiiti later. LfOok 
fiir iH ut ihe alaige-door when 
our at't Ss over.'" 

And now let ub ««■?< how thoj^ 

do th^ee thtn^ in France, 

where tbo uano^iii lloiirishe.«4 hueI 

the Jar<]iu Mabille, with it« 

bijrb kh'kt^r«, U the lempb^ t(>- 

h plGt:«stir«-i}eekui!;; pilgrims bend when they 

locca^L^ Ik lie Pari*, A viitilor lo the 

iii*4XK)m of tbr Grand Opera, there, will 

Dlglit it b briUi^ittly 1i;fhted, and Iho ^f- 

fttd-jet» IK jjr<^utly hiereait^d by the numot- 

*rofti vrlMi ahiio«t oon^al th« iralU. la 

of these mirroraataodd a ^T^>odezi po^t % 

iXk orm'ti HHJct, aud before a dAncing £;irl 

au ono foot ultcr the other uutJl eha 




places it horUoiitJiUv <m »nc of'jv ^m^U, wlii^m xlut 
keeps It Tlu' Ttuiiiu linitt, llum ijuilXiiig I.Iiih [lOHilifiti uiiil 
taking holil of tiji' jxM vtidi oiii? IliiihI nlic |inLcUrii?< h1I 
her st€]>8. &nd after hnviiig in tbia way " *H hi^rself 
olT," i^liu waters tlie floor with it htxutlsome wntGiitig* 
|KTt, and bH()ro tlio larj^o minoi'%, whicli reiicli down to 
llio mn|>-lKHtnl, she gm»ii through ntl thti Rt^ps hJw in 
almut, Iti ilani-.v on t.lir 9t»g4T, Th(f leiidiog dunritig 
girtHi^oiniiiflXtly H'riiroUl })iiin[iK nnil Hmull liiiiMi ^lutrrx. 
Very ItHme, hi t^rdor In iivouf Miflin*; thitir Klockhigx or 
flUwking-m^t. Wh(!]L ihn onl1-boygjvi'« his fiM iioIukj, 
they huHieii to thitiw oH'lhozr tru.iU'r>i mid put on nti-vf 
pumps, cliodt:*ti lor tJiuIr HoItnoKi; mid jiupplisK^iEtf, 
wboao aeama they huv« curefuLly Ktitchod bdorotiiuid- 
Th« cuU-htn' ftppoara ui (h« door, " Mi^-cdtitioieiilhia, 
itDw's your time I ibe L^urtuiii U up 1 '* mid ihL* flock ol 
fUnciiif^gJrU haeieato tbestiL^o. Amoiigtbi- ParUlan 
tMiH^t co]'p» on** sees tho strin^c^t vicii^itud^^a of for- 
tune, tho moat wonderful upa und downs of life. 
Some, who ycflordii}' wcro ^]»d to roccivc tho mcnuoat 
charity of thdr conimdoa, who jo^i'iiMy accoptod oM 
dftncjHg ptiinpK* and woro \hcxn for Khoce, and fiukd 
bonntttf mid ihrh'c-ini^iidi^d Dlot.hc», iippriir to-dny in 
iJMt silkii, cvtJ^hroorot«, urith GCiiohimuit vuict, dirrii^ 
Qntl puir. Xhu vuffering^, thir priviUionEi, tliv fnti^iic, 
Bud tbo coura^ of theao poor ^'irU ere the mJBcruhlc 
worti), thocbrysuUd, 19 mctum:>rphot4CcI into the hrilliant 
bmtorfly. cnniiot he conceived. Bi^cad and wiiter sup* 
port tho lifo of inoi'c than hulf of tbeni : nuiiiy would 
he glad to fool aure of it it<;aIjiHy tfficc a day. A 
grttA number who Itro threo or four luiLe^ from the 
Grand Ope i-n trudge that cJistAiico almost uhocka^ to 
tlwir mointng dimring Ici^^on, rchcnr'^aU, and cveniii;^ 
prrformnDCcflt nnd on thoir return home, long after 
mi'lidgbU in the siiiDmer'e miticf imd the winter's 



eiiDWAt uotbiii^ buoya Uieni up but th« fond hojie, 
often (klu«vc, that tbo future hos a brighter and bet- 
ter time infttoro for tbom. 

TJt4> Nautoh clmicer^, ineiilioncd tu Ibe pnvrding 
chillier, are consecrot«U to ibt? trmjtk from i-IiiKIIhxkI, 
and Ihfl graceful and faAcinaliu]^ poscH to vrUU^h tbi» 
jiuaplv oFlhis cuuiitry havo been iiitrodmx'd b^ uti i^ik- 
tcrpriftm;? Amcncan, are porliou* of their sacred dnncwft 
bffi^TTt iUvi ^l]^m<'f« of thrir dii*:y deitir*. f tbiiik four 
of tlirj*p girl.-* cniiH' 1o Ihw i"(>itntr}' orr^diinllyt mid nil 
Imt one died, SHU, tUcnr wcro forty socjilloil Xriutch 
durum put ii[Kin Ibif vnrirly Kla^i^ and iii ^pt^claUy 
lniii[K:H. onlitiiLry but '^liHrr Atiii*ni-.ati b.nllrt girU 
bf'iii>r pHrrtlLHl fur ibir iti'i^uMinit, and div<>si'd in a Hcmi- 
nrit'Htal pn-ittiniLv T)u-y mad* no prelviHiima i» do 
the Naut^h 4^ariL-i\ iti whie-h tbo swaying of tlie bndy, 
lci>t*pMt^ time with t1ji?i fec^l, and howliiii^ a lii*r^bi-iuii3 
bymu fire the fetiliire^, there being no hopping or 
whirlliiff itroiintl: hut the fr.indnlpnt Nsuilt^h ^\\'U of 
the specialty trniipe^ pirouetted ?*nd pranced in fho 
fltepB of the old-time fmlklt with wbi(4i we alt ought to 
bo fnniiUar if wo uru ma. 




"W<»n,Tn>w, I Jtin't think ihiir* *ft uwM bird," 
biikJ ri fiOlnw knight of Uie pencil, tjiie i*v<Miinf^ ae wc 
hfiilt 1(7kTiiT4l ii^tott Uiii rcnr row of c^mn in llic old 
Tbwitrfc Ci>mii|i»> at St- Louis» since d^y^iroy^d by fire, 
flitd bont our tu^tnU forward m nii InqLiHltivo look nt 
Llio liiilUl or*'Tb<T Viitry I'V-uiituiiu" ot: soan^thiui- of 
tbat aoil. Tiifl r^iinnik vtaa mQsmi to apply to tlio 
evolntioiH rif tUo pivmioro 119 «h<t Apuu itrouud on ooe 
Uio iLiid Utr«w n grii^*tUi\ Umh i]|> loniirds tho roof of 
th« lioiise cvory iimi> aho jruvo u nliiil. 

■'If you dojt't," snid I, *^yuu ju^^t try it once, and 
yonMI find oat omctly how biird it i*." 

1 liA<l tuiitlu X\m rotoit uHdly lUiJ without knowing* 
my^\t\ aaytWiw^ much atiout tho difficalti^a of b^dlet 
dancing. It dawdocl on mo thnl horo wu* ati exoclbnt 
field for inqoirr, 00 httvin^ obtnincd the pcrmUsion of 
Mimngcr W, <J, Mitchell, who was nioiiiii;: the 
Comiqac. to go 1>chiiid tho accnc8 to interview tho bal* 
let master; next l^volling founJ mr early fit tbo »tngo 
door. 1 vriu 9or>iL iimid^ picdting my way through tho 
labyriatli of scenery, singe pnj|>ertic^* hoeno nhiHiMV* 
itU|)er*t iicU>r« and pt-oplir jfdui-ndly who cixiw^l luid 
jOAlle isiuh other in thi^ miiuio world, and 1 Vfoa in in>- 
juincnt tiinger oi^ery Dow and thmi of an impromptu 
ilebut bufor« tbi; pnMic. ^ad of finding myself Maud-* 
ijig fijfuraliYLTly on my k(^ad bisforo an uniipprod alive 
jtudUuce. At U*t iIjc balkt uiabL^r — Sig. J, F, Car- 




ddia, fl tlun, ^ry nviii wfa<« seemed to be in the dt 
of life — WM faunJ in tuA tigliU, Icijuiuig la ao 
attitude AgninM otio of tbo '* wings/* 

*'ff*pna sera, Si^nor," I said iu the bcj«t ItAliJin 
oould inijhtcr. 

'■ (fmzia.'* rrtunird ihc maitre in tbo mosft vrelooi 
tug munncr in Lhe wtirld, »h ho uirited mi? Ui n t|iii 
cornier vfbei* we sat Jown ou a crm-keMiiu. 

Tbo pbjoct of the vi^it vn^ hilvHy ux[iUiiiied. 
Sig. CarJell;t milled off his aimwerM in a re^dy wii 
mU'Ui^Mt) innnniTt the »WfrcL ItJiluiri iu;reDI« falling 
from liiH tiitiviiit wil h IhflT «miir nipidity iinil |jrrct»]oii 
thttl. bi; ln'ii)Ub-d hiA fi<iiL In Llir ludlirL vrUen (HX-iuioiij 
r«jitin*d. H(^ Kiild h« hud iimdti hii fimt A]>|i(*snincH> in 
Iha bullet Iwent V Vtiirfi hi'Tore. wht'ii b« wlia Ivn^il^ 
^oiird i>f Hgi^ Ht? Uiiti b^?t'ii i>ui hi Irtilniiig, hke (Hb<*r^^ 
cbUdraii, iLt the iigo oftv^w vear«, in tli6 Tbestra L^^| 
Sr-^ila — thd ^ovpmmnn «rhonl — whiHi hfW given 
ihe nor)<l Ao inaLuy r»rtiau>« dnaccrvi. [K<rv be roniaiii«d, 
eight ypivr*. 

■* Ciiitdrcfn/' hhM Cunlcllu, ^' am udmUtml to 
school !u 1-iirly tu l4'u yi'»ri( tiiid uk hUo tx twelro^ 
ftad thuro i* a regubir iv>utme of itudy that ciuinot b« 
finished in le^ca than eight ycnr». It !« loug iLod ar<li*-^| 
ous Aiid o«|>eciiilly difficult u-hen St U iU](I<;istood thiit 
pu|)iU In thi» coiinlry arrive iit slag<> hmiora in an Ita*^^ 
inenAoly legit timo^ tn fact in m many montba aa we ar^H 
re<iiiii^ to put in years of atiidy in the old country." 

*' I BuppifAc La S^nda ia undor tho tuition of tbo. 
T«y b»t mt^UitB,** Mid I. 

*■ Ob yes, iiidi-od/* resjionded ibc maitrt d« balMj 
aksunnf*ly; "my titvl tcnchcr Wrt5 I lie celchrntei 
Blojtin, and alWr bini Olimo, holb KtH)Uch, and boU 
grout uuifitcre." 





s?:j3 1 

<< Vc6, old £ dm thef lind tiiolr bUg« triumphs, ^nd 
tho reuffllectiaii of llie»e kepi their Uiuli5 &U'oug aud 


tb«Ir joints olmoat as etipplo as (lie/ li^O bt^en in ihdr 
youiigci" years, whco Ihev tbcmsclvcfl went forth from 



t^i SrmT:( an |ireini«rvH, to viu itie aptilnufla of the 

'* Bo^v* am} girl* »rp Ailmiit^d t'l Lft SonU? " 
"Boys mill i^irU; Tnil nil mriFit i>ri*s ti jibysinil 
<>ximiiii[iiii>ik jimt an njiplit^anU for jirniy K^moo sro 
ixKjuirLvt lu <to. If ihin' urn rnrhiiiilt? in Imvltif^ WoQ 
eiulowed by iittturc wilb liotiUh um\ tytameiry offona^ 
tb«T are reroii'od luiia tho schotO anJ j*nWr at oiic« 
upon its rigorous eour^' ortrnlolii^r Ob, t t-^ll vou fl: 
bftlt^ si^hool t« not Ibo 6i4me hero as ic is Jn tbtf oli 
rounln'. Thi7rp inu>l Ut» perfect *il*^Tio^ ; n<il si word| 
frnm tbo inomtiit Ibc ii^ulor iippt^jr* bcfnc^- tbo Jii 
of pupiU, mtxd nflur tbiil iiotbing but tbo iiiat'umH 
tbo liiiEidt-uct iir irior<f hoOicn tiiiil tbi» boating ot tM: 
tua^lcr'^ >Eliok upini tho dnor." 

<* Huw* loEig iniat Iht^y prit^^tlco oucli dfty?*' 
" WcU, licfcro Ihoy nrw AuppaitcHl to enter tbo' 
»ciult>my ut nil, ibey ruu&t lirivo bud oao or two y«ttr«i'/] 
practice ouUt<k\ In Ih^ ucadomy tboy bttvo foupi 
hoiiDi' practii^o uudor llie dirootjoti of tbe uiAsl«r 
e^'cry dtiy ; but many of thorn du imiro worklbAD lbis| 
cepeciully tlie imj^t lunbitiou^. I vii^od lo przKtico from 
eigbt to twoiro boura <bily, and erca nfter hiviitg left 
tho U(M«Icmy 1 hcpt «p my daily cscirip^i for inerwi,'!- 
ing tbQ ]imt>cnii)]«:i of tlic joinitt and tli<^ tougbnu^^ of 
Mw (:artiliiges. Thtj tuorc prJicli*^ct Ibi^ nearer pcr- 

'*] i<uf)f>o!<o lh<T pupil* «ro diridcHl lutij i^Ijs'k'c. ans 

* Ye* ; wc bare four biici of daiic^rn tii iLnly. You 

11 otdy llirc* brn*. UV pbi< c oTir oijiypbcHJ* fjtrth- 

9t odTfrtim tbi3 premii'i^r : yuu put llirfiu aUiugnide- 

brginnei'tf at l«i dcitbi gn tittii ihu ci>rvp]iec claao« 

whlcb they are gndaaUy advunetfd tu the 

Itf /tW, tb(?ii l4i ibo jtrima tt:ta, and. fifler- 



w:inl«, \o frolo parts wlieii tlwy practicallj^ Iwcoflse 

** Bnl ifighl ymir?!/* [ ^iiggcutl^il, <* U a Imig tirutr fo 
hv \Torkiiig uritlioiiL iiny rvliirii in Llio xhApc of'oiLhrr 

"Ah, U]«re}'a« are mimakuTi,'* Ciiixlrllu aii&WGrcil, 
ptea^iM! to find that newspaper men doiuetlmes malc« 
mUlukc^. ** The pupils lit Ln Scnin. nv*^ piLid som«* 
thing frnin tiie time they enter the iioaclenkv. They 
llrstk while nK^ro car/phees, ^c*t tbiriy francc at moQCb ; 
?n the *f^niwl line, *ixly fmnrj* ; in the tliirrl, eighty; 
and when luirnnrt^J in jmU> part*, Iwo Injndix?'! fr.iacs 
a Rioutlt. At UiiK Uiuy «itop until they 6uMh th^ir 
tfcU<»n1iii£, »rhtn lUvy take |i3iLoe« in tbo pilnnpiil 
tlicntrt'ic, Diiiko the Uiiml tour of tho pmvinouit tind 
cif Lho ocntinent, jukI tinuUy d^Ulu dowit, if they bavo 
iiot bdoouio rnmotu, 1o eom^ aolid competency, juat aa 
I buvc «lcpiie niy*clf/' 

" 80 nmeh for the dnnein;; lK>y» fltid ;^rlfl of lUly | 
but linvr about tlie Imliet in tlitJ' ccuiiLry?" 

*'Uh, it M nothnig fiko wliiit Ciirope pnidacost 
Yon have no i^ehooU here uxcupt l\w thuatrvitf mid ^irl« 
when they come to luiru tbo biilleti a4 (li^y Imve often 
came to inc, iii^k : * Do ytiu think f cuti tlanoe in n 
we^k cr two? ^ It i« iLhfliirii the n-dy they wtint to do. 
Why, in my cfninlry I pi'iictid<:d f*>f eigiil yeara U&foro 
[ woulJ bij utiuwed to appear |mldtL-]y Jit the tbl^ut^ef 
uitd had prac-tj^ed two year^ l^efore that at home, and 
yet Ihciw AfUtncun ^h-h think they cnn liccome good 
dADc«r:» in a week or tm>." 

'*\Mittl dovifu say to Mieh applicnuc*?" 

" I miy, ' No, you cau'l danco in a week or two, 
Dot ill A month ov two i but if you vrnnt to praclict for 
am'L'nd uiohtlif t can places you 011 tho M4g<3/ And I 
aay tbid bcCMM I know An>encan girls can niAke good 


TKJhIM^o ttiij.rr uakcmh*. 


mako it jnihMorvtopt lo ov^jrytbing 4»Uo cm Ihn i^t:! 
M]bn!ij;«r« do not cnr« to pny fir ^ooil troupiw, %nd t 
troiipcji Ai^ i^oas&qiiuiiltv simtll ai^cl pitor." 

'' But iM thcra iioL ploniy of einploymctit for good 

'■Ahvuyfi. Eueb company lifts few that cau be 
ra»k^ Vki fioloEstSt and tbls i^ becauac good daocvrs nre 
»[>t tiDmeroiiB. Aa I twive auggested boforo. the 
AiDCricHii girl U not sufficiently ambitious in thi» lini> ; 
tb^tr Ma^ yoamiag^ ari> mostly for «pciiking pnrts on 
Ibo drairiatic ata^i nnd thoy aro uot very dovoiit vror- 
ftbi|>p«r)E at tbo chrinc of TiTr|])iiL'hnro/ ' 
•■ How ui'O Arnoi'icuii Imlloi girU jmid? " 
*■ Protty w*oll ; but rtothiiig Hlc» wbat tboy ;ut ba 
tho war. MiiUam« Gallati, ^'ho wlia my wife, before 
tho rebftllJoft» novir got Wst tbiin tl6u a w<^t*k, m^d 
afl<rr tbo war wa« piitd |HHi. Pi'cmivroK now do pot 
^ct tacm tliaii $75, and Uicy aru in vrry ^ood luck 
whuTi tbt^y jr^t lliiif tnucb. Tho i*t>ryphc*ce mid otlicr^ 
get frota (35 a n-cek down ae low aa |I5. Aiid out of 
tliis they mu^t fitrniah tboir own wai-drobes. Tbey 
muBt lay out from $^ a week upwards for thc^r eUigo 
olotb^t And wbou a balkt i«^ on that r«c|uiix-fl ri<:h 
droesing Iho wardrobes may oxoeod their wliolo tr^ok'x 
Mlary; but tbca, you know, tboy can prc^fmre for an 
omergiouoy of tbio kind by laving by a portion of tbo 
aalary of Uio wockd ili which no now ballot is l>r^ujeUl 
outi gonio of the bullets run for a month, but the 
usual run ia two weeks/* 

'* Tho snaiire does not always dani:«? *' 
■« ^Of h« dunooa v^ry soldom : but bo ^rae bb 
moDey tbouj^b, Uo h kept bu^y two or tbrcc bours 
every day. J:>anday ineludt^d, tcacbir^ the oM unj 
youag ideas of tbo balkt, bow u* »h<>ot out Uwir 
limba, po^o. pirouette, etc. it roquircj all U>o ticue 

TRA1MXO »A1,LRT l>,IXrKe». 


I cull gire to it to prepare !t new 1>ii11et. Junt ae BOOn 
IU4 a nrw nno i* put on ttw *tjt^^ I Iw^gin tci traiti the 
^1 U in nnotlit^r ont*^ Einil tliix Iridnlng U ki^jtE. up until 
tiM) day brrnrc the itovulty ht to Ito prcwontcd to Uio 
public. Durtitg tilt* UmL' of prvpnnitlon 7 h«vc the 
entire tniiipu on llii* ^Uiga two hourH ttvvry monitiig, 
except matinee dityi, when, of course, there U no re- 

jaraal. I show thetn the steps Bud they have to 
itaetice them^ They itro supposed to pi'actic?e some fit 
lome, but. of course, the majority of them n^v^r do 

■'^Livcj you muny up pliak 111)1 nciw-a-diiy*?" 

'■Nut vtry iiiiiMy, Once jn ii while a |^U1 or two 

will apply, hwt nearly aU of them ure unworthy In 

point of pbysiqno to bo t'covIvl^'U ^n^l so arc sent away, 

I do uot care ao mnrh for nice features^, for tlie ugUeflt 

m he em\)e\{\tihed eiifficieuily to look hancUomo be- 
fore the f"Ot-li^htfi hiit pof>d form* an^ inttUpeiinnhlr, 
and particularly Ktro^t^, liynkinetrkal limliii. Tho n]>- 
plic-Eint' come from uU grudi^^ mid eta4»o» of life, uitd 
not u few are y^'ung f;;irlK of good but ob<uure ooiinfrc* 
tion, who bnve ambition to win glory ami money and 
all that sort of (bing from the piihbo, and who fundly 
imagine that the ballet (;irl Uvea a hutterfly exiateneei 
;lnBt«ad of boin;; tlie hardworking, to mptat ion-besot 
ClWituro tbi»t &lie really ie/' 

"And they ail want to got on the sIj^^ in a very 
short time?" 

■■ Yw. tiic inrnmblo question ie, * Can I dance in a 
few week*?' aiiti thon th^y want ino to show them the 
*«tep8 ' and to let tticm try to duplicate them, 1 tell 
jIlieaL there is no uae ; if they want to diinL^o they manti 
U the Iri^man Mya* bogbi at thu bc^iiMiing. You 
ean*t know music withont learning the tiotea : you 
e&n't rcwl without knowing ibo A B 0; niid ■« with 



^^^gj^lctt you can't dapco without lir«t huviDg acquired 
f TOBphubci. " 

*' lloflf do jou gcncmlly etiirt a pupil out?" 

"They have got to goto wbutwccnU tho 'skUoboard' 
practice Hr^t; ttiat ik* tbey mu^t lukohalclut'^omirthtng 
for u rc*t, iinti go through tlw firnt fivo etcp.i " — jukI 
hcrf? tbt) mttilrt g<)tup from tiic a"ick(;r*box, and Uikiiig 
hold of Ji *' ^iiig/' pliu^rd lii:< fi!ct li^ol to litrl, turiK^d 
tii«Di out flLniight ivithoEit bcnJiiij^ llie kucc-i* into ou 
unalgbtly attitude, atiJ »nUl tliUwii? Hm firiitbtep; tlie 
four othu-iti irei^ iqucL tlit- fiuiiie iid ihe attitudci taken 
at diflVtviit timisliy eliMiiliuoiHla, one fout bfiMg pushed 
forwoixl and tUtJii auoUit-t, ** Thcu I show tiiem how 
to do ihifj," aad be Iwgau twisting one Ug after another 
barkwiiii} nod f »nv:ird tiiuil I thuuvlit he would twbt 
both t}(\\ bin hi^<lidirt. "Aft«.ir Ihal," tontiniiPil Sig- 
OirdolU, '* wbicli hi tbi^ country LiikoM ahnuta month, 
but in Lh Sciibi t/ikrs six innntbjc, I b*^gin to shcnr 
1h«m n silnp fit' ttva nl n liinr^ nrtd gnidirdly b^^ld them 
u|i until th(?y know ti litUi?.'* 

■• But now and tUi«i wp «op a vory Trt^^h and grocu 
foot, ifl nmy iiAi- l.lur r'xpn<3M|itn , on thi^ HUtg«^" 

•' Oh, of C(>uri« ; we'vo ^jt to niako ujj ii fiur num- 
ber for a tToii|3ti so^netjmea, and 1 tbj.'n ^dlow a ^irl io 
^o oiuu'hmi] I ihink smiirt on(Jugh n'>t lo muk« u fool 
of Uor**elf- You *oe ahbou^h thi? AuK*notiu gh'l ia 
fiuinrt and sbar]>, and |>n.*Uy original in many other 
HiJiii?'', ^h^ u onilr^ly hniutive hi dancing. She 
watiHiuji tho other skills, and Hlthou>;h ^\n* way not eren 
T)« faiHy grounded in tbi> fur djvnn>ii tail pnocifka of 
hallut dancing, nhi^ frci^tirTitlv (tu^o* an iiudicnco and 
do«3 well — aotiH*tiut«!ta«tnnj^hin;^ly wril in turt< 8omo 
ofth«s«g^irlBoliinh upontoftliu nink« very fa^l i others 
who aro lazy aitd ^vo too luurh time to Ijirting and 
drlokiag wiac, remain in tbc miiiio line, utmiJIy tUo bat, 

" Oh well, now, T kiiow T«rv1iitU* jthoijt that. Somo 
of Ihom bave rniailif^ to support, tuid mumtipe lo wfwv 
better clothed auil njoi-e j*<wrli-j- iljan thi^ir »u]aHo« 
coulJ pHv for. I r»n!il lell yon 1i>ia (if Uumy iitcidenU 
about ballet girls-, billctt-doux nwX Hilly boys, btit yon 
Bee tliat in^'y:f-r oH u in'arly ibioii^h, ninl I'v* ^i to 
go ai»<i bxik ^iAiT my girls." And with nn *M«/('o, 
Sii^norf" QuO a n'«v« of liis Utnd, ho witlidrcw. 



ynsTtl iij> to th<^ Alcoxnr on MonJiiy night to mca 
BonlliDli datici>< I havo a ^oat rt:epoct for B<jnfaiiti. 
Sbo IB a woioflu of cbaractct. WIn*a sho fii-at diaiccd 
bcto tho town wns wild tibout Uor, and ouo young rafln, 
tho son of rich iinil prond parents, offered her his 
hand in nuirriugQ. Sbe bMitntdd for awbik. but he 
iir^iind that boc^auH> bo wtu ricb and hi^ pnrciibi proud 
wiiA no njuuon thiit bo shimld Iw miulc unhappy by htr 
rtrfuHid to Dmrry liim. i5b<T tboiigbt it over aitd cmnc 
to t]i« condiiE^ioii tliJit b« wa4 rigbt* So Mile* Bon- 
faDtl be4^am(5 Mvs. Hnffmnn t'ortUwitb. The buo zind 
cty raiaod by Uie Hotyniuii^i M'zid ao violent tb^^t tLo 
youo; man could not atnikd it, and tonk bi^ wife to 
EurojM}. His family allowed bim littlo or no money, 
sind be, having been very uupnicUcally oducatc^d, could 
find no nieana of eiippoit. llo was dolicute and b^ fell 
ill nnd died. Tbea Uonf'nnti, or Mrs. IloS'inan, cAme 
to Krwf York to cliim her rigbts o* tho wifo of tho 
soil find h^ir of tUi? HolfimMis, but thoy l>cbtivcd in 
A vmy ill uL wounded bar pride — for hnllct dancers ii4 
vrt-H 113 IfiilTniuna have pridd — and she dedinnj to 
accept any n\d from tbcm wbutever. **Ai long us I 
Itave my feet to dauco with.*' she bald, " I cwi t(iko 
caro of niv"6elf. aud I want none of thch" money." So 
flbo went hock to (ho fx-itlet. and has been danoiug 6ver 
»bic<;^ [ i^nnbhiM. lu^1p ihiuking ik I looked !bl h«r tho 
otbrr iiigbL. Dint 5ei«n."< (if pnmd New Vnrk familiM 
ItA'l iif^en dnule vrarse niatvbiT-i. Qlm luut n gociil and 
still b.ind<iOin<T fiirf^ uml Hbr dTiitf^ni as gnicrfiilly as 
ATer. Shi) i« modi-nt even w]mu iiinnti'ig ut tini foot- 
liL^bt^ with o]i» tu« nnd at tht<idiatidu1i(*rivilb tbi*»thcfr. 
]^>iifantJ U not one of Ui^ ^nninng dtnicern. Ilor face 
wi^arM Ji Tnthi*r jiiid eicpi'^Kvioii, and t\w only ftnilos io 
iLcknovrlodginont of tbo applause of tbo nitdiQiico. 
Tbo contpctitloa with Lcprl makei Iwv JoKorbo0t» 
nd it I* t r<ijfnltir dancing oiateli evr*ry night. 


FLATS AXD PLjhl'WaiaUTft* 


#111 J 

At W3V«a o'clock one morning ilurin^ tli« ustit^on ol 
lAHl-? a lall, ^wlcv, an^lar- looking youug inmi iii ft 
jtnit of mtitury :liu1 wnnkled gray, under a bnttored 
iiloiiih Tijtt with n hntiillt etirl t/> It 9 wide 1>rim, stood Al 
t)]4f ditui' of one of thct rootnx oflho S(>uthom Hotel in 
L. Loiiiv. Ho hutl a Uig humllo ulkIit lii^ nrm, und 

-Mned tirvd, n* indoi^d lit? wait, for Le Lad t'limhiHl four 
paire of stairs and walked the lover titdl-way* from otw 
und l4j ll]*> ollkc^r loukiii;; fcir tLv room wbiohheUaduow 
f<miid. He knocked kindly ut fii'i^t, Kitl '^ot no answer; 
knookwl n^ain wUb the eanie reeutt, and v.f^m and 
a^ain. The dtlh time Fonie^ody Miid " Conie in," 
and the yoLiii-; muii t.wUtcd Ihts knoli and in a ninment 
vas »t«ixJin^ at tin* hi^driidu of the Iali» 0*cttr G. Ber- 
nard, hLiiiioefiit manager of tho Coiddook-ElUlor Howel 
K'lrke Company. Bc-nua-d waa still in bed ond very 


M i>o pot a pUy ] wRnt to read tf> yon/' said Uie 

youii^ nmn, ehiflini^ tbc hLn)*ll'> he ItAd under hie arm 

down into hi» hamU. where Mr. Bernard ccnild &eo h. 

**A vihiif* tbenninngf^rcKtliiimcd, rising tiumedly 

^ohIiw elbow and lookinj; out Ilinnj^U drowsy eye- 

t atnpik of fiiolrCJi[} mutiuncnpt hi^ enou;j:b to fill 

>trncJl Cyclopedia. 

*A pbty," was the ViaiLor'it oiiswer. In a quiet, utH 
lod lone. 



" Ift that it? ■■ BcrnanJ n^kfid, m he cyetl lUe pack- 
ago of muiiii^cript with A^tonii^hnioiit, 

*• V«, eifi llicrc iirc only U^'J }hi^oii." 

*' Oh, H tl>ut nil? Hitvr miLiiy cUartict^re. eoeiieSi 
ukI iu;t«, iinil hi>vr long <lo you think it wouM t»iko to 
play it?" aakcd the ma[iLi^i>r. trying to be ue sLii'custic 
ft9 possible. 

"There arc forty-weveu oharaoicra in iUc dfaptahs 
pcTfoneCt" the |Jaywri;r(iC iiiif+wcivil, (tolhiii^' ihiuiitod, 
■* nine net*, niuL it might tnko tJiroo hoiir:» nr iiioro to 
play it Uiroii^li/' 

" How muity poo[>lc grt kilh*J in it ? " 

'* Onlythii'lrcii." 

" Uh, pnbuw ! " oaUI tlio niAiia^r ; *' ^o ttnd kill off 
tJiiity moruof ^iiumdUicii you willhav^ it pliiy worft' 
tdlkuki; nbaut^ Y\iu*vo got to kiJl »oinebrtily olf cvnry 
five DJiiiutos to make it «tirk. Vou ncixln't have imy 
more of ihcm ulivo ihun ju^l ctmu^'h tij group into n 
buppy hib!c;:ii td the «nd of the bst net/' 

" 1 i3iiiiH tliiiik I cull Oil iL.*' Biiiil tiiu phi}^wnght. 

*' Oh, vcet, you ctth," Ihr ntduugi^r iuAiAti^d. " Juftt 
try it fitii^t* ; uiid h<.-n\ tnke Ihia ]iil^ anil pi hiiO at>rj 
'IIuj^i'l Kirk«' tti-ittght. It plu,^fl only ujitU t^lvveu 
oVIock, and wo dou't think it quit« Umg mmugh. If 
you cixjld tone your pluy doAD «» that vfo uii^'hl use 
it for n kind of prologue or eom«l.[iing of thut i*ort it 
would Iw better." 

Tlio young niiui tnok thn |}n«M an4 dcipart^d. Tin 
wn;< IIh* i|UEfi*r[!Mt tImnmliM, th(^r»ni]lry and n^iiitiry hnvi^ 
prmlniW, i^xci'pt puAnibly A, <\ Gnnti-r. Hn wnn fully 
(trx f^et higlt, hr^ Jiiul xburp-fviiLnrrHl. wiili it light 
Iko lutuu-y iW^lhiff in hii blmk oy4>4 uiid mrowi hid 
Bttllow ftu*. IIU Imnd-n wt-re hir;^ mid bU IWl hig, niid 
aft bo umhled along tho faolol hall ho looked liko ad 
Over-growD plonhoy who h:i(l Huddetily unci mysteri* 


n-ATft AllD l-UlTWRiaHTft, 

vary liun^Tj. 

Eai'lv lUe neicL momhig hi<wnHiiL Bt-rimnVAlrril^wiclfi 
Again, H^ Itftd been '^ Hnuel Kirke," mtA [\\it\tghlovei' 
the iHitn&g^r^B luivice, Init hn*\ not iiincle tlie rhiuigea 
suggesiel bccuitse he nu* of tli<) opinion nnv more 
UuQ «v»>r Litat tlia pLij- wcitilil HtiJt Mr. BrmAnl. 
Wr>tj1d l.lin m;iii!igi?r nlUi^v Inin 1o ntml it out to liini? 
U liLtc wci» " Lcjvv anil Ltu- firuvcT/' Thu tnrtrmgm' 

d be mlj^ht leave tlie i])HtiTiJirrH|it lo Iftu Itioki-d uv^rr 
Juring tim du^, Imt the diiimiEtUt aaiJ liti |>ivfei-ied to 
wad It tM thnt nuiio of the ^ood |)oirin would W lu*t- 
Then the mfliiager told him to c-mII :tgidn^ He eulled 
Again emly th« next morning. The mnn^iger wns fttlll 
too husy and toa sloepy to hoar the l^h*7. The draiQ- 
atist snid he hntod to l^an from lii>^ miiiiuscripL ; be had 
beoD flv« yesLi's n-rttin^^ th« ptity, htit he ilk<*d >£r, 
Bernard imd would Unvo it with him for twontj-fonr 
hours. Thij ni:in:iger itiiij^jrei^tL'd that thcro wu*) ii [io«- 
fithilitv of tbi> jdiij- boiiij^ lotit if the hotel w«rv la tnko 
fire, hut th« youn^ man aiisive:vd thiithohttd oHOc^r- 
tallied that tbo hold wiu lirv-proiT, aitd bor na» willing 
totukotbc cbimcotf. lie wciitaiviiv letivUi^ the vol* 
uminoue mtmusenpt in the mano^cr'^ posaos^ioD. Of 
coulee B'^rnziid didii'C rviuX it, hut when the drumntUt 
returned Fridiiy niornin;; he told him it wa6 vcry^ood, 
iknd jf tho dramatigt cnrvd ho could givo him a letter 
to the man:^cr of a Cliiiic«c Ihcatro in .S;in Franci^o, 
who wouldW^tad topurcba^^onudprodiKc^nchiLplny. 
Tbodrnmatiat hoisted hia niaDUi^cnpt under bis arm, 
8uid he yvM aony the MndJACHi Sf]UAro people coiiidn't 
use it, and went out hungrier-looking ^iml moiT awkward 
than ever, Beniaird hoped that it wa^thc; la,^t of kirn. 

But vt wnn not. Whilo Dorn^rd was in Johu T. 
K(iymoad*e room the followhig afternoon a knock waa 

FI^TN A*fl» nj^rwRinRTH. 



}i«nnl nt tho door and in wulkotl tlin c]rAm:itt*t. Ho 
did not t«6i^ue Mr. B(-nmrd >^ut told Huvmntid in 
pIt«oa» tonoa thflt tho mini lio ( Raj'mond ) b^^d rucr^m- 
mond^ liim tj> would not allow him to read tb^ P^^Yi 
and didtrt wnnt it. A lij^ht flashed upon Bernnrd. 
R&ymond Jnii^liod heartily. Bernard did not lautrh. 
It WS4 ono of the comttdijiii'? pnictioni jok«6. M^ had 
senttlie 1]liiioi»L dnimaM'tttotbi^ •■ \UxiA Kirke** tnan- 
nger witli poiiltivd inHtnictiOD* lo infli<l upon reading, 
tho Chincflc i)t:iy U> Sim. Aft*»r thoc-omoilmn hud hiiil' 
bifl litii^h, ho putlvd a nick«l with u hole in it out ot 
bin pocki^rt, and, turniiij; t» the ptuvwri^ht, mid : — 

'*niteU yf>u whiit ril do. "Ill miitt^li you for 
tbc play* If I win I tuko the manuscript. Ifvou win 
3'ou tuke titc nickel/' 

The dramatUt wiu^ di^^Mtod, He mid all be wantod 
wa^ monoy t^nou^'h to gut bfl<;k to Springliddi !]].« 
where hci oditi-^d a dtiily jiapcr. If ho hnd that ho would 
l>Q happy. Bi>nmr<l and Rjtytnond ouch gave him 4 
ff) hill mtd ttcat hiiu on hb way n-ioioin]^. 

Tho triaU and trlbulationa of tho gawky young dni- 
Jrom the Sucker Statois hut a slightly cxii^^cw, 
d caricAtULiuh rccitui orthi^difficulUcs timl havo' 
been lyin<; ia tho path of Amci'icnn dramatij^ta «7er 
»DLro wo nindc iLn>ihlng liko un attempt nl ft distino 
lively uatLonal iJnitnatic Ittcratiirc. It has 1>c«a all 
Aloog* pT«tty niuuh tho ttame with the young Americaa 
who wroU' a play as it wjvst with Iho i»ccdy Knglisii 
aulhorH of 8h<,-ndan*» time. FrcsU from lu» garret, 
and Aa hungry for fumo and fortune nti. ho wn.-) bjidly ia 
need of &meal, th« yimnj^ man whi> had writtiMi a 
diiimu appeart'd In fihLiM>y-*-ft]itfTLd attires at thct drKiraf 
i\m nunu^cr*!! office, and alV^r intriiducing him^^lf, 
hrmdisd over bif» n^anusciipt, vhlch was t^stwd Into a 
druweror box* whiio tho poor author, trembling wttli 



iij^lution. w^s told lorettim la aivc^knr mi>nth. You 
luuv bii *(iru Ibc davr* and ui(:hU wore iiorvou&ly piLi^cil 
until the itppoiutcd lim^.- ix-lU-d aromid. TIiqu, bn^liL 
aud curly, still hopeful ami «till Lmi^ry. tho &utbor 
was at the mftuogcr's door. 

" Well, sir, whnt do j-ou winb?*' waa (bo abrupt and 
atAltiia;^ ^.TocT.iii^ ai:ccixled tbo aullior. 

*' I siippi)#c you hav« rwwi my play " — 

The author iinaio* it ^xid I'nt: inanas^r f>tctn]y tsiys ; 
*' No, si\ 1 h-iTcii't idwl it and know nothing nbout it. 
When did you havn it here? " 

'' Wrll f floii't Oiiiik it vrould do tntr any gnod to 
mid il. 1 li;ivt-irt rillit'r the Innc; or lli» iiKiIimiTiiiii, 
Ifyttn nimi it Anm-rh hi that hnx, and if voit ri;n*L find 
ymn cwri jou can tnki: ymir cliuioi^ of ituy vi' tho;^o in 

Tlii* wnn, ofcMur^fl, n rniMivr. Tlwr yimiiir tmlTmr 
itiHvrd inviiy nUh u bh-uijiiig hfHcl, mid hi* nnnrul of 
ujjuiiiMrript , mid i\w ntn^ to nhifk hU bojH.-)( iiial niit< 
biiicm }i»d hi-eu iittrarlL-d |imhalily iirv^r' ciflVrivl him 
HU rp^Mirtizuity t^j h.ivfi hU |diiy d^iiimil im a first 
nigbt, Anierlrnn dmaiatif^l^ »re UiHl;iy pnHty much 
ill tliB »am^ plight iif I'^giii'J io American ivutQag«rs 
nud the Amrrinm niliigp. Vi'i-y fr»w nf our dnimatfo 
Authors have mwivpd pmppr r^'roifnilLm, imd few who 
ha v« tolled at writiii<^aiid dramaicizing for yc?ai-s havo 
mU'*ti fnmo nr monpy to showr forlh<-ir work. Amori* 
can ruan»«ri>r* hav^r n nigfl fnr forHgii work*, und just 
now &ri]» pouring; ttKuiitjinclH of dollam intn iha pcjctkdttf 
of EnijlUh nud French playwright*, who** work i* by 
n^i nKijiA Mipi^ior to tbat to be found in tho homo 
niiirkot- Sfirnt! y<*nr« ugo that very itucct't^nfu] pbiv of 
••Th« Two Or]>han« " was puivba?ied by %a American 



from iU Frc^rtoh niiUioi' Ibr « mere «o]i<;. Now, Sar- 
don gt-l-1 |n),*JUO fi>r n )»}iiv like " 0<lrt!r/" wtiirh hn* 
fiO fiir, I Ln.-]icve, failiHl tr> Jnitj^ XUnt lurioitnt Imclfi to 
Mr, French, the putxIiAafrr. Suniurl Colviltc pmd 
MiM^rs. Fottitt & Mt'iTitt, fjf Loudon^ ^n <riiormaUH 
Mm for tb^ melodniiTia of *' The World," wUk'b, how- 
ever, mndo 175,000 for liim, Moser^. Brooks & 
DL'kaiou bought " UoniAoy Kyc," itu unlricil |>I«t» 
from 8imB, f"r Ainnioii, pflviiiiT him 110. (KXI onali ; 
Colritlc jiBid n hi^'li prko for "Tiik*?Ti from Life." 
and D'Oyley Carte iiJunlc^ Jowii 115,000 tr) Mr, Siins 
fnr (I drnitia, before a Vmo of it in wrilt^in, and 4<;iU Iho 
Ammciuv rii^hl to Lester WalWk mi the &;citiu terms. 

All tho Amoricnii actor»», nc-tro^9(?fi and miiULi^era 
tiowndny* wimt tnrcigii p[(iy» and nir willing to 
Irtv cxtnbilant pikc^ fpr evorythiuj; that is ottV*i-cd. 
On the otUur luind it i-i lh<i tf\cr|iti"ii wluru an Am<?n- 
o*Ki pEuyiirn^ht dof^it well, nr iiidc-eil when hi« wf>i'k u ao* 
ccptcd at ;dL Somt; tVw late aince-HflO* lhif< Hidi? of 
the water hale net dl theninUitinti^yoiui;; iiK^ri nf iday* 
writUig proclivities U> work. One dny it will be an- 
noiiiK«d that John M^-Cidlon^h hae Irouffht a Ini^dy 
frofi) A rislitVf Jt>iiniiili«l. nnd ueicl (Jiiy all ihojoiimal- 
ifttA will bo writing jilays for him. So< too, with Ray- 
mond* iind Mary Andcn»on,jmd a ftcorc of other*. 
Dul, few A'fit^TA anion ^Joiini[ili,-4t-« F«iui:prd ia di-nmatic 
frork. iWwrt (r. Ah>rn?i, of the NVw V<3ik T^ft/mm^ 
iaftniODgtWlHteatMtccifitA^Hwith hi» ''OI(ISht|Mnnte*/' 
an«l imjbalily oae of the greati^st ia Hartley CampVi^lU 
wbfi ttpi'iui^ iulo fame In a nitflil. after plodding 
imlleiiMy Had p^Hirly paid fmyesr^, Fnxi. Mar»d(-ri, 
who wnl<?K Ttntta's |day*, xs ;\\%<i ntnon^ thf^ furhjimlr, 
linTHigj iicrordiag U» rr-port, during hi?* rarwr made 
sonirthnig liku $70.0(H). 

BstTllt'y OimpTivtll may Iw litken \i» «n i*xcell«nt ex> 


ahiple of Lbe mantu^r iii wbich the Xmtttatti ilmuuitUt 
works. And the almost <l<f»[)airi[i^ circumaUnce^ attotid- 
in^ hu loii^ aod weary cbaao of fortune. Hcisn mnu 
with a hUtory. That history ho niJuSe himself. From 
nil office hoy ho has riscD to a place of honor. Not 
that the po^-^ition of office boy u dishonoraMc, hut rcrj 
{tw who hc^n life in thnt Jiphcro ercr titUiii as high m 
place AS that novr c*iioy<;<l by the greatest v( our 
Am«i'icun di'ttinatiatn. 11<: w^ia boni at Pituhurg* 
Petiuaylvaom, some thUty-^fteveu yeara ago* and as 
80011 a 3 he graduated from the lap of lufaucy bo en- 
tered A Ittwyer's olfice with the view of sludymg for 
the bar- But the reading of law he soon diM^uvered 
was not at all to his liking, and he waa d(*c1ared an iiii- 
promieing studoiit, hdng too poetit? aiiiJ t^ntimcntaK 
His next more was to the oflii^e f>r tlie Plttsbur;g 
Leader^ where he hJniMjf wy* hr rvct^ivcd the mttnili- 
tH'.ni liiihiry a( $^ a wwk fin" xh*- hnnlvKl wt^rk lip hiis 
<Tver done, ffrit* \tt niKiUii<r illu-'«f.nif.i»n of thn ttUl 
auyiQg, that when y»u have failed at i-vvrythiiig eU<i 
mako upyour mhi<3 1o iidopt thi' pnift^^ioii uf uttor »r 
JournaliHL. Vonuif Cainphell t'hotie the lAtl«r. H* 
pj'eferred tiie statioaury druiJgery of a newspaper Bo* 
heraUn'ri exlftenee to the wandering ehance-llfa of the 
equally hiiiv^ worked, and, at that time, poorly pu Id 

» actor. By (lilijreiice and cln^ application to study he 
roNe raphlly, and ■oon wB#<fnlniKt(^(1 irilh lli(» respoD»i- 
hle position of dramatic eritic. He uxual have hoen a 
good one. It I9 said that he wiia a faithful oriilc ; m> 
fiiHlifiil, indeed, a« to warrant the diiiitii»cin4>nt of a 
trad Bdor, and einlaiiger the publication of ttie paper 
with libel enits. He denned tho Leader mid com* 
^ncod publishing the Matty anJ It is here, while edit^ 
igthis journal, that he tii'et Attempted play-writin;. 
early effort wv tbe AonsatJonal dmma onlled 



"Through tho Fire," l>rou^ht out m L8T1; then fol* 
Inired iho comtilj, "Peril/* proiluced in ISTif; the 
Ibird wuH, *■ FiiLc,'* whkli waw ^ul>»cqijcntlj']>urcha:«ed 
1>j MiAS Curlotta Loclf?n|, vrlifj pli^ri] it witii tniicb 
succea« for a^VL^rul }'c:irH; Uit^ti ftilla^reJ, *' Riaks," 
now the piopoilv *>f Jolui T, 1ltf/m»iid, ttnt\, tn awift 
HiccesbioLi, tliB uiUI griiuiid out "ThB Vir^^iuiaa/' 
"On the Ilkiuo.""Gniu Uale," '* TboBiij Bonauta." 
wliifh, it. will Im remernbcrwl, wjiw one of the *(icces»c» 
of 1875. "A ilci'oiiie m Itjigs," •■ llow Woincu 
Lovo " (lutcr known ua *■ The Ileuii. of tho Si«rra»," 
and still liifi-i- us "Tin? Vigikntrs "), "Clio," " Fuir- 
ftu," '-Mj- Pnilaer/'urHl ThaIIv, " TfH^GHlU^Shtvi^" 
It wft* the fiurctiHH of " M v Piirhicr" lluti, luMiighi 
iiliont Xlu^ ti]riLin^-[kijnt in Mr. CumpboH'M fortiinu. 
Tlinl iwT htiil HulFi-rt'd tin? M;v<?riLy of wiuil^ he 
4.oufe»r»>^ hiiTibclf in i\ ui-ail liule CbristmaB Htory l*ild 
by bini to a new^puper correspondent, who met him at 
the c^ooT of IJiiveHy'5 Theatre, New York, one night 
dining iho run of " The Giilley »SIiiVf " in the niGtropo- 
11s. nu tall figure, his slouch bat, Viiiher dishevelled 
batr, Iwelvo-^'ornered moustache, I'rinirc Albeit coat 
um\ dittordorcd nr-cktiu looked juht uj^ they did when I 
fir»t«iw thcii" tm-iicr ftomc ywirn >go, wben liU luck 
ivcift away d»wTi. The t^tatcment of the iiight'i ro- 
C(,-i|>t' wus bn>ught bitn while wn Htood Ikero, and hi« 
fihiiix^ \ru4 u few d4>liurs nioro llian «ix buudrod. 

•■n<>iL«e notaa^food ils laet iiigkl,"he eaid, "ivitJiia 
A cotipto of dollai'e. Fact is, the business), althoujih 
^ood, ba^j Qot hton better than it luif^kt be/' 

" Why, Bariloy. you don't quarrel about a couple 
of doU:irat now you arc in Iho height of success? 
What is your inoouio from playa, anyway? " 

" 1 dou't ^rowl about a few dollars ; but now is the 
time — see? When you can growl about tbom doit. 


FLATB JJfD rtATVltlOim. 

Well, Tm getting nn :in nv^rn^ $1,300 a w^ck ncir. 

'•You'll fiooii W rich, lia^rtkv."' 

**\X~i>l1, I am &> nc*cii»loLtiod to bud lucrk^ |>orliapi I 
may meet some — aoc ? " 

tiarlk-y Campbell uin-ujs says '^^e" in ftii inter* 
rogative vray v^ itimut maoU or any (J^jeire for an sa- 
8wcr. la a ramblii^^ convcraation about Uia vnricO 
career tbat followed, lUc drift of tUo t^ilk got Chriet- 
mus and poverty unM-d. ami Baitley told ihis etory of 
fais c&rly »tnigg1c0 : '* I bud ju»t gone to N«ir OiIcauji 
with my wife, arrivin^j ttci"o jual whcu » ucwspnpct' 
hod Mi.^pcMulcd, iuid twelve wH(cr» were, like myself, 
aei*kiLi^joiirnidi»tic work — only, unlike myself, they 
btd ac<| iiain tail CCS und friends; I nekher; nor moiicy, 
except tiv« lVlU^ — 4L'i?? Thn nnv wa.*i n burd one. 
After vari<3aA ' shttl^ ' — otiv nf \vlia?b wna rilartitig tbv 
Soitdt'Vn 3ttiffazine^ which ivaa brought out — ms 
found ouisehea, ju^t bt'f{«X! ('hrif*ItnJL*< lime, wtlU 
iiulUiiig of im|HiTt3iit^t* f-\L't^»t u gi'cjL'i^ry biU — at?*;? I 
wrote a pociu aibout EddynloiiL' Li^kl. and ftvnt It to 
tho jVirWerriM Cenltirt/, tlitti piililUlicd in Churle^toii, 
S. <\, liy FttiK lie Fonlaino & Cu. It w^i^ the nniall 
begbming of which the presptil jVin^/wijM Omtiwy ia 
iho groHi i-esult— BOO?*' 

'• WHI, I marked on the MS. — prW ll-l. Coin- 
Diercial poeii"\' — 60e? W© confldcnily os|w*"tcd tltnt 
tiioiioy htsfore Oirigtmns^ AV'hy, w^ took H an a iimt- 
lor of ooarao that lUo inoi«'y mn*t como. If k 
didit^t — well, that was a viow of thuigi* that we 
couldn't tiiko for a moment — ft«o? Well, tlic day 
iKfore Cliridmad canw!, l>ut that inonoy did not. I 
ri»iti^d tlio po»t-offico A^in nnd asruin that duy> but no 
>ltcr. The ^Uuiiliou na^ i^loomy tb^^n, nnd in the 

cuius; I said to my irifd ' 1 guess I'll have 1o ^r> to 
jfTocfjry, anyway/ '1 wouldn't go, Biirt,' she 


E-LAra ASD w.jiTwnirtiiTa. 


anld ; * I am afniid lic'll etaj' aomethmg about tho ac- 
coimtp' 'loiu't hi?l[> it — I am goings Anyhow,' I 
an^vercd, and ^raliUd the Ifiakvt and i'u.-«l]€il out. 
for fear that my wift?*fl fvars wtmld di-ln- inr from 
going at all — st'c? He ilidu't say ajiythtii^ almiit Ihw 
acc<mDt, And I unKTrd *i>ariii^ly. Wlirn lit- gT>t ilio 
things all iii thu bcukel, he 5li|jped )ji wilh LhciTt a 
bottle uf nice liquor, and he smd : '* Nnvr, 3fcf i-. Oami)- 
lielii tliis i* Cliri^lmnj* Kre/ I wi-iiL Imiri*-, jind 1 
drauk M>iiic c^f l1)<T liqiinrt aiid vrEi(!ti ive u'i?iil to bed 
tilings luokfid a llttU^ hn^htrr. 1 got up ia the tiiorn- 
irg, and l.bcy u-i^rr gUxnny n^in — *pe? T stnited 
down Ui [hf |inK[-iif1icv, my wtCn ^iyii>^ it u-as a fmiE* 
lc!HM i^rr.trid, niid gul tln*n!jiist. tK^lnrn fho Climtma^ 
nd« of clrmirg at It| a. u. «hitt down the dclJvory 
windowr, Thu ct-rk nin 1liiv»iigh every l*'ltev, and 
wh^-n \w h:id g<it lo ibi? Inst oEi<\ nttd a« F halftunK^d 
to leavo, he threw mo dui^n ix k^lCui' whioli boro tho 
dflto trtiirk ' Clmrlywtim," I op^jnod it, and tl]<rre wa« 
ft chock for tl^. My legr^ couldu'i carry rnu liomc 
foet enough. I got tli^re, and my wife met me, Iter 
face all ajtlnw. ' Wfll. Bart," she said, ^ Well,* I 
#aid, mid 1 felt that shf had heard tUo newa — Ihflt 
Home one hfid told her aiy ehock hnd come, foi to ine 
it Vf«tf the l>i;;s^t pi«cft of news ever wm, and that It 
n-a,t eommon talk wiljp [mrlVetly nntural. 'Bnrtloy, 1 
have got $10i' fihe ericd» 'Ami 1 have got |Ih>,' 1 
yelled ; and fho, not noticing it. went on, < 1 gold the 
inur hook about women, that nobody would buy be- 
fore, lo w>mo pcoido who mauled it. Now» don't be 
eitmvagantt l^rtlcry, idcti^e. We hnd a hr>ttlc of 
(:Uaiii[>agiic thnt duy. auii prt^:*cntly I gut the [^Obition 
ofotBciul reporter of Ihc- Legi,Hlatnreat|M>a vtvu'k: but 
Chri«tnin» tiuie never conicfi thit 1 do not wondur if I 



Will hav« Afi m^Tvy flod Imppy u <Iiiy n* iho one w 
celebrated in New Orloaas juat after the war," 

In slvw of vrhiit lias tjeon ^aJd nfiouT tho nlitiodt til^r- 
oil»«« Iroutniont the* Aniencim driimutiflt, a^ a ^D«irfll 
rul«,,rctwirp* from the Ani^ncttn th^ati'lciJ mannf^^r, 
itmnybowcU lo mid h^ro the «UitOTiieiit matto lately 
1>V Mr. Williiiiii S<T_vin<mr. i«1iip:»* mflnn^r of tlio MnOJ- 
Kon Squiiro Tbi^utre, Now York, ilo o\liil>Jtvd to n 
viailoi- a drjiwerful of aiiutuiien|)Ui, utitX AHUi, altliouj^h 
he hud read aud i-ej<uttd oiio ImiidroJ aud My jjUvm 
wUhtti lime montlie, ho bIIU hnd nlmoift ue many more 
lofl. Aa a ubuaI tbijJST Uio jihiy^ o^erod wort;, ho 
olaimed, woak iinitationa of " Httztf] Kii'ke '' and kin- 
dred play>^a ov uTotchcd Lnuislationi^ fr&m tho (iormari 
or Frcriich* One <»r two were \ety onpnal ottcmpU. 
Pickiti^ up a heavy niaiiuecript bcmnd wUh hliio rib- 
bon, and lookiii^T very liko a ycung fsirl's p-aduattog 
G68ay or |iocnii Mr. ^c^ynK^ur eakl ; Here is a pUy in 
seven acts, ^h'lch optnn hi Amcricn at some large Bea- 
port towit, tho fLiithnr JRii't imrticulur wh<-rc, aod an 
etnbark.aioii ^ccnr clkU tlu* lirxt m.!. In the ac^^iifl 
tho ship hastniidu \U wuy in toward thr Arctic rcgioiia 
and 14 vrrccked hy ilh i<M;hcrg. 'Hio hcrii ^>i<nvdy cutA 
down a spar, laf*h<^» hinitfolf In it ti\H\ jiimp.s overboard. 
Ill Ibc third ai:t ht in diacovi^rt'd iipuo nn ic^ 
berg beyond the Aivtic clrcltr. at^irvin^ and almost 
dcnd, whito it] the dtKijiaco a buttle b hi ])ix^^re^bc- 
tw«i;ii II phntts ahiji and Chnieae junk. The ChTnii- 
niiMt m-e deflLixived, and In tht> fourth act the hero 
ib rcacued fn«u tbo iccbor;^, A marine c^neuunte 
Iwlwoen Chinamen nnd prrateA in tlic Aivlic Ocean 
tiad ericu^h, but even tliia 10 ontdono in the fifth lu^ 
tthera the hero is discovered upon a tropioal islan 
Mith liin frel froftbilten. The rcmninin^ two acIs a 
ii«eti Ui get lilni back to Atncricu, wbioh it^ dime in full 


VU\\9 AXD 1-lAywnli4llT:<< 


accorinoce wilh Ihe rest of tho I'l^J- I Unm ttinny 
others jii*it n% ba<l. H*ro koinj vritli fifty-two *|M*4ifc- 

woiiM r^^fjuirfl liut twpntjr-iilno uiiinify* to pUvy thp 
ivhdUi titiiig lUroui^li, Hut Rtrnngc :iiiH ciirioiivt iik ihu 
|>)jijM an;, I think tliiit the* lottorfr E roct^ivct from tho 
£uJt)io[^ nr« Ktili *;r(?:it4ir «ijnnAitU>K. Ooi^mtionuUy 
iif>mo of thorn Hro inotJiTKt ^mni^h t^^ udtnit iht^ poic«i* 
bililj of fiiUm-i^, but iv a. ^cntrral Xh'm^ Xhty do uot 
bOflltJitv tLjt3v^i_*ll iipfuitho bcjtutiiM nf OiHr ]>i'o(lDclioiitt 
and ihe certaiutioa i»l" HUtcff**, Moivov^^n lln^y itw-* «l- 
waya reswly to mako t4>rme and some of tJjeir o^ore 
are v«r3* amu^in;;. Hero is one Ibat will s^rvo aa a 
eamplo : — 

•< Dkar Sm: Tho undersigned U the Author of a 
iievr tbreu not Drutna it lk rfHUuntk, Dramatic and 
Scenic, and hue a gnod pint. The Story i« interacting. 
Thodialo^iteUbn^bt and Witty, tliu unitiu^of Lhoplot 
aro prosenrodt and tho Silnalions Aro Ficturtrstjui^ and 
ofkctivo. I have hnd it iiicoly copied. 

"Ajid wiFDh to mIJ it to you if you wish to bocomo 
the Proprietor of ray play. 

•* Tomw, I will sell yon My copyright And Manu* 
•eriptt And liivc yon IW IViniccl uopics, for the uno 
of acton, for (tOOUduU. 

*' The naiiK of My I'lay is 

" Charles Kyan. 

*'Tbow:en<^,-*orc in Italy. Time 18C8- 
'* Your** Vtry Rc^poi-tfully. et«., etc.* eLo,, 


^'P. S, ^I in^Ioco my can], I dou't ba at Home 
every day, bnl am at horn? nearly every eveniu^ l*ot, 

" (I did uoi have my I'liiy Printed yet-)'' 


"UA9BEUB" AVt> "lUfilUNQ." 

Tli« mftshcr it* a rPiimrUnMo ct^ature. He liovors 
•vervwhore, from tbe mAik^^tH-pliLcc lo th** irMditig- 
lioiifo tifid from tbo promoiifiiile to tho tiioatr<>. 1I«) U 
miiny-phaRed urn] nifmy-fAood, and m^y coo^o fn>m tbo 
Mluntu or hi* tUo ^on of a tiii^t-'cla^^ prcitcWrof the Go*- 
pel. The chi*« hn^ Iwou torme^I gunniki>phuj;i*ii by 

tomo folio Av rock- 
loj^L^ ulikc of tb« 
fooling* of philo* 
li>«i^trt niid of tho 
javitt of llio riAio^ 
gtrn oration, who 
tfaya it iu«>aiid So- 
mali -cal^ra, hut 
intiy he ksapoly- 
wy 1 IttI It cal \y sty loit 
o^nior loafers and 
miM.'i'aUo aco^ip- 
dnaUt wholit'c on 
the curha and in 
A o in fl insUni 
hii^ tht^ w»U — h?(ve a jiHriloiml>Ic atTcotion, cu 
aldmug tJuit they part their Iiair in the ii 
dlt, fiir inHJaira, huinhnn, aiii] iilhliur fltickd' 
Aitd last, hut iu>t Jeaat, aoiuc* indulge! a pi 
cocloua TaniCy hy plaiiliiig eye-gl^a&i'^ serosa ll 
ii(j»ea. These are. pur excellence, the cAUoand-eye- 


&UfiUCA9 ASD MAantHGt 


gl««.H friends, And ihey i-emintl one of nothtug vA&ti In 
tho world lIkhi ;i skklv looking cixis^ Whvcvii a 
uw-lnick itid a hnlf-reauBcitatt^J drk'^ herriiig. The 
lOjifiiier's sole iimUition, is to win bonrtn, whtc!t he bopo» 
to du bjr flluriii" Iiidica out of coaatciiancc-, ai]d wliich 
he often doea in a iuo»t flj^mnt mid nuducinu?» tiumnor. 
Tbcre aro yotnig &Tid old of titin cU.-t.^. mid thcj" arc of 
nil givdcn, fnmi iJir voiiiig iimri who ncgofuiU-u with 
j'ou cfvor u C9ijtitrr I'ur ii |m|jrr of |>iii.H or » doxcrii fihoiSi 
slriii^, uji U> his om[d(^ri*r, and fmm tliitt up the 
nmtwtnry M'ulf" f.o tbe amn vrho ivholi*Aale« Ih* vm- 

|>lo^V<T IhiT Ijina vrllich lUo *' lU^iAbiug '^ h;de>»UiiU] dtH- 

|MMe» of a iiickit*'?! worLli At a time. S]indipii.-ht?d 
Iwhvtfrii ihefti* at [feu|)«^i, ot mtlcr iaiprupur. inttrvdh 
ara the '* Wlwl d"yo so^?" vrowd, the '*t«ughH'* 
wranii; hi^h fi*lt hxia tiinu-d tip with ntro bororo und 
Iwhiiid, Hiid, xvilUniit exc>*p1iuik, reporting tlie izicvitaMe 
tight Ji-iiii9 bn-'et^h*.'**. Thrir hiAiifrirn oVlondJt oidv to 
a roruiii tlsHs-^tothoronoprtJiml vjiri*'ty divw — and 
tt in unrortiinnifitntho ponrgirU^iiuMidn of chHcises, 
who fjiU it [nt^y lo xU*^^if i'\ti\\]t'^-< " ninnhrni." 

Tbn tlUMtro npptvnx 1o pci:i»(^».H lorid^lonn qualifies 
for tho mfuli(»r ; it 1)4 fDcittnu-tivif loihoiuiu the flame 
of thi' <'fittd1o i* for the nuiih or ihi^ flijwer for the bee. 
I littvp idroftdj in a ptowHihig chiqit'T xniil ai fiv^nt deal 
about lhi> ** iQiiKhiiig '' {h^l \t doiio iit iLit Andiouc^ hy 
bfiCb muXv and fctnaU 4>x|M>nviit4 of Ihc^ dUrppiitiblQ 
tirl. I feluH now coriitn<« fii^iclf to ihc ■* miuliE^rH'* id 
tJie prof^i^ion and tbi«o who uy to >> mu«h " tho pro- 
feosiou. Soiuu jrouii^ guiitteiucu with mora moooy 
tbaa brnins inaagiiit^ that autrea^oa have nnthirg cldo 
to da but receive attentioiH fvcni ihv o|>pi>Kito kcx, and* 
that there ia no " wall of China " Arouud tho virtue of 
miy wooinD oo tho eXa^o, Thoy tliorcforo not unly mako 
l^old to talk frc«]y about &ctro£S«tf, but ^ta' 




vuougb to try to cuaii&ro thorn by locuira nbouodiog iui 

now 0ni: WON itiu. 
/ryjwirbrjJe luitl otlorpiH'ciit of cologii^bcti])r4?nL idiucy, 



urletjr a«tr«8a \h the Idvul prize of iIiia L^ntJi, ntid 
ttiPV nro in thwr ffreiUc^t sl'>i'V wliL-n wiUiiu tli^ frolic- 

young njnn m-liovc l)»ir wn^ ji&rted in tbo midOle cro^ 
liLviilv over \]w sNorpt^iul 4'^t|tiiiiv c"f u Mll<?t ^rl, vi\wn 
lie hini.-M^lf liJiil Ijt'rn Mio on]>tiiro. Those fflvU know 
vrlutl tlitflr diuritiit ara worth luid hold tlicm At tliut 
|>Hc€, whvw they SCO a viclirn wvll dn-s«cJ miU with 
All appftrenlly hcnltliv j^ot'kci-bnok. They, m ex\>Tt%* 
^ve but uUm^' liin^jjuigo, lay for him, Thoy aro doL 
rucU&li cnouf^h to iuvltc him to tlieir dde ; lli«y allow 
him to make nii :kpp:iri?ut coin^uo^t which ;;imraoti-Od 
thc:ii all tlj<* ;^r«Tttcr gnin, Thi:* yojii^ pf^rntloituij of 
wh<im I Kpcih wnjt liiivd in this w:iy ; jiikO as dio >ut 
wUh ive1l-^>ijiiLk-<l If milt? puUiiUngtIi rough »)lh<fii tights 
nii<] grucolully Uirown ii|)Oii un o[>poi(lLo rhiur, imU be 
lecmt or«r ber wbUi^urhijic ?M>ft wordi* and loolciiig 
fonilly upoo her paiiit^J ftiecs nhtlo tluy cUukinl cham- 
])u^be ;;las8e§. flhe with dowm^ust cyoa was playing 
inaiiccncc, but »ill tho Mrhik^ L'ou^ritulnliu^ herself ui>oti 
the arch mniinpi- in vrhlcb she hud won liim. 

.Iu«t a^ bail iLM Ihc^ foniJiio «« ni^uhor *' on the stago 
U thv TviimlQ " iua>hci' " wlio huH no cIjiiiua on tbo 
profcaHioi}, Tho tattor hiid xtudit^d ht!r nrt iwrfeotlyi 
that il tnity ii^Tcbt lu^v in llirowin^ her tiut ab(>ut tbo 
unsophi^^iicatoJ. Feuult^i of this clu^d in the EaoL 
lOako it their biiHiuesd to fj-cf^aout the tiiAtineed, where 
with tho assistance of the u^bor*:* whom thoy rcniti- 
neratc hand*emely for IIkii- co-<jpcraliou, tbcy f!:athcra 
jvi-ajiger iat and trithin twelve hi^urit or no head him 
home whining at hU iJioey in not having lysaUl^d tho 
Ictnptati^n ihat Ic'fl htm ponu'ikfid. The gay sirens 
who arc in lid-i buaiiK^rs gt'nt-rally ^> in puire. Tlie 
titflicr locatc-t th;;m next to Uietr victim, t\nd onc« there 
they've goi bini for all tbo caah he took oat of tbo 

ffimilj- STH-k iHjfiMv It-aving Jrnirtlm niiil his* ci^'hL lil-Ue 

Thi: hlniidt! ^u^iiiilirs of E.Iut li^g ilrMrnn, or Mu* l'\i\r 
buHi.'<-<([iror4, h* Korni? |h'ij|i1u I'nll iliPtii, an? rfinsiik'ti-il 
l<»{[ittfii.'Uii prevliy till? - uiii*hiiv^ *' ri":it<Tniilv- 1ihU*lh1 
k U ohta m fUA^ r>f JiuiiKiriO crnt ilinmcxHl, for Oil- huV" 
leeqaeis nre ihcmrii'lvee notuiiriUrilv llborjil in ni^tking 
ArqujtirlatLicefl. luiil tlie majority of tliom will nc-i*<>|]t h 
inidnigTit cinve rir ;l morning fitipfier »H re^Klily a* tli*^y 
<lo tbo frifliK'fthlp of ido goritlomitn who f^iidci** lliem. 
Thfl WwiUki-iii^ !in?n* of limlis hu-I «liiipi*ly foriii>j.thc 
golirn liiiit* «n<l iij>ptU'<»nfly fr^sh tiuiI h^iiKlaoiiiP IH^-ea 
Mt thtt yojii^itnclh wilj. anil thu niHli for oivh^tm 
chain down fanii whtro n ijiiipL Tlirtatlon otui Iw car- 
ried oil 6h<*wa tbe groat exutit of rivalry that exWit 
AtUQUg tli4*ir Dimilier. Any uiimWr of *uoatcd aoto* 
oa r^'4o*ii[itod pA|)^r l^n<l tlieir wny throiigli tbo stage* 
<toor liilo tho h^iLiOii of tho ^idily tbroiip; 1)t*hmd Iho 
jic^n^p mill H)i tttoy £;l»iice tlirou;;1i it tlivy lau^U itt 
tbo fool Ulitto«< of lbi>wriUn" but ngroc to" work bitn" 
to till* full <'xt<tnt nf hi« wciiltb. Tilt; uomodiun who 
knows tbut fliogirU bnvo got ''nuothcr uuekcr oti n 
string" ooiDCd up Aiiil vTL^ntjt to «co the last "letter 
from horacr/" Hi* givrs {hn girl-i u iiumybit ot'aJvico 
uboulrnUiniiigtbcir iimocmKc if Ui<iy would bobrtpijy* 
but uiiitrt tliiit if tliiM-D i» unythiiig in tbo fcJiotv, to 
"ctttdi on" ftt oiKH.' — which of ctiuTM tho girl* biivo 
oltvady muilo up Lhcir miiiU^ Ut <U>. 

A Vfirnm ill llw busiurs* s^iy^ : "Actrpi'iKN* bnvc tbc 
niocft lUArkcil tiliMiU for whcr^lling tho gildvd youlb 
out of money, fiiirb * guv-* ' nttd ■ gilliiM " fmry tlijit 
If Cbey uiu known u» Uu^ |j»tr»ii-i ituJ frii^iiiU of »I.Tgo 
Blara nil the vrcrUl la idiiring ^U tlu'in jiiuI onvying 
thdr conqutBt^. Poor itlioU, tbtnr triiliiiT rr»nq4ii<Ht 
CtMuistti ill UrA tliL-y iimki< u\i*r l.licir own lommou 

^nael Tho allly titimy ivj»kiiijr in llic ^liowjir And aiV 
ftil woiXMO'e favoi« vouuU hiniHdf n prWileiccd niurUil, 



m^ s\ngr\ iim-ii i^ tlir inivilt^cr of jiMitig hvv IhIIs. Of 
this mmi willi titutic^^ ?*hB maUr-i UmU. Wbitn ftlie 
kctdU II fitll ^KH'ket-lKiuk ti\ic ruiiH it lnw. Her a(TtT^ 
Lion, u> fur :l4 hIk* 1i:]9 aiiv to IkjhIiiWi id jirulKilrlv 1liv> 
(«hed cm it bl^ juiinuil uf k Wfi-r fri-iin whom «li(* ^eU 
no nioiiej.nnd wlto. ]M.Mh:i[>8, Ik^^lIs b«i- nnd muke^ Iut 
support him. It U n pariu^ox '^>r fi?miiiUie nature tlmt 
tli« vom^ii who itiv iiTiMTnipiiloii^ ond heartle=^<4 in 
xvlieeilling mnn i-t' moncv w^rtn «i Isivf-thly fp*© in Iw- 
stowiiig fiivnrst uml lintntly on loufpriMti lovers, from 
whom ihiry <*3tn tiiukr iiorhiii^. Au m'tr<*KH \s peychi- 
oilly II iilfiiiy, Tthvuyii i-iiruitu iimi iiiiJK-Vdtintiibks how- 
«Tor titltiilod/ 

Sonio comk opera uborusea, partioultirly tbo»o of tli* 
limb-vxhiblthi^ kind, bnve iitiobt-d to ubiioat equuL 
DOU>riMy with the burli>^quor^ lu iho " ma^huig '* lino. 
The fn<t of lie mjitlor is ihat In the bnuiolio* nf Iho 
profession wliero woTUou niv employed, not for their 
artietic 4]iLuIitiefl, but na not^nunt of Ihe pbimpaesa of 
their lUiibM nnJ th« 9L<rr(iealiloiie»9orthoir entire Ai^rd, 
to the male eye, thric Ji s^» mui h Inxnc^j* and en much 
thnt it flltn^tiier )>Jid, Ihul lhki liulivf of the higher 
walks of the (miletinion do not nlwny.-i ertciipo, inid the 
**nia*hcr/" who tA ulwiiyi; goiii^ Jirciuiid ticeking what^ 
fiuT fomulc^ he amy dovnur, fre<jiieiilly diiic* to np- 
proa<^bBome of thebe^l u'cuuoii ui tliv profviidion* Here 
ie a «p«ciineii of the vrork of one of thi<« chiso ; it it a 
letter received by oiiu of Iho bodt iind liaLid&iTinc^at little 
lAdiee Lbe stable ever an^v, and whose i-cljroiuent from tUo 
bo&rda woe really & ^c^t lo^^ to the dfuniutic ftrt: — 

MoxTm>WKrtv, Ala, , 1*7-, f 

I know I nm violnttug the eold eoiiventioiioU(ii.'» of 
Ufo by Hddr«4^iij^yon,but ifit an<^r«you.the friendi}' 
firo which HUzie^ liefom you will prove n suitable altar 


HAiOtu AND luniRfo. 

upon yth'ich yon can Ancrific^ mr hninn^. 1 iicrcr ow 
yuu before t»*tii^lil, but lo -■?« tou i^ U» be (liu«<l — 
^amuured with a gliirc. May J d«re to l>o|>c Ibat I 
ahall erei- tftajxl aboabiMl lu your |jr6»ctice» wnitinj; jotir 
Aivcct will to miae my cycB to roiir dcjir face in iKJora* 
tiuii? Tell mo llut I muy follow yiiO tlii^»ugb .hU tliQ 
world upon my l>fTo<Ie-.l kncee, to fiiifl Jit bat your 
favor, llut 1 tuny llvo in bope upon tbo Dt€mory of 
your «milc, and know that at ihc la»t yo« will bo coa* 
tc&t to let me biicci at your feet and find revmrd in 
that aloRD. Ob, d«,ir bcnrt, let mt^ drniiu ofyou tintU 
you awnken, Yom*. devoted, 

K. H.M, 

Can anybody imripiL^ ^ inon> jrlowin^ nnd po^itire 
piuce of idiot'V ? Tliia ^ould-bo ■' miulifrr " j^liould b» 
tiiki^i) oui in the wcifHU Jiiid liniimvl ^-tth n tivt^jltublo 
ndjecttve thut lie Mrould not bo iible to identify th tba 
iu*Kt world, Jluuy ficlre-iKc^ r(Tfu«e to receive Ic-ltera 
timt ore £«rit to them Froru nti-tuigo ndmiici^. 3lAry 
Aiidcrrioti iiKVvt M-ifA Aueli \i lotlor, nltlji>a;^h IiuhM^ of 
tbrEii lire »eiit to bcr. And ahc b only one of buu- 
drt^da wUft jid^i^t the policy orrcjcolui;; MraiipfO loltera 
at »ii;<lit, tVequ<<iiUy murrjod Jadicj^ in tliO pivjfesi^ion 
Are mndo tarjfcta of by tbo lett(^r-writii><r brigitda of 
mtu^boi'A, mtd more thuit cue hotvd li^i.i been nrti-^ti- 
eidly mutilated na a returu lurtbo *' tuu#hcr> '* impcr- 
tiiictit prtins. 

A Xcw York corro^pcndt-nt wrltos iw fgllnwtt about 
U prcUy little actrex» luid ^tin^or, ^vbo wliile fuliniiti^ 
an ciigfigcmcnt ill the Bijou Opoi^ H<*ii?ip, New Vork* 
liiflt cummer. bn*ke tbe betirla of idl ilie " rtwelU " 
imd *' bU»<j(U " of the im^lnipnli^, iind b;id tlii^ Ihhioo 
filled ni-^blly with nval admirt r», niiioit;; nboti) waa 
ihtt mehiicboly eon (if a WuMhtn^on. D. C* jud^: 
* Mias LilliuD Rj^^oell m a beauty mtkout u ebadow 


KAfittCM ANt> UA»mKU- 


of ijoubt. Sho is zLbout twortr-si??. 1 IwUfTVO. U 18 
hv no mcaii« ■^^ticTiiily kuoiFii Uiut fllta 1^ uiarricd, mid 
tkiAt her liu^ljATid 10 nil hoiK^^t* liaH- working, and thDi"- 
Dugh orchestra leader, to irbom abc owca her pr€«<Mit 
proficiency in voenl ealtuir. Uo wa* v<ii-y fond of her, 
And tdvr:(y!« l>clioved in her Mieee^. No man could 
b&TO work«J mftvc fnUhfnlU. FinnUy he found an 
0]>cniiig for her on the vjifiely vtii^e tx* a tena-L'cimic — 
tta the |>linLir gtwi — dinger. She Attnicted atlciilioit 
at pnoc, luid he hilrnrrd vigilEinlU' until h(^ r»ui>d m 
legiliniiilo ojiL'iijng In Kni^Unli rimiio n|im'ji. T helii<vfi 
it \rji-'< * The Sniikt' C'hannrr.' Shn man v*iry glitd to 
girt out of ihii vui'irl.y nd so VDon^ luul a>«]iiVA>i>d r)i^ 
light nl ihif JuliuirHt,in]i it)ii- i-xc-iU'd, Then ejum^llit- 
dtlli-nifii ^rilh llitlr 4Wi.dl tilun^. gmidy r«rls nod fltiw- 
mg moiit-y. Nosv h\i6 issLnti;j;ht*r hu^tliaiid for d^vr>re4». 
Such U Itfe. Tlio hiiHl)nnd, I Lerir, h:unw4i?d by oarCt 
and perbrt]j5 i^omelhinif elwe, hnd l>E*i^m<* eo nervous 
or Innltciitlve thnt he lo'^t hiH pof^itioii in \he orelte^tm, 
and BO 1ho*h'uie>4o^p^o^perUy »nd Adv«rgity aro nioi^ 
clOAi'ly d4>fined than ever. MUa Hiiii9pllKcem>4 to Imvo 
hoen under the es|n*e[!il cnre o^' n !hc*!iiri<*ftl gnddo^ of 
a^nsalionalifUK Kven1hi:]g Ii^lm eoti«[rircd to muko 
her ntkm^ ftunilinr. Her e-t-niindo with quo of the 
youn^' fiKii YT^i incviinhlit, T]i« only (|no«tion W119 
vhich ont' ch" w«tiid *nlcct. It hupi>oned to bo 
Howiird 0«l>i>rne, tb« mn of tlio wealthy banker. 
One iii^ht vlii>n it w:ih linir for Ihc eiirtiiin l<> riK<», tind 
thGaudH*iK'0\tAB^'«tlinj|;in1fi u Vp-bitu ii(.'ut,lho maini^' 
came forwiird <]i^|»byiii]2 a d^<idM dc^iro to dwAnr 
bko a |jirut<^, und aiuiouncod that Misa Rna^oH bad 
middenly in<t anwnrrautodJy run away. Tho neict 
Oioniiij;; Mv. Odbonie, ±^i*-, wondeixd inhere iti thuik- 
icr hill «on was. Uo reccivcil a letter Inter, imd 
imediatvly fell into a bowUnif rugv. Shortly oAdr- 

UAAllRRfl AVD )UftHr?«G. 

vnnln Mr. nonunl O^lKitiMf vnvi iK-iinl of in Chiod^o, 
wlienct) it vfti^ bliimlly stiiLcd AIIh-h E. UaJgoUtf to vl»il 
nix aunt. This y^uug imm w^a* spiit Mpimiiiig <>v«r the 
sea 1<i Rijn>|H3, mni tlitt hUiiim^r liad JuaI iirrived Mlien 
hb fuiLi] pai^nt Inul tliu exqui^Ue pU*Li!iure of nuding 
a1 breakout a i:iib!e in tUe monujig i>aptra reUtiiig a 
Itttle oxciin^ion or» ccrlaia Mr. How;iid Oaboni^ KmJm 
Bald (<i be of tiew York, with Mi>^« Ali<?e Bumlle, the 
bur1<r!((]iK< a(;t(i^M, Jti the Anoot mces* lleighn f 
■ Which tho wajTH oftht^ worltl \* piurnlUr, Mrjt. 'Arm, 

A Cull Tor rii an, wlio rvfruThi^tl {hn Piufi^e aIdjiit hi '4f) 
UK a junhllrr, }>ijl ts tttivf » liai'hirlnr luilllniinLrn, hiix 
bvoEk siinl IW b:'4^aL-h of |iromiso 1»v tho wsilking liidy 
of A San Fi'aiu'XM-ft t.LiciMrL«, whn %i>i*mN to huvu ^/Tvmn 
tiially ttii<'Cftr*cl<'tl hi •■m!i<hing" lhi> nl*! miit>. Tlia 
doroiuluor It t* raid fir^t tiaiT |hL< [dciindfl' ni n porform- 
unco at tho (livatro tvhere hIk* wiu i>i]g!igcd. He 
b<ti^jtmo imprcuwod with her charma and ftought an In- 
troijiu'lion. H<* ^TiinoJ It aiiJ tjocame an aafltduoufct 
attrudaiLt Mpon her. Tlic^ir inlhnney, the ludy 
nMi^gcH, vaded hi a promii?e of niarriago, and she 
cluimit to poBfloss letters in which aho is addrossed by 
tixo^ti enUearin^ epithdU ^ood biisljaad« apply to the 
e}>f>OEce th^^y loire. Howe^'er that may bd, the defend- 
ant fihowerod hoanties on her^ both in jow^U »nd 
luonoy, ft>r upwards of a ycjtr. Thon hii*me« called 
him to hid mincaia Amiulor County. Ilo ^-ait 1o be 
away Bomc we*k*, bnl retarntd Nootior than ha hid 
anticipated. Ho drnvo directly tr> the theatre where 
the plaiDtiff wii« p(*irfi>rtaiag ut the tizno of Jii« arrival 
in San Fran ci»0Ot and ^ot there jtt«t m timo to 000 
her walk iiwuv with another man. Iliut oibcr 
man, moreover, wait an actor with whom nimor 
iiatJ OMOCiated her name more than once, though 

ua^hisks avd UA«iiiyo. 


•hv bad mcoocding in ar^in^ fiuapkion IQ tho 
mutter awny fVom tli« minil of bor sonilo lor^r. 
Tlu" limo, hnvevcr, iLru'iiwcnt fiiilcd t« da tbo work 
rrfjuiixj^i of it. IH'it-oMvo* uinpluyed liy the defendant 
rcxulUd ill tlio iliMcovery timt hU gU'U aad fAVom hiuL 
<jTil/ served t« l>oin?Jit a ii'ounj^cr and more fnscinnting 
mim, and ho lilcniily us well as motfli»l>ohc»lly nbnok 
the dust of htci fsiisc ono'« dootviDat ofl" hia ftftt forever, 
Tbeii fi4li>wcU tlic »uit, vbicb bo caIU blackmAit, and 
sb«i A demand forjtibtlc^. 


Addtnn Pnlti is <:rc4lil«d niih n ^riiii;^ fAccination, 
whilo in Svsvf Y(»rkf tho divA Imvin^: siiocuniliod to tbc 
h]uadi»biti<Tfit9 of a inid^t. Tlio ^lory U tii«t sbc anw 
a piclure of lliu niidjjoL Dudlt*>' Fi>»lor oti exhibition 
»t BuitiieU'« lULi^cum, oud dilviti^' dawu liruAdny, 
stopped at Hnmioira osuMisliiiiciH mid ukod George 
tiUrr. tbc wily and poUtc inana^r, for tbc loiui of the 
diminulivo »i>cciincn of biiminity. iSUtrr agrocd and 
Ibo ttiidgot was biiiiJed iuto ber rarrijt^. '* Here ts u 



MAeiriTKA AMI MAgntllO. 

pretty toy" gush^ the* prima dc^niia, cormng the 
little crenhir« wUh kUw*- Sli« tnnk him in hoi- botel 
ard p!is;ed jm oniiro nflornooii ^iii^iiig In him aw] 
clisltlii<r^ How Ni<'»lini took l*i Om ttc^w cnink of Iiitt 
ringing bird U not fltatod. Mr. Foster plumc» himiolf 

A\ AtTTOU'rt •'MASH.'* 

tmiitid era Illy oii tht^ r»(t ihat he Ii;l« dour wtiiit pniices 
boTo Irwd ML vain — cut out Kiioliiii — jumI he bonalv, 
tCKi, tbrit thrt |iriiii» dnniiu Imforo hIki Wfitild Int hiiiL go 
mmht liiui |>rmii!&ii 1o mil on tmr lhi*r<illowm^' wt-i-^k. 
Ac'iitrM hnvu iJw^Jr " nvi>J)<-H '* t<v», ih"? saiiiH ii» ;«> 
;M(rH, uml lli^r grnlk*nien vim nvrn Ittrxihle Ti>ici»af uDd 



flciuHah Ihem tbrongh all lh« glorious vaHAiiona of 
ojjeratk music, wem to Iw mo^t i^urrr^^sftil ill ruplivAV 
In^ tbe ftir n»cl su^copliblo spk. << It m hiird to umlc*!^ 
Bland wiiy it is." aays a CliicHgo nt*wi*]>a|wi', *• but 
fionnhow, wliile girl* r^cogniai* th(» ]>nw(3er iuhJ paint, 
t]i9 blon<1o wi^4 ;ui<) ]><>iKniM Ui'oirs «r n pi-iui^L doiinu 
OR MO much mnkt^-iip, thoy rcJu«(T to iitiLily^tci tbo cliarniH 
of u tcitor, nad Jiis grimxr, peLiiit, luxurmrit l^tcka^ au<l 
gract^fu! mti^tachu ure ndiuin-d aa his very own, A 
Ciiso iu point was tliut of a young lady whose f:ithcr is 
well k'nr>wD on the Chicago Stock Kxubi^Dge. Sbe vnB 
violontly tcnlttcu with Ciim^jLiimi, and u^od to fiond 
him DO «iv.l of hoatitifiiliy wntton mUsivo«, and «v«ty 
night n bouquet of r«d roKcA. The lettor* (Kt^ciuHy 
oltmcKHl the att^ntiuLi of the tenor bcctm^o tht>y wore 
i-VrHlt^n ill HiniJOlhly flowing Ituliuu, und ovidoully by 
toiiM <iuo ix'ho wiiii tuoTQ fomHEitii? tbtiu fiidt or wild* 
Thun wo^ littl[» trouM« iu lindui^ out th« luir coii«d- 

ludcntf and Mmo. Cunipaiiiui, who hiia a ^ood and 
lovoly eool, bcnt u not« to tbc youuf; bidy and nshod 
Iwrtocall. It is nocdlcea to say tho Inttors ttoUjfbt' 
ful dclueiuiia wcr« <Liiii:kly (lispi>)W bc^foro tho doince- 
tic Ufo of tJio filrcr-toni^d toiior imd tbc kindly advice 
of bis i^iod witb. 

Xh« 0Kl4}tit tn wbk'b thoEW aeno-comic love aH'air& 
cnrric^l »n in citmimnift^ an<i DUTuiftinicn tbf^ pLirtica 

tvr jiii umnsLn^ ingi^nuily in thoir corrttipoiidruce* 
Del Pu«nt« oucc went iwaHy wild with iiii;;rat(ded 
cun<iai(y tbroij;;b tho pranks of a miscbi<^vons school 
girl, who was poqjctually sending liiin lovo Icttcn, in 
which «bc (Icchin-d vbc never miMC<l a «inglo nigbt 
when bo sung, Ami that when be left New York on hi;» 
tour with Her 5l«jc»(y\-» Company alio nhould follow 
bliQ mid be prcMnt nt evirry pcMfonnauoe- Sure 
enough, in cvtry dty where be mtng lie Rocived a 


prett/ note of cotigmtulaLlnii. ^Ith tbe usual iiiforiuft- 
tioii thnt Uio ¥rriler — (liYft?*eil, U8 uauaI. iq Mack — 
Voa pitaent. ()f couiijl', tE»ei« wl*iv ulvray« n number 
nf y'>iJtLg jLEiif protty women iu UiU Honilim lmi% but 
nkirrh WB» liiif corrvstpoDilent Del Piienlo twvcr ccxiU 
iJiTi'Icli'- Tlip IrMm-i* v/i^y^ iilw;tv* pn,>*Uii)^irki*iI witli tlio 
rurniT nT ll»o rilv hv. ]i]ip[H*iLr') t<> lie in, aii<] firialL^ lie 
1i4ff!nmA nfiillv tic*rvmtH wilh llitt iilva ut nn niikmnvu 
wmwm fivlltiwing Iiiiri in fJiSn MiiiJuwy fjiwlitori, M'm 
curifisllj' wa* not desUiii-'il tu Im* saiisiU*"! until loiig 
nfterwiinl, wlK*n hi? found thut tli© fair ijitki)own, cW- 
crly following the puMUhed route, wouhl tend n 
fitamped but itmiirected l«tlQi' to tho postmaster of the 
city b« happened to ho in, with arequiMt tTiiit hi? would 
e^^rtaiQ tbdsingor'QAddiv^^aiid forward it. As \oag 
us the k'tter was sljkmp^d thi« w:i>; «nre to bo doQC, nnd 
the tenor Dcv«r fjdlod to Tccctvt^ tho mbvivo. 

Aoaao of hsMvo-infixiMittlow wils that or a dfiuj^ht^it 
of an ex-Senaiort etiU prominent in Waghington rir- 
elcst ^ho u&(*d to ^^pmid uLl ber ]>iii-nionoy lu buying 
pr«sontct and iKwkctK of flttwora, wtituh i^ho M^iit Xc 
Coiilcv, In Mine myrti^oUH v.'a\ her fithor received 
a hint of it. end tho young hidy wiiii aent to the 
,C«<fncvt«>wii convent, whore abe wilb oduoated for a 
<v by way o( pnT)idhin«nt. Sha pi-obably 
Uiat Coiilcy was married. Poor follow, 
i Wt fiummer. 

fi ncitbor »o young nor £o chJirmiug na 
ill receives loads of guabin^: fipistle^. 
Mo (lcuiuri*ly twist* into &^nv lighteru ; 
ys, *'I haf teached mi*M*lf xc luglU 
iiew Uddle lelten." 
lurre resides a wealthy niid charming 
ady who entertain.-^ baiiil-^ODirly, and id 
A)cneiy» but wbo di«traci« her elderly 

U.VfilieRti AND UASOUia. 


id by a m&xtia for naakiti;* the aotinainUiioo of 
every DOW nuilc »ui^or of notCt ^^^ CDtcrtamin;^ iiini 
witti tiic <^rcatc*it rlcg'niice mid oxpcnii^o. Of oour^o n 
majority vf tlic*9o uJIuir:* nrc ciilcrod into citlicr in Lbo 
apint r>f romiinc^o or mtvchicfi but hi oitbor cnae it i» 
apt to ruALilt d'tfUkrti'otMir, und tho vY»rlil has a cruelly 
uucouifortublr Wiiy of aUtiijiutg: th^^ii with aiioUier «ud 
li>r»licr iiAriie, 

JJaviDg noticed that there woa a 6t:iin on tbc^ lips of 
tb« portrait of Campiiuiiii the t<rnov. Iiivn^png In tbe 
lobhy cif lbo Amtlpmy of Mii^ic, Ntw York, a viiilor 
caller) an attcndAut':* Attrntion to iL and advim:d bim to 
wipp il'ifT, "Why* l>1<rs»you/' niitd tUcTitti^ndniitt " wo 
do aocvvrrday* Th:it'3 where the girlti ki^f* it. That 
picturo makea aa miiikv muAbea aa Campy biniMrlf, and 
if ho yvas ktMo^l h:ilf ns often his !ips would he quito 
worn awiiy. Lord what fotil* \vomrn are. to >kt siiiii ! ' ' 
The visitor wnitrd long cnoiigli to r^c<; n wcll-ilrcned 
and hainWmc young lady approach aud khs the pio- 
turu. At leaat ]iv nayH br ttnw it. 

There is aUo a liuiiioroua aJdi? to tliin *■ mjubitig** 
1meii»)aa. M<?a and bova whu run afi^r aclnvM^n gen- 
»rally ^t theakKclvo» luto IiouMl-, p^itiL-tjhirly is thiA 
the ca»c with old men — men old t^ii'ju^h Ui hti thhtk- 
ing of tho dcnigfi!* for their tomh^ones inMead of 
rtiiiniDg around \at ivty 1hiMtiv?4 hiJg^'iiJg prl:* mid lav- 
Ubiag eli^inip^giie ;iiid hrt^r upon tboiii. An old »initor 
of thin fltamp gut inlo tnvutiEt; in a New Yink IbrjLtn^ 
one thy, Ife nudo himself eonapiL-utni^ :u»d obuoiioiis 
at a rt;hL-Arsal by AtuuibliEig over Uie t^tage ai)d ^i^ttlng 
In eVurybotly*j« way. Tho su^m^s riirAcrd him and the 
sU^o caqirnter called down unarhemiu on htH aged 
bi'ud, liul fh4f <iUI fi*Ili);v Vfn* iiidtflrrK^it, f[>r ho WiU 
lu-'ikiiig III lIui Mi^tlrx i]f a w<'ll-knnwii itouEkn'tli* and 
irra* bappy- Firuilly h*' pitwd in iho e*^iitro t)f lh« atago 


VAlillKfta A7CP HA»l1lKO. 

jjivtnHHti " iiiUrior" wsa to b«> s«t. Thp w^in* wliiftrr* 
xnw lirwAx in a good {lofijiifm to Iw Kqiiorsmi, aim] they 
(juK^tly hIiovinI tbo sconce lojzvtbt'r, Tbir luv<<r, iuteiii^H 

A WOXKFT Pl^i|l.[>' 

nfi hiH itwniuratot iJUco%xr<!d hw pr^ioaincnt only whoi 
r:i(ig1iU Iml the wciHT ^Ii»fti^i-« were dcjif to his orl( 
mill Ik? wafl k^4 a j>rliancr. EIc waa onljr rcloasod 

uashrbs and HAflniXO. 


vvGnritJg Dev<^r nguiii U> poke liia no«e ltiaii.lo Ili6 atugo- 
(itn>r, and furniahina ouiiU|ch lo troat tho bavi. Whtm 
at lii^tL he yvm true, liv niaJe haaty txckcUo for Uio exit, 
and ^a^ huurd to mutter ob he went oat, be'd bo d — d 
if Le w»ni<?J to be squeezed aijaiu. cveo by lUe charm* 

The bald-bcndcd mou, thouf^hi get il woi'ac tliau any- 
body cUo, and porticularly so when their bald heada 
UPC bidden tindm" mg*. A inonkoy hud np^trt 1o play 
ill n |>]ccei naming atone of the niotropolitnii vnriety 
Ihcatre^. There wu* a. i>rotty buHcique nclrcr^ phiy- 
ing there at the eiame time and Aho h;iil a ho:^t i>f adm ir* 
erd ivilh more monc^ than brinna. Arnoii^ the iium* 
Iter vra4 an addl^puted old ra»eal, who preferred the 
iod«ty of ibo ** artisUj '* to tbat of bU aged wifr. who 
hod 1o0t the ebarms which enra]>tunTd hia fam ir wh<<n 
be led ber years nj^o as a hlufdhbt^ bridt! I^n th« altar. 
Ono dvcuing tbc fellow bribed the door-ktwper at the 
aUge entrance to admit him to that realm ofdirt, jKiIiit, 
tun] fvded tiiMcl " lH?b(iiil thr .'»ct?iic»/' mid br!»t;ili(jnwl 
liimHclfin ibo wiugn !n onler to wdrromtT hiJi rbjirmt^r 
wIm-ii ^lif* rcittri:(l nniid thii jthiadila of thu HUilirncc. 
But ala<i> tbn *- btrM. laid pbum of ntic« ptid inea gaug 
aft agli!!-." Thto monkey tiSiiiivl bini^ and at once fell 
iu love wjtli the glo&ny wig uhidi eovei^d the Wtl 
bead* Swiaging itself ^lown frnm the llie» tho monkey 
mode Af^wrrop with its long ainii ujid the nn^her wax 
«CHl|MTd- Do crltvl luM.ily, iiuL tbv monki-y madu nif 
with it^ trn]rfiy riiid lli<? Tnattber aJopi.*d »'Jlh a liand* 
kci'i-hirf tit'd ovor bin h»-ail, 

Almo«t Huitilar w»s the fate ufa bewlgged PiirL^iati 
wbu waH loMUnij; and " iim>ibIn<T '* behind ihe Hceiies of 
the QriiTu] OjK-ru. A dane^r mood in ihe vringH hfileD- 
big to tliB pmltle of a ftttly old man. llv wnn proicM^ 
iQg beartUy his lovo for lb<!t yomitr Laxly, aiid was on 



tho point of kiuinir bei- hiiiHl, wlion, its he at 
4]c»wii, *li*> limits' h**j! bi« wi>« from Im HmU. At th 
monii-nt wliif im<i Co up|K'iir on lh(> stiigi^, kwI Uid 
amid 1ao^U«r uiid Mpplaiivc; for tilie currii-d with bcr 
tho old fdlow^M «calp ux if by wnv of li-opby. Th* 
appUoflo ivai less loui), but luut^h more huiuoroiift on 
the flop? I for tbt> ;;ay old lo^er Qn<t hi» brUd hoiul Imd 
to etAoJ a d«iAt of quizaiiij; from thoso TTbo, liko bim- 
Holf, wero En tbe wiu^g \?aittD^ for their *■ Ihtlo d«ftr« ' 
to return. 

Since the D«tAb]i«fam«Dt of ^rdco thcntro^ for tb 
Kimirnrr montJiA, m ncnrly nil tbc liirgo citios of tb«f 
Union, tho " inikahor " find* iimpic tiold for the kind of 
epoi'tbtiiudut^Kin. Ajrirl iiircdlrgbtftorciLtod&greflt 
commotion iimon^ tbta dwell iniL4b«rn who froqutTnlcd 
Ubri^'dCavc, !^t. Limia, daring: (be summer of 1661, 
and in tbat ci>imoi!tiort Uioro oould bitrc boen revek- 
tiona tbat would caiTy ;^icf into a fow bomcfi and brip 
diagraco upon not young (intl utrspotisiMe inon, but 
upon proinlntnt citi^ciiA who were fi:>nli»h cnou<;h to bo 
£i8dn(il€d by tho crini»oi^ »yrnmKricaI«. Tbe fmter- 
nity bjirp :i pccuHar vny of Wf^rking a 7innini<^r*^rdvn. 
Tlic philaux of ma.-ihcr.'t brgiii opc^nUionA early in tho 
trrtmn^. Tboy get to tbc gaMen hcfoi-o tho lamp:* arc 
lit. and duut Mime of tlio clmii^ with thutr rmalHiuU niid 
IpantidoonAp Tbey watch tho Hiu;^'ni ti^ i\wy cnu-i- and 
endeavor to catch boiuv ^u^'^eslion fmnt tbrni tb^iL a 
iDa«b bAft bc<n eifoctcd. Now and then a »trti, f^azaWv 
liko glance or a sweet, girlish aluipt^r, like the smile on 
a sick uionkcy*s under lip, gives a tok(Mi of ±ligbl 
iTOguiUon, aod tbrn tb« ma^bcr's b*^art and eyo are 
full of glmbjPA*, \Vb«Ni tlitf rtirtain \h rung up and the 
j^laru tnnioil on* <bo *■ rna«)icrK " move in a botly^ 
bowanls tb<* fmnt of thu M^a^o anri dviiet r^ome moro ol 
the i^tuiirAi. 'then Llioy lix tlwir vym liko so many 


IfAflllKRS JiKD MASEtlXa. 


]aiic<-J( upon tbe prU tuid a^miu attcm|>t to impale 
ii«i&rt». Atlcr till-* ifcrrorinanoe LLc^ move* in u double 
line to tlio sidu fklilts of tliti garden, a^nd, o|Koitig 
raiik^. wait for Uie aclrusaea to couw out, IVbcn 
Uio aclre^dft do couie out tbey are 
cibUgod to run a gauntlet tbat would 
put any but a oa^t-imn wonuji 
iritb A [wary voil on to tbo roddi^«!>i 
bitub, Soniotiui«9 a 
ncc»mplisbr-:( hU aim in 
lurrfl iL gtrl, litit it i* «vkk>iii. T\\r 
profc^^it^Liri] pi>^ri' bfi^ toe* wido a 
rcipulaliuii mid htr* Iignm !a uk dt^ar 
a •* j/ive-iiwav " m.i tli« ^'i^^u■-^if;n 
IndiHuN, t-.t> that a i^puLaMo joui>g 
lady wbo caiVH anything uboLt cnu- 
tiiiuing 1o bt^ rcAperted and ««j corn- 
ed by hnr fricndA Ik nbibn^lr ta 
Un; glaiict'M, thr mnustai'h^ir, thf^ 
itmilifsi, thr wbitn hat, light |iimU 
alooaft, bniiilHio fniu'M, Afid nhinip 
bultuu-bok* boinpit-iH — 

Tho SfttDrdn; m«tiiii>a yoong tood. 

TliL- hnvrvtly tu^<^i'|rl]Liti\ furufrwlut JbtEit'UbLVi 
G«Ef-ind-ft(1min>in« Tuiiujcmin. 

And 80 it ^oc3 on ovory ni^ht. Mu^tc and " tna^h- 
ing *■ »^^ flharoiii);fly dovetail ihomsirlvci; to tbo eiiKrr* 
ttiiimKikt thiit Ibcir ts as ninrh anin^tncnt in lo^kiEig 
up one HA in lltftcning U* l\ui other. 



Mr. lYouhndoiir AniMolo;; waj? a t«nor. Ho whtmI 
\iU light voico for ft lif;bt snUry ia thii choniA of an 
uTicxjiRiiiivo opcrEi OfJinpany that niudo the t&iimmcr 
iiK^iitlift of IHXl tLtiil tbo opcni iLir of llio Wont End of 
St. Loub mdi>diouA to a srfmctimcd qtiiti! baraftaiag; 
decree. HU soul was iia full of art aa Iita tbrout was 
of Biusic. Ho tlotod upon tbo beaiitiful wbereTerhe 
came iu couUct with U, and froquoiitly, when he board 
of bcALity lyit^g arouud lu languid looaenc^ in any 
direction* bo went out of UU uny to find it. it \vafl in 
thU mniiiicr ho becnmc flo<]njititctl with Misa Silica 
JustAytioe. She was tbe hcUo of an uppurly upper 
circle, n ^owiog. browo-eycd maiden, wifh suD-ti»m>d 
hair, and tho*weeto*t amik* that over pUyod in PoUir- 
llght stylo over the mils and ruching« of an expcuaire 
toilet. Indeed* nn nui'oi'n borcnIU of glinting good 
nature flhonc upon tJic horiKon of her Itp^. and a 
singlo glfloce of her crc was worth more to a man in 
loro than the advent of a ifprinkling cartto a traveller 
pcn*hin^ of thirst on a dry and hnrning dc(*t*rt, 
Wlivn Mr, Atnlikie^ tinvk' MLih -Instii^tinu, that [link of 
Iwutity and perfectiod of IxtUe^hip, gracing u front 
bnnch, whure thi> &nM;epL!hle totior was iit^diMy airing 
bin voice at a j<»lHry of tttii dolUr^ a week, thou- eyea 
mol azul tiieir Iuwa ut tini^a inLcHnined, Liku TeL-etl, 
tlie daughter of Miinlif7,unia, who fuund Ui Ukc yulltiw* 
hairifd wjirnar, AtTaraJo, Ihe loror »he liad dreamt of 

THE U4n>ey ayd tub tcvob. 


long heforo Uw pmw of the ■* fcir god'a" rtsecl 
toucLciJ Iho fthoreA of Mexico, ibe «u{i«r-Gestbctical 
maUlai of mj ator/ aaw in tli« chorua fiin<cor tho 
acuity for vlddi ahe IijkI loug looked and sighed, 
Mr. Ambtele^, Uto, tX once 1>ec3[i]e airnro tlmt in MiM 
Juabij'tino Ii« hid met liis r^tc. llwj' smiled, jiiid 
■tgtied, And ogled, And enc?oiir«gMl otkch otfa«r HcroM 
the foot-ligliU. T\w vhouif- fiin^r fritHol :dl tho olbrr 
noAiden bc«uty tliAt noiiriKlivd under thi? foliage, iind 
there vero cni^hcd atK) trampled licaTtA Ijmg hi the 
ehauu acroAd wliiih Auihlolt^g mid MI^h Ju^iiMiiite ex- 
changed their iUrniiiiij&, BuL AmbleWg did riol tniud 
it. He hod 1iuini»d LluaAriHH-Ju^Uvtiiic wtvt UiL'queeu 
of her circle, ajid Iw determlnffd to «lure h«r cixtvrii 
with lie L\ Now, Aiiihleleg wan not vrcHUlir ; n^ilhor 
was \m rich in pregwHse^ijig fealLres^ HU teoUi vere 
frecU^r his muuih wa§ big, hia forehead Biiull, hb 
eyes eKjireasionless, his b»ir of n b^itterj' yellow^ h&B 
moust^iche vapid, ht^ bhiit ndico, and u§u»lly required 
to do long seriice without w:i>;bin^, whils his genemt 
appeiifance irai not extravugiincly plenvuot, aod o&r^ 
tuioly not over-^buiid^nt in thai ;^ce niid casa for 
wbicli pretty girU hnve, »t ilU tinier, n ron<iii&e«. 
Therefore, it ^^^ surpri^in^ th»t Mi8« SiUcft JuM^iytind 
Ml in tnVQ with tlitr ch»rufUKiii(;iri^ tvnnr. But nh^ 
did *o, Hud, it wjcm«, fell so i\vf*ii\y v\{n »dmir:UJo]i of 
himuolf ouid hii voice, thiit «hQ could not bavo doQ^ 
tKttcr hitd »tio made thu ilail, iu f!Ll1in|;, frnm th^ top 
of IX icveti-«toty houAC. When love- inonco Umd[ed in 
the glovr of u piiir of ftdmtring eye^, look out for a 
eoudogrutioB in tho netghbt^rhood iif tiK* pericardium. 
Ni^ht aAL>r nlG:ht, us tho nioou wu^lied the treo top? 
wiib waves oftilvor, aiid the loAvod ruHtlcd their wh&^ 
perstoefich other, Miea Silica JusUytinc BAt in the 
front row. either joining; vrtth tiw oboraa of i^L^thetid 



muidona in *' PaUcqcc " in alngiug to her own id 

Tanip ot tarn ia tbu dinctlovt, 
Bbcd. Qh*hodag|DikUc«inlle; 

My poor MnUnn b wt biifpjll* I 
On luch c^Dfl tn tiuldiead clwrlah 
I^i t hf Cond Adorer gu«, 

to thoSj alJ-cvDniuniuK rsj^ 
Or followiuj; B^tHna tbrau^ti iho mii/es of ttto 
" M^g^ottv " gobble Aoiigt ^"l^li"* ^be hnd u Pippo of 
her own in nilud all tiie time, Amblele^ Doticod th 
<^owJn^ ad'^tioHr and eftn;; ull the loudor, and \v\\ l 
wiMirr, lo th« ^r^nt <tudAn£^riucnt of the perform nnccc. 
At lrt*t Miht -Silicu JijflUytlno loft \\\m x\ token of her 
loTiQ — a Dotl, wliiU ros4T, wtiicli *Uo kU»od niid pluciai 
ill lior duiir A« ^hodopnrtod one ovciiJJip'. Aiul>l9l«^ 
clourud tbo Mu^ At u brxiud, 0i-v*(ii'od tho croaiiij 
0owi*r, pro&^d il to bia lips and ori>r his cnlioo ehitt 
bosoui. after vrhich bo caivfuUy stowed it avray in a 
pocket-book n-itb hi« WJiah :uid boiu-d-hillfl. Tbo follow- 
inf; day Mii^? Silica Jii^tuytiiio was toying with 
110,000 iKtckliK'L' in tho bay window of hor pubitiitl I'vm 
dciK'o r>iL riiiatfiix' A von uc, when tbo f3o«Uima Land 
her a 1uth>r in a yi^llow cnv^elape. It naa from Amb 
le^. Sbc blufthed ad ehe liioked nt it* then opened ahJ 
re«ldiC» emikd and floated umcefnllv up to^in O'fcritorro, 
itbcro ahc indited a ubai-niin;^ littler note on pink moiio- 
Ifniui piipcr uith beat'y pold c<!;:c*, and placed it in o 
of iho [lattice and mj^steonimptionacnrelopen you ovi 
saw. Amblelcg Kad that not« that very nig bt Ut 
group of wido-eyc<l and open-mouthed chont« singcrt. 
It Envit«d him to ndl on Mi8« JiiMaytiaiJ the next day. 
Tbe call wa* mnde. Mlrin Silica JiiKtaytino rcccif< 
Amhlelr^ nt tike front door, und led him to the tnj 
ficcul pulor EV1 graciously a6 if li« were o. priaco. 





" iiy Pippo!^' &ho cried, aa she flung Iwr arma 
Around hiJf Docki ami nlmo«t knocked over tlic [liaDo 

*' M/ Uettina!'' «igbccl be pressed her 
lo liiAjL'bivrin^ t)v>:Kjin. 

AHer tiio Ihstt ugony of mcotin^; they sal down iind 
told the storied of tii«ir lore. Cruel fitu hnd dciilL 
liafsbJy with bull). One wii? alivJitJy on^^t^d lo W 
aurried ;- the otiKr would not begin to hiivi? » ^liort 
of a show nt iitniioi^jiitir if vtive* wvrr tn bcr bml at ten 
ccqLs a iluztMi. Mi^ Jtifltfjyliiiif wbn 1*otniUicd li> Mr. 
Pra^'niLtre. ». yi^mig nmii aboluid b()|K-jiof ronimg Into 
a fortune domtr d^y ur i>thiM\ [nuviilmg be Ajrvived 
Ibe parent wlio AccmnuluLed it. Mr. Amblele^ was 
iuiiveciiniL^UH ; ^till »iu^ »^id ^ber cauM «cr»pi^ iJI>riiou^h 
to buy hiiLiiiAuit of *'lnihe*iuKl a box orto<»tij-[n>vTdcr, 
and tbi;ii Uiiiy nii^bt Hy togvUier ils fur ah IvmI St- 
LouFH aiiylmiv. Minn Jujitnytitu^ hjm tii Wcfmit? zi wnii- 
derbtjf uiJiiMrurH bridi^ SIll* tuok tbi- $-'i.000 diaiaoiid 
eii^geuiiTitt riiig Mr. Prayiiiont bad given tier, from 
ber fiii^t^r, and gmt on u $2 iinitAtion iiniethyftt tbat 
iLe ehoru>i ^i'loger gitvo ber. What Himplu, piire^ and 
noindtiiih Invn, 

Btit liki counu^ [if Iron 1t>vii im lu mugh as tbp mchy 
n)ada \i\ Dijliliiu Not mnU'iit witb wiiudrriii^ inub-r 
hU biiunoniurH window t-very cugbt uahIih^ bin bi-anuh 
lu wbifelliiiLr Si]1)]v:iird mu^ic to [)k*c(ia, while iif^iinri 
o[]eni«c) tlio shutters of tlio Utird-fltory window and 
wftly vw^> — 

For 1 ml-h^ turkr5''« |i>t«, 

to which Pipjm ir\ti\%>\\ianAy ri^^pindfld, — 

Anil 1 m; shcr-np lave. 

AAer which ther^ wai; sl tnixttini of " gobble, gobldo, 
gobblo/' and **bit-^^-3-ah)t." Not conK^nt witli tlii* 
inoooeiit and artistic wm^v of ai»u«iu£ hiinuflf wbit« ho 




kopt people awflk^ for blcobrs around. Amblekjr voty 
indiecreeUy boa&tcd of hia fiicccas, and oKliibJud M\&& 
Silica Juet&ytind's dqIcb and photofH'ai^Ud to iiiOi^cHiu- 
inate crowd*. One day b« met Mr. PtayiiioTO &nd a 
prizo-A^hUti^ brother of Miss Ju«taytino in the stroeti 
Tiiig brother hud dono yocmaa'd aorvico in the i4r- 
foot ringi and required but sli;^ht provocatioa to 
disturb tlic cliirct in a nnwc urt inviting «« thnt which 
deoomttid lh<i iiiidillo of Mr. Aiiiblclcg> f^wjc, l*v the 
free u»e of whiakcy punches thc«c young xncn iinuJIy 
ifivei^Ttd Amblctc^ into ii deep ami darU celJnr where 
t^cr ]Jl-oceL^4il^d tci tottcli bim up wiih t\aU aad feet 
that be mi;:ht tiot he able to identify biiUFelf a;;oin. 
After iuat«nalty epollitiff bie aivi^ouranC'C. thoy made 
thcmBelTea pretsente of the phf^to^apha and letter* 
Trhich they found in bia poa^easion. gaTO him a few 
parting touches, and then wont away to preparo An 
cfltci^d stutcmcnt of their side of iJie cnee, Ambleleg 
now bnd no mtjro u?ie for the Jii^biytine mansion, or 
the JuAtaytine beauty, «o hn made up hi» mind to hoal 
hin heart and bia brui^ex with a $10,000 balm. For 
tbia purpose he w^int into ironrt. Mi^« Silit^a hjid 
vingod hiu'M^iraway Lu the HunL^bnd Si]l|i]njr SpriikjfH, 
nnd wax not awrin- of ihi* fium* biTHelf nnd Uvv ebanniL 
Miigrr w(-rn fiidiievziig at hnmi>. Aniblelvg hired him 
two hiffjers to plead his eau^i^, and ihen lUfive wns % 
fp^nt upmar all nver the eountry, Tlie papers hu^Eed 
them «4-lv eft about the* n»k1ter vi^ry mneh. and impu- 
donlly published all tbo details that th4>y could get 
hold of. Qiiite natursi it was that when Mias Sillcia 
JiiHUytine arrivpd at the Koi^ebiid T^alpbtir SpriuETS. 
the fa>4ht>in)Lhl« mid celebrated boruiticsi ther^ i^bonld 
RO Jealous of her tnunijib ovrr a cbonw siogor, that 
th«y wcri-c vpariuj: of their atlentions and cutting in 
their remarks. Some of the Hnniv ciiviou« onen had hud 




food for goBBip Eft K-afioQ or two before over Miss SiHcii 
JuHiiyiiitc's «?ii|>turc of ei (15,000.000 cx-l'rc^idoDtnl 
CExmtidiitc. Tliikt 11 wotniin »hoii)(i ruii^o itll the wiiy 
from u I'rceiiJcnli») cuntiifliilc lo a tbwnni «iij:<ir, waa 
unuftuu) ami iotcrtMtiii<^. Ho uniAcw^Aut «lid the goa- 
dipiiig «otilp< at KijHt^bud Suliilitir ^^>i-ing8 niako it fr>r 
Mitfd Silicji Ju5U>tinL-« ilmi tili« bjiatcti«il I^iick to the 
mure coDgeiiiul atino^phen^ of licr borne on Pinaft>rc 
Avoiiue- In tbe mcaiitiiLi^. her prieo-ti^htLD^ brother 
and Mr- Prayiuore kid. with the same <'oijragc that 
impclicd them to decoy Mr. AjBblclcguito a cf^)lnv» 
and bout bim. aiid dntw u Gatling gtni on bitn, fallen 
down pii Ihtir kiicos before ML?* SilicA Jii*hiyttnc mid 
iMkcd her to plead Ihdr r:iui0. Sbr oonscntoil, jind by 
A KCviO-rooLcd oounVr aent Aiublnleg ii nii-H^iiigvi iicei>ni- 
jNiiiti'd by tho tiilUiu^nkT vroi-de», ^'Pippo" iktid 
"Aini--lhyML." lie 5lo|i|i«d Hmoking a fiven.-vnt i?igiir 
and ni&bfd uitt to tb« JiiAtayline itiun&LVLi like » Hn^* 
engine purautHl ]>y aa inauniuee man. His bwyar 
AOlXttd his coiU^tiul and followed, Wi^ twc» arriring 
there out of brratJi, tfK^ <irie bent un moaoyt the otbiir 

GftU^fd llV ibr >W4'rt T»i«> of lorn. 

"Oh, Brliinnf" 

Tliiii aa» ihf! KulutiktJon tbal fell from \\w two lovon- 
a» ihdr <'y*^» rielti'd into eiit-h other. 

"Pippo, yuu hiivG suej my |>i-i/e-11gbtliig hrothtar 
»nd my ojteD&lblc lover for JIO^OOO. Tb(>y are short 
of eaub jiwt now acd cannot conveniently pay. Pl«a« 
cut dou'u Ibe Hmount Jiut & little hit, dear Pippo. 
For the sake of thU amelbyst (shows him the ring) I 
beg of you cut itdown," «aid sbe. 

«« V\\ cut it dovrri» D^tHna^*^ be uiid, " but I do It 
only for your eweet dear siko." 

*< How much?'* 3h« askQd. 



Blivor WAtcb, a newr suit of olothos, pay niv '*o:iril 
wflfib l>Ut, ^t me throe cigara for ten c^iifi, ittid t^k^i 
mo homo to rt%y mother^ I th'xok I c&ii get along vnth 

■■ Is tluit »ll?'* the charming and ^cli<{hte<1 cn^atiiro 

"Not c|nite nil," put in AthTUoIo^; " tbo two hw- 
y<jV9 I hnv3 hired carmot Iw fl?L*i«agod with lo*!* Lluui 
|5(K). \W ihwrn — ^lUftt i*, lh« two litwyora uiid my- 
tfoir — wsiiil $M)0 [i|ii(>o<T> Thus you *<.*(• I cut ibo 
|iO,W)0 down $S,6U<</' and ho jiimmi^J lii^thnroiw 
iDto tUo urm-bolos of his v«at &Dd aegutned the attitudo 
cf a iiiaci whi> could lose ihiit jtntormt in a j^iuo of 
poker erovy day in tho vrook and ucvor fool tho losa, 

"Oh, I*ippo* you aro *o good to reduce «o libor- 
■Hy«" «'<J Mi^M Jiirttaytire, ami »h'> thw^w her nrnis 
ftrotind hi!! itnolc tind kis^i^d him iti u ivild and irro- 
6pon&ihlc way. 

Thus Iht? iitU'rview eud<H], and an Amhloh^^ amble<l 

dosvQ tbfi ifoitt Bt^'pa M"(^H Sllii^d JtJ»t4ytmiT Hiil down 

at bvr piano, vc^luUcally thrurumod h aud ciilhuetfl£t>- 

cally oaDg: — 

A fvtiCbfir-hoMlod jc^dhj!: nxnu, 
A grHV^.^9Muc]r yoiihg nkJiQ. 

Sw^llVH-lbo-biiU >'uuuc cuoah 
Vt-r^ ttuhaoijuiTutly fixed tLi4 iitnUvr ap jtiiion^ 
Olid Aoibk'h?^, jftt-rgL-ttiijg a f<Ti» didlam 
Murof bt'u^y-MilrJ shotf*. »lruck uat u*jl>ly 
o of hi« inolbor. ^Vlifti YaaI Ltun) from 
3 good cbonia vo*c« and Kas bcl|iiug 
vnraU nT I'fMniu u[H<ra with hi* lr>w and go 



n}«Mr-<u Fiitt FKKR nirpH. 

Thii nicrchiiiit who Iins anvthiii^ tn dii'pf>sf! M' uJror- 
liHOd il, mil) the iti<Hf; dUt;cLv«ful njvu in any lino of 
buHiiiOM art Uiose t/ho are ina»L liljci-ul id th4 um 
of priiiUn*' fiik. Tlifl tboatri^-^ ftHliTnily t Kf>ri'Uirbl v 
under^tund Hunj anil tbeir iirU aud forciuo&t idoA iu 
cveiyLbing tlicy do U to (fcl tbejLise1ve» 1>efoK tbe 
pablic^Aud, if poHAiblct keep ibeoiieUe^ tbeic. Their 
npprccintion of the taUio of a ijmS or noUco is be^ujti- 
fully set f*yr\h m tbc fnllowln^ funny pum«:i'nph which 
I fotmd floating Aixmml in Iho nowfipnpcrs; — 

who vinitrd Ihnt v-'dy vri-iit to :i »n|»i)iL tifiv-r a prr- 
fnrinuK?e. phiyi^d ptrLor* got drunk, licWI tlic hiii^ 
U111I4 1-, -lud ck'Hiii^d out llio iTow'J. Of i'«(a>« she waa 
Tery ituligiiaiit and v^&s i^oiu^ tu co^vbido tbt* editor, 
vhen tbo aoiAzcd journciliU cxpljiined to her that it 
was A fiiAt-cWi putf tbiit ^Tould gijt her iiii opcniiiir iu 
Mocioty ill liFJiilvilli^ Ant! tbrii nbr tbnnkrd bim and 
gmvo bim 11 dir£i?i» p<i^Hr!«/' 

Sorav* ndorw, mid Nomn actr^sviTH, too* vto not o-nre 
ft rtnt wlifit tlui m«^^ni< cimplnv<*d iiro or tvliAt tliu 
printed nmtli-r is *** iki- niiiiKm ;irr ibiMr unii Jiiiii on<^^ 
iiimv Ihryitre hofitri» Ihi- ]ii-(i|d«', Th^ J^t^'^ ninjority, 
hfiwover, wliilr* [111x101)4 In n|^piMr in piitit iVi ntb'Ti and 
III mri miiny LMlumn:! iih u puptir i^tiii Nptim u-ith»ut 
tbroviiigoui iwylii^ advi^rtii^-tncDU, nro vm' Mcrupu- 
)oti9 about tho cbnvactrr of The BtuU'm«iit« ercdl:e<l to 


nsHixo roB ruz^ rci^s. 



llitm itr autiuTts dpo^^^'i "f< wliitc all aflecL to be lUlerlj 
ii)ilejteudent of the press and to hav© no rcgaiJ what- 
ever far thd gooi] it can da thciii. or the hucm mther. 
If they incttul what Uicj »aiil Llicy might Iw set down 
a» foolUh; but ihiry do not mean aiiythJDg of tho 
kin^l, and tho Tac^r^ l.hnt ilay aDjfr ilny thn iiiiihL out^ 
nigiMiUK stnnns ulioiit jirofrsAinn^d pnopli' gii um:on* 
Irfivi'dAnl, LH Hu iiidiiraUi)ii tliat not atdy an? tlitiy 
willing tti have such things |JuUll8hed. but may U&ve 
iT)?(ti^uted iJiL^ni IhemsetveH, 

Till? cudy Lhid of newsi»ii>er nntif»o a Thespian might 
not court, but which, onoe printed, would be looked 
ajwti pbllosophK^nlly as «o much printers' ink obtnined 
for nothing — ^o much udv«irt.i}»iu^ h;id tliat Wiisn't 
paid for — ia hucH n onu a4 the iittnouiK^omcnt of tho 
attempt of n ^hcriiT to Ia«<o Mtsw Fanny l>iivpnport. 
In order thut h^r miglit ito ulilij tn ht^^ld h«r long 
onoiJ<*h to i'«ad a. v^nt of Mimi^ sort to hor^ 

Dlflorout ncLorx and aotruimoA havo difTei'ont wavM of 
advorti^ihig thomael^cd. The interviow is n favortto 
witti Kome, aud ofl«ii the interview in eo arraiij^cd that 
the pUy^r can app^r before the ncwspnper toaa in 
sODio oc«entrti5 attitude tbnt will attract more attcation 
tboii atl the player could say if he talked for one hun- 
dnd years, Harry Sargent lilies a reporter to see 
Modje^liai and a^ tho vUitor («iit«rii ho fimU the Polish 
ireas firin;: acrntis tho room with a pistol at a flinall 
ftarget. which she maiia^tt to hit ovtjrj" time. i>is- 
pTuriug dkiniondH IK another Aoh&Rio to oatt^li the nn- 
irarynewcpipcr man. Si^iidiiiy alnnisr photographs is 
expctlcd to llir<»w uii (Alitor into nn o(^*<tilcy of liberal- 
ity out of which be wilt come with at \cjini a balf^ool- 
umu piifl" of tlw» pmlly ei'mturo whonc rmintprpart 
proftontineut b^ been ^cnt to him- Dirimond rvbherios 


rtaniXG for frrb rrrrs. 

ftrfi worth nt Irn^t n (^tIuhiii. Falling heir (ij 1^,000, 
000 or mtirv will Imng uti iiilrrvii-w ibiit will Ijo irorlh 
almrj-iL us iiiucli as the l^^gticy. In trvrytblu;^ an 
actor Of au hcIttis sayi :iiiil Jue* tlie newspflpLT wilt 
iiud sometbiug n'Drtli priuttiig, and hi punting it tha 
paper diH^ft exactly what Uie nclnr oi actress W:mt9 — 
places Iniii r>i- her before 'ho piiMir, Mine. Jiiiiftii.'*rli<?k 
gels a slight jolt la going ilowu ihcsharbof u Cnlorvtl 
roinrj hikI ill*' I'ounti-y in immc^li.utrlv fnrtmn^ril llial 
sW hjifi* li:«il :l iinrrow i'M'jllxt frnm ttcath. Mhtnio 
Thfiu^dpni. n now Msti who <?xpw^t.« Ut rival Lor.U, t> 
miidti II hrrvrl nffirrr <tf llm C«tiliiioor-ftT Oimnls of 
Nffw Or1«Tltl:^, nnil Ikt niniiiigiT JrtrU iL^Kun^d lliut tho 
pirnplif of llic UiitErTi] SfiitiTH would not hI<-i'|) wril 
they ilidn'l h(*iir nliout it witliin twenty-four hoiira, ao 
hogHsi tlir AtM'K-iattMl Pri'*M t'j lolr^niph it in nil dlrwv 
ti<MM, thiit nl. k^HHt n A'U" livu-tf rti:iy be tiUVMl. A Bo> 
hctulun prince present* Emma ITiursby, at Pni^e, 
vHh a pnir of niglittn^i^alc^, nnd nbout t«n linirs of 
every nownpnppr this ^lidc of tlie AlhniMo ant wasf^d 
&& making the- silly aimotinoQinonl . Tli« Kouv^nir hihI' 
flcwutr *■ raokri*"" bolh *rarrv ft ccrliitd u'uijrhl, aiid tW 
IbtWgnijib tJiat tiUn Tlu^ <iyo nii otu< g^uM^v iotn A ftlifW 
Ntorc* wind(>w in a glory lhnt ran iiover fndw frrmi ih 
optic Mint hiis even for a swoud of lirtie dtvolt upon tt. 
Miiuiie Palmer, If nil reports \w crm^, oajiio to tho 
fWiiit honie time »go with a iK^w bid for a tvee ndvei^ 
tii^^Biont. She onlortaiaod a lyauUville Coiirier-Jouf' 
nat reporter with h diaplny that muvt have mado lh« 
jotiitgmAo biiifih, *< Oijr_compnny bas got Into lh« 
chentUe fpvcr," <»xelu]mod Miii»i«, artlcMlj, ■* and 
we'i^ tryinjf \o >w^ irhti'h mo mak<i the- prctti^tit OIM. 
X'U ishovv therm lo you/* und thci), rtfgurdlccn of tb« 
hAlplt>»-< ni4ri'« bhishoH, she di&emtiatrded a trunk aiict 
Iniried him boaeutb nn i4v-u[aiieho of snow^ niid«nr«ir. 

FuuuHi FO& i'j;he runr». 


Their confttructlon yn%a mlimtdy L<x|jliutitfiJ, niiil thfiji 
the conTcrautioa iiAtui^tly led Id ilantieb, whiolj Min- 
nio rjm fid ont wily ivrimrked i^ould not he worn Uy 
AtiLurs bvcauso of tbo riak of coltU vrbeu cioiiipelled to 


them odT. Th«> tbcm<i i^nuM nc^rc^ly ho pursued 
jHLhor than llanunU, nud tlin intt^rvicw closed with 
M&nfd'e confession tlirK kIio diihi't l>ko to bo buj^vd 
1H1 Uu) ftUge ill n-urui wcjither. In vriiUor, und iiuon- 



308 naauto rou rsxE pcftb. 

comberMl hy AAiwrb, tb« operttioii -miB not >o iJiT 
uwUAil. All of thi* nwy Mcm irrolovant, and hiring 
very liulfl la do ^th dnuaotic ftit, but it mado a ooL* 
umn for Midum bU tbe Miini;. 

TIm Abbott Ki^, InvGtiti^d bvJobn T< MclCiinis.a 
reporter on tli« S(. LouU PoAi-IhtpaMt but f^twuvft 
daimed by Jiinmv Mnrriaaey* irbo itba ber iigcat at 
tJi« timet tm?el4-<I cvi^rywhero and vma prinud in 
rrerr aowspnpfr rri>ra »* York to Snu FniH-irtoo. 
It bnd jii>4 ftboat pkjdd ont vrbcn hi ItUl, duHnj* Uw 
prenUeiKe of <mAll-pox, MIm Abbott lind bcrwif Tae* 
cinfttud on one of bcr lowci* limbs, and ft^iii th« papers 
iulrcrti4«d hor, Sho nftcrvimi* iu!t«d in tbi^ cnpnci^ 
of intcrricwcr for the St. Loui* Ohlt- Democrat^ nnd 
wild (^)mmi»9ioiwd to ^ n talk out of Fatlr, but Kpeat 
»ll tho Uuiit «ho wu with tlio div& m kwing und ltu;(* 
log ber* and vrhcn sbo came Away from her huA noth- 
ing to vrtl« abont. Still Mi^ Abbott i« a hApJ-work- 
ing, gifted r and A^rrvablr lilHo iifly, and muAt bo 
regarded a» tbe be^i lync prima dunua America can 
boji.'vt td", 

t^piMking about Patti : ahe caine to the United Stat«a 
undvr fiirL'ign uiLinogi^uent, and with all ber sn'eotticsa 
and beauty of vt>ico and the jji^atneas of licr re|it]ta- 
tioii* hIio could do untjim^ nntil an American manigrr 
who uadcrMuoil tlic art of advvrti--«itig took bold of 
her, Ue began bis work at once by decorating hia 
tli«atro id Uvinb »{y)c for hrr Ri-^t cmccri, bjhJ com- 
plfitH hiH initial tniimph by c^mninj^ a croivd of 
young felloivato unhitch the horsL'^ fi'oni Patti'a oar- 
i^g€ and run with tho retiicic- through ilio at reels to 
her htitcL TIh) report next day wud ibc amateur 
hnrsca Wfrra society ewclls, and «o the ncirs went into 
every Stute of tbo Union. Nctl»on'a carriage vrafl 
dragged through tho street in tlte same way once ai 


n»TiiyG TOR rnKE purp». 


Toronto, P»tti got Miotlicr (Voo *• nd," bj viiiting 
Piuldy Uvun, tho pu^pliAt Jr>}m Siillivnn knookcKl out 
of titiK', in hiK tniiiiiiig quartern iit Now Orlcuiitt, JuKt 
00 Bcriihnnlt vront to 9C0 l^nglcburtlt'i wliulo lU Bos- 
ton fiir Uio aakt of the lulvcrLid^ment ^ho goL. 

JtiM tt^i Schnciilcr Itigkcd ficrtioLf into the good grACoa 
orUioPtii-Uiana, Cutljerincljcwiit, of "OLivctLo" fartio, 
injinagcd to ^* fling '' liur»drinto popularity bore. Tho 
Lewis fling ia tlio fitruudok wua known aud soupht 
aflcr (Tverywhtre. It wa* a ^nid and wayward tossing 
ofUmbaaiid nrma that cajght the oyo and held tho 
fitt^utton not BO much bocAU^o tlicix' wn« nnyihing 
artistic in it, but bccuuao on« «xpocti?d every tnintiW 
t« MC it grow loi^ji ajid Ica« rc»truino<l until it brf^o 
out into jiomcthing like the rccklcM indecency of tlic 
cancan. It advcrtii^cd Catherine Lcwin a* *hc htt« not 
been ad vert iflt^d simc, nnd an she i>nibably never will 
be Hgah). As tho *' fling" ia not dead yet I will try 
to dcfioritw it. AHw the «ola and while the first c--horu9 
is being given eho ini>vea Imck with the other danccm. 
tbrnwhig her anna from right to left and left to right 
ag»iu, when the dancers caaio to a At&nd«lJIL Olhtttt 
19 #oen posing in a lop-sided, riea-like attitude, with 
both arms nnd head inclining to the left. Tho chorus 
U repeated, am) a? the ropr^tidrm begins the dancers 
tuni thcmselvcji loone with Olitxife in the van. 
•' Oho ^' fthe Mixgti and swingn to the left ; '' Oho " to 
thL* right, "Olio*' to the \e(i aguin, when out pops 
tiie l«ft ulipper, followed swiftly by thenghtditto. and 
the too ol the Utter foot-coveniig Luniblea over tlio 
horizon of the orebetstra kader*s bead, and tliero is a 
-Donfuslon of enibroidi-iy and white linen utid silk hosa 
that fills the eye of the mar- In iliu pHrqutrtte willi % 
flask of joy and causes a wniin still wind to toll tn % 
breczeful way around his cardiaeal region. "Oho," 


ruRiKo roH r«cc riTr^. 

"Olio" and -'Oho** ^n, viUi dhji* bodv i 
lop, and tbM tiiofi tb^ eJ^TAtioti of tl>44 to^ of Um 
»|j|j[irr iilH>Totli«liiie of mloji.juia « liulck^bvrtlHi 
bdbr«, follnirfv] hjr tbrM nont '* Obo'*,** ukI tl» 
ijtiivprliij; i>f itki! ftaliii Hljpjvr oa Um* ri^t fcioi tfl^ 
ovrr tW fjHiC-ligbtJt sml in rlnmrrm^ to Iba mail wkb 
firld |f1a«Npa to hit ■•^M wbo U oUing In l}>tt first ro« 
of tbe fKtnjuei!*-, A»0 that's nil tbt'n^ i* tn Uw* f 
tlok- — uLue Bwuipi uf tlirovM uf ibis hotljr nnd 
kkrlw ^Tenr tim« kbe ^rcimtf* cliiwn tlw >tag«, Ui« 
t-u<I« of tbe Iclirk growing wJtb each 9«eL-«iediii^ 
until lh«^ liLEt cpftamodic, vrial evulutloo of U]4 
*llp|>OT brii)gi« about a dl^Uv uf Uiicu that would 
toIH to the lingerie n>i]nt«r of a dry i^oodA 
Pirfftr bnn the attention of t1»e entira &udi«tio» « 
thi» ix ^^n}r on. She jfo06 up bemI (?oiiiea doim 
itfago twjiwi, twinging and ktckiiijD: with an anatoiuii^] 
not behind hur, 9verr female nt^^nher of tho coapaav 
from iho ("horu* ^rl o|> l** tbo Ct*vui*-9S vying with 
WrrUe in Mmling tho fanmd<»lo off wiib a hurrah and 
tAultiplictty of *'flii)i!H/* Wlwn ibooboru* hai como 
o an (?T)d, thoftr ih a botd oiicoro for it« ropoUtton. 
away tbcr go again. 

Obt Oh! Ohl OTj! 

Tb»« ««q]4 th*r b« mtirtnib 
Sun If Hit ;elf k wtot rouad aboot 
60 loog tt took ihen ODdtng out. 
Ohf CAI Ob! Ohf 

Till aomrthfos llkn ktaOait 
Told w pMnl J M coaU bt 
Wb*r« vMn h« lad iAw. 

Hias Lvwh utoiiQ tiitin ti'bib< itiNtrir YnHc n'U)rc«l 
adrertiM^d in both ciH<aaiiigA uf the won), lH.-c.tu9e 0] 
Hnb] li<Tkriii for hrr iH^iH^fii 111 hi-r ruimi at tljo liotel* 
wkfrroall c«>liIi1 apjil/ in |njnrbA.-«e tbnm, 

Uag;^ff Duggan, a young lady until recently compf 

Tt9nX's<^ FOB fuR?: rVKfa. 


ititvv\y tijikiKiwu, bus »uddenty uiAdc benelf fniaoud by 
DigliUy kifknig liPf *|jiiper U* tbo top of the Bijou 
TbMtr«L N«nr Vork. She i« a comic oporn singer* 

Mjrl'KKH JOll |*I:KK ri FPU. 

This IS 1»(Vy Umir work thai ^UU, bonit tb€ oiigaml 
bigh kirltur, n;igbi eiiv/, 

Etnilio Mrlvillv, nil (»|K-ra1,lc «tar of CatifomiUi in look- 



ill" over her etook of prfisoQU oould thSnk of notb* 
iDg mora suitAblo or Riiytbin^ Umt would pty>ve more 
acceptable to tlie dramatir? critics of Sim Fniac'idQO 4ID41 
bcr fncndH than to givo each ono of b«r t^lippcrs. So 
eho held a rocopttou ; aiul, ilr(.<efTCcl iu Oriental toilcrti 
sho proAoiitccl cuoh rw be canto with ono of tbo iuiy 
eilkcti ftlippcrn m vfbxoh bcr toot^tic^ lu^ocl to »iambcr on 
ttio titii<!:e. It wiijf Buah u novel procoediug that Miea 
Molvillc^t mon?^nitititoud |>uffiug Uiuu aho could huvo 
pui<l for witb tlio [ii'o^tH (if CHIC of her bcfit tfcucionA, 

Henry Miiploaoiki whom I know hua no fear of tli« 
newftpaper man. but ratbercomts hia society an<t wooe« 
tlio colainus of ilia paper, ma^lo thofullowiog rjiticuloua 
etatcmont (to a roportor) couccming tbe manner in 
which ho and his wife. Mam Itozc, were pc^ored by 
reporters on the road; '* They iwgan enrly iu the 
mcruing. When I Hrst opened my bed-room door I 
wmaeureto find one or two outside ofiL No detail 
vns too Htnall for them. Tliey would follow \xs aix)iind 
and givfl H(:ni|iH nf uur couvcr.'ifition, Jtiid onts fellow 
even nut at tlio Pianie diniier*t^Me 1^']Ul ua in Kanaad 
City Kiid printed a li&t of all the tbiiig« my wife ate« 
miikiiL^ it aliont fivtt lijne^ »a lun^ a;^ ibo truth culled 
for, nnd ttddiii^ ^udi trillun om fuur oranges, »ix pieoea 
ofcnlie, et^. My wife ^ae so angiy when Ihia account 
■Appeared in tUo afternoon ]>aper th:it wedi^tj.'-rmined lo 
lyeout AijpperinonrrocMD.flml, as llio landlord would 
not consent to Iha;, I boui^bt n nU^ak donng th« even- 
ing, and Mjirif* Roz^, Mill dm«wl jih /W^h of 7V»y, 
began to oook it ovtu' a spirit lamp. Wit wore eon- 
gratnUtingonr^elveM that no reporter wnuUI know any- 
thing abotit thnt (iiipp^r, wbf'ii 11 kncN^k wust gi\'(fn on 
the door. * Who'* lbi*iv?' Tmllod out. Tlie annwcr 
back tliroughtbe Icuyholi!: * I am a reporter ef 
Morning Buzzard^ and I waiit to know what you 


risniyo for pbre fn:m» 


b&d for supper. Tbut livening Crow folk>w got nbcod 
of moon theOinncr. but Dl frtclilnm oiitbc Mipi^r.' " 

A story Uml tUuMrjitcji, in an cxaj^nnit^^i rray. 
though, tho trickn nf the dramiitio profi^aMim, is told of 
H aJirvwd uj^ntit who foiiiid Uiinndf in ManAfteliL ()hio. 
with ft corii[wiiy on liH KaridA Eiml |iurd[](-d Iry hud 
botflotiiiH HO rt<l«[]ili4A-(ly IhttL ht* W<jmi lu havo dotiht^ 
that ht! would (.'v»r neo Union Si|imr» ftgniii. In tbi« 
it he callvid his uevtir-fiitl 11114 ^^*^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ 
leviHed :l plun btnitglitAny f hat led hiiti out cpf the difE- 
milty. Ha huJ lk3Lp|wniTd t^^hiRi mnny atinidlKTon^ He 
went to the room iifhiA h1:ii- — his handing IwTy — and 
knocked. Il(* \vn^ iidrnittpd. " Why, Sjiin," xaid 
«tt<Tt " what do yoil^wniit a^l?iW hoiirV" ' 

•' I want ynur CHr^" ftAid be. 

■■ Oh, i8 that all/* KAid Uir K*-;idiMg Iridy, ret-'orerlrig 
frcKD bor [mUor ; *' I thought — but uo in^tti^i'; go Ofi/' 

•> You know Ihihju^jU U bud,' * said bd. 

•» Wdl, I should smile," *aid the arlUte : •• since I 
haroLi't had uuy aal&iy for four vreeke. What's the 
Mw racket," 

'< It'dlUia^" said tbo agent; "If we expect to f»oout 
of this town we've ji^ot to do Gomothiii<£ Nupoleouic. 
And you've jjot to do it/' 

•' You forget my aes/" said she. 

" No, I don't/' said has " there Bwy b«a PTnpoleon 
Id petltooatd as iri^ll tte in troUHjrs/* 

"Very -well, what is it?" 

'■I waut to get n column in each of the daily 

" Wcll» I guc*« you'll wnnt it, for all the newnpspcr 
boys know wc'to got a snide show this lime/' ahe 

" Wellj I gnoM not, ifyoi/U do what I t^II you,'* 
fiaid the ai-tful a^tit. 

'* What is that?'* inquired the guJteless actress. 


F18U1ICG roil FREB TCm. 

^* Voii know tU« rai1r<):id hriili^o ouUid^ of town?" 
** That shakv old waodc^u btntcLurc of patched logs 

-Wirll. xthatnfUr 

" ThuL liridgv will gi^t iisi colttmiiH ta«Tery iMpcr ft»T 
iiirly miici Hroiind/' 

" YouVi! gwt *tTiii, Sara, »iin*/ 

" No, 1 haveii'L I*iii miIuI oh ihr? Iiiz. NowlUten: 
1 wiLiit you to go to-moiTuw nmJ iinin\ m tho mitUilc 
of that brUigo when tha two 2:iO ti'.iins poM «ach 
(jthcr g"itig ill oppowite dimctlons." 

" Wrll, ymi nro Uvsh. Wbnt'll 1 dn that lorT " 
■ " P«r nil 'ml/ " I 

*■ And whi^iv will I Ih> when tho trsLina jian*?" 

•' Whv, ir yoirrn »(unrt iind llHtni 1 n mo, voii'll b© 
clinging to iiw trvjit.ltMvoi'k iindorncjitb until thej' plus 
over yoti, thcu I'll hi?ad on huolc ft tho UoCijI tiad have 
ull the I'oporCoi'fl cqiug up lutd interview v^mi, iind then 
tbf>re will bo columns puUi^hu'd, iho houae will be 
filled that night and wq will raki^ in i\ heavy etuk«/' 

Tho actre«« enw tho poiot and had th(« plu^k to f^xo- 
outo tho projoct of tho a^nt. Shv ^tood on tbo brid^o 
at lh« nppoiiit^d timo» Sim slirii^kftd in tlw mo*t 
frantro manner. Tho mi(;ini*4>r r4*vor4(Hl ilio ca^iinc and 
whUlli^d down bi-^kc;i^ \nii in npito of utl the trAia 
pLUf^cfd ovnr ti<^r. Than? wan a ^'t?Lit fl^uaatJon. Sho 
wub dra^^cTout from ttko tic^tlu-work and tAkoii to 
tlio hold. Th« papt-r^ wliioh would not lako the 
udvcitli»omciit of thi> fihuw bucauao Uio manager could 
not Eifty ill odraiKO ecnt roport^ra to intorn^w th* 
acLrosd on bcr narrow v^iape, &ud gavd oolitmnn to tho 
company* Tho result wa« a Bone« of fall houses and 
tho ''BuidcA ' mado a tnampbnnt march cAotwanl 
oa Ibo impetus of tho ebrcw^iugeat'n " ^ng," 




In no oihor oountrj m tlo world does the 
vUwrer'B profesejon thrive as in the<o Uniu«l Suilo*. 
From the cabinet miiiHter^ — nay. the Frrsidcnt lilm- 
««]f — down to tlio cominoQ fdon, till at dilforrnt tiiiK-ji 
ard Uab[« to u-fa^t U called " the prc«)4uro of the |)uaip- 
Jti^ proaess." Somo clu^^ei^ iiiliiriLtly likti ht-liig 
iulcrnowcd, bccaueo all publicity adds Ui tlioir imiKT- 
tancG and notoriety. Tho i>olititiflii3 im^ a fp<?cimoii of 
tiiU (tpcTvioA. Then, again, aiiotUur cb^s iv^^arde the 
int4?rviow fl^ a l?i:lLinia1o itioaiid of advertising auci 
i>r attrEiuting [>ijblk altoiition to tliemeclv^ta utkd their 
doiii^, Tliia flfles Hpecmlly iuchidos Iho UramatiD pi-o- 
fc^Aion* An ontcrprifeiiiil iiiiina^cr ia almiv;* j-cady to 
iutroUuee his stiii' to a journiiiij-t. Actrc^^^csnnd prirn:! 
doiiQO arc to a groat degree public pot^onagc^i, nod 
there 19 ait iiiKitmhlc dc^iro on tlio purt of individunLi 
to learn something of the fo<>t-lii^ht fnvoritcs when tbcy 
bare doSTcd th^; Map; car<tun>c, nil>[>i>d oil' the paint and 
powder, and b^ouic, lu it wens ft>f tlt<^ ti'"*^ bcin^an 
ordinary niorttd, Ili^noc, tho Dowjpaper^ have catered 
to this pot»ulur iiL<]uii4Ulv«nuai4» uiid there is scarcely an 
aotreva or 8w«et singer of note vrho lias nal {iOA^ed the 
onlpal of tlie intcrvicwinsf liead. Mr. Hcm-y \V, 
Moore, cily editor and dramatic critic of tho ^t. Louis 
Potf'Diajtfiicht who haa dono as much intorricwJiig in 
this lino fw any nc^T»p^ipcr man in the Western country, 




tbui r«coi-da his imprvA^ons of tli« operfttie And 
dramatic celebrities vboui he hiu met ; — 

AdcIiDJi Pritlji the ctisia diva, aLivays receives the 
joumaliH nttircil in h^udsome t^ilcUc^. Her imimage 
with tho Mnr<itii« de C^ux rendered her iin»tcK?rntio in 
innunci^, nncl her behavior nlwuvs lins in it o lin^ of 
nahUjmt x}bU<i^. There in nu aLuiivvI Jiiipc?ruvf|itih]e 
flarnr of i-uiideoceu^toii Jn hc;r U»ie, irhich. while 
coiirte^^ud, ia rather fdniiah Siuce her dopundioii fi-um 
De Calix, La MarquUe \\^a become more accesalble, 
anil both the ai^d Nivr-jlluj nro aIiuoaI warm iu their 
cffusioD^ to joiimalUts. 

Christine Niluon i'cceii'cs the inter viewer plossantJjrp 
bub ratlicsr digmficd in KiuniH<^> dlir \f^ somewhat ctild 
i[i convemtjotu l>ut her mmuic?rH nn; iilvrayit oeuL'teou*. 
She tiilkslltthf. 

EU'lkii rri^rater IiIci^k thti iiitrrTicfwrr. At ^rnt %hv 
re^:'d<Nl him ilh hii Ariiirirrin cnnfMil.j, f>i:t hitviiig 
leuriied liia vnlue she hitg^Ln la enn-JtH him. Oersler m 
not. at »]] Ml Aweet in jiriviife life kh i^ ffitntrndly bt^- 
lieveil. ThoHuDgunnn pnttm donna i* very |iitA.4iuiiate 
anil qu1ck*ttfmiier«d, And riilea her lniAbaDd, Dr. 
GnTdhie, with hvv whiiiH. Tn the pTe«eiice of the 
journallKL alio cont'eal^ her clavrs lH*neatli her velvety 
hand mid H sweetncu itself. She taller mneb, clot«» 
on America and the American |ieo|]le, and nil tbjit nort 
of gtisb. Her dreswH are not prti-ticulnrly arliHUe, 
conveying the impression tliat «he U xloveiily hi tbU 

ClJtm Kellogx fiubmiu to am inlervirw njt if il were 
A ivgalar buflLnpKs rrnnsacllon^ ll^r mother is »tw:ty» 
present and tvill fre<|ueiit1y make «u^eatioD3< Miss 
Kelloj^ehaU p1iMX4;uit1v, bnt Hh« has no warmth In hor 
muiiner ami no m^ipit^ti^m in her conver^^ion. 

Anme Louimi Cary id what the jourualiats teroL a 



" jolljr '* girl. She dooe not care a wKit wL&t »ho sayd 
or doc^, &l>c will tnu^b nod chat aa if ihc intcrricircr 
were an olJ acqunintiinc^. She greet* him witli u epoir 
taneoun wjirnith utid ruuiiliiiHi/ which aro plcnmiiit to 
He iiiuy EknK the niobL LU[|ijiFtitivc cjitt^slimis luul 
I'vill re|>ly Willi a shruwil suiihr. Aiiiiiiblirj gmnl- 
teinperei] siid livdy in d[Fi|i[>»4itio[ir she ib a gi-eul 
favorite with iniww[mper mvM, 

Mlimie Iluuk ia juiputLiusity peiBoniQcd. Mtoiiie 
iJ»iJall_V hiis A gi\evtiuv& &^lii»t lier niHiinguri and she 
will pmir her woos into lh<^ jaut'tiitlint'^ rars with re- 
markuhli^ hiqunrit.y, ItnL Minnii^ huM n iiinlhi^r. After 
llm inhTrvJitwrr ih gmiL- ^fiur|m will xmid him n notti nr 
a int-HF4i<ii^i^r n^ijiic'sUng liim in HravrftiV nnnin tint Ui 
pnUIIsh whut sh» siiii] or she woiilil !«■ liiulone. Yut, 
tliu iiiixt titncT MicLnio meets u iiiglil of Llic tjuHl lihn 
reitemte* lior war^ nnii wrong* with the humu iiiijiHl.a- 
ositv. Shi^Ufmnk tf>n fault, uudt'onlldesagooddeann 
human uatiirc. H(?irrii»k«eBa has Involved her several 
tiKiM fo tr£>iLble. She is very apt to become tinrea- 
«onaiMy jealous of aoy othi^rpritnu dounft in the troupe, 
and thug alwny? keepg the imprejisario in n Mni^ of 

Kiiiinvi Abbott ia the ^u^her par ^ixcellenec. At tbo 
larnt gljin(« of Ihe inter^-iewer sho nisJies townrds him, 
■oi2C« him with both hev haiid^, is Oh, ko, nn ghid lo 
i«o him I Shtf talks with groat rapidity nud udcdm- 
inglv- The ioribo to hor in an old fnmilittr fntmdj 
She iitttiHt* on hi^ catling on hor, diuing with her, el\$.t 
•tc- Her frlcndliiiost^ i^ overwhohnrnfc. Sho loadfi the 
Journalist wiih favors, mid almtiH embracer him in th« 
enJorof heralTcction. 

Sflrnh ifomhardt haa nil Uio French warmth and 
deaH>D«trattv«Deu. She U witty and viv&ctou>^ in her 
converNtlion. realty liker^ journaliata, and will spend a 
whole day wUh them. She never tltca. and h a »ludy 


'f^B AOnUSS X^T> TRR lyTKRlieWER. 

to tbo iiowg{KLp«r nmu, $fao la, bow^wr, not iu«eiiel- 
Mo ti> lliitti^ry. Her oiirio-ilr about thmf^ American 
U v&ry kc«n. Boiiij^ jl 4i*li-;iitftjL ^nierUiDsr. she was 
vifiy )K>pul]ir with tlie jimrnjilUtiu profomoci- Sbtt im 
frniO of iiivitiiiu; thorn to br^^fu^l. 

Qlu'a Murrift U an L*:co«lltiiit Nuhjout for iiti intcrviour, 
Misa Murris alwii\M prepitreA to Tc«iv« tho rcpn^^onto- 
tivo of the press in 00010 picturc^qtta attiiiido or po^o. 
Sho h:u iL fine p^rt^epiuni of urti^tio atr<*ct, and never 
lo«c« nght of th(^ fiLct that it i« nii JLitcn.'iow, and hoiKO 
hiLs oil oy« to whiit ivill (Lp|K)ar in pniit. In hoi- di^- 
ODtinto she mrnn lo he cp]g:i-:imiTmtic nnfl witty ; Hkc» 
to bo noTcl niiU origiual. Her kiif»wl4>ii*;o i* very 
vnriod, unJ t»ho convorA«« with t^a-'<c iin4 tlufnior. Her 
f;ici> jipnrkUsa, mid bcr rucupliou U rdvraya oxtrcnjcrljr 

MocljcifhA, otJjfnvi^o the CoiintcM Ilosi^nta, U, pei^ 
hfip^, the h(;»t odtJCAU'd juitr^fid oti the M^i^v. Sho U & 
gift«d Ur>2;iitHtt weW H'^kI in FroiKh* Crorni;iii, uitd Eiig- 
HeiU liu-E-alure. Sho U a cU;irinifij^ cuiiVL-r%^ai<maJUt. 
In manlier* &ho la a porFect liidv, without anr fltagt 
t'oceniricUii^H. She ia a doli^htHil ho^tc^^, and ilU- 
|ienfle-4 Jivi^pilallty moat ^ar.cfullv* Hr^r bofiiing if 
courteous but thoroughly fiiondly, and thoro ih tho 
]n]]irc^ of la p^ndt dams in hor doin<!auor» She ia 
pnnml to nnnhin jHlft. 

AdriaMt? NrilMHi c;i|)hi]x-d (*v«ry jounmlint^ who ev«r 
inlervirwu'il hor, Hhn nettmrd to iKrnd all h^t enorgifls 
lo i-^]itiv:Ltt< ht^r timHh-, Her roiuaik:ihlo lioaul/ was 
u |tour<-L-rul ii«l, <ii)d Uk' rharai nf htT umuntT wa* irro- 
KiMtibl**- WWu ne<ei!3iiaryt she wa« »hiio^t a man of 
hii<>iiii>^^. and Iran^aclod her utTfiirH with iiiurh nhility. 
Prjor Adrliiidf* h'h& Uxi pttli^iit a i^poll ftrr onlinriiy iii- 
tcrrlcm<«rH to witbstund, and sh« alwuyn oirrird hor 

Uiiry AndeT^ou U a ^reat tulker. Her niotbcr aad 

TIIK ACntRf^ A^D Till: INTraVUCirKJl, 



«4«p-fathor. Dr. EJumilton Ciriffin. ^m x^maWy in at- 
tcMidan^ lit nn iiit<Tr\'ic:w. $lic i« tlutiUcd in licr i>])iii- 
fonft, and c^xjiremcc-s bcr vicwM fi'tii-luAHly, but hor 
Tomnrks uro tfuperlidal. Sho i» lively and a rcjfiilar 
t»iri-l)oy, ard bt'siiatv!* ut riothin^;. 

Famiy Uiivcii|>ort, ^ho U noted for bor ox[H^ii0i7d 
costumes oil tlio flin-rc, is tbo rcvciw in privato Ufo. 
She in n«irly ulwiiy* in -i ^rfjUfff^ jiUirc mid looks wniic- 
what eloTcuIy. Fanny i» nUbcr iivcr&c to the intcr- 
vjcveFt biit when 0bc submiu «lic is m cbarniiifg and 
pkn^Ant :» ho^^toj** n* rati he imn^iiM^d. But ncvcrtho- 
loM »h<3 tbink^ it n dtroidi<<l linri* to rtilcrtiuiK 

Mii^^iu Mltthi-ll U :i wbolu*[ioulrd. £:riirinni5 womnn, 
without a «j>ark of uir(K:tii(ii>n. Shi^ i^ frank, plotirtuat, 
ftiid niiiublc. 

liOliu, vivadoua Lotta. 14 Y«ry demnrf 111 th« pre^ 
eDc« of b«r mothoi- and tbc Journalist, f^bfi is ijnit^ 
ujilike tho Lottji uf ihc fti/tgc- Mrs. Crabtrco jtMii-* m 
tli« coi]vor»jktioii. nhich Lotta cnrrictji 011 in a rciy aii1>* 
diicil but Iri^ndlj mimncr. 

Jntiau.-<(hck U lirni, ^did, and ihitmrhLod in hi;r 
ronvi('tn>na, .Shv has »tnnig likt^M and dlaliktin. Shu 
UxiVik iviUi much «ni|dmrtU, 

Mi"fl- D. P, Ilowers im a plt^anant lady Ui visit. 4SU0 
ia (juite molheily in bcr inaiinei's. ilcr couvorsation 
conlinii^j iniirh ^h^vw^l, rwiislic depth. 

Clinilntlff ThDnijwon i* intcUccTtiial, Sbo |io««oflsos 
iftliat tb« Fn^nrh i.hU t/ipriV and lior convorwiliou U 
always eiijoyablr. 

Kitjiiia Thnraby la an iiilmfKtbkir hxHy^ Ttu' qtMT«rn 
of LUl* cc>nc?tnl-riM>Tn i* vivacifum, livt-ly, mid lalkalivL*. 
She 1h «xi.'c-t-diti^1y fiwid of I'^-pm^t^itUaived of tbi» [jrc«a. 

Marit* lEfisM? U only an iadilTi-ix'tit entwrUdn^r. She 
Is very fond of ]>pt do^s. Tbe ^^fTort fa aliravs viable 
in her conversation, and iho visitor f«cU ihac sbo be- 
lieres aho in merely doing a neees^try duty. 



Littio Pc^y. atUrwards the famous ftfiatnaa Wof- 
fln^D, waa down at the alioixrs of LiflVy drawing 
water for her mother, whi^ii ALKlnmo V'iotnotc, a ropn* 
mlkoT, met hctt iLnd talking a liking to tho girl, made 
t«rm» with thr pjirent^ atul obUiincd jio,-iM.'^--<it]n of h«r. 
Mzitlttiiio Viuluiitc vr^ilki/^d the rap« ^ith a dilld tied to 
her fdct, liiiil lavdy little I'e^y for a wliilv aA^^ifttcd in 
thia yniy At her ii^lHtreaH'n t-iiterUiiiimmit.H. When tbe 
Maclamo ^ot to Dubitu she found a juvenile compauy 
playiitg '*Ci»c3erella*' tbeivi, and »t onoe b^gan tb« 
orjfaui&atJoQ of a d:ies of cliilOreii, vrlio appeared in 
the play with IVg?y aa cmo of the bright luaii»ariea> 
Thia wna hfr nilmiluetioii to the at^ige, which she trod 
wiUi sEirh bi'ilfiiint succms in after years. Nor waa 
s\w iUfi only GUi^ of the famniia old Eugliah actmwfta 
traimM In thn ilniinn from fhiUlhood. A.[\ tbrotigh 
tbo hiii(«ry cif UiimtriculH, fiMiu and before Woffiog- 
ton'ai tim^, diihlnui wtim ingulf jiartiripMnt«» in tli« 
play, anil the lu-ciU planti*il thiiK mrly np^iiMi into 

tho rirhf^'it fruit- Until a vuvv roeonl iUiia it vraa iH>t 


dvc-m«d tbe duty of uiiybody to interfiiro irith this 
kin<t of intiuiiiB — not I'feu with Xhft barljni'oin treat- 
nimil to "liich ^-hildrcii traimng for the circua rinjj 
vrtvo Bul>imtn^d. Leea than a half century a^o the 
^fcoiui«a« children iront through tho country dancing, 
id irero unmokstcd hiy any iibiliinthm]>ically inclined 
body or any <ixc««Niv4T]y humane iadividuaL Tho 






^ ivfrnil^^ <' riiiiifoi^'* companies of two »oiuoni i^d 
were rL-^:ir<li?d kindly by pri.>?s and puMiei and, tu- 
d<f(.rd, until i]Liito r«coat1y n» <Txlnioi'diuu.ry war "vras 
niudo ngtuaitt |>ro»<^ntiLif; tlio lul«ul^ of a cliilJ actor or 
ii(j(reiift to tlio jiooplo. Tliy Soci*itv for tho i'rcvoctioii 
of Cni^lty U> Chililron li:ii, hoivovor, ori^nizod a 
stubborn roeUtanoo to tho L'>n]>Uivincut of liltlo ono« 
in etji^e reprasoiUuliDitri ; mid while it may Ijo wdl lo 
CXPrciso eomo aiUhorily fr>r the i^rotc-^^tiou of iiiluuU 
nnd for tlio proservation of the alagro from a deluge 
of diiUl-tukitt, ItiGi'o cno bo no juatitlcnttou m nlJowing 
tlmt itnUiorily tA i-uii riot in plnckiu*; ovci-y bloeeoai 
from tho trco of bistnonirini, 7uid croctiii^ apormaDcut 
barrier iLjc»iiist tlic (i<"voloj)m«nt ol" nutivo t^iknt. when 
any luip]iviu to exist in u child i:>f t^ndfT ycitr;!, Tho 
exjH^MLnKe of niore than two rcnUin(;!f show.n that tbo 
liust tnuuiiig in that which hcpnn oiu'lieat^ ^rhich btgtna 
vlowly, juiJ widens only wilh the fiIow jiro^resa of tho 
years, There ai^ very i^\y nctora or aotrea«ed who 
have walked out of private life into tho glartt of Uie 
foot-lij^hla with anything like BUcceu. The amnteur 
may ^omeltmea be ^uddcitly titetamorpho&et] into a 
fiilMled;:^ pi ofe^fiional » ^ith a bit of reputation to 
help liim along the road ho bn» cbo»un to traveli but 
Ihii* bai>pcii5 veiy mrolv. Otdy those who bcrgio early 
and study hard, and who b^ivr oHru to wait n long 
tinio for rruognUion^ guin u place in the Tlie^njui 
tcinphs niid It ii to thoH<3 who»*^ infant eyi>M opoa 
nlniOFit upon ibt? tu^Mt^-iit^F^ and bvoiidi-ia of ihe itiimio 
world, whoMi little linibA ^'niw to atreii^^th behind the 
H?ei]L"<, and who><* Ihi-n lufi idenlifird to lu pi lately vilb 
all that have pluoe or beia;^ Ijehind iht* foot-light^f, that 
It la givuu lo liopo fur position id tbn profof^Lion into 
which tbey liav^ Ik'vei hnvn in«trad of kidnappi'd. 
I think the society for ilii^ Pnifc-mlinn of Cnjrlty to 



Children did a very »ouJ thing ^'h<tn it took LiUto 
Corinnc from the stiyru. The cLiW waa ovoHuxixt f;ir 
bejoiid hor y6ni« ; tborc wus iiothiii;; vQty clovor ab<iut 
boi- niiy nidi^ tboii there would bo about a achool-prl 
of tho snmo n^o who hitd bcoD tnu^ht to epoak her 
pioGO ni;d did it boldly, but fiwkw!ti-dly and iauttifili- 
cnlly. It vroA more painful tliAti pIi-As:»it t<> i«it out a 
porfarmano^o of ^^Cimlcrulln*' wilh this oflV|inn^ of 
Ibc KcmMo fiitniJy in tho rolo of tho bcroinia of tho 
g)«jt!« alrppcr, and it wa* (t tciu[wrnry b[<',-inin;^ w tho 
piiblio vrbilc tbi^ little thing w/i:» kept out of tho vrt^y. 
Like nil tho piva^ci"*!* vontiir**.'* on the stn^"^, <.'onnne 
will gradually' \'ad*i from memory* end the only thought 
b'fV of her will l>o u puiiiful recollection r»f her childiah 
efToild to pliiaae the ^'itrivii pirtrple nii^ w«re fooli«]i 
enough tii go to the the;^trti to st^e biii\ 

Tho youH^ mtin nr llio young liwly who Iiaa giveit 
ytiiirn of study to prepAnLiiou for Ibo Btag« finds tho 
debut idgbt oitc fnu^<:fht with foiii's aiul hopos. Tbero 
are friouds ln-liind thi^ Hcenc« nnil InViidM in tho itiidU 
ence Hilling to overlook fiuilt.-* mid tfxtiggomtv rxcol- 
leiicieH ; hiit tbiTtMin? <'o]d. ^^cn1 rnricr*. Ion, nnxious 
to puncttirf! thfl new ruudidnln fcir pnblte favor in ffvrry 
tr?mliTr iiHit iheh' rrtiid eyi'n run »enirh out. nnd ihrio 
IN ihii givtii pnlilir, iliiit fiikEe body vnboM^ Hpplmnio or 
combrmnjitioii orten depcmU npoi^ the wbitn uf ibo 
momt^nt. Tim eflTorL is aii etiomiou* ouo to tho new 
pUy«r; the Auspeiise, frlghtriil. A wbolv life's work 
maj bo 8ur«ipt not of ni^ht in n moinenr. .'UkI the life 
Itaelf blightptl forfivrr, ]to( whrii the niomeiit of H«o- 
c«M arrives — wIiM:i thrill of joy tho triitti^ph sends 
to tho heart of thet aclrrM, if n*-tre!W it ho ! WhfU s 
dnmn of glory »ho ulreudy Iip^uk to Uvo in f llow 
bor brain throba and ber he&rt bound*, and alJ tho 
world seocna » pfiradi«o» bc^aiitiful and fair M Cdeu wa^ 



whou it IcrfL thci hun(l» of tlw CroHtor I FrimtdH rrow<l 
anmiKl, tlio Imuhc \* rtngiit^ with r)[i|ilutii;i<, mid iAm 
U-ara Bwuy from ilio cougr-ritulutioiin niid Ici^^^tt ami 
luiDd-ehaklagA lo Bt«p out b«fai'6 tbo curtain, and, with 
g1onin<^ fnoo and 1o<ara In her ov^^t** kisses her hniid »Qd 
in»ke);a]>rofoiindly thankfVil oboisanco to tho audience. 
Thun liho roturnd to ber (^rovdiii.<; friends on tbo i^tftgo, 
fttfin tb«i manngor dawn to tbd call-bny And jft(cn»- 
shSft^nr, timl hnr ivir^ lin^ with prnibe And onconra^ng 
wordtt uiiid it ia tii»o lor tbc ourtuni to go up onco 

Thf> d()but of Ktiimn Livry* ah urtUto who prrrmi^<»d 
to Ifind a vory brilliant ouoor, but who wiw middciily 
find oarly cut d^>wn by di^tb, U doacribod in a vory in- 
teresting inaiiinjr by one who waa present. It was at 
tho Ortind Opora House, Paris, aad tlio tbcotro waa 
filled from parquclto to donio with uii extraordinary 
Qudicnoo* Louii Napoleon wa£tbcr«, and thoKmpross 
Eugonio; pnn(^(.*d and dukcra tLllrcI tbo boxes, niid the 
nobility of Fniiic^', rc|ir«i)oiibitivc Americans and 
prominent Enghj^hiucn were in the nudicncc. Kiniii» 
Livry wiLt then only Tiixtccn. From her ojirbcHt child- 
hood, Bays tbo writer, »hc ii^d been devoted to tbo art 
of dancmg — though this vrn^^ no i^xtnuj nil nary thuig. 
[ifor there are a lur^e ititmbcr of girl-t altvavdin trnirnug 
for tlm Qmnd Of jrru la Paris ^'^^o ar<i takt^ii »t the age 
ft four yvat^, aial kt^pL hi couaL^iai praotU-« until Ihcy 
Th womanhood, whim Uit*y app^iar in public* But 
Uibgu-I bad Ahowai-'xU-aoiUtnary gt^niua. Iu her later 
yeAD tbo i:oKTbrHt«-d ii:iiictTi, Maii^T Tagliont, CouutcM 
de VoUius, hrarin^ of the now dancer, b^fl her vilU on 
tlie Lnke of Coni^, and her jiahu'c in VrnitT, to txime 
o Paris to giro iho (rhl Icsaou?^, lU-r iiiiprorenivftit 
m HiiraiTiilonH. 'JV^lioni Mid i^hi* would n^u<«w the 
mphd a[w bei-Fiijjf bad won iu form<tr days. 


A fEW rr>Or-l-!0«T rAVOUltKfi. 


And now sbo glided upou tlio %tngt, Tbo brilliant 
niidjpnee ceHdi?i] Ibdr cLalt«r aa 4h« ap|T(^r(<d. Tlio 
owjnwion took thy cbjimctt-r of wluit It wa* aflerwarda 
ealKvlin th^ni»Wfli>apoia — " agroatBolomuily/* She 
wa* vctry yoiin^ ami wsh just »l thnt period in tha life 
of n girl when hoi- fiifurt* U Hpt tn hv» wlmt old-fa^h- 
iou^-il |>oi>[d<r cnl) rnw-boned. Sho wus tnlU thin.itnd 
pale. Hei* fticc wns not h!in<Uonio. Hor fr>rni giivc 
no ovlilt*nto of physit-iil Etron;T|i], 

Shu wild roi'viv«rI in fi hu^h of ^ilfitioo. ■■ L<it iifi 
iOG/' tliU ^riMtt ituiliennu s^mutl to miy, ** wU:it you 
roully cctit do in thirt pi)<>Ui7 art." Any ono who rciulJ 
have con ni*et^»d ^enrriialiiy «r ^roairieM with this ;firl 
wituld liavo tii>en hcuer llicm a nyharitv i and Tot lier 
drOBA wiie tho conv(^ntlonal ilvo^s of hnllot dj^n^roi*]} — 
abort to th© cnlf of Iho Irg hut tbiikly chul iifwjvo. 

fihc bogwn, Gra<*(>, you novrr fotiml a prolotypo 
tut now! L'»inlin^i S^^nlpturo, vnu prdcfd hcforuthU 
■uppto, ohif^llr, tinn, yt^t dnialy Inn^l. At llio onclu- 
■ion of h;:v tii'nt tnincnivnt, when with a g[ia\i of svrvol 
nmaio nha ^pmiigliko a fawn to thta tof)t-li;:bl4, timl ex* 
tending h^^r^lcndcri-Eirm^ and dclitnto hand? towards i 
tbc aiidi<iuce, a^ if to »dk, '' Come, what U Ibo ver- 
dict on me uoif?" a Imrit of ciuhuaiaj^ic appUii^c, 
loud dboiitd of " Bi'ava!" and '* Unwissimii P' 
"C'eet mst^^Siiac I " wariag of perfumed hundhrr* 
chicfe. adcliige of sweet flc^wcrs formed tho renpoiiAO. 

The wliido cwoiug wa.« a »eric» of tniimph«. Tho 
Emperor and Empre-'s sirnt an ;iiil-<Ie-c,ftni]> behind fhc 
scene to offer berthu Iuipi^n4lc»:igrjdu1attuiid. M;iH« 
Tai^lioniT tkceompanivd 1>y bvr nibble hi]Mb;ind, Miuj^ht 
Uifi girl liho, and tjikh^ from htv braacit a nut^'nltioeut 
dminond utar, wliich bjid btcn gtven her in former 
tlayn by Uie Kmperoi' of KuAJ^ia. " Ucie,** *aid abc, 

^^^^^^^^^^B ^^^^B^^i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l 



^1 B 



^^B^^^Vv^?^E^^^^^^^^^#^^^v ' ' if^^^l^^^l^ltaPMi^^^^l 

1 1 


^1 HP 


^ft ^^ 


^H RbI 





^^^^ BB^^F 


^^^H '^^^1 




B hI 



[ (S36) 






tnk<i thii* thr qiicrti of Ounce, Memo TujE^lionii B 
cIi-jkI— I""g iivo tii<! qurL*i], Kmrnni Livry I *' 

Aa I im3?u(1 out aiiif>ii^^dt Ihti Ueiiac civ^wdi tbd 
wriUsr coutiiiiiea, [ san^ n vriymnn of niidUlc age. and 
rt'*i|»ectul>ly <ivosse<l, loiiiiiuff ;i^'iiiiiat one of the rnrtr- 
bli^ c<»lumiis iit lilt* v*iMti*'ul«, ilir lace w^is fluabcd 
air1 frtio lAiu WLpiii^r tcnra from her oycu. 

" Ynu vrccp, Muduitiift? " sjMd n giiitl<*innn vrlio was 

" Yi T<, M<injsiciir," she roplipil, '* l«it it U with j«jt- 
Whn wriLitil not ht\ jn'oud of fiitrh ii ilutiglitei% utid nf 
ftilHi II trilruU la ltt*r ^eiiiii^? " 

Tlwrn Jife ffw favH'iti^H uf lh« iJiiliIic lo-dny wLo 
h:iv« nut fought tliL-ir way tii thu fiuiit ia<:li b^ jucb, 
mho hiiti' not f^amtl^'c'il in^jr)'t!iN>'5 for their jirl.» tniliiij 
thn>u<3h llio duv t.h:it thi» wurk of the night might 
nhou" iiiiprovpiin-iU — very few who hnvc not »i>rv«d 
yc-irs <if HiJj>rriiTt('i'.*hi|i mi \hc. ntJi^- Ui-frwr? tho niiw 
ntmit of rtiiiriV!X4 nrrivi'd. Auil lIiIh \mj* iiH<n tho ni!(.i 
oiwuyH. NHl Ciwyniie, thtf Itsti-^glrl, whoKts liotiuty 
aiul lii'ight ivpririen uUnirrt:d tht* uf tuiiLSori of Lui?v't thd 
HL-lnr, M/id wh<» |iiuh]k<d oniii^a lu Uur iiudttiiict TH*for« 
sbc Itrgrtii t<] :iiiiu«p them oit the 8[:igG, nniunged with'- 
ont niurh trouble, »nd during n >4hon stngQ ex|ierl«l]08, 
to win thit IkieoI (>rch!irtr<r^ IK* who inad^ h«*r hia mis* 
tn>M ■lid rc'trtlni'il \wr while he lived, his |>artiuj|; 
wonU \o thciKO ground iii* dtifiCh-btid hcifig, ■* See that 
|»oorKidly dof'«i/i stiirv*? ;" but Nolly did stj*rv^, Sbo 
diod h\ ji4>v<*ity nnd k^l\. ci Ihie of dukoA Iq pctrjxttitata 
her |)]et>ciaii blood in rayid virimt. She died ia 
Novi'iiibor, IGH'^ iu birr Ihirty-siivonlb ycur. 

Lobt Mont^'Jt, iho pntly Iriuh girl who in bor fotir- 
t4»ntb yviXT otopod with otio Cupt. Janica to aroid a 
dlftogrooublo niArrm^, acoom|mi(iod him to ladia, 
Trlicrc they got muttmlly tired of eiicb other iindn^ 



tumjug to Englnml »ttt(liei] cUncing uiiij wctit on ibo 
VtBgO, was BDOCht-T of tllOU» faHUUTilr stnJ iintoitiniiLto 
fiuclnftllng women wlionw Viwa l\uh ^wxy fiut nnil 
who uder a. brief bt^y-dziy of luxari^i liu down in mg> 
und poverty to seek a ijoedoti rest that la noviTi- lirokon. 
She won the hearts of kiofrSp led a revoluUou in 
P%»lani1r and finally, aft«i- being driven from Iier Bara- 
mn caetlo vhoro, »« Countess of Lnusfield ebe bud 
ruled, and etniniiii; a brief hour in London in male 
nttiro, dioiJ in tbU country Jaouftry L7, 18IU. Uer 
iuho« rost in GroenfvooJ Omotery, but sbo was d&red 
from a piAUpor'« gnu'c only through the chiirity of 
iionic friend. During her lifo* »ho hnd Uirovrn uwnj 
niilliong. Falling the hufibnnd of Maudo Urangor, is 
the noa of tbo man with whom IjoIu Montctx had her la^^t 
Cftcapadc, Fatliit, ^r., dt^Aerting hifi family in New 
York to accompany LoU to ^n Francisco. Her real 
name waaM^no Dolorea Klita Koa|mnim (SJIbert. 

Another child of genius whom wiiywiirdneM »nd 
frailty brought to an cuily gnivo wna Adelaide MtCord, 
better hnowu to ibo worW a« Adah isaacs Menken, 
tiho was born near New Orloans. June l^t 18'35, and 
when still young went on tho &tdge as a ballet dancer 
in ono of the theatre* of the Crescent City. She had 
been expelled from school, and tiriu;i of her nrUiro ril- 
h^e, whero ^hc had (^ivutvd n .<«c^n:«aLion hy emf^nwiiig 
tli« Jewish faithj slic mnde the jcmniey to Srw OiIcanA, 
nntl iPi I haru aaid went on the slage. Hin' cstroer 
Iheru wa?* not a very hrilUant <m*i until she hv^-ut play* 
hig ^fitxr■pJnt, ibt irtii'L witli t^'hieU her nainw hu» bntca 
been Identified. Prior to ber t.inio m^n Lad a|)|>eared 
in thii roll*, fler ffrfit ^tj^peamiiee wa« on Moadny 
night, Juiw 17, 1^«1, in ihe Green Street Tbeatra, 
Vw TrM^, then under the ninnageniGnt of Capt. John 
Smiili, On tile ^%'st nttpinpt to go tip th« run tho 

A l^W FOm^UOHT FAVOlirTfcfl. 


ht)Tse uiitT makhi^ one liirn full, ci-»tihi]i^ iKrougb tho 
aeoucry witli The* M4.>Tiktii on tin hack. Hnv^ and tidur 
were picked up, niid iili^r some dolay llw iiscvut waa 
mnde omidst a grem dotd of tuiiliiHinsm. TIk< iLpjWJir- 
anooof BO boaLilhuln^Toman na Mi*nk(?ii in Uii* a(?iirt'ity 
of clotlitu;* tlL:it Mttz^ppn i^quirofi ci^alud ji fumr'?, 
and from tUut time h&i' eu<^co^B wzie a^^uredn ^he 
fought «p'irit(?dlj in tb« combat sae^no, br«akm£* her 
foi'd rind oihorwijflo won tin* pood opinion of her 
in^t jULrliv<ni-i.'. I'roTious lo thin 8lio hnd marriod 
Alexundt^r Mcnkt^ii, a inmiduii in Gsilvc^ton. but 
by ihift liint^ uIao *ho hud ohtiiincd nn liiiiiunn 
dlvorco, Whilo ill Now York Hbi> nut Johii V. Ih'C* 
nan. fre&h fr"iii hid viotorj' over Join Sar*>i"% iniJ 
after a brief couHchip nurrivd biru. Aiiutbci- Iiidiuna 
divoivo soon dis^olvt^t tliiB knot, n* it did ii lliini time 
in tho case of Orpheus C\ Ktrr (Uoht. H, Ncwtll). 
AU tbi« time hor fumo waa gi^owing:, She wont to 
London, imd iiflcr pwrttinji; tbc Ko^h^h inotrfipoli^ on 
tiiX! wilb her beauty ivtiimnl to ^c^v York, where alio 
mruTi<^d Ji;nic-^ Bnrrlny, u mcrohaiH, ni wIki>o mniii^ion 
■bound her friciKU \\A*\ .-lurti wild or^ii:-i Ihitt EtirrlAy 
wart glint vtXww nhrr fled h* Puri^, wbrri>?<ho win.Hlm'tcfln 
down in tbc muUt of Ikt mud nn^cr, tn 1^(38, Thfi 
brirf *mt expressive cpttJiph, "Thou kiiowiMt," in 
Orit'Vi-d iJ|roii Xwv timdi. 

Mnry Aiidetsim, the iiitgedienne, U tfa« moat phe- 
noiiLtinal bulcisa i>f Jjite yijin. Sho was btwii July 28, 
1859, ill Sucraniouttr. Ciilifoiiiiu. IUt |Minfiiti9 ro- 
niiived to Louisvillu whcu %\\e yfiv^ one }Var and n half 
old, luid Ihero «ho wriA vdnnit(id in the UrrtLdin^T Con- 
vwt. Bbu had a bvnging to \t^ an nctn^nn fn^ni 
1t«r wirlii-sit y<^]ir<« nnd iill 1i<*r re^idm^ l«odcfd in 
fhu [lirv^c-lioti «f lbii wUi^'iv Shi? w^h (nki^ii away fmm 
a[?hord at the age ofthirtvH^u, In purautf het ntudiea fur 



the profcanioti to ^vhich »\ie HCdtnud to be tto etrongly 
iiiclmcd. At tLtr &$;*> of fifteen ehv wcot to Cinoiniiuli 
to eco CLurlotlo CuQhinaii &ct< Wliito tboro she 
called on Mi88 Ouehmaiit who^id abocouM give hvt 
onljr a fivo-miDuto ftadicnce. Miaa Andorsoii recit«d 
pA09agG0 ftx»ni '■ Hichnrd lU./' 8cliiUer'» " Miu J of 
Orleans/' and '■Uanikt/' She i^emaiuod wiib Mies 
CiMbmaM tbroo hours, and tbo :?roat Actrea« had ^ach 
Gtiitfid«iioe in bcr tAlonts thnt ebi? told ber to tiady a 
ftiT boura each day for a year and tbcn she might go 
on the sto^. Till? Mi»» Anderson did. An accident 
of Ff>itic kind or other Ivft Mtu^-aulcy's Theatre in Louis- 
¥iilo witli a balurdu^' night for vrhh-.h ibcro was no at- 
tnu*tion- Mncuulcy knrw Ali.-k^ AiKlcman'^ dc^ii^ to 
go oil the Htjtf^'i-, and mtrelitig \u'.v iiUJi>*CAihvv, Dr- 
Ihiniihnii (Bi'iftln, in thi? nl-rRi^t, told hitu lht?girl, ^ho 
wii« then (HtU- ^ixtciMl, mi^ht have; IIjo Iht^jttrc thalp 
night. Mi^t AndnrMm waa ovcrjojmL She chtiMo 
JuHri for hi^r iIi'IhjI., *£ot h ittstunie Insrncdlv tojjHhcr 
luidurit-rtiitT' jnhi'iii?^al iii\^ thiT?*- diijH^ [rrnimiTLfiinii ^41- 
[icttrvd htfforu a larg« audiente, and made a deaidinl 
hit. ThiH wa'^ on November 27, l«jfl, Miit-iaule^ wiis 
AU> |deM-i«d with tho dohulante that he gave berhiii flritt 
open tiwctk nt st:irring terms. She then went to St. 
L(MLk, in M^irrfii IHTH, and Aildod greatly to tho r«]ku- 
tution nh<» hiid won in hpr Innin dtv- Mr. John W, 
Nnrt<ii> isMjijiortrd bt»r, TVrii Ditjijir wnL licr tn.hi» 
I^<«w 0r1cuiH4 Thi-'alic, rtnd whih* hi tht* CntAC^nt City hIih 
w?irt prflspnt<'d, by tb<* dlixrn*, vrllh « <7h4^('k for $.^i(>0. 
ttud \hri yCii*X\\x\^Xm\ nrtUlcry pri'-'acntrd bpr u-iih a 
jowelled liiuign nf iba hatliklioii. Koturning 10 Loiii»- 
riUo ;L<riin xhc coiiliiincd her Aiudic*)i Ihniugb tbo t'Om- 
n\ }w<zait ifitiimn^ tho ro1lowi[ig ^eaa^jn, and haft Iwcii 
tfDroth<< i>uh1io ever since. Sbo l« a young lady of r^- 
■narkahk- ti^r&oual beauty. Inlollij^tit and aocom- 


A PEW l^OOt-UOat riVOKlTEft. 


p1iiiti«i1, II hnnl uLuikuL, and mie of |]io tioNc!«t mid 
faiit-r<t iii hf r fpx iliiiL ever Hdmiictl the fttnge, 

LivLta ?kn<nioii Crslitree, anotlier oflhc vcv^- wicci 
ftil women i>ri tlio »Ui^, ami niir <»f llir liri^jlitt^Ht wiu- 
brottea lluil ever ddi^hli^d n jmhlif, w»h tiom at No. 
750 nn>.idwji_v. New York. n\t Nnrrmhin' 7, 1H7> lu 
1H54 her pciiplt^ mtiovnl U> diUfumm, uiiJ LoUa 
in»iKi hiT fir^t njiiK!Hniiiou fiii a xlu^ti ut H t.'onccrt <;iTcii 
&L I^|t»rL ; }jt*r tn'mnd iijijii-iiniiici* wuh ;it IVt^liiiiMi in 
1S3S, when «hti jilnvtJ 6Vr/rtiiff in '*The Loan of A 
I^vor." Shu tttrirred, thuy nay, for two year^ n» 
Petlle Lotln. Boforo *lie mude her Jip|>f arnncMi in Nrw 
Tork wo h^ar of hor in &in Fraiicisro at Hurl* Nnw 
Idt^a and GilUert's Mtdudoon -^conciTt )t:diKinN — 
wh^ro Jo9 MtirphT, Durnard, Cottoii, P«M, Rtirfmiik, 
Billy Shcppnnl, Bjckiu and otbci' prninineiit min'*tnd* 
woro oii'Ttigrd. Till* Wort-^li Sisl<*ri*, Mn^^iiT MrHm 
(]io«r Mn». WUIiiimiian) and Lotta wtri'c in tho ponu 
pnny, uth! ihuix** jfit'at rivalry hHwt-on thoin al llw 
time* Tho theutiv waji crowduii wory night up to th« 
clofle of the Jirat part id whit^h tlioi-c wuj a '* walk 
around," hi whioh the girU €«ler«d inlo Itiu ItveliLvit 
kind of aconipi<tition» Each did hcT utimt^t to out- 
dttiK'G lli«} other. Haul) fa^roiitii Lad her li^iit of 
&dmir«ri» aud the demonsti'utmn on the p^rt of tlii^ 
RudidQcc wiw iiitonee. After lUo " widk ai*outid'' Ihe 
houM> bt^cunio atnioat omptytshowins; Uiat thie wa« the 
nUnictiv^ fojiturr. Lotta wui Tory ambitious, and 
wbcnovor fth<; failed lo tcoro a triumph *bc wotild 
njtir« to k(T drc^iag-rooin ojid cry bitterly. From 
Stn FruncUro her pjircntJt trwk her to Now York, 
where *hc f avc her Hrrt jjcrfommncc at MWo':* Saloon, 
Judo It 1**^. She wnj«n"t a nuccriiff in New York, so 
she wrnt to Chlcaj^onrul jilnycd " Thu Seven Sifitera" 
m McVkker's. Fortuno In-gan to Kiiiilo on hor there* 



lliflii l»egaii ftUmnj in " Tb« Freodi Sp/," " Tbo 
Vourtg PHiic^," nntl Itko pl^ij^H, but Uid niTlliiiig remark- 
ahlo until, as I h^iTa aliv:iily saifl, tbo maJo & hit in 
" PaaclioUf" Mu ucjuptntirmcf U«argo SjiodVa uovel 
"La Pclit« FiwlctU,'* Following thia came '^Jimo 
Eyre," "^Thc IVml of Savoy," and '* Mipnou," 
MUm Alilrlu^U hiw aj|in.^u>d a forhiiio W hnr vir»rt:«. 
ItiM' imiuc! utr the Aljijje in Mrs. Piwldouk, elus liuvmg 

t ■■I'll ^ ' nil' 'ri\ 

married Mr. Ucury Padduck, of CVvcUnd, Ohio, in 
Tuyj, New Ym-k, Octohcr !5, 1868, 

Batma AMiott, llic line^t of Am<;ni;an l/iic artiatoB, 
After the ti«uid frcidcrf of an umMtiouA childhood and 
tlie tml« cf an ii|)enitic truittiii^ in Milrm and Psria. 
int4 given ^ London t:ii^affeuicnb hy Mi\ Gyo ft^id 
mado her d<?^iit at the Royal Itulian Opera, Corcnt 
OHtdcn, ou May 2, 1976. 'Vhe debut was a sucq«Mj 

A VKMT rooT-Litiirr rAVORfT)». 


athI with the con^UiiUitioiL orA'ioLi<]«. tbo he^L wi^hc»« 
oraU who knew be r, unci llie pfpdktirinft oftlip ho»il 
jiif!gp« of vorjil nuL'^ic th:it hhe hnrl a hnlliaiir. i'lUurt* 
nhcnd of h«r, »ht^ itet nut on a tour of tliQ )trov1iK-c»«, 
viiigiiigtliroii^li Ko;;lrLruI riti^l TrpUnil :iiii1 rvi^rvwli^rr 
winiiiiij^ tliu liivo unrt :i{ipUa<i> of llio ])(-o|)1<<. Ki'tuni- 
lug to her own country tlif ;tL'tiA(i> ^vo t<vci M^Aftoiu of 
CoiKeil8, nnd btr^ii to sing llglit oporn. Sbo Iih4 
crejtl^il the role of Vir^itita io •* Puul and Yir^^liiin," 
And (/if/fWiii " liomeo niiil Jijliot,'' liotU uhivh u[ior!Lg 
sbo introduced here, Hor n^i^nory includes, lK'«i(J(^« 
tho two named, " Mi^jnoti," '* Maritrtn^i," "Tho 
Bi>hc[iiijiii Girl," ** lliji-thii/* »• Jl Trovjilora," und 
" Fiiiwt/' Slio lutK u nwoiM, clciu", crj'T^lnlliin' voifc, 
ffhiuh »liiT UHua to t^itjut olfotl, is a i-Imniuii;r l:"ly per- 
Boually, a curvl'ul, {»iru, and ctier^tit; utti^ie, ^lud 
altogelhor wholly dcs<M-vos Ui bo etilled, aa she I0, 
*' HoDost Littio EmntAp'' 

M.irioti Klmoro, u chnrniiJij; littlo ^oubiV'tLo -wltn 19 
looking iiftor Lottti't Uiiir^dr", U n DiUive of KtJi{l;uu1 
mid iuiit Uc<m <jit tlio «ln^ iiiiiuci lim' tliii'd ytuir, Imvrig 
tlwn |dny<3d Ma/fnie with Joo Ji^floriioij w •■ Kip Vjiu 
Wtuklo." Sho wuM bom in l^(}l> ia a lent on Ihv ^'olii 
fieldd of Siiiidluirdt, AufsU^lia. Sbe cuphi to ilii» 
OOLilKry with Lydin Thoni|ifeou h\ 1S78, and playt-vl in 
burlosctno uittil tlio 60j16oii of l^^^l-;^ when ^bo took 
aeoiibi^cttcpiirt in >Villio tkionin*?** S|m-hri/* ShoU 
now eturriugundur tho n]:ui:i*;cnicntof Ilnydon <£ Dam 
ill " Ciiifipa," a Crtlifornin pljiy. 

Edwin llooth, tho ilIn5triou.-« son of JaititH Briitii4 
Booth, wti* horn at licliiir, near Uiiltlmoro, Mnrylund, 
in November, iii'6'*^, Ilo wtw hi« falhur"* d[V:*"*r-r, 
ftoc^mpuoyin^ him on all \m tiftir:i, nnd ircwivin^ fj-»[ii 
lum loMoui IQ biMnonbai. On Boptumlxir 10. 184!^, 
he mode hU firat ap|>caraQc« nl tiie Bodtou Mudoum aa 



Trt-!Ufil, ill - ItiainnltlL," ami r>ii Muy 22, 18IK>, 
a|i|>t«;tn.'<l :il llin Aix*li BlrfinL Tlivtiitrct, PliiWIi^liihlii, us 

Wii/ord, III iliL' ^'Irfjii t'hwit," 111 18^11 lie lUsliii- 
gumlici] liiiii^^-lf hy \>\-i\'ui^ " Rirlianl TIJ./' Jtt llro 
ChuDmniTluyitrc, NVw York, in tlir-|>liK'nof Iiis fiillwr, 
vthit IiehI fli^jqipoinlc'il. IHa lir»L inilr|>rku1(-iit npjttvir- 
lUir*^ ill t!n" Mirl.nnM^li'*, huwirvcr, wris iii:ul« «i! Mmv 4, 
IflAT, Jiii flichmtl /"//., iiLtlin|Mi1ilan, «flj?rwanl» 
Ihf- Winlcr O^iriKni Tlit':ilTt*. In 18M li« w<.tiiI t(> Cnli- 
foniiti luii] theiico wdiiilered lo tbo Buriilwirli IhIhilOh 
and Ausiraliji in 1854» In I8i^7 h» ruluriieil to New 
Tork- Ho Wfis liru>wii jt* im Jirtnr of iiT>iIiTy, hut it 
was licit inilil liU fnitimiA rii^aj^'juiicJiU at iTic Winter 
GiirilriL tlisit hr hii<-i!i<4*i)<'i1 in niTikiTi*; vi rriillv j>i-ofinintl 
iinpro*>timi cm llro [mlitio. DuHn^ \\\\* iiaiinl *'Hiiin- 
\ei" run mw tiiindi't-^t! iiij^b1-« iini) Mr. Bocitli iit ont^ 
i^U^i|>t*d l<> n ri>it.'iiK<Bt ponUiun boluit* tlit- |>ii^>Iio. HU 
<IUiu1n>UA [uveslmenc In ib« ihentre that )>ni-o hb 
nnnio In New York 1^ well known, li L-onij>e]1od liim 
to;;o iuto Imnkruplt-j' in 1^72, Mnfi> whirh timo h© 
hns hti^w iho nit>*t Huot'twfiil of Amorionn Uitr«, He 
hii*< l^opn twiro ma-iTit-O — to Mnry Hcvlin, \\\\ noirosa 
in l«fil, who iJit'd Eit Isd^, aijd to Miuy JVErVick^r, 
dftughtrr tjf f1. H. Mt'Vit*k4U\ of Chiciijjo, wdin tlit^d iq 
18SL lli*« HamlH I« Iha lltienii Iiiti*r]irL.tution of that 
chirtU]t<ir on llic Atnerlcnn el-ufc, mid iIiim wiih Jif-r- 
tui-cio, in " Tbo Fool"* R<?V€ngo," und Brutwt, ara liU 
best hnporaonatione. 

Joho McCiilloiij^h, IhoUfrh born in IMaixI, cnint* to 
thia ct>iintry vfhpn Vflryynun;;, lio vras pmjt und uii 
oi'pbaiiiAnd jsavcrtylmd li«oi " Iookin;^bintl1iodoor" 
of the liumldo homo n<h«ro he puiiHtNd liU boylinod for 
many II ycni'. Vot lUa Icumit fjinn which hia father 
held WAS oncti tbtf pndo of all tUo ootiiilry round, ad^ 
ihc fibild'A curliest recoUooUons cuHoJ to riuiid u huppy 

A FEW potn-uairr FAroiiiTHs. 


time vvbicli t<*o soon, nhit, pa,^^^ ftvrftv. His motkor 
bnJ dioii whvn tlie ^n \riifl n nmrc \a^\, antl rai^fortiiiictf 
Ciimo not sm^ly l>iiL in hft^Vi uftiv thnt boi-mrnncnt* 
Sir Ilnrvcy Urueo, tho hiidlonl <tf" tht? c^liUc, though 
a kindly iiiiin, aa Mr. \[t:Cunoii^li ti-jfllivil, diiiinod ]\h 
I*gni ri-jht*, nmlall that nppi'iluini-d Ut Uic *-jil3it<' hi'hl 
Uy the fimily hm« taken [josHeiisEon of liy luw, uitil 
fiither aiul .<«oii ilrivcii out iVom Uiejr huUK?. 

"HowirHI I iTfcTiU thctiinr," swiUMr, McCiilhiugh, 
"ami i^vyiy riCt?nc utjil huriiknt of thnt t^viriioii — jih it 
woulO, ] 9Ljp[>Ei?^r, \h- aiUfJ unvr. I WHS zi lj*jy of 
Al>oijt Lwi^lve yenrs or m>, unci the giviiti^At trbl to me 
"wfl* the ^uhs of :i iHiijy vrhii-h 1 pristrd ninit bighlv. I 
couHii'l ln'ur Lo [lart wilh ihu |iotiy, :iiii] Sir Hnrvoy 
Bruce, who ftuw my griof ettid kiufir it^ rtiiiiK', kindly 
»rrjiiigi>il iimtti>r>« jm timl Wfun* long t w!i>* tiliW loTsiU 
thii ^uuiiirkl oiirc iiioi'i> my ou'iu 1i wiu an iwL of good- 
iie»* tvhidi, uf couiso, I have ntsver furji^'otteii-" 

Not loLtg lifter ihc eviction lh« father dkd, and tbo 
boy wiiK kft In tlio cufl* of an iiikclo. But, like tboii* 
Hinds of ivlhom, young ML'CulloTi^h had hoard of the 
land of frtfodmn >>(>y<ind the Atlantic, nnd it wng not 
\tii\i; hcfoTQ bo dccidi^d to Iciivd kindred and frl^udi^t 
and tf"3ok a Iii>m<* In AnitTka- With idl his «ar(hly 
pod0«»»ionct in a bundlo tho young hid hmd«rd ftt Jsctv 
York, niid with ch^inicteriatio pluck ond oncr^y Iwgiin 
the hrttllc for oxistonce. Uo followed variouK ciiDIn;^, 
but niton Mlw'tihia him the tfcttirr to hconnio itii iK^tor, 
Fortuuiil^ly tho foreman of a chnir fiiclory in Phihi* 
d<<t|diia. whtT« be wu* cm]>ioyod. sympatiiiiEod with ibo 
&»pii^jtti>iis of tho future nrtor, uud odvn Hudiod wiili 
Win Ih© irreiit Shakcspoiirvrin tni^odiofl hi which Mc- 
rulloti>:h aftcrwiml alt^iunl [*iK-h rt'nown- 

It was in the winter of IH57 that tho yonng A«pimnt 
for Tht'st^ian hooor^t fir^ialix^d upon the fluff: ; ;ind bo 


1 yh,Vk tTiK/t-LiOUV lA\KflH7t^. 



CALIJ^ HEroaC tub CtiKTAiy. 

'^^ffVt in PUiljH|rl|jtiiii \u» pniftstsioiiiil tuixrcr tit ibo 
"imiifii^ciil skJatj' 111' $4 ti wt?i"k- For tw^eral ^c^ummih 

A FEW rotrr-unuT rAvoaiTKs- 


he nctod iho *■ liejivy villniiL " Muv in the ShnlccApojiruaii 
dmniAt nitd fiinOt* fili'»dy iTi4>n)veiii(>iit In hid art. A 
grfrat rvnit in hvn niv*^vr wii* liis a^Dgugijiiient to sup- 
port the ^wiii Furrt'M m lH<i:! ; fur it gjivo him oppor- 
tiiiiiti<^8 wTiu b frucb -A mai) rL« Mt'Ctilloiigh vvii« not i\ov 
to improve, Tho gi-flud quulltle^ which m^irkrd 
Forrpst'* iwtiug wt^iv iin'lo Ihe auhject i>f oiireful ^Ludv 
hy iho y<'iing iwrlor. and To-ilay John Mi'Ciill**ii^L \i* va- 
cognlzcd ewn'tt'hef^ a* the ^uccosbor lo the famous 
AmeHcun tr-'i^'t-dUiK TIU csircdr ^* an aictor, iiiter- 
mpteil only W !i lirjof mimn^roriil cxpei-iencc ill Sjiti 
FniucUco, hax l>ccn oiio e^f «ioAdily int^rom^Jtip; 3«uCGC»d- 
Joliti McCtilUjugh'n utMTfinjx <*x[Kin(?tii'« diUes from 
only n fovr ywirH biu?k ; yd hi* ii)i|)ri'^onKtiont, with 
pocrWi» Virf/iniim nl thu hc^^ul, hriv^t won fumo »dU for* 
tuiio ill nW purU of th^^ couotrv, niid friiiuud iVfr liim 
ttUo tllI^ hi^fho'^L hoiLom im the Kii;];lL9lk atiiu^e. 

J. K' BniiikoU, orJot^ Bnitiii-Ht, ad hu id fikmilinrly 
cal[<*d thv vrorld oroi, vra^ bom m ^t. Luuifi ou Mlu-uL 
23. IS-Uh Hi3 oiirly had a pcLK'hniit for tho tfto^o, 
nnd could rntik btmi?t4, pluy ik di'itm or thi n aoiig and 
<Unco OJ1 II cellar-door bottor timii Any of bid com- 
puniona. He l>c;^nn life he n pointer, hut soon left tli<t 
pot iind hrtif^b for the oUigfi of I Ik ?>t. Loiii* Uoworr, 
wLero hi* spcdulfy vthh UuUjh " wi>odun-?*b«o bu«- 
ueas.** Ho could mw^ linrly, urul wils iie^ ^niccrul >l3 a 
vomnn. 80 poputiir did he hc^c-oiiic in hia line thai 
Diin Brytviil cii^^'cd him r>r hi-^ New Vitrk Uumie 
in 186G. Two ecaaooa luter (HiarlcA (aayUr ^rroto 
" Fntz," II uomtMiffical play witlioiiL rhyme or rco^iu 
uiid Eujmi?Lt ojK-iied with ll ui UutTalo. Hb «ii?ceM 
wad imIiireiXTiit ^ tiiH, but withiu aahoittimo" Frits" 
and KiiiiiieH Wi-siuu^ the- nigc, uud for Sftccn yoJirif tbo 
^leople Imro atliLtlly run after thia star. IIU OLinw 
and play will till any tbcAtrc in the United tituU's, and 


A rt:W FDOT-LrailT FAVOlII'n». 


111 iiiAiiy pliifT-* imf.f(ii)» of ihu t'riitril Sifit4>:i. TIrr is 
tho ^roiit jit^t (if tlio putilic. Timi! iiiul n^iln lin^^ lie 
di&ii|)|Hj]iEltii! tbi-*m, liuL il iwikffn uu iliirt-n-iR-i- ; Oio 

Uii^ru ill tliToiiga. Joe KEiinietl lia* fmnds llm whdo 
woili] t>vei', Atid hf? lb H'olonii)e<l huiI ailinirtH) ev^r^* 

John 1\ Rnjni«nir* real fir»ite is Jolm T. 0*Brit*u, 
He beeainv Ma-fi.^-tlT'ijrlc \Tiij3v (.'krkin;^^ in a »ti)i'L\ uiii] 
»ft«r fi l>rit*f .itnrUi'itr PXiMncnrv itijulc hU first nppear- 
aii<rt* on ihv |irnfp»»i(iiiiii *iii|^ rm l^tprs^ in ** Tim 
linnovniDoit/' on Jiiu« 27, IHri^, hikI jiIujfivI rorqrjy 
wilh viirviug fni'tune unlit 1H7J, wlivn " Thr Oiltlril 
Ago/* tfhirh luiil tx^*n 4lrmu:iti//-Hl, u-iu tnxiii^hl unl Ht 
Itochdfil^i', N<fw Turk, on Angtii^t Bli<t, nii<l In* miu1<T!in 
imilipnKB hit ii* Cf>L .l/ji'ierry SfiftfrJf. Xexl to 
Vtflonet Sfil^rSj iloliii T, Ravunnjfi's t*uduritig pcvjfu- 
loTity reitatipontU imi*&r*onaUoaof ^r^*/»/^i^^m^rt- 
ean, lii th« dinmn of th:it mmic, wbkh Iiu U tiov 
im|>cr^>imtlnf^ tliroughoiii tho counrrr* In canuectlcn 
with InitU hiH host knr»n']i pnrls Mr. Knvmond uiny ti« 
«aiU Ift hiiv'o " miiilr '" iho plnys thoy are frajneil in, 
ITithoiit tbpiii ihfiMit pIuvA would )h» Hut, and iQ aitiy 
other humU thun hlv tlic L-hai-iu:tvrK whu^h ralievo th^'in 
ofthiu CHJ ill m would h^ risi^iiJ. It U tho nctoKrtArt 
and |i4ir«ohnl iTi]i^'iK*Ei%m ulnno whu^h inuko tlii^ni what 
they uro — nuoi^Cdxc^. A jcooJ iitory, whctlici- it bo 
truo or not, ia 1'd[| iilxtut K-iynkond und Jr>hn M<4\d- 
lough. Th(( latter \taB u^k^Ml Ut up\tciir u* lui/omar, 
with Mt>iM Andt-Taon ns Part/tenia, ai a beuodt ptM-form- 
nnrc for a frt^nd. As nti nddJtioDu] iiiduroEncnt iho 
hcticlidary ftfiltod Riiymoud to yUy J'oJytioy, " C«r- 
Iniiily, witli p-wit iJl**aBiir(H,*" gaiii ^^^Here : <*J wiU 
travid one ihouunti] mika any timo to phiy/'c/yf^ to 
k<'4tilftugL'ii lu^mar" Th« bappy mtiu run off to 



toll hi« gti<nl lofLuno to AEoCullo^i^b ; bul iho tv.ifio- 
<liuii, in hia dtHjpoHt Vn-*iitiiua vtiivc, univrcroiX hiui: 
'• So, eir, iievm-, iiov4ir aj^iti ! Once mtd out/' Tb« 
oxpluimlioit of Muc'a iHifii^I to hnvo Rjiytoond In tho 
taat U given a^ IV^llow^ ; — 

It ,^oems Hiatal li ctirliLih Lcnolit in Viripnift City, 
"Ir^omar*' wa* tho play, M^. MpUiillougii«utttuiuing 
tbo titU- Toliz* anfl Mr. KiiymonH ]^Ui_vc<l I'ol^dnr, Pohj^ 
*/or, it will 1)0 rfincint'f^ruO, i* Ihn 'M *irct*k Ouffor 
who hov a mort^g'f on Jftfroji^n n>al cMulc, and prcBt^iVL 
for payment in hope* lo p^l Purt/icttt'ir' !* hard in nitir- 
rkgc, Th«i iicrrrnmun(?(> wi?ii1, IjcautifuUv, and ihn 
ajipluiifl^T waa libiMuI, fur M<tOu1IuUj;1i wa? pluying hU 
boftt. Kayiuoiur >vas the «r»f>kcde«t and moift miserly 
o{ Poli/iLrs, and I ho ftiivji^c iji tensity ho thicw ixiUt hi*^ 
acting siirprittc*! all who imagined he conUi only plaj 
light comody. Alt went more tlian well unlll /nffonuir 
offered' binif*cir as a ^lavf in Pith/'hr in payment of 
iVyrr/a*'* liUle account. " Whnt. you?" acix^amed 
PoJydftr, and, appttMJtttty t>vero;Jtne hy the thouj!fht. 
ht* *'tnok ^ Iinid'lt..** ami fell forward a|>r»n h\^twir, 
Inffomttr »iv\>[ivd hnck in dismay, wUtrti i\jffjd^r^ on all 
founi, crt^>t n'miMy huhreon bU hliirdy lcg« and U'i(^d 
to climb up oil his back. The audtetiexi *' took a turn* 
blct" and Ibo roof qniveivd and the wnlla shook with 
roai> uf bugbUr. "I) — n yaw^^* groiined iiurffnar^ 
*ofio VfxVt"U I <inly bad yon at tbnwiugn?" But 
Pfihjflor nimbly t*lndri) bl-i ^rjup, niid, kiUH'king ri;^ht 
ami kfl. the do/^!n mijh^h, wbn w*-it? in\ aa Hn^ aniiy, he 
akipptMl U> the fh-out of Iho ata^a mid climbed uii 
onl 4rf rvach of the projt<rtin^ tuouldinv^ (tf tho pro^- 
oeiilum- Mi^ro be cUing, and, to make niatt^'Pf 
worac, ^^iinied rhe^rfully at the pur^nei^ he bad 
BiHrnpi^d, «nd raipully worked Ihe plrin^j of a trirfc wig, 
the long liair of which flapped n[i and down in iho 


mo-tt Imlioronv f:tshion^ It vras HTiposAiblo lor Iho play 
toprfHfed, and the euilaln vaa nii^ riowii, 1«iaving 
PbJiftfor kIiM nu his l«iA_v pcnh. wliilv llie juulience 
InughfHl juid Himtiird JlMiilf ho:tn^. Aiid tlii* U tho 
TWLKon why Mt-. Mr4^i1loiigh H.ii<], "No, fttr, nnT^r 
HgHin ! *' til Mr. R:iyiiutiiiri4 oflVr 

PAT TEJm-mxDS rW •• ntLLRR TAn.OD< 

I D3»y Jutd that Among Itio young ix^ople of Uu^etn^ 
w)30 are (iott:f<tM<HJ of thiit pci^wiinl iiuigiiciivm that 
tiiakc!^ them populnr, h Fay Toini-lcton. who is not 
only j>rt'Lty. but Lliunju^^lily ongiii^O. 



If thcCliiiiosfi mtiict go tlicy will hnvc to clos<^ up 
tbo brjro tliivui^ft ill Sau Fraudico ovvnedand coii- 
Irollcd by C^ketial m£kiiiigcr4> Ii; theae toniploa of 
tlid ulmond'^yM Th^^^pU cxtfaordinnrv plays arc oii- 
Bffted niDiiin^ ihrou^^K mouths und ovoii y«jLr», in n 
t<>-b(vc<ont]iiiicrl *lyl<>, for, tlio Chincsp dnimaHRt, who 
IK-Vor writcfl atnytliii^g '>(it trujl^v of tho wil<lo)(t uiid 
mottt liiirrowin^ kiml, idwiiy^ W<piiK wil^ tlio Mitb of 
h)« 1101*0 <irh<Troini> /mil flooN not let tlio morc'fct iiu'id^nt 
pasa until lii» ov Ikt frivnd-N iiro rcaily to nit down to a 
feast of roaot pi^ au<t rioo hy tlic dido of thv pi-iiidpul 
character's ;jrav4», Ttic dratn^ts art' mainly bislonoal, 
>nd mnny n CliiiaatUftu wbo etarta in to ^cu a Crat-ilass 
play of tijo avTsrago long^th ia on Jii^ way Wck to China 
ia a ooltin or box wtth liis cuo neatly faldod around 
him lor n litinttl robe, Longboforo the ]»»t act oftlic 
drama i.t n:achod< So, too, the wtnr uctors Ircqncntly 
dio bcfi>r<f they )mvo tinio to finish the pUy. I don't 
kaow tlmt any Amcricati bjut cv<^r bad tb« paticDCO 
to vait for tbo dotintiumcat of a Cliin^r^ic dnunn* biit 
to tho »^bffiY>u-Ak>iineJt faon^lmir^iunncuiitetl aiid 
ataDling<«yed ciliKi^ti of San Frin^^inix), }i\» theatro Ua, 
plBCQ next lit Liiiportatuo to tbt« Jo»3 Hoitfw er tvmpl«, 
and when be once buys his icajf-n ticket for a ftliow, be 
sticks to it mlh n perliuacity tb;it would put an ordi- 
nary glue or cement ailvcrtixcmeut to tho bluah* It 10 
tbo same, too, ^beu tbey patioul^ a theatre iu wbieb tbo 




ftitiToumlitigx mid 1nngii4go nio Gnglivfa ; tmvo in UioiP 
ft^iil^, llir*y wtny — f»r;p»Iling I'vcii ta ^o mil Wcvremi 
tho twtM Cnr nu op^ni-jrluM uru haUhr of poji. 

But to Twlurn to ilw CUiiio»o thtai™. Il* isiterior 
ditTcr« very litibt from ihe intorioi" ni lUe plaevd of 
lunuht'ment fi"i*ijueTiU*(l l»y bi* Amcriuim Urolher. Tbe 
general contour an<l anaugoaient of the auditorium ie 
prctt^F' much tbd »ame. The nion »il to^^otli^r on 
bcQobce parlitbiiod off into sJii^lc iOMta iu Ujo lower 
portion of th« boiH©, or pit, witli llicir licUo round 
hAts on* and iLoir pip^s or ci^^ok in thoir mouth« ; th« 
Iidies, wlifini-^ not uIIoivikI tnlo tho maid portion of th« 
auditorium, hav4> gali4?n«v for thvm««lvo« wliiniiro tbcy 
look down upon Ibo lictiont of their nude fri^mlM 1>e^ 
low. Fvorvwbvi'o rxi^c^pt on ttio i^lu^c quicL and tti« 
utmost geronit^ ptxirnil, no pcr«on in tlio uudiencn 
moving a baud, nuding n foot* or opoiuuj; n lip, oron 
wbcn ibc villain is cut into nbhou* by tiic Sunilny- 
echool hero ; and at uo f'Xa^i^ of tho pciformni^co <loc« 
tho ali^kitci^t iiiunirc^tauou of dch;;ht or dimpprobii- 
t)on come from tho pidioDt aud cndiiriug on-look«r. 
In Ihin rcA|>cct Joini Cidii:imrn hnn ncgl^lrd in Uilco 
a k^.-'oii from \u* Attn-ri^'An couniii, or to ucvjuirQ tbo 
oharnctcr of tho bowling »Uc>rt-huuYd gontlumcn who 
apnlhfn'izfl DeniuH Kcanwjy and I liinic tlK*rc i* no hctt«r 
worshipping pliif-e in the ^vorld ibLiit " tbo «nrid lote/* 
Tlw largL-ttt ChiiiOHt* thtvitto In San FnnicUco id oaj 
WiLrbiu^oii Street and was oponrd in I87i>, Itaj 
amlitorlum is almost a copy r>f the beet tlle.^trcfl: 
of the Iar;{o cities of tbo country* Ita aiidicnoa' 
Is ftcatcd ftiid separated in tbc mimner i bavc di 
scribcrd, ftiid t)nir hubitvjnr i?, in orcordunct) with 
tbc custom of tlicir couidrj', iiuict and ri-4poctfu). 
Tbo stngu of tbe tbc^trc, though, h a cnnoaity 
T)L«re itf uo ctrrtuiti, and hut oue ac«ne that uovi 

Cm^EiKE A?ai JArAKKtfi: TIIKATnTCAt:?. 


dutngci^. Un the aide of tho sU^c^or prosce- 
nium — \img Flip^ of I'olored juipor with Chinoeo 
chftnicUirH on them iire hung — tiir ndagr:? ;iiiij aiiioma 
(jfwhAtU fumiJi/irly known »:■ t(?A*i:L]c«t Literature — 
oiiif numoroiiH multi-goUrtjtl luDtcritA ^hcd their ifldi- 
mico ttnrULi^l Utc piiK-f*. At ihc^ buck of LJtc M^Lge »it 
M^veral iiniflklnii* nith toTn-tnm.f , i?yiitbA!«, ^ddloj. mid 
dir<!rt» oth^r jiiAE.i'uiii«iit9 uW nf wcjiult^i'fiil ronstriuibion 
iaud with fn^jhtful crtpnoity for scttiu;^ uiiybodj liut a 
Chlii^muu cni^y, Tlicac mtiaiclaus ««eiA to l>o as liii- 
porunl ckuieiita in ih<i Antiort ^iikI meaning of the 
pUjr as lh<i ai;ti>i"s tlieuisclvc* ^re. A* *ooii ae the por- 
forDtanccbcgiuslhoyimnKrOiatolytunouptaiKl iV^mthat 
on uulil the thov is ovci' they never give tho aaJicuco 
or the niii*ic n *m^\ti vrrnt. Thi* plf»y uMinlW he^inn nt 
fivoDVIikt-k in thn nrieniiinn iind t:nntn)Uo:« tmtil two 
thit folli^vriu^ iiifmiliit!, ku it will he ri^aidilv iiiKkrHti»>d 
Unit tlin ChiJLfiiii* iTii]-'«icriiiri ha* a jin-ily widt* M'<*|fc fi>r 
li'iH gRtiitj?(, \xWi\n Ihi* (Uihit-xi; uuihotu'c iiumt ^n- tiutni 
than iiiivrtul Lu st.aiid huth ihu nmali: and the ac-toi!* for 
Mimo hmii^ at n Httrt^tHi- The actors iii:ike Uu^mnelvofl 
B^ liidiTuiiH 11^ poMittUi, em|)Ioyhiff avI^^ mid loii;^ l>t*;tFds 
with |»I«iity of jijiiiit tfi (.iUgiiiio thenj«*tlve*, Th^y 
stalk anil stamjT around in a maimer hij^hly 8a;^stive 
of th^ i^ii^lis>1i-spivikbig " »ri'nL'-falrr/' Jiitd thr>re i^ 
a groal dofll of sl.'iMiing and killing — thunder and 
bloodf KD to i(prmk — »'tiii?h U iva^ted, mx Uio nudicnci* 
do^ not Ki'om til ri-'M to tho oiuhii^ia^in of iho oi-i-a- 
sion aiid tlivro un? no ''gull«ry godd " m ho][» bring 
tli« hoUMj down. While tho att^i-s ai^e shoLitJiig loa<l* 
tf4t, tho mu^ielai^fi, all of whom soiim to he phiyln^ 
dilTi'Tont lune^, aro working hiirdc^t and Iho din »Dd 
<lU«ord of a siipTOmely grand niomotit of CUiueac 
tragudy ar^ ?nm4^thin;( horriblo to hear and timpljr 
torinroeome to endore. Boya or young luon play the 


cffisiBse A:ci> jAr.\M:6i; tiikatricau*. 

feniAk ]>art^ n^ va/^ the cQ»toiii od the KngUfh »tage 
in Ok- time of KLisiiI^th, Tbcro U no levity in tha 
pGrfunn;uii:o, no |)rAmHng or c3»nnng, nothing but thfl' 
litmiijit ticvMHtr ajkI vcvlcmmty, wliich kfLren tuft iu^ 
doubt whether the Cbicietit; go to thu thcsttixi to 1>o 
AinilAcd «i" wre doinprllcMl l*y acinic hiw of Ihdr country' 
or rc1);*iuij to do bu. 

The projicrty-iooui of a CLiiioa<3 thetitre i* a very 
queer coD^^cm, tilled up wiiK Unlcnid, olJ eJolho«i 
Aponrs, ctc.t but the nioht trxtnionliuAL'y foolure of tlid 
\tltvc U the quuntiU' *tf eaUbtea tljJit tiiid tlieir way 
into the room nnd down the tlirotit^ of tbo perfomicr*. 
That most dclkioud morsel, I'oaAt pTg, of whoi^ d\i^'\ 
iHtvvvy by the CrlvAtbiliii Cbarjr* Lrtnib in** writicn ftii 
chiinu'm^'ly, ot^inijik's a promlnrnt pliico on tiir bujinl, 
mid h frf(|iiriitly attucWl by the »rtors, who nppenr 
to t'lmu- ojf I In* >l»gr a* hungry n^ si^-dsiy jjii-iis-ynu* 
pli*iiMT p<^h'JitniuiH arijt whrn 1h«-y hvi^it thu Inuk. 
^Vhrn I hi<- ChiTirwf nrlor ik nol »r4iiig or pnlJiiig on liiA 
ninhimn yim niEiy d<*pi*nil (ijimi it lli^it Il<t itt t'uling- 
Thw hivtriotik peniUiinly V* *tningly tiiurkenl umoug 
thu ilc-rto^-mlnnti* of H<»*Ki, who if Lla*y m-v iKjt giiod 
tnigeOhniH hrivi» Jint-cla-xA »|i|)(?tittii* and atomachff 
whose i'aj>in-'ily U nuL indatfurod l»y ihn*« in^^ogrfl meals 

A oorrcflpoTident wrilhig from Yokohama ^Iv^a an 
\(ivx (>f ibe iiniu«ciiioiit9 nortvd up In the Jfipajieae 
capiUil by it:i eiitcrprifling UjualWcal mauajj^er^. The 
Jap»ni>t*e, vny^ tbU writer, are a tboatre-^oiug people, 
ami their ttiMo U cal&red unio couiuiiintly. WlK'ther 
the mrinageri H^uumnlnle rk'hea I know not, bul theat- 
rKtdamii^mi*nUnreprovid<?d for tlio woiit^ and meana 
of all olaftBULa. At the Hrt^t-cki^ cdtaMishment U a 
revolvini; btn^u, Ufiun whidi u plciood the ficv[ier^' and 

ypeiiie^ devoted tc the play on tbo boards. The 



r>r<?litulr!4 octTiiiiv the K*A-]iau<I Mv of ilio atogo, or 
niifaor ilifiv are pliu-od \n wn t'k'vatod p»?ii iit ihe li>fl of 
tlie stHgQ lloor^ Thu r^^ToK'liig piirt of llie budin^^^^ Is 
nWut Aftocn r«et from the foot-lii^lits. the jntervoning 

uiiil mit tnnoh inricbinory U cmployod Ui work up 
oitecU, Tho inovitable tmp Ia utiliseij on this stagOt 
it buinjztlia only i>1:lco that boaisU of tho improve- 
ment- Tlio mtniw Hi tliU tIjviUro are of the firat rank, 
mill their (Iivj^m-^m iLro ^jr^ooiiii ii) th<' cxUvmo. *' Re- 
gki'iMc** of cx|ieiJM] *' mtiit Iw Ihoir motto ; ruu] h<^ro 
iire pL-ottui-'uiJ lit] thv fumoup lAayi knowu Ut th<r ha- 
tivc^t, tliey Iwiii^ iill of tmtioujil digiiitk-uiio^. 

The JnpADC^e aro patmtia in thoir iiistincte, tu\d do 
not ma nWer ^Ir^n^o roprosoutaiioiis with whioh to 
ckniM^cr thotii-tcih'c«. Kvorythiiig on the hoanl i« in- 
tcuiHfly JiipnniMc — doitcnptive of thnir fuhloft jidU 
nfitKtJKCj^, RB well ft-5 i^'jiroiliicing rtftujil cpi*OiJci in 
tliti hiflti^ry of Um einpiro, To tht< EitniEi]c;cr who it 
ttlini to Uic VLiii£ir'i^*o thoir plays arv (irHt-claiiA pui)t<H 
miiuce only, tUoui^h <jiie tmii but uncord the tictorA rure 
d-atn:itio uhility. 1 miiat sav, howt'ver, thnt llio atylc 
aflV.led ia their ata;fL- ^top i& flomclhiii;: too mrfiilly 
too too for ftQythiii;^. Tho poetry of motion ia a dif- 
feNrot nfl^ir here frnm what is considerc4 I ho correct 
lh)ng ol»cwhcre. Ki,*cilr or Bitly Kinorson could* 
cilhc^r of tli«m, ^ u new kfnk in n ^tngc walk if they 
could eindy J^ipano-te m<!thodn n while. It co*t» 
ttilrlYceiiUU>eitlvr thij tom[>lu»of ilnimali^: ju-t — lliAt 
10* to he ill tho plitce for t1)v nppi^r It-^iuloirit thit giil* 
lery — or droas ilri-k. it luay l>o i;alled — whivb inns 
on Uttb ftides of the bnUAe. iifl well oa on the end front- 
in;;: tl»« Miigti, This ^alk'ry ifi about five feet wide, 
*nd ifOTitcrcd fniai the pitosa^c-way miining along It 
through ojiciiing? In (ho purliiion vithout doora. tt 

ClllNKAi: AND JAPA7ted£ THKMftirAU*, 


U <livKWI into »f«cG!9 of fivo f(,^t (rr moro ^y ikbciog a 
roimd piece of liml>cr of sjiy two iiiclic:i in Jliinotor 
from tlic gn}l<?iy frntii aiiti iW bjnV of it» The froat 
i» oIoviUihI ei1»ov{! ihir llffur rtbi^ut tiflciL^n iiirliuji oii]y, 
a»}]uy n(itiu]>nii\*iirtii>x\wi-ivd tu?«il upon llit^ir linanWu^i^ 
oil t-lir m»U<cl Itoor. Bt-hfBcn iit^t-* lea i» sci'vinl tn 
iMiv vrlm will liuv. ;ui"l ftiuuKln;; la iiHi>\vi"U M (jV(-r llm 
fu}iL-«u (luriit^ lliu flaj. TUe Iwdv of tbo tli^ati^e ia 
tt[||»|ilii-il wiih lii.MirTtt<s without backfl for l.liti uciromiut^ 
(Juliui) of the midii.'iR'i3. 

There ia no ttli!ir|> pi-artice in the way of reftorve^ 
seuU in Japimi^iP UipJitr^tw, NHlliPr U llirro nocos'^ity 
w»go ouuicli? for » Hovi? or KnmTH'fl cofliw. When 
oii*!o £«*nte<1 y<'" hi-it at your phm, iiot Imving to chaw 
yourself up (or rwiy othrr fallow. TUa ftoccnict-gnOQ 
pl:i(.VK iin^ <'f !i eht^Hji^T ortVr, wIkhi^ "iil» niti wit on 
d«;or, tliri'o Ihmii^ no sani*, ut- kuikI upuii {he j^rminif, 
tliitfxi liciitj; no floor, tlie earth doing duty \n llmt re- 
giinl. Otit^ c-ciit iind :i 1i;k1f and iw-o o^^iit^t und u hulf 
give Uk- (jradt's of tho (-^lublUhmeDta. They ojh; aU, 
bcttt aa well ii» inferiiir, ligiited with thcr domett lo-mado 
CLUidle, Olid wlion llin onifirint dip« of our ^rzkiid- 
inoth4>rs »ro ri*m?inV'rc-d, iIi^t l^ind nf u rnndi«i n^ud U 
dvv4crilfed. The cimdhj"* »niolco ui well :ifl iho tiudi^^nco. 
Tboro ifl u 1:ir«ro »1o^*k of lunuMvmcnt to ha luid in a 
ouo miKl A liAif ^oiit conc<criL, lh:it in, if yoti aro not 
jTHilioulur iihoiit tho ivE(lb4<tiiT iiutiH'e of thn surround* 
tn^i nud do not eiirry with you a, ualtivatod mtL-^i^^Al 
car. Thcs^ pliice* do not carry on Ihcir jmy-mll nuy 
UhTgo number of s\m' aoior^, or a numt^rou^ ^oi-k 
«ODipa]iyt mill tlicy do not d^^vuto muc-h tim« to th« 
rvboiir^uL of |)art4, aa it ia tho duty of the pi'oinptfr to 
flit fiom on\> iwi'it to nm^thtrr wUh tho Wn^i of the dia- 
lugiw in one Wid, and in (ho oihvr u Mt(r pitper kn- 
tern. Bonding low, ho Ktfh in n tone rendily citii^'ht 



Ijy the arlur 111** IUi*h, wliHi nn* July rcpeatLiU wbU 
the |m>i»{)ti^r *^ is doing bin cUjf y " bj llie ii«xt one 
It U onu i>? ilm nioML iiiti^restiug features oP a pin 
thU coiivlant flitlittg ctf tlii^ iiiTiinpUT. If ativ fcllo 
aIhiuI titu if»titblL--iliiiifTiir iTJiiriK hi» ji^i}'* Uiif prompter 
till* iiuiti. 

Tiieit! an* \inv niiinv Hidi'-Hh^ws tn ntlnict tln> |»l"rt 
nro-H^t-K^Jr, iiH of Ihcm In^iti^ nilhiii llii* tvimpH*-* o 
tl]L>i h[iiii1)!irFit, th« eliii[-g4T UAti^ fnirn tiiiE-*liiilf ct^nt to 
one mid oiiv-hjilf eeiit»> la tberttf plac-ea nre wIiiic&m' 
ju^^jliiiif tn>rk>f i<f TVfi\ itivrit, ami loit-Apiniiiit^ thj^t 
II tu'wililiTiiiPiit to Itif* lookf^r-on. T(ijt4 fif ^ill ai 
hn* »piiri with Ifw huI uf u string* arul tiL:nlii to ryvol 
liy l!i4T nrlinti nf l!ii< IicmmIa niiW. All <-xprMl ^i 
tlirow ]\\-i lop iViim }iirti, uikI 1ij- lIk* motion nf tlift virit 
ns it uiiH'Siuls dniu' it Ti:ll-1c sn itrnt It iA cuugliL In hi; 
hund — of f.^oiii'^e, wilhoiiL i1 hnvlrig loin^liod th 
gi'ouitiX. All tmopoi]<;il fuu 19 \hv\i LnUva iji Iho othe 
blind, niid i1k> top Is p]:ict.>d upon one r>f h« *\*\c* luid 
Kpiui aiding U. Tlirn ibis tiiii iii opouuil, nnil tii« titp 
euiklliittta t** spill alufig It^* et3go to Us farther sld«, oiid 
aloh£* it uutl] tho hand U ivacbod, wlwn up it moA oil 
tho arm to thd shmildor. and ftcm^s th« back nnd doiro 
Ibe other nrni, on to thi» fnn a^riin. Th(<it it vriU Im 
tM«ed into the air lULtt cnii^Ut upon oii<t of tho roni« 
of tbo opened faiif tvt>m urhi<'h it \* iOf^wl a<fain 
again into the* air and OJitight a* it dc^contb. It 
n-o»dorfiil Llio wjiy tUi^y tMn matiipiibtto n t'H». 1 In 
%etn ihuni lakcf a Iar^'-«i;£fTd on^, baviii<^ a Kpindto bj 
*vbiili it vrad mad« U i-otut4}» ai^l by »iin|)ly placing tli« 
•plndlet ?»<ttwtH*ii tb<» pufnix of ibr baTid:*, and drawing 
oiit» liaiid bdel; Ahili? adiaiieiag tliL' utbcr a nijml>or iti. 
timoif it attained «ufficJGfit v«1ocityt whon it tm^ ta 
frfimlli4^Uldi?(>u whit'li jl wiHi^piDnin^audftlumiAk 
ttrtiund the spiiidli* with a Alrlo^ Ituit w:i8 |i«ndflnt fm 

CHlXKfiK A?(l> JAi'AKE'^K Tli>:ATi:iCALft.i 


a. pi!|M>r liint^m Imitging high 14* H^uMiat tlw wiling of 
th« bunding. Up Trout the lop Uiio the liinleni, whUh 
opened into tlie slukpe of nn timUrella, nad a wenkb of 
foKtDon^ of 1>rigbc-«otored tluiw pu|>er dec^endcd (torn 

t<4. ^^ 

it alt ■Ixiul th<J r.--, ill-'" -.s i.h ■.. !-:i. -■ ■■! l.iUk* 

All Riffiit nn^ Iho lrnti|>c of Jik|Hin<-i»c aoro1>ata tbnt ci^ 
biUtf^d tUoir trickr* y^nxa ngo m thtr United 8tAle« will 
romcmbcr (lio m-tiiy tiiirjimiu^ fi-dta doiM bj' thoua- 



Wtial ihi'.y ji:iiil $1 for ji<^iiig can b© wliueswd tu 
TiikiJuiiita 111 the »|M-ii iiir Tit just irhut one i« plftH^ed 
to 4UJiilribuU<, or iJiMli^r rover for from one to tltree 

.«ro arc no inniiifc-'^tiitKKi* of »|)pluii<<r, 110 ciit-CttU« 
or i«i^)» uT impMH tioc. Jii l\tc \Aiiecs vUitvtl by ovAA 
II10 pooi'i*.at, tvlifij'u tbo nc'conimo'Utioiid am of Uw 
, pcrfi'ct omUt is «bsen'C"d, iiud every oD« aectod 
poM^^HBetTof 11 patient quictnf M tluU is uma^ti«;, 
Tfaey cJibibit A (luf'c-ivnrc tc>r tbo comfurt of tbcir fel- 
lows thnt U worthy of imit^itioii. One gi'€.it reii«OQ« 
|>crbaps, thitt tbc )>copte Arc «d pontic twtd iic<:oti>- 
inoOjitMi^, one ta ihct othor. nmy bo fDum) In tbdr 
Ictft Mihncty. Ko exhitntioa of dniuKtii rovrdy> 
wn U to ho ffi^ro, iitnl yvt lliii rnliri? |wo|>lo, vromcn ajt 
Well iLa lueo, Jriiik of the iiHttoual hcv^ni^e, " ^&kL^'' 
ftJii|Uor dUUIW from rkie. Aa there 16 no " t«ran- 
lulu.i»ijir<j" ill ilK irotiip^taitKiiit its iiithriutiiig t^u.-ilily 
r4ih*ir miM. Itn effwrt upon the bniiu ifi not U»;iiig, 
Hlior is it li^unuufi. 



Ferdtiiaitt] Pnlino. who diod in New York lu Sop- 
t«mber« ISCJ, ji* poor a4 tiw pruvurbial church 
moiMc. waa the ftithcr of It»liiui opem in tbia country. 
He Wfl* born in N:iplc8 in 1785 nnct cunic to America 
whtn twcnty-tivo ycni'* ol<l. octlliug in Kichnion<l< Vir- 
ginia. After rpiDiiinln^ thcro m ycnvs bo Diovod to 
New York^ Ual not proving :*Hccc(wful in a ba^incaa 
Tcuhir« rcluriint to Viiginin, After paying two rifits 
toRnropt? ha ii^nln Inml New York uinl ImilL a cuJo, 
ivhichlir run mil II f 83i!i when he; uprnril iir«:il[H]n ch;im- 
b4U', whith wjifi (ifferuuriU i^oimrltO by UUti intu 
Puliiio'fl Oj>*rrA IIouMf, aiiJ in which II:Uian o|>L-m vr^ft 
for tlie first time pi^acntcd li> the Ameriejiii pKoplfl 
on Kcbrijiiry 2, 1«44, Th« i>iirriiii^ operu was "II 
Pnritinii."' nml <hjnik^' the mjuhoii ihti Ik*>1 operas nf 
tbo liny W4'rc! prodniviK Tli« vrnl.nrfl, b*iWi?vc*r, did 
not [irovit a fiiiuiKiul sijcreAs, Pahiici mi* ntUitnl In 
. povi-rty. Wilh ihe ji&.^i.htunou of iViiT^iil^ lir (i|i[-iiril a 
binull boLel, anJ afL<*r uirio motith» bpciima iconic furiL 
Broaduny n')^t;iut'Aiit " where," says a wTlter, " be 
tnij^iit oAi^n \uivv been f^een ncMii'la^ hit white apron and 
wptiin! <<!ip and inktEii^t^d in pri'imrhig i\w <?»l€ctable 
dUbeM r<ir (vhb-b lliat r-itithlMhuHnil uai luitrd" TUi> 
death of UU c>in|]biyi<r tlkrcw Palnio out tif work and 
rcdureil Iittu ici htrDlt4-iiei.1 rirLUiUKliuKTtfrt. A» be 
was t<Ki old to do nnvtbing, luembei^ of the dr^matla 
himI nin?v1i;i«l profes^iunH met and organixed u Palmo 



Kulu!, viwU intifum ill till' »r^uin/ntiiiti Mjfr4v»iiii; lo pay 
tI3 per year towntU tlk(> oM itimi's i^lii^i', unJ hi> lived 
eoinfortaMy on this ftmd ttntil the ilay f>f hU d«fttb. 
It It) u curicus f;ic't thiit no modlcAl or theatrical o^ 
lobriticfi atteiKled his I'uueral. 

Forty ycni-9 hare o]r<rct4?d a ^i^^at ch&D^ in tbe tAst« 
of the people of the United St^ite^. Italian opcm 
nnw i« ono of the ho*t prtvliij; iliiiijf^ in thy mii«io:d or 
dnimritiu m;irkflt. Annomu'^ a *pit>itJii of gniml opijru 
in any dty, luid fnrm tliat time on until tho dai4» rf 
ofK^nin^ tiK' rniinii^vr of thi> tiuvitn^ in which iho itcti- 
Mon la to lio hold will be boliiurt'd by applictknU for 
pUooe. Doubk and treM« tho oriVumry prioo of ad* 
miKBioii IB iidltcd, but that makes no diirt*reiic«; every- 
body doems doflirotis of pati'onistiig ItfiLitin ofjora, and 
the extra price is paid witlioiit fri'umblin^ , ThcBC high 
pi'icod of admiBsion mu^t bo paid h«caU8C it ooeta a vn&i 
amount of money to run Julian opcr.i. iraiisporting 
large conipariici long: dii^lanoc^, P"Vin;j immcnwj eala- 
rtc», and abouldt^rin^ the enormous c-?cpai8C9 of cf|uip- 
plng ttn o|)rnuir^rtinfflttT'>n nnd nTmintrnij: Ihc piece*. 

It is a givttt si^'ht to Hoc an opiin cwiiipany Irarcl- 
iiig. The princiiHil ningern inunt hjivt their slccping- 
card and dining coacb^h, tbo^e heiicalh Ihi^ni pat np 
with sleeping licrlhs merely, while thf meinbon* oflbo 
choiiiit urv crowded iike i>migranls tirlo an oitlinary 
coEu-h, from (luL wtiic^h roll odors of fried garlic anil 
ItaliJin HaiiflHj^T-, U'hon their doitinulion is reaohwl 
the prima donne Otid t^aniJivL'B iu wjuUm^ to dnvo 
them In Uie Iwai holtd in the phive. The scitmdary 
arfif>t^ |[i»y id»(i have eui'ria^e^, btd ihey^fi to uiiiior 
huU-U, while tho rlioriJTi piiuple aro M\ in theniiselvc^ 
ta Be4.<k vheip bfuinlin^-lioiiMti and do tho Uvhi they 
can- Waizon hijuU nf tnnikri rollon' lh*i rflrnaiTiN nnd 
wagon loj(d» go tu tbe Ihaiitrtr. Sometimes there is 



seeiK'ry. For IinHtuTicv;, Maplctoii jilvrftv-i carricti Uic 
8cc»€rv for *'Aitli," vv*t\ \a hi^ citKn wIktc llicru iirc 
6ral-claa4 Ihcalrv^. Ilijiuln-<U irt [nvw^ of ba^qn^go 
arc left tit llu^ hulHs, aiu! Iiuiidriiiln ni IIk- thi-»tn<. 
Imtucdialcly t]ieLrt>u|»uarrivi!3 iIil' ()jhKii)al urtUu tall 
into IJMJ tumdfl of the intcmowiri, Aitd fl!< Iho tonor and 
the prim^ i]onnaati<l tliootlivr^.too, ^nrclii'etL Iho iit^na- 
jMjicr m:in g:ct^ Ttiy little to write nliout i*iiU*j»* he runs 
acruMi mikU j ^joil fclli'w a-i Ciuiimniin, in" h-iiipoi^-- to 
ni«et OhuHcH Miiplenon, if it is Hrr Miijr.Hty's Cuin- 

Thto (III tic firlKiwij)^ nioniln^ i(iiii<*t» the ruhenr»al. 
The triujuiili i^ itia iiaual m.'quel< All lh« youii^' iulics 
arc immod^Urly ** masbcd " an tlii^ tenm\ n\u\ vrouM 
vriiliitgly fullow tbc example: of ttoum New Vi*i'k 
1x-&gtirj«, whi> wriitim fl f?i>i:titiitteii »f thn itIkjIct licibiiid 
tW M:i-i]rj« niK? ni^til to pWr ii vriralli of hay ItMves 
i)u lit* lii?ail (if tliiiir Tivonle WiiiUler, 4)uly tiiey have 
iuiKiti-ur Ci'iir)!-!! r>f Llit^lr n^vii by Iht'ir Mvi who might 
licit iclialj BiiL-li H diHiihiy uf liftcir a|>prcciALioii of good 

U'liilo her M:i)i?Hty's Opmi Compuny wjm Emving n 
»oj*»i<in al tin* Ar»idriny cif Mn^ic, Nrw York, Iwn 
\THi-K iiiT", " ni-^v^piijn*!- »irin intrrvii^wrd Cii|. Mapli.** 
icnii, thr itiipi-rxLU'io, and toiik n liK^k al. thit iuLttrior of 
Ihi; iTHlulilii^lirirnt, 4't|itnm]g iiiuiiy uf lU myilenps. 
It] fill' rrnirMT (if tin* cimvt'rsatmii In* tiflked : — - 

•■ (low maur rfilitniri»alH doyoti givo li new op«m?" 

*>Ah, noff 1 eiui tell you something th"t lht» jmhiic 
know iinthiu^ of. A man of the criJtch-:ind-ioollipirk 
lu^bool, iifler I've pni on, U'l nio sjiy 'Aida' aljteor^iof 
tlO^tHHJ, vrill coiu« to roe nnd euy, -Aw, I'vn »oim 
"Aida" twice j whott ai'o y<>« g^i"K to g**'^ "* «>mc- 
Ihiik;; new? ' Aud the poiti* luauapn^ hii« to stmik and 
u^outit fiomelJiiii^ e^jiiivdJi^iit to it i:p mediately. K«< 


OPKAA A3iD OPBK4 fttlVdElia. 

hvw - il- ' .^'ir' tr/iPijii*^, This ia tbc sixth fiill-bniKl 
r«<hoi»>uil fnr tho orrlnTntra iilnni* — ilrilUng fir^r two 
ami Ihree hm;r4 — to gi*t tho light uod NliJide of 




plani^imo anil forte. Ahot nonie tnorc l>an(i ri>1i(>ar- 
sale — the sXif^hl iilUTutions in Ibc* douro t»y Ardili ki-'i>t 
four copyists at vf\n-k all Uctt ni^bt ari<i uiuil (Jay- 
brouk — Iho principal nrlisU rcb^^nre^r about twenty 
timcft with the piuno ; tlioii com^e a full rohcnreal vith 
bimtl, th<r nrlists sontcd ull iu'oiiiic] th« gtAgo on chairs \ 
then tlic proiicrly-mtm has to havo li]8 rclicursuL Tho 
<iirpcntrr4 vow como in for their rchoarsal?, with 
scene fnimcr*, cte- Then comc« tho fimt stugc ro- 
heursali witli uvoryLxiily without the f^outK-ry, mid tli«a 
Another wltli thi? ni^L^ncry; Inter on u^iii with tho 
ropertiea and the bii^lneAd, and thtn \l id lit for public 
repreecnlaCioji, Tlien a lun^uid Mwdl will tcdl me he 
bos ©eon tho oi^era twice, aud will want to know when 
I nm going to give somctliui^f new." 

An nUeiidant bcrc bnmghttbo colonel bia lottore* 
over which \\<^ Ihiatilv i'ianccd. 

■• Here \s u letter from the Pricce of Wntos." to 
eicchxiinvHl, tfhowin^ ma thti note, datoil IIoLd Brntol, 
Paris, C)t:L<*W"r iJifd. " Il'ti hi rufcrenoe U> liif* cjinni* 
bus box at Her Maje«ity'a. Wliile 1 am free for a 
moment from my dtru juat take a tour of thta place. 
ril act WA ^uidL-. jrhiluMjpber and frlf>iid. Td like you 
to see what*fi f^om^ on, and to lot the public know 
v»bat a h^i'ctdeuii taak it la to run old opcnu, let alono 
prriducin^ new one*/' 

Wo MnMlv uirrosa Ww, Ktnge and pintigod into n oav- 
itriiouA pji«3)igc, Lr) e^nerge on u siairoftao and into &, 

" 5Vliiit (luiiitnv irt this?" demLinded tbe i»hmel, 
iidnihii»terliig a kick to ibe decapitated foiui of a hax- 
omly-]m>portii.)MCil female, *' and whpiv^« tho bead? ** 

ll in the " Rigulelto" corjTse. 

Wo tmifc » ppep into thp armorj-, whinb, frrnn it* 
aroinu of oil, painf^ilty rumindiul mn of my cH'ean fix- 


OTKKA a:«i> onciiA «iixr.t:ttii. 

[wrivnro, ll€T« Ifae *< TsImbwiio" ItrltnrU, Ori<*ntiiI 
of f]<f3iign ; \Ktv \ho. Iimd^iioi't^ wmni Ui llie •' Purl' 
Ucii.'* ivtiiiniliri^ mir c»f nroT»«reU'ii cm|>-i'Ari^iJ kEiuvfr* 
heiv iltu Iinliufi t-tt wuU liiH»wii ill ••TruvuUire.'*' 
Monona atid i»n-ii^|i1uleA :iiiU »liM*1iJb iir«ra berc, and 
EUiitL-bluckH ufaucieiiL |KiUeni, m ill) guua ottbc Martini- 
Ueiirj ddfti;;!!- 

** T)o you nee Ihi^e guuH? " aiidc1«(>tjr «xc1iiiiiipc1 thaj 
colonial. '*} lioiiglit fcigr liutiilrvd i>f tlieni Tar fivi 
Hhillin^x II |kit'ro :i( :mi nui'lttut. TlirV liuit Eu'ih loM 
liv tJit Kii^li^li tinn |j) llir Krciirli govt^nmirul iluiiu^ 
thtf Fninni-Pnjuiaii ttnr jil a inhuUni* jirici*. On^j 
ui^ljlr nt T>iilillfi, wi- urn* dcjiiij; ' Ihn' Fn^iM'Initv,* 
aiiil |>f>cr TkJ4-n?« wuit «UiKliiig ul th<.' wiri^. Oiil< ofj 
thoM giiii« wiu 1»u4lo(] nritli ft 1iit1<i [lowdi-r rmiunr^d 
Anvil l>v :i iia-t'i' uf |>sm»*r only. Winn linwl, tlin Wlc 
l>lew ofT, mid u pi*c« at xl tirwil right throti>:h TiLjcn*'* 
drew, stlekii)^ 111 iho w:iU ttehind ber. WbaL ehAn<>Q 
had iho Freot'h wilh aueh wonpoiiti Sn tbuir lisndu? " 

From Iho nrmory wo proi^etxled lo the hurhor abop, 
whijro" Million/' "Aidu," '*Tnivitila,"a!id"Luciii" 
wigs, CQri«, mnuntficlMS Aod beards aho^-«d gHuly on 
wbrln^M. A Fiviirli b.iHn.T wni* <»n!r»i?od in Utifjiug 
OLin|Miiiiii'« wig fin- " Linda," a4nl Im cxptitinEcd on 
Il9 Vp'rwOt-iful ii|i|)raadi lo ti:iLtini witli hII lh\f cAfc- of j 
hU very expres^lvo niotber tougu^i. 

In on© of the wflrdroWa w»ro tiie c<)«tiirnoM Tcir U»\{' 
adoz«n opcroii, eacb opera fobkd ftniiy mKMiit>(.4Iod, 
Colont-1 Mnploson bas about two ibou«iv&d L-o!»tiiino« 
with bim, and hia pnckiii^-ca^ei, ent*h r.lM »iz« of 
Kniall npiLiiineiit, numlH^r nearly oii« hundnrd. Wi 
found t bo NiU'oii llall full ofn^wly |>aJiit«d aoonciyi 
aii<l tlio tki*^4 tbronijt^d wiib curpmitors, Tb« aocno 
p(ii[H<n-'>i room W£LH devoti^d to "Aidii/' tvbilo tho 
j>Ui^muirM room vim eliok^ full of DoUum und Jet* 


OPC&A AXV OrCHA 81X0^8. 

regioiiA. Ihe pniid|m1 artisle* dmitg 'Tiovatore* la 
tlio iirat «u1doii, tUe choiub reliearfiiii^ ' M-iHa ' in tUe 
aeooiid iuloou, the orclitstra mi tlieir owu /Lcroimd 
rplipnrsiiig "Aulai," l.ho ImiIIcL ut work in n Inrgo nurni, 
and a «et of coryplioi^s blazing awny in n diaLant 

hi l.tio lirwt Hnloon wi-m llio " TrnvjLf-orc? " p^irty, 
Initiitpng Hrnunil :i piiiiui, pn^Hitl<!i1 lit hy RUiui^'-in, tlin 
ttivdtnpiirii*!. \(i tJir r«tnt"my. Milt*. Adini, itfff CHiijv 
mmi, Uie /vru^jt/rvi ^ wjirt warbling righi ucuivr i\\e inous- 
TaeiiG i>f her liUHlmiid, Ariimfttir/y. tins leiiop wlio wiis 
JVaQliL' beo»u«Q Mapkiiftri rofu*od £800 to I'elease him 
from hU«ngagemonT ; whik Del Puente wu§ ikpping 
hU Ib^ vigorously with his iraiking-citne, [i» he occasion* 
ally bur«t in with a. etip^rb note in bnrmony witli th<^ 
scoi-e. ^[adjmio LuMncbe hunt with her elbows upon 
the bur, and know^iu^ ei'ery ]^cll]ilre indi of a role she 
hiul peiToriiKul from St* Potersbiii-^ to Crotlinm, turiidd 
from lhi> |H'ni*!U of a. n^iwjapnjHn' at tli^ ripht moment 
in ortlor to dUohuriffi thi^ eluolricUv of hiir jl^ticf^na, 
whUo her diLU|<literT wlio \f Mtnclyiiij^ for Iho opciruti<] 
atngc, atlondod en amateitr, a i{ty bluck-aiid-tau ttr- 
rl^r in her ariuii. Ilaviiijj; Jnlenc-d to a d^lieh^us mcr- 
utfwju from ** II TroiTiloru." wq a^oendeJ to ^alt^on No. 
!f, from wbonee a Ntagnta of melody wad ^Andly 
thuudvfin*:. Here ^^e found the chorus, Dtimborlng: 
about eighty^ eonled batted imj bounelo<l, with JSigDor 
Riulp pr*>*iding M the ptauofort^, The rchcai-aal was 
"Martfl." After visiting a dozen ditforcot deparl- 
monttf. every ono of ^vhich is presided over by n vigi- 
iJant chief, w« ag^iin fouiuJ ourselves on the stage. 

*' -Vffw?/' exclaimed the colonel, "you have some 
IrUIo idcn of vrhat I bare to look after, and yet when 1 
produce Q ncn- opera, n crjtch-^und-loolhpick fellow 
will coolly a»k me, nflcr seeing it twice, wrben 1 am 

ORUEX JlKri> f>FKRA filNORlU. 


goiiigto gW& ftoiD«UilE)g 'revr/ Dii jcili knew UiAt 
ercrj' onu jil lliat dioni-* j^ou Imn* junt »ri*ti i.s iiti 


groat iixpon^o? Do yon knoir what it oosU mia t^i 
c^oraUcaMjr Hg ii{) ciicb itiember of tbut cboni«? 


OI-KKA AVI> OI-KIU ftl:VOffnft. 

" Wi'll, it eo*rtfl mo »r>00, ami it en#i nn> tl5,0fi0 to 
fanng Did tmupo iirn^fui ilio Ailuntic. Do ^-mii feiiovr 
wbut k oosu rai> t*wrv liino [ riryf np iiiv (-crtAin? 
Two thouaaiii] acvimi JiuiiOivJ uiul lifly 4io1bn}, mid 
thei) ndJ tlii> W4>okly Lotvl IhIIh, $£,:fUO. 1 am doing-. 
o|H*m at Hvv MuJr^iy'iUt tLi^t mtmicnt. ILmv'^i tlio 
bill '' — haiLdinjr inethoprogramiin? ofHi'i' Mnjuily'* — 
*' doing thfl BiLQio opcroa nj» bero, mid tUaL In order to 
do tb«m hcra, I am ob]i^i>d to ^ct a eo«oiid e^it of 
ctvry/fiinjTi fi**'io n <lriiil«iii^-fiipto a boolWe, nnd thia 
casts mti £120,^100 hcforo 1 i^tartrd at ull, a$ this U a 
distinct mid srtpanito iiiidcrtalung**' 

"Hijw nitiny or)craj d'n?H y«iir iT|>erloir*> iiiHude?' 
"Tliirlv. I Imvo iWtvty with ini% niul 1 ma iday 
nny otioof Lbcni, Anotlivrtlcmt^iit Uiavolodeal \ritlili 
Ibo sitpcT^tilion, or wlmtcvcr you like lo call it. of 
bomc of uiy people, Thcj- won't no into ai>y room in 
u liotcl Willi the luimhcr thirLi?cn, and lui artist w»n*t 
inuko his or her dobiit on llic I'Uh; it is considcivd 
ualuckj\ 1 oTitc rrcollnct liuvin"; ^ngn^^d Mmr. 
Gri*i and Sigiint Mario for n totir in Ka^liiiuU <n>iu- 
mcncJDgthn l^lh of ScptciiiltTM', Oii»t^iiding thc^m the 
pro^nminic, Mnit'. Gn^i'^ uttcidion wnti dniwii to tlio 
' tliirtcealh.' t^tw thvrcnpoii ivrott- a very kind letter 
at.ntiri^ that nothing could induce h«r to Appear on the 

* tliiilveath;' Imt ti) slufw Ihero wjm notliiuj? moan 
about liL-r. ahe would ratbcr conimcnto it on tbo 

* tweltllk.* although her pay wjt» to iomnicuce od the 
' tliirtcciith' 1 nmrndcd 1i*r pr<>^raitiiii<! and emu 
tneucc-d on thn * twcll^b,' l>aL a» tlifit date bappcnod to 
he u Fridjiy K waa apini rulunicd lu nio nitb a moai 
amiable Ictti^r. wlitidi I tflill [Mxjserve. in it'biih she 
utati'd agiiiii that there wns nothing mean about tbo al- 
t^raliini, aw shi^ would bo the only loser; Jiho tbere- 
finti di^Mrt*d am to ct>aiuiencc it on tbo ■ dievcntbt' 

npRUA A»t> OPT.RA ftlNGERfl, 


wlimi hnih n\xv. Mid Si^nor Mani» wotjM niiig witbi>ut 
Hulfiry lliff prii}n-r iliit^ at lliu i^<>iiiiLieiir«ment of 
tlm f-^jiitnti^t. Omi oftliL' nrliHtfi iv«nL tii TiirHiij''» tliR 
Dlhor clay to [uirirlinn<* a biuigle, Tim iirue m':is $13, 
' Wt>n't _v«nliikoIeHft?' 'Nik' Ami wouM yoii be- 
licT« ll, »lii> |mk1 (1-1 >^ool]0^ Itiiin |j»y $1S." 

Wo roguiiipil iljo mun!i^ri:vl simrtTJin . 

*• Hove is mow of it," cri^d tlio improMirio, "n 
letter from Carii|i!miniH V\\ iviul it U> yoH, ' Dcur 
Mr. Mupk'soit: ] urn viiry ill,ii»nl «J^»ii"t po«silily xing 
to-night. iLiiloM yon vani] mo — teouifl tirkrtit for fii!ni1y 
«irclo, balcony, (mrqiiotto, and general circle. Cam* 
panlni.' " 

Htrc ibd colonel vm aumrucmed to hoar a young 
Ifidy 9lng — an amatcui' who aApired to tlio vocnl 
majeity of grand op«rii. Upon hi^ return, af\or thu 
Ii^mi of a fow mhnitos, 1 hbWI : — 

■• What opern pays the bost» colonri? " 

*• Oh, thffiv aro a drnwn Inimp*/' 

'• III not ' Canrum ' own of thorn 1'' " ' 

** Yen, *Cfirinou' him bif^n un^t of my best i^uc- 

In ^^oLicliiALon, Coloiiol Mn.plcdoii eaid: — 

" I am iiGi-voiis aa to iJio fiUurL', m ncaity cv«ry 
oomin^ nrtii^ bne the mtpfonuna lo be American. '' 

" MLHforlijnCt colonol ? ' ' 

'* Vfte- 1 IJ80 tlio won! aJviaodly. Albiuiu Val- 
leritt, Adini, Vnii Zandt and Uurand. on^ of tb« beet 
dnkniAtic prinni dnnno on ihc ainQv, who, by thoway* 
ha* gone to t^lni; at Iho Grand Of^orn iu Paris instead 
of coming lu-ix% and timma Nr»vtt<lat a nrvr prima — 
('iindidii!!, tho tcmir, too; alt tbc coming tntcnt is 

Tho Ba1urio4 paid prima ilonno ai-c very Ligb. Aj 
far buck as 1870. Mm*. P^itti was paid $50,000 ay«r. 


"f KuKi^id. LsLfit wiinor Mr, Uonry E. Abbey paid 
Maic. P:itti nL iW niW ol' ciifht Lim^>4 tb9 imperiiiL &al- 
arv» giving Ihc divii $4,0C0 for oach concort bIio ^ng 
in, lUid fihu ^muff fwn In pn>?[i weok. Alt^atii wua paid nt 
tbd came r»Ur iis I'jttti in Utj:(«iEU Nibgofi, brtforo hov 
roUrcjuont, got tl,Uti'i[t uiglit in Iho ]>rovin<'cfl. Now, 
timt eho is to return to the sttigOAnd (<om«t« Amcrioa, 
eliL* will lie puid proljiibly im linnd&orncly nci PutU yvnA^ 
}ica.v]y uU tin- (*yr<^t^n sitigviH and jii'ticttd huvc Loodou 
a^on1« tlirougb whom An:cri<:aii ini]ifesurio« otwry *>n 
thoir ucgottationH, tiyc b oiw of lhe*o «£feaU ami 11. 
C\ Jarrott, of LijndoiL, wlio accampaiikd BomLurdt, 
as bcr n^onti and who Tepn>3t.utta Ndddon. ia nnothei', 
Sing^ers and dr.nutitic petvptt. too, arc fond of din* 
niondb. They Iilivu tbousand« of di>llar>' wortli of 
tbcm ; still thi^y boiiL-vo ui iiivcstnig' in tbcm bvcatntd 
thc^y represent so tnucb value in «iich litllcT^ljiKC. 8arii 
B(?nih;irdt bid n woiidcrfiil wtulth of Ukj-'c pi-cclou^ 
<it<mL<3, ftiid WtUnii wiL?! wt'll pnividi^d v^ilb tlivia. B. 
Spy«r. lh« Bl. I^uiti diainoiLd nK^rtUaiit. with whom 
tliciUrkal and iipi-nitic pt-opk ilvsd almo»t extliiftivclv, 
and who ergoyu Iho paLnHi:i^tt of nirarlj all farcigii 
artists wbo visit lliia country* told mc u very funny 
story alrout tlu^ ttfat iliaiuond ho sold Cbvi^tiiic Nilv' 
»on. Ili: had a spb^ndid kLumit wurtli )4.00l>, and tuk* 
ing it tvith him he went up Ici the Lindi^ll IliitcU nnd 
knorkiajf at NIUmiu^ donr wiw fjild to cinno hu He 
oprriird thi? ilonr and ibt^n^ r>n a ^ofa lh« *^vf»i aongti* 
HtriwH w:i« I'ocrliain^ i-civi?n"d with an <dd i^iliot* gown* 
He »dt<hwnt ]](-r the f^Uini*. btit ida* did imt want Eo buy 
k and uotrld nnt. NiK^on laving k-ll llio roina for a 
irhiin, Mr. Sjiyor npiHfuic-luHi i}n'. dce^dingHiiuid. who 
wiw nn old lady, eukI ^howiuji h(.T ii hnnduonie dinmond 
ring told her he would give It to Uer If aho used her 



Enflu^iic-o to imlu(?e hor niisira^s to buy t1i<^ t4jXiO 'ila- 
mund. She said 8lio wtmlcj, and wliik tbej were iulk> 
in;; m walked a ^vny-hnire'} t>1d (fi^ntlt^rnaii in commcin 
clotboe who If>ok<<d like n ^onviiii, ami wliom Mi*- 
Spy€P CD;-n;:od in cxiiivcVHition. Ho lold tlip otd miia 
of hi? eoUf^Tiio witli Uic driipwiti^'-iiuud* wIhmi thi? lull.^r 
said, •' Txii^ tut, >lie vtu\ do nothing for you ; *ho'tt got 

'* rb(!n <nn you drj iiiiything?" Mr, Spy^f lu^kod. 
"V\\ inuki.? it uU right if you help m« to Bifll tbo 
Mmltmio tfuit ^timu'" 

" WolU" eiiid tlio old gontlemzLiK *' I ^aitt a pair of 
eair-iing» for my daiijfhtcifl, wJu) ore in England/* 

'*AIIriijl»t/" wiialhcrdl/irnondhrokcr"* twisw^r ; "you 
IIM your iiitlufiuco iuid if I makn the niilo you i^ball 
have the <"nr-i'in^'*," 

Tho old gctillrm^in unid ho wmthi do wbit ho oould. 
Ml'- Hpytr Mild tTj<i ili;irmiTid fi> Niii'^on a,tn\ iu n fr*w 
d»y^ llic «l*i gpiilhriuiiii walked iiUo liis »Un-i5 jitid urtrr 
lookin;f t>vcr the atin-k Hcktted ii |6i0 puir of u^r-rlii^. 
Spyor Wiis »ur|jriF^ci] , but hia &i(r[>ri*e Wiis ^ro,t(er 
whcii he losriK-d thjit tho pci'von Uc had t;ihva for a 
ecrviint was itono other thau U. L\ JlutcIU theu ^md 
BOW KiK*rni':? roii^dt-iitinl ugeiit. 

Mr. S]>ycr told inc rifiothor slniy ^hicb I tuuy w 
well hriog in JnTr, ol' hnw Ik- *nld n ring tu Aduljildo 
Kvilsoii ftjr I^I.OIHI. Mr. Leo, who was then Neilaoii*» 
hiiM>!Uiil, Wii* coMd]i<-tiu<; llio iK-^tlutions, »iid tnlil 
Mr. SjJVKr that h*? wa.i giiing In buy «oiti«i piTjp(*Hy iii 
Cliicugo, and nould rr^ncivif a iidt-graui in r<';rirt1 to it, 
to kiioi^ whelhi'i- lii-i nlTiT for ihn |nvn>cn"ty hjid hren 
atu^optc'd or rejected, Tf lie Oul iiat iiHy^ivu a ti^liv 
gram by tw«Ue iiVWk noon iha fuDr^wIa^ <lay, Ji« 
would Imy {he rfnp. Ai Doon ii*»vt day ifr. Spyer wa* 
»U IhctSntitbem Hotel, whero Mr. Iiee «id his wife were 




BtQ|>piug. Ho aak<Hj ibu oleik if hv liutl ftecii Mr. I^oV 
arouod the ruUiiiJa, utit! Uiu i-^t^rk uaawoivii un, Umt 
hi> hitii^lf w^e looking for Mr. Lec» ae bt» had u tolo- 
^riLin for him. 

" Well now, ril toll you what Uj dn — " mention- 
ing hi* firtt n:Lmc, for tli<^ dmmoLitl moiuhaiit know the 
dork, " you'll oWigo mo very iniich and <lo mo n great 
favor if yrtu'H beep (Imt tolcgnau dowii hero until i 
go itf» fttiiir* imij I500 Li'o." 

The t'krk agrfcd ; Mr. Spy<^r wcntup^luiriuml^old 
hiri diamond rttijf. HiiiiBolf and Mr. Li'c walkt^d d'>wii 
tlir Atiiir* to ^t II drink- Tho dt^rk ralli^l iMr, Lcc, 
ImiidL-d hiin tliv tvK'ju;ra(ii and liv ojiciii^d and rt'Jid it. 

*' By Jcivo, Barney/' be aaid, holding out tlie t<^le- 
pum, "if I'd gotten Urn teu miiiut«a ftooutr I 
woaldirt have boaght that ring/" 

" Well, I'm giiiil you didn't get it," Mr. Spyer ro 
ndcd. "Let's go and hiivc *<>(ap Apolliiiciriui," 

One luoniiiig duriitg thiU .^Jtmo w«ck Mr. Sjiyor was 
flitting in th<i store wlmn Ncilfiori camo Tii alone «nd 
[jcin^lit a di:]nir>nd ring fm' |17JS. [Kiid fi>r it rtnd tiild 
till-! iiii'iTU;iiit to siiy iiolUiiig Ut Pbilljj about it. Thcrrc 
tvaH iiotltin^.fiu VL'iy ojilraordiuary iu tLis ; luit wbm» 
Mr. L<*e cumc in an lj<>ur af'toi~wai'e?s aitd pickt-d uut » 
ring aljout tlio ejimei vaino iind paying for it cigoiuL-J 
Ml'. Spyi'r I'l A;iy tioUiin^ 1<» Ail'-Uido alioiiL it, Im was 
fiijrpri^wl at \\w ivniiirkaldiMic-*^ nf llie coiiirMbnui'^ 
\}r iH^vvv hi;Lii-d nuytEiiLig laoi^r al)»iH cilbLH' itC the 


THG AllN)iTBi:L BOT«. 

TUh itlnit f»f ntf^ro mlnatrL-lHv m it« [iresent ahapc 
cri^iiiHU-J foil V Villi's a^o willi Diiii Krimi«it1» Frank 
Bnfwor, Hilly VVlillDrkniirl Dk'k IVIImiti. Tbi* bsti>jij 
quikrt^'tte org;iiiizcd tho Virgniiu ScrrciiMlcm in Ift4l, 
giring lhi*ir lirni iHTfrirmrinci^ on Dc.tvmluir -SOtli, An 
iLlrri tfif ttiv ■' lirsL jiurt " rL]nii»lii^] liy lliiiL <^i>ii]lrLiiiilHiii 
VTiH given In^l ^(^usnn, wlicii Diiii Kiniiu^tt Iiittittrlf u)>* 
,|MiiLrcHl wild thi'cu fitUitrrt iii HM aH In whidi thti old 
Jiiw>tKui4> Cguretl, and tlie oilier liislrumeiiU wore 
banjjt litmljuuriiie utid ^Jdlv. Fifty yeai^s liernre Uio 
time of the Virginia Screuuder'? ;i Mr. Grmvpnpr U 
sjiid t.> hnvd hlukoil ii[i M tht" <ild I'Vilerul Street 
Tb<ratrij, in Bo^loiu wli^tro ho v^nn,^ ni\ Etliinpinn song 
in chamut*'""' I'hc fin^t of tho iw^ny inolodi<^ that 

ifr© hw^n |nr*TV0!t! i* " 31iu?k SMo »f AH>Jtiiv Standu 
"Lflko Clkatnjitiiin/' It. •vu* 4ii:i^ by I'oUl'w lUirWrt, 
iL WifHtcirn lector w^o fj^urit^bcd ]t>ug hettwo tho ihiya of 
>* Jim Crtiw/' Ric>(?f or Dnilily Rioc>, kj thoy callud 
lifm. Ucrbvrt'd >kCiiig was a^ follows : — 

Bsok «1dr AlbikEiy «tan' LaIlv rhamplftln. 
Link ijoiiil tialf full o' wjLttj ^ 

Towu Kunkll, ho grow t>lm(vr b<j{stmrtur 

On JjAt CbftinpLiiln Uncle Bun ict hi} boot 
An' MiLn^a MiJlimnuM^i tir ull >(»{ 

Willie i.Piii^nr MAf^nm^ lEiaki* k^lKH^barjE hv homo 
yHd (Ic ftnay irbow oourtt|[<i ncbbci' tAli 'qoIh 


TJIK Ml?ftTlir^ HOTS. 

Soiil.Uorii tht^iitnt eiw |>n>|iiTU'-mrkn, 1[im|i-!t^lkli'r', itlsigH' 
<-nrjii-i)U*rr ittr,, ilikI )i[< miu)i< itri r(*(nTljU.)r>ii unlil hn 
W^rn JLiin[iiii^ Jriu Cmw, in LoiiiKvillo, K^nttickyf In 
IftSi*. itfltT wliioli lie? 1>eniiii4* fmrviw mul niH^ln a for- 
Itiiu' Ijy !titi^iiig lii» Hong 111 lIiU i-oniitry ar»t Eiiglaml. 
Tlie odginal " Jim <"row/' with the walk nn^ dn»s, 
wori* copied from nii old Lonisville negro, and ran aloiij 
ro^rdl^Ks of rliytlim in thi^ niaun^r : — 

J vnni ^onn to i.-it>«k, I sfvui ilown r flHlilnic, 
1 futvd ihi- oM millorlo a^mnw chaw lobjtckor 
Tu irrut uliJ Atjtit iiaiLnrr. 

Cu^NV'H. K)r»t *in ilf» lu'pp f4p, rtj^ti oiy <tp tot, 

Kborj Umo I *rhccl about 1 jun>p Jim Trow. 

1 1|««» dovrii t,i>(|* bnutcli to p«itl»r o]r1 miller, 

I b«lDU^ U> CapL llawMciFi and douH Vktv « d-^-lLi 
CnoatK. i^rnt r>ii t^f run^] ia|i, etc, 

Geor^i> NichoU. a ^Ircua clown, clnlmji to hnvo 
the fli'st iieicro minstrel, and some nwtird thia dlstluo- 
tion to Gctor;^ Witt^bington Dixoii, wbodisputt?^ tbd 
anlboi-8hip of *'Zi|> Cooii " ivitli NicboU, wlio fii^t 
^n;;**CUro Do Kiuh^tK" whi(?h ho nn-iinjifed fron^f 
hoiirinj^it i^uM^ b_v im^rnc-p o^^ tbo MiE^i)^)ii|)pu Bil!^^ 
EnUcr, a l»iv coiiic^itiuir, wha Ulo tiriginal "Coal Bliick, 
B4>ji«," ill 1630, John Clciiii^nii: luivin^ <'r>m|iorted xhi 
muiie, Bnni*?y Burii», a job rwlor and lt>\v t^om^iad, 
firjit ftang " My Long Tail Blu<>/' jiiuL " Su«h n Oft 
ting up StJiir:!/' written jind eompodvd liy Joo BUe 
bm-n, ThtMO wcro all ubcmt Daddy Kioc's time, mid 
nearly all tbe Bongj of ibo Jay wcru eon-^ti'iiclcd in iUd 
Btyloof '■ Jim Cn>w," Tbc^ywore tiik«ii from bcarinj^ 
the 8outl)(ii-ij darkiee smgiug in the eyeninga ou ti^m 

nx£ Mumitja ugis. 


Is the jear following tlic orsunizatlrrnoftheVii^iiTA 
SoroDadcrs the <Ji-i^'i]^al Chn:'ly Min*tM» wore oi-gan- 
iied bj E. 1'- CHrUty. in UulTulo. The troupe con- 
fti*t^dofE. F. C'linatv,(3t;o. Cbristy (wlioac roul iminc 
woa llmringtoii), L. Durniid »iid T, Viui^cl^u. They 
first called ihemaelvc» th« Yii'gluia Mtoatrclst but 
ctaiigud tu Cht'bty Miuabrels in a aboil iunc^ whi;ti 
Eiiou DkkeraoD attii Zekc Bakers jc>iueU them. The 
party coDti:iued to give coiicerU upto July. m-'JO, vtUgix 
E. P. Christy died nud wnv buriod iii Gro<?iiwiK)d, 
G«orgoClirMtybad wilhdrawii In Ortobcr, l>t5i*t, <jwirjg 
to §omc diB-inHi.! butwiT^n liitniiolf mid K. P. Ilis 
wiltiiy diinn^ the twu yrjir.* mid nix nioiiiha pi-K" 
tWiii^ Uh! tvitlidnnvid utut>iiuii?d bi ^IP.fiSf), The 
Irouiit? gnvB twij tlumsaiid seven huiulrvd mid niiwly* 
two cont^ertH during ils exi»ieiice, took hi #317,- 
S89.3(», EiAifl out th'iO.TT.'p.TO, and had h profit 
ieaof Hno.«7^,m>. Tbr jmjfiuofitux fir«t yenr did 
noteiccerd t'^OO. Com|»iini<w wtrp now i^prin^iiig up 
everywhf'i'cf, mul «n gi'ifiit wnx ihr mgit for itiini!4tre1sy 
lh»t thf* troii|H'* m*™ oliJij^t-d to givt- mnrnini; I'oncort*. 
The c-nU'i'TJiinruf'Tit ha* hi^t<ii tnw itf^iui' ()iildi<- Hinusc- 
mentN ever Hiric-e, tmd a ^<>ud couipnny of burnt cork 
urtiiiU ciui cumutaod agood houaeatiywhcre. Fidhiw- 
iiig the spirit of eiiterprl«i^ of the ago and the teod^mcy 
to gi^aiitic propoitionfi iu ev^rjlhing, min^treUy hiL« 
devdto|)ed hito Miistodoii Mega the rio it aiLd other 
muiDiuoth orL^jni^^ation*. Cud men by the doxens, >^ug 
luid dAace inttu by tho xeorois and no lesa than forty 
("oouiit 'otn '*) artixttt now nmu^e the public that woa 
SAtiolied with four in '41. By thit vriy it wel^ in tbi« 
Year on July 4th, ihat tx>neit wvrotirHt ptiij'ed before »d 
uudii3UC0, the iiltiycr being Fmiik Browcr uf tho Vir^ 
ginia 8ci^^naderd. 

Oeoi^o Chriity, vrho was tbe inodt celebrated EUiio- 



Afi/iotf, 0<tnrgit wwt, as he ever hnj» l>oen, t!in vrrj 
lit^hic} iiiut fi^xil of tliift i&pci*iiM of iimiiMt'iiit'iit : iirid 
iiuljM?i]iiE*iilly, iJiidir l.lm lUJAjiitcn of E- P. Ohnatj', 
m&iJQ bU dotml ha Jiiliiiii, ibc [ioiir^-|ilu^fir, In the 
Hpring of 1839, ruiil afterwnrdi nlUiiTi^^d to tli*- Vfvy 
first rank in h\^ profifd^ou. He survived Ujh imme- 
Mki.4 many yciiK. 

TJifTOiily fiiiilt to bo found with tlm min*lnil*y nf tbft 
jiHTHriit tiny IK tha (-iiiir^rtiicD^fl timl |hu'vm41<-k tunny of Um 
jik(K.(<tK-» luid i:n}^* otit in thoitonjiA niid runny ^^Hyfngjjt, 
Thr oliT-tbnu ni^gi^ cliurjictifr hn* l>oun HVink out of 
Kighl und UxT vulf.'^trit^ i>f tlic ^iiiiii Lu-i Inki^i tlio 
pluoe ftf lh« iiiim^'uEit u<^nii(ailitk"i (Imt were in vogue 
forty years ago. It U tine tbui the negro characi«i* 
hnd undei^one A cbuii^ und that the black mnn now 
vie0 with hie white Eiroihor In everything that is low 
and vicioiti«; but tbo eriiid4m xtUI holdN ^Gtnl thut 
no^ro iT^iiD^^treljiV l* not whiLt it wait or whut ft ought lo 
bo, und ttmt nti iniitlvr h(>w gnuid iti< pro portion a 
nio-v ha nmdu by untt*r|iriHing managers thd miuiy 
rvnture^ tliut mrdco It ubJectionaLlo to fui^tidlnus people 
muat be pruned off betVire it can be SLudt'k be deserving 
that full recogiiitf<in whioh ihu pubbo always :iccordd to 
whatever iagood id tbe amueemcnt line. 

The i]«^ro minstri?! i^ iin institution cntin^ly outsi<l9 
of the pblo of eontmmi]>iu«::o pcoplo. lie trdk» difter- 
«Dtly from otiior peoplo, i^nU di^oreiitly, droasm 
dilTkTmiily. A " giing of nJager ^jngorn " ean be 
identihud throe block:* nwiiy Isy (in ot'dinnry ofi^orvc-r 
of buniiui ^mturo- Thoy have u faiidno--tB for high iiud 
shining silk fiatja tbit ure rt-llot-lcd in 1h« glaT:^ of their 
patent-! ezither. low-fjtiai tci* ah^es every limo they pull 
up Ihoir light trou?ei't» tr> look at their red or clo^-ki'd 
ftiJk stockings. Their clothes are of & tDin>ttreley cut, 
uml like tbc party who cjirio to town with nng^ on hor 


niK MIN^TItKL BOy»< 

linden and v'mic* «ii her l<»e», lin?y iiiuU Imvi* ih^lr 
dii^ci'd o»vciX'd with umelbv^U ov dufltei'-diamtiud 
om&iiionU, Kiid they rrirvly <)vor fall to diapUy n 
"spark" til tbt'ii' goi^iauus dliirt fi^uU< They arc 
" maahfirs " of the nwst |)ro»oui:L'cU lyi>o on tJio Mtii^o 
and off, and ju?it aa eooii as tJioy tnko poet^c^siou of a 
Bmall town, it ia eafo to uiy Ihiit ftll the fomininc 
bcurt« l>iiig around lofi^o will fic corndcd within 
twcnty-fi>nr hoiirt of their arrival. They arc n» jcii- 
oroua now a« they wore ycai'S a^o* and hvf of them 
»avo a cent for the frcqiicmlv incnlioaoJ rn\ny rfay. 
The vci'y ho^t of thnn Jmvo ilird in povi^rty. am) rntnd 
gravctf uhly thi-oa^h tlio chAnty of frinmlai. ilulnnty 
DianioiKl rtJid hh partner, Jim HanfonJ, Iho former of 
whum iiulped Jlanuiiii In liia fiiAt &t^'|«a nl"n;r ll"*^ road 
to fortune, hulh dk-d ijk the eunie rhiltdeEjrbU alm^ 
hoiiAo, Tb^y hcfcd c^^innkandcd bi^;; «a]ari«0, but tirc^ied 
flashily and lived fiL.^t.und whcrn tbo nLinydnyeumc 
they h.ul to nm fur Khi.dlfr to n piiblk churity. Very 
few pcrformnr* who flie in imverty nnw luo jillowcd 
to -ir-t'k riiiy nthi-r than ihfi t'lnirilv cif tlic-ir prorcwiitinal 
brethren. TIiv BiMJi^ruleiil and Proteclivis Order iff 
Elkn l.hki^.'* (mt'u of thtr UEtfoiluaittCf, uaalating tbein 
gt-'aei-imHly whll*! Hvin;f and givhjg theiu ilc*;ent burial 
at thtir dejith. 

An I Jtuid, th^niinatolhoy l:tnn irreMstibl«*'niasbtn** 
Hi« parTuiiliir Wftakii€»« i» women, with winv oflni 
only n littlo Ix^blnd. llo Vtvvo al as rjt}>id n ratf" 
riA liiM K/itary wilt nllnw, und Mnu^ ii|i,'hL into ilny by 
*' tikkiii^ ill lh» louru *' it^m' the pvrfoniiuiurei Tlu*y 
frmjnenliy gi?t Into HuaiidriViuH lilatory owiug to th* 
promise a oLKn^a^ wllh wlmh they jHek u|i with 
potticoaiM, and their amoiim j^ot them into gr^ait 
trouble. Wftnieii BL*L>ni tc have a lavbli fondness for 
tb« «iid-iuan, and uKioy of them have leA huslmiid. 

frenljcr it Ihat of ilie Si. LouJ4 rlernMnfmdain^. who 
aold oul lutr limi>«: to Iw hIwu^a ]Lr:ir her " Jtjhnn^-,'' 
who. 1 llitiiVr vfiLH «m< of ihn Hig Fiuir. 


THK MiyftTicr.r bqta. 

thut iIrv«lcipo*l III n Ni*w Ytirk B^wrtr}' iTicntrc, tmis 
niglil> ttlivii a ytiiiMg woiiiiiii [^Tegniillv AitirETtl juiiiptn) 
out i>r II privaLe Ih^x, iiutX vmUnniin^ jt ywr^nimt^v ivUo 
WAS jii^L flni^hiitg It Imnjo soln, sliouted in a Tolen llkut 
wn^cloiLrinLtl loml, ** YoH*ro» ihp fttirt ofii inTiii T like I" 
Tho diHLVtEtico cbeertTi:! tu>lllv Aud iIh- voiin^ womad 
flrr€pt4i(l llio ft|njlniinn with a coiirlPHV, while tho lian- 
jrtUt htn«rg4in"(l iiit.n thi^ wiiiiT't '"'> trim^h anm^^ri] to Iw 
fljiHprcd. A young tunti IVntn wlifiti^ hiiIh ihn l^ifly Imd 
niEuli^ her le)i]> upmi Uh' ftta^ii. BUftiL'i'dLvI wilb uomu 
(lifQutilty in lUHxiiig lier ImiU luio tlic bov and the 
show went ou^ Ttie pair linil boon dliiiui^ au'l iv^ulug 
logctber, null tbi^ youii^geutti^niHi] h^icl not hoeii ns at* 
tentivo to tiiH roinpauion n« ish« thought proper. So 
rihci had i^troiic^ii lilt? original im^(.lH>d of nt oiirt^ ni- 
bukinif itiid ^hiimini^liirn. Sht* ?£|]iv(*(.u1lhI. Ht* did not 
dura 1o look at anutlit^r woinuii on ttr olT ilia Hlngo 
Qgaiin until tbe ourUiii fn-lL 

Tho^ who have iievei- wilnesged the reb^rsnl of a 
minatrol company can havo buta very faint idea of tbe 
unouat of worry and \M>X'Uiou to which the mann^er 
is eubj^ct^d bofore he becomes satisfied that tho eom- 
pany hau mmtUrrd tho work ko tliat it i* in a coudi- 
tioti to ;nx'»oiii to th*; pLth]if^ The Keouo lit a drumatSo 
i*9beanfa) is the iceiii' of porfot^T. peaoo niidhurmony 
GOoiparod with that of a mir-^trol oompany. Tho dlf- 
fcreucG ia caused by the faet that dramatic porformeis 
Htudy their lilies and bushie^d cai^futly. and bnve thd 
idi?a outtalantly beforo them that they inubt adhero to 
th« toxt and the author's iioae do^eJVi while niinfltreto, 
or '* uigper singers " ns they anj culled by incniborft of 
thoprofcsaioii, work with only one ondio view, and that 
U, to be funny. A minstiv] havin^r'iKpeeeli ofu doxon 
lines will muke it twonty-Svc timc« and never mako It 
twice alike. Evirry time ho ipcaka it he will drop 

T1IK Ml^eEtrnKFi tlOT«. 


aut A(Mnethtn^ or iiinert ctomiTtliiiig irhich the uuthor 
did not iiileiid to 1>o tlicro. Tho ro^uU im ttijit a m*ui- 
a^r superiiiteiiUiii^ ii it-liearaitl ia in hot w.'ttcr, l];;i]i-u- 
tively, all the tliiio. If he frtoriiia and (iweai-a ut the 
performers, he oiJy lunkea matters woi-ae, uiid. Chere- 
forc whilo he is inwardly boilh)^ with voxatlan be must 
I'ctaiti a culm cxtiiior and Appear as fliuiling as a Judg 
mornmg, Thero bnvc been well authenticated coses 
whrr^T imnstrri nuinAgri-s h/ivc \w,cn driv^in ii» iitiong 
drink hy tbti iiiLciune strain upon thrir mental rtcuUicA 
ocCUsiioikmI hy nupeniitsiidlng ruhearbul.-i. Tliettfi caood, 
howevt!]', ai'L* vnvv. 

Through th« courtesy of Maaogtr J. A- Gullck, I 
bad the pleasure, hist upt'ing, of iviUiebfahi^ a. rehearsal 
of Havurly'ti MjiJ^tcHloii Minstrels. I taokn sL^^it under 
Uie shadow of tlur luilcouy to WJUch dcvelopmcii(», and 
usMtJ teii ar tifli'L n iiiinntiv-t in iii>^pcc;Utig tJio dull, 
rd napt'et nf thn IniMMi. Rvm'} thing wtLS ijuiiil litid 
opprnssivcly unnhri'. Oi^TOffiitriaUj' u seruh woman 
who WON working a t^rooin In the df^ss ntvle wonld 
bark one of her shins against one of the iron chalr- 
fnimes And ^rt down »nd h'lwl in il isjhducd tone, hut 
beyond this tliero wa* nothing Hi brwik tlm KtillnoAK 
until the niemhei'H of tbn minipany br^rnn tf} itrrivv. 
Presently the oivhestni cninf) in iiml \»*iiAH in tniio up 
th^ir inslrnnirntii tn n ('nndiiinn proper far Ihif promul- 
gation of itwot*t -iilnuiH, and Ihen thn eomtdiunM njid 
singorK cunio sauntering h) qui the stage. Apparently, 
th« lirit ditty of eaeh and every one of ihem upon get* 
ting out of th(» wing^, Wr*g to execute ^t shuffle, cock 
bis bat over hirt l^ft «ye nnd swagger off up tho «t:Lgo 
with a siitisfled suiilo. Enrh having hct^n ]tn(.H:^'u fully 
delivered of his mittutinal sliuite, and having sali^dud 
bimeolf that be h.idii't conti'jict^l tho '■ Atrlng-halt ** 
during the uiglit, all Kcatvd thom4cUu3< and tiwnited the 


THK HiKKtnKK lllfYH. 

ftj>|Kfjmtit<^ fif Ibo mnn»g<»r. irir(»jit*»<l of thojrburat 
ooric niiO Ai^t^ l^^^'^y* 1^'^ eoinjiniiy ]aok<;«l more 1ik« 
a coUt^rtioEi '»f wdl-t'^*<lo yelling mon in tUo ^•omnier- 
oUt wulk"* f>f life thiLU tninktrcl |M:rfnrnicr«> All 
]oo1fi?<l ns if 1h«y hnt[ pnvnoj n eckmforlnhlo m;*titt nnJ 
had not indid^jDfl iiilhoso rev^i*(whidi aro i^rrnncously 
duppos^ to be insopamUle from the liTo i>f « miimtrcK 
Conacquently 1 was hound to oonoliido that lh*?y liad 
Mi<] their prnycr>i at 1 1 : ^<^. and al ruidniglit xr^^ro 
anorini; the enori?« of Iho inam^cTit mid ble^^fnj. Tlic 
only member of tho company who looked a^ if he 
jiiiglit hiivc ^Ti(T *rrong on the |»rcr*oiM nigbl wjn Kraiik 
(Jushmun> Ilia ri^^bfc f^yn sftta hlnod^hol, ami he had a 
prolijhcmnro "ii liif< tyii'h<^i*I i>vot the optic such aa 
might He nM«(ut hy Uic kick of a mu1c< His coaiJitiDQ 
Wits nftrrwni'd i^x])laiiied by the fiirt that iii att<?mptiii*f 
tonmkc a" funny tnW *' in " I'mrlci Tom'-i Oiibiii/" on 
the iii^ht pro\ioii^. he h;ul made a nndcuo and had n> 
ccivcd a genuine Ml, btnkin^ou hid heail. ^uvpicloii 
wad tli«;reforeHlIjU'ecI. and I b^ame BatisfieJthaiOn^h- 
ni&a. ti>f>, ha<l mid his prayers and littd ^ae ivgvlai-ly 
toheil inib^ELilcd. 

Promptly at eleven oVIock, the hour bet for it^huar- 
Mul, M&fi;igL-r Oulick an'ived aiif] pi'oceetleJ at uiice to 
hut-itit^s by dclironn^ nn niKh'OA* to tho oreheatm 
lender: — 

<* Now wi? don't want any hrnik hi (hU lin<t part 
ilni«h tfi-night. Tnii nant In niakn th:it lir»t chorna 
vrry forlr nrid thrn work h olT gradnally wry piano. 
Ttjrn whrn I la^v all i^inie tut vnn w^int n nbort wait and 
thpii [I cTi%Ai — nee ? *■ 

Tho IimiKt nmlJiHl Ut inrlieato that he mhw, 

"TlK^n." n-^mmcd Mr, Gnlick, " whyn you hiru-th4> 
pirdol fired, work in that le nm iddk d» te uiu iih tiddt« 
um tnlitlu tah — B«o?" 



T]i<f Vitttr^r ni^iun )iAw, mil! t.lin riiEunigin' fx>nl-iiiiic[l ; 

»*Thrn wltf^ii Vrtii ("iHiTii i*» * Tlif? "^irl 1 li^fl' tiRbiml 

till'/ |iiil ill Ta l:i. hull liililli^ liilji liitii 1uli]1i< Jih — 111*1^? *' 

Bui wUlii^ut w:titiiig to wa \\]iQ\\n*r lUe li'iuU^r hhw 
or not the nmimger turned to (lie comiwiiiy wrth: 
" Kow, LriVF^. ifi*t ili»wrj lo hufcihiw)* :un] we'll ii>h<>nrrte 
iUni fir^t {iari ^nUh/' 

Thrn ttioi'fj wji» Ji nwh of tho "4fl-cDmil 'nm " 
thnvu 111 lli« lo'»Ulijrljt«, J""l i^viTvlmJ/ ln-^im la tilk, 
Kut'h imiii Mlrijrk rt ihlfcrt^uL sul^jirL't luitl it UiffLTL-iit key 
ap^mreiiUy, uml tla- tiiiiHli iijipeiir^il to be un thrtroughl/ 
jumbled up tliut It seemed itii Jm|K>^i1>1» Xnsk tf> 
*t.rai_^hteii It out agaliK Hut tlip [irtrfnrmniu'e Jipiwiired 
to bo an luljunct of ihp relirnrs-il» fur v/hrn it \viin fin- 
E»lic«<1 ^Ir- Qulick took Iih uesit uL tbt^ fcu»t*ltgbt:*, whiln 
iIki rompLiiv nrnui^ifiL ir<c<tE' in tin* livuhI »^rini-Hn'lr?^ 
wiib E. M, Knyti^t Hw luLprltnnjl<*i', lu llio ci^utra. 
Mora iiiHti'UfUcnis wciro jfircii by tlio iiiAitiiijz^ir, wLod 
young nuxii riiwhivl iti ntid |>i^rforin<>0 the pjiiiir^fninio of 
Landing Mr. Kuvikt a. tt:\*?f^iiuii, whivli thtf IntUr pan- 
tomlinioaMy i>|>eiied itnd <!:tdi]ily luuimmocd that bo bad 
ju»t rooolved iic'Wr* llml ho hid ju*l won lb<j prize of 
$30,000 in tUo KentuoUy SUU* lottery, lie didn't 
idnko u^ much fiiaa over it n>* any oiliui' mun would over 
finding i\ bAtf-dollar on tbo alreet, Tbe ucwa tnu»t 
hftvo pletutNlhim, for ho remarked: — 

"Boy*, Im m luck/' 

"WUftti«it?" eaid Billy Kicc. ' 

'* Fifty thouMimd dolltir priKC/' implied Mr- Knyiie. 

" What did I t^dl y<t\i'f" *utd Kico. 

** Tftko tja out and tn>ut o^,'* said CnshmaQ 

" Didn't 1 tell tihi 1 wiw a Mai^cot/' said another. 
Tbcj all Galled for lemotiudc, mul Mr, Kayne eompni'* 
misodthematter by agreeing; lotiikctbeui at I toKuropo 
on H plea^uro trip if tbcy wnold puck their Uuuka in 



fire minute. A chonix w:ui thon «mi^ mid tbo trunki 
wdre UDnounc^d |)!inkct<l. JiinniY ¥ox Ui<rn cutni 
forcrnrd uml uonoiitifxid thiit bo w:u oitjUnln of tbft^ 
Pio^oru. Tbo other uiomber* of th« cotii|)uuy tuu»tj 


bftvo bdcn looking for him, hv tliey &I10L liim dead vMh 
IL vndfiTHUrt " Wng ! " imd then proiriWed to sing 
**GW_v Tlnlldttjjili/* (iv*ir liU <:nr|in(>» Tliw brought 
him tti life again and Iw wiut i^mlmilt^d to iho excur- 



Piwn paity. One of the %<?C(ilj3t3 ibon ttang ''Old 
Polk^Atiioinc," nnUntit^condustfui Mr. Kuviuf oaked 
if Uicro ^viid no quo <;Uo to wliom thi^y wiabod to e&y 
*'^fod-b\/' but tdl ro^^jmiukilt '* No, nut one/' 

*■ Yea, Ihorv i.t," hjiiJ Mt\ K^iyiK, hiiiI flio orchestra 
opened witli "Tli*> (ih-\ 1 Loft IkhinJ Ale," 

Tho ri-'hear^i] w;i.i inti'i^perscU with very »wcot little 
luclodicfl* vfbicb rc(l(-etn<^d ^tich verves ns this: 

Qui truaku nro imtVi'il anC ifur tiutagir Ta pali^i 

Of tht brill/ w«vo Tr>A'rf? not «fful'I, 
Sail ci'et Lbo vcc^iuj bluc^ 

Then Cii»Uiji;iri xniig : — 

Oh. fikrv yun lA'tlU S^ IfOoliglrti^ 
KftTNi you ffcl! for •Wlillo; 

Aixlcnuki* ^>ack In Julj. 
Rloo retallfit^d with ; ^ 

W^'UmLI aw\iy i>'cr tltf^ uccitn blue, 
'nil wo imcEi Itio i^ramUt^il land, 

Tlicrv w-iA notliiti^ striltiii^ly cliD^icivl nHoijt tlio 
wordu, l)[iL t\w miAcnW wn^ clLiintiing, uiiU oovitred i\n»m 
nitli u I'liariuUZcf oluEik. 

Ttic fii'At |>iirL HaUh liaviugbocu rolifiArsod, Manner 
Gntick diftcf>vorecJ some fia^v» in li And ord«rfid Itto Iw 
dono over ȣ;aiD. On h^urin^ thi^ the m^ii nt tl:<^ boaa 
viol looked up pltooiinly nt BiLly Rico nnd luiki^d ; — 
'*Aro wo poiiig ihrouijh it agiiin? " 
I "Of oourao," replied Kk-o ; '*do you wmit to r&st 

' all tho time? •' 

h Tiii« quoetion wait ntit iiiiHwni'cd mid tliu Imufi vtot 

I dropped into u ficiLt iijijiiiicntlyooiuplotolydiAooiira^d. 


THR MlXxrilRIi noT.1. 

iluXQii liiiKfM, uiiil wlii'n il will pnitiDDiinTtl M Ti^Ul lUa 
bftftA viol unlive ^ fii^h uf pjlivf Mill »lnHjk I.Ue ImLlilin^. 

evm^lioU^ tVAA 1>a»y. At one siile of tlie 8Uge tlto 

song, till* iirrht'«lru xvaa nt wnrk on iin ovmuri^T tliri*)? 
or four mon wcrt^ hruHhing tigi tin u fiin'p, tvro *imyi~ 
h\id-i\ii\u'v im-n wrn* invniliit^ iimv ^U!!!*, *md Cliurlrv 
Dot^kMiiUiH' wiiH KnciHii^ Ibe Clipper. U wiu nti ex- 
ceedingly Uveljr" scene, au*l th«*re was uofwe eitotjgh lo 

"flHoo rtr. 

Mke tb«r drjitU Vocjil Riiit ni^trutiirntHl itiiuic fongbt 
II {jilr]]<-<l briUlt^, whib? \\\v clmiivr^ bmiiTKTTiid ibeftta^O 
witli Umir fi'tt hh if hy ahv of u|>[iUiiihv A boiler- 
alinp !« a buvtu of it«l IkjhiiI** ;i tninNLivl lebearaaL at 

A closing furce wa^ tben c^llei) iirul the performcni 
w^rogiv^oan opporlunily to a^viaJl lin^s. All Ibny 
fTuitpd n[>[iHrf»mly wtis tbe kl<>a. ivbirb tbpy pm- 
l«d to work ti]> U) ^uU ib^msolveg rvgardtess of tbe 


author's language. This probably is what makes a 
n^ro farce funny. The performers make an effort to 
retain cues, but they insert impromptu speeches into 
the parts as they occur to them. Oue of the comedians 
repeated a speech of ten Hues, as many times, and 
each time he bud something new in it. All of them 
left out or added something every time, much to the 
evident annoyance of Manager Gulick, but he said 

The rehearsal lasted nearly two hours without a 
rest, and was as utterly unlike a minstrel performance 
as can well be imagined. There was nothing particu- 
larly amusing in it except its oddity, and yet when it 
was presented with black faces and varied costumes it 
caused i^oar upon roar of the heartiest laughter, be- 
cause those who saw it thoji had not seen how the 
performance wa^ constructed. 



There are Iwo ktiida of olowiia rainilJAr to poo 
who patroni?^ umui^emeuu — the olowii wbn ju^jgl 
old joh's in tho circu» nni^. and I lie clotro whose 
only laiiffiijip) i» blint of tuoiid exi)Tc«Eion, nD^ 
wLo^e ^riiia unU irriimKc* to;»other with his oxtmordi- 
nary unties luiJ whitd luce nro mora uccci»tablc to and 
iiilorprutnbic bv olutithood tlitin tho «nci<int nnd pctri- 
tivJ hiimfH'lHm^ (»f hift bnHlicr linij^h-nrikcr of tho »aw- 
dutit cirde. There ie no circus clown in the world 
coiiUl .-tLri^Loh the lieart'^trin^iiof mi uikIk'hoc n^ Ciircuid 
hold Ui<; 111 tliei'u I'lngi^r IhuQ Ijoorj^rcL. Fox, tbo kin^ 
of paiitomiimcmcri'yrruakvn?* IIi!» wzu5 u faco ri^ndable 
00 the pzifrei of a liook printed In gi>od large type* hd 
Ihr wonderful svriH chuu^es that caiuc ever it were li 
fli-ivy clcfudi^ and ^un^hine dmsiog each other ai^nj^^-i 
NiimiDor sky. Ponr Fox, who sent a thrill of joy ijito 
lliii hejiMs uf thousands of litllizi tVilks and i-aus^ tlif*ir 
nirty lips to ovvr-birMilo with »iKcry Isaglter, his wad 
a hanJ. iin urultiservcd — do.ilh in a tnndhonsos 
withiint a gliMl of ivjinori to light him nn ]ii» jouniey 
acro** the dark livir, lln hn» Irft mj nut^rt^isor niorg 
wnnhy of hi^ pl-uT tliitn Oeor^t' R. Adam:*, whr>Hr ijd 
ent ohlnininl him ih<i nrngntlhiii nf Ailnm Fnrr|m(igh 
th^ nhoivm:LEi, wrih wlicnii \w isi now in partMitrAhip. 
Fr»iior and abnviiM of miiM>r mi*riL fill Iho rest of ihn 
plawJi, but Adam^* is at the top of the Iwap- and may 
fltiv tonncrd the Otliimldi (>f lo*day. 




It in pLoivnni to vh\i u tlR^iitrv iVuring tlH> i^txij^r^MM 
of h pantomimo. Th<i lu^uau U iilloit wiLli old luid 
youii^ j[i cr|Uiil pmporltorka^ or if thei-6 h any pivj>oii- 
i)^n-n<Tu it in i»i the &iJt* fjf tiio lUtle folk*, wto durnbur 
up ou tlio biivkti of chairs au<i laiigli freokmiilewutitly tia 
the birda iu tbo forest siuff. every tdnie tboy eatch sight 
of th« cbiilkcd hcud of tlio clovrn &ni] ilio gi-iy tufl 
vtaildm;; Jiko a turret ni>ovo |>oor old I'liutaloon'a vrig. 
And tho old po»]>lo ^utgii nil tlic ht^irtior bc<^aU5o tbo 
jntioci-ut young pooplij huvo tliuir b«MLrt* iiudinauth^ 
fillc<l with joy. Tbo iiutitoininio may tw "' Eluinpty 
Dumply " or *'Tho Magic Flute*' or •* Tho Morry 
ItUller" — call it by wlmtev«r name you will, an 
bt«tH0 intfireet ia takoii in it, and Dew «iijoymeiit t* 
found ill erery performance. Tbo tricba are tlic-'satno, 
tlii) Qjijchanical ciTocts tibatioiil with tboMS of eveiy 
other pimtoiiiinic yau riiny huv© seen, and eveu th« 
«pi^L-iahy frketcbca th;it divide tbo act^ of tbe dumb 
&\ntw aecm to bo of vciy ulo^o kindred >vitb tboae of 
formt-'r utlractious oftbis kind. Still everybody eujoya 
tbe fiiii jiiAt aj4 nviiiy |k*iijiI« Imi^b «t tln' " rhf^tttuuls " 
— i'ttltfariift\ old jriKr* — of ibf? miin in mutlpy attiro, 
who trim t<i tiiTiki?; patronn r>f iHa nircuM foc!! liAjipy, 

ll niakr* nil dilTiTcni^t- tri tb» inininHiru iiif>it and 
wc>m<*ii wlio am HmnjJiy Duiii|jIv'j* Ih'hI fritfiidn ainl 
ndinirt-nir how tbe nuH^baaitrid t<fn>[<tflofa |iiutti»m ime aro 
pn>fluot>d. Tbey do nf»t oat'e mucb ti.) know that the 
pig Huiupty Duiiipty and Panlalouij Alrelcb aci'iiH^ the 
wtdlh of Uie eta^e in nn eud^^vor to tear it from each 
oihj^r, baa a rublM*r body ; Ihitt tbf> bricks ibe clown 
thrwwa at ©verybody arc only pnp**r bore* ; that the 
trirk painj} is worked frr>m tho >Ade At^n^t with & 
fttrinj;; that tbo clothes wbich suddenly, and a^ If by 
some iDV]8tbl« inf1iicnt?0r vitnixli into tho flid«s of bouses 
or up tbroDgb windows haw light but atroDg block 



tlin-Jiil, which ibu Hitlooneitoitiiiiut MTonl nrlUr.uiirr, uU 
tiiched lt> tiicui ; tliG b\^ [XiWctsmtm U U* llmm u ittem 
aud ^l^iiiiiLv rcnlk}' ; uiid it nflbrJic tboin moru fun u> 
jDin^itie t*vorv Hme Humpiy ilirows or tuuki^^ n blow at 
aiiybuilv, tliiil iho ^tnij^iiiu; sound id a surd iiKtioallou tbiit 
bw Aim was well takon — ibej do not kacw that the 
Bonnd ti9 ofreo^ivlu^ n l>Ju^T is tln^ I'opfiilt of §1;^ppin^ 
tbft hiinds to^Qlber. All the simpko illusions of the 
»c*no mid ofthfi nation skvq to tht^m avtuiiL fnctii aad 
lhi*y Evpiwur nil thci ninro ridiculoaii titid nrti nil tlifl 
tuoj'ti utFoetivo im thi* ui^count. When Humpty 
Duni]>ly ilWvs through iLe «ido of ii boiuo, diii4]>(>«ar* 
inj^ he]]jiid,tlii*ro uru mun iu ivaitiug to cjiioL hiin^ and 
when ho Bits down to ruud hi* newspaper and Ibe cau- 
dle bd^ina to };row beyond liU treads then fallmi; as he 
attempt to g^o higher with n eiidJcn bang, and th« 
elown comciB tunihliiiir down aftor it ii8 Jitl did iifter 
Jack whcrn they wi^nt up the hill for tho biK-krt of 
beer, few of tho bj^ or little people know thtit tbo cao- 
dlc riin^ <lown tlir{jii*!rh ouc of tho l^^4 of the tiibleati<l 
i:t nil wood exci'pt the waxen htt at tbc top. AH tbc«& 
little inyalericn bure their chunn* for ttic years of 
chitdliood, and in no country nre the? pb^tiiinnsA of th« 
piintomtm<^ ho fully rceognij^r^d lia in Kii^huid, whrl^e on 
Boxing Sijr lit — lhe2*>tliofDi-'f:t'inhor — clilldroii crowd 
the theatres to witncsfl the ChnHtma« puntomimo. In 
*ome theatre* hora Lhv custom of providing paulomime 
for the Christina holidays ia fldh*-'rod to, but aa thoro 
aro uot enough Griinalditi or Foxca or A^iuiusef or' 
Fruieva to ^o uround. Lho iiipply being rory litnit^dt 
we caiuuot oojii^wtc with KngUnd iii tbl» ic«*peot> 

As Adam* U tho only pantoniimlKt who can lay itn/ 
daim to tho niJioLle of Oeor^ I>. Fax — if downs can 
IWAnhl to hnvn iiijiiitbtit — H«hort biogrnpliy may 
LHit of |»la(?o. Ho in L;«('iily-L<i^lit yoar-H uld^ 1h a 


y not liQ ^^ 



En^limd. nn«l 1-* t!»c nKJcnt i#oii of Cbarlci 11. 
.d;inia. otic i>r llic l>cHt Pft;it;i1cjoii4 in ihc cotiutry. 
Ilti cctmua from !i fainilj*' i>f circua pcoiile, Lkiiil^;! <Je- 
ftueiid&iit of the fmntutH Cookes, rideis uiid ctowaa, 
and is n ctmaiii of W. W- Colo, tlio circus maMA^cv. 
ilo wrte apprenticed to tl>0 aiiiivigirr of AmIcv'si 111 
LoiiJoiit when ho wn^ «ix years of itgo. unci rcmuint'd 
there eight yrnv^. Aft<*r «i|>[)Ciiriiig nn elonn with n 
circu:! In Driiinurki, ha ciimc ia Amonvn, uiid far .-h^v- 
«ral j't^iUTft inii^t-lluil with dilTtreitL ciix'ijnVA. Ilia liiiit 
ii[)|iiNU';iiH-o h-B clinvu in (hif jmulfiminio v/ns \n Btxiuklj'Li, 
Ni?w Yolk* III 1*^*2, umliiv the ntaiiH^^LMueitt. of Tim 
D«LiiR*ll;r , \^ lio gav« a paiilouuiLie l'vci v vear iluriiij^ the 
Chr:ftttin*» holiJaja. Ilia fjfher was the slas^i iiiaa- 
a;^t*r for nnimHIy, nil J *ilg<rc*U'<l lo (irorgi* th*i Mrii of 
|ita}hi;^ c^hr^vn. firorgii rr-fii^od iiL lirvnt, htit lin-dly nt 
hi« r»lhoi''» cnmrsit »iili(^itiUiiiii derulrd la go nu. lie 
iiiaiUr -m iiiitiiEHf.riKnliht hll, JMhl frnm l.hul Ditto (Icnnrlnd 
Ihii imwiiur*l jHuua ;uiU udtiptfO ihi? ntjigi*, Afti*r a«v- 
i-ritl Mii<-'f«nHful AeH«oiiH wiUi Nii^k RoTierU luitl Toiij* 
Denier he la^^t seii^f^u Jiccvploi? an oflirr of jmrlTiei-Hhip 
wUh A1U111 Foi'o|miigh to run a >how niiiirr hin own 

Ill th^lnKtt'tinHMuiiAnninhorof the Londou Grtrp/iic 
I fnurn? ihti IVilhiwing rxrnllrnr. jirlirh» on " Buxinsf 
Night'* a* lh<* liith* follti of Lmidon oiijojr it: *'The 
vi*i;y fimt nigliL uf milinputf^il jiIojlhuiit luut com9 to 
nino-li-nithr* of the llirle ont-n wh<» gnip mion tlw urono 
iu sikatwondor and ai^ionUhuieiit. ImngiiialEon hx iiv 
wildest draain^ never pictured anything to vroiiO^rful u« 
lliU- Th^re hnvo been little theutiieaU at hontc, play« 
in the biu-k drn^iiig-roam ; sotiie fairy tale liiu bemi 
eiiiLoied ffir veWu^U kind Ai^terfi have supplied Uio ward- 
rnlK*, vrhiUt mamiuiL \inr> prtt^idoil over tha plauo or- 
cheatrn. It wns goM fiui ti> cnLu] aerow tbo mimic 




■tng« ill n be!irtl)-ntg» [^rvionding lo ho a wolf »r boufi 

oihJ lo heiir tho hm^rbltr of kind fii«iM* lu front ] Siit 

all tbat bomo nmuitf^mciit, ilie curiosity aii'l crotiulv- 

flaGQ^i t)ie fiougfi iiiid dances Av^ro, fn(1«c><I, child's piny 

whoii compared lo n r^n) theittro on IVocirt^ Nt^lil. 

What iiii|kort:tnco i« ■;iv«ii to tlio child by iK-iiig con- 

tfldonnl old onoiiffU To »tt up *ty liitc nicthis; wluitA< 

«oi]>;o i>f mvfclvrv Hiid wond^rrtiunil to lie drivrii ihn>ugh 

thu ]i|rliti}d tftiX'Hs' ; Eo i^t^ ilio dtdirulvd s\io\t9 ir^t out 

with Chriiltntis prcdi-titti and Kow Voar's gifl* ; nhd lo , 

boliuld f>i- ibL* fim tim<*. tho hri^Ut uU>i?lric ]fi>bt uit^H 

tlio brid^'i** itnil embankment I But tbie in tur bk*ttep ^^ 

tliaii tdl, iMid'>nly n vcvy little removed fn»m fiiiijlaiid. ^i 

How tho myi'iad lights in the ^reat chaudeliera f*lfeteii ^M 

and apnrhic, and the fllu^rc f-rpol-lii;hl8 diixzic ; liow ^^ 

Apiendldly th<> ortrhcKtrn i^tM?inii to pUiy ; smd hark 1 tlio 

Wy* in tlw gjillfliy iirfl taking up the tunn, imd (tinging 

to^(.*tbcr with w<>ndcrl^L rtwing and precision. Oiio 

comic ^aniz uud tit[-r>t>t tun^ follows -iriotlH^r; tho bnnd 

fiug^^t:) iLnd tlie young inudiclnna takv it up with a 

will. Just now thoy hud boon ii peUlii;; of lh« pit vrilh 

ornn^c poyl — all in good fun, of com^i?. Tho \adft in 

thiir ftbin bIocvcs had whit-llcd nnd 6crcj*mcd» aud 

BiduUd ft-Lciida fn distant corners of tho gidlory I b«t 

iiovT all thi* hoi'ic plrtv is qiiiclcd by music nnd melody i 

It i« Doxing Night, ciml there inu»t be putrioti«fi) aa 

well AS pleii^ui'c. ■ itulo Bntunui:!,* ' God blc#« th« 

Princp of Wales,' and ' (roil Save tlic Quccu.' nre *ting 

frvmi thousjind* of Inaty throats. »iid all ifao nu<lieu«'o 

riao to iWiT feet, naving bats and bandkcrcliiefb, 

Loynlty in i\n tircepuary ri« b^vu iil Clin«tmaj«-tim«. 

And u'bat hns lUat ^(ic>il tdd ut/.urd Blanchnnl pi-epitivtl 

tin- Ibr lmp[>y dtildn-n? l\v trni»t Uv n-^ bumoi1:il tis 

Father (!hrih1mUA, utid ri^rbilnly lm ipilt^i ns populnr. 

He iviil Im <b« ^iitdt) u^i Ihe riH-kn nf rumanre, nnd 

avajr to iJie Se}*l» ot fairjWnA, He V\\\\wai\v\-ii Vvu^i^ 



fo)lowu]-4» umidflt ogroa and trianU oud i^lvcs niid fayd, 
lowixarO cu^iloo ini^l uiKiliJiiited flollt ; now yon will Iw 
at lh« l>[>ltum of the soa, xvhvM-e lovely queetti^ wavo 
sevwccd waikib ; ftiid dow on IrinJ timidi^t tho yi^llow 
CorQ-fio)d» nnJ Ibo bluobcll Uw^a, TIuto will br »on;^ 
and dnnoci iliuI tho madciip pninki* nf tli<nt«umi« of 
cbDdrcD, liliputino Arrnic<i and glTtUriii^ aniifir, potv 
ity nud proco^HJnn.i, hoShv^hcir^i^^ und tJio dciir otd 
Cloivri mid llrtrlcqiiii; und Pniitnlonn Atippt»rtin^ * airy 
(airy' ColLii:iMike, it' iboy would only nn;; Umt 
prompter's boll ftiid pull up that Uutnlisin-; curtain. 
Tb« noTft** is liu=liod. tho miiaic stops, the overture is 
over — btit wwit. 

" What fti'c tboy dolus Ijcbind tho ctirtniE ? Tlicro 
^ro beating brart* nli*o in tbo njanniWtory of plca^uro. 
Chmtmu^-tirno rniMnp food imd t'Eiinicnl to tlic; groat 
nifljority of thor^i^ wbo fti-e nwrtilii^^c Iho pniinptcr's 
elgiial. Tbvy hxv*^ tomu fri>m courta nud idlvy*. from 
cold, comfortle^w roorn^, from c:ii*a and porerly. from 
walcbin;^ ftud from wflnt» to tbis great bn^iy liivr Ibtit 
uiKharilnblo people nbusc aud ridicule. Time* liavtt 
been bad, ihc winter bn-^ advaac«d too sooji, wa;ri?* 
faavo been abtck ; hut nil will be mended nwar that 
Chri^tma? ha« come ngnin. Heurt^ beat lightly uitder 
tbc primrc's tunica mid tbr daiivcrfl' (lodkc**, for every 
uiickle makt-n a nnirkle. uitJ ibei^ is work Iim'n, fr<>m 
tbij prouil |ioattion uf head of the Am;i2oniaii ariity to 
the bumbia indiTiduul wbo caiina a «billiii;c: a id^bt for 
tbrowiu^' cun\)t8 hi n crowd ulkI rctuniio;; »1upA la a 
rally^ And the trainin<^ nud diM-iplhio of the lehour- 
saU u\> in IHh ruixious moment bavv not b(^ii wiLhoat 
ibuir adviLotugf!, Puiii'lMfdity. iiib<iiri\ onlcr, niid 
KoliritTly arir ibii wntobworil* lirni. Thtr« have bctn 
tiu idling, dandling, aad pbilniabfrbig, o* many Ml)y 
pt?npl« ini:i;^'imf- Evrn ibrt IIiMk cbildnti \vx\i\ lvw:v*<K 



singing m UJiiaim, oi.'i1aiiil> Ihi^ iiurriL of Ih*juj£ fimuii 
and i»cfu). I3ut uutr it i« the j^at i^Kuiinimlioii <\ny. 
The ]c^-«otifl aro uver. and lUo I'l-aaU 14 t*ton tu Ih* 
known. Whtd a niltl raiulaAlic 8cpu9 il is — » very 
ciiniiv;il of rnMumc!*. Kjiitk'* eiimI h(>i>-f»'-mj-jlitinili«i 
motjkr^^, Jim) .ill ihr misc'iTlbiirfKw mixture of tin* 
iiii?ii;i^*nti, i^iirgi-iHJH Itui^liU iu urtnor nn<l ii|mtigli>fl 
AvrtTii^, Tiluniii uml licr triiiiu (iTUif<-t»);itil HiuriolH, 
w:iii«1h ami cnttul foiiiitaiiis. fruitn ami lurt-HL trtvH, 
mothers, dressers, i-:ir|k«< nidi's, ai»\ C'tisli^niii)ngen« fur 
Lho d'ofvi), utl uii\iM] ij|) iu n]j|>Hret)L (rutifiiHioii, liul In 
rwility !i9 nt*\} ilrilL-i] aiifl ili'ii.-iplijh'd Jih »n arm/ piv- 
j^Llvil for arlioii. All lii^loiti;^ Ui m>mp f^cpurnln dt-p^tri* 
moiU or divUirfu ; tlicro ik jv I^jhIm' fiir i>v^ry A[iiiu!y 
vfUo i>i iv«{iori<iihln fni' hiK moii, iiml if ^Etvlhing ^n*'* 
vrivin^ H pnniipl liiu* U -i v<m-v wlinti-Minir [uiiiiiiliiiiciiL 
It him 1n*«?ii vrniii'v tvoik diiriii^ llitf Iuhl fuiv rulxMirwilM, 
nn<l fvrluin soen^* bave linU 10 be rop^^iu^d fkg:i^ii mid 
ngtLELK Till? t^^stiiig of the s*c*>iK'rv ti«* delayed ibe 
actloD, on^ it hus bc^Gii l:ite eiioii^U bofnro |h<>&(> busy 
bcFs Imve pot tn bed. liot Ibo t>x*ilcnKint of Lh© mo- 
moiit pivoa iipw vkiiliiy. Tho iit^bt Jw* come, wnd 
ovoryon<» U liomul lo iln lii« lu- her h<*til. Ev<'iytbiiig 
U smart mid now, mid iIjq *riH« mid vhililrcn aro pn>iid 
of tli^'lr coHtnnn'S, in whii-li thoy Mtrut ubciut eidriiir- 
inglv. Ttio Kiugv iiiunEigi<r linit rec«veix'U bis amiubiiily, 
Aiid ludU evmono '■»iy dear/' A nipid, bunhicua* 
likc> iiluMoo Is t.'tiftt over tko vanotw eeeites to soe llijcl 
cYvM-tbijij;i*Atvai*rhL»nd ^bi|»-1j;j pu i tlieroporte ootue 
up frijm tb«T vsirious depart eh d»iit» to eay t1i«rc arc tk> 
dofuultera. Tbe ^lu^ man i« 4^ Iii>^ post, and the YiOiv 
ll^ht limn at lua stntlon. The bitllrt iiiA«tcr, with Jiii^ 
t[t^g in luukd, is stiLndiiiff rttitdy oti hi« ctooL J^iidyf 
ye0t sir [ i» tbc answer. Up go lli« foot-Hizhtd with ti 
///irtv It boll ririL'""* tbo riirtain rb*s, Jiiid Ibe luippy 
pvitpii^ before and bc^bin^) VUv Cbxwxma* i^ma^ftxtwrtt," 



OutBEOo of the 1<ig7iimtito tWalroi^ thoiv* ?» n Imri^ 
viiri^tv of pkcet (if !iniii)<ffiii«]it — ilmt i«, Ih^y aro 
C9i1l«<l plriood of iLtnti^«ino)it, imi tlio Turn^ of viJ« 
toSncco, tho ctdor of At&k ticor, IIlo Hirry 1>rj>iith of 
eliciip wliiskpy. tJie ^i^bt of fiUby noiUL^n and lilthkr 
moil, liiitj tbc most escriiciziltii^ nud torturtMomo bm4 
of nm^ir, jill rTom1iiii<? ttJ miiko Iho r*?^oi1 imyllir*^ but 
pldA^nt unU ibu M'hilo tbu ineiUiinlM tbiit ntlriut tbo 
TE«itor'fi atU-Dtioii are iiiiyibiug but niiiiuiu^. Thuro 
U, of coursD, no couipliiiiiL of tbi« ^»rt to urg« agiiini^t 
lbofirftt-clA«s vumty Uivalre^, TbvMj laler in u modeat 
"w^yto ft low filAnciai-d of intellect, Cut ti«un]ly Lboir 
pn^^'amtniM) arc chflelo ouoQ;-b, nod unless » fi«»r^oQ 
hi^i an uv<*rsion in bnvin^ bc^r *pjitt.rri'ij ov<!r tu3 
clotbvd by mibundy tvniliint wbile uiiiii.-<U'riu^ to iho 
thirsty WiiiitB of ft uuij^bbor in ibo samo row, or ohjoota 
to tbo Atteation of tbo j;ay ^irle wbo op<^n wino in the 
priv;iit9 box^B mt\ tlirt \vi(h tbo pcopl«< in tb<< paiv)w?ttc, 
bo will finU a fiivl-<!lius varioty thow aft plvufani u placo 
a« u ^lo^t I'^n^, mlxi^tl program mo with tbo Otilo 
Urotbc'ra in eoo^ uud dunce nt one end, tbo IrUh Trip- 
Uta, ill '* eckct vocalii^tns nod ch^irmin;; torp^k-boiean 
eis>lutioiit»'* in the middli?, sml a In^ubnoiift nltotch nt 
tbo otbor ond cnii muko it. By ^omo nincti^noux taw 
known oaly tc vntiocy porfornierfr, tli*^ viu-icly stage 
only obont onoo in a cctUury produci^ anytbiiij^ new or 
nnytliin^ nttr-.K^iive. In llu) g'>od old daya of ibo bdl- 


VABIKTV I>ivrj!i a:<I> rovCEur BALOOXft. 

limli* Hnc] |l]:i jrnirv-ful niusir*ofoiiLcilinn Ukit maiiufrr m 
whiefi lluT girls 1.i|i-toi!<I nr [)in>ti]tr<I lu'msjt iho nlngu ; 
or wlicfn iht% vimirl.y 1hnnt,]'i> wnit us mii<^1i tlic* bamo ofj 


iip«ctiLcln » tlio logitiiuiLta buu^^H ]>]'L4on(Io(! to be, 
and on Uw ViuidnvHU slnj^u st'i'in's wore jirBsenteJ 
tbtit bolmigod to tlw sumo lIiiwh of tiibvnnUiIrm «itrin*l"y 
uad jirofiiio fom:iU l>anuiy Ihrit tli« *• Uliirk Crook*' 




m<! "Th« O 




finii " Inn lirrirn jitint.Nm^iii wmt? Ihr rp|irr.*^oniii- 
(ivr» tif. Wiit!» »|jin*liirli'j W(?ni tIut I'uj^u utid lb« I'eiiu- 
it}g iK^titit! in the '' Bluck Crook ** woald ««t the hoys 
Til thti lr]|) of llif houHD Willi ivifli joy. tlie vuriety 
iheuire kul Miioik^ the bright pilui^i of iU i^tnge iu:(ors 
anJ Hclresees who aro now urnoiiv Um mo^t |ini)u]ar, 
Mod ctTrtuiitly iininitg the hfuivieAt riuiiiey-ruiikom, wba 
itp|H'nr in ttir 1i*gititnu1<- h»ii$us. 

Jop RnniK'lt ijruclLiutcd from tlto vnrTi<ly tht^iLtrn, 
Gtt!t- WillifiEtu WjjH u ?(hinii]g tijcbt ciii the :<mn<i xtjigtr. 
J. <\ WiUiHrnsou whs il vuneLy urtmt. Oimj. D- Kni<iht 
iliO *' DutL-li liLi^iu4r8?i " iM Uio iiiitior tliiMli-L'shd'ciri- hu 
got to bo fnmoii9 nfi Of(o. I r^enllect tiAvlng aeeu 
Knight ptiiy 7?//) Vnn Whiklr \i\ Dpagle'* old Variety 
th<^:Ura on Sixth StiTrt, in 8l. Louis, nnd ho phiyed It 
wcfll'^iiot Ijh^i Ji^frM'von, of coiirfic^ hnt it vi^% hie first 
Jiftcmjit nt the |>iirt, uiiil if JrllVricnri dliT imy bcUer the 
first Ijiiii* he nuist not hiivu improved voiy mm-J] ninr&. 
ThU naa tw<i]v& ytai** ogo, Mrs. Goc, Knight 
(Sophlo Worrell) dunced on a EMJnoert aaloon »tugii in 
Sj\n Francisco. So did Lotta, and so did Mr«, Wil- 
liMm];on. IVn Thompson, whose Joshtta \VI\i(i>Q7iib tt 
SI pt^rf^ctpk'turoof tlie Now England furntdr» firat tried 
Ihi* fcumo <huriu'h^r in the V!in*>ty thoiitiv, and Neil 
Burg^ui and tlio ■> Widow Bvdctte " wcro first intro- 
duced to th4* pntlic ax tlio Uiil-«nd of a niggotMunginj' 
and Bp&cialty pro^-nmnio. 

Tlioae w«r<A the puhny *i^y* of the vnriety ehoiv 
before ne^o ministreley hud jcrrown U\ Jtj< prcaont 
eoormoua proportions nnd before playa were writtiin no 
as to take in it whole variety e n tor tai nine ul, and under 
tlioduguise of comedy or farco or burleaquc foiat a 
lot of epei;iBl(y people from a timt-olasa etit^e upon 
fln hUclligint EiudJcnoc The muako-mirthful pieces 
that hcgitn to blossom forth in 14^ mode a h^&rjr 


^Ailing around the counlrv in a «hoit ttmcf tuiil et'orf 
"team'* that bni) ii siKxiiUt/ net of ftiUv.D mliiae^ 
dumtionirantcd n i>l.ty1>Qilt 1o £t ii nihl wr'tit iirnrmd 
tflKng frlcnils ihai thcr £U('->«cl thtjf'd go sijirriug 
next scn*on. A gi^nt mAny of thciii did uoL go, but a 




gfrcAt many oUiera did. Tbo worst were loft Miind, 

^and tbe roault v&a poor vAiiely pro^^aramu^ and i» 
ooneequt»ncc poor patronn;;^ for thc»m. 
I pickod up a pro^iinmo tho other (Uy, hoion^iiig 
jo wl^nt wnH onoo » tirst-cliixv hmi^e, nii^l i« so «tiU iu 
1(11 cxoopt tlio i^tnndard oftho pcr(ivrm[au<^o« jiiidfouitO 
such old und woni-out foAturod a^ a lightuiiig crayon 
flrliBt luid a Itgliliiiuv' cliau^'i^ itrtisl, buih of whtoh nro 
so throiuUmrc thiil <jvoi: a tcn-t^out thoatro wouliin'i 
caTO to jEivo tbom alajfo room. It la au en«y stop fiom 
this kind <*f ihm*^ down to the divce — tho chief variely 

I£h{>p8 ^vhcro hoodlums ooiigrcgato and irhtiro tho 
women ftr« not only shanioless on the atii^, l>ut an> 
bold enough to poiictratc the private boxes an*} m:ik<i 
obiirm of the kiieo^ of strange men. Tho variety dive 
■ OA un institution flonrii^heH wider and pny* better than 
place.i of ksjt ftuvory notoriety. There i* <uch a cbnrm 
to vice that ^vei\ the niuiitly do not hcoitato to liii^i^r 
^^ 111 its neighborhood a vrhilu. luid take a *ntlT of it* 
^B pungent Atinoapht^re. AnylxKly who dmp» into Harry 
^^ Hiira place in Ne*v Vi>rk< any night in tho iri?ek, will 
see soute remurkaldy i:hurt:bl> looking ;^ntlemen ^uLd- 
ing around studying ihe aspi-ct uf tho eatJihlialiuient 
and dwelling with in«llitig eyi^ upon »otue uf ibe 
painted faeea tbitt took up fi'oin llie beer tables 
nmged at one ttidc of lb** hall. A eorro^pondent who 
Tisiteil Hurry Hill's very rrc**ntly give* tlio roUoning 
den^'riplion of th<^ pbic-c, ils pixiprietor and iU frp?- 
ijUc*nl<-n^ : *■ Harry HiITm grows liig^rr lis ii.-* milnriety 
exLiiLid^ wilU yt^ara, but it ni-ver vhanf^eji. Tl ]» not m 
bar*MJom» not u ront^i^rt bidtioit, iLot ii prH.Ly WLttter* 
girl e8taMi«hnictit ^nid not & fi'^e-^iitd-ea-iy, Nona of 
these terms dL*4criiM> iti f<Jr it iu all thoM Ihlogs in ope 
ond itt once — higneeond-story room, containing a bar» 
a tlieatriad stage, which <.^n (piiokly be Pia^hr into a 



vARierr i>]ve« ksi> voscbkt «alooss. 

piijw rlngj a baro »imfo for tl:iii(.<iii^. liibloa, s^au,- 
buloony, and a fow eo-oaltod wi»<>'rooma, TUuro oi-o 
always nfi many women ne men in tho place, Tlio 
women ore ftdmittoil by ft private &ntrnncc-. free. M&a 

]iiM through A iK'f^lcckd bar-room on the grr>und floor 
at n cost of twonly-fivc €(?ntfl, I'rospt^rity has ntlded ft 
miuiturd ror>f and n clocMowor ti> the ori^iniU elnio- 
turo, tuid EM)I boa tukm in an adjoining bnilding» and 



tiinieil }ls T>Bfit apHrtiuoitls m\u liilUnnl unH poo1-mmn» 
nud A silooting gallery. Lot ti« go In ihrokijfli Llio liitr- 
room, up a winctlng auir anil sii<]d(<nl7 fitilo tbc glare 
nrid liiihtlo sinfl niemmetit of ibo so-milleJ ibetitre. On 
\\w ^n^i» two women uro esliibitin;; ^i^ pngilistSt with 
tioxing-g1ovp«, bigh-nccki^d slioit <li-o&ses, soft, fat, 
Imn; armic, ami a rutite olfort to look v«ry tnucb in 
^arneat, and lu i['1b<'v drO iial it^fili^d bow jippnr^ut it 
was ttat ibtrii" grL^iiU-wt citbrt W!i>i to avoiii burtinp ouq 
anotber'a bivmiA or bruixingono niiolhci-'e facos* 

** III the chuii'0 uroiincl iho tubltut are many m<^n, Ani3 
an equfti nutuber of women. Tlio intii nro injiuily 
j'ou^f*, undanQjijorilvBciMkilobocouiitryj^-oiitliJicrfftnro 
olerke- Th^rfl ai'o oibers oviJeatly country men or for* 
oign«rs. Tho women wo^ir ^trQct-drcd^, hnu and ail, 
TJi^y fLTo AiLKTrii-iiiiK, ofton of Iriah or Ucrinuu cxtrao* 
Uott. A» a nilo Lbvy iiro not |)rotly» but tb^^y ore 
quiet and nmiittcL-lv- Ttury know tbo ni^lnron ruloa 
or tbo bourse — [i<» ]t>nd or prufitno Uitktn*:, no loud 
laugUiiig, uo qtmricliti^. *^iio loving." Tbcito uro 
priiit^jd and bang on tbo walU, and all who ^i> Iboro 
eilbcr kuow or tpe^dily tind out tUat tbe dlj<;l)test 
breacb of them rceulte in prompt cxpuUion frcm iho 
hoUM). All nro drinking, and many of tbo womea 
nra smoking h[-^ oigtir^ or tiny cigarcUce, Otbor 
women, without buU or srwquc^, but wearing big 
white aprons, nervt: lu wjtttcrs and A?t bartenders, 

^* Ilovry Hitl biniE»olf« a smotb-f^Hcd obj ninu, broAd* 
big and ni" Jocular, who fihiviea wilb Lc*tcr Wallnck 
tlie tt«cret of tuokia^r tirenty year^ youngvr tbin be is, 
aita at a tabk wkb a dctoitivc and a chief of police 
from some suburb. IliU \» always there, and ia ever 
eDtertwning distioguishcd strangers^ Clci'g) men from 
tbo cit[o3 droi> m at tho rale of one a uigbt- Tbe 
women, aa they come and go, stop and salute or «peak 



wIiIl Hill. TT<' kiiiHY^ xhnm »11> i>j ktii<1 In :lI1, find in 
Uked by ull. IK* h.t* miUiiKg to 4i> Ytih ihoiu cr 
their alTHli'^, Utivvi^vet, his -pUce Iwiiig mcrolir Uioir 
oxchAii^o, ttnJ ihk?lr duly Mu^ merely to belmvc 
whilfi th^r^. The bax^re bo^^ aitd relh^, and a roui^ 
woEmin, whf) w»ia a fow nifnulcjj before- nl one of tbe 
tiibloM with A 1>rt)k<>r, who ^r^id o|>eDiiiir chninpAj^e, 
now fiicM tli« foot-ij>5ltts ill a short ciJk sU'ntt bare 
JUnut, bnrg hoiid and riul ciog?. She 8|»riiikW wliite 
Bund ou tho bfim-Jii fi'din a ^ilt cornucopiri, tlio miiJ>ic 
of A |tmiir» iLtid llircr violins ntrikn U]*, ntid liho nilttoit 
her bvdn und tfiu^ throiii^U ii olo^ diiiic<f. It ic n widtx 
tiuie that tflicf is kooping timo lo, tind a tidl youn^ 
Worouii of exlrymt^ly liiiu;i;hty mUni mid ncli uppnret 
Beisca a thy iuid *c<idy liltlu prrHliiL'L 'if the pavement 
and viliirlfi hor roiurd and ro^md in iho bare epiwo 
on tho door- The lookera-oa ^albei" Ihcro, nnd ft 
callow ^tnpfing from the country, wilhf>iit pivviou* 
notice or r^niiidit.T, ^a?p8 a Biiulitioscrl, saiicy-lookiiiflr 
pfirl III the throng ntid joins the dancers. 

" ■ Some of Hic^ gWU *nn bin a-roining Vre ten or 
tiftctfn ycrti^/ sjiys Harry Hxll, * :ind hntk* bc^ttor to- 
day tbnri othors vrhit^h left their *(>mo» a 'nlf year ngo, 
Ilir^ ball hLii^ordiu' to *o^v iU^y take to drink. Ilif 
thfy £:« too far»l thoy'ro ftut'e to ^'o loo fjtr/ 

** Oif lUey reform? \WII» Mr, Hill aaya tbeiv aro 
so umny iiolloLie of what inform really la* thai L« 
cait^L say. Some of thi'Mi lefurm nnd iHrcoiiie tniiH 
tlvAMTs whet] tikcy ;;Qt o. chance, AiiJ Minic nf Ibvfn 
reform and return mid reform tiguin by epcUs. Uo 
pr>iTilA ont ckiifi irhotn be 4:aIIa NrrDio^ und Knyn i^he 
went awiir utuJ wa.i gohig lo lu^id a f^Lndly hnn(^»b bfi:?, 
dtfiapp<-ar«d for six woutha, and the ulher night eanio 
baek a^aiiu 




'* I Utpt. u»y oye uii Xellip, finJ. ii^eclJn^ no iiitnicluc- 
tlon, seiBod a cUudcq to talk with hor. 

" * I got mnrried, And wiu ns strniglit am jl string for 
Six raontlis/ ^aiil Hho; < liut I hiul misfortiiui*, and 
hud no othar wnv to support niT^olf but to come buck 

■* ' HusIhiikI Icavo you? ' 

»■ » H«» _£r'>t ojiu^'ht criLcking n diy f^odji etoro, flnd is 
up for two voai'K.' " 

TIn» pnlmn* of tli*» variety "»divo*" »inj u^u&llj 
youn^ mini, r^li^rkti, suKwnien, eithI «nnirtimiirt tho 
trnsLtod employee of n Imnk <^r ljr(tk<ff'» olBf.'ff will ^^t 
>«niiLfthod" U[JOii ouo of tbo uLmoat niikvd womcit wbo 
tip]>0Qr upon the eiag*^, and (\'iU tberouftor ho uujiilx^rtHl 
aiuon^ ibe patioiia of tbo resort, ThoHO who hiiro 
gOLio into tho pvival€ boxes onoo nud find tlic girU 
obliging enough to »it on ih<fir kncce jipd ask them to 
Iront will go ihorc H^iin if tboy can poi^aibly gel Llio 
fifty <wi>U thfit U Jtski'd fi^ tn\ ndini^^itifin foo, 

Somcttirctf a pniiy of really Cliritttimi moii unlbmU- 
iar with city ^viiys will gut into h variety dive hy niia- 
tJike, and yvluvt \ti more, tnlu tiitj troxc»». The gtaiio^ 
fiign over tli4) front of the bouae which »iiuply an- 
iiounc-^s that tho plac« !e sl tlioutre iittracid thciLi io tho 

*' Bay, MUt«r, what do yon tax u» la f:^ hi? " cmo 
of the p^rty Aska. 

'* Tickets arc twenty-five, tbirt v-fivc and iifty tentfl." 
answers tho dnppcr little Ukiin iji th^- lji*£*4>tlSoiT who 
louka aft if be ought lo he n bar^kecpcr or a bartier. 

** Give u*1ivpof your hidf-ji-dolbir chair*," vus lh« 
epoke^LnmUt ihmwhig down U\* muneyi aoJ thcfy are 
forllivrith led to HinU io Uiu prJvnUi boien, which are 
niv miin^ thitn bfitg gullcricvi wntlrd in find bavitig two 
or i\in^*. iriudowa In uhit^h eIkt orrtipanU crowd wbou 



nnjthrii^ interostin^ U goiit^ fom'nrd ou the fitA^9< 
A« i hiiv<^ nlrcnJy stM th^^o boxci> aro conucctvd bj 
doors wiilj the sU\^^ and tlio tf^no^xnotc vocali-d vrho 
Lad a (vvr niiiiiitc;^ to a\>3H'6 will loiter Id to strike 
BOincbody f<fr u drink. 

** Srtj'.buhy^caii'i 1 bavoawci?" odd of th« fomale^i 
wroatlora rt^iiiatks a^ sho plumps bcr^lf down iu her^H 
tigbU on tlio quivcfiitj; kn«e<>f u weak JiUi^ fi^llow^wbo 
nppcare youn^ ciiou^li to be fond of naoln&^o? candy 
yet, iiu<l tbmwa her »rui« Jiroimd hi» neck find hiipi 
bim to her finbby hrt-nst violently enough to di^nrruiige 
the bluek iMirly hriir hv lind :iLickecl dovra nt the barbflr 
&hop yiJ*i hi'-dnx- he cimiu iu. 

"A wbat?*' b« a^k*. tryiiij^ to ^t% hie neck eufli-| 
cieiitly roleasvd to he at Ic^iat eomfortable. 

*'A drink, davlin;!:/* and she bn^» Lim Again and] 
bejiCina pliiying with a littlo curl ever hi» forehead. 

'• \Vh}\ of cciur«o you can»" ia the ovtTwhcIrned' 
youn^njiin's reply, 

Nciw «be lonTw Inti'lly inin his eyes* ami with the nioA(; 
nfTrctioimtc! rxpreTuioiL »t hi-r (^(imiiiaod unkn: **Aiid| 
bow uh^jiit my |iJirl,ot!r, b^ibv. Ota't tAic hiive n| 

■'I suppose Ao/' iienpoinb Ibt; vietiui ; und ihrrm Is a 
loud ehoulhi^ at tb« sliij^i-ilour fur " Idii." wr runnc- 
body rlM^ uuil Liu, knuwiik-^ what hIio is wuntifivl for, 
hurries to Ihti »|3i>l. Tn the iiif^^initiiiur ■* tlobtiiiie/* tbe^ 
waiter, bus biTii ^umriK>ned. 

•' (live uio u jjurt wine iiangaiv(»/" jtjti* Ida'n patrt* 

•'And ^iv« tue n sloiiu ft-nt-'o" (ndermid bntndy},.] 
aayfl Ida, 

••And whnt are yoii going to Orhik, l>aby?" 
vnvsller sitting on hi^ kitfo a^k^. 

"Givpiueg^lasioflKwr," says the ■• hnby/* in atone 



& d<r]ogatton to somo dort of a religious conven- 
tJon, got ifkto a &uw«ry dive by some timUkc, but 
mmic no mifltako m rcmambg Ihoi-o. They got in 
ccirl/ linij it vtm Juto wlicu they left. The whole thing 
ii[)]icariHj novel, sUrl.liug to thiMn. They hticl never 
btffaro 8CCU 00 miict un^tnppod womniihoixl ex|>D»e<t 
To the iiuko<) eye, Th«y hireJ a v\wti\> opeTdi-gluJ4 
from (hu |ieunut Ijov, nii<I tUi-y huu^ht "jjop*" the 
wholes ni^ht iatig. Oiiring the lii'^t p^irt, whi?Ji all the 
girlfl mill tlu) '^niggor'* isid-meu ait in a drcle aild 
stng diHinAl »oiign and iloid out amuKy jokee. the 
grangers w(-i'B in h in'ife^il ec^Ui'y of wimder and ad- 
ailiidii^ii for tht* bUoiliitTHd uf the wnmeii's dix-^cs and 
the symmetry of their padded limbs; but wboD the 
fii%t part wa« ovyr mid 11 serio-comic tiiij^'or camo tiiii- 
piii^ out. upon the nUi^e without any dri?.«s at n\[ o[i — 
iiottiiiig l>ut u br^dice.tnjnkiiand fle«h-co1ored tighU — 
siciil *:^iig •• Tirk1<'d llim UndfT llir ('hhi," iht^y wi-n* 
in A ^Tvnzy aii<l did not knou' vrbiit lo do with t.lieir 
handv, or how to nit ictill, l>ea:itisi<? the niiigor kept 
throwing gbiiioc)! in tho direction of their box. Ilwn 
came Uio ^^nprimio (XTilUtion of tbdr fctlingtt; tha 
serio-eomic danced ov^r to tho bos m the »ang, und luv 
titnUy tiekl«d tlie mo»t cltrncal nic'niber of tlio qoiiw 
Utie enhJK I'lI, wliiKicliin. tvhiletho fouroi.hera jookeil 
on in iLritonUhmmit, and the nuditnico fairly bciwled. 

The grnngern were " guyed ' ' pitUoddly by tUo audi- 
ence, Init thijy paid liltk-, ii' iiny. ntleallon lo it. Ad 
peon a.t thfi i^rio-eornte hud done her ^*turn** fiba 
ranited for their \n>\^ lunJ licfoie long tbotlve Hooai^ni 
were uh ba|)]>y ad the lark when it trille ila eong to tho 

The ** dive " audienoea are mixed 10 tboir utjiracter, 
&!t hart been n)roadyfiu»je»tcd, And tho proximity of 11 
ire//K/res^ed young luau to a LTowd of hooclluina ia 



joatis ptmta and brtiided conts oflon preoipUatei n rov. 
Scarcely a tiigbt pushes la tho Huah vari«ir shows that 
there 16 tiot Bomo trouble. A" bouncer" isconriected 
with each csUhUsbmcnt, wliose busiiieBsit should bo 
to quell distiirWucc^, but who. like hot-boadecl ivhh 
policcQicLit do iDoro tawnrds iikcrcjiaJi^j; the dtinenHliiUH 
ofnrowlh^n fni-ty other men couM do. It Ubnd policy 
to fittcmpl open cntiei»m of the performers or pciTorin- 
II1IC0 in (Miv orib<f«e dons. A his9 will Rtti-acrt tlio ut- 
trntioii of the- hounct^r, who will i^oniu down to thv 
»ibiliinl oH'i.Mider and eiiy : — 

*/ Young itinii, do yc? t?x[imTL o* to givr yi- flfiry Biirn- 
h'lrt nu* F^iitnEL- Dii'i^iipoorL und Etriri ntjolli fur 
twiuLy-IIvu bidU. Af yt^ don't ImWe th<j show lavo it. 
but Hf yfi cipoii ycr mug Ag:1u, or auy bo much aa 
* Boi)/ ril put ye fwhere ye*11 h:ivo plhity toiinc to 
cool verier iifT/' 

If the oIRnidor daro« to Hrgu« tho point th& 
"houuo(»r" will oiireii him 1iy llm nnc.k, und thfln n 
Ktni;^ifl(^ iMi«ueK, nmox nrtt l!ouri<hr'd. tlio nm^i^^nco 
ri8<> to thoir fort, *om'' of ihi? girU run in frighl from 
tbo «ta^t nnd thoro U pimdcmouium in iho pliLce for 
ton or lifL^oii raiuutvn, by theoiid of whkh tunc tho 
*' IwuLicct** huA tiilccn hi» uun out, luid rctuniiiig to 
buitEuc»ft, iriuniphantly Answers n ^Tjostloii lu to thi> 
whoroibotilM f>f the bissev: — 

"Oh, 1 left him Mil' out there in the gitttlier 
wbi'-i'e the colUir 'U oomo along an' ^t 'ini,*' 

Occflstonikliy Uiero will ho un iiKideot of a mure 
dangerous tclnd, but tinned pilti;ht1y with romance. It 
ie lYrlatod that a oowboy went ifjio a vnrloty th»»w tu 
MEU'shali Texru, one ntglit nnd m^do quite a trceoe. 
Hia "ma^h'* was a '^ehair *waiter*' in the ^liow. 
Knteriug tho place one iii^bt considerably und*rr tbc 



influeoc^ of brii», he callod to bia low Id stonlorka 

tones : — ^^ 

" Miu-Vr got ^uur JmU »a auJ c«ni« with ine. 


"Sh-b-h["»*IJ Mary. 

"Sh-h, nutliiiii;," was tbo lover'a rcepon^c- "Tod 
tog up ^uuikfjr'rt li — , or rU *ioiAae those glirafi." 



^'Vl\ be tlirotigb iu im hour,'* urged M^ii-y pLii;I[i- 

■*Tl»is pbow'lJ bo out nnonci' than tbnt," wna the 
oimbfiy'.- uuHWer. il» he pulled ht» b^rkiu' aikI Ih^ilii 
flhcialin^ I Ik- iip-i ufl* I.Iiit aiOfl li^^'bU, llr hiiil jii:«t 
«iupiitf<l bis ^* w<;ap[ii ^' and waa ubout WJiii^ up 
aguiii, wbMii Ibe frigUteiicd uuilieiiire waa rezi^uriHl by 
lliti btag« lEifinHgtr Mt^pp'uj^ oil tbe atit^'e mitl Miv]jif<< 
" Miirj^, yim aire t-xt^uhtu] fur l!ie it-iiiaiitdt^r of th« 
evening. Oc drc?** rigbt ttwny/' 

A " cbnSr tw^nlor," or*'«tufl<n"" ASHhei^calletl ou( 
Went, U :i gh'l vrbn tth* in lln-r tir^t |>:Lii., sliuI u hi> h:itk 
fiol.bbig tImi to d» llmii W4*Hr skirLt slmii i^iiiiiigb to 
ibitjiluy bfir liinlis, uml julii i»< cb'irttAi-H if nUti vnn 
d« HO ivilboul kar'ckiiig; tbo Hfi* mit of tbv ?!i'U'(."LioTK 
Aftt^r tli« ili>l pskrl bhe niu in itt*- liox<*^ ;liuI '* u'urki " 
the baya foi ilnnks. Tf tihci can't makeauylLrngiii t]ie 
boxes frho^oo^ out into ibe niicUciire — in tbe luwe^ 
of ihese deiiH — and fiits from one pbico la uiiotber 
getting u drink hew, »iul l>y thut time "epottiug" 
Bomcliody ov^v thoa* whom «h« 0'<u*oitiis worthy of 
*'Atrikio^/' Sbo koop^ tbU up aW ni^lit, nntiL ibo 
ufl«r-picc« — th« trbiiiivor ^ij^<' it may Iw — 
18 roncbdd, when «bo gou« behind ih^ r^rcucit aud :tp- 
p^arv on tht' wiii^e in tbo »inin^ utivcl costumo *h<> luu 
wom out in th(T undituoo. The " chsiir sivcat^-r"* " lot 
ia not a hAi^py one. Whilo |mr»uinjr hur ^udtiritfc vo- 
cation sbo innocently iiiHg:in(in iliat ^^h(^ U Dinkin^nM 
actress out of hci-sclf, iitid 1 gne&s Ai^ i^ — a ** dive" 

Now iind then tin: " diulr BWenLer " combiuea |]«r 
onu bufiiEK&a wiUi that of bor employer by ecllinfr her 
own or other phot (i^apha to ^* p^ays." J^oino of tbc«« 
pictures are of tbe vilest kind, but they sell readily to 
Xbt patt-ona of tbe ** divo/' oud D« iba sale in eftc^t.Q4 



(|i]ti<llyt avmi im ho"e«t gniuiijer mow uud then bujr» 
oiic% "just lo ahow *wii ti|) Jirmiud iho grocorj",*' 

The viirioty '"divu" uAUiilty clows its pi^rfominncn 
with 11 lieiT and nntnmed c^mcni), »11 tlie |>i^r>[>1r of the 
cnmjiiiiiyjoliiiiii; in iUq dsitiop, ihi* nu'i] iiftiiully in llif* 
rlmrficlcr co*ihira*>^ Jiml "msiktMip" m whtoh they 
haw np^tniu^^d iH'foro in thoir nkiTtohi^ or iicti- 

TIlimi follow tlu: orgici ]>chiiid the MOiwri. Hoine- 
tlmca it i{* u ninp f<m>|»rr with diBimpii^'jiQ Tx-ntn tlio l»ar' 
of tb« houttu tluniiig mi froiOy tb:tt the iLudivrwcd 
diviuiLiM do not L«[titiUu ici rmpty hottlo iifr<*r txtttlu 
over tlioir heudH a* if iht'y n'l-ri* Hi'Tiiud rntidlpA, tlinn*- 
l^giv-iDg tbc OdsemlilH^ a elifivfcr of Mumm's Extra 


VABlmr DIVI» ANI> COl^CRKT 0jlLOO3(9. 

Imwuvcr* is ii«cc»attry l^ t»tiiuul:ite the fun. Aud vrhoU 
tlitf ^irla g«t All old victim into llierir cliitcbe« they 
"lAny'* biiu 50 nicely tb^iL lio bcUf^vca Itio whole lub 

A -^IIOVrKRr" ON A "I-AJ?K."" 

df Ihetn itni in luve with him, mikI ovorv fevf mlniiteA 
cmiii's lii^j crVj " Lei's liiivo uuothcr botllo," ftud they 

VjllClKTr 1>lVf» ASty rOMOKRt ^aloox^. 


baTO it. They flit on litd Ifip or pluy Hroux Hiking on 
hid tthrxjIJirrft^ uitil until tho lii^it boUlc hriA c*otLii% mid 
tho victim bii0 run tirr of tiimitt they keep him in gaoil 
huniort Uhtii thrv *hiAv lilm iJic- ilror. toldly eciy 
" Ta, tJil UiiWy/'miJ Lm^h ii^^^ lily liL liis viM-daat 
mnoccueo ltd he 6lu^^re uway. 

The ni?in who allowa any of theao women — Iheso 
cancan dmicci'd or " chair swcatcre** — to ontico biiil tn 
their homo i» Jont. if he hiis money and they knovrit 
Ihoy will not UUo him to their home, hut to some 
Icd^ing'-hutiEtd with tho ]>mpriotor of wliiob tho can- 
can dancer in ju^tjuiiintctj, and whom tt\io knowa aim 
cuu truAt. A i^itchtT of Wcr unJ n hit of <im;;^inj( 
toT iho victiurji j:liiji?i il.H-^ the hiisiniu^. Whiio alio ia 
Mroktri^ Iiih htard ai:J ki^in^ tiit* rnJ of hifl »ohc th<» 
dru;; U fltming geally iiUo th« giihlot of beer. They 
drink, nnd in u ^hoft time tho sopoi-ittc h^ ita effort* 
iitid thn Numbering Diaa is relieved of his vjihjalflefi 
Mid cash- IK' nppojiU tJ> tltc pnlioi*, and Uicy promiffi 
to di) sometliin^ for him, but they U^jn't. lie tecs ilm 
canL-;m dfxnoLT i%^^'m x\iv next niglit but olic kjinur» 
nothing alxjut it. The pmiirietur *.}( the lod;cinj|^houj»6 
IA dumb as an oyAt«r, All tbo Tictirii can do is to 
balance tbu aecoiiut hy jjnttin;!; vxpericneo on the debit 
aide uf tlie ltrd;^i*r und diUiijfhiHrlUljLieF^d on tbo other. 

In Now Ynrk liie Iluwi-ryi* ihogivat pWe fiir thesfr 
diveA. There an*- ;iiiy nnnihiT'^f them, und tht? Bowfiiy 
OMJtrftafi who w bnut'iL eiion^jb io smoke her cigELretto9 
In iho street, e)(jkr*rUlW nhrn fdie i.i ■■ on a hirk,'' umy 
bfi dl&tin^iJKUM by tho hiddupu ttf bi-r lai^H and the 
almoiflt innMcnliin^ jktmn<<phrri* lb:it surmundti her- Shu 
flceuis tocaro for nobody iLinl nothing except bcr email 
dog aiiii the loufm* who j<[icndr< bcr money, and hioka 
upon bcreotf as tbc c^^nal of Ihv l>C9t woman in tho 


\'Aiimnr tiim A«n coxcntr lut/iovji. 

Tbo bov thmtrcs which flourijih m oil Urge cStioit 
aud whkih AFQ rtirty, din^ miDuitiiro pliic«i with ^1- 
li^r/ ujkil pit, AiiJ vix hy nina MtLgc* upon which tho 
finest 4>f hlootl-ounLlin^ drmmu ato enuotcd, htivo a 
variety pluue to 1b«ni, tpcicialcy pt^rfortiMni preoedinfc 
the dmiustic repres^iitatbiu, an^ half-oiKle wom^n 


ruiiiglin^ (ind drinking with honrtUotfEi ytrathi in tho 

TIlc coiic^rL Kcilooii, UB eomo of Iho low j>lftcc« that 
huvo A fitt (ierman with piuk-ipotted nhjrt hikI itcve- 
pi|><T hat playin:;^ the piano, while n chAp th^it ha^i tho 
outward nppcnrftnce of n epeculuUvo philoauphcr b 
blowing A cyclone throiig:h a CTAckod cornet. i« called. 
ha9 iU jiUnictioriA for m«nyi ftnd if tltcrc arc 1# 



eke out th« ^ntertainmctit by aqti4>^£iiijf <1)s<onl out 
of au flcGordeoii with Huto obligato cf nii ^Lr-piorcing 
aod peaco-dcetroyinf^ kiud — or, in fftct. if tboro iiro 
Any femnlfi muilciunit on tbo frroiind*, tho proprietor 
of tbo estnbJJRbiDont mny count on libcnil patranago. 
Tho fomrtlo orchostraa to be fnuucl in tbo Bowory* 
New York, where ri sqimd of pretty girlft all 4JroflBod 
in wbitc, vrith a lumulo louder wielding tho baton with 

^^w^^uch nerve rt« if sho vrme old ArditI himtfclf, aro 
f me&hlMc nttractions to those whose tJislcs lend tbem 
to higvt bt^e^, ntid wli» like tti jirirtako itf ItiA brrumg9< 
I particnlarly in ptouanut nurrouiidin^. A iHrraoti da«a 
I not get very mueb b«ftr. but be b«arfl a gn-ai deal 
1 of wild iDiiaiCf and unl^sa lie ia orer-«ensUive be yiUl^ 

FEHAl.n VIh4VO. 

lifr. His v«'ii1ur« i^rovcil »'i saccc^sful that Iruimtor^ 
jtpniiig up all along Xh*s Dowcry. TUo toiitfmoiiU of 



lh<! I^aat Sido wvro cxpl^rud, nnii ^vcrjr fomftte irfao 
ooulJ tortAire tho t)uighlK>ra with un ucconicon, «orii|>o 
the catgut or Imii^ tbc piano was enlifitci] in th<^ grand 
Brljt^iit<? of caLonu^ to tbo mtiskul UiAioa of Gothaio'a 

'' <)vi?rihtff Ehiiiti/' in Cincinnati. 10 a greiit pWo for 
I'.hiuLji unil vidmu amuaenioiita. A con^^jKmJeiit wnt- 
itig fnrm there ftajs; "The plfvcoa of amu»eu)etkt 


'■ Ovrj- tl]^ lUiinc '* linr Vitie Street for lialf a ilozdn 
tilocJfii. The^ uriT ikf Um df^mtkrriitir ami, wilh nne 
mc<rj>tTnn, rmlr onlrr^ iiiurn ruiiiliar in i\w liUf-kHiiiaiU 
tl^mi to ihtt vivWiToXimi i^fi:<t of thn Mifixiutppi. Some 
nrn hirgL' i*MtiiMi<kinr'iLTtt wiili :tll tho fiitirgH of an Eaat 
Si<l^ rtmclv theutro- Ollim Lire nii^rc JihIU vrltb a 
LimiCod KtEig» at ono oikI. To ftomo an admiMion ii 
Tauf^iLg from ten ceau up to twentv-fiv^ 



oenta, but most of them are free. The performers m- 
filude inimy familiar itara of the varietj stage, for the 
Balariefi paid are of the beet. The performances, 
though vulgar, are clean enough. The drinks pay all 
eicpenses, of course. Beer ia aerved throughout the 
house and Bmoking is perpetually in order. In most 
places there ia a gallery of boxes where the young 
women from the stage mingle with eiich of the 
audience as, by their generosity, deserve such honor. 
These are '* stuffers/' or as they cull them hei^e *' chair 
warmers." One of them has conquered the soul of a 
local critic and he is actually puffing her into promi- 
nence in her peculiar line through the coluiaus of one 
of the leading papers.*' 


i TRIM ilV !lelK» fMiMKIllAW. 

Tin: viincty fllfi^t; iJt ic^poji^ibk for a ^[>.mL maiij' 
tlic-jitrim] *"»'liiLt.*i**iu/' A l"»?vr vcjit!? iigo tbci'c Vfiia 
not £ii) niucli v»ri«tjr to Iho Vimrty l)iiitlii?«3i; lUo pro* 
j«ctOL'A [>t' iEi;hstoOim mill iii(<^;il,hL^ri;i]L 4ioiii]KinjtA were 
luit ill tliu tii'lO Lo eucimnigu |iLjtti uitiM.-i, nii<I «mly ihr 
i-f^illv emuic^iit aitti ejc[nfllu]it in Uiin Uftiitch of Ui<5 
piufi^TuHiuii ^e|-ii ilIIo^vv^'J 111 inflict tlitnii^i-NvA fiij fintU 
*AaA9 uU(li<?uoos. Now Lhiriliz/JL-^t ui' tli<T llir-oiig iimkv 
their way fo tli6 fonf-ligEil« iiiiJor ro^iwcfnlilo imMiJiuea 
ill the Irtr^i'nt ritit*. rinti »Ii!iixt with tln-ir ri^jilly iJeAdrv- 
ing hrotlirm, riTioiit in ticptal jmrtsi, tho riyTiipjtlhy nnd 
np|ilHil>^ iif lirgr niid InsltioTiiilkUt hoiiHi^jt Thi^ ililTvi'- 
ent )>l^lll^lj(H of iJiii I>ii»in4?»iirn, nl (irnMnEii, Kiiliiliviilml 
intn in«ro |)iirt* tliriu tliL-ix* with furtiir^rly principiil 
<)iviKi»iHf mill t*vory uvw f^alim^ of Uu' j>rnre-uioTi hji* 
itii <}3Ciili(fi) 'Mill nU» iu ii)-iigiiificHitL oxpoiionU. Thi^rv 
urw :l huaJicd miil «im JitferLnit fllyl«« of S(ing*jiiid- 

nrv UH Vi-lOoly variiiut ui U:4^lr «ty]ea uilU rL>[K'rU)iro«, na 
tiicy call the f<^\v e»nsfl they sing thresidbiiro, as tboy 
nro numerous ami Jiv«rft<i in iholr typ^a of l>ouuty of 
»;L:Iiiii?^i; fikotvh urti^U huva in ihw mnltjplioity Ju- 
fnn^'d uj>ou tbo to.i;itlm:tto camcUiiins, tlic) wllil bur* 
Ioi4'iu«*0. and tho bii^ltly opcnaic star^' torritonc« ( 
Ihtro nir eooixrw nti<l f^coica t>f e-book of miiHJmil moku8 
mill lb*jui*aifcda of perfopiacrs with occontnc acib of 0(»e 
kiiiU Of unothcr that arc iutcDdccJ to a«toniah nod f?o- 



^^^^ A TKAM Of' 1KI»II roMIC[>IAK9. 117 


wril'lcr tho '^ hHi.ive**," atn \\wy call the V;i»*t. iiunilH^i' o\ 
3eoplG whr> putroni7!i.t th^ir ^^liown, tint llin Jn»ili rom- 
fldmn elULLitt iitLt iiiiiid idl tliojit) rlum^r^, tmmitfjihlp in 
3111 umkiT-Eiji Miiil uiiniitiOriil of iho htijLry nj^ i>t' tlio 








^^flUttK ' ^l^^k^ 





1 jokoe with which ho toilnrca the into<LJigciit portions of 
1 bis audioEioc^. Ho hua bocii ^rosaoiL aii<l roUrosaod 
1 ftnd ptnccd hfiforo th« pnhljc in any fiumhor of shatpea 
L timt wore iiitcn<lDd to hn novel, extending Trom tljc one 



cYtrL^uiu of the 8i)*L^[il1i»d iic-ut [haIi btiinoriHL lo the 
othor, Ht wliioti eUntl^ the loDcI'moutliJ-^iE, ])r*p|-r1 irking 
And bead-'hrpnkiiig North of Irelnnd cbnnicter; but. tlio 
difiguiM U uluuyfl thin, the elfort^ of ihf? pttrfornK^m 


IM vspid, and uU the conicdiiina suoticcd in lonkin^ 

irotty much ulik^i in earJn;; tlio sniHo m^Uiurliolv 

Jiijca, and in hctmvliij; n kiQtttii|> that ij^ iiiiM>'r»itaI^- 

iblo iLiid Htt^ou^ly i^rovfjcativo of pH/i 



A few porform^rs hnvo b«en gucoaaefUl In mukinj; 
r<^i>iitaLioiis aft N'>ilh of li'L*hiul chnriioloi'^, but tiioy 
nro rery lew, Forjrusoii luij M-ick wer« ff»r n Ijmu nt 
tbc head of this cUea of vamtr oomodiaits, hut tliey 
got lazy, fuil<><Ll to cxhiliit niiytliiu^ like tiictoneivo ori;;- 
inality, nnd cart^il tbrii^ i>U\ joU<** initl sUlo *' lni:<;iiio«H " 
to Kiigldiid /mil Ltackt tinUl tb(^y liLivr fjillvci j>n;ttr 
miicli to the rmr raaU«. liiim^iui & Hurt, wlin Jinvo 
u Irirgc Ihi^iitn; iti Nniv York, niiil svIioho ptiiy, '* Sc]Xiai^ 
Icr Sovttriiijrnty/ * h/iJ ai I'lm of alrntifit a yvait rtic liow 
the bcrtt known and really thedeveroetof Uiotucmfwra 
i>rtlji? pnifc.inion whornako iis[>«i'blLy of IrMli' c'jtni.'*Jy, 
Billy UiUTy auU Hu^U l*)iy b:ivc mn<lL' faino auU money 
with ihoir laugJiaMe ^'Jluldoon's l^icriu," aiij lliorc 
ftrc proliuUly ii acaix: of oLbora whose cflbrtfl woiikl he 
worth tncatioii'ing if they could Uo re<;allci| nt tbi* nw* 
mcQL. Aa tu all ofhcrr lincA, however. Ilie iiitik* have 
Imcn filled h|> with mfMi fttui lioys who iire even more 
ignorant and ndiciiloun uiT thi^ titUjife tfi;ui on ; who 
have giudualed fiom Qew4|ja|)or hawking and hoot 
Mackiug tDUtea to ih^ hack ditor of the sta^e. aiid 
who>e liTiiilnd i>r>vvtrfi of iniaiier^v. wlioso n^lonlTve 
inuuiomH for old :uid jicui joke4« und wtio^e rLiiiio<:'D- 
ToA-h^de ebeak — abftoluto " ^1^'* they %vouliJ cnU it 
Iheiii^HvoA — are tlictr oidy recommciidaUrHJ'* to iuiy 
coLiHiderattoii. Tliry. liki' jdl olhrr i\-;dly Uwl m-Loirt, 
look dovvfi U|)(iH ovrry hnitbi*r pn^fuK-tianul and imagine 
that llii*y »1onr hnvci allnhipd lii the* prtvitegi-d height 
jiNivh whidi there is no fii-rit foulhold for aoyhi>Jy 
eW. It iH the [iWning |ii'L'i-i»;(<ilivo of nil \hi<*v mints 
lo Imve hullnclnaUons of thiji kind, and to dai;ll iii 
1enij>)4'4 of fwMift l.lmt (111* hoilt ujfon tli*^ flanilr* n( their 
owa iiiiaginiuiooji. Nohtvdv *:ver disalm^i-s ihrin of 
tli?irugoti«licid idtijiH, ami if iiuyhody atUtinpLi^d to do 


A TKAU or lUtffH COUBDtANft. 

ka boii'ouldlMaeldovriin.Bthovfirygiiiitii^stttcif "^tiv-«'* 

The Irisli ooinudknf aiuI ^apoctiilly tlic» oc<»oTvtrio 
;r<^nlt<>miiii who tutila fn^m itio NmUi of Ii-el^ud. Iina 
mLi1ri|)1U''l so mpidfy of InEo tbit tbo stix-k of jnke^ 
witli vrhit-h tho ori<;itml \orth of Ir«>)aui1 coini?dmn 
KUrti'd 'Hit iiiHny yvflr* ft!»D Iwft Upcii t tinned nvcrlliou- 
•aikU of timt'-i^, Eiitd <^oviuiouEd)y n mDikru nudioiioo 
Aulitnlly L'ry irlicu ihcy arc itmdo luirlivd in lliv ghoul* 
Uh cHitK* «>f ro»rirrc4.niiii* th« dejid and liuried ^n^. 
It If) my iiittnitionio hoi^o pro^oiit tbo pjcturo of a tMua 
of North nf Irolaiid com^mfl. aikI ^\v^ an UU-a of 
the* miinii^iT' in ^vliich tU(*y Jiniiiso (heir uudieiicoe ; fur 
&omo of ll« iK^npIo \v\iiy go lo tlic tbcjitTo Jiro *o gitilo- 
lo«« jtnd HO cttAily livkh^d th»l thoy find Ui^fmi^clvofi 
jjrcntly nrnuM^d hy n dialogic Un^miMg with mici^^nt 
l]il>ct'riiitiii:4ii)!<p The ^^luric^i chor^cil »ro inviirintilv r>f 
tfjc iiio^t viikpir NiLiJ di^^LiMiii^ chnruWt^r, Jil^oiimiin^ 
in rcfur^ncj^ nnd au^^o:ttioiiti that vroiild not his U^ 
ifA^fii] lo oulBido of iho lticHir^> Thi' |jcddk*rtf of 
tliLirfu i\uv biu cjf otu^ humor cliftoiitf till iimunor f>f 
ijiako-K|id til set tiff their atook hi Lntdc. A ^r^0U4 
pluid still wiih Imi™!' trou&oi^ fliid ©hui-t ooiit t<)ji|xd 
l>y n hi^dt nhiic hat, ard Iho outfit eomplcU-d with n 
cnno ; m' li witrdroho coufisthi;^ of a ^ani-rc^pcctidvlo 
tbin-sloev^d, sqiinro-Uikd fi'och ^fNtt nnd high- 
Wiilci" hroiidrloUi |miit«, wif.h pollfahtrd and lowcnjig 
[<tovc-pi|ip hilt; i*r t\ iun]-<^nvr'un'' s v\^ : i>r nny hnW" 
idiotic oltt^fDpt t4> du]flic4tle a workin^nirA ^«^tr-U|) — 
:i '■ pU'v-h"U--<« t«mi-*r/' ivht> lulls you ilIkuiL Micky 
l>ully huvtii^' j^oi n ji-b to uhcH out ftmoki* ov to auck 
wiod fiv>ra bladders, — piwy of thew pmy he cIicmcii. 
The L-lotbo4 may differ, hut. (ho j<»koa, the** hu^iin?%»," 
Qiiil Iht; factnl jiictuiTd will aliraye l>e rfiinid Ihv paaWi 
Caucs and slovc-pipc hats — white or black — ai*o ercu 



more iwce»»ary for tli« eii«uc^< vf an IriBh com^Oian 
t\mn I0 UiloiiC of riiiy kind; tjw caitee nro used for 
tburdftiii^ Iho lliHJi of U:u ^lajfis mid the elove-pipe 
biiU 1W buiigjtig L-acU othf^r hi iho fiico, lor ihiii diMS 
of comotlian^ tilw^ivs truvoL hi pnirz?. Tlicro m a <;ri?at 
(jcsil fjf fl<«or-ihuni|>in;* mul hut-Abijiping in ono oftlKir 
neb*, iiml nmon^ iho i'ou-^Il {u-mbntifl usjrirftiit?* In IVunc 
tiK feot iii'O Irody ii>od tipoii c^iu'Il other, uud Lliorc* Sd 
;i rtcltU^as Lot of fdllinjf luiit tuint>lin^ in tjr<raki]«i'lc 

iftyic upon lll<! M[lj^?- 

Ill UEukiii^f up l]i:t faoo Uio In^h comodinii geucrally 
Vtkts Ui liiUu)*:e In u a^inibb(!L'3' of hv-M\\ nrouiul tUe 
neck unJ«r «ilUt>r a tlaui slmTea or 8tnbbl4?-dtrt>n'n 
diiu i if lui aimfl at miyLliiii-* IJko decency in Iih jq>- 
|icaruuf'es he will jificL^t only brushy eulc-ivbiskcrft. A 
rod exprc;«4ioii ArtJUiiJ llic now nnd urilor the cycj«, 
mid A red or bluclc Avig Ut niutcli bU special ciLviittrkiity. 
com|:i1ctc bU ncct1.-> in thi^ respect. Tho tiro ^pcci- 
mcri.-f of Irlj^b tTomrdiun-* that I litivc cboM^ii for prc- 
tttMitulioiL ht're v,v.vv of (lio allt-^i'd nt-^it ty|iu in tlK^ir 
pmfi^AsioiK Tbt'y \yi*vq ti^vdlitig willi Tony lV-*lor 
wlic'U 1 #£iw itiL-tii. and ill thoir oiiLtvurd iiH|)ecc ^tvutly 
re^cEitblcd Jljiirv at.<\ Jolmnv KltucIL Ttn-v wi-m 
crcititL-d wkb huldiii^ jt hi^b pM*iltloa iu tJivii' ]Kiiiimj- 
]ai- line, mid thrir iiiimcA wcn^r- on tho walU mid ft-iiiTL^i 
ill b-1ttT?<H fool \iuvr\ in nddilimi Li> IbU llicycumff on 
Ijitc in llii^ jnii^'riiTninr, whit-li ia idtvity^ u miro imlio^i- 
tninn of tiiv iiiipoitunL-c of tbo t»LiumUi pluerd nil hu 
HL'L or iiitisL by tUe munu^euumt- 

Biit boi'o comos one of tbeiu. Tin* Sli^ii flisti^r* 
Inive jii^L fitti«hud a i^<)ii!^Hind-d:iikoa. ^* ib« I1:lI," for 
Uic^ v^ti'fTet 3M::cn<f ci^iikm U»gvlJmr, tli« Qiicbi3v4li'A wjtli ai 
Willi fbiEiri^b of fmiiH ^fnirn »mJ rnrnil ^Irik4»» up n 
r:tniil)m' Iri^b imdoily* nnd, jklliTr.'i f<iw hiiri^, ono of the 
i-ot[ii<diutiii V litem. HoIh l;dl, wi-Hm Aifniy wciollpn «uit 


A TKAM or ikiHii roMi:i>r4x«. 

of fiiKhinniiMo cut, n htxt thnt norer in Ihe world woaM 
iit oit au Iriith hand i n^fCHt-hnir^td wis, pnrtly biUd, U 
aecurod undi^r thi> but j ^ciit«r« with Idnok ovc-r-fr-wlcrii 
clolho tli4.' r<?L<u iirul tho fiKt U stmcKith uiid f^^utoul, 
except lipon the eliJii, wh«tioo « long titlii bonr<l |>nv 
trudofl like u i>lovv^hEii<o, An ovdin^iry tw4?ii1V'ravo-(7«nt 
ctiQO piiiA the lini^ibiii^ taiicb^ 1<> \m wnrdroito. Hi> 
look)4 liko a hjicb-<lrivf*r out for a hnlldiiVi or a K*^rr/ 
Piittli pntiiimn (Ir^jieod forut^kirmifihing Fund piffmc. 
Hf> fuco-t lilt* jui<ii<Tiiro iViiiii ttui mid'.llu '>l tbe lowvr part 
of th«f aUi^(> um hoMlv u« if lio \v<ivt> pnttg 1o cnt«rtitin 
them wttli nofiiethtiig new, H« [hvU'IkIs to ha au^-ry, 
uhd wh^'n llio inu^io liae eoaaod, bo-;*!!!* to ptiiw wildly 
up mid dourii Lh^ frorkt of tli« ^lui^o, :l4 h« BhoutH VO' 
gfhrdlciw of All tbo niU)6 of common vwiuo and olo- 
cntioii : ^— 

" Tho oidca iiv cdJUir nw ti tnrrtcr [ Why u Spnn- 
yjki'd uiii't widk ihti Ethtroctjf nrwwtuyd widuut boin' 
Lukmi for n MtcU or n tiirrii^r 1 " 

Tbeiv »['o abvH-y?* u few iudi^ciixit [wopk iii \\n> 
audiaoco who kii^h ttt this suUy, niid tlio «omodinn 
gi>t-a on : ** But ihcro^s no u*o tidkiii't my Vy's bad a^ 
Iho roat ftv 'cm. U'hiti ho w'mt away frnm Jiom<^t two 
yciii"* n*o, he m-k to m*'. .fn-;^ hr : ' F^ithcr, whin you 
hciir from mr rt-j'iri Til bo l'rc*idcnt av tlio United 
Stutc*." I ^ii^i letter fniui him hi^f wctrk ruiyiii' lie wiljc 
Willi iLT lIiq ff>incit ^horiimki.<r4 iit t^iu f^tiite'^ pnM>ii.'' 
ThiH kJko ntincA a luiigh. imd he conlinuw: " Bitt 
tUcroN miwihiir but trouble hi tins wurrld. The 
oth<M' day 1 bought 9. Iiorsc. and the mau toutd mo 
hoM throt n milo jn two minits; and bo hoaveo^ ho 
could do It oidy fui- Wjid tbiiig — the dintlinuce M loo 
much far the toitnc [Lnu^htcc by tbo nmlicncc*] 
I'm ndlly n«hjkin<:i] ivcry toitno I tnkc tlint Hiticnrd out 
ft ro>diD\ fur I've ^t U* \mi a aoigii u|>(>n him euyiu\ 


A TRAU OF irilfH 0OUeDlA»fi* 


it. an' . 
■ kilt. 


'Tbis i« a 1i»ne.' [Luughtci-.] Mv woifo aiti' bcr 
motlier Imk Ujl* lit^rw iml fur a droivw in lla* i>ark tbo 
otiicr tliiv ; tho hoiso run awar, tlic buggy iip^^iL. an' 
my woifc and motlier-iit-law Wiii- Minin mil an 
Now. wlictlicr yoa bclavc mo en- not, more thnii 
hiiiidivU miUTirii niin have l>in jilibrr inc Ihryin' In hW 
that ittiVfiti. [ LniuglLUrr \ty tbo mab? poHtoik oftbo ait* 
dioiiCL'.] But t vron't ncll bitii. because ]'in Ihiiikia' 
g<Ttlin' atarmJ tx^'Ut nu^ttvU. [ Laii^jhU'^r ] l>0 
ageiil — hlic'n u nwatis ci-nvtboi: nv aixtccu ftiim- 
m«n». several bard wiater« [Utter], and 1 tbink ^hc's 
put in a <xruL}lc or buid falU [laughter] ; but ,-<h«*l1 
»pnji<^ ij|> a;^*iii all ngbt. [l^ud and indiscnmiDaLo 
laughter J I tuck her to tbo nhbugbtcr-hfiuHC iht 
otbcr *\si\' U* x'c 'cm kill bngn. Sbc wlus walcbiii' 'uru 
1>utt^bc-r tbr |HKir c-ruyU)rrn whin jlII to woLit^t jihu luriia 
to iiici au' «T/, Kex sbr, • Whia'll yuve turn ttimy, dear 
fTolni? ' [T.atij!bli'(\] Wr'ni tiiarncd wnw. My woifc 
jH vt-ry fond i>f r:if». Tbn-iT tri^rk^ hi^> Aw axrd "le tn 
luuke bfi' a |)miiit nv w:iii, and I tiirk wmi borne. 
Thut Doi^hl tliQ c»t got Into my woiftfV 1jod-o humidor, 
got inio tbo l«.d,'*!uki?d brrhri^jith, aTul in tln^ niorijitt' 
my wolCv \\:iK dr^id- Tbo nllit^r ni^igbl, [ wint (}ii L un' 
gut dhnink, wiiit hnmii niiil ^nt in Ixul ; tlitr mhua rat 
kinii and Niirkrrl niy hn-alk. and I»(? lii-zivnnH ! wbitbi^r 
ya l>uUvti nio or not, in Xh& moriiin' lita cat »u 

Tbore aro many [jerssoui In tb*> andiuuiro wbo »vom 
not to have I'ond ThU^toryin llicorlplnai Gri.^k, — for 
»L a|ipe:ir> among x\m ijiio(?r ibiitLf? ]Ii(^v'ok]i>>t. the 3<it 
Millvr of ancient timre;, irroto, — and 1be»o ]>f>rsun> 
laugh eU thi^ ufiiMrlv j<ikt^ wbiliT ifi^ orebe^tra pivea a 
uhord,und thi« otinoiSan, tilttnf^ bin li^it forward, Aour* 
bbing bift vmm aii^l walking ai^mnd the* «tago «Kh tbo 
air of a man who b^u <]o»« an ad of disrily of wbidi 


Or MiOiP «qD«Jlj Qaci«rn«ral «ri] jiagtirig linr*. mllrr 
whkh Uv tlttmtf» a fj-v M^ht antJ bmrMW rxitfl. A» 
li« >■ ^ning off Bt trnQ miln bn |iBrtiirr come* on ^ tbv 
of>fnajtii «4clt? viib anolkrr Brinrul of " <-bi.-<<tiiat« " -^ 
nM liter r^Jl urcim-ttat gi>^i in ll"^ >bijw liuAiQrad, Tbe 
partixr ia kfv>wn oa S(ilnn>i>a O'Tftolc* He b dreMed 
bi ii|unns-ciil frtn^k ctmi. Jiigb tbs4. ajii] »iiort p«ab^ 
bMm». bjit n i']u:iiiT, whJte, Mjaiiv^oii, tftiiThfll, riAe- 
wbukrri, — '* Gatvray «lfl^i-ni" or^'Caralina*** tbc^ 
are UMally culled, — e:trii<^ a r»ne, adH alto^^tbor 
frotn Ibv ripn^Minu of hi» fiiro vrcirm a i|uW Aod 
bantikMi fp-Ibi*-, llu romnur U hmgu*»y Imt cUar, 
ati<l be ii|)rnki« »rUi n mplilitj wbWi Bit^nrrhU Uml IiaU 
ffilitfT luliniiK^i] nf vli:it Im 'i* »Avi»g or in 3jrttd lio vi|L 
furgiTl »<iiiic jKirt of It. Ho Kiv* ; — 

«*Kow, Till n iitnai ean hbtaii^J a jorik, ImL wbiu I ga 
Intti II bnHH!rr iilirtj» i»i Siimlay itxtrniii' mid iIih mlojvd 
bttrb^riitii4 H iK^^A|i;k|M?r umlt-r hr' cliiii nn' biuids lue 
n lowcl In rrnil, ili goiii' « llltU< Inn fur. r'^ri'*bt»r] 
But whin 9 rntm tffn^» out in ihc tiinrnTti', llif^w flnvfi, 
Uirtr'« no kiinivin* trhrltit^r nr nut hr'll cimr liiu*k 
ug'iii lit ni^hl TIic; ntliL-r div I went in var Jt rHc^nd 
ii' nbTjiiiti niuni'd Joliii Oilli^niu ^ho livi*M eit TCuwtnii 
SlUEiri, nlioiit till LiinMv fniTU Puki^umii, nn tire Hf^r 
an' Ifoiiiinv 10r:uU int' bo luck mv it> hmr a South 
Curoklny pr*ncli4-r who wiu» |ir*a€biii* an eU>f|uhil sor- 
ilii. Evorything wiiiV ntl r^iiirht nnvil lb« pr'iii^ber 
Bojc ho. ■' Wbi?ii (iitd incvl t!ii? fti'^t man liu itud 
Uujiijjng'iimafliKt^todbr'v !*' tholbivdout, ''Who 


A TBAu OP mmi cfmm\AH». 



mcd the liii(*cf" an' Ho ho^ivorH* Uk'v boim^cfd aii5 on 
thoitnimlbo av ilic Tuamnit. [Laitgtttcr.] But iiii i 
sci.1 nAirc, wliiiin aiaii ;:oca<»ut iu the moi-niir ho never 
knowA whal's -join' to happen. The other inornin" 
I wint ovfF to ihr Orimtl Pavdlic Hold — I *^o there 
uvrry nioruiti;,'' ; thcn*"n n iVtoml av rnino boiirdirr 
Uiera hn Ukt wuik, jin* wUiji he hives iovni I p> ovt>i' an* 
ut(] liij» innlos for hhn l hut t wiitt over thoro th' other 
moriiin' au* piekcU up a pLi|K-r ;iii' I rcaJ an arlccklc 
iK^nilcd ' The Chin;i!»4T MiJ«t <io.' Now, be hcu7cn«, 
1 don't w:iut the fellow that's got my three t^hurrU to 
gii unlil I ^it 'em l>ai.'k from him j»^*"iiN [J^mght^r.] 
A iVh-jid nv inoiitc nLiined GlIli^Mn huu^^iit n ^•mt tlie 
other 4Uy, an* htjgocd about iha aht.L-ect9;ithr r/athttr- 
cniiA an* km^ckUr tbo cbilOlier over in ihu •:ntEvr< lie 
batted ovvr a IJltli: lu^ur b'y th' (>thuir nitrrnin . ;iud 
wbhi Gilli^raii was tjikcn to coort ho summipnoJ mo ua, 
a witiiOfT* ftir tlic |iroi-coulTon. Whin I tni.'k thcj wlt- 
Tlcfl» sht.ind the jiid<rc rxchI in« whut inc name wiix, nn' 
I MTii MteU.u'l M.ihoney ; an' lie axed me what w:ir nm 
tiatidOiititv, whh) hf> wav uv a joiik I tin, lic^ic I, 
* Midvjni/ jni' bo heavi-nn. br jp^v nto six muiiths fur 
perjnin-. £Lan;^)ilt?ri] I whiL uiUj a hultine th' utbur 
day ; liome uv iho l/ys wni' aettiTt* nronad a L-ibfci 
phivhr tuHdiimt;, an* ivhhi l b <.■*>' «iiw me trurtitr iji, one 
»v *ein Moz, Ai?x hei ' Lu4.4 unl I'lir the Mli-k, or hi'MI 
«ffipo up all tJ]f> huiehl' [Ijnn^ht«r.] Tvl^ il**^^ 
\i'y tb:it the Cbii^ng" bjtAvvliiill dub n.-^ed f'»r a ("n] 
ii-igtm rahiv days. [SiiiHiw.] Thi^y ihrrw n *«l] in 
him tb* other dny iin' hJl hbn in th' «ytf ; I LiH'k him 
to nil *n!L'jli[»t wb") tiK'U tb« *'Vt* 'lilt iin' hihl tl lui a 
t;ihl«; be lieiivwia, n vni kem abnig iLH* swaUlod the 
eyn, [SnilleA.] Tbi* dorfbor l^tiM mo to kum 
around uexi day, an' I tmk tbo h'y wid me, Tlw 
occuliaL bad cut out iran uv hU't» eye^, an' ho puts 


k TK^tf or iiEMti r?4)nK»iAXK< 


Vy* dmw' fu*t ran*, omIv irhin hp po<»* t'» ^ml 
noigttL wsn i\vi^ »ti^y [>j>i-ii hli' kc^jH rn;uiiiir iiroiiiul ft 
tttU. [Lfltmbior.] GUlijpin hitii got two h'y», Wi 
ar th!m hii^n' spiui n Hut fur iwoy^iir; lie'Il b« 
(ofpi'lftoii) in 0».i(iVwr f Luiighior.] The other ti'; 
will mnke hif murk in tlio world i hi f&<*t he med bl 
itiitrk 'iti m<> tho <ith<*r mijtht. lie put n i^ck on n 
diiiir witli Uht Mli^^nnt ittil 1n'i^i4 nic* iiD* vrhin ^_ 
vfint tn nit dovfix 1 got up ag'in vurr ^niMiDtly. ^H 
don't ctii'o hAw oiiliJ li iii»a Ia^ or bnw tlrinl li<) in, whin 
1w hk« down OIL Llio hflli^ritit jiuL iiv ii truk be 1:1 
bouhd t^uiHooittiL^iUty iiik*}uuilifiiUieu. [Luughitrr.] 
It nmy ho^ but a moTiieaiarv ii««um|Aion , but ihi) ifiUtiy 
Itf ilIwiiv^ tbore. Iliv otter mfirnui' 1 iiilerid :l frkriid'tf 
'^tuiip. There war grapo BhkJn^ on lUo Jlun*, ;m' ^^ 
, MK tu him. * Hon- tii> ye do, Mn Ca»4idy? I see yo^| 
bc»() a |>ai1y Irwt uiffhi.' ' Wijnt in;tko4 yoD thinlc 
6o?' aoz bi5. ' l}cc:^iisij 1 soe tli9 £(ra|K» «hkitia on tl 
tav^t' ^*'^ ^- * Tliim'K ii'>t giM|K^ siikia^t* ti^s ht 
Ihini'e eyc"*. Homo of th« b*y« h«d a li^tit hrre bi^l 
nwght nil' von'ri' nnvv nurrc^riiL* tlic hiittbi-liDldi 
[Lau;£hlor. j But I u-il* ex|i«TOtiir a iVivjid av tnoii 
duirii ben;, Lovi ^IvOinnU. Ab, b^jre be oora< 
LoTi, htiw arC'Vifti?'* 

** TiLi well, Stiloaion/' Buya tho other, who baa <oi 
on the stA^ ajid i^ eh^iking h^uida with Silomoi 
'' iVbiit kopivoLi f;o<^uiek?" 

" ru heen ben? £oi>ii<?r/' i* the small m^poa^ 
" Mily I coiibln't ^'ct down nny lat<>r/" 

»»ltwaKav©iy wet wimber wo hud liniht winthor, 
Suloaion? *" 

*■ Vc». Did yiui buy any nibbertyct LhUycvrl 

*-Nob thi.<y«ir."' 


A TRAM l>r IKlAfI rOHftDlAMt. 


""VThp™ (lid ynit go whrii you Ic^ft m« I h' cither 
noigM?" Levi i-4iuI3im)<ta. 

'* I winil tlowii 1(1 ihc mjiFiki-^L^nule hull/' 

** 1 hfiiiiJ voii wuH 1111^1*6. They ])i]t y»u nut UecniDtft 
\yiiM ivrtuMtk*t tuko ynur inii'*lc ^tiT iifu-r 12 oV'lock," 

**■ But J thdii'L liiivo uiiy muTik oti. It wak tiifi own 

KB '^ 

••Th;il"»i whait I mulfl ihcm," sayn Levi, •• Itiil thi-y 
, wouldn't hplnvn inv." 

Thi« nii^i'M II hiugh Sitlomon look* foriiiuom<fnt 
vritl) net 011 Uh incut nt Lovi, \hf\i t^iimpii lii« cuiie 
uguhivt tlio llor»r in an iirii^rv m»tmcr> iul«I wiitk« lu u 
«Irclo immnd tlio >^I:tgi« nii if t^rn^»1v diitguKU*tl at 
baYbi^ tilKnvocI liiniitcir to hu ftc^ld. Tliiit look, cane* 
tliiiinpiii^ ami V'Eilk-urf>unf1 nrn cttM'Rolvped Hihor- 

Aa Solomon O'Took gcU Mild all tlio tliiio tlti« end 
of tho l>Ufiitio»» ia iia o\eludivo1v hid tiit if he hiid a, 
patent on ii. 

**l WGDt into It £^aLuiie Ihianiornln'/' &Ai<l Snlomoii* 
'* to git 11 glii»B iiv boyr. 1 iCiit nie boui-^ pisJ foiYO 
[•inta* fliij w"K ji-l ^'»iij' to hlow tho fonin off it when 
Bom«)Ki<ly rric* ova, * I'oi^iit I* I UM il<3Wti mo hoer 
an' pun out tho tIm'O to soa wUoro tho fois:ht wnz, but 
tbciv wji* no toit^lit. Whin J pot back mo beer vtbk 
gone. 1 ciilkd for niiothi-i" pl;if>M un" Wii/ goin" to 
ithiiuk it dowii, nlico i^iimcliod^ itlioiit^, * Fou'o I ' 
cNow I wanted to eoc the foirc nn' 1 dUbi't vrnnt (o 
'1n«e mobecr, 99 I piilU out ii hit av pim-J aa' i)xip<.T 
on' wroitc* on it, ' 1 h:ivo nhpit hi this hc(*r.' AVIitu 
|>UU till' |j:>|)ernn liipnv \hi luHTnii' wijit ont to nvii 
Itho ^ll^r^^- Tlu-ro w:js no foh'o, uii' what d« jwu tliink 
|lM|)pii)'d whin I got hnrk?" 

•■ Your lnNtr wrtx gntn-/' iciid Ticvi. 

*' No H u-imn't," Sohimori iuti-rtifisbd, " The beer 


A TK^U or tllltit l-<iVKIilA\», 

vrnit tlicro rill" On? bit atv p!J|Jr'r iv:»k imi tup ur tf, 
>om<T ftuckci' Imil wrolo roiglit luidvr nij' wrottur, 

Th« coiutluHinu of tUo Mtory U of ooumo ^rmtcd witli 

■*lli<ro» S'>)oinun/' says Lovt, "1 wunt to m-j 

>< All' wliAl*^ thi«? " jVel<e Solf>mon. €xnniiaioL' 
MtU^Iti lint li:i>i bo*ni lifinJrtt to him. 

"A rfjoo lioriu" 

"Air wliiit dit \ vrant vf}t\ nil oiiUl 9<br>f» bom? *' 

" Tliry uu' ^«L your liul on your Li-ad wiiliit " ui 
^wara hwl^ nmid uil oitlbur4t of mci-riiiKrnt from tl 

"How ^"^5 ciiii fl iiuitt iivo wkIouI Iniiiiis?" 
Solotii^ii*s n<rxt eoiiun<lru[n> 

" I don't fciiow,'* «iy» hovi. *' How ould iiro yi 
now? " [Luugliici--] 

'* U'huL i* II pkk t>f hatilx?" Levi Mka, 

**An inifutb to ei h(|U(1]'o incid/* S"lomou luj^woj 

■' Thiti ytm cziii shtuiul moiv iu«iihd tluiii miy othi 
mnn 1 eviTfaw/' nA>«Levi, ivb^rvut ii>o]omon'a iiidi* 
nidfi}ii L-uuaftd Uim lo immu-uvrc to tbc li^Ut of M: 
ill |noj>t>r iiottitbu i'or tlio ii**xl quiMtioii. 

" WItuL's tlio diJl"'r€Uce bctwuiio you and n jiid 
ikfv? " Ii43 aakfl. Jooklog stonily ui Lcti. 

'Hie Utttci iiii':i«ui'i:a tlio floor vfltU hheytitand 
AirirrM, '*AUjiii trtt'lvo foot*" Snlomuu tliiiui|i8 bijj 
4MIIQ aviiiiL^t llie flour oiico morcr, lo<jk« Lcrt*1l i^f nl 
tliu |)U*ii»iiro lie L<(^cr [i<i#AeMf^d nii fstrtlir Aiid niu^-in^ ii] 
tu IfCVii ^?^ys; — 

•• Xot tliat's not the nii^lit :iiir»vrcr/' 

••WrIU " ^^y^ r^tiri, " I'd l*»ik« lo Itofiw whui i« t' 
diff 'rim'ii lirtn';itu< voo an" ti jai^kiisc- ? " 

A TR^iM or iRiaii a^Mb:i>us«. 


•* No iliff 'rincc/' ahout^i Sotoruntu llirowinj: up his 
band»,iiiiil coutir^t: dona the ^ia^i* ^h^iking with ];iuj^litcr. 
Smldeiily the fuel t)4%/ji8 upcm huii tlmt lie biut mado 
A miilo of bimndf. IIi5 fao^s a?4tkrni'd u JH>ivildeic<t «x- 
prcssion, flud he hastily I'ctiirria fitim thu scono f«^ 
kffl-cJ hr L«vj Mciiiniiiaa. M-bile tb« orcbcAlnk »trikce 

I up :i lively uir in unticipnilun of tlif.> cucoro vrliicb i^ lo 

^^lill i\x coniodimr* out to do n wild Iiish reel. 

^P This ia JL fair miii]jU* of tbc ttuilopic indiil^d in hy 
a tt^iim iif IrinEi i^ivm(?i)iuti[i of avom^; ability, ajuI Ihn 
ix'tirK-r will hL uiiro uiidc^rnLuid rroiii it wljnt ridic* 

^ iilouH »ijd dltJioAt dl?<^M?>tiii^' Luiguiij;e and inciilviitn 
ikre niude iisv of to rainu u luiigb, nnd luiw \vvy c-jiny it 
io lo ijliTu>L' a vuritly i!u-:iIut iiutluiiiLe. I'lii KooiK'v'a 
>U]'it^' oflljii 4li(ii.iM<?rsai]d LTind-Jveiu^uepliiz, or^ome- 
Wfy v]m(?'8 quet-r walk liecomt^ tire ru^, iiial imnie- 

j di»trly tlien.i tiwi ii biiiiLlied w(*uk tiad [)itiful imllrttot^. 
So, Ion, with Hiicb '-i dialogue nn Hip fott'^foini: ; It 
M.MiiH iti " m(i*li cm " wpih thr |iritilif-, ntid evrry Tri»h/ 
riMttf^di^ui fill lliit Kriigi* iiiiiKt appnipriain nt Ira^t ii por- 

^ IhrnoTlt, — Hnd ii?^i:dly (lu^ very woii*t portion. It 

I ia Bufe to iiwiijiiii* tlint liuf vtirlniy Miigo 1n*4biy bun 
ttofOvcalkd Nortbiif Irelnud Inahmun wbo doiM im^i 

! fliiig nt' kiisl :i biilf-irloxi-'jL ofiliL* inrrx wiftlH^uH T Imve 
here giv^ii, nt the beadti of hi^ niidlenee. TItoro \n nn 
law njjuia^t it, — no pr<>teoll<i]i for tbo pntrom of (li« 
theatres, wlio omi do noibinii; ef^ thiiii tn piin nnd 
atniid it, — mid 1 li*>i'(?foro the Jn>b roinrdijin nnd liU 
■* chc^tiiulK " fni'i^vcr Aourifb in tldn tuiid of itio fix.'e 
niid boD>o of tliu biuvo. 

CliAI'TEtt XXX, 


&rrivrd nt ii (k'^^o of (Jfrrfcrtinii tliit i« :iii)iuiili^^ 
Tin* inu^irifin* oftluT Orinit ftir h Imig iuuv wcra licld 
ii|> u-1 wupiM'inr lo iin_v rivii!* imtjtitTii llii-rr <iniitUrjr. 
Tliov put ill ibtf >lnM-T.a. Htifl witliiiiit |Kint]>!ii-n»i1ii 
i'niiM'iI Jl(jtvt-rf< 111 bui'st frutn iHiU of furlli mill »|iriiij 
iiil» iijaUiUaiieiiu4;;n>urlli ; Wi&y Imd Lhi^ir tbeii vrond^i 
ftiHin*ikrt1nd;, en wliMm Imv, liuvKn*i'n1i^rpd iiba^ki"!,' 
t<» :J1 M[i|wiirjtiirc'* ju*L hiv^a cni»ij^lL Lo iTocivi.* him, re- 
n^iiiiioit llicre wliUo llio mu^'irmit ranbi^M^nnl lliroitgh 
tlii^ l»nHki<t ill nil innu'lijiiu, nni-r w]m<?!1i IJ]fi !k]J irHm» 
fdiili un^ianiiinT ; ihric ;tit]-« .t\vi>i\1 Hwalldwt-r.i among 
llirm, uikI uhiigHlipr tbi-ir ^ktU hi iiitd ktiowW^fo of 
ihiT urt. of ttiv-%tifv(iii' wiw rfiiinuli-n'tl hevin»l ri'|»ri«ir!i. 
The Cliiii«.'be, too, pruf^s Ui W L-oml jiigiili»ra and 
inngimHik4»Hiidtiuthey iu-\^^ But tht.* Kiinipt^'kii« tiudiho 
Ami.>rk'au» have 5li>ppeJ ui, aitd Uiv Hindoo iiiiil the 
CtiittnTirni m>i_v ni"'' fi" I" I''** r**:M" in iiiJi^fV. ilnudiii, 
Hyller, MMCJiUistpr, nnd Hrrit^iiin hitvn ikiiip tnVkn far 
siipv^rior tfi nnylJiiiig ibiT FWUtii wood^r-irui'Id^ni Ar» 
c:ip:ib1ii(tr, 4-iLbrr in \\h' \v,iy <■!* iii<<ohaiLi<-Hl iiitrirmcv f>r 
miiii:ii1 ik-xl.urlly. Tho Inlti-r fmilniv i^ rultiviUt^d «fi 
tiu'lv, uiid }'<)U no longer h«m* iht; inugiri^ut's niiijfc cq} 
ert»\ h'i)ih ttnt\ low niih j^lilLin'ln^ parHphL^nrktb* wboi 
brrglUtioim Vint heuuUrulty sel oil Uy (lit* Hack vdv* 
luiiigihgit ill the biickgivmiul. N'ltw iboru ik notbin 
prvJH'uti'd to tbe vl«tv of ib« audience exempt a 6mn\ 

TitK nf>ACK Airr, 


tabic lat^ccntre of tho atngc. Tukiitg Mr. UQrauQQt 
fur »niu]>lc ; Thb mngictfiii comes out in full even- 
ing drew, with cnnt fllprrrf< )>uk1ici] liiu;k irvonUng Jii« 
iiiiiDJiniljitc shirt ciifTs nn»l gijigroua »lccvc biitloiu*. 
Whiitcver urluluA he will inject UiUi hi* trirkn ht* iiiv- 
v\ta En ihd uipuciou^ poLk^fts of Jilh cout or in Hia 
palm of hiA hand. Ho inLmduuus hitut^f'ir jika^irintl^' 
to the iLudieiKc in his lunkcn Kn-^liAht uiid ul i^nru tho 
pcrturni^Anco hc^^nn. Fvom that (imc oti Until th« luat 
ilUi'^ion is ^ivr-n tlii^ ainlicnci^ ivrn.'dnH in daiknrM a* 
1o hii* mrlhw]*. iln nvldom IciLVo* the HtrTg*', gf^h^g 
only up to tlio liut cntrnnc?c. wWi'c, liy Mtrnidhig 
ngniu^t tht^ pnijt-dhig ivhij^' hi.-* cnnrrdi-rnh! run fill hi* 
porkeU with wlmU hit nm^lii. A ina^!;tcbLtt'H 4-fjHt lnokH 
liki? « viTV nMnntoii^phiiv t^fTort at tht* HH'allo\T->ti«il ar- 
ticle. That's all it i^ txieHorlv. T>ui !f ynii ^i*t a 
glimpse of the 8ido the lining \h on, ynn will find fruni 
ei^ht in A di)£3n liirge and NOLiill prirkc'l^ in thi? gar- 
ment. Two of thf* pfKikot^ »iv Uii<tn nlTnii'M, ruonfng 
/mm llic fi'finf, p'lj^i hsu'k nndrr llir iirnu, finis Iphv- 
iu^ n wicli' nicttjth, »fj that hii^o urtich*^ lvuj eptii'kly b*3 
<!iiippod intci thi^m. 

Htrnninn i» a fri^'at lri(*k*|pr, not only un lln> 
Mnge, hut olT. H» vv:iTlc<>d into n hurhei-^hnp in AI.<}tii- 
phia one* (Jay. wont up to the i^iici- whom ihc» iiijot* 
wero kont. 8ni1 t»khi;; up oti», cafmlr out hU throat, 
standing he-for^ the ginsii aller llio ;;iivh Iml hc«u 
imido, iind wiih i^vidpnt ploiiwmv rt>pirdin^ ihi* proru»<» 
Aow of h1i>f}d fnnn thn woiind*^TIir^ }>jLf1>oi« AntI their 
rnAtomori! ran wildly intr* tin? htivi>lM yollin^j like a 
triho of Fciojoe« ftrnEind n hiirbccaoofroiitl iidi^f^ioniiry. 
They ucdlod Ihc police, nnd mi««d a omall riot in their 
Imroediule n^ijfhborhood. The polioi' ciimo und enli'i-ed 
lb^ «liop, only to tiiid llerniunn o^Moln^ TinvAi'^l to 
gi'09t ihetDr laughing ninl voin^irking that it w;t0 nuly « 


Ttie iiL\n£ aut. 

ofany wouekI ti|Kiti htn IbmHt, urH) it was ontr wbcii 
llio Iitirbcra wt-re tolil Lint it wh4 HiTmiiun, the mngl* 
cian, thnt thoj' cmiM lio 1*ri>iit:hL tu Th-1irvn i but f>if hai] 
t>ot n^iiHr rut Iii8 Ibi-iKtt tbi-ouvU, ^iihI tbm hr nome 
wonderfal ln^iiliii^ m-L closed iJio gu|j ii^aliu 


Duriag lii^ iTtigngifmrrit in Nu>v Vink hist »eaieoiti 
ttio ruiiioiM imiglHEiii ikmoniU^ri] a urniU'r atid tlio 
propH«t<>r of a Gerainii hor^r Ruloim hy muking tlie 
T'liiiniiiir pUn* a|i]>«[ir mill <tivi|>|>i»!N-, Hti«l in n^rcivin^ 
Uwf aic^ imilG I'liaiige «f li flve-iloJbu- noln i-ountrd it bi?- 

TI1K TtLA:-K Airr. 




T tliR dijigrinrd prnprJrloi' unil miiilr it iipiirnr tliAt 
tlk<i iLiiioijiit rrruriKtil tviiH f Iti, tvhinh bi^ coollv pijck- 
tfUnl. Bui !ii» lirsl icick w»» tlm *'»t*11" be per- 
irolrnEed oil \hv Si»cMy for the Pre»veiitioii of (MjoUy 
in (^hiUlivti. lii^ biif) it aiiiinunoed tliat be wottlfl re- 
»iJiiio bis obi feiU of Tibiwiiiir u cliiM from n cnimnn, 
Mild inakto^ il ti[i|H-i]i- HTifr nitr) )U.iMiir1 in thif giillfrj of 
llii- Mic^Miro, Tbis Ki'l, till'- sni'ii^tv in Jtnu% iit okcth, 
II(^ u'iVH jiolUli-d llifit irbiHriml it tlm iThihl ^uii nji^irmi- 
liffl) woufO \w tuki-ii fitmi film. H<* repliinl that he 
^m gi'iiif^ U> i^'lieafae tbe feiiL ai] TbiA^nduv iiioniiiig, 
siiiybitw; wbpic<ii[)oii nil itgcnt of ihr >*ofiplj', with a 
writ of intltPiif, fofptrjtf rii'^b^il upon Ibn Krmr^. Jiut 
»A tic wiM iibout tf> mm tbp ohibl into i\m |iiPco of 
b^dvy <iT>biiirr<i loniiul iit tUi^ guUri'y of tbo Gnim! 
0|>(-r» Ibiit^r, ttift iigitnl Hi'i/(-il it hihI u Itiss^l cmiuvd 
bftlw^n Iiiiri nml tbo ]imgi4.M'iir In tbt- initHiig itnd 
hnulln^ tiin* of the Jo^ of the di*put<*d yomigstorcflme 
off, and it was dicovorcd tbnt it wn^ only a frigaiitli*, 
wclUniadc-i;p <Ioll. Tbo n^ent cnc^pt'd ainiil touvh of 
Inuglitci', IpLLviog Ills trophy bphind, Tbo prc^ft. too, 
Lrtd iK><*n sold by the trick, co ncni*? of tbu |Jii^r« puU- 
IimIk^U tbo iU'in, 

Much ȣ [Icrmnnn Unit aoIJ oth^rc, hn bun benn prvtty 
WJIv ftold binutir. I rt^TniTtnbir ouu iti^bt wfiili^ Ilt^r- 
niimti w^Lti pljytii^ Si^ulli, uik) dotii;^ hiii ciibiitcl tnck, 
aonj© of the boy* uruuiitj tlio ihtfuiro put up a job on 
him that I'esnUod dinastron^ly a^ far as the trick wm 
coitcoined. Tbe cabinet i^ a largo contrivaaco ;?r«utly 
Tftcombbn^ tbo huge rofri^^m-ators in ti^ in grocory 
MoroM, unci sonn^ who kLiow, aay, boariuif n great i-o- 
««aibluncv to Aakort rclVi<;c?rator«. U hiu« a faUo back 
And M f^o coiiMructifd tlmt ono or mora porMiiM may b« 
kiddcn iti tho rcur compiu'tniciit. In tho trick Hur- 
jxiaan luakos use of tvfo coionHt boye» wbo miiat be 



nlHfe »ii aiXj^ ami fmrUl iipj>f:ir:ui*y, Oalv otio of I) 
hnyi HguTes iu the Uick »L tint, going thmugb a fiiuiiy 
bit of plAV unil Jhloguft witU Lhi* m:tgi(-iu», uhCjI iit 
Inift ho Ie:ivc8 ilio 8tu^e ta got a knif^fr v*iili wbiok to 
cniiihut a bii^ monkey tbiit hna been loolcod u|> iu tho 
onbiuvt. \Vb*?t) boy No. I ^oea otftlioaUgc' for a 
kiiifc bay No. !f comtfv biurk irjth it ^nd U hiimcdly 
pu^h^il into thiT onbiiict- Mtt:Lntvbi1o bov No. 1 bie 
kft ihodUkgi^-UoariiiiiJ U running fsij^l nif bd can urouml 
tbe block. The magiciin nftur sUnUiiig ul tUo cnbimt 
a fov/ minuter — juat long enough to allovr boy Xo, L 
to get to the i'l-onl eatrmioT* of tbe theatre — opernt Ui« 
door, and b>! lH>y No. ^t^ gone, ** Boyeo 1 Boy-ooE** 
iLr iii^tgk'kui sliouli*, "Say boy-eo w'ero art y<»*t 
hoy-&j?" " lloro L is, boae/' Ibo boy eliout9t nieU- 
ing breatbloM^ly np the ni^ilo. The trick «ui-|>i'i«ca 
evtirybody, riiiiL U a good nne. On the ocv<L«ion I roror 
to, tb(} ** boyi " got a pirlicvumn to arra^tt tbe Ind 
wbilu bo \va« running iir»niid iVoiii llio back t^i tbo 
front doiii'. Tli<f l>hn*-cM>»t U^ok him totbo station uiifl 
Hcnimnn abouled In vdin fm- bU '* boy-ae,*" and Waa 
linally obJi^pod ti> t 1oh> the trick irithonl the uppoar- 
anco of bt0 darkey cordadorat^. 

Aa J buvo fipokcn alwve about the jug^^lrrn and 
tricketcre of the Orient 1 mciy h* wcU Miy tbitt 1 wit- 
nc7^»od (be j>ci'ferimince4 of ibe tnckd(<:i' vrbo wm in 
lUrry l'\-em:b'ti Hindoo tmupo. Tb^-ro waa notbiiig 
inun'«lb>n» lu hi» ftut^, tbe boy-utid-bzukul trick alone 
bchigttie ordy thing of an a^toiibhiii^ cbarueter Umt 
be |>rflaedited, aad that beiug «U6ceptiUlo or cany ex]>ia- 
nation. tbe boy being li^bt and rtupplc! und etip:d>lo of 
moving m conlriLcthig fii^ boJy *o ii-i to keep out of 
tbe way of tbe itaord thmsU. uhich by llic wny were 
not of jk vioTent character. In a pEivaloenterrniiimcnt 
given by ibb juggler bo apiK-jiivil more atvkvranl nod 




^luniEilt^r lUjim inniiy an iirnntcur who urHlerliikcs ta furr* 
m«li ft pai'loi out^^Haiumoiil for bis fi-icmlw. It waft' 
cviileiit that be would undergo *^ifftnn^ mid imn for 
Iho tiircoss of [I trick. Hi lie t*»i>k ^ii ordiuiiiy wooden 
looth-pkk and nhllc prctciiditi^ to push lU in k^ en- 
tirety, into one corner of hi« eye, nirtiinlly did inthh 
parlor it ill, not Uuving brijKon it ciJT J^ho^t emni^rh in 
the procc^v^i of toncrjdiii^ it. A^ikin hi; ^vr;dlowod a 
yard of ljla<k thiisul, unj taking ;i kiiit'u cut a Aiiiitll 
openiiiji; in his aiJi3 and IjLiiu^ht forth a >'ard of Mnck 
Ihread thutliad.oftoiirw^l^eetu^ucealed Ihero ^ofJrl^- 
hiitid. Tlic tliruiid W:i9 bloody and wiia dniwn slowly 
From lU phioc of coaucnlmcQt, 

oorriwprtiuleiit willing Uvm China nimut tin: ftti-m^t 
FgWiA U> he st*ru tluTrr, T»ayn : " Sword-.^w-dhiwing 
uiid aUmu-eatiujf apjiear to bo Ujo cotLiinouKsl feuU* 
and (jpt-'nttors of thin dv±iTipti(ia may 1>c fi^und in 
alnio^fL HVtiv ^lvt-»et< ihu: MWtxx, Linvuvti, pKifinini^d 
n number (*f feats lu front of cur hotel. wlii*^^h dunmud 
from mo mora tLaii a p£i«ning notice, lie stationed 
hini»clf fii thi.^ middir uf tlir »lreift, and haviii<: Mowei 
u hugl^hlitxt. to givt: naming that lin wii.-i al>nat to 
bkHrin bin iTnh?rtainiiirnt. hft took a ftmall Ivinmn nr 
oranj^ii triw, wliith w:in envcivd with frnil. and lad- 
aiai^d K tijKiii Imh liiud, llv thi^ii iAvw ;t >'irl, of uldr- 
nipiii^ wIli^tl^•, whun iukmodiaLuly a iiumbi<r of riiro 
Innl^ canio frum cvt-ry dlivction, nin] ^^eltlvd upon the 
bou^h« of lh(ii bu^h he baliiuct'd or flulloi^d iil»out Iit9 
ht^ail. lilt tbrn took n dtp in h)< hand, and }tegiin to 
riiilh^ MiHiv Kiu*d-i in it, wbrii thn Inivln diftappcarud. 
Taking a ^niidl 1mntb()» in\n% bo ni^xt took iUr- AveiU 
And piittiiig out; In it IjU<w it at uuu of tlitr fruit, when 
It opened and out flow one uf the bird», wlii<>b ilut- 
tt'1-i.'d idxiiLt liio circle kurn>no<lii)<j tin.' ]Kifi>rnit-r^ He* 
conthmoii to f»boot the s»ed« at tbi!* ornnge^ until 



neatly- a cloven hinln wpro rcIou«c(L Ho tlion r^mov^d 
tJic 1(00 from bin forvhonil, ilni! Kcttii^g It doirn, took 
up u didh, wbicL lio liulil iiljovo hir^ hv^iil, irbca uU tho 
birda llcw into it, thua covvrod it over with u cowi^r, 
Aiid ^ivhi^ it a wblrl or Iv^o about hta bcuti, opened it 
and dii4|davi>d n i|ua»tity of eggs, Ibo ^bdU of whicb 
be broke vriih iv little stick, rckaatii^ a biixl fiijiiL C4icb 
II, TJio ti'ick WJ18 ncjitlj' performei.!, uuti dHied 

tcctioii tVoiii my c}v&. The iJ0\t trick w^is eqoilly 
AJ(t<>i>Ubiiig and diffioult of lictection. Borrowitig a 
hniidkcrcliicf from one of Jii^ vpcctntors, bo took «n 
oraii^, cut a Miiull boll* in it. tboii nqiiirrz^d ulL the juioe 
out, luid crtunmvd the liiindkciruhiof iiilo it. CiiviiLg 
tbo oniiigc to u by^tJindor to hold^ he oaugbl dp a 
tenpiii and \tvgn\i Ut pour a cup nf tea fro[u lU wheti 
Uic hpiJiit beciLiuo cl(jggcd» Lii<»kin^ uiUt iU^ pat, 
appaicLitljt to detect wbat was the matter, lie puUcx) 
out th» bLLiKlkvr^jliief siiid Rituinci it to tbe owncr- 
liu ticxi took tUo aniD^CT from tbc bystander aad cut it 
Opcu, wbca il was foKiid to be full of rico/* 

Twi» of tie liorst Incks tio\T oij tbo stngu me the 

wrial f»U4|)ennio]i mid tbe Indian box-triik, Tbe latter 

I rxplnin in iiexl. cliiipli^r. Tbi- a-riul MifijfuriMOii, 

wbieb i-t bir«L M-vn it) Prof, Sei^inaii'it pc^rfornmiH'e^, 

o[in»i^j4 ia apjiuraiitly m(^MFrieri:iiiiig a young lady 

vrhik nbe in htjindlitg on a sto<il iK^Aveeii two iipi'ijfht 

[ImrH, upon e*Lcli of wbiob ebo resta an elliow. Wheii 

'd}iti In in tbo toi.'>Miuri<' vtiito tbo »tool is ivtnoved, 

iJ^nving ber T^iii^pt* tided n|>iiii Uolb cUmuvs ; tlirii oao 

^of tb« liai'A — that iiiidrTr tbti Icrftn dlKiw — i» n-iuovinl, 

oiiid tbii tRir Mibjiv-t Htlll ri*(nain?t inoihaili-'HA, hcT i^iilirv 

weight rCHtiii^ tipoii tbe vlbovr af tlie right arni^ vrlik'b 

Ila«xtendiHl out fmrri ibu body, vrlUx iho band thrnivii 
paslly uFid praeefnlly ngiiiuAt ibe cheek. Next, ber 
Bgure U pusbed ont froni tbo bnr through rarious 




angle*, tintU nt Inst she recliiKu upon hc-r Mmniro 
leHtil einith, winch is ei*ur«*ly mons tluin on« 
hwh in diimotL^r. TIil* llhiMmt U u li^nLiiirul iini*^ 
and ;utoni«bo9 nil n'bo eoo it. Oco;iii]f)Dally tlie 
or<».ikMig "f the ftt«*ol joints nntler tlnn elbow i^ liciird 
out in ihc itmiitiiK-**, *' pivin^ »way " Iho feat, for llio 
ActuEil fitct iM thiit tlin yt^uii^ Itidy U iii>t in :l nitMnicri-io 
coiKlilioii, 1»iit i4 hclJ ill po^iil^tii hy 3l Mt^^ol armor 
worn iiii(3or lior onstumo, uiili a joint nt itio dl>ow 
Ihnt fit^ into the ui>n^'tit Liiiv» wlicr« u |n>n"i?rrul tVKlem 
of kvom^'ft holds tbo body In Any |)oditi<ni tloflirod, 

HorniflUii's l>ii''l li'iclc i« a Ano oii€, Il4> ooqiv» Ito- 
fore tb^ au<li<rncf? with n livln-j Ivivd in a small <:<^SQ 
heltl Iwtwoen Uoih liniids, niul " Wnn ! T^?a I T'roo I " 
with fi «ud<ioii movcmciil, mid nitliont tuniiii^ awny 
from tlio Aiidionco ^prcail>^ his nrm^, nbon, lo I Ihc bird 
find cngo hnvo dUuTtpoiirod. Tho os|ilnnJiti<m given by 
»i>mo (R Unit the civgo i* wudi* t>f i-nhbcr, whirh, when 
rclontftsd enveloped Ihu bird in ti ttovi of tiuok ulncb 
tluM up tb(* itnLj^ii^mn'ii fik^cvc 

Nearly every youn^ mun in tJie Iiind vrho bnt^ r^ccn 
IV mjiia'knui mi tliG al»;rr>, ^V1II|U to mridfiM- lTi« bla'h 
ftrl. It ia very eti^y for liiro to do tto. All Im nnds 
IS II jfiont dortl of wlmt 16 vulgjnly knoini n# " di«ek/' 
and toMind in theatrical *lung, " ;r^lii" u (juii'k ejo» 
and €^;nc iind rnpidily of movement in buniilih^niiiclca. 
The fin^t tiling (a be lenrnrd i^ the iirt of*' palniliig " — 
concciiling nnndl ohjoc-t.< iu Die pnlin of the knid* 
Coin$, luilh, luindkerdiief:*, etc.. ure biddt'n in lhi« 
wjiy, being h^'Id in tbn ojnni bund by tb^- pivtiMiro »f 
tlie (IcMiy [irnr uf tlni thumb. In ibltt wav the hhnwer 
ofeoin iind iinLny liko trick-H iire dmie. When Ihe art 
nf " jmliniLi-^** ir4 nndi.rr»tood, mpidiLy trf nnivemcriil in 
tba nt^Kt thing, und then otiniu'tho iimubuuicid and 
other tneks. 


Tlt^ ]»l.\rK AR1. 

Only tlic oM-sdinol magicUua — ibo (akm — reUi 
Iho iirc-catiu«; trick hi tLeir mitoi'tniuBionttf. An 
•cliool-ljoy can do it iiuw, ss ih^ propnrutiou for it i» 
Yciy fiinplf^' By anointtiij' iho tougtic witfi lii]ui<l 
stonix.n rvtUIiiX jxAcr nuiy Ik? lirkcil t-nnKorcoftlrt tiikcii 
from tlio lin^ may W [iW^il iijion tUc ton^^io Juid It? 
Uiem unlil they biHtmit' M»tk. Ti* wiiy ptitroii wW 
hud tin ai>|)(-li1u fm' fLtincn. or ttiv ivhom riv<>-c«Dt 
"BrUUkoy ia U'*t JJery €noii;;fa. ^ tiuil of tlii^ trick will b« 
gr/itifyin^. Am) «hi>iil'l tltvic he a dcAiic to iiTilk or 
firo or IM1 ix'il-bot imit, \vi the a^ptriiig »;iUii]^uiiJcr 
lake hi\\i nn tmnc^c i>r o.imphor, ih^^olvo it in i\r^* ouncM 
of 0i|tiL% TitA;, iLild to It Olio ounce fif <|m(;k»ilvoi't nuo 
ixjnc^ «riiijiij<l r^lcimx. wIiiH] h lhc<Irci|jji]i]<r<ormyri'Ji, 
ami ItriTvrnL-* th« r-Lun(«lifir fiiitii firing; liikc nUii Iwn 
ounon« oDirmutiK. wliic^h in nul ntoiic. to he hiul iit iho 
<lni^'gislV, Li'T. tlii'iii hj'iil it hi u [nnviliT m lln'ir 
gn-al TimrUir, I'nr twiiig vi'ry hnrd il niiiiKit wiill hu ru- 
duci'il lit a HriLiill oin^ ; jidJ tliiH Id the intrroilirntH ul* 
rejuly K|h-4'il1r<K iirul xtlmii llm wnlkiiig ist Ui hn i]nim 
anoMit iluj fi-Tl wlili the pn^iniritiltiii, wli<-ii tho irirk 
iDiiy 1fi< :iL'L7)in[0iHhrfl without ihii Hll^^htt^^l duugLn', 

iriiiiylnxly iTobii'Cfi to lie L'hii^^tly in lim trickc'ry, he- 
TOiiy <'>it ^ innn\ Urni}.n\T ntul put ft In a ]»l!ilk*r ;i \nr<l 
fW>m lii« hoclv. This is dimn hv cousins a bfiJtnl, u 
Hnth,niiii n jiliiHi^rtcthit |)iir|inM<ly tiuiilr Willi )ir)1(>« ittl 
pru-li In fit 11 !iny'« lU'i-k. Thn IkkihI niitsl. I«* piiuh* r* 
t;T» |>huil;«, Iho h>nger ruul hftiuilcr iht- hnlT<*r'; iUi^va 
miiKl lio ti->fl vriUiiii liiiiriiynrd of thir l^ixI or^jii-h plmik 
luilfn hr>h-, ll]:a h^th llii> iibiik^i hdhg jmh t{)g<*thf-r, 
thtsix- uiiiy iviniiln t^vo h**\vi lltco ihrxe in a fjuir r>f 
•t4)pk&, TlK*i>e muBt bo nui^v, liUevtlio, ii bulo hi llio 
oloih ; ft platlor hflving » liolo of the snm^ sizo iu tlio 
itt'xlOle, arifl biitfriff (k pTci^c t^l!<<n oiii iit on« siilc Ibe 
JQ29 of (be tK*ek, r<o tJiAl lie niny pWe bi'^ lK-n<l 



aboroi must be Bet direotlj over Jt) then the bo; 
ettting or kneeling under tbe board xnuat let the head 
onl; remain upon the board iu the frjime* To make 
the Bight mora dreadful, put a little brimstdne into a 
chafing-dish of cojils, and set it before the head of the 
boy, who must gasp two or thrue times that the smoke 
niuy etiter hia nostrils aud mouth, and tbe head pres^ 
ontly will appear stark dead, aud If a little blood be 
sprinkled on his face, the sight will appear more 
dreadful. This is commonly practised with boys ui- 
stnicted for that purpose. At the other eud of the 
table, where the <ithcr hole is made, another boy of the 
same size :is the first boy mnat ho phiccd, his body on 
the table and his head through the hole in the table, 
at the opposite end to where the head is which is ex- 


TIIK IMJlA:if |l|l\-A.*tl><ll4MCKT TftlCK. 

Tho fmliikn bf>x-iiiiU-l>ii*kcttrU'Vwas for n lon|^ time 
ft myHlory tvcw among in»^ichin», nnd row it pussier 
astute jio«|>Ie U> uiukr^t/mrl hn\f tlie youn;; iiuui or 
young womiin who bas brcii tbJ in a sat*k auU pluoail 
under lock ami k^y \\\ a vicU^if biiakH on lop of a box 
ii(>t ouly locked aud sonlcd but tied iii all diKfctious 
with sloiit rope, <rftu pot out of the sack and basket 
ntui intf) the )>ox witliiii very few minulc*. In 137<* 
Riirinim paid £1*00(1 itt & Loutiou trick^ttcr for tbe 0ci* 
cull(?4i myj^trrv. Tbi* ex(r:w»riJmni'y fciit wbicb puK* 
xlc<i Ihe knowing oaca for tio Umga tunc wiu r?£pklnc<l 
to ine nuc« hy u niagiciiviit and will be fnuml tuy aimplo 
a» to a«loaiah tbonc wbo read the eisplaimlion. 

Tbo Dia^eian bi^gnis by annoaticu];; Ibe trick ; he 

Hicn Uriu^* on 
iLtcAlagc a large 
noodoa hax-]ikc 
tjuiik { Fij^'. 1 ) 
wiib IiLn<^s and 
hnsp.^ on il. A 
rornmibtoe is 
gffnci-nUy called from Uie nij(Ikifi:<* to «xttDiii>o 
the box lo see llint thciX' ia no dri<<>plinu tii tin 
apfiniient Alotilui?«e. They kok it uvfr ;in<! ovi-r and 
di*-coVi-r nr>lhin^. Tliry tlipn luck tliu box. ri;t;uLi Uiu 
key>i, and'trip nplhe ki'y-bo1i.*s willi M-;iUn^-\>ax- The 
roniEiiilti'ci idxo, flinrd llic ftbunts of ibe audience to 




"tie it up ti£:bt/' wiud ropo around tbc box in all di- 
roctions, makinj^ inntimcn^liLe knt>U mid u»iny every 
dfibrt to fcciiro Ihe Jkjx firmlv. Thfii nn t<*p of I ho 
box is pl^K>od a board uiiout us widi; 119 the lid of Die 
Lk>x, null Oil tliv oppo^iii! (<iid4 oT which nrc heavy 

plute dUploe. 


■^T?^^ ' — -^ nf^f^iFtiml now 

Mq)9 to the foot-Ii^liu and ia introduced to tlii> crowj 
hCfc or she, ia to a*loiii*h. A eack i» Kron^lit forwflrd* 
Lhn iLSfliAt'Uiit liglitly mounts t* the lioiird rm t^^p ol' tim 
box, geU into thfl purk, wUbin which there ift jfcitcmliy 
a dtool, fto thnifc the pcri^nn in^ido mi\y »it down. Tho 
nia^dan hi'^iufl In lie u]i lh»" sdnk ; he? {Tiithcra the lop 
ofit hi hid h^iidb, uud in the ino;nir,inio the itMti^tant 
thinjAts ttiruiijh th« o^icuhi^ aiTiirttnii of atiothor »acki 
v^nt\ with hl^ hutnU nviT hi4 hi-ud huliU hi |>1;ico tho 
gathered ctid of the satlc in which h« i* toiK«uled 
wKilc the inj;igiriAn ties a n^i« jimund Ihc ful»o cud. 
Tho li(i.-<krt i» [| 
hi)ch, coniind- 
bhjipud wickrriir* 
fmr, vtilhiilteiivy 
ring Eironnd it^ 
juquUj and hm 
largo »bi|>h*'' it 
oppontto sidi'ict. 
(Fig. a.) AMn'n 

t hi) luihkl*!. M 

jihitvd *>v(*r lh« 


jilti4 Ut iiA rill 

fll oxawtly over 

t h 04C Oil ih^ >V J 

bound ahovfl the box; pndlorki^ nro pH»««d thmngb 



tbo •CEt|]1«* itnd lockod, tl» €ommttlo« hold tl 
kej, iiikI Boaling-vais i« tgain ^plifld to cbo ko; 
bolo. Tho tHck !s nov roiuir, tbo mftfl^diita drn^ 
a iLcn>on iLcrotA* to hide tho box and lT«jilc^t Trotn the 
ftudicnoo, uiid tiaUTillv irilhtn t^vo ininiili?)! th» ki^duI \b 
jfivon Umt thu fuut Ua* \k^im\ uc'coinpliKlivd. Som<*1liuc« 
tbia aijETnul i» a f»atol abut ( nL other titiiCiS a nlilMlo. 
Tho eereen U thrown aeide. tto afials on the l«cka arc 
iinlirokeD i ovcrvttiirL^ le in cxiK'U/ tb« po^itiou in wbicb 
iho eomniitloo left it, Iho ro])€« i^matn («cm-c1y tied) 
•o«m undiAturlxrd, and on oj^oninf; tlio box, wliio^ » 
rtill itout nml iinint^ent-lookiij? an c^cr, the a^si.^taut 
tumlflcea out ATuJ thti trirk oomcj^ to nn ctid nmid the 
ivild |>laudil5 of UiO nutlioiicu and an Dcotttnonal unoom^ 
{iliiTK'Ultiry liuot At the comipiUecmcn. ^M 

How ia it di^n*>? Xbo aimpk-loukinj^ i-ontrlraiao^^ 
that fornix tho f lundfllion of llio nijr*l*ry ia uotbmg 
moro or Ics* thnn ft trick -box. Along Iho edges of 
fniMt, btick mid cud* An> fju^lOTird .-<toijt iMttcn:^ m 
bo Bccn in the cuL 'J'ficnc Itottcn^ nro *rrc«r4id to 
binii'd-i whloh fonn tliu U|)|)cr |iart »f tb« bos. Tbo 
lowLH' bojinla at front mid Imck uiiil both ciida an,* nim*- 
pljr obdiii^ imricrU. Tbe pnrte of tbenC puicU which 
coiuo directly Ix^hind the hLittciis aru filled with jroi 
jiUtea pierced with holes of tho !^haj>o to be seen In 
Fig, 4. The ftcrowjs on tho lower 
jKirldof the butlcn nn^ dummm 
^thnt if^, they go only partly 
ihr;>iigh t1i« hutten», iind do 
not n?n<?h th<" ^xmeU* On th<i ^ 
■Jin«r >ide« of tbi^ iKiUtHia ure iron |»latejt, riii?!i uirry-^H 
m^ a Miid>Mi iTuL nhi-ii thi^ jieiHh <if ihe imtud jihilcM^^ 
markinl A roini; diix'clly ii|)jM>?ito the t^tuds uf lliti bat^ 
tAii», ilia piimd, if preMwd »r pushed, will fall nvsk 
ilbo httx ; but if tile bXudu Im ])redHed ibnmgh A, a,i 





THE iKPCA^ nox-Ayi>-nAeKET Tnics. 


tbO |)Aild5 «horod iiloii^ »o that tho ahnnkfl of the #Uids 
alido through t!l<^ slntted p^vm. If* the |miicl# will be 
locked accurvly. Ttic uiki^u^pioJotis nit^hole« you ih:« 
111 llic pftueh nre there f>rr » piirpniw ; tho performer 
iisea iXwva to give liim a purt;ha«\ ito thnt cither with 
bta fiugors or hy m<^au't of n smnll iit>n rod ho majr 
ttlidti tlic paneh bnckwiird t>r tbrwiird. 

Thero is nnothcr piece of trkkcry ia tho con^truo- 
tion r>f thc!>ojtnl 1h:it rftat;* (in tl" \urx uiitl iipo<i which 
tholiii^krt ij»pl,iccil- Tli*4)hit*T*lJn»li.'«nro'*crn[>Uo<l;'' 
ihftt h, the Htfii^Urn me nut of ii piiwo with tho phiteftf 
Iml nn? Hi-piini1i- ; tht'v :uv inmlr wtlh ii Hluinlih-r, mid 
cjii &;iitU oI thi? <nuU which liL ti^dtll v inlu hoh\t tlirniigh 
thci ptuLtw, Uien.^ is uii (ivu1-ithu^»i-i] hoir, iif> hhnuu in 
FTg.G. lufiicle lh<* hoard la-e two 
douMe bnlt4 whu-h ynHH xhrnni^]* 
these hull?** itrtd ki?qi thr 8tu|*k»H 
In |)lfU-e. Ttif tinrflfwi itiidpfthi^ 
basket piuucM Ti ih'iii xit^d hhidr^ 
bdtwoeti XUvi ^H^iunt* uiid fitches 
back the bolu ut ai»c«iid. U'- 
then ll(l5 the hrmkrt, untl wUh il 
the KtJip1«f. Olii'o oiLt^idc thi- 
1ta«kct he rc^phicT^ It :ig:i:iut tlio 
etnplo in tho [^IniiT, pmhc^x it >'**-*- 

down, il4 rounded vxmU nrtin^ liko wed^retc to 
piJt»hi|]g the hn]{* hnck, wtn<li r.nne ro^thcr [ijruin 
throu^rh llm ovnl hol«ii of ihu HtnpTo, loL-kin;;; it 
liniily 1" the V>nrd ii^iitr AIT ihiit 'n>)niiiiiN to !>« 
dono, thi-r, \» lo Hlidn the ]>tuiid of iho Uix, ])ii»h it 
ill, cii't'p 1hnni;rh the elo^ly woven ropoi iiiid iimd^t 
the hoK, pMl the puiiel liiK^k )u it« plrtt'e niid the trick 
is at ATI encl,^ 

Ocean ii>iin1)y n performer dc^e^ not iind it a** enity to 
do this trick AH it rc«d« hero, IJo nmy somctanes got 

4W Tan JVDiAsr hox-axd-basket taick. 

atook in the tjukf^t* »r may Sad %l lEHpoAaibk to get 
into tbo ly>x. Tbe Nick » DotroiibU to him ttl Mt 
for he ie never rojilly tie<l m tltc ^.-ickt — all b« ba4 to 
do i» to oravrl out of il. Orat^mbiu I iU'mk il Hra«, 
whilp c'xhif'ilin;; llie [Lulbtii box-lru-k iii CIimm-io iit the 
Advlplii Thiiiirv, in 1474, iiK-t niih mi iu'i'hIciiL ibol 
wi tbc ImuM^ ill lui u[)roar, and cainn ii4*»r iinwiinlA 
In^ a |>[mic. lUi* tv^intniii, wbo bail MioceeilciJ lu ge 
titig out of tbc bi^kct. nnap]}(Ml in two a aiiinjl ituu i 
bo uveii fiir sliding tlio |mi)c1, iiixJ iWprte m Imt^ aiiid 
deAjivrate elFort cuuld lu^l f^arcrnd in o|H<tiing the tmx. 
Alt be cuubl <li> ir>u to ooniti fixnii Utbrnd llnr wrvrti, 
walk lo ibt' foi>L-li-.'bU and btrg tn Ut pxiru-ipd. An , 
expc^rl n>jie*tiLT had utM-urtrd tbif Inix, as out? iif thv^H 
coniiiiiUi.<e c;Lried upon In dn nn, uni] tliv Hiidlriict* rred> ■ 
itia^ llid ei|iort wIlli Ihu fdlaie of tlir< tE-ji-k, crk^il 
fraudp and grrm grvaCly eictt«d. Tlivy would lUl^n 
to no pxpUiiiitum uiUit Lroit:iid (tTovi>i', tbt^n m:inag«^r 
ofilie Adelfilii, onmi? rorvr:Lrd snd prrwmpd rli:it. iho 
trick would l>e pt^Hbrnioil btf^r in llio ovptiing, and 
that, U\ OiO mirntilimp, ilw \h^x Jttiotild iTrniiiii in full 
«tgbt of iUr. AXHl'ivnae, bolb d^ ivbit'U pr[>mi«t*H wt^ro^^ 
iklthrully ki*|>i. 

As k alnuya takes wrmio lime to do thl« trick, llio 
fimgicbiti brH iiiiriie kliid of ft ** ^lioflf .4torr ** dxt^d ^ip 
to «iit«rLaiH 1ii>i Euidi(>nc«, An oM ox-ooajiiror, ivntiii;; 
in tScribnrr's MonMy M\ Ihw Ku}]jo<M,g'ivc llio follow- 
ing talkk i;i~ith n'htvli he* tuitill^ divi^rrrd bi« p:itn>na 
while iiii aKKi«iimt w:i» )^*Utii^ into llio I'cjx: — 

"And apropoA of K]Mrili4aIi>in," I vroubt »ay, '* I 
irillt TvlthyAur periiilHHif>u, rolalQ tbo advonluro of a 
«orvant girl at n spiritual sconco. Mi«^ Honora Muiv 
'phyi a y<MJii^ fcnuil« enjragod in ib^ booorable and 
l»niU«vortliy occupation of frojiend bou««work iti^nly 
to diAiiol mnuit not boarlTifi; in sotuo timo from tli^ 

TUK IHTy\XS RO:C-Ayl>-]lA^KRT TltlCK. 


r 'b'jr ftt home' to wliom nhc Trfw cngJigcd to h<i 
' mnrritl,' wii* iiilvj-tcrl W th*^ ' gpnl next J^ons ' 
to c^Uffiilt lUr? »])iriU- Mi»» Murpliy olijucLoJ iil lirat 
OH the gmudd thxt alii^ b;id UkiJu bor ' Fattier 
Miiti^hcw ^vi*iiletiLi year afore la !i«r purUh diurcfi 
;it liDim^ at^ iiivtii' (Iruiilc epL'cntjf/ hut finally coii- 
i-]u<i(-i[ Ur t'ltUuvv (lie aJvicu. Tlio result I Anil give 
you M tlt'tntloi] hy hor to her friond ;" — 

"How korn I l*ythci hWk eye? Well, di'iiir, TMl 
toll yci'. Aftber wb:it ycr wur tellin' me. I iiiver 
diMetl tiin <Tye:«. Tbonixt iiLtrnii:* I Jiat Ma^iullaniik- 
hiin. Oic' ti|j-fiiaii'H ^»?it1, w1km-« w:i* liiTudf. ' lu hei' 
bouOotiiv.' fe^rx M;Lg;^;u, iuf lip 1 prc*LS to h^r, 

'"WIiaL'ft wiiiitiu". 'Nora?' «c& «he. 

" * Tve ji»st hwerd it?* how iiio niiiixin'af vcry^iok,' 
p;pK It ' an' Pin lluit fivltiri', I iiniV gri irn* itc« Iit^r,' 

•* Kilti'f fur v*'i" ttrr go Ilt yrr wurritk/ M'X *bc, 
lookiii* iTii^'biy i*niss, nn' tihe tlif^ hizy bulka at* itivor 
[lorn It Itini ffiHii riiiiniiit' till iiif^ht. 

■' ■ WV'll, ib'iir, I lihirr litki.v* 0JU4 from anny av 'em, 
ao I up« an' touUt biT, * SuTva tantc nv wurk 1*11 i\o 
lito liny, «»' itv yi^r don't lik<? il, yer iviti fin' nomo iT^m 
olsff/ 1111* ] l1r»iini-,iHl im^^^il' out Jiv thiT lioodijiiri?/ ' 

■■ UVU, T wiut Li) tni'. njimi Lit dni^iA mi^Mial,* aii* wbin 
I pit »ii inc MiLh^shbiii nark, I UiaiigUt av mn jtniir 
oitUi rttntbt<r — imiy ibe hiviiis he her lieil I — couhl 
inilv ve4^ aii^ bnw kilt >ih<'M 1)l> tot^ii'uly- tVhin I wus 
iln-vifod I vrhit Oowa-»tnlr«, ua' out tint froat doore, 
air r tL^ll yer / nhtrnmrit if ip^U ifitr iti^. 

" W(<ll, Hici djv^'ir, whin I giit tM- tbti nmjumNt a hig 
chap wid long liAtr and it liaini tik^? a hilly-goat k^jm 
iuh»r UiL' ivjour Svr. tn- : — 

•* ' Du y«r wan: ^> v«u i Jio lUHJuui ? ' 

•» 'I do,' seal. 

•* ' Two do1lni>/ sez ho. 


TIIK 1?«]>!AS ]klX*AND-a.\filCt:r TBtCK. 

" 'For whiil.?'«iy» L 

" ' For tho ^ayiiiiu,' o4!x lie- 

"* Fiiix. Wa no attiitft I vraitt U* »fle,' m-r I, * hut 
Luke CoiTi^im'A own wtilf/ Well, lu© Jear, will Lluit 
tic per A Iaaj_'li yu'ii ibuik *d rijs th© roof- 

" ■ J» In* yvr bmhiiiC 7 ' wz be. 

" ' It'll inightv 'nul^ilivi^ yp »n?,' xjt I. ■ lait hc'ii 
not HUT liti«1mn\ uv ri-r nniit tcr know, hut I iyaiiL ttii- 
lani AV it'tt a]lv» i)i'tlc;;>il liu i^-^, vrUidi Ukt LuixL fi}i1>i<I !^ 

" ' Vi?r jlat. in lh<? iiK-ik vr IriiJ*/ s^'X lift. 

"'Fuix.Ouia Nick's heri; all ttm Utii«. Fin tUiiikiii', 
fr^ni what I Ileal,' ao/ I, 

** Weill tor makG a loti;r aLory sbortt I ]>ed ni*^ two 
(tollaTA, 111/ wiitt iiita »iit>th«r mollis an' if ye'd giX'x 
from now till AiMlirr, ye<\ novor Uimk wluit tlw 
tii:^iim v/nsM A* V\n ^iniuViw' horpj "Iwii* i*oM»ji' frnr* 
a ufamnn' 1 wu^ thiLl. Iii'l. I vrn* n'moAt, KimHiiTl^Ai. 

<* * Hit sjlUmI, riiULliitii,* si'ifi xhi% ji'itlin' Ui n ('hai^i 
nn' [ jkhhI lit W4ti?>t tliciL tJir wrui » \c*ry Ahiipi*rti>r itiirt 
(J* jK!i'riUM. • B« ftuUitl,' MT/, ftln^ ' ViT imj?v' jin« tlio 

" ' Fiik, Fll ate a tlirUnglo. ay yet wish/ 80£ I, 

" * li'r rnii^' !>** v^ny (|iiiti%' mtz &Iih, Ah* ao I sot 
ilu^ii avloii^r a lot at' otliur folk>f at a LuMe. 

** ■ Fiml, I'll nm^ n Ijim,* Knc l.lio mAJiim, «nii* thin 
llu all yt'en jint- lit^ ilioriin.' 

o ■ Y^.f ujus^ axctiftt! mvt tnu'am.' m^. ]. * I iiiver 
cniikl HUig, Wl ivt1t«r limn aptle tUv UirurHUun 1/ the 
(.-oiniiany, av nay win'll whUUo, I'll d^nrro n8 |>tirL^' u 
jjj^ RM jbMI flc*o fi'oni lioce lo i)iil'tmvlnr<, tliunjjli il'tt 

" Two young whlpper-6iiH|>pcir« begin tor lnu^'li, Sut 
tbi* bik 1 ppvViii A'Mtn "bnt **^ni n|i 

<* JUt lUcu, dm big cliHji lis bad mo liirn dollai-^ krni 


into tbc nxiin uu' tani^d ilnnn tbo lights \ in ^ miiitt 
intLJurn, >hlk'kiu' her f:K^ driKp to mo owit, wfj]>i|wrri ; 

■• • Tlio spoTritfi i* nlioijt — ( Icni IV^l 'em ! ' 

M 4 Thruo for jx)ii, ma'nm/ m»e 1, * for 1 kin tftuull 

■-^Uuiifi, t]i« iii/fiiotL<iij U uri luo,' M'X ll)0 uijLJiliii. 
* I km 8C0 th«i lioiL uii' tlio litjul> lyiii;; Uo^vii tc>i;vt]Hfr<* 

■* * XU^^<iTTi\\ It'H liko A will! Wjial«<^ 8liow,' sex I. 

"*\Viil yov Uo quit«^' wz tin ouKI rbjip n"x' tor 
mo, ■ J h^i' n qito^tioii to ux. 

'•*Ax jcp qucjition,' sny 1, ' jin' Jll ftx miitv. I 
lic<l IPC two dolItiiP, im* nj not. Ik^ init il«wii.' 

" * PluKC bo qiiito,' M'3: tliv iitJijurti, * or Iki; itpirmU 

^^ " Ji^t Uk'h kojii El ru|> on llic' iMv, 

^B "'UUua tbv ajxiTJt of Ltiko Cmri^^uti ? si^^ iLo 

^■^ ** * It h not,' «C2 It * for ho coulil bate nny boy In 
^'KiUmUyoivcii, nil' if his fi»t hit tbut taMo 'twonW 
kiX'L'k it to AiiiitbcrconA/ 

^(' • WbUt? ' sGK the umjiiiii t ' it'a Jobu'it BuiiiotiM.' 
" 'Ax Uhii *boitt hijL jn'o^i'i-*"!* ^^ J^ wotniiii wid ji 
c Uke :i boivl of ftilrabmil. 
'''Ah. butboisliiu ! ' e«2 1. * I>€i Johti'^ bnmon« 
fti"Ttc ntii) driu;; Luke Corri;;aii to ihu forf/ 

"'IlUhl* irhi»|>cni tbo miijui" < ' I fcol a spemt 
iiiiro inc.* 
^Kr «■ ' Feet nv )t kna n trart on its uom/ eex K * for bo 
^^Ukub tokt'ii yv'll kiufw jt\<t l>iik<r.* 
^H " ' Thu iQomoiLt is riuHpiijcju^T' wiji tbo IDitjUlll* 
^H "' I bopoycr Jcki'L wiitiL tti iidpei^gi! tno cliJinicier/ 

^^ " ' \Vbi^t 1 * ae/. *iie ; ■ llio aporrlut ia <tn»jpin.' 
^B "'It's lii-op^jiii* jrer niune,' Mfz 1, i^ckin* ii|t n 


" ' Put that woman out,' sez an ouki tihap, 
** * Who do yecuUa woman?' sez I. *Layu finger 
on me, an* VW acrJLtch a map of the County Clare on 

ycl" ugly phiz,' 

" ' Put her out 1 ' * Put her out 1 ' sez two or three 
others, Jiu' tbey nieU a lep for me. But, holy rocket 1 
I was up in a minute. 

'* 'Bring an j'er fightin* sperrita,' I cried, "from 
Julua Sanar to Tim Macoule, an' 1*11 bate 'em all fnr the 
glory itv ouKl Ireland 1 * 

" The hig chnp us hnd me money kern behin' me^an' 
put his elbow in me eye ; but me jewel, I tassed blm 
over as if he bin u feather, an' the money rowled out 
hi?^ pocket. Wid n cry av * Faugb-si-ballah I ' I gral>- 
bed six dollars, runued ont av tbc doore, an' I'll never 
put Alt iu the house ag'in. An' that's how I kem be 
the eye." 

A story like this givca the ma^iciati's assistant plenty 
of time to work the trick. Sometimes a magician 
whose confidence in his assistant is not strong, or 
whose paraphernalia is limited, will have only the box, 
and will satisfy himself with merely "tying" his as- 
sistant in a sack on top of the box. This way the 
trick is surer and a great deal easier thau when the 
basket is used. 



All wlirt luve boAi'd l'i'(fr Kcniiftly or Val V<i8e 
with their funny littlo fibres linvo wondered how they 
iiiaDngc<I to pra<liic« viiitih nn ctfi^ct upon tbcir au- 
dience — to coiuplclcly delude them into the belief 
thut tho jtpccoh came from tho moving li[M c>f Hm lit* 
tic wooden li(iji(1-4 Mi*\ not from the cloMrd and mullon* 
lc9« liihiidn of tlio vuntrJloiLubU. Hotb gentlem<*ti are 
tljorongEdy fainiliur with lliBir art, and the entertain- 
ment they give may lie taknu as a tamplo of the poa- 
Aibilitios of venliiloquisin. The history of the art goes 
back to Bihlieal time*, but nnt unlrl tho cightrcoth cen- 
tury hiivc wo anecdotes of the rcniaikublcpeHbrinonccJi 
of moil ciidowcd with the gift. The oarlictft noti<^e of 
thfir illiiT^tnitt :k-i rHrrieil out in modvtrn limen, li/ijt n-fer* 
rm-r to Loiii* Hralmnt rmlet dechtMintfrt Ui FrsincU T- 
Havhjg bei^r nrjin-U'd by the parents of a rich lii?ii'ft*4 
lie wifihed to vvoj, he wmtcd until ihc father vtha dead ; 
then lie viHtod Ihe widow, whom ho caused to L^ar 
the voice of ber hii^^hiiud corniJig from Jihuve coni- 
manJin^ lier to giro their daughter in nutrna^ to 
Loiit'i.tbja h<? (tbe filliei) ml<;hl hrnflh ved from pur- 
gatory. Thr widnw w:ui indy locj gind I.o roinply, 
Now, IjOuU wanU^I a wcNliliiig itortiim, m> liii wifnt to 
on« Coniii^ a rich, mi-ieily^ itiid Mf»urifmri Imnkcir ni. 
LyoiiK, whfiru lie terrilieU iiiU> giving him Utn (htm- 
Aand erowEi^ by the r>1d l.nck of parent and purgatory. 

The work^ of M. !/Ahhp La Chapellp, iasaed 1772^ 



e<Hitam cl<«%ripl]on« cf tto vcmtriloquiiil fi^hievemcnts 
of Jlttrrm M^uircn At Vicmm \ imd thoif^ of M. Su GUk, 
ncT^ir Ptirift, urc i>4|tiji1Ly iiiUiroattiig niul A^UtmitfJnn^. 
Tho formor inj^iTniouftycormtruHvit t\ dnil with movonblo 
lipii, wliidi hv onuld rondily control In' u movi?mvnt of 
tHo liDgnr^ utidor tbo dr«tia; :liiO wiUi thi« autornnlon 
ho wati u<Tt<u^tomi*<l t4> bold liurnoroua mid tatlrWl di«- 
Ifk^vit'H. Hi* AHi-riljird proHcioLivy in brs juI to xUn fro* 
qticitt j-m1i1ii-utinn of a propon^lty f»r coiitilei-fuitiiig 
tho erio* of the lowor ntiitnitli;. nnd Ihc voioca of |>or^ 
iorw wilh wboin ho wrt* in contact. 

Lu Ch»p<d]i>, hrivinj^ hcsicd many fltiqiri^in^ circuitt- 
ntancua reUt^^d ccmocn'uiii}; ouo M. Si, Gillv, a gnKicr- 
ut f>b. GurmiiiiiCTi'Layc, ii«ar l^ii^, wbrL-H> |>ow4*r« ai a 
veiitHtoquUt had givL^ii nt^oadiu^) lu nmiiy sitigiiUr Anil 
(livcrtin;i; oeeivira, furmcul ibo ru^tjlulinu nf toeing bira, 
B«liige«ttU-d wiEli bitti on Ull* i>[i[>o^iu* ftlikwjf » Hirr, in it 
pai-lor on tlic j^'round Hmn-, Mud very iiltcnlTVi^ly nlisfirv- 
\ug Jibii, tbe Ablii*, ^or hulf an bour'a <oj]vcro«ti<>ii 
with M> Si, (iilli', bcurd himself adkd, en ii auddrn. 
by iifl name and title, in a voko tiiat ftrcmod lo coine^ 
from tbc ixfcif of ft hnuflo at a di^mico ; nnd whiUl he 
van puintia;; to the liounc from which tbo Totc« bati 
appeared to btni to prooccJ, be was yd more eurpnaed 
&l lL(?an[ig 1h<7 wciril:*, " it iviw not rtxtnithut qoiirlci," 
nppurcutiy m the »iunci kind of voice n-i Wforc, btii 
irhich oow EWfEiioJ lo iHHUf^ from iiiid<>r tli« dirtli At' 
onr of the coriiiTfl of tho nxint^ In ttboil, ihici fio>, 
titicMUi voice pUycd, uci il were, L-v«rr»bore about hiiUt 
mid MuiiieJ to pmocvd froto any quai-tcr or <H?iaiLi'« 
from which tbo oj)crator choso to Crunsiuil it to bim. 
To Uiti AhU^thou^'hcoikM:ion4 thaltJic voioe pvoccadcd 
from the tnoulli of M. Sl Gillc. be iippearad Ah«(i 
lulely muto nbilo ho waA rxcrci«jiig bin tcileiil ; tior' 
vouW any chnn*;^ in hiJt comdenant'o Iw diM-ovvrvd, 




But ho obaorvctl that M. St. Gille ptrcecatcd only the 
|>rofilo of lis face to bitu whil*^ ho was siic»kiag uj? u 

On another occasion, M. St. Oillc flOUghttW shelter 
from & vtomi iu a neighboring convent ; antl tindiug 
the comiuiniity in niouming, nnd inquiring the oinpi-, 
he wu» toW that one of their Ijiji^j-, mmh c.-*tc<:inc4 l»y 
them, hndlriLdy (lii^i). E^oincrof tin^ir n-]igi<JUdhri*tht'eii 
attended hirn ti> the church, ucul tihr>win^ him the tomb 
of Iheir disceftsid hniLlier, i^intkc very fvclltigly of the 
scanty honors that had In.'cn huhlowt-d un \\h mcnioiy, 
when ftuddcTiily n voice was liuurd, a{)|>arcittly i:»rocGcd- 
hig from the vnof of iho choir, lumontin^ ihc fitun- 
tmii ()f ihn "kfunct iti purgatfiry, timl i'<?priiathing tbc 
hntthrrhood with their wmit of bubI (jb hi* nccouiit. 
Tlw wIjoI« mrnniniiil.y b^hi;^ iiftcrwiirda cifnvnied hi 
lljtj chuix'h, llju v"((i« fnui) lliu njof rvjwwL'd ifa Ui- 
nietitaltoiis and rvpEtwuhL's, and the whide ciinveul Ml 
OH thuir faces, and vowed a frolvnm ruparitioii, Ac- 
cordingly, tlivy lh'*t phttulpd a I>r prttfundU in full 
dmir; during tho intii^rraU of which tliT gljo»L nccii- 
Fioniilly 4«itj>ri-M»ed thu comfort lif* n-ri'lTi'tl frifm tlieir 
[IIOU4 fxi<rL-i?»eH /iiid i-j»("uhitloiifl hi liia hohidf. The 
prior, wh<"n thin r^li^ioiia 6i-rvjre wub idUL-liiUcdt nu- 
lered hilo a striou* <.onverpi»tioii vitU M. St, Qillw, 
and InveF^hcitl ngainst lh« inerednliiy of our ntodi-rn 
iiceptLc« art<l prelcinkMl plkilo«ophv>r4 on the artido of 
gfao«t« and :q>p!iritinn>( : attd St. Oilln fonad it dilHeiilt 
lo rnnvin<'<t 1h« fallif^r^* eIieH f hi^ wholr yika a drniptlon ^ 

M. AWatiJiv, thi' nol.rd vi'ri|ril'H]nij(t, hTid an rxtra- 
ordinary lacrility hi cc»unt<Trfistiiig the fitc^oit of iilhcr 
|)^op1<^. At Ahh<ii?iford, duiing n visit there, he aciu* 
ally nut to II iculptor iive limea la thv> ch[Lrru.-1i-r of n 
noted idergyniftMp witli vtIujso xvhX fi-viiurea th<* sculp- 
tor wa» well arqaftiated. When the sUtlngs w(?re 



c1c»(T() atnl tho bu»i mtHJiOlrd, the miinii^ oittt att bin 
wig and anHumed dnrm, utiil iipjicared wilti lii» own 
UAtunil 1^)1111 term net* , lo IIk* Umitv uItiid^L of tW muIji- 
lur. nud to tim jjrtat iuiLLif<emtiEit of t^ir Walter Scott 
and otlera vrljo bad beuii m Ibe secret. 

Of tliU most celijb]';ited veiiiriluquiat it is r^Inted 
that on r>it<T orir^L^ioii Ito wjii^ pnAsing nliing the Strmiil, 
wtivti n Tricod d(,'*irr,*l n njM'cimrii of bU nUilitivJt. Al 
tbis iiiMaiit n bifid of hay w^li jiiiii^iing along ti4*ai' Tctti- 
pbi Bill', vrli(>tj Alcfxaiidrti ndbnj aUctitiun tri Ihu auITi)* 
caiuig iTii-^ uf II fimii bi Lbf* rt'ittn-' uf i\ta bay. A 
crowd ^lbi*i-tiJ rouml and Ht<»|J|fed tho aAtoiutibed 
carter, aiM dL^iiaiided wLy liu wnh ejinyiitg a felbnt* 
creatui'L^ in lii« hay. Tho oompbUiit^^ and cne^ »f tbe 
einothorc^il mau now bcramo painful, aaJ tbere ff«s 
every rea*«» la believe tbut be win dying. Tbe 
crowd, rej:HP<lle*H of the wtoppige \o tbe tnitSo, in* 
i;l£ihtly pHHftrdrd to unload tlir hay hito the sireot. 
Tho iiiiiot.brrc4l I'oicn urirc^l lii<Tiii In itiiikf* hantn; but 
t.hi^ rridbi^ti nf tbi* jH'ojtliT may ]»• Ii)i;i^nii(s1 whrit thu 
tart W[*» i'nn»ty mid nobody wilh fnuiid, wliii« Ab^xtiii* 
(Ira nnd hin friend tralknl oiT lan^bKng at the uncx- 
pe^'ti^'d iH'HultfH of t1u*b- tnrk^ 

Tbe imli^itliial ivbo wiahen to know AnytJiiiig iibaiit 
tills wr>iii]crrul art tnutft learn 1o diiitbigiii^b dUtaiicet, 
and be able, by piviiip the prnjier pitch to the rolcd, to 
mnke it rmch c^xnrtly to the point mdioat^d. He 
muii u\*o know that tliD Attention of tlw Hucfionee 
iibouUl Iwijircctffd either by tbrryoj^or ngvHtijr» oftho- 
hLiiid t" ihii Kpot whoneo the* vou^c in *ii\t\ii-\stn\ 1o iksq^. 
In i>nb'r in cov^Tlbn fojil.iiniM (if tiny moilvni retitrilo- 
quiul oiit^ilaiiiimml, I will heix' givu Ibo nihf« for tboi 
two voicest nrquirod, with an example of tbe dialogutt 
in each case. 


voii:k I, 

The first is the voke in which Freilerlt' JUaccabe 
QXcelW. To iKsquiro this votc^t spenk oiiq word or 
■irttttMicc m your own nniural tonei; thf^n opt^a the 
mouth niKl lijc the jnw* Tiwt, hk though you wcro trying 
to himler anyoiio from ojHTciiii^ thmn ^trth^rr, or shut- 
ting thoiu ; diu^v t\w toiiiruu hick jii u hall ; «|io:Lk th<t 
aiime words, and tho ^oiind, iiistUvul ot hciui; r'»riui?<l in 
the mouth will be forniL^d in the pharynx. Gi-ciut ui- 
tcntion ma^t he paiJ to lioMiug th*j jaws vi(fid. The 
BOimd will then ho found to imitmo a volco hi^ard Uttm 
the otb^r 4>Jdci of n door "ivhoiv it 18 clod^c?d, or unOor & 
floor, or throj£-b a wall. To venlriloqnize with this 
vokc, iL^t Iho opoLVitor stand with his hacic to the audi- 
otiCQ itguin«t a door. Givo n j^cntlo tap at tho door, 
and eiitl nlontj hi u natural voico, inqiiiriugi '* Who m 
th(Tt3?" Thi^i wilMmvo tho (^fft^i*t of dniwingtho al- 
tonlinn of the atidionco to the person mi|i|io$i?H to ho 
outside. Then tJx llio juw an dcscrihcd* and utter in 
voice No. 1 (oxpluincd uhove) any wortU you |)leaj9G| 
such as, " 1 want to oomo in," Ask que^tioiia m tbo 
natural voice and answer in tho other. When you 
hftvo doDO this, open tho door ii little, and hold a oon- 
vcr^ation with tijc inm^iimry person. A* th« door i» 
now open, it ta aWioMa that the V4>ice mnnt he iiUercdi 
for a. vtncii will not sound to the ttu' wh(!n u door in 
open th<i sarniMifl whun Hoaod, Therefori^, Iho voico 
muet he nuide to appear face to fauo. or clo«« to the 
venlriloquiit* To do ihid tho vokq niuat lo nkci'od 
from the i^rigiiml note or pilch, hut he made in an- 
other paii of the moulb. TfiU i« done hy cloAtng tho 
lips tight and drawing one eorncr of ilta mouth down- 
wards, or towards tho e;ir. Thnn let tho lipa ojwn at 
Unit corner only, tho other pait lo ruinuiii doeed. 



Ndxt brcfttbe* la k w«re, Uio worOft oat of the onlicti 
fonnod. Do not ajioak di&(iucU}% but oxpel tbo 
hreath in short puffa jit c^ch word, &iid a« loud na j>os-* 
Eiblo. By »o dotu^ }'oii vrill cjiuso thd illiiFiion in t\w 
wiod 4>t th« liiitorem, ttiut th^y b^r tho wimo voioa 
vliitfb tbciy htnm] u-bcrii t]i<» door wuj« lOomiiJ, but whiHi 
iji now lumM moro (iUtiuLrUy luid nouror, im acctyanlof 
the door botug open. TIais voioc miiMt ulwuya bo naed 
vboii Lbo vcntrilotjui^t wishes it to appcfiir tfoit tho 
touiid conioi from fmmxt 0110 clo^ nt hand, but. thruu^b 
an obdUcIo, The deenrititioii of voice ftud dmlogu*? 
may be varied, oa in the followlu^ i*xuoiplo ; — 


A \fkfgf> box or cloec cupboard ia u*ed indisorlmP 
tinloly, a« it may lio bandy. Tbo student will rap or 
kkkthti box npparanlly by uccidcnt. The voico will 
tbcn utter ti hoftn^c nnd subdued groan, appArcatly 
from the box or closet. 

titudont (pointing to ttiv hoxwithau air of ostouisL- 
meut): Whiit ic* ibut? 

Voi<«: I vrtm'i do «o nuy more, 1 am nciirly dcftd. 

Student: Who arc you? How oamo y<ni Un^ro? 

Voice: I only wanted Ui sod wiml wiu going on. 
Let mn out, do. 

Student : But 1 don't kuovr wbo you &ro. 

Voice: Ob yea, you do. 

Stnd«nt: Whoaroyou? 

Voice; Your old schoolfellow, Tom . Vou 

know me. 

Student: Why, he's in Canatlu, 

Voico (shaqdy): No bo aiuH. he'ti hcrei but bo 



ttadcnt (opening the \'hI)i Porbii|i4 hcS iM^mc 1>/ 

^''oico (not £0 miiffivi1,aH dtJocrilxaU In tlircctiona : 
Now then, give ub rv Imnil, 

Stuciont (closing the lid or dnor sharply): Ko. 1 

Voice (lis before); lUvo pity (Tom, or Jack* or 
Mr. , itA the cjwc mity be), or I sbull be choked. 

Stiidtitit; I don't Iwlicvc you nvo vrhiit you 9H}\ 

Voice : Why don't you k-t me out und £><.'e boPorfi I 
am deiid ? 

Student (opening aud Abutting tbis lid Aiid varying 
the Toice accordingly): D«n'l ! mil yuu. Wboa did 
you leavo Canada? 

Voice; Last week. Obi I am choking. 

Sludcnl: Shall 1 IcI hlntont^ (o^vening the door.) 
There's no one hor«. 


Tlie Hoociud vo\v& 1b tht^ more ea^y to be acquired. 
It Is the I'olce by vrhlcli nil votilrftoquiflts make a sn[>* 
pofied person tipenk from a li>ng diislancp, or rrom, or 
through tho ct^ilin^. fii the first pbicp. wiib your liack 
to tho nudionrw, dirert their nliflntiiMi to the i-ftiling by 
jiointiiigtn it or by lookhiginti'tittyiLl it^ Call loudly, 
and i\f'k <oiD« question, »m iliougb you bt^liovui] Botni^ 
jirrK>u to bv cnn'!4>ali^1 th<'ri». Mtike yonr own voit^i* 
vniy distinct, mid a* n^^ar the lip^ aa ixiasible^ iuiuu] 
^L miK-h n* tliut ^lll liolp lh<j illunioti. Then In oxiiclly 
^^F tlie tinnw toiLo and piuh aiuwct-; biU, Kit crdorthiit the 
r *amo voice may ieem fo proceed from the point indi- 

^^L CAtod, tho worda must be formed at Iho bn^lc pnrt of 
^^F tha roof of thd mouth. To do lbi« tho lovrer jiiw 
1^ must bo drawn bock and held thcro, Ui^ mouth opuu, 

I vbivh will eau^ the palate to bo o1ovmt«d nnd drawn 



nearer to t]i« pharyjix, and the taund will be reAectedi 
in Ihftt cavity, and ii|>pe^r to coukj rrf>iii tbo roof. Too 
mucli att«nUoii LHiinot Im! paiJ to Uic maouor m which 
the bi^ath is UJ^cd lo this voice, Wiieu epeakiDg to 
the sitppoHCfl person, expel the words with a deep,] 
quick breath. 

When aniiwciing in lh<? iniitAtlre manner, the breath 
mnwt be held ha<ik riiid cx|Jellwl rcrj' ^lotvly, and th« 
voice will c^omi; in a ^uhdatMl it»d tiiiit!1(.'d maimer, litlle 
abovo a wbiApcr, hiil tm a» to hi; wtU dJbtiuj^ifthed. 
To cau^ the nuppoaed voice to come nearer by d«* 
greeB, call hmdlv, and say, " 1 wuiit you down bore/' ^M 
or woi^Is to tliait cfff^cU At tbe Kume time maken tno- ^^ 
tion Jowitwards with your hand. Hold some conver- 
«aLE(»n wrtb tht; voicit and euuse it to vAiVt *' I mil 
coming," or " Tlcre I iim," each time indienting ibo 
drritM^iit Willi i\\vt liinid. Wlirii the? vnii^ i-i nu|>pO;K^ 
1(1 ujiproaeh ncuirer, the Hciund tnutil, alt«r, to d^fncite 
the pi'ogrp?*?! of tlin luovtHiiuiit. Therefore let tl« 
voicto al evtry siipposeJ step, ixjII, as it were, by de- 
grees, from the pharynx more into ttte cavity of tbe 
innnlh, rtnd at eiich supposed i^tep, oiitracting the 
ojiening nf llir mniifh^ ntittl tbc lip^t iiro. dr^ivn np ha if 
you wrm whtsitltng. By v<t dniuf^ iho eavity of thn 
moulli will Im x'i'ry inut h t-tilfirgi'-d. TIiSh will emjice 
ibii vm<v tr> liu uhscurudt :tiid !fo ]i|)pi?ar to (.^cme iTeari^r 
by dfgnws. At liie wiine lirUL*, trure must be tLike^i 
not to artirnlate the oousonaut ^ouud^ plainly, as tbat 
would eaiisi! the diai^rr alignment of the bpa and eavlty 
of the month ; ucd in nil imtta^livt? voices ihe conso- 
nanU must scarcely b« articuUtod at all, especially If 
thtt ventriloquist fnces the tiniljonoev Kor exninple : 
suppose Ihe imitative vohe U maih^ to 'iny, **Mlud 
what you are doinij:, y<**i '"«* boy>" it mui*l be spobeii> 
na if it wore nrittuti, *' 'ind 'ot you're doing, you 'ad 



whoy/' ThU lcin*l of aitkujntion niujr ho pmctiHod 
by forming tlit< wor^lii in ihv. phurynx, aik) thou itund- 
iiig th^tn out it( t\w nuJiiLli l>y vtiddeti vxpuUioiis of the 
breatii cloun fVom the lung^ nt ov«ry ward. Thla ii 
TtioKl iifteful in ventrlluquUm, ntid to ]l1i:fitnLt« It vre 
will ttik« tho muEi on tlie roof as an ithist ration, TUU 
ii ail example almost iovambly eiiccoB&ful, and h oon- 
etautly used by skilled professors of the ai*t- Ad Wfl 
baFo before repi^ntedly iiiUniat^d, the ey^s nnd utten- 
tioa of tho nudicucc rouet bo directed to tho i^uppoecd 
spot from whonoo tbo iltusivo voico id supposed to {yro*- 
cccd : — 

Student; Aro you up thcro. Jem? 

Voico: Hallo! who's tbnt? 

fituJent; It's 1 1 Arc you nearly tiiiishcd? 

Voico ; Only thivc more ^lnt<?.1 to put on, imutcr. 

Student: 1 vriint you hci-c. Jem- 

Voice: I nm coming ditvctly. 

Student; Which wiiy, Jtm ? 

Voice ; C>v*;r tlie rouf and duwn thu lrtt|i. ( Voice ib 
ftuppoaod to be inovitig, as th« »tudeat tunib atA poiula 
with hifl finger.) 

8tiid«ut: Wlucbwny? 

Voice (nearer); Through the Irap and ilown tho 

Sludeiit : How \ot\g »ti»U you bi^? 

Voice : Only a f^-.w riihiuti^ T am ixnnmgiiM fiuit lu 
( run. 

T\uy vmcn now appniachuA the dixn-, and U taken up 
liy tli« »aaiu itmvj but prirtluot'il ;ii in tli« first voice* 
• « ■ * ■ 

I bave rootTi to iidd only a fi*w poUplioiiic iniita- 
tloifcs. To imitate tb<3 tormenting bee, tbo titndeut 
must use comuderabl^i pressure on bis ch««t, as if he 
v&s about to givian Huddenly. but Instead ofwhlch, tho 




souitd Diuet ho conlriioc] itnd prcitoii^uU i» tbc tJtiont : 
tbo (jicntor Ihi* pn'Mnntv, tin' hi^hur wlW \t*j Xh** ftiltit 
nolo j>rotlu<?eii, Jind wljioh will pts'lVfUj rovcmltlo Uiy 
biimug of Uio bco or vra»p. Now, to imiUito tlio 
[lu'icziii^ of Ei !>luo1)(>Uli> Ay, it mil be nee«8fl:iry for tbij 
»ound to f>v iim<l(> ^'kh tbo Itp^ instead of the throat i 
thi« b iliiiio by do»inj^ tbo ]ip« Tory tl^bt, oKcopt at 
one eonicr, where a emuU nportui-o is left ; 61L thnt 
cli«ck full of wind, but not tho other* tbcu slowly 
blow or force the wmd corituin^^d ia tho chc<^k out uf 
Uie aperture : iftlihiB done properly, it^l catuo a 
dOimd exactly like tho bii/ziug nf iv bbie^K;1tlc Hy. 

The nr^i^o caused l>v |>hioing aiid ^iivring ijrood cmi 
abo bo hnitated without muoh ditSciilty, and it ccuaca 
n great di^al of umti^cmcTiU Tlu: fttidoiit mu4l, bow- 
ever, bear in mind that every action mnst bo imitated 
as well JM tho noiM^ for the eye A^ai^itfi tc dvlude tiw 
ear. We havL* even »Cfcn vontriloqaists curry tliia oye 
deception ho fiir lu tL> h^tvo a few shavhi^^ to mutter 
M they proceed, and u picco of wood (o f;dl when the 
Hawing ii* eEided. To imitjilo pinning, the «tud«tDt 
mu«tAttmdAt A tiible a little dlstjiittrn frurn the audi- 
encL\ and ap^icar to tnko hold of ;i ijWlo ajtd puhh IL 
forward: tbeeoiind ao of a pliiue is mndit hh lhoii<>li 
you were dwelling on the \i\>i part nfihi- wtii'il hii^A 
divcll upon the ish a tittle, aa /Vr, and lhi*]i clip it ithorti 
1>y eiiualng tbc ton^'uo to cloao with tin* p:ik]t\ (lurn 
over A^fLin. Letter* will not convey tin- |im*Edini' aoiind 
of Miwhig — Jl ma:«t W «tudie4 from ULiUire. 

ciiArxKn xxxm, 

"ox TBH KOAP. 

TlioatricjLl life U fiill onoiigh of hti^ltieHi siift hujctlot 

pv*n whon a comptiiiv i*^ pliO'i^'^ ** l'"*fi CHpi'^-iin'ni in 

■a Urgo city ; Init when " on the roiicl," ti'iivcllicig IWnn 

towTi to tfiwn — playing liere m weckAnU thtr« Awrn^k, 

with ouc-tiii^lit fjUniLs ill Ujv inter vt^iirig "villager/' 

tiiiGtOT* niij mjinn^rs find it no vnvy tiisk torvttdn Ibeir 

lealth nu<l iqiiritfi, mid k<i4?p up with llmir *< ilaf^si " 

aud with »U hut » Utw ov^nnlztiiUms lucutfd nlmost 

lermaiiorilly in New Vitrlt,* Uililitj( from place to 

'placo — a round of auxkly wml ruilnmd i'X|K*ricTUi"es 

thiit In^tfi through forty woeka of each yeiir — mah«H 

up tho euriy, ^loriou'^, and bliseful emi^nce that fo 

many pcDp]i> out^ido of tUo profoaaiou iinnj^o U th4 

unalloyed portion of thoeo who am in it. 

A* much of ihi* business »f b campmiy'M sooson ai 
<>an ht; armn^^cd in N<^w Vorlc dtirin^ tlio ^ainiocr, \i 
Mttondcd to l^ytho m/iiingi^r. Ho tntmia the jirutniucut 
(houlriciil fnann^ra of tlio tiOLintry on ** The S<|Utirfi " 
nixt iuako» (jAto§ uL their ro^pcetive honsca fur bU at- 
IrmTtion, Ucivin^loattcd hiiftuulcii^to tbo largl^cilivd 
bo proc^ode to fill in tlic inturvaU with one or two- 
ni;:ht iitand)! in Hmidlcr [iho^s, and this being done ho 
and bis ciiiiipniiy uro rcftdy to take tlio rond ju*l as 
^on AS tho eooson Wpti^. Tbo coTitriLcta for citic* 
likfl Chicago, Cini^innalj, Louiavilk, N(!n' Orl^uns, and 
St. LouU aro mud o and signed in Kvff York during 


Olt 11IH UOaD. 

thi* summE^r vnojLtion. The others arc couipl^itvd while 
tlie compuny i» on tb« ronil. 

Abeiiii at i>very nttnu'tiQti in a provji ii^rtit, hcrnlilt 
avaLil-couner, in-, asi hi- iK'jfan lo t-uW buuHi'lf two 
years Hgo» a bu^iiicKH uittdogcr, Wlwn lii5 iurnile« a 
towu the lirat ]t\iMc he nmUcH a niflli for ia lb*} mo^t 
iivaikblo 0[)ciu hi^ubc or ti^ill, viitli tlii^ proprietor of 
whkh ho mftkcn n conti-Aot like the folli^wing; — 

Bkllkvillk, llJ 1K^2. I 

TliiK i« to ccrtiJ}" IhJit 1 Uvo roiitcU tho hull (mom 

or thrain?) k[if>wii :ia to tlio Madlaoa 

SqttHfo Thii^LiU'i; Coniimny for iiigbt. .* .* 

Yis f^r Uio aum of, 

dollora l>or ui^ht, vrUob lodud^s licotiGCt &tn^ haniid, 
ii0bors, tkkot-aoUer, «tc. Si*id hall, pitsKi-^o-way, antl 
8tngo to bo well Li<jfIit«Oi aud aUo to bo kept iAeiin und 
well wcirnicd, with Mtvicc* of janitoi- and jtrivilisgo of 
mritinco included. 


!lu^ln£>«H .MnTiagc>r. 

Numerous other coiitnLctfl nie made, — for hiiuliiig 
btggag&i for <^nrriiige» juid i>miiibnH, for ot'cthcAtrn, 
etc. Tho bolrl contrnct, which is il« foUijw*, iti very 
cspliuit ; — 

" lliifl i« to certify that the bmdl'>i'*l of 

iUiHii hereby Li^reo with the Aji^vnt of lti« 

Mudivon Si|uaro Theatre CoTupuriy ti> board and lodge 

tbc eaid eompuny. conabtjii^ of. peraonsi more 

01' Icdd, for duya, mure or tees, nt tho mto 

of tent* per djiy for ca<;U ponton. TIiwc 

lUaiidoiw (uight'6) loigii^g: to conatituto a day'a 



tio:in1, iLiid for niiy IJma Icsb than ofi» ilri^ tJiit chju'gci 
%hn\\ !)(- ;kl. lli<i KsiriiL* nilc pirr ilii'^m its i» uliovtt iiif-ti-i 

tifiuc'cl. Fires to bi< fiiniihliiTil uL (^-iiU 

per ftiich room. No erliargft to ho uiHilfl utulor tbe 
abovi^ agr«i5mi*iit provlditiff tlie [iirly si?*^ fit Ui gael^e* 
irhere. Agent to be kept at »ime rates. 


Having got throu^U with iimkirigcoiitracU tlio itgtini 
b«giua to "bill the towiu" The atncuiit of hilllitg 
that U (Join; ilopeuJs Wgely upon the ropuUtion of 
th« FfUir itv Alt i-«o lion, and tlio manner iti which the 
iiCfWHpuih'rahave burn workej. Aa actrosa like Mary 
AL)de[-?ii)ii |iula out but ahout one hunflix^d throosheel 
tllU — a tliroo-sbert Mil Iwhig the ordinEiry |ioeter 
that ]» seiJii m»oii a. fthi^b* bill-hojird — hi iuiy of tho 
Ijirgo cU.ioa, Sjtr:»h HiTndiiinU luid Addhifi Putli, who 
vrere kupt fieforc Mh* [Hibliti hy thi* \iv»-.n% for many 
tnonthjt lii'lorr- timy cAitw to thin cimntry, reinltpd but 
A fviw thnw-flhcM-t hilU lutd n shiijik* mitKninc^inoiit of 
thi'ir miinhig ih the Dew»pu.p**r*, JifrK. Lftnarlry, 
Chrinthift NiIk^^oii, and Henry Irvnig will 1k) hill^<1 In 
iho same economical Wniy when tbey rofi,cb our i<hon>ft, 
Edvia Booth and John MrCuUongb, like Mnry Aiid^r- 
^^L eoBr 1141? only n. Kmull <]iiHiitity cf throe-sheet hiDd for 
^^P sdvertifiing on tho wnlU. Th<>4o peojilQ ret|uiru few 
r lithogriiphH, nnd itrnlikowiMo rorlnniitQ iu not being r«- 
I qiiin^d ti> htiy birge Kput<e in tbc pii|H^rK. Nciirly all 

I the minor melodnimatlc and coni(?dy nttruetion^ take 

I lo the circus style of advorUsiug. Charles L. Duvie^of 

I *'Alvin Joalyu" fame, who weuis ihe lar^'st diamond 

I and earriee tho Itneat watoh Iti the profession, lioiuats 

t that he always Uhes to bill agfiinst a ctreuA, Whou ho 
^^^ ma in St. LoitU dunn<; ths eeiisou of t981-:ir, Mn 
^* W. R. Cottwll, Ib9 city l>ill-po*t©r, told ue that DarU 


OS niB EtOAD, 

put out ulwut four tl]i>ii§niiij bh«ctd, ^nd «TcrluiiLtngl 
spilriklcfl the wiii4]o^-e u-itU coloi^d lithogmphn. Mr 
Collrnl] nUo tnld mo tliut thU doea not niipromh thv 
lavUliiieM of <'in-iu<ifi in (decorating Ituj fcncoii and 
WftHit mid I>i]PHmrd# of dtioe. Tli«»o latter nrtmiU 
put out not lt*a than ten thousand ehc^U, ami the 
Great Loiidt^n ^haw a lew i^jim>ii9 a^n would njircad 
from eij;iite<'ii to twenty th(iii,><ahd sbeeU Wfore the 
eyca of a city having a poiiulation of font hundred 
thotiaand. The l>in-poai(<rgctdthrcccrii(9 per sheet for 
podthi^, and i\ por hundred for dL^riP>u(ing lilbo- 
gnph?, HO that, as ^nifl be uiiderateod, a cii'ctts or a 
thoatdcal aUracdon like Charles L. Dam ifl a boncmjca 
to thebill-po0l«r. 

From the htg ty|K' of ttic bill-lfoardn iho advance 
agent naturally tunu bia attention to the MuuHcr, bnt 
jH'uliahly more etfeotive, t,^pe of the ntrw apajK-i-, Ho 
ruFihrn into the editorial rcniius liku o whirlwind, if hn 
la a cyclonic a-fciU, fl*k^^ in & roic© of thunder for tlii; 
^ramattiG crilic^ and wbi-n tliat gt.uillciihin In jMiinted 
onl, afl*r dtiponiting a <^ilt-pdgi'd nird and hcHtrening ^i 
tho joiii'nidiM'H iWk wilh a mii^.t (»f tiolircx from tlio ^^ 
Orikhiiid ttwjh'^ tin? Br-i^'Niiivn Brmmrrttutj, ami forty ^i 
othi'r rqnully iiM[icjrt?inl und -"irvvrHy crilii-zd jiinrn;iU, 
priKH'cMlft to talk »o Iradfy tliat ho distnrhii idl th« 
wiiU'rn tn ihn mom. and hun the nmra^ing editor on 
thn point innol4.>LMi times out uf twenty ofonleriiig hmi 
out of the office. 

" I tel! you whai. my boy," he flhouts, *• wo ju»t 
laid 'c^m ont cold in l^lot Kuob \xviX nlfrbt. Jnst f^ot a 
ltdegn»rai from Ih^ ui^krini^or. See horo: ' Uoiise ^i 
jammed In tho donrm; hnudri^d* turned iiu-!iy; great ^| 
eulJiutiBiMUk ; hr»r j»yli?* lo-monoxv night.' Nf»w thariiito ^^ 
gag, but Uk* di^^ad !iqn=irc, bang-up truth, u'clp nig 

oy tiif: uoad. 


" I see ill© HT>rNH*Tiill lUir SmEinel giY«j* ^ou fulks 
CU,*' tJn^ ilniitmliti t.-rilir i|UK-Uy »ugg«f»U> '* It sajs 
jour [ilii^ U b;u] Hud vmir ci>m|mnv wovfta — how is 

" Oh thi;t fellow i>i a hliioJy <liiffei"/" the sigent re- 
plio* »t l*>|i oC hi* vnic-e. "T^'llyoiT llin Irutli, wr 
hurl iL iJHh^ IrnJiMru-illi hint fil>oirt i-omps. Ih- wiiitlril 
(I hii^hrl r>f 'vm, mid Tji^niiiKii wii wrmliln't )pve 'mil up 
lila.itri] UK, RciL Wff dill ti nillthig gaod !iiisiiivs!t nil 
the ftaiiii-% Hiid UtnTL you forgut. it?" 

And lu IhiH way llio cvrloinc u^nt rattle nioiig, 
tormenting oi-eryhody wilbhi henrltig distance until he 
gots ready to gn ; and wh^n h* U ^otie there !« a aigh 
of ri>lief all aiYiuiid iho office. The m:in!iiring (xiltor 
conice ont and u^kn the dramatic crititt: — 

"IVhn w:t>i tliEd (I — t] fool?" 

'»Th(j iifjcnt of thn Donrfilq) Comic Opem Com- 
pAnyr* tl^*^ draniutic mtic rrpli««. 

" Wtdl, iht* ni>Kt ttnio hrt ivjrncH in horo just tell him 
thid is Dot a doaf imd dumb asylum. Wo ctuti't wuut 
Any &eri?nad(M frcMn akk-Ahusr hlowore. Don't g\v« 
his d — d old company moro than iwo line*, and mako 
it lo^^ ih:in that if you ciin.'^ 

Fortunaloly for tho profoMion this Biylo of advanoo 
iftgent iri dying otit, and mon who nndoratand n«WB- 
paporn botlor tvn* oom'in^^ in. Thcro mc muny roaJ 
^aiith'nicu, irluvor, ([uii't anil tdrc^t^tivft, in ihc htuinrtu;, 
Wke >1i\ K. D. Prioe, ftinnorly of tlio Detroit Post 
and Trihum- Fninh K?irrtdl, who jjrudiiuted from tha 
>©^v Urleiifia Timm offioo, and oihei*3 who have for- 
saken Journalt^En for tho equally ardnoita, but mora 
lucrativo poMtloii^ that cntcrprMni- and 1on<^-hc^adQd 
tbeatiical inaiia^^er^ ofr<?r them. 

The adnuico a^cnt toes that the hnll or thcatro is in 
proper condition, look« arker the aak of reserved soatfl* 


Off THE ttOAD. 

distribtiUti hi* "comptf" «s judictuujily a» circui 
vluncvrt will allow, and coiirn>nt5 orer^ivhero hi' ^ot 
iht euiiiiinj2; tutd tniiitiprcsieriL imd-hoad — Ihut aboni-t-' 
nation of tb« ahow l>uniric49 Atbo wilt epoixi |5 with an 
ogojit to get ti free tk-ket from him, wk«n ndmlMioii 
and n in^aerTcd seat luay bo puroliaK»d for II. If th« 
dcad-jicad fails to circumvent the n^ot ho qoictl; 
awaits tho ooming of the company, whon he lica in Atii- 
bu8L for the ninni^cn of whom he dcmiLXide ix yiAss of 
his life, J]i flirt, tho innnn^^r often hiia U> undo 
great ileal thnt hia A^nt hnii done in a town, und to doj 
over Jigum mn^^h iJmt tht; itvant-crrunrr hud sccmiiiglyj 
dime in n datinfiu-lory mnuntrr. The company, too*' 
frequently ^ud tho way uoL »o smofith or ple^aaut oa 
tho agent has represented it to 1>c : the hall or theatrQ| 
in which the performance ja to be given i» often 
dingj'i diemal place ilmi i?^ nut only without conven- 
leiiOM of any klud, but what i» woi^e, may not 
proof ag^iinst anytliiii*^ like demonstrative weather 
thr }](>ti<l fnn? i^ bjul, uiid thr? aivotnmodatidns im Ivcl 
tcr; the mayor, Uie tiiwii council, nud Btoinrtiine^i lltoj 
promint-nl cUI/t-^u.-i, uiuhL Ii:&vr frev patu»o«; tliv load 
paperH vtaiii hatful^ uf coEJipHiueulary th^keta. and 
witii u hmiHv half filled wilb dt-ad-huiLda nud nne-thlrd 
of the benches empty, they must, in the face of mosl 
diftconra^iu^ circuui stances, apj^oar as ciitert:iiiiers oi 
meet with the eevei'est dennnciatioiin of the pigoi, 
pi-iw" mill tile inoi^t jpdliu*^ ^rritiriHin tvtnn the uii^al 
ful nrniv ofdiTiiil-hiMdi^. 

Nfiw aud thntt Ml iLelor or an &n-UvK4 ennlnurla a ooli 
during u harii<Kt.onmii^ tour, and Lhu noniudiciifo uol 
l>e]ug calcohil*'d to nid lh« Iu*n1ing pfwi*r of m*-di<rSn<v(, 
the Ht'edrt (jf death are vown, und soim iUq pluycMl-out 
player fthiiu from sight, and vithont eaustng a singh 
tipple U|>ou tho surface of the great sea of life, 



ay TiiE KOAp. 


' dovn to the giTAve. The agent und th 
vbnv tbi* ilun^r^ awd altogether thi 

iTi'-tniigvrr, too, ^H 

1 ■ 





^b^S3b 'j 


Bioruil |>i>o|)lo wlien *'ou tlio rwitt " U not so bright or ^H 
joj-fnt IN Ut frriu>)« &ny one Af^rjiinintM with their trifllv ^| 
aii<I troub1(<>i to oiivy them th^^ir lot. ^^^H 



bright — a io*&H,'ar|K"U><i paiU with fiimsliiii^ fororer 
Dtntyini; iiht^ut tho foot »uJ T>roa1)i of the eiviMtoot 
garOcti^ alwjty^ lit thoir aUuo«|iiH>ro. To 1^6 pUyors 
Ihcm^dve^, iii'tv/ith^tojttlin;^ (hf^ luinl work, it hu« tho 
Qtitne lrtta:ity Aiid It^nrmtit^nA th«t other profts^ioiia^^ 
hfivo tor tti<)M) who have outcr^ thoin. l^otU hmw^v^^H 
iiigthi! wj]J jilriU'Jit^ i>f iit?i" UDw*>«jr aJmirei-a — fur^" 
uU over tiio oouiilry tli« tthxrct Aralia uapre** iboiri 
williii^ucHfi to *' do emiyLhin' iit do worl J fnr LoUlo * '- 
accepting tho Im^kctf ot' flovrcr^ they send her with tl 
pcanie6 they have |iooh'il, niici iloin:^ her utriu^^t to r 
«j)oiid to a n<'*>rc of cneoro» in r€»|Krti-M^ in their nppcii 
is IM chiinuin^ a tttlle pic-ture of pci-ri^cb hii|)[>in<:M ao4 
contt^iitmi^nl. \v* w<i ^ruuM \Un{ ililt ^^'h^^n?. Ju'Iu , tho^ 
great i»p^Trn lnnjfle &[ii;ri?r» pudUlhig chcrrit.*?*, at %b^ 
grc'it charity Diir ia Pari^, fiuLU tivo lumnierd 1>oriic b/ 
ii jin-ka^s, crvinjr, " Buy my chcrrica, iiiojidieur. 
dou't acll thciu dctir. Five tVancs, the little ba^kot/^ 
id a noblo example of the ^neronlty that Ji^tia^vislica 
t]iQ profi;Mion r>r whidi nhc U a nieinher* A popul, 
Aiueririta aclrc^^ sclli^i}^ phDt<»^raj>li» for a Utile cr\\) 
plofho mut ill the ttLrod,uiiil \vh(i hiul been lYbiiffci 
At HovomU h another t^xample of tho kaiiiiig toivai 
oliAnty and the kind-hcaitcdticsft of & cLu-a lifju^vplo 
agiiinat nhocu mai^y hi^ots nilao their huiida and to 
hli^MU tliey tuni their Imck^, BayiAg, as the Rttv. Mr. 




SabSiit tfaid, tliiit he dklu't wtfutto Imve nnythin^ to do 
witli autow. TIh' rifuJor ha« pn>*)Mbl v hejii ci tlie »tory , 
but I will mpoHt it hceo : Goor;^ Ho|]jiiu1< thfi atlor, tliod 
ill Iiiaci^htiolb vcar.fc on Ucoorabcr 20, 1^70, llo was a 
plnycr i>r cxcfrcJiri;; mc-rit iu hi» daj, onj his licinJA^ 
was widciv and Jo^^ply ic^rnltrd. Friends galhcTi'cil 
ai-ound liis <iftrikct in tliv* iiwful n)i>m<riit when they were 
ti> part with liiin Toruvci". Tim rhc* of the churcli vera 
Vfuntvd for liiui» f»f t-uimit*, inul an nctor friend w^jiit to 
Kev. SiiEfini uikI ^mkvd UJin In tdGviult-. lie dt^ctiucd, 
lyiu^: " 1 wuiit U> ljav« iiolljin^ to do with an actor. 
Them is a litllo phico iiroun'd'irio cornier wore tlioy iu 
thc«o things/* And sui'c cn<iugh there w^is, itnci ibo 
nctora look their drad fiiciKl iato "the littlo place 
around the comer/' and Dr- niiu^hL<m eaid the his^t 
prayer t»VL-r (Ik? ihail phiynr. That " place'* iji now 
kimvrn ^iinoti^ aetura jtnil hy ihn puhUc toir jLt*MiKi 
little ohLirt:h arouud ihu irunior/' It in tho (^Lui-trli of 
the TrMii^lj-fiiriiUon. and la oa Tweiity-uinlh Htre<jt 
near Madisoit Avenne. 

It is only 4H!iriVsinnnl)y thrtt scandal \« given hy the 
thealrirnl pi'idi^^Non, )int iiifsi^ U-w and fu r-lK?twc*oii 
occaAiout aro AafTniiiMil, to k(H-p idivi? thi^ h:id opinfou 
that certuia [ri^oplu have uT actors »ail artreMi*-«. It 
Is irutr Lhu chtas Is wvnV ni mnuy poiiiU, as ani i^F-hor 
olassu*, hitl 115 I h;ivi? nri^^cTl In-fiire, t]iej- mafntjan 
a highi?r At-nidnnd Tif mm^itlity nnd julora llii'ir cirohs 
bottler than any i>lhet' poi>ple wIkia^^ pjilli8 are -itrotvn n^ 
phriilifiilly ffirh teHn>taticins, At tfm he^^innin:; of tin* 
uighu^i-alh cTinjIury Ifu? iij:j;ii» wiu in very had ooutU 
lion liLHijiuati mtuialy wast in a wnrhv lunidilioit, and If 
;faen-* if* fiiiillv in the rjinltn uf JirtiT-v^cH nf lo-day, nnj 
kiie^M^A arniai*^ a<;U»r-<, it \n Wciiuhg Uit>jr Ntir- 
rouiidi[]gs coaijii^l thi=riii to he what iliey are, end even 
itndt^r thin eompidsion thoy can hold Iheir hcnds 

iCtii VUC (JBCKX-CTEP AXb OTUKll U07CtfrCIt9. 

M higli Aft Ihrir nrnghlimnv ntitl look tli«^m in tht 
fnoo without fbrlirig iJint Wwiv arc unv uornp Inliati iboj 
rfwt of Ibf! wurliJ, rvttn if thfty nro ito had. It U m; 
pui'priniT ti> h»v ntmirtliing nlniut *,iit» diirk flido of tln>» 
atl-lc^aL \\(a f liat Xlie ivwUv tuny mi^l- juht w)iul tliere ii 
in ttiu Ljilk indtilgtrd tiy lljo suiiidLil*iiioii;^fd tif Llii 
aDlK*lUimti'a^jU cIsa^, uutl fliat it limy W kixjua tliat 
their liidiFiirreLiDiis rniil tlicii aJik are no iiioiv UciiioiiSi 
tb»n tlm ftin« aii<l InniH^reffaioiirf of ntlipr |h.'^^|i1p, nnil 
t&Bt in verj fi'W iiistniiiTe* ul-s llwy the oulcomo E)f thi 
AX^tor nr nHrrv^A^s |irofiruI(i]i:t1 4iirrnii(ii1iii(;ii> 

Thr chiniiitrrmi'iil. «f Rilwin Itonlli juiil lit* wifo oi 
thcf iliroitM* of FdilwEii Foi'ix-hL from lii--< wif«T diJ unl 
iThILImi lliK wcirM to (liiitk i\ny lln? Ipss of rli'^w ^t-iillr 
moa ltd ;i<!(or«, mill tin? I'Wiru iliJ not Uriug any ojj- 
jmiltriiiiii ii|M»n tbo jtmfi^dAioii, Saruli Bon]bAi'i:}i'i 
ojit^n jivownl that Wr Hiihtii'ii wi'iv fiilln-rlc*< imO tlrt* 
wtro oii}y '* iicrci<it*iits" wiis u fruok ^'niift^sinn of au 
(»arly inJI scroti ini lli»t almost overyhody was reaJy t' 
forgive, Siio tt-LW not rc^civotl 1iy floclety In tliis coiin< 
try, hilt ftOf'j^ly kn.>lt h^fi!>r*> ber nt Iho slirliic fy\ 
Thflii^*. IK th<^yilij al thi* foci of Mmo, I'nin, "wlio 
fliiiEiilivl Xii^olini ill Xhv fnrcr of Thn piililiir. »« tUo sui 
civ«<r>r tff lTi4? M:kn|Mi« fl» C-.iux Ui u\\ ihn H<;lk1« of 
huKhJiiul iillti<iiigtt thvm nc-vor hail Iuh-ii mty iMtirn!L^< 
cori^mfjiiy to fivik<» th« t^iior tho lL>gu] conipiinioii ol 
the beaulifiil (Jlv^- For tlie 9!ik« of ibelp art- tb<i iin« 
of ihow two git^^d women Wi>re paitlaUy foi^o(!4.'ri, 
and whilo nociHy could not o]w\% its dockrs to Millln,] 
Bornb»i-dt or Mnie, Patli^ It woat rttidily to tho 0|H)i 
dooie |[HV)ii[rh trhioh the pr^^sonce of tbo ihotresa And 
tbe soo<;AirvH4 w»n to 1>o reached. 

A New York coiTwponde^it saya; ** H«ntij2; mon< 
ticned two Fr<»iK'h nctrr<*<>B, l*?l m<? dro[> into the tru0 
itory of Bembanit mid ColomHior'i» qiiArrol,And tbd. 



Tjii>r'* uilhic. Wbuu lUrnhnrUL ciinio ovor bopo, elio 
n'lu acvookpaoict] 1>_y Jeluin SoudtLn. a Purialaii vrTltor. 
[]<■ ^vns Voi'V tmfiil. clo&L>ly buttoned up to tliu nvck, 
vory ba^by hair^, nmj very much Hko a particularly 
m'M iitul ^vVwU iWvlu'Wy t^lMtlviil. For lill that, Ik* triij* 
Iho rt!*(.ix^Jil<Hl trmtKH'arj" lovor of Hcrnhiintt. ffi» 
othiT rriaui-l wjijI to wrii« mi ac^^onnt of Ult loiir, to 
1)0 ptjtili^bod ad iVoiri iwv own peii. Whilv in iIli^ dty 
ho W1L4 an <»bjoet iif ooudidcvulilc li Jicuk, aiid liia narno 
wa« maUroatod from JobuD SoudKU iiito SuO<]en 
Juhhtiy- But Colitmbioit tliQ f-Mt mid f:it Hctre«i< of 
nombartii's coni|);iny, did not re^ixL htm iia comic. 
Qnitv on ibo cwU-imi^', dto fvll in lov.i wUh him, fliid 
bo full in love with l]ct\ Hoviovor* tbU now rcoiproc- 
lly of hoflrt« wiia kept liiddoii nntii tioai- tho ^nd of 
Uic jmmicy. Then it ^viiuo out throiicrh Suddea 
Johnny Giii^olcj^ly ktf(»in^Co1i>nihiertoi> lonJ in a tbiiH 
linrlitioTu^iL di'Vftfiin^-fotvm. I'ho -iin^fk wart hcord by 
Burnhttrdu I doa'L Ima^iiio tbdt aUe uai^od niaah for 
■loliunv, or woulj hjAVc uit84od him from IIjc mukd of 
b(T fibVi>rotL adtnirot^; l»nt it inadt^ her ju^t a^ mad 
aa ebo ooald ho to io«o him to Colotnbior* Now, 
Colomhiyr'* Iwnuty wits murrRiI hy a clcfjwtion of her 
no«c to ono t;i<lc. TbEit'n not iiinah, ftir tbo diancos 
arc ten tn one tliat tho AiiJei of your ovni fucc dr>n*t 
oxa«!tly ugroOi Try a j^luo^ cntiouUy, ai>i] »oo- Wdl* 
wbeti OJombkT fmcr^^cd fruni hor room with Johnny^ 
to go on iho 0ta;;^,% 8jtruh ro^riiud hvr ipiiKKiuilly, and 
tlM^n »aid »omotbin^ In Kronoh oqulvalcnt tu ; ^ 

" ^Ab, my dear. I fear yon ki^a too much on ono aiJo 
of your mouth. It bii^ I'^^ally aini lr\ily ii<-at your uoac 
awry. Do lot the other ^ido have eomc of Johaa'e 

">'o tiinrc vuj« sdkl. Bitt tlj:it Johuuv aiid <Joloni< 


TiiK i?uic£M-Kn<m x^n aruBa aioxiTEfifl. 

n|)^K<:iri^ in V-afU with llio iiRnie of CoVjnililer iii^lend^i 
of UiM'iihnrrlt a^ niithor, nnd amon^s; ita iiunioi-oug^^ 
nclif^ulciita \u'» nhniil AnioHcmiH nie sofoo spit«riit little^^ 
flinp* ui Sttnih. Thus Sudden Johnny preU ev<»n/' 

Mmu. Piitl-K t(X), hwhiyf^iingman with U^r — Midiaol 
Morlk^r, tn"Oth«r of iho t'ditor of tlio ]\m-U Fujitro 
who wiu li» wi'Uo ^i lM>»k fcH- li(*r, but m St. Limiit 
flpokc twu frooly to a nowK|»i[wr roj^irti'i- ntwiit Mmo. 
PAtti's rotations to Nli^oltnl, niKlMortkr'sIifc vvuitherfl- 
niivr muOo i^o rn(ft(iniblf> thnt ho was ^IjkI soon to ninki 
» lipi.^ Jinc for I'ai'iA} wh^i'e it is to he ho|>(>d he i« al 

A r-i>nil<m cmnytHpnndo'rt in\U us hnw o fnvK'ii 
»ctr€«it of ihjit plat"0 fitootl tlirco iiuKbiiml«, nmJ hj* it 
in onlcr to contiriiio timiiiij; tlm cnnik qftboftcundi 
mJit^hiiK* vvhilo foreign liikni U llio mntvriiil to 
Cn>iinfl, I vfill ir«vi> \\w |i[U-U3^rHT>lu lift flHr*: ** Th* 
lrn<j pltiry of Uii? Lyceum Tlitiitro is llint Ens:li»li Bern* 
hiinlt, Mi*8 Ellen Torryp This h1u«-©rod, Woiido* 
lf)c;1cci.l, Srixan eii'cii h not iL mrlinnt bounty ti« wa6 thoi 
Hl-futc<l AJcbiiJoN*."il*on, Uiit^litr i?«rti>inctlitn!^)>cttcr 
sho id A chaimciHO, iw the Kfonch call jmy one p* 
Witiv'w*^ thLil. pcfiiliiir fi?tninirio — ^^'hid1 tda< rxereieca si 
pDworftily — ni^ij^i lot 16111. Hhe is LIu! uio^t giftoct|! 
and wilhal tho mudl nntm-ally grnci^rnl, womun that 
have cvi^r ioen, Tho lUtlo niovoinoiite and nilUtj^ 
AtUtn<]«A of Siiiub Bernhardt would sccra forced and 
xirlitit^iid b^ile thnt iitibom cliann ami hnrniony of 
geature. iia^iudicd uud p(^rrfx;t iift the rippk of tiU] 
gniMOS or the *waying oftlic branchca of u weeping'' 
willow bciunitii a HUinriicT hi'«(*isc. Sho in pure 
womn-nly, tjrcry inch of Utw Sh^ eanuot be awkwai 
«Ton nlicji ."^b*! trftfl ; ainJ I >-nw i»cr liy tht- other nighi 
bi ' Tbc BcUu'a Slnita^cm i but inaicaci of trauafonui 



Ing Lffitut f/uitiJy iijitMirounii'}' liijyJui in itcffiniinurc 
Willi till* U'Xl, siio only suci*«e(led in assuming.' n |ir<iUy 
e^pU^lfrie ibal, had 1 }teei\ Dm-imnrt^ would hivo 
ilrivoniuoto cnUli hor slnii^liiwny in my unii< mul 
tU-^ lior, <l(?c'lariiii(tluil *li(* wiwclitxrinliigiinyliow. Off 
tho Kta^ I ?Liti told tliiit *ili<* U r[iiitfi iDt fn^L'timtin^ nH 
vlitfn liofonf ih*! ftKil-liglilH. Sh* hiw pi^ovod Ihe extent 
ofhyf p<nvpi" i>r cHolinnlinent W sue^os^ifuUy wiiiiLlng 
nml wedding tbioi^ luiitbiLiuK, nil af wlioni inn slill 
livia^, divoi'co jind not doniU bnvin^ i'L»lmw<.*d Ihm" from 
two f>f thorn. In fnot. it w reporlod ilmt whilrt wrilkiiig 
hi tho Grnsvoiinr Gnllery rw^ntly, witli ln*r l^r^'»:^'lll 
ipnuu, Mr. Kelly, ilici o:iin« fuco to fiu<o tvith !icr two 
formei' hiiyhiLiuls^, whu wor** pntrnMiniliiig llicro ti>- 
giil.tuM', luul llint Iho only oiiilmrrfijii^od licrsoiiLi^o of 
Iho quurtuttL* yfi\^ Mr. Ki-dly } and thoy Ou ^riy tlmt tho 
law will fi"oii ho called ibt« i^oqniAJtion to hreiilc tlio 
honiN lli^it uiiU-^ Iier ttr hur presout epoiiBOf and tbit 
sill? will thou l»ec4iiiio th« wife 4*f a prominent Kii^lii^li 
aotor, Trnly Ihie wonderful mid iiit.»roAtiJig bdy 
oiigUt 1*1 iri*C'ulMi oil h<^r woOdin^-rhiir rlio motto Kaid 
lo have htvo ndopu d hy th<i ohU'ouiilo-* of Dc-^mnud 
on Uie ooo^L^inn «f hor fourth mai-Ha;^ ; — 

If 1 AUniVA 


JenloTiiiy i"* ut th«^ hotlom of noiarly ev«y scandal 
comicTc'tod Willi llio tt:i^i% or with [>ooplo who huvi? 
hvon oa tho iitngiy Tho Ktory of I^T^exio Mi^CalT^ 
criino in a pi^eullarly and ono. She litid t>c*L*ii af:ivoi-Uo 
hurlesfiue nctrrv**, imd w:w playh^gyormi^ heroluoawllb 
Bowricjudt in I^^O when *ho met und nj!ii'n<*d Gvorye 
BiLny IVrxll, n young man "f twpiity-rtvo y^'ars, «lie 
botiitj lH'i<al v-thro«, Sim promlxiM! hini loh-avo tli9 
Ptngi* fori^vcr, mid In order lh»t sIk- itii^dil n'>1 1>0 

ill N«w L'IrLX-htt L<>tiz IvilfkiiLli romoviM^ Uk^ii<<o to Nev 
York, JdilouAj cnrly mnck il« ii|>j)4runiiHM> h\ tlH>ii 



hornet Aud their luarried Ufr wim nol Imppy i>r pearefuU 
TIktv liv'eil to^ctlici ff}]' 4riglitfiL-ij monlliftr Imwovor. tinJil 
one line nioroiiig nftcr a violent riiuirrcl *lic au.atdicd 
ii|i 14 |jmLo1 7tii<l shtA hrr liUHlmttil lliniii<:li lli^ tlirniit. 
A Hii^iaii tlit-^Ltrv uni long nmcp vtiist llm t^oiwitf a 
real tlnirn;^ tvUich ilr^vrvi?^ ii |jliu-(^ Jiniou*; tln^ HrHfiii* 
i;i-t:l4i-iilfi ti\' UiiT sdijT"^. Tim two NTinltnir nrtiTMiTs 

Imii^i-t iLiiil lived Oil lei'fiis of Lhi* vr;Lrmi?Hl. niliiuiicy 
far f^diitfl time. Th«ii a yoiiiif; swull, who liatl onrolled 
him'ff'if' nrnoiL^r dm niliTiirnr'4 tif inui nf tlirm^ 1ii-g:ui to 
|)!iy :"'nrrr. (ri llio officir. Tin? *"iiHAri[iifNifT w^is ri ji*!il- 
nuxy wlii<-li iintdly Uul tn ii Hi-|}:initii>ii of Ujf< nhilnm 
ft"i<?i>d*. TU(*y rL»(rimtj(*il Tiii;rribi-r< of Lie Ktiiio ni)ui> 
pfiuy. linwyver, :md their ji'idnii^TP'* fimnd V4'nt iihoiit. 
|1j»? Uu'^UrH- One iilgia ufti-r it dijim^r WLi^fii-d il(i\«^ii 
wKli much ciiamimgiiG, the jlltod flctrew bfli'-ime very 
vWlent, mid sitteiii|ned lf> jws:mlt her iivn! iTi her 
dreasiiifli-rtiom. Slio wn* prevented, J«nd went off 
tbre:ttenliij( vcngeiince. The cfnir«o of tho pioce 
brrtii'jht tli4'm fnifoi)ic»r in nil im|i;L'i*uiin'd Krcius in 
ihti ivkiuluKion of whieli tliu Ama liud lo want ibo otlier 
off with n dujrgtr, HonU'd willi wine, Ik^f Joidr»ui*y 
hifl^Tii^ t>y Ih^ presence of her f;iltliles3 lover in n 
sUl^ ItoXi tb6,fllu>d atti^le loiit contr'>l of tK^rsvlf, itiid 
iutiteud <>( a wjirrkiii^, dealt her rival n stjiH. The 
voande4 womiui fell 1>]o«dlo^ to the HtHse. F01-- 
tUHiitely Hh-* w:ifi nat r:kt.il1y hi:rt, mid ht^r n^s^ilimt 
e^<'ai>od with nn niilhoritulivu ord<-i' lo i^iuva Unifimp 
and Miiv nwiiv. 

Miju Iknhji W<Uiy, who iit a. popular und lidontcd 
iietn*»>, ivu* u mcmbor of the "Only a Funn^r'a 
Diiii;rhlvr" t^j-mpany, of whieh Miae Litkii Clove* 
vud Witt ttitn. The two Indies coold not ^t sloDi; 


TlIK CltKKN-RVK[3 AV1I OTJlKlt UON»frKlt!*. 

togetlicr. MUa Welhy iiiBUl«<] that Miki Clev«s wttM 
Jpaloiia of hi>r t-irjirs suoivii ; uiul so It wont oil, 
until nt hat a low rnffiaii rUIlv^t MWs WoThv in hot 

domiLnd^l ninii«y fVopi h«r Tor iMvin;; n]»pUn4ltH| h^r 
in wvcral lowiifl. SJw ^rt-i nfno4 ot" ihu Wlow, jaho 
h:iM, iLtiil )t« pni<? him Ibp *uiii h« !wk*-<i — tir>. She 
then told Liiii u» gu, siid ho wont; but MUa Ckvo*, It 



iL|>]KM^, hrtd .iMpmMcd the momlwr^ f>f th<» ooinpnny 
ut tlio d*Krtr rtf lU- dri:t*!ai^-rncini to witoc^^ llic* \Kiy* 
liicnt of lite tnan, vrlK>» lu ?tlie dcv^iiircd, had W tlio 
flmiuv thai ytus TiitiUiri^' Miss WVlhy n ^rf^iilcr nctrett.i 
llmii tlie sLnr- Miaa U'oHiy iLSMrrlvd thai tin* wbolo 
tliia;; waa A picc« of li]itcluii;ftiL, nnd tlat Mj»s €iovoa 
bad iiMli^pited il. 

Ol>cnitic «< arc violent somctimoi in ihtto oxhi- 
1>itir>n:4 of jridoa?"y. It will Ire rcitKrmltcixrd tljut nt tb^ 
last Cinrimmfi mti^o fcfftival, G*n*tcr alwnlutcly re- 



Tuaed to sing if Mian Carv i>rttin-(ie(l Wr, mid llift IIuii- 
gftriuii inma. Oojiiu \vna imluovU U> Etppeiir oiilv Uy tlic 
graci-riil witlidiiiwal uf iU^ fnn- Aan-n-icaii 0oii^»1ro»». 
MiA4 Kello^*^ ;iii(l Mllo. Unze liui! a hitt4tr wiir in SL 
LojiU ill 1679, oti Ticcniint of \\mv diVMiiig-ninmH, i\w 
AiiiiM'triin |ii'irriri iTriiin:t iit%thtiik<r on Imvin^ tin* Ih'aL Ifu* 
(}ruiid Opi'ni H*iii*" iiffi'r<lr(l. HL*t g£*l. il nl. hi-'»i., uiul 
wan sihiii^kM] when h1k> lii-iinf a nt^iry 1<> (lie rlTi'd. Hiat 

Wukt'(EI<1«|. tllCII Orit< of till* [Jlltjinodlf^i, IlLll] IL J1t-|-|>-TlCllti 

nliove theilre«Hi[i^'-ror}iu mIiIcIi liii not t}n\y mude uHouf 
himself buL invited 1ii« rnr^nd^ to ujw. 

Th« jojiliiiiKV nt" \fiN. MrKnR Kjtiikin ( fviiiy Uliiurh- 
nrfl ) tiriH nion? lliitii otnu^ brrti riiiuZi* tlic Hiilijr<-L 4>r ilhvvk- 
[itL|>rr iiiticliTH. 8li» llidiigliL licr rfiliiist )iii?<liujul wrtil, 
Uirou^h tlie lov<* «i*ejie with (lift HVJoitf (Mish Evh 
Riind(ilj>li ) in ihi? iday wUh tno litvUti iv dUiilay of 
ii^Wticiii, ;ind llie gre4-ij-ej7{'d inai»ter tuok posTiowsiou 
of her. She xtond in Iho wiiig^ ov«ry night and 
wnk'lied thp wvnr, :nid th« mm*' shi* wsitrhc^d it tin* 
lunddor 4bif gr>I' iiiiiil ELt 1n«t «hr< dorntnuli'il from Ih-t 
hnKlmnd Itint Muc Itaiidnlph Tw di^imiv^ciK ThU Mi\ 
Rjiiiklii wl(*rnW rrrii-siHl ti> dfi. Tlioii Mrw. Riirdcin rr^- 
fuKod to |dny. and u clisvor young Luly wtmglvun tho pnrt 
of J?i% Pip^^ The ncwFtpupen pniUed the lu'w ^i7/y 
itolil^hly tliiit MfH. Rnnkii) hurHi'd back to roaumo tho 
part, liut veraaiiiod cold toward and cjiiirtly cstraugod 
fi'om ^<rr hu^biind. AOor srjine timo the wound was 
1ifla1«iJ mid thd roupio ri^unit(»c1. Thei-e vr«re several 
j:|dit-iiii* of this kind, but Mr. und Mrs. RtiAiii urv 
ni>w Ui'in^ )ia|i]»rly logi^thcr, aiLd ft U to Ikt )]i>|i(.hI ili;it, 
tho «ucc4^K« of tliuir new l>1ay, ''4f^," will ko«|» Lhvin 
hapjiy fort'vor. 

Now and ihwv ttio {«aLoua aotrefifi'a feoUugs arc gx- 
pr^ft^eil ill a ratbcr ridiculous manner. Durfni^ the niii 
of n Bpectfloiilni- ]dar iii r>fid of Uio lun^ (rttics ono of 



ami tickltf the fain <rs tinder tliccliiii «uc^e<lc(I in iiuilclii<f 
liiniHlf llm ^(Imirrr nf one of (he i'wlioa — oiio wbrt 
pliiytul Ji priort^ nr nonivlliin;; of tti^vt kind. Ho 
1>n>ught li^^r flfmcir^ over/ nij^lili took b«r bo «uppcr 




ut^er tliii J'l^y* ^Li<;l <>r^Li (luitl for a rido iiiiiler llic 
%t(irrv iii<rlit lit ii tiTtin whtrn \\o t>inn\U\ b;ivo liri-ii n">U 
iiig his hf7jr^ hiM<i ij^xmi Iiim pilliiir M lioniv. IKO^rpt 
ih\n |]|i for It wlillt- ^ lliim lici Hiidiliiuly Lunml hl^ itt- 
l«iitioti Uj Aiiollior ^rl, wl»o wiks ilamg u T(ki|>iiUkg^ni^M 

ibiuoc Ouniig mi iiit(M-Vjil in tbo piny. He began to 
liririg lu^r fldw^Tsi aiu( Ui Wii Iwr nn tnUlnight ojftterfi, 
mij Ici tfiki? lii'r IJI1 in ti miliar lit nrli*^. Tliii pn^ttv prince 
HLrinO it. iin If^u;^ ?!» ^1i<f rmilil ; lIumi hIio tniiil^ up her 
tuind to lio ri'VwiijTpJ dh lIu* ol<i (WdSvpi', iilm wiiift^l 
oii« night uiiUI hho Haw Itlni tjilking t4> tlin Aiiiptitg- 
ri^po (liirioiT, wb*-ii rtlie pirkM ttp ft 1>i\]0[iIt zunl ftlciil- 
Ing In til'" o|HniflT(G siile of the s/^i?th», inrulo ii liigTl hrt 
Lilt hiix p?iig Jicil, jnut *« he W8ft preNeiUin^ tlio nvnl a 
loiifjtrpl, nml Un<»frk(Hl i1»p|ih*i*(» of lioTnl-^^'iirrli^Eir itrto 
the mittii*M. TliL^ nnn[*nt Luttifirtfi fi-lL iiroiiiKJ iLmonj; 
the* fow hiths oil tliu top of hU h^^uJ |4»»l'4i wlinthc^r 
a ploro of &kuU Imcl not hcen cliippnil off; tli4»skippliig« 
rop*> dancer Inugh***! : thfl prMly pHii<'<? 1iiiule<I ofT nrnl 
Wft9 nhdut to hilt the hoiiqiiot to sim^oikI busts whviii tho 
daucr>r dnncsit, itiiil wbnt n>i»niiic(] 1o <lo wa« to advigo 
the »' "f<l grriy " to ^«i, whi/'h h« «lifl riipully nl\or»r<u 
guliiin;; poiiKtisjiifiti ol' liiv iHtl-'rod hat. llo w-i« ad- 
vise<l tlmt if ho returned any mnn> tho broom would 
l>c ii*[*<l upon hirii-*i??riTi»lDa*.l of hU hut : (iii".l tho *oniie» 
llmt ]u^ Imd Imunlcd »o long kuo\r bim 110 ruoru after 
thiit itiglit. 

A Now York wifo won*terrd for a. lonir llmo where 
herhuHljflnJwflnliit ni^ht. At k'nvt*ho Inarnrdlhatthe 
ltauuto<l '.\ dowU'town thcrrttrc. Sho knew Ii;t hu)tl>Ati<l 
triifl v^rr f<»n<l of tho ilrumii, hut wiu ^^ttftnUhi^*! when 
Ghc^ fuimd oLitthut Uc wm pnlionlBEing tlie piny without 
liking ht^r ntinig, *o hIh* dri**sofl up ojie evening anil 
going up to iha box-office, ntkod ihoyounsf nmn who«o 
fimilhiif ffioe shone thrnn^li tho wiiKl-iw, if Mr. So-^in<l- 
So vfJL!i tln*re? Xf»w s]n» h:iil ^mo to iho right source 
ft>r her infonuntion, Mr. So*un(l-So tiJid taken «wiij 
tli<* nlfeotiotit ofono of thi) iiru^Mvc^^ from Um mun tu 
tUi< hox-nlBcr; thc^rtfoio the nun in the hnx-offioo 
manfully ri^plti^J that Mr. So-and-^o was Ijuek in Mjsa 


Tiiic Gvcrx-rrsD avd othrr uospr^tti. 

Wbatdjrecaller's dr«m^;-roofli. WoulJ Ibe man in 
th« box-ofie* Iw kiiHi ^otigti to «faow Mr. So-aod-^*' 
wifta vrbcn tJ» dPOMiog-romn «ru? Uc ironld, moi 
gladJjr. Collifi^B: hi* mmhttrnmi lo ilw v^indnw Ihi 
Ucofiiirer took Lhc ioAy iti tUmit^ tbc sto^ cnLmnc« 

iiinUAND, wirK AxiJ tui-i-t^r ^.llcu 

and |H>it)lnI put tlio drc«#in»-rrfom. Sure cno 
thijrt w:ifi Mr. J?o*a4i*l-tHJ In very <^lf»*o rclalinn stid 
T«ry clo« ci>[iv«i>citioii with MU« Wlin(dy«;iill*'r, wbd 
bdng A If^UoL ^'IrK )ii the ikct of gcttin;; liuraclf into 




hQi' gAitac iLLifi epatigl^, lmi.1 HUlo oIm oh tbaii h«r 
tigbU< Tho hu«b;iri! wa9 &«toiiLid«J; tho nifo vas 
bolliog orcr with r:tgQ ; the iJtmccr iliil uot knovr wLai 
lo nmk« of it. Thi> hti^fiiinfl ^nid thnt thi*ra w^h hU^tui 
ill ]]1a spoii^t^d cyi) imd fli<l tlic Kc«n<f. Mm. SiMintl- 
So then tnrnocl hoi tiUcuiloii to tho ludy In «iiii)in<>r 
co»tumc», ilikL them was a wur of worjs thut ciiiIlmI in 
tho n('ttx>v« nfiapiHiii; h*r Sii;;ora \u tho xvifc'^ face, 
whilo tliu InlUtr, (jiiiiblo In do or s»y atiylhiii<; iii h«r 
rri;;cT, *.tL'iift(v1 itiit uCicr tii^r fafthloHK Icinl unj ^]a<t4^r, 
who U'uv iitV»i<l til r<rturii lunui^ fur thrtiu iluyj^, iiail (lid 
not rvtum uulll ha »aw ii " poi-HOual " la iho Htmhl 
enyiiix that all would b^ fot^iveu mii no qu^uiuiiA 

Tho muiiiioitt triok, I thiuk. that wae pvcr pmrnpled 
hy }w\\{y\\fy vrsi* ono in whidi a wolUkoown comtHlmii 
jiiiil u li:L»(f>vpino juvonik* FuOy wrrc niiid^^^ vU'tirt»*, 
lljtviti^ dW.^niiiiTicU t«i gti to IL fiirii-y <Jrur<4 hall, tlt^y 
borrovv^ a MvpJiiKi^phcl^ft niiil Vc-iiU4 coMtimo, jiiid 
hnvMi^ drcHHLvl ul IIkj ihimtrt* In whlth Ihtrv wc-i-t? \y\i\y- 
iijg, l"()k tiK'ir chHh*-* lo thoir bonrdm^-h^iUM?. 1h« 
ComcJhui i-ttuiniik<; only X\\^ uUlor ami llio yoiiii^ lady 
only her i^ilk ftii'-liiiod clotik. In tho hhiii) h<iiiHo tho 
U'ldliii;; hidy Vt^oniod, and ns the comivliLin hjul Ikth 
H(iii]<ivvhat fttttnlivo t'> her ^hc ^'IX'W jrutoLi^ whrti whc 
anw him cscorthi*; the other tfaiiio lo tho hnll, and that 
hiilh itit^ht 'i€ l^m^ht -'K E^»»nii»lie ixvHflvcd iii>i>ii :> |daii 
<»f iLttion irlikii pNc faithfully can-iod nut. The 
comi'dian ottd hn comtmmon hud plaity of fitii nt tho 
hull, Thcyioliii-iic<U*>t!KirhoatrdiH;:-ii*T»^o«hoi(Hhrto 
A. M. BtHh bad hitcb-kcye, hut Ib^y wouliln'l work. 
Soiiirhody had f[iJ«t€ii<-d di^wii the Im>II, What w«i« 
lh<-y lo d<]? It vriw A c(d(l iiinrning with *nnw on Iho 
ground And »iiov iilill fdlhi^. Th<!ir cnrrinitro \\^^ 
goiK ; they didn't viriith t'» gn to ji hotel in inriM|tit:rado 

THE <illKr^-r-vrl) ami umi^n MOXffTKXft. 


^^ wrHp])f?ii liw ulster iironiid liiiti nml mlI <Ii>ivi) mil the 
Inir Hfi ti^litl/ »H iihtT roulil niti] .kIihii3 up itt » i*i)nii*r of 

tho i-]|[ I'fiiictr, ttliiM-riTij^ iiiicl w(riL<ltTtni^ \y\inl tin- }x*u]il<3 

IhotJ^hL who pjij^rwd hy nuil lr)i>ki.-i] at l.lieitt. They re- 
iimiiiei] there tlirei^ Imur^, aiul wljon tho door vras 
opened, H WRA Ihp Icmdiiig Ifiily nln* <iul Ih*.* openiiiff. 
She lJii];ffhi?d iifl if «tir» nniili! If^M* h^i- lifp in tW etTort 
whpii she Kiiw the I'ligtit l)>r iwn wrrt^ in, niid njiid as 
th^y pLM<*<l tip Iho hull ttiut )ilir« vrftM unrry aUo hat] put 
down thnt h»H wlkt^ii mIh- chitii! honiL\ hut iih^i tliought 
thf*y wrrn hnili in lli« hti<i«i'. 

Tlio «tory of an aelar'» juulnuny U viiot^ly icAd hy a 
Now York papor in the follou'lng : A liaiidaomi' yuuii^ 
urtreaa att«oh*d r(>prtiliirly to ou« of tbi> Now York 
lIiealrMhiia a husbaud aad a. Why, ii sickly 11tLl« thin^, 
and the hudbaiid is tiutrjis^ously j«<Aloti8, All the more 
that thie (^a«o» ho hun dono '*jol> work," which has 
kept him *' on llio roiid " piTtty ccmslunily. Lately 
he '* cum* m," th<i •' Cftinbinalion " with which he was 
connected having •» gone lip." He arnvrd mioxpoct- 
edly lar» oii4» afternoon, and foiuid hm wife (>i:t. On 
tho tahin tay u nolo addtv^ficd Ui licr In a natfctihue 
hnnd. ll wua opoa and ran Lhua: — 

*' Dear t'lUESD : I do not think yau hav€ ajiy cAlUft 
to 1>B aiixtuu» ahout the htdiy. It >» aidy cutting its 
t««tli a littlis hiird — Uiut's all. llowrvirr, n# you do 
airo iti and juy it wmihl ivlrrvD yimr mind whilii yoii 
AfVf uwnv at thi^ tht-aJm, X will iruuK) l^^iiivht ahmit 
ninr and nlay all nijfht tvitli vim. D^n't f^prak uf ihi* 
triiuble. I ahall only be too glad to let you ^ a little 
sleep aflL<i' l>ohi^ up so niMirh ^ilh h^ihy. 

Y'MK true friend. K. IS. Stavtov. M- D," 

The haal^Ainl was ftirioiu* at lliiK tiotO) ttecjningly 60 

barmlotfd. Ho thni»t it iutn liU poclcct, nml witlioat 
waiting to mso hirt wifij strode fnim the 1i^j*e. II© 
bud iKJW, li« thoii<rhN *vhit ho hail loiip n«*prct«tL 
proof uf hb wifoS jiili(!(4il^. ^Vliy. it w&a t»hAfn1«Hd ! 
Dr. Slumiliiii wduUI |mu |]ic niglil, wtniKI be. and 
bUnio it on i]tv Unhy I \nil Ue nbcubl linil ibut tbere 
vfa» a bu#b.i[td around r^ady tod»?al tcrnM« Tcngmnoe 
upon tbo bctrAyci'. lUa fooUii^A were not plen&jint 
oii€A. u9 be hy ])crtlije Lb<? test of Ui€ day, iiuntin^ his 
wriitlij to kpi'jMt uiiriii. Whcni the prcLly y%mug 
:u^t^Lvn 4-iiiikt lioini? kIht w»m told tbut .^ grDtJcmiUT hud 
aJknl HiiJ jfcniti iiwsiy in » grrnl. hucry, liMTing no 
Jiiiiti4-^ At uIjouI. biilf*pa.'tt tun llmt «-vuiiiti^» wltile hb<* 
vrtvit »L tbe tJiifttlrH, fbu iTimr of b«r lied-niom w;ia 
druggtM] opmi fliriiujxiy. mid Lite ennigeil huxliniid 
rnshvd iiK IK' looked iii'cnLiid uiuk'r th« bed Hiid into 
the cfr»<-t8» but found no niitn. 

Thore wore, however, two pernoTts in (be rof>m. 
One Ein iurunt i^bimhorinu jii^nrefnlly in tbr i-rib, tlir 
oth<?r 9V billy Hitting »t n wmtdl table on which biy ncv- 
erat bfllo biu of while pjijuT Inlti whirh ftb« iraa 
ponrin^ <onie globulins fnvn ii tiny l>ntllir«. Her eyes 
wera blue, hor oouipLevton n pure [iliik nnd white, and 
h«i- buir, ciirUug In too^e rlngleU over her vell-formod 
hfiidy W[w just tonohwi with gray. Bho looked ti(i rm- 
toiiNbi'd iind said r — 

•• Don't inidio snob n noi«e; you'll w:ifc*» thy Hdld> 
Arc^ yon a burglar or what do yon wrnit? '* 

Tho hni^bjind |>nii*ird in bitt fruitier search imd n* 
plied : ** I wiuit th.-it num.*' 

"Whfti njuD? " 

"The uinn tbtit'a made an appointmdnt with my 
wife for ti>-ni^lil/' 

■• Who 18 your wif*> and what busia^aa have you in 
Hi«« 'a bod-room? ' aeked tbe lady* 



'•Minn "m my wifti/' 

" InJeod ; well, yc^u ouu't omku me believe tliaL she 
ever mnde any nik[>ctiitnient with any ediui &hi» oughtn't 
to tnak©." 

" ] cain'tt can't I? roiid that then," ho fimd, throw- 
inj^ tho tcUr^ron tTi<T tnbUi aini] MnUti'ihi^ tho mtvlidiiif. 
Tho Judy rt!inl Iho U'fl(!r uiid lii^^nu lo lmi|^li, ^vhitU ^*ii- 
TEgcd tie hiiabutid sX'iW iitore. 

•' Where Iiave you hidden lid? Dr, Stnaton * I will 
blow hi* bralna out/" he oiHed, 

"No, you won't/' 

•• You see if I don't/' 

■• WolU blow ihen : I urn Dr. StJiutou, tli" riullior of 
th-it Ivttcr," finM thr hidy. 

8b(i Imd to i^i^ii hor ntinio, Kutc; S. Stiutton, mid 
thow him tliiit the writing wna Ibo Aumu nu hi the note, 
befoiyt Ul' would be L^onviaeud^ h:kI Uilmi he w:t4 iUi> 
Dio^t siKK'pish-lookin;^ man in Now Voik Tlw story 
jvDt out, 9>nd b« W1I4 tho butt of <rvery ut^tor in tho 
city- They rnfiiM-d to bdirvo ihjit hr " w^dl^od 
home/' Thi^y (!oiLdol<id with liiLu on ikjcolhiI of hJn 
in biHiltht which foroed him to 6top acting. Tbey 
rooomm4;ndc'd lilm to coiiault a dot?toi\ «<<]*aciully u 
kdy doctoi\ Kate Stanton, for example. Altti^vtber 
he v>'i\A s(j '* roasted ^' tbut bo will have to have more 
than a mere letter in future to maku him thii'st foir 

" Hang tbesf? vromon dootors 1 " is all you t*<in got 
bim to 5ftyi << if they nittEit bi^ docltrr*, why cairt 

)7 Hi^ii Ihdr full name, rind not nuko trouble h^ 
ai mjiii aad wif^?' 


jony vriLKR4i notmi, riEK-^iucvr ijvoolhV amab^ut. 

Ai3 intemoir wiUi ciii oJO #tAg«i' wiii: |»iblUhvd ft fcvr 
inoath^ Hgo hi tho New Voi-k J>ramalic Xewt^ wlibch 
fiirn^bes BOHKT oewr idea* aboot John Wilk<*3 Booth; 
brothel' of iho illiialrioiH Edwin, nni] tho loiTiblc orliu^ 
with wbicb be ebook a nation to it« centre, John 
AVi1ke« Booth, it vriU bo retnomhored, wiw lb« roan 
who shot aiKi kitloil I'rc^iclortt Ltncolii, n-bilo tbo lAtter 
wai« wiUiosHtiii; :k p«rforni:ii»ce of ''Our Aineiioan 
Cousin/' t\t Fon1> Tftciitrc, Wa^hiiii^ri, I>. C* on the 
night of April 14, I8fr5. Laura Kooiio wa^ on 
ahlgtt at the tinir. Wilkes Uov*th entered the Profti- 
d«Bt*« box mid shot bini ia the buck of th« head. He 
tlieii imitio bi» CBcapc by leaping Tram tlic box to tho 
|ittd£tt«uiid running theiioo through the <^iugc entrsixrc 

tlw Btn.*ct, wheiv he Jniipod <m a hor*< in wiutin^ for 
him- Ae ho «])rung frnm Uie box, hid liiol ciui^ht in 
the Auieni!4n (lii^ irhali M'as drupt^J arLjtind tbo r:tlling« 
Mud 111? r4.ll, .^{iniiiiiiti,' hi« acikle. Ljiiidm^ on Ukt ^la^^c* 
he jtiniiied up, and waving a dan:^r over bU he«d| 
hu sbniiled, ** *S*c arwjjfr ttfrtfu/iiJ*.'* IT** n'WJ* ftubww 
quciUJv abot Ly .Sci^oant Uoi belt. >\hiie attempting to 
o»cape from a hjira lu which ho hiui iKiught refuge. 

Said tk vctcrmi nntor. referring biiek a »i'or« of 

ir», l4» Wilkni* B(>olh'* opening at Wallack'a *dd 
llivntre. on Bnxidiva^v, near Hnjome Street: "The 
ieee to ojwn in wclh ' Riebaid 111/ Monday mom- 
CMiDo fiirri^hear^til uiih ibn ntar. and tiie company 


jonx WILKKa BnOTH, 


had a\\ a«si>iiil>W awviUiii^ him. Many w«rv the 
^loriefi told of his wonderful ;;rin^ ^i^d ecccntHoititrHi 
On^ old tiH'iuboi- of tbo eompaa}'. ivho hud pinyvd 
wttik him through (soorgin, proplioaiod bo would lurtko 

JOIIK WILKfi? Bmim. 

ft torrifio hit. SiLiil be; ' 1 urn an old mtui at Ibo 
1>uiiitieoa uiiil havi> fic«u uud jilavcd Y?ith sorao of the 
greatest tingeJiuiia the vorld ba« ev«r dceu. I've 


JOiiv wnjcn* hooTit* 

|>Uif~ci] ftccoiiil to MiKirc»dy. I've divided tliv nppUttM! 
with Clnrlcd Kcad. I'rc acted often wiili Fotrci'l, 
but in oil my l^ng rcnra of prDfM^ioiui) expeiieiice tlii 
jro4iu|p tUdU Wilkfr« Uoolb (1 migbt chJI htm a ^'^J')] 
this boy lA iht; fim actor ih^t ertr {to u«e a prol 
fiioDAl term) knockod m« olT roj pin^. upaet and 
ptctcly 1<'ft ni€ niUioiit a word to f^y\ Vo9, Air, na 
oM nctor liku me th^X you would BU|>poi}C an canh- 
<4iiiike couJd not fDOv«, waj tongut'tied^'iiDahlo to 
r<|ieuk hi* linpi*/ ' l'erh»ih* yoti never kiKw them.' 
euid our euucy !»ou]>ix:ttc. Tbc old man ainitcd, aiH 
tiieti ^iariii^cat h^rnaid : 'Not knowShak<^1(»«aro?' lie 
tURicfd from her ^ith acont^miihiouvsmile. * ^Mi; 
tiion,' €A}d Jim CuUitT. * were you ^> milch at aeail 
you were eo well up in the lines? ' ' Wait tHI you sec 
him yourAelf, tlwii u»k. ] t^ll you, gentleman, Uiore 
19 tnova umgiiotisiii iii Wilkea Bo»th*a eyi^ tliuii hi any 
human btiug's I tver wiw/ I li»l«Qed to tbo ol< 
actor nith pleasure, uud aet him down ts au eutbui 
ftiftAt — a not aa4.<iiuiMiciii thm^ tniioug aimie retenuia; 
of the sta^o, nltlioti-^^li, us a rule ihi^yai^e ^^i lo esirp 
th« preiMfnt luid deplore the di>wtir:i]l of the paal 
* What do you ihiiihf ' «i1d M. llltoii to mo. ' Y< 
know IhA iflung rruitiV hu>thfir, Fjiwin, and pUyinl 
with lh<T frillirr (>r ltt« hovfi. So bave I ; hiil diin'i, 
you llnak our rnnitt i*xaggrndrai n )iU? * ' No, T d 
itof-/ K^iil 1. * for 1 kticiw lb" geiim."* Ihjir. nma in tins' 
blood (if liie Hootti funitly, rtud Imve seen it crop up 
at times in Jnat such a manner us be dflAcHbea, The 
] rut engagement tlint the ^rent Jimlua BrfitiiH Brxilb 
played lii Snu Fntnci^o only n few we^k^ lM?riJre bi« 
doaih, I wa*i cast for Pufson HVWo In m •' Nrw Way 
to P&y Old Debu." And when iV/r Oiif^, he^mcrd in 
[on nil tides, is unfihle to lire:ik 1h<> i^mhinalioii Againjtl 
i» Mos tbo |Mrton appronc^bing, tbo liou imm«dl« 



Atcty Itocomea n Inrnh, UIa Ionic of h©rtV€nJjr »wcct- 
iiCM yrhtitx I tokl hiiri of lh« n^nrrui^ of h\n <tniighlrr 
waa a sttidy ^ l>iiL when ho lt-ant«d tflie ymtt wciJ4cd to 
Lis Inttere^L eneiiij', only a, Duty's peuciJ couKI (Jrpict 
the dialiolL-d maliiciiLty of th« ih;ii\. The mmka of hU 
fiEigers I curik-it ujilid uty tbmat for U^iy^ afh^r, uiid 
wh4>[i ]i» AJuitTked in my var tvilh his lot bn-uth, nnd 
llie foiun Or^iiipin;!: fiiJiu Ma lip — " t*ill me, Jevil, «ro 
ihvy m!xn\t*d? " 1 Iiad but t<j reply " lliey are/* buL 
wa8 iiitnble to do «a. So yoti aoe I urn j]rc|»»rei:l for 
anything th):^ womkrfiil young miiii may turn out 
to lnt>* 

**Ai thiit moEnmt 0. <H>itiii]otioii ivit* btmnl at the 
biti'lf i»r-tliii r«IiigL\ Hcid Hiikri'^H voii^i wn!< liniird to t^ty : 
'Ob! not wiutiiig l<ing : you iire on timo!' And 
alHiliiLg down Uie oeiiirt.'t of tbe atag«^ ch^wg the young 
man bim^alF who was diistJnocI to pT:iy such mi iiiifor* 
tunat^lHil-t in tbr history of our rnuntiy nlWrW:irci3, 
T\\e stntif^ 1>nirtg dark nt hiA riitr'int'L', fbi> foot and 
border ligblH worv yiudilrnly turiit^i) np ikhI rtv^fAlod a 
fjico *nd fiirm nof. ftii<ily di**{Tib("d or fiirgdUm, Voa 
hav« flc<^n u higb-in<Ti ibni i-un^r ivitli bU ulintl; ukin nnd 
ev9 of untuUEtl hi-ilLi=iK4*v i-'liuliiig uu<1l>v ^ iviiUcutt im-- 
fiatiortco to be doiu^ Momothing. It W tho only living; 
tliJnp; I ooiJd liken bim in. After Tlur u»;iiti1 jntroiluo 
tions wi^rt! <ivor, a *hrir|>» JM'ky innnnur bi^ rom- 
ni<rncod tbu rvhifuriuL 1 watclod hitu aloioly and por- 
ccivod tho enconiiuniH pa^^ed upon liirn l\v lUe old actor 
w^ro not in tlie l**ii*4t *xagjjerat*>d- K^^^udiiig i^uliroly 
now to »3, h& jx^ve ; bn>4n98H n^vor tbotigbt of by tlio 
oldest dtas*-'**! 'i^ iiilioducud ; and, when tho robe&rsal 
was ov<«r, one mid all mlmitU^d a (rrpJit acrtor wa* 
iimon^flt nn. Ktia^mf; bi>< ovtn powtfrf, liu wa" voiT 
particular in t«]ling thoEio Around him not to bo at- 

4dA jnn% mtiJLKfk wnarrm- 

friglitnl «t nighl. w b« vl^l (b« »id. wHli & soilk) 
tfarm* a liute mnre fiiw IjsIji tb« pari IkflD ml rvfavftnttl. 

RMmond, who tru Jim CoUier, wss Unmlr t»ld to ^^ 
)ookiMtifitbiprniiihat««iH. Jim. who vaft(«ndprob- 
fttJv in now) nnmMun^ of mn at^tvU, ASiiM acMcly 
AinU<> Bt xhtt iilf-« of anjrhpflr gvtUngr t^ 'x^ of hin io 
m fombMt n-mir, Jtnd iti « wiCloTn&cn aaklto Jim tTMrd, 
< Ktv}t rour pjre i>q me u><«^bt.' ^M 

"Tbe pv^nit^uTivMJ, tlws bonoe w%a tkirocilj, mad ^1 
bb reo»ptioci mis not a« vnnu ms his ra«riia deiemHi. 
Tb« ioUioqu; over, tb^n raiD9 lb« Br# pw nith JTti^ 
B^wry^ mnd breaking Inosw fmm nil lb» olil oitlifKlox, 
liie-wi^ bnniofiiM of ibc Rirbanln i4ttc« lb« dmjn of 
Gmrru-lc dnwn t«i Jcmnimt h« gnvir nveh m reoditiaa of 
lL« ciook-l]n«k tyrant m« wm* iwT«r lu^^n H^fnrv, mod 
pcrhmps iMT«r «iU >m ng^iiii. Vlliothrr it was in tbe 
g«iill» wooiitg of tho /'Ocfy --Imar, Ui« bTpociitjr of the 
khigt nr iHo mnlignmnt j^r nt Ar«dh'»^ii4*f ci^itim 
down to Ihn ligbt uhI di^tli of ibe tynioi, oHgionlJtjr 
wu »Um|>«d nil OT«r and through ihe p^rfomuneo. 
It wm« a t4»rnbU pkture. but il bnd n buoMiotu aadn 
one iil{:lil. At the coa]iii««oeD>ont of tfa« combmi, 
irhi*n Richard^ 00T«r<d whh blood nod the dust of ihv 
bottl^fivldt cTnM» swords with iitrAmtrnti, ColUor 
loob^ dviinnt and alQM»t ••eoMd to sny : * Now. Mr. 
Wilk«a Booth, you bnro Ii«mi frij!fat«auig •rorybodj 
tcv-night, irr it 011 mtf Aad nt tiM Huo« w|ieir« 
RirAard my^t * \ divndfgl Uy ; Uotn^n to d«crdr it,* 
the Bbow«r of Ulown cjinio furioui from AicAarvT^ 
vwoM upon tho dftvoted cmH'« bmd. Xuw was 
ColltDr'd turn, nnJ limvoly did ho rrtom them : with 
renewffd ctraiiglh Richarri mined Mowa mjmn bjnwn 
CO fmt thnltb« nthloticJim lj«^m to wiocw^nii loaicb 




aa to ii\y, * Ho^ Ion;; \b thia going to Last? ' Notbing 
^auntoJ, Collier whh both huuds clcuchi^d hia po^rciv 
liil vroi4)oiit but it wna only a fonthcr upon iJooth'a 
■word. Jim w:i9 thi- tir«t to ehovr cFiJcitco of ck1)au»- 
tion. nnd do wondir, nothing could ^vithntmid iho 
trip-hummer blo^vs of tbut itUhard. Wnlcihing for 
hilt bcAd*9 piott^ciiiui, he wan too mimindrul of liia 
hccU. ftiid before be wiw nwni-o of it. the iloufrhty Jim 
for on^f? Wjirt distcomliti^d — htMl.rn : »nd Inv U|>o;i hu 
Lfick in this oruhovtm, wberr tbi? iiiiuldeiicn] Buoih bad 
drivi-ii him. 

" The iiyhl «vu*r, thi* ruiliutt di'si^eriJm!. but Booth 
Goultl iioL rist). Maa> hclit^visd bitit di?:id, but no! 
there wa^ Ihtf hard bn.>uLUirig und Uie ^bi^&trd, «ijeii eye. 
Could it litY pch^iblo thla wan the ijjjiii who only a f«*w 
moiDi^nli^ bi>ror9 iiribody could withhtiiiid in hi* fury ; 
now ti bniji msi^M of exhaup4t4>il iiHtiirf*, bi^ iki>rvc« nil 
unMriing, iind wboiri u rbild might rotiijiif^rf 

•' Wi'll, iho pivoy, »-■« rmy Ih- iniiii^iiKMi, wnj* a ntK*- 
Itt — 11 p<j^itiv(« and an utLi|iiaUlViI Fii](<-^s4, f^ii itim^h 
fto thm It wnni kfipt oil UiD bal>iu(?6 of tUn wi'ftk. *< Tho 
Robber*" wan called for r«heai?4at next, and 0f* u^ul the 
war (iben hi progrefis) wa'^ the sole topic of ^onvei*- 
vntioiL The company wit^ pretty evenly divided on 
the ipic^tinn, n majority of them having played through- 
out the South, aitil bud iliEj *iim4**ym[inthy that th<» tncr- 
c-hnnt h.-id wlio mw UU tnul^ div-^rtpd thrttngb other 
L'brmncU. Not a word of poltticA wax wvur bi>jinl fmni 
Booth durinii I Ik? I>r«t wcolc of \\\* iMit>a;f\*m(Tnt , 
although hu ^Vlls an Atlciiti^i? li»tcni>r ti> tbu nni^ry difi- 
(*u«4ion« pro Aiid eon., till oao morning somebody (I 
foi^et who) rend abiud fi-oin a nowspuptT of tho ur* 
r9«t of Marshal G^ofg^ P. Kitne hi B^dtiiuore, and bla 
iiicnrc«ratioii ia Fort Mcilonry by ordor of Stuntuiu 



On« of tlw company (now deail) who bImII be uami 
]ett->, ttpf>ravcJ hturlily of tlio ott, luii] drnounced Ibo 
euiire city of BAltiiiioro aia fa bot-beO of rvtK*U, mid 
ahouli] !«? nL7-i«<l t« tin? gmuiul. His (>p|mofijl t*K*l 
an eiittr«]j^ lUrrervnT. view ot llit^ i|Ut?L|«im, hoiI llumglil 
Iho levelling Co (lii-oiLrtli «lii>ol<t fwiloiM! Id oii« &I*rii 
Sunton by Ibe aiJ of it plsto! shot- The unfur! onati 
UdooIu's iiaine waa nev«r nientloiied. At Lho 
gestlon of ibooting SlAotou, u voice, tremulous will 
^inotif^n, at tb« twck of the fllnge W!t« b<vri1 Ijv vx< 
cUim, * V(*B, sSr. you apfl right 1' It wm Bf«)tb'*. 
*I kno^r Gvfw^y V . Kiin^wpll ; IwrtM my frimd, nml iHn 
fOHn who (-miUl (Irng birit frrmi Umt boHom nf bi* famtlr 
fiiriii) rrim<i wlmt^vrr^ but n moro KUA|ii<^bm tbiit hrt 
vmtf <roimtiit ouu Ttomit linw, d^wrv«<« ft dog'i* death t *^ 

*» It wa< not tho rtwitti-r of wlwi hi* Kaid, St wiia tli 
niaom^r and g(-n4>r!d ai^pciimoeo of tho ap«aker, thflt 
awed u«. It would romliid yt\u of Ludfcr's dc0aQO«, 
At tbc <rouncI1. Ha atood th«ro the embodiment ol 
«Ti1, But ft waa for a moment only, fi:>r In tbo nexl 
breath with hia aharp, riikgin; voke» he excUizaod. 
* Go on with the rebearul \ ' 

■< Tbnt d ly nnd it^ ev«nt« parsed from memories of 
the mnjority of na. b Jl I never could fon;et tb» ^reiM ; 
the RtRttie«qiid fi;^re of the Tounif mAQ utlorin^ tho^e 
few worti** in th« cewtpe of the old *la^ of U'siJhck'ft 
can n«ver bo for^ttciu Soro^ mcintb^ iift^T I wn* 
awnkenod fnim n couml nlccp aiid told thiit Prraidi>iil 
Lincoln had bocri »hot. Hidf dazod 1 iut^uired wbiMij 
and whoi-o, and boiti^ told, HitVcd wbt* wa^ tho a&«ai 
abi? Willfoa Booth ta thought to Ik*, but It la aniy 4' 
$U|)poaitiaii that ho fa th« guilty ono, I felt it was but 
tootni«, for I could se« him in my mind's i>ye aa u| 
that day in tbe old theatra wben be would hare noder^ 



taken any task, however bold. A fecv houra nfter 
proved the rumor to be true. The laat act of the 
tragedy all are fskmiliar with, and one day standing at 
the ^rave nntslde of Baltimore where all that is mor- 
tal of father and son lie, I could not stifle memories of 
the past, and felt like dropping a tear of pity over the 
sudden and early downfall of one so promising, that 
had he lived might now he delighting uightly thousands 
with his powerful acting." 



Thp rlfww of n thenlricnl ^ioason. which rarely ex 
fnriy wri'k.*, imtl whtc-h termitiiitc^ in tbo month ofJuaS 
1* ttlwjiv« \r.u]vt\ by thoproeperoiis actor ns niiocciwKk 
when 1:0 t^'.u\ find pnjoyraont ftud r^t in iw>mo c£» 
jijjttl ; or Jf L« IK in tlio ninke, lun! U flmlviliau* to I) 
rei.'ko«]pcl \ti ihii <oikHt(*Jl:aJon <>r tli'nm&tia siArs, li 
looki forward to Iiia Miinmifr viteution lu ft lime 
whioli h*» wSU hHV6 or>|)ortuniry t'l fix U[> his l>tjsiu©sa 
for tbe coming bl^uhou ; or if ho hm not yet a^ciin>d 
a maunger' — probiibly iiifvdlti;; one wUh mon^y — h 
can bntton-'holo tlio liniinciers of tho "Squui^," as 
the mpQtm^-i^lace md mart of the thcdtrJCAl fraternity 
of tlio entire continent U torniod. Tho ctnri 
Wi^ofnirig so numorou^, nnJ, ind^od, eo iiuignificuuit, 
tljEit oven mcmborfi of tbo vnricty profowifin with th« 
tbiiLn(*»t |>rct.ciytii>ns in tbo world to dnuiintiu Uiatiiio- ^i 
tion, niid tlicro arc f^w on tho h^^itiiQEito mU^ abov«^| 
the reiiiki} of uiililv, who have not iiapiriitiou* of lh<i ^^ 
eaaio hn<;)jt nnd t^'iakling Wtud, Tbo be^inniu^ of 
cTory aooson finda u humlred or nioro »cw combino- 
tionB, with little tAlcnt and le^a nionoy, starting out 
im the road; and one, tno, or three tvc«ks briugv 
them bflck, cither " oii their bajfjagc," or " on their 
iip|>etet" — tUnt i«, the railroad company carrier tbem 
homa aiiO h^lda tho bjij^gnge for their fnres, or they 





of Aaying they walk borne. Very few of the choapj 



varlHy jirtlstH of the prvMcnt iUiy jiro worthy of rvon 
a iiitfitii [ilarn In the *'ltfirit-/' aa they i)«0]<piat« the 
l«gitiiii:LLo t^la^L'; aiiid it limy Ik? »ttiii, too, llmt »om« 
nUira vrho Imve nucceeJoil in reaching thi^ l4*<rrlimiili< 

among the giTm** of Ui<t vurict^V p1»J5»^ Thi*, hnwev^T, 
in II Kiilijcrt li(!V4>nil tho ]>nr|>iHiv< of thU work, lufd nu 
[ will not ^n furtht^r tnio tt. 




AT im: ^r.\M]>r.. 

Th<r actor ttuU ikctrL'^a who htive «c4t)oU cJowii ti> Itit^ 
roguluT i-outiiio of grncmi w<irk aro amoii*; tho porflOi»>4 
vrho f^ot nioHt iMijovnii^nt for thoir moiiry <tijrin«^ UwW 
%watnvT vjioiUiou, Slnr», niaUy and IbmeJo nlikc, who 
kav« iiiiid« m<>iii*v and rcuohtKl i\ tniwfjKiory i-onnJ oti 
tb« Udctor of famC( though thi\v may not hhvo i.><inup?!tf 
bv thi' fti^ii^ido, or f^uoini^r toHidi'tUM.^«? of niiylbiojj; 
Jiko tt prctoutidud ehanictor, can nliw 1m counted 
umon^ the rtiiinh^T ivho " louf auti iu%-Uc their 
^ouU'" in a |iro1it«ibtu uu%l |>lcaaumh[e iiiaunvr. Mont 



cf Xh<i lunk #lim lisivo nie« lEttlo Dooks by riv^r, 
rr iicfjisidr*, in qiibt, c<if>U iind «Wly epoLs, vrbi-o Uiq 
Inigt^dk-iiri^^ itiiO comrdioniic^ of pmmij)i?n«^ atiut foi 
tuiio fi«L<m to |>tvft-r Hihi^r li:m4UkHEio rvvid<*ijc<»« in Nqi 
Yi>rk <tr oUicr E:i!iU<ni mt-tnjpoliM, or oliio u irnU^rin;;- 
)}bic« cH>it(k;C(<, Mti^i;io MJtehull prefvi^ Lrxig Bt:«nc1i, 
So dtiea Miiry Aiidcr^n, who Wrvs mrrrynedtidc-d life 
St tbU ^ny resorl . Meet of her liiiio U |JUfre«d ia pliij 
infr with hor \\\t\^ s(e|i-*i«|pr on the l^iwn of thoij 
pix'lly pUw- SIk? rUli'j* (in h(»r«(rh:trk n grvut deid, iiiw 
Uhos :io o(»?£tiii<WNl idion crntMo on her ncrn" y.*Acbt, 
■'TIk* Gid.itvfi/' wliicbMlio luiA iitimi^ iLfltr tint lutcitl 
mle lidded lo livr n^peiioii'o. *Miiiiiio Palmc-r, iJioul 
the oidy n*al rivil LotU has got, eumnior* nt Lou] 
BruTicb. EiuiD^ Abhoit goes to Oipo Anii> 
Wiilltfi): d('vot«fi himsol/ ciad Wa viUNiUon io uiuktn^' 
xbort tnp^ ill Lid dtdiiiii VAoht. Jolin MtCuDou^b 
biuit't ectllod liowH aii^'t^hero yd, Lcut y<*m' bus vr»il 
trt KTi^Ittnd to wnvk and vrin a Loiid^m rci>ulaLion 
thi»yu»r h<! i-^ v^itU Oeu. Shoriduu io tb« VttilotvBtoiio' 
Vidlvy* Fr*[1. Mared>Jii Ilkcd to go 6:ibiiig: at Salmon 
Lake. Mi-Kt>o liiitihhi hna a sUick rann at Bole BIujk-i 
Cantuia, whoro ho spends bin ffumiufird. iloim W. 
^orkHi flk'A QWuT to Conoy l^lniid, Loii<^ Hruudi, aud 
a round of the Kn^torn WEiturin^-plucc*, AIii^. Norton 
always accomparyini: him. And »a the catvgoi 
mifht bo IcD^iicnrd mit. iiat it i-i UBolrM. 
libhcd slara baro c»tabli»lied fortunes nd wcU na r«piii 
tiiliona Ofily by dint nf iho bardciAti and, I mijfht aiM, 
in uuiny m^Kin, Ica^t ap^MV^ciatcd kind of vork.nad 
Ibcy dc*crvc thr thout^utiiid of doll^irs Iht^y make ov^ry 
ir. PciT of llio grunt slara Tali Icaa than *50,000 
a forty w(**lt-'' 8»>ii^on, auil thcri) aro few whoso 
lnr« goiM undt-r $],0r)0 a nook. tfrioHnimotoccanitt- 
money fuatcr. pro^Kihly, than any otlicr mnn who 

THK Htirkl»KU VAf."\TiOV, 


to tlie 8nin« pricGS, imfl John MoCiillougb and 
Andlcrena iiro iLinct]^ tlio rciipcr* of tlio ridiosl 
ImrvD^t'i. B(X>lfa a(>litf>m ptiiv^ u sou^on tlirougli, but 
vrhcii ha dooM ho, of (-'oiuec, curriii^ cilF Um hmutrA. 

Aut^>i^ uiid ucti'vd£e«f wiilld guiiorou^ ih u dLL^a, save 
thcirmojK'jy'jttodvei'^fuwoix* found loitering arouudXew 
Totk -' broke," dunngtbo vacation montlie. StUltheTO 
i\TO c&aes of poverty, I liavo Ituowii ii formor popuUr 
IriaU cocuedtniit who belong to a tLiiaily of popular 
and prospcivufl members of tho profc^dsioii, to vfulk 
the streets oi' a Western tuwii muny a day without a 
cent in hU i^ockctH iind iiotbiug tn look up to ut night 
for fibcJti^r but the alnr« high EUid pitik:4:i over hin bald 
hciid. Rvcrjl>ody has rcitd iLb4>nt the Kniili^b iictor. 
whot driven tn di^trL-^'^, jieuI t)tiiTi<iing nt IlK^Uoorof 
dtfli'vutioit, (limned an old gnty ^i^, <ind wu^ found 
tttngiiig at]<t IjejTging iirouiid Union ^qtniro. [t ^aa 
only ivhci) a poIic4*Mi;m hi ju-iH.*»tii>^ hicn accidt^iitally 
puUed off hm wig thniL the uctor'a identity and condi- 
tion wero known. The forniei' wiw carefully eoueealod 
and tho liitler cheerfully and liberally ieli<jvcdp I vras 
at u L;iLiqnct <;ivcu by the \yv&»s of St. Loui4 to Thomas 
W, Kcene, the tragcdinn, during hi* fir.H stnrriog sca- 
fioui when among tho few guc^t!< who ^tt down to the 
tabic, bcttvet^n Billy Crane nnd Shmrt Robsou, waa a 
ihiri't, 0tL>iit.giiiy*h(Mdrd, nnl bnig giay-biMrded man, 
whom not^idy kni'W. The night was hittcily c<dd, 
«rill the old fi^llow wure only ;i lung, grav linen du?itrr 
oviT II ihtn, ltd wooll(Mi hhirl , with i\ wvy qu^tr jniir i>f 
p;<n1abH)n8 ^nd rough bro^ann. Ili?i blgh* battered 
aud widv-briiitiiitrd hni reMer] under hi^ 4>htur aft if h^ 
wnft afraid aonie of the etj[n|)9.ny woubl uleal it. Fin 
awcpt elean every dihb tot l^efure him, cmpti«;d et'cry 
g]iis% iif winr, nnil with \h'uI hrnd« find knife ami fork 
in hiutd, waa wnitiitg anxiously fnr r.iiul] tonrHi< when it 



ftroaiit), " Who is tbe old gmy? " ttiiil fun vni« pc>k«i| 
at him mthlrAcljr; but it mhomidm] liglitljr IVota llio 
UM% of tiiif lii]«q duxt^r, und bo lL«>0(kHl nil tb^ Uowi 
^\1icA ttic \ofiAU w«nl urc^tmJ tliv o1<J iiiii tru uki 

JOll?( vr, X<tl<Ti>X. 

to ri^«poni1 til nii4', iiud g»t up dikI *[Kilcif rhnnnlngly 
for hnir Ein hour or monr, inlrrHliK'in^tWJhlAiM-ilbiMii 
^Mlb tiN A iiinniiil livmii, mid an a itojig aud dxtico. 
Then h*r cxplaiiK^d how tliv ciljr isIUor of a loeal 
kt(l ^cnt Tifrii 1^1 report the banquet: bon' lie «nmo flfaii 
oriiig to t6e imirrow of his b<nie'* to Ibo <iwn- of. 



.Club H<m^e — tliG lufM f^i^liioimbk* in lli<» cilj' — ami 
Bfikod permisiioa to go Into tUe kilcliun lo wurm hiin- 
fi^lf previous to ajjpoiiihig at the banquet boanl, a por- 
tnissio[i whieb was gmiitei]. The oKI mail fljioko &o 
eloquently bi telliitcj n pitiful story of h\& poverty, Put 
Sbort, treufiU[vi' of tlie Olym|)ic, at tbe instigation, I 
think, of M»iia<-cr Norton of tUe Grand Opera lloue^, 
pickiMl up A hfit A[]d took np a coUoctioo from the 
ti'U nuwspiipi^r inirn am) U'li iW-ton- pr*>Reiit. The coU 
lc<Tt]oii iu\tt«cl t-tli.T5, which viut pourud in the old 
niiin's two humUT while lii« eyt4 wore wcL with tears. 
Then ha was fruoly plit*d witU wiDe^ and dunciHJ, vmng, 
iind gave i^hrouotogLouL uxatnijiutioiia tor two hounti 
whL*ii tlic crowd diKpoi-BioU in the groutoet jEood humor. 
Stuart Kob?toii ttihJ thid dtory to a Boeton Times mmi 
who maJv a two-toluiiin arlick out of it that travelled 
all ovop tbo country, and in which all tho credit of the 
ehiuity with the tigiirca j^cntly increased waa appro- 
priated unjustly, by Mos^ni. Hobison & Crone. Bui 
thJA iv not what 1 et^rted out nhotiU 

" While tho actor sock* di^op shadows under the far- 
reaching fttnis of huge trees/* writes the New York 
Dramatic 7\intA man, " or leisurely smoke-s bis pipfl 
bctif'alli heavy }K>ugh». thick with ^rented bud» aad blos- 
«omc5, Aomu our 19 working ont hln programme for the 
nrxi niM^inn. Thin ' >i)iniT onn * in olVnn coiifnuniJed 
with tbe tieior hitnNtOf, or tn tnkun for Utr jiunvtitn who 
foHtcr* and tlinvt*fi on aontu iiidiri*cL vein uf the Uvin^ 
and aotltB tbti'alricjd bmly. Tlie »1urdy laan of busi* 
ue»a» wkii by cliaiico hap|keiia to paas the pavement 
bolirocn Broftdw^y and Pifih Avcnuo, on the #ioiitU 
Hido of I'liioji Sqmuv, fanciei^ that the rn)wd of well* 
Jraf«»ed and, as n riile^ qnift men, ai^ idle profe^ 
slomils, lounging »way a warm thy betw<>rn ^o«Mp 
and boer. He little koo^s Ihnt tbi^ U tbn ihenlncat 



oxcluingc of tb« Wceftcm Wort<lt vhcro busincM in 
carriod on in tlic sunK^ honorable tncKlo u at tbo 
Stock Kxulmii^, witbout Uiti Bmllum iu>itt<-ft, ahU tbnt 
tb« 6e<ji>iin^ dLi]'l<!i'a uiid^/r thtj p'uU-l'ul nbaOc: of the 
Mort(»ii Houeo ur« aa slirewd in laokin^ »t tlk« run «>f 
tbo Uiealmul muikct aa uny Wall Htrt^ct broker. 
Every tbuatri? or iiomudic utti^acUon tbroughtitil tb« 
United SUt<;d buft. at »umv time during tbe day, u 
'»oniuoii9' looking out for ■ dalea ' nud 'look- 
ing' memorautbi for future contract*, Witbout any 
ii^a^mtmiit to iiiL'tt or triiiisHct busliieas, ibo ' atJin© 
one' Bp[>oai^ wiih the Jiiueroaca and makes ita point 
tf^ \rAss Ibc lljjilto bctiro-cn tbo hours of ten a. u, and 
four r. M. Th(? urtiiii's of ibi* rxchungr :irp gigantic 
(wbcLi for iiiM.inu^ oijit mnnii^t^r givff« brtna Jidc evi^ 
dwLK*<: ihnt b<? hiW ^^l JlOJMMI in tho |wijit fr<]ia»on), 
and thnw^h U. wotibl lio JnqHi^Mldrtn mnki^ mti rxf minte 
of tbi* toUil ntniiiitit., it is Ajtfti U> f^Tiy tbdt rullfioiiH iim 
thr rr*ijlt, of i\u*Mi MtTmbigly imihumI nuftinga, 

" A giiidrt |mblLsli4id lustyt-iir ^}vv* u Inul of nimut 
four thou?4!U»d flvo huoilu-d Lbeatrea, thnt ki*pt opim 
Ibtir dooM for an average of forty weeka. Taking 
tb» jiour Htlnifrtiou, with the at^r tb»t fllU tim theatre 
to (ivorflowiiig, tbe avt^rage rw^i^lw would he alxint 
$150 for etieh tbratre, m' $n7A,000 |iii1d eveiy nEgllt 
forHmuii^mPTitj* tbnm<r|u>nt. Out Uidird Sliitpn. ThU 
would ni»k» 11 trHid for ouo w«*i-k, of i-4»050,0OO, or, 
for tUo <yUiro nciwon ofl'uiy weok*. »ir.2.()0<>,of)0, not 
counting iiiiitiii<'4'ic. Tuking, tbfrn. An industry tbat 
brings in over $1t^f).0<K)ff)(lO w rntiiidniiniberstduriugtb^ 
Beaami, Iho n(>ntly dn^A«'d iiki*ii thsit nm nnld to ■ biuij^ 
around tho S(3unio ' nro tho rat-n that control <iT \>M 
tbo wiro« and tsoC tliu nmoliiiK*ry in moiuw. The fig- 
urcut ahovo anr. after all, hut ■i|>|>ro3cimuie, and noli 

elude uiAtii>«Mr*T vrhiob in iheoitfelvee would «* 

TiiJC jm;ii:4KR vacation. 



inflth:!!!, nor <Wh it iiicluil^i th« circii» world* wliich lit 
iwt rcpreaontei) ou the Kiullo. 

** Oil tlio oLlif^r Mid« of t]i4f Ic-.dgcr will T>e found 
tvrciity-oight tiiout^iind actorn tSmwinx iWi- *iilHripjj 
frijin thoio T«coi|K9: : niid iiboiit twc-lvtf thouKinid more, 
conitif^tirigof t^jiqi(*iit«r*, jirtiprrly-ituru, ■fH'ne*idijft<frji, 
Iho ^in^iloj^cc^ i)f tho fmtil of lUe tliudtro, ett\ Tweuty 
dolLum a wc!L'k t^ueli would iiiik^ a fulr avt^rago for the 
entire forty UinuaiiDd. mid wonM nggrogiUi? a total of 
$^2,000,000 iu Bulurm aloue. Add to chU tho rent 
of tlio foiJi' thousand live hundred dilfemnt lhoutro& 
aud h^dls whidi, iit ii moii^^rul*^ <rnlciiUlion of S4iy 
t4,0O0 with, would mjik<> $^,000,0110 for llio year, 

*>Thu 8GUM011 liiivinjf f-loMrd, ut^toi's n?Gk v(!<]hided 
sjioU, revel in the mijoyuioiit of ElEiniiel ehirU mid 
couiiti-y lifts '^"j<'y»"ff " ffo/oe Jar nit>nte cither by mimi* 

ore or iu wooded glt^n^. and iiro dei»:rihcd u« * real* | 
lug.' In tlio iiookd many have ebarit]jn<^l]Ouuchnldai 
and und«r ihcir roof-trees bappinesa r^ij^ie, wuhout 
mucll roTerfince to < sbop.' Tbu inaaagor or aj^ent, ■ 
iiowevopi ti» «oon ne one 80ti«oii oluIh, procures hit 
' booking ' book and sbirta for tlio Si|uarfs, lli^ plin , 
may be to play bis uttriK-Uon Ju the South. Tlie cud 
of liii^ route will tinn liUi^ly be New OHoan0. After 
hnving hiM date iu that city, he will * lill up ' hia time 
going and eoEuing buck. If tho attn^cticu Ix; g<>od» he 
fills hij time by playiug in larger citiee for ono week t 
if tiot, ho makes oao or two-ni^ht stands, which, in- 
lerpivted, incaus thnt hia comiiany playa for owe or two 
iiigbtA in tv city* blurting hi ^cptexubcr. ho works hia 
wuy down by l'hi]»de1|>hia, iiUtimoro, VViLvhin^toii, 
and then in the beaten n^uLe throu*rh Uichmood, Mcm- 
phin, Atlunta, etc. TfaU route Hxing »how^ tbo cz* 
perieoced manager; for nlioulj ho, ftir iriAtauce, have 
iho week commoDcitig February Ist Ju Xerr Orleautf, 



he would bnve a night in Mobile, Alnluimat, Ix-foro 
reaebing tbere. To u nefw matt the Molnic nuuiugi^r 
tnigltt fiffer Srilur^luv, giving thfi noinjiuiiy tuni^ in 
rcfLch Nrw OrlivinA an \fnndny. Tf t.lil-t be &i:L-t'|)ted, 
it would )<hfiw iiHfvpfrmiicw ill tht? riiutv itmlu-r, hh llie 
fnnliino^ibtis iriglil. itt Motitin in Friduv, SalurJujr Wlii|^ 
' ])lg^<!rfi* * ni^liL Hu slmuld ai> time it as lu reach 
Mobile on Frlila^, pUy that uSglil to t>ig bumiie**, liav© 
Iiifl matinee, aiid do the best be could wiUt Sstlurd^y 
iii^lit. Til other seetii>ii% of tb« country he niiiht kitovr 
wlii'H ttiiTf wnrltmnn'M pJiy-<iuj' i* , In Ihfl tM sijkI mtning 
rrgiorts, Tor inKUmT, ih^t uwn Jiro piiid but crvcrv fort- 
Tii^rljt. Tht'. :Lt1r;irtioii wbii'li rvfirhifK Uiitnr nofintiHt 
uj\4*r the iv.iy*thiy run*>i tlio Ih'sI. 

'■Anotbrr oftliu grrivo con^tdertitionH iii thcf ijiu^HtiaD 
of niilnnid furox, AIL but tlitf Ing Hlini<^tion« miut 
taku Into tei'i^Miv cuiiiiderutioii the gvnvnU irx-'rvum^ of 
rHllroJtd mios lo tbe profpsslon. Some of the roadi 
have not joined lu the j)ool^ and biIU cater to tbi^airlcal 
custom. Th^ chies on these routes are Ukel^v to have 
a nub of Attrcictimi^ tbisienaon, mid, »s:«coiisoqijencet 
will bi*forf* lonp; yield poor recpipte. At any rate there 
is a tfTitdmicy, even anion^ the bosl-jiayiii;^ cf^rnpnuieSt 
to take nhort *jiimp*) ' this )ik>n«on ( li*-S2"5) and visit 
tiitif'0 that wnuld have h^n pae^d over witb oontempt 
a lihort tinid miiK-e. Diit the dilTereiico of tm^ollin^r 
i.>x|i«nKe« Olid or three hundred dolUr« in a day, with a 
<!om])iiny of fnrty people, dragsring vxtm bflggiigo, 
moaiiB a big diircrrrnoo in protiU. 

*' The mail on thoSi^UEirc ba* Uy look 04lt foi" nU 
these thitij^t as well tin Die priiiliDg of the company, 
one of the inoal important and ex)>oiieive itoma of 
atravolling company, an itetn ^vllcb wiU ofloo mnlcft 
him pa^s w-iktifiil dnys aikd sleeplciia ni;*hte. TheHT^ 
ociUracte, of course, varv for the dificreut crganlai 



The big thcntHc^l gun aa vrcll as the Bmalloftt, 
either pcrdoiially ot through ngontt. k<fcpr« himEinlf 
poated of tho aS'^in of tho Riulto. No mutter a» to 
how ho&vy ciilibre tbc lii^ j^uii inuy t>e, lie mar toll hi« 
friond he don't vUit tie Squaw, but bo docfl, or i& 
euro to W it ho kuawii that he lives at tho Union 
Square Jiot^l, or ^t somo other hotel nctir by, where 
bk boetdn^ is done. MarKii^rA of provinciul tbeiitrc^, 
QOger to liU the time tov their houxort, tmvel civitwuixl 
to (h« Mrocft of theutrodom, or hAve thoir booking 
doDO by local n^nt-i or firm:i ciigiigod in lhi» city in 
tbiit spceiiilty — the coinmiHMaa Tor uti uttTat^tion 
being from t'' to t7» One firm of tbU kind in Uuion 
Squuro do the bc^oking for more Uiau fil'ty theatres, 
while aiiatlier ami hirg^r one in Tvv«iily-tUird Street 
coiilroU vtiVirc tircuitu. and fbrniAhL-s attractions for 
aeverai hundred tbeatree. Tbe manager hariBg laid the 
fouiidallon of his |iliin> tiikes the summer to complete 
it, chan<^tig a town brir, or & dnle there, to make hi< 
route fls compii^te iia |ioaAible, uid u convenirnt to 
travel ov^r, mi un to reach & town and have his coai- 
pany n:*l hcfore appearing. 



The b«iievo1eut and protective* order of Elk.^ is a 
mystic orgHiiizaLion whose memtrarvhip U innO:i up ttl- 
mciHt f*)itir>.*ly of thr>iJ)t.nra1 |i<'oj>1nf i)rvr*Hpn|)rr mrMi, 
nnd jiPoplM vrlm htiv<t Knnic* i^lnim nr oibt^r oii t.lm i]ni> 
inatic prnfeHfiioTi. It i* a noUl« iiiKtitutinn, having for 
itH foon^uliftn f.hriHr ^'nind ntiil hf-niilifiil prtnctplt-M-^ 
IViftmUhip, i^lmrily, unci jimtico. F,voi;y promlnE^nt 
n(?tar in tlic rourtry U fininil nn \t* rolU^ uni] the gooil 
irork it ni^complitilicf fn>in oiu> ycnr t'> unolhrr Ik 
i9Xlvn«iv«, und worthy llu* widowt roc*ci^riilioii. The 
only thinff I have to find fituk with U iu hiiiruUon but* 
liW6«. Being a joLljr. fun*lovlng sot, every cnn^lidBle 
U put tfarnu^h iTi tho Ifvelleit khid i>r ^yle, I bad a 
friend, a low coniedhn iituned Jtj^bAndle, who ;^t IQd 
toh^:in Elk, and 1 think thoy put itp Hnunuj^uatijint^r- 
G^ting bill fnr my iiijiiiiion. In Aict. I don't think it 
va^ u fionniiKf Kik mfti^tioii m nil, hut it was awful 
funny f'lr thons who ivittumiirtd, and not n Iwt pl«aaant 
for m«. 

It WAV Suiidcty Qftonto^Mi uhcn I wiia introduced to 
the inyatcriM of tbiei Ord«r- Tho ilrat pereon 1 mot in 
th« Atite-eliainhor o( the lod^o room was an officer 
called the Out or Spyglass, He ordered tivti Alnn^^ 
Kiks to Wd mo away to another room where I wai 
blindfolded, luid aloD^ fro^u was thrown overiuo. Al 
lar^o red box, coffin-shaped, vrilb hin^f^n in the middlo 
of 1b« back* aad a round hold in iho middle of the BpUt 




ao that by opcuin^ tli^ box, ndjustimr % mnii'H 
neck to tho place Intdidml for it, and thcMi closln;; the 
bo3? ngnii), tho coiitrivauc^ became tha ^'hastlicst sort 
of a pillory. There were aira opeuiuff* ift the aiJes of 
tbo coffin i\nil the lowm portion which tiJLd been sawed 
sbort WiVi m>t hoarded up, »o thiLt the le^^ might be aa 
Tree 05 po!!4il)1c under the oircuinsttnce»> in wiLlking. 
r»lo u wondcii ovci"co»t of thu kind I was fmrnwily 
thniat. with my bend protruding throii*^h the bnir in 
the lid. The ganneut kid beau built for a tttMX with a 
longer and thinner neck than mine, and iu pn^porliona 
wer« so entirely out ftf keepiug wilh my phy*iqiie> 
that whiln 1 waa choking, and my «piiial column 
threatened to crack any niinute» my arms &nd legs 
wore »ofrcrin;; the 3*even»t torture. It w-i* rci-trtinly 
a uoinfort l*i Unovr thut drstd pe^plr do iloI a-* a g'^i- 
eral thinj^ wear thvir li^rntraan alHtvrn in thiH wtylc. 
Wlii'ii T hud i\ui (ivi>n'4i;Lt on, tbo aJloiidanlH liftil n 
piifL^e lif rupi< ELiLrutid n\y nui-k, n Linw-'pound pniyi.<i* 
book wiLH pliu-ml in rny ri;j:ht hand, and u em^hre d«<-k 
of caifln hi my loii. Ueiog ready for ttie saerilli-o, one 
of the Klk^ vim di^I«*;fale<] to IiitrMlac^e me to the 
Ordrr. He itmk hold of the ro]io that bung from my 
neck and faanlvd metip to the doornt which theCmnd 
MtcroKcojie iiljindir g-nstril- 

"Th^ candidate* U ren<lj,'* aaid the outer Spy- 

" Fjpt hiiti rntpr!" wn* the Mtrro*co|w'fl (vimmand, 

Trcmblh^g and hdple^, I «tood at lant, a piotare of 
the litinon rldlculouaneai and misL^ry, in tbrt prf^nence 
of the High, Mljrhly and )!i^;ni(iceiit Muc*k-a<Muek of 
the Order. 

" Qiilverini( candidate T" the Muck-a-Muck ox- 
dafmed. ''Th^ Elks pve you ci^etinjjr. Every |>cr«on 
here aasemblod etrotohod out bU h^ht haud to you, and 



the champion Indiiui^Cliiti Swtnjairr will iiovr i^ro you, 
inoD«> solid (<bufik, til coik^atultiioiiB ofihiv entiro 
gath<tring for Uio &uo4?ci5fi tliat promlt^^ to nttcDd your 

A Cam>idatr xv ur.OM.xx. 

att«tnpl to enter our Ordor. CI itli-S winger, oongnUxw 
late I" 

TLo CliiVSwIn^t^r iIM m. Itvrtsthe most {iturtlfiig' 
CGngratuliition 1 wa* fi^'er llie woipwot of. Ifatmjnofi 





cars travelling At tho rntoof lOOmikti an hourlind nm 
into mc I eimld rot hiivc? iK^t-n more siirjirUtHl. A blow 
tlifit wuuM hiiw niEKle a pile Jrlver or n quarts lumm«r 
fcoL that it had no more fr^rcc tbun the hind \c^ of ft 
house-fly ivaa plants on Ihe ci>ffiii lid ri^Ut over the 
firet button of my vtst. and fm" throe miiivtcs 1 sped 
through space. Whca 1 landed oa my back I felt an if 
X had mo Against :iD other ifiich blovr epecdiii}; in nn 
oppasito diroctimi to the Firnt. l^\'cry houc in my body 
WdB juiTvd to niy tiTi^or tipj and loc-nails, and tho 
wreueh my neck ^ot in the tiu<!dcii Atopprifre pvvo me 
tho impre^im that my Apino had hceri aU at ouce 
Icn^hciicd r>ut eixleen fv«l and wad Atlll jC^owiit^. 

"Fotf^utial I'iU-PwecrJberr' the High Muck-a- 
Muik comumuduil. '* examhie the caudidat«'a condition 
ni)d immodiut^ly report upoit the euun^ ! Uow ho$ h^ 
«tood the congratulation? " 

Th« Mitjt^r Physician felt my puW^ miittcrod to him- 
self ■■ 14,— iJ*.— 9iN~I35/' kWil aiii^WTvd '■ \U htM 
t»t<^»d it well, your Mnji-sty.'' 

'* Then Xat him thrico maki? thn drcaitoflhti Peculiar 
Circle ! *' was the uc-xt eoriintand. 

Several Klka Lelpt^d nw Ut my fi^ot, and after guthurw 
ing up Lb« scattered enchro dL*ck itiid rent^^ring it a,iid 
the prayer-lxMik to my oiitf^lrelehed hands, the first 
attcuilant Helzed Uia rope still daiigllng from my ]ie«ki 
und led nio on a rnpid trot around the lod^e room. 
WhiircfTrr 1 p/v<4<Hl hoAvy blowH wore miiiod upon my 
roffin i'nvr-ring, and T ima^iaed I bi>:inl Kfivf^nd Imlf- 
supprr-vtrd hnii^liM anifnig my t4>rmrritnr«. I wtk> hi^gin- 
nmg to get mad and lud ahoat niiulo up my mind to 
tJirow offlhe wood^ni ynke J wili carrying tiroLind, fear 
the bandage from my eyeH, und Mail in and pimch the 
headjd of ha1f*a<doxcn Elki, wbeuX wea pounced upon, 
dragged to tbe door and roughly relieved of the cofflo. 



I ftit hotter ttftcr tJlitf Ami CKlmlj^ AtrAiU^] tlir 

*• Bi'ififc ill*' rjitiiliihur iM'ffjiv ttn^ lliroiu*/' wmi* (he 
next rittiiujiiiii] i>rUi4- Tli^L ^fin^k-ii-Mtirk. 

With tbe HhsisLrtiK^o 4if a fewr Klk» J aiiciaeeJed En 
rMcbi(iga8[)ot wbero ivǤtnppei], aiidvhicli, T^vppoM*. 
wii^ right in tlie nii<lht fif the nidlamie tlmtlitjvrrs nmr- 
t?st this |jrcT'«idifig ofliircr"?! tlirono, Tt w tu^tdlfsn It* suj- 
tJuit T Mt very hndTy. itnit TniiiAt liaiv took<?d frighiful, 
ftHpwL'ialW wh«]i, ttH ha|i[iniii3(1 ji*j<L then, Winnoboilj 
chip|>eU u c]L»iiitiliAhrtl ^Un'4vpi|lt? hriL ml tn/ head U> add 
to my alrvaJj' ridiculoua luipuai. I had hofje?*. how- 
ever. Umt the f^nd ^'u£ it^ar: hut I vl^ sadly jmUakeiu 

'* N*ow» treiiihlitig npophvio,** -iftid iho Mifjh Muck-ii- 
Mui;k» in vi>ry iiiiprev^ivo t«kiie^, ** ihe mo»it important 
purt of our ren^moii y Mill ivitmrn*. Hitherto you haT« 
hsiil fdl rh<* fiin ; from tht» timo on the fun will Ut^ on tb^ 
Aide iif thr it^Hi-mhh'd Hlkft, I^t tbo Gniivd Mirr04<-o|>P 
HNireh thi^ niindidAtti. Sf'f^ thnt hrr Tiaut nn lifn'prcjwrr^ 
uitdrr hiti \fDit, »r pi-i^RaphnJitir pntirl iifnolci h^cAhnr 
cnnc^GaUHl in thrd pnrlifiii of )ii< piiht!th>r>ni« to wlikh 
tie hiinJ Mrii|w nf hi^ ftiiH]>om!pr* iir(» fhstcned," 

" Ho U eiiiTrely tlefertt^dn^, yonr Majesty ," report«d 
tlio Grand Mtcn.if^iiojw, hAer having mode the neoeuaiy 

'* Th^n let him learn the three motions through whkh 
every Prophet paries tn?fore niMfninij to lb*» grand 
«e(.'rcti; o( our Order, Let him t««t the siriftnova of 
th« Do«c(»nt, thorniijj^Iino^ofihoPxthof Prognefl, And 
th<isodd'*iinc« of tho Upiriird (light to glory, ftnd tb« 
pocftftfiHion of thft cvcrlafiling ta1]*miin< Whon thi« h 
hwn dmio, if tho candidate fllill liriM, prapurv, I 
iDV«lic Tn-ctlircn, to wolcomc hiiii into vour t^lreta.** 

My «t tendinis noir doalt with rw very kindly, 
hardly ko^w what to think nf the oai^y, jJmoM 




fbU maimer in which tJi«v Xouk mo hy the arm h:i tv« 
Wpilkcd aton*^. Not a vron) wjih f&.tiil. SilQiK-r inLnnntfi 
Hf th^it wbich wielilsr a sjioU over ajj uiulieiK^E^ wliilo Mtiiie 
clikriiig jurt ]« ill |>r»grc>st^ on tli(» Ivtng tmposB, A«amed 
tn gtirrniiiKl mc» Am itc wnlked T fe]t l1i»t thi*re wai 

ii> rrij jJiilli. I priiil lil.Tlo ntrpniuiii lo liil^, bQlvoTer. 
|}v?4.'iiitHi* I WEiM rr^'rivingtiiiiimiTilly kind tiTutmont nttbe 
Limt*^ I haJ jiisit lufulp u[] my mind tlicit I bad jiav^ipd 
all tlio ]H>rilnii4 |i[ek<e->< uIohj; thtf miu), unci wa« alxMit lo 
Diutler id m}HHf II mix1.ur<< orUmiilcH uml Midf-gnttuU- 
tioiiB for Uio fitwurity »iiJ eomparttlivo btiKKru Incus of 
my c<)ndiiion^ ivlieo, with suqiriiiri^ aiuldeiiDe^*, ray 
utteudant^ oauyht nio by the ano* and 1(?^. guvo ma k 
gonile wnft forcrard, and tJien, revQr«higth« motJon, 
clflpped mo upon n roUj^h pl:ink iit n very steep iuotlno, 
down ivhioh I *^hot liko li^btiiing, r^giiivile*^ of iho 
Bpliiitors thut ran tip Into tlio tvndctYt«t portions of tiiy 
pantatooP9, nnd wcifiionallv iriiiton whort and »h»q> 
dxpoditions Jnio th<i ncit;liborhi.V)d ol' iny hur.kbonc, 
Down I Dowiill Dtiwn 1 1 1 I Mlid» until I thought thdid 
aUrtod from I ho top *sml f>f Jacob '* ladder, iimiy up 
boyrind the fnHhcr(*nt spaco tliron$rU wbidi Iho titiioH 
#taiv Iwlnklo, iind niu on a rapid tmd impot'tauL juurnoy 
to thocontro oftlio earth. I kept ontbtnkin^ thi^way 
uiktiU for n motu<-ia, ili<^T*> wa? ac<T««n(ioLi of th«&p]iDtor 
nnnoyaooc upon thut portion of my anatomy on whkli 
1 ui^ually do luy sk-i^in^. I fekt aiyHclffnlliLig, and 
tin'H 1 felt myself Mop, Thr force of grjiritation wa* 
ucrcr before so fully nnd mitisfiictorily improved upon 
nie. 1 ^t 00 hcary when 1 luil no furblwr to go thul 
I nearly cruslicd my Jtfo out with my own weight, and 
Lbo sitting <l*iwx\ vnu d<mE> ^ntb encli alacnly tliat a 
|jile-drivcr couldn't have fteut tlio ftplintcrs tJiat clung 
to my pantnlooiipt furtiier into my ticab. Add to tbia that 



the flrMt thing I gtrurk whk Dot ft spring mattress, or 
high hair niiMhion, but iitrh^pl-fMirron-, fijlod with small 
wotuVi-n (<nnn(, wit h «h.irp rdgi-K :iiiil fTUf»l pointM. The 
diAik i-»ii«inl iiui iou*iui upxueli nhowl ihsLt I imsgiited 
1 rcmliE lipff ttH> huir ofevriT Elktti the ]!iiid«t4tn(linf^on 
cod. A wrlU(k<1itiod Euu^'h dii^wcrcd tbct hoir), ftii«l 
bofor^ couliJ tlifiik 'if ihj* front eiA ftt tbt? |>T«yeni for 
th« d«iidp I beard the Uig): Muck*&-Muck's voice ring 
out: — 

" Wiughim awfty.'* ho oommnuded, '*oo Eincy( 
Uio oiits^vheded horse of ihiy IlorenfWr/' 

They wuD^ tuo away at odco. I dT«cov^i-od thnt 
oncv-whi-clod borsn d^mij^utod by tho High Muck-«? 
Mui*k wbcn h*> madv uto of tbo hal f 
GuriuiiQ and half LatiD ivord in bi^| 
comitiaiiil H'lUK rt very mnilcro vrhocl- 
huiToiv. Tbu roud over whloh tho 
wingjiijf v^as doiw W68, Lo say Ibo 
loaet, aiL uiipl^ueaut oqo. Tbvro 
was UQ obatructioii of some kind 
ovory six iacbcfi — hUU aud boUowe 
without number — and, even if I bad 
not a1n.<ady bccu pbyaicully shattered 
by the exciting cpi^iic.^ of tho lirst 
part of tho initlntiont tho mcrciJcnd 
joking I jrot and tlic -■<hnrp-poiiitc*l 
conc!» I k< j>t chiEtciDg up aud dovrj 
on were sufficient Lofturo to mi 

ou whi<:h I mi^ht aUvt^h out my vearicd limba and clo^e 
mycyc»fiire\t?r. Idon'tknowbowfarl waacarntdover 
Ihia rough i-ond, Mrhiih teriniimted iu a lank of chilly 
Watvr, inlo whith 1 wua unconmiouiou^ly dumpej, 
ahik it bliout ivtiit up fi'om the asecmbkd hi-olherbood 
thai indicated that Ihey were hij^lily dt^light^ over 

TVS Amma trie klka. 


prc^HpoeU of btfiiig Oruwiit^d. Aftct iinkitig ltir«o 
limoii wiiliout any ujipsiri^nt efTorl having Wen ma<l** lo 
r('«^tj« mo, I ©viiict^J a (liiipoiiUloii lo nL-muiii iin<ltfr 
water, I wad be^mniiig to fill up rapidly, niid cele«* 
tiul vUioiu ^ere nlroaiJy fltltiEi;; bvfoE'e mv. wh<>ii 
Bomotbin;; sharp nin throtigb my ebouUler and I Ml 
myself liltod to tho water's eiirfrice, 

•■See tlint he remaiii'^ WincUoMo^l," aliooUd tb« 
High Muck-n-Miirk, mid, while 1 still OeldlO^iI frciii an 
iron hook on tbo ond of a sttnit poU^ the diipptng 
baodkrrchiuf wtiA ti^hti-neil ucrosi my cv^'k. 

"Put him tlirniiijfh llio Furgiirion ritt^,"" wil* the 
next nnki'i in aiTconlmit'o vritli whit^h 1 vrns throvni, 
tatiQ forvrard, tiptni & barrel, ua<l ono Klk taking nio by 
Iho hveU while nnoihvr held my head, 1 miei rolkd 
and rolled until 1 bad passed tliroL;^^ one of the nio^l 
violent spells of dou-eiuknesd anyhody over cxperi* 

*' Will the candidate recover?" jwkcd tbe High 

" I have somo bope«, your Majesty," answered lb© 
Potontial Pill-[*Tcscrrher. 

" Then bring ia the Krupp gtin," the Muck-a-Muck 
commanded* *' and vrhile ho still bos lifo> let the can- 
didai« climb the cloud-beights around which many a 
Pniphnt \mx wmi-rd/' 

[ WHA trenLhlhi^ with ould up lo the fim» Uk* Higii 
MMek*iL*^fuok mentioned the Ki-app gnu ; joHtthrtin 
ihill of fvar rail donu my hack and luy kiwt^ kwHrkinl 
t4>;-i*Ll>L'r so viiflcutly that I cuuM hear the lMjne.4 raul«?. 
The great cannon wajv rolled in and placed in position 
neiir whin't? I htuod. 

** Stin^ml thc^ mL*n.^ifid net three htmdred yards 
nway/* ar<1vn<d thi< Hij^h Muf<k-ii-Mm-k, « und npnnkle 
llm <uirjwt In >U ci^titrc with foiirlAen papers of tAckjf, 


WV7t ^VOVQ TQB K1.K5. 

PInce the shcvUiroii biimpcr ten ynn}» beyonO, lo pi 
vent Uic cJiQLlidntu fnttii twiiij^ ^hol DUt of boiuti 
iti) thirty puuuda of povrdcr ; loai 





her up ajitl iH htr U/ ! '* 

They puuieil i\w thirty puunda of povrtlcr iDto tbo 
huge i]i:>uth uf thu caiUKiD. ruinin^d doirii n» iroD or 
«UtI [Avite, uiLfJ thch lo tiiy hornir, gi-at:hvd me unti 
|Hi»hi,-^l r[>u iiilo ihr pivcij t>r »n)iiua<:i! until my fe«t 
Fcntisd tin tho tni^tiillk pUto anil my licad barely pro* 
tnitlctl rrhiii 1h<! loji i)f thi; (var-en^itiv, Ituckcte of 
duipjird u'l* wi-rn piitin^il in U> till up lh« \jilmiU »pAco 
and lit'ftuti tht^ i-nngridrd vrnddhig wiu all ill, my to^ 
iiiid lingnrH wrtv viitii[tU^\.iAy rroRl-hiltvu, Whaii t?very 
Ihin^ .-ii^cmed t(> be hi icadhivvd tha Hi^h Muck-dt-Muc^^ 
said ; — ^H 

*' Th(? caiididule has no hat <ni. FUh his plug out ' 
ot till? \nkv, ywi an ajtv.-uslnr)ij lu^ido tiDd lin-u duco* 
rat« hia boad witli it." 

The " air-4!usliion " r&forred to wn^ only ■ blown 
Mudder, !l was piru'yj iu Lhe top of my bruised «ad 
biUun'od wet Iml, ^vlli<^ wua tightly aiid graceful 
placed upon my head. 

*> K he rendy?" dhootod Xhe Hijzh Muek*a*?lluckT 

*' Ho 19," was tho Gmiid Microavofit:** Aii^wor, 

•'Thou, let htrgol " 

Fix! boom I I banj-! I I 1 know tho mAt«h voa «( 
tkv faeo ; f^tt the wholo bu«inus& ;-ivo vmy ; btutxl tli« 
ecfcam of the powder kaviii^ the c&naca at the same 
moment a« mysolf s caw tho daeb of lir« as it burned 
my ©yol>K>w«, luouatachc and the cud* of mv bair ; h 
my broMh swopt avniy by the swilUiesa of my fligh 
and whilo nil these cscperieiioee were iniugltK) in one 
lu6tnntnt)coii3 jumble iu my mind, vrhack went it^ 
Jiotid a;:ain8t tho flhcct-iron huii)]>crt Irtui"' *'*■** 
exploairo bladder in my hjit, ^ud, b' 


Tvy xyto^Q nie blks. 


ttH:ull, I M\ rijjlit in the inid<n« of tbc nirpct ipacc in 
the m«^rcifu) mtt.judt htwk m Urn miiUt of tlitt Toiiru^un 
pniiHrn of Lick.* Ili^it \tvrJXi ftjiriiiklf?*] tln*m for my 
iH'iiutll. ] hiiwleU ajiO jUEDjHiil iiilii tlio uir, biU i^vcir^ 
trmu I juiii[iH() I Ml bai-'k iigiilii am) ^lU u fniah iitrciii<n 
of iiH-kii ill ui> flesh. AUhuii^U thmx' NeKim'd In Im 
untiuiig [lartkrijlArl^ mi rlh-pru voicing iit my siianliou, 
ttiu tLfwemfilvcl Kiks laughed h<'jir1i1y until 1 waa atiK;lc 
A* full uf uLqif-L tAckv-^ rui a Ijoiltnl lutm in of clorE^ii nt a 
|iiiKlry-ircii»k V liall. Thru T.liry tooTc tnr nut of thi; 
iiH, pn-kinl th<] tdii'k» Eiut uf tny buik, hiu) hUhhJ inij 
ii[], wititk tLiitl exiiduateil, uci;i>iiliLig U) iiislrud.iciTLrf, in 
front of lilt lliroLie. 

•'The c^nJidrtte," said the High Muck-a-Muck, 
**hH& given satisfactory ovkleiKw of his fortkude utid 
^mmIui-hucu, and we arc now prepured to i^^cirivff him 
foi'ever iiito onr niiiii1j<fr tut nii Elk- Let huu t»ke 
the nath »ml kijw tliii hntmhitig jiTith'ru." 

T\w oJLih wiLH adiiiiiuHlnnHl mid 1 huIejUhJ Ihct antlt^rs 
with my Hpt< n.-i ftrcveiiLly m 1 could under llm circiim- 

•' Now remove Lbe blindfold.'* 

Tliu huodkeR'hitt' wiis i^'mover] from my eyes und I 
»AW — nothing'. But t was an I'^lk. 

I have semi nuiny eaiiduljLtfl« iiiitiitted into thU Order 
since tbnt time^ but I hnVQ nev^r »eezi any such ]>i'o> 
ceedlngu^ thftt horr dn:«< librd, whi^h Inidn me to in- 
fer thut «iomv fni?[)iU, tind uction^ thrm Jughandlo, put 
lip a jolj (in fco And iJKcd mo a little roughly, for tlio 
si^o of tho sport it affordtHl tbum. 


rnc ctttrtrs is UEttz. 

A ■■di^en^ugotl canvattmnu " who vtm probably 
driven lo povii-y IW lin-k of oilier wtirk wrot« thft fol- 
lowing ApriD;; vc<r£«a which w«ro publi»h«d iu tho New 
York cupper: — 

In ttifi Biirlrtj^ iho ^trgtnim hfinnpni doat npon thi clrrn* tfitt, 
AiH Ih? uctiva A0^uU' Unol44 na "Aclvanrr* *^ ilII am b*n1. 

W'bllc tho oppoAltlon '■ Cakin»** call each otUoraTEol ;iiimc4. 

to Um! •pTinK the *' Blilrbbow-btuvrBrVt" vttli Uiclr ncncr-rallliig 

PaiD(> out pAntj^ig Ungmiftc tnna ihcir coppoi^flantcaed luqcs* 
In Itiv »prU];c iSc Nlr ClmoiRUu, >vLlh hvr ooty li^k qu vuil, 
LmvuA Agtln Ul'F nntlvc Brooklyn, on tlw foul licr »1dpA to wvnil. 

[d tbo Efpdnit 3^^ ^' cMiclj-butdior*' iibuWB codooUoDs old uid 

Whilo ibti g«Titic knionufUt Ju^tc< with tho Mimo obi Moff, 
Id thv »pr|iig ya mcrrf Joicr Icatiia conumlrainit briitltt luul now 
(OujS up bi>' UlU Cbrittj UiiuiUi'Ib Lu Uip vnu uf *ta). 

In tbvipiinff -- &art In th« rinff — ttie rtdcf* wbtr] 4r»4ipil Ir iljlo, 
WTiiJo the Air b UlleJ vrSth romouco (miiI rtic^uniAiic -^ I iboUtt 

Iu Uir *prbi|f — vb, w«ll, rjl d1ii«iv> It, for I bftvoa't iE<H a fusat, 
And t thlEih I bov the Uudlont, <?oialDe Q|r to *ak for rent! 

ITurrB irt more fiw^t pnrirjr in thMi?* liiiw. The 

8|mn<3' htitigH g^Wy ci'lorc*! iHrtin-*. liki' flovvers of 

nrnii/ hilt'!*, U* iWoriilo Uw; d<'ml wallii uml friiCTw ; uml 

jillifrA thi< HlriMfU Willi Mtiull haud*l>i1h in wMcJi Urv 

" (MS) 



wonders of the vveitiiig tihttw nre tlvreU u\nm in il nl^T 
of rfaettiric tbaL wouM nuke (iiHfl^e Fruucia Trum 
HiL'k. Tli« iiam« of tlic oliow ib Iimj k'u^ In iKint ill 
tliU bmjk, even tf I tiegan Kt the tUle-piigi* anc! wroi 
Hrnnll Htirl rlo^^ thratigk erenr |iAge down Id the 1iiw«-r 
n^bt-ljaud eomer tif the baL'k coTer. Since Hk-v got 
to cntiiwIUtAtiiig iihnw«, they hnnj hy untne rlaMkj 
prowH* hegun to leni^heii nut the name, *rtd at evpry 
reA|>peai'nn<'e of a c'il'cua )» h tou-n itie hllUpoHt^r mu«t 
add s ff'w ranlH ta the 1«nj^fa of hU fence to gec tli^ 
improvttc] nrifl iipuly plong:itc<l name on itk Mid to m»ke 
A few )M]ajiru vanl< of nddilioniLl «|)«ee for the fro«h 
Ktoirk of iitiiiodiiblv [iicture« iho urtUt hiu ebop)>ed 
out for the fibour. 1 l&lce to regard tU*i ridiculoui art 
and the hrszeo exa^tS^nition of iheee po^tens. VTluvt 
cofisiimmnte impertinence [irompts tlic tDaii^igers ofi 
these conoeniH to pnt a circua on piiper that coulii 
nerep have an exi^t^ice untler the fi\m U i^niethinfi^ 
that it i" impoH«ihle t" :iiLiler«Lind- Thvv ii«k mid Ihcy 
must have tlio patri>iii4i;L* ^f Lh<? jiuMio thL<y iniialt by 
sprcwliiig Kueh abdtmlilii*^ upon tho watt a* ihi^ ptetu 
of one horao lyin^ on his bnck wlih hia te«« up and 
another bor^e fetaiidiiig iibove him, their oij^ht hooiV 
meeting; or of a maa li^n^ blown from the mouth of 
a Oaiino&i or imtriid any of iha other ridieiiloiig and 
gDiidy itluKtiatifina^ whjt^b aro ikiiigiiej to ciiteh the oyo 
at ft distance of ono hundred yardd uid to hold tbo at- 
tvniirm l<in;c eiiough to mnke the inveUlgator of hJtt- 
hoanl literatare part with a. half dollar. Bat \i eeem# 
that cireiie inana^r^ and circus a<fentJ9 have no other 
idea of ailvcrtiaing than to jiiakc the ink aod th<T colore 
on their pollen; sny :^ much u« Um imabfiniUiou can aug- 
ust, aud to make poojjlo puy for iho privilc^ of tiiid*- 
iiig ottt that thry have beo«i hamtiooEluil. It sc«ma to 
bu remtincrativc though, for a mri-u« L*aii ercale ^i^eator 


TllfC I'llCrUS l» IIRKK. 



Tonimoticifi in :\ town tliuii a 1iig ftr^, ;itui from the mu* 
niflnl ilpitrhr^ it* ImiU — si ir'tty of tiinvjifc, th**j- iNUiilly 
oill it — uiilil lh« glory of tbif TiMt (w\ir%, thoiiiQHndif 
jtrn intern*! ivl in it. iiiul tlw opttning of lU donr^ alwnvti 
fiiid» u tlinxig wttli tio-ki'1-* in Intml iinxtoux To g(.'t in- 
jilcle MS 4f[U'1y !iii poi^aiiMtT, Ub liuvfT El thitnm|jli look ;tt 
t!]4> inaiiugorie itnd iu the* olhor wuy, (iv putting In \\\l\ 
lime to get tlidr moiiyv'a worth out ol" ilje show. 

The (-"licm nlwiiyfl comes to town wiih a. Houri^h. 
Th^re is a ;rrancl street parade. Th& doz^n d4>j>bmiu 
ami sixioieii c-am<?U fnllmv Um» HmucI w:ipnn. nnil thon 
come^ the carflU'-idti, gentlemen in ooiiri rnnt itrni.*!^ nnd 
1udi«s in ricli Iniilliig F'^^ioa wit^ jnunty hut of gnj 
rtbbann mid fi-ftthi^rTi living in iho l)w*i*«k», Tito lion 
tam«r U in iho eaga with tU' fccVde iiiiiinnla t)iat ho 
k^ps etiiTiag up with bU vtbip ; iha flown in bU lit- 
tle cbnHoi with his liick mule, alTord^ aniui^^mout to 
the obildivti along tbo lino; ih^n tljc «nnk(> cliannor 
rolls by fondling llio slimy rcpliW, ulkE itfl.^r tbat 
eomcM a prooekMioLi of ivd wngotii with triiitipi«b 
driviTi< ill rod ocats, and |icibik[js thori? Jiri' f*nn^ gi 
t4*»4pi<^ ligurciL on top of tliv wngonu. At tltv ivur soim 
ciitcri) riving doiUi^i- bci^ an ailverlUiiit; v^bltdo. Tbtit 
in about all lUon* is to it, if wo add Ih*? Undino WAgvtiij 
ibiil hm n placo eomtaimes At the bead ;mil ftoinctiinoi 
in tbo oiiddlo of thia '* gorgeous ftroet pagceiiit/' 
Still it gnce from oner ^nd of town to the other, scaring 
boi'At-ji und i^n^ftting 1h« gi^intritt oxeitiiDient among tbo 
rircurt'giritig pLibliu. Tlio tUl.ulHl braiily "'g^g" 
thttt workod eo sucL-o^fidly bi^t AeuAon when A4I1UQ 
Foropaiiifh obLinud to hnv^ paid ibikt amount to HiJ 
Louise MoiiL\i'nc» a v*iri«ty aHi-csH, for mt-rely a|)pi»»^' 
iiig in liiQ fttrcot partide^ riding on a boM-dnh high 
upon tlic hack of hit Urgc^ citplintil and for i)^^!^* 
pating ill tlio grand entree at the opening of encli 


me ciitccft lA nssc. 

f cHonD&nc0. Baraum trie^l to nmkc »oiiio fr«^ ndv^r^ 
tisiDg for liliii!4cir thin mnlaoh hy Announcing tbnt li« 
vroiiM piiy tlU.OOO tij the buaOKiiucH niAD and 
|20,<)0O t<i llifT bLind«oinc«t liidv» buL he wa* uhrtwrl 
enough to »4:i> that ib^i sclivmo would not bring bim 
tiitck $.10,500, )«n bi^ nTlciwri] it tn full fbimigb. 

Tbin i4i]1j4ii-L »r t<<i:« lH<;iiifit---i i'«*(mIU un iit»iilt*nt 
thnt took [ilntx tn u Wt-f<trrn IbcfiifrL^ At Um bmtsu in 
(jin-^ti"!! till iw^trf*** wii^ iirrfoi-iiiiiig wbo» In Irnu'^ ^xits 
Ijv, li^tirej JiH tlie fiiilbles* ^iwotrllieart of lui eniinent 
ifc|w»rL In tbftL very city. That gentleman bearing timt 
hU ligbt of lovo WH9 jLhniit to Hjipe^tr bi :i m-tr lino Tj 
Sted th« theatre lo sL'ofor bim*elfwhetbcr ornot it was 
reftUy sbe. Tho nR-mory nf (uwt trniiHiw caviis/'il liim 
to drink ivitbcrr more tbim wuft giwd for him, nnd whvn 
hdtook Mm ki-mL In thL^fmrfincTltu mvir Ibff t*tngi\ hn wiu 
in u ^r«»t mc:LHuiv incupuc'ilMt«Hl fiouj acting wiiU l-ooU 
DftM imd judgniGTit. H? hotk>ved he rccogulsfid the 
wonmn 0* tlM> one who had cauflod bIm so nincb sorrow 
ajul trouble. His feelin^^ ^ot t lie better of turn* and 
standing up in his »^^i h^* «*xolmined ; — 

" You cost mo |S*'i,noO, yoii cost m^ $25,000, and 
ril cut your d — il huari out I " 

Thisonlory hraiij^ht ono of tbo inrrmljor^ of\h<f com- 
pany to hc^r iijiiiatiinoi', iinnod with n property rovolvor, 
nod the uir was lull of w:u- iitid rnmort of vrar until 
tbc police aiTkcd, Tin* $55, Out) victim ^nn ied out 
and Uie pluy went on. 

While tbe p[irad^ is od !t« way back to the drou 
lot,! H'ill tcUthoi'ead«r€f nuexoiiitig parade thai waa 
vitncier&ed at Kitncorn, Kn^lnnd^loM Eummer: Moaara. 
Sanger A SoUi vrho wijro cshibitinf; in tbo town, had 
Aanouncod a procession in connection with their great 
hippodrome, and from twelve ta one o'clock, although 
rain was falling very hwtvily, hi^c crowds of peopU 

TllK cincus la llEaR. 


^K-gftii to niscmlilc ill tlic Market. St|Uflre, BnO^i? St.r^t 
aiitJ the wi<l(? »[»n€c in fri»ut of ihu Town Hull mul 
piiUljc ofiirc*. To nnc ver|- Ui-gc cm foilv Imraos liiul 
bcGQ liaTEKJtitfeJ, to Le Jriraii tbniiigh tl»o town by one 



inaiL Tbi* n-nie Ornvti up wuilin;; toi- l[»o stint, almost 
i»|ipo*ili* Oio (ruanium otllc*', whilo hi^iiicr h|? Bridgo 
Stroot 0tooit tvckv ponicd barn&4^ii to a cmailor car. 
Nmt tho Town Bflll stood tvro otbor <MLr«» aihJ jlu oiis 



0*elc«k approKebed nnil Ihd mlii ahon^d ^\f^^ of ith^t* 
lup. tli« prooovalon wo «xpect«d v^rr Mli^rtly in fnmi 
and niAko tho circuit of the town. Sudd^y, nmoitg 
tbo bori^ee sUodin:* nonr to tbfi «tK»p of MiMtir^^ Hnn^- 
ley & Ofi.» thfiro wh« a ;*T«At oomni^lion, nud li>ud 
elioiitiB wi>rii bcitM to " Clcftr the Toa*!-" Th« twelve 
}>cmii>H Imd tsLk^^n fri^lit, iind wcrA rui^liiiij^ dowa BHdf^ 
SiroeL tciwnrdH tho fnuiitiiiti. TlK^yf uhfl no one iti 
ohai-^43, and il was oviiknt tUtt tfomo vci-y e^rioUA a<Td* 
dent would K'suk fif>m Uic panio wUivb weni^d to have 
seized Iho hor««fi. Ti> inako inntlcrj tvoreo, the forty 
borsL^ Itocfline frigltteucd . nud, vrJlL th« poiid^ir^ufl car 
bobiiKl th«m, joined tiio ponies in their gallop* Muny 
pcrfli>h>t *rnight rofu^c in tbo tliojie and di»oiw;iyK. 
TliOEO who wcTQ not fortunutc <Tnm];;b lo nnwh tbt« 
eboltor were tumipled upon and crofibwii nnd tlio »ooiie 
wns ono of tho wildest excitement. At oncr naomciit it 
«eomo[1 ns thou;;h the ffrcat coloesnl ear vrould U* over* 
torncd amon^ the 6trttg:gU»g cix)wd» wliilo tbe |ilal<w 
glit0« windows in tboehoi)af>n tho south side of tbe street 
vrrri* williin Jin inch of bring' ^iinnAbevL The i»<N;no wa* 
not i>f long dnnilion, Init it ln:*l*^d Kmg nioii^h lo in* 
jm-iA nt Iraal leu people and imitcril tho ffafely of bun 
dredflDtore. When nenriuj^theconinii^ioner^'offiees 
several coi»t>tblc4 wbo iverc in the conrt-fooai . bear* 
ing the noise ontriide, nisbed into the street* and were 
judb in timi^ lo seiso tLw ponieti by the beada and turn 
thcin down Mcr*cy Street before tbey reached tiio 
Roytd llotcK Tho horiHv, through ibe couragcons 
excrtiontt of tbo police and eomeof Me^rA. Sanger tSr 
Son'» driver^, weit> brought to a etjindstil) oppoifito the 
Royal HotcL 

Many people affect to bo IndifTerent to tbc attr 
of thi* circti:*, ^aying tJint tb^y saw one when ihcy 
fouiig am! iiA Ml elrca«e7iare the »tmc tho re i 




iw UM ill going to a/;o aiiother. TUttse potiplc uro 
about right, Thci"(> haa boon nothing: new in tho geit- 
iniic I'eatnrcfi of Iho ciiviia for tho pait fifty years, 
Tbci^ flro A Fow deocptivo trifks that huvo Wen scon 
only of late years buttln^ynrc mere ejihciiK^rul iUii- 
5ions, cftsy of rxpljinatioii, nml timo will take thrm out 
of the cinrits ring iLt it ti>nk tbo Urin-t^miii;^ ivct. 1 
CAn miiiember the timo when tUo cage of lioitf iriui 
dragged U\i<r the niiilflW of the ari:!njt unci amid the 
greatest ext^itemeat Ihi? iilK>j;td [ioii*luiuer vrvat la 
umoiig tb« uiiiituila, btat tbcm zibout* lay ilcvrii upon 
the h:Lok of one and put his bcaj betwf'en the wide- 
open jaws of nnolher. Now that porfonuance is lost 
sight of nmoDg iho mulUtudo of curio'sitivs \q the 
ineu«gen<?s. Thi gr«iit unrhangnilitf^ fit»liii\!?t <>f »j 
hhow, Ujit ifymri.'Lttic, ricralmtti^ Jktitt tfijur^'nun work* are 
the >nu\t- ivivf thiit il wan X hulf i^i-ntury ugo. Still 
wttU all SU waaL of novL'Uy h \h at traL-tivu* aa ara all 
nhowH, nod grown peupli* hnve been known to fihsire 
ihi) eiitJinsiu'tni of the litlleunuH in phiyliig eireits a(i^r 
wItneAHJiig a porfonnnnce anil whiles the Hawdurtt fever 
vfun Hiill on Uiein. A ^hori , funny sketch th&t nppenrt'd 
in the LoniAville On arirr~,/im7' nn i w'lW do |jiiUuMnU« 
tbe bold th(i rtirr^ijn hrtx upon thii nvfinign hny'ii hnirt. 
Thp wrilcr niiy*: — 

*'AArr lb(»HrcnM hntl opennd toth« pnb1i<^ yestenla^y 
a gi'uy'hitin^fL t^ohired hriithrr, who held tht* Hflnd of a 
boy of foiirtcun a* both ittood guxing »t tlio tanl, 
•liock hi* bond In a solwmn mnnuer, and obm-rv^d : — 

" * It'* no iiM> to orj' 'bout it, aomiy, kaac w« am 
not gwlne in dar no how/ 

•* * Bnt I w:int t*»r/ whio<«l tht? boy, 

** * In course you 6o9^. All cbiU'en of yonr il^ 
run to «vi] an' w1ukeilue>i«, an' tUty inuH' bo lot <lowa 
on br do&o wid experience/ 


Tllfi ClKCtM W IIKIU:. 







^^P " ' You uhmI to go.* iir^<t tHc Wjr, 

^^^^^Bft loud nil my ronciric&oo iJnt I couMii^t slMf? Dlffl 

rLAllNO CiRCV3« 




cvra powotful nigb bein' a teat nmii. ftii' in dein ( 
do price of itdmisbun yrix^ cnlv a (luurli^r, too.* 

"*<;flii'l ^ro both git in for iStLy ceota?' 

" * 1 '*pcc'k wo mi^lit , but to-nionvr you*d !w hiVta' 
,ober will wk'kc<) nii' I'd Ijc » backj^Kppor from do 
chiinh. nu>h ii[), now, kusc J hniu't got i:«3t thirty 
coEiU, and dar am no sbow fur cmwlin' nndcv do 

" The boy still continiiod to cry, nnd the old mftf 
|iu11cd liiin lirhinil a w:i^>n, ami conUiiut^d; 

•"Henry Cbiy SotH, irliu-h you nifbcr do— 
ga iiifvr do nr-rtiH u»' dm luki? tl» awftiMrril, lickin* a 
Ikjj' *?!ior gi)t, iir bavt^ u gljLNs uf dut i-vd k'liuiuadtt an* 
gn tn Ht<Til>i*ii wbmi ymi dm? Befu' yuu daddo let mo 
cxjibitn d.'tt r ru'jin a lit'khi" v/hlAi will take <jber)- ini 
of do Lid« oiF, iiTi' T uNn hkthi ono of deni big glasses^ 
of bnniHiaibs In aLlUtubun, I woidd obsiLrv6 dnt a 
circus Hill gwlne on In He.ib^^ri fdl do tinifl, an' d© prltw 
of ndmi^him :un siiuply uombtab Now, gab, wbat 
do you aiiv?* 

■•The hov took tbo Icmonadti, but htt drank it vri\ 
tear* la hi* vyat." 

A mau Living noar BloomingtoD, Illinois, hi 1970, 
^Id his etovo to a noigbbor to obulii Unali to tflkd^ 
his family to jK'iroU!! tbal bid pitched Its l«nU near 
tho cit3'> Wbi^! \w gnx buck be siiid be waa not a hit 
Jtorry, tUat *■ bc'tWccn lb« clown, au* tbc gals tt ridiuS 
nil' iho fcllowa dolu* 1li]>.f1a|H, an* waz ao porfectly 
a^ati^livd that cf another fl*ick-cua cann? along noxl 
year, tin* be had a etove, bo'd go to »c« it on ibo «ai3 
terms ag'in/' 



Th? oEiv gro4it widh of Iho amJiU bov'a he^irt, na h€ 
stnndit lit ft n>Aj)4}<^fi]| ijistanco from tho tick«t wiigon 
wutdniij; tlio hti^'if c»nvnf> rho and ajuI; — npparontly 
vrith 1L« much ciuu n^ tho tUtg flioa from IUq top of tho 
cciitre-pi>U^ — 1« to got iiisido tho lent boluro tho band 
bogtiit to pl*iy- Ho mny not h»vo n cfiiit to jiay tbo 
mlniicution, but bo ha.» Mirr;wbortnh hc^f^cs th^it far 
sitrpEi.ta any money vabio tbtit might he plncod ttpon S 
9niTill boy, Ihrit aom<:tbin^ w\\\ turu ii[> to fpiin him 
udinbskiH lo the dlion'. H^s kiiovrs lliat if the canvas 
Rieii giro hiiiL a pjod chaiico he can crakvl hi under Xht 
cloth aiuL nialcci hi^ Wiiy up throug^h Ihc aoata. Ho 
hfta been told th;d if ho i» caught at vu^jb a trick tho 
flbovh'inrii will dr:i£; him to (he drv«»;tig-tciit and £11 
h\» hair full of powdc^d .tavrdiixl, The c»n>iM-mcn 
arc, bowovtT, vi^lilaiit; bf*idprt that, Ihcj arc luusy 
and di> nr>t care tt) move tinnind, »o the anuill boy 
must he content to thrc)W haud^jirinjpi in tho wiwrdajb* 
bjirinkitij li»t, aud keep oa hoping unlit the ahoir is 
out. Ii: tUU i-cspecL tbe miimte bo^ ditva not betray 
the same sbrc^ducu credited to a Bultiin(?re girl. 
She was on a visit to her brother's rauche near Austini 
Texaft, when a small cii^ciia came aluit^. It is con- 
Kidrnd lb(^ acme <if hooosty to bent tbo circUH in 
thnt region — in fuct, paying is heartily c]oprorAt«d. 
AlthiJU^b only ft nioiitb in tbo plurif, tbo nnltimom 
belhT WU14 thoroughly imbued nith tho ixfwboy Hpirit, 
■ (ft22> 




in aa fur aa "bttatiii^*' lli<! tirmis wa* ci>iirnrneJ, and 
whi^ii tlio show piU-Jn?<l iM tiMilH nhfl Timilr ii|) hor irlnd 
d-a to ychiii bLo wu^ giji"g to du. At tnglii,, when 


**iii:ATiyo run circt^. 

the show wute uuUcr bcaJwaji', »li<i c^Uiuly upliroiwiwd 
the cir€U» Unt on fltilla, aiti) vitnv^ the first bulf 



of tiio porromiAnc^ tUrough Uh> isponii^ ^Mween th 
c:»nv;v3 ;*iid the rwif. Olio of tho fisrhtore of tho show 
dcleclic;: eomi^tbiuj; wroiij*. crept Rrounti itiih a club 
to ''«ma«li" tbo intrudori but ri^CMri^ a kiok in th 
ojo fmrn th<> fair stilt iJcrformor, and w:i» i^o t:ikon 
nbiKlc tbnt tho oowboys had time to Tullv to hvr «u 
f)r>K Aiid nii^I thi! «how while *bo nl a safe dittdnc 
appkudoil the conquering honicrM. 'I'ho troupo loft 
tovrii thut ri^ht in a »ddly dnrun^cil eintdilion. 

UnLd hi(c yviirn cI^r.U]li^« griKrully giivc ft tuUooii 
uG4»i*ioQ b«foru the aflcrooon pcrformftnm took 
place, and soinctitDCTi & slrick-wirr prri''>rmaixt'© waa 
added. The latter freo GxhiUilton dropped out of 6ig:bt 
a abort tjEUo agii, and Htnco 1876 there havo 1>eeu fo 
civcufi ballooii a*ccu:)ioiis ; they ha v« l>eon abaiuloued 
on uccoLiiit of the danger and frcqwncy of acci- 
dents. Kveryliody reinemtiera the fate of DoiuildHOii n 

and GroenvnoJt tho fornior an «t-onaut in the emplo^H 
of Iliti'nnm at the titne* Iho latter, n ChiciM^o ii^wspapor^^ 
ivp(itl.ri-. Th<!y loll Chicagii Jiily 13, 1S7:», in a Ut- 
tim^l old baltoinj. It wa* n n^markahly Sua ilay, Ai 
nut Ihc rpai«Lr-"<l. ^lindnw nf *!angrr frll Jii"ixi,'».i tin* sun- 
^hini^, Tht? Imll^iim wni rnrrie*! oaL nvvi the hike, di»* 
ap|)ifun.'d fi'Dui vii*tv. and thtr fnia of the uibidiii^ nieii 
wan \tvX kniiwn nnlilji ^Kirlion nf iUn loiterer] Imllnnn 
and tlio thidy ttf OnH?n4i>i)d, with hiTt note-lniok and^H 
iith^j' arlitk'H llirtt helped In IdenUfv' liicu, were f<rmid^^ 
on the Mirhi^ti T4hoi<L* of tho ^reut lake. Thu balloon 
bad b««n trr(*>^kt?d nnd l>o1h men hnd ]>i?HBhed in the 
iravp*!. D'WjddftOTrn body ttjw never recovered, Au 
Ims^n.try tikdi^i of thw fatal trip wjls written by John 
A. WiMs lb.? lervnimit, xvh.i himxrir porish^d in Lak« 
Miohtgan wliilr alt<'nipting lo eoiEip1(<to a night uncon*. 
fllou. flo and George Hnrr vtitrlcd from St. XjOuU 
i\nsk, and ai tJte feriul «hip was vanishing into tb« 


unm I 

V*tVr.K TIIK CA^r-\S, 


clouds it WHS »eeii fnr (htt Wt timn. For wonks nnlli- 
)iig vim hrnrd cif tlii^ mL)^K]Ti<; iium or tin? hnllcum. 
TUt^y woFR tlioiight. til hr lf»*t iii tho Midiig:m [iniirin*. 
At Uat Bun'iA hixir wii.-* r>ijiii] on ihn cn«t ^honi of 
Luku Michignii. WUtf'« ivtuairiA w<?ni iwvtft rwcov- 

A liuly buUooiiUt met wlili n terrible death at 

Cunntla, Mi^xioo, tomo UmQ ago. A }zr<Tut omw<1 oa- 
»ombkiJ to niU««i tbi> Imllotm asconsirm of SonnriU 
Cfttttlmn G«orgio, n. boautilul girt nu\y Povontoon jonrs 
old* Th«ro vTAn no ciir nttochcHl to Ihc hallomi, onlj 
tbo trApcM on which tho gii-l pcrrormcd. The balloon 


uxDSR rae Cksrxs. 

shot up amid Iho dcufoning cbtf«r8 of xhe crowd which 
was pro60Dt. CatalinA, mcaavlul«, VM sbaii cliagiug 


to th« trx^KiEC Aiitl (loi- for tiling d«inu^ fvulA of n^ililj 
AVhcQ tho ImUooq vrtia threc-tgiiurlerfl of a mile bi^th 

1.'N'1>KIC rilH C'ANTXt). 

55 T 

suOdf'hty uK]>1nrlfl(l wnd foil lo tb^ ^i-ound with the un- 
fortuuAlo girl. Hi*r tkiul bmly wan fomiH horribly 
crushed and uaaglecl be^idu tho tvr«ick«d b:illooo> 
The rciiiuiiia wei*i t4]U4.terly cured for liy tl>o iiutivo«- 

■A fiighlful buUooii aeoideiLt ooourrrtl liildy ub Coiir- 
bevol?, nenr PiirU. A W^o t*rnwd hud UB.-iu]iil>h*d to 
wituei^a the novel and periluiia odoent of a gynntadt 
callod Au^uet Navarre, who hud voluutoored \a j>yi-- 
rnrm :i numbor of atbletio feiU^ tni a trupi^:i;(^6iis[iende<l 
from a Montj^olfior balloou naaiud th4> VidouviUai80« 
Itejt*ctiog tEjG advice of bv'&tEindi^i^, Navarro refused 
to allow hiinsolf to ho tied to Iho tiatieso. Thi^ro wa« 
nocnratliu-bcd t» thn balloon. At about tivno'clock Iho 
Vidouvillui»o wfiA 1<jt Iookc frain it« mooritigK and ni«u 
itiajuHlicidly in the uir. Navarrr, hnii^iii^ on la tbo 
trupL'Ke, a|>pecitvJ i|iiiti! ctnitidciit, and i^cjfealcdly ^a- 
hited tho ^ixKTtatcrd. Whi^it, however, tbe balloon 
bftJ reached a height of iiejirly <n%o thousand yards 
the crowd was borntied to ec« him suddenly lot go thc> 
bar and fall. The dcaccut wa« watched in hrraHdi^nA 
excitement. At last the body rca<^hod the ground, 
fltrikiiig wJtb AUch foreo tbub it tn:ido a bole in the 
earth two fcct dcrp, and rohoundcd four yards. It 
was cnJshoii and niftugled ahnont lityf>iid ri^cojfintion. 
Meaiiwbilct the balloon, frec^d from IIh human ballast, 
»bol up with li^'hLiiinf; ^pi^d. and «ooii disappeared 
fnnn view. Lato in the ereuing il burst and Ml at 
MeiiiluioEilaul, n^ucb to tb9 consternation of tho in* 
bahifiiiits of thf^t hw^y ParisjaD ^luarter. 

Tbe day after DouaUUonV fatiil nwrcn>ioiu t>a\'« D. 
Thrimnn, tlicn prr^.t n^etit for namnm, and tilling the 
some jdaoj Mill, made a natrcrMiful asci-iiaioii, Mr. 
Tbomiu* in fiimilinr with iKdloimhi^, and often 1amout« 
tbutthn d;iy« nf AirUI tuHcennioua «a circus iLdvertj»o- 
mcnt4 aru piwt. 


i:.VDat THE CAKVJlfl, 

Whil« watUog for tb« pcrfonnmaoc to bc^n let ti» 
drop into tho <fln>5aiii;:-tent. It 19 divide in tho mtd- 
dlo by a tiirip of cauvjis about »cvcu feot wide* on^ 
tbU hiiir simoo is a^in divided into drc68iD;;-rooi»s, 
one for tbv men, tL<t other for tbo woDKro. Tlw Inrgo 
i!p>rxt i« tb<^ ^Tf^vii-room of tbo circus. It b not only 
tbftt. but il U Ibc prft|>cr1y-roopi. Tbc jJcrfonnrrji urc 
propariu]C for tho ^uid cntrco, HitnH^ttf ftro Ij'iDg 
nrouud loow. nnd ivardratitr^ upiienr t<i bo iu n oUto of 
grtat i^oikfiteioiu Cbcap vrlvrL giuly b(^[>uii^led i» 
quite pkutifuL It ]ook4 botit jit a diotjuice. Quniiti- ' 
tW of wbito cbalk urci broii^-lit into use, eocb inan'a 
luce being luffblj powdered, bii^ cycbrow« bliMrkeoedt 
«lc. The dreMinfT-room is small and tb^ro 10 appor- 
cnlly much conftuiion while tlje porrornieni ai-e d4>iiDinjf 
tli^ir rc«pc>c4iro contutDCA. litit rA<-b knows what bis 
duty h, and da« it u4,H.'ordin^)y. wilbout rralty inter- 
frrin^ with nnyono cUe. On Iho other ride U tho 
1iidkt«' mom; into 1hi» vrc nro not pcrmiUi^d toe 
our |)rofnm^ |>er]H'r.-*. biTt W0 know fniiii exteri 
knowlrdxt? I hill ptdiit and powder* alioH dir^Mft an 
flr*ib li^Eit'' Hi« nipidly tonvt-rtiog ordiu^ry worn 
Into r(|Ei[-^HtnRijnn itni^el^. OutMde of t)ic dlv«si 
rooni'^aiv ibp kor*«tt, ranted in regular order. At 
gJvrri Kij^nal the ridtr* at'iK-Jtr. mount and cuter the 
rbijT. A4 Ihi^y lire da$hin>^ alioiH im iipiKinntnxLIrjw- 
n»»4 let m loiik more clearly at tliL<tii, Tlivy fdl look 
you 11 jC and frcitb, bnt Ibt^m nrr nbl mm In tlici party 
who fi-r twMilv-tive or thiilr rear* luive ti-'urwl in the 
sawdust rir>g, Clmlk hit\(^it lh«:r nriiiklcn, dye*tafi'^^ 
tlieir gray lotrK, and nkidl ea|>H thiHr tialdn«u. Yoi^H 
der Ifldr who ■itn hf>r nU*ril gnwefally, nnd who look^^i 
AS blootnioff ^H u i-LiH« f>ik :i .finm mtniim-, is iiol only 
« tnotfa«>r, liuL a ^r^ndmoiher. And ihtrrti U Ovarp> 
wbo was engaged U^c wbter to do " iicTthitig, 7 




kuow," Ho find* his duties emhime riding, lenping, 
tumbling, obJecMioliliiig, mid occnsioiutH^' in »hort 
LlmeA drive a t«am on thti nj&d. Tli«r« U cno rider 
wlio wan ftinm-rly ii iiiiLniigLT liimsL^f. Ho had n big 
fortune on«ft, hui. a few bud seiisoiti* MWLiiTij>t>d it, und 
lie is now gliid In Uilce Ins [diutt u?i u pm-fiirniyr on 
It inotk^rtitG salary. R^ttiruiiig to tho drosaing-mom 
lifter thp cutree, we find tlie clown engaged in puttJng 
tJK' lini*ihing toticlies In hU make-up. We nni»t look 
dcwely lit Mm to rocngttizo him. Ho ilo9^ not eeeui to 
tn' llip »ftmi> foilnw u-<» n^pt at th^i brviakfast t:ihU\ in 
tttyliJAli olnf.ln<K and a ^hiii-fnHit ntti urn pti toil with a 
CuUfonLia diamond. Hi> hii^ jfivoii litrnftolT ail im-> 
purisihlo mounuL'ho with ehiircord, and hiu j>nint<^d 
bri^lil rod &[HAa ou h\^ ehook^. Yui) tliiak Inm a mcro 
hoy us he eprlngs Into tbo ring, but bo bai l>c«ii a 
mere boy for many a long y«ar, and bin boniia aro goU 
Ling atitr and bidjoiiild adic in gpiie of bia ae«umod 
a^'dity. Tb©*'pige" that be reijexite an<l tbo eonga 
that tnuko you laugh ai^o not funny to him* for bo haa 
rcrijcalod them in proci'^oly tho Anmo JnHcctiou for an 
indotinito number of tiight*. He comcj^ out to play 
(or Iho pnnd|}al act of hor^L'inimrthip. M<?antimo in tha 
dix^jising-rotim, if it i^ dimtp Eir thilly, tho p^rt-farmcra 
anj wrappiitif tbcniHelv^^ in Idaiiki^tn or moving about 
to keep warm. When tho burebutk rittor rc^tnrnH frum 
tlic ring ho usually diHicibo;*, takcA a bath and dontt hU 
4fnbnai-y ^dlire; tait Uie Xi^-^i important i>crfariiier» 
luu^t koej) ibtmbeWcd in readiness to roudor any ha^^ 
tunce irbii.Ii ih(;y may bo callod upon to porform. 

Thoro it> but little i'oikjso for tho weary ciren* poopio 
during a cteuAOu. FiiHtut^nlly tboy stay but ono day in 
a pWe, and tho tioxt town is fiftt^n or twenty miiea 
dhit^il. AH the projjcrtiea aiu^t bo packed ui>, the 
betnu^th and ch«ap Totvot. tho tight« and tbo tuuica 

(;:eDKR Trie cavtaa. 

must be filoivecl nwuv nnd tlLe.jouraej mado by jil^t. 
Tho ro1Jo:vir^ dujp briii^ a ruourreiice of Ui« danj^i 
and toil of divus llfo. 

A q\owi% \Tbo vrws importuned liv eomo youn^ lidit 
of Mill City. lo»vii,rt* ihpy piH^H tlio UtvsHin::-t£*«tr, 
lot thi^m In, Mild be'd doit foru kUs frcirit cucli. Thv 
vifsnt tour in ibo pnrty miil tlioy liisld a. I>ri«r connuti 
tioii ^boEi ihcy cutnu Wi^k aud \viii\tud lo kuDvr If 01 
kt^« H'ouldn'l du. 

" Yv*, ono oifccli/' aaid Mr. Mi'rrTomn> wlio had W 
patut OQ Attd looktKl uuytbiik^ but pr«>Uy, 

Ap[^in th«y consulted, and at last Afrreed. Tbi 
ffer« rfl«pootAb1e y^un^ htdio^ und Nvero «k»w t" d* 
anythio^ thnt mi^htcrMnpmnftii^otliein, etill th«ykuA<<d 
tbo irlowii, wlio Vtii^y] n t\a\> ot'tbo lent und pit§8r<t in 
cudi 116 t^bc )>:iid Iho osctilatot-y ft*c. 'ilio kiBdcs did 
hia old hoart good, and whom ho w«nl inlo Iho riii;; m) 
fresh mid hap]ty did bo foid that ho iicttiilly got i^ff n 
ncv and f^trod j^>kc, wliidi U an «xtniordiimry tbiiii; f >r 
a do^n. Tbo clown H pretty miirb tbe wboloitboir to 
the liltlc folkn, and tlic^ro ai% tnuuy groivii pooplo wbo 
dicrii^h t'cuLdlv thi^ dnUUnli admirutinn tbvy had hnd ftir 
tlio rvlaik*r of uld j'dicfl *iud iirig4:r uf poor coirii^j tfoog:*. 
Ho talka and jumps arotiad aa lightly aa if ho ivcro a 
y<jUD^m£Ln; bat otlcu if tho T^udc^r <:«uld bo around 
wben tiio chalk and tho^trcnks ot'blnck ainl red buvo 
Ekh:ii wa»bcd oil' ho would jk^c that tho light-bcarK^ 
kugk-provokcr 11 an old nuin wnnklod mid ^ray, and 
lh:it he ia to bo imrdciiii-d fur not bving ubk to »aiy 
anything funny Ihut would bv now at hi-t time of life. 
1 like cvcr}'tbin^ about a 4:lown, liia cloth6», li'ia oomi- 
cal hat, hio old jokc^t U\s iukit \o\c^ aad bia vtofni 
sunga. lit? tries to amuse otbcr peopti-'a Lbildr^n, niid 
Ibercforo I am ^lad wbcu 1 licar be bbs chlldrcu of lua 

ITNDKH Tin; CAWA9. 531 

6W11. ftsthc foHowiii^ louciiiii^ atory lold In vurao haft 

suoietbiug to lay about : — 

U TTAa utit t-n tta^ >rMfeeni frvutkr-^ 

'Hiv mtiii^rV, TumcBd anil lirotvn, 
Were gattat^nd around thi> povtcnt, 

Tlic vlrcu* tiad come lo tawul 
Tim jcrvitl uai uTtonk* tn thci flnrttnuM^ 

Llliu A wonderful ]ntljicM of Hirlit, 
AuO njutlli ttUTi crvivdciJ the ciilniut:i? — 

Sliowv dlda't romt every night 

Xol iL iTDincui'K tojcc Ekmuu;; tb^^m I 

Many u fncu that ^m bnd. 
Anil HOfiiC tliFil virrcr onlf \acail1t 

Ami MJtiiii iliJLT. wtni vrr)* ftnil ; 
And bcUlii'l llM■CJ^m'll^ rrinaLn, 

In comer o( the pliKc, 
T1)o cUiwu wUb clkalk anil vcriutllou, 

Wu *i making up '^ blB fncft. 

A *rcapylc<*klng womnn, 

Willi A kiuIUt iIiaL *iEI1 wm nwiwtr 
Shw*i*I rf>ti a lUilfl gnmwT»l| 

rnjitalooni BtwjJ i^actj aoO nnlttDif ; 

U WAV Ihf Ilmi' for tW i^olag on, 
Bui the down la »Titn »<!pnlicrl *rlltl!y 

The '^ piiriKJt^ \trt\t} " w«» j^uavl 

He miimuLK'il, impAiloiitl.v tiunlln;!, 

■■ W* »<tnin[£« tbnt I cftnoot lln<1 - 
There: I'v* luoKed In cvcrjr ccnirr; 

11 miui haw been Ml iHthlml." 
TUc mIncTA wpr« vtftin^^inK auiI Mii^uUng - 

TliL-y viurv mil |intl<*nt inca; 
Th" flown rit-Titnt«r Ibp miclic^ 
*' I must Ukc joD, Jllllc Bont " 

Th« mmhcr Jiurl*<l *n.T *>iUprorl, 

Bat Uoublt jk^ij WEint Huro Duif I . . ■ « 

Sbc llhcd litr b»by tErntlr. 

" You'L! be v*ry otivM, AetrT" 



lli>ir bfthlrrl; U iru ulit: 
Wlk4i « ftinlto *boiM fhrau|ifa th* chalk 4ihI point 
-M 10T« Mcb bmir of bb bcftd t <* 

Tlic noite ro** Into an aprov, 

HUnU* for 1^ UtM w«ji kiBf I 
Tb« «lov^, nrlib • (oolkb «bDcltU, 

Builtvd iAio (he rias. 
Ihit «■ iiiih a sqiMttk ftad A IkMHafc, 

Tha iddS» elofed tb«lr MM, 
"You hoM hltt a« ir b« wu nwl* of giM I *' 

Slid Um dcnra lo PuialootL 

The )ovlal foLkrw dodiJ*d : 

" rr« ft (»9pl« uijrMir." he Mid : 
^1 1 know bov to Eiuidle 'em, bkM jonl 

Ttic ran gmr fiiftt liaU rurluu»« 

And not oiif of all ili# cmwil 
Bad KOMwiKt Ui« babr vtna aUrr, 

Wtwa be mddcnlr langhBd aload. 

Oh, tut bar»f'laiitliT tE vat ociwod 

Frota th» bvB«h«e wUb a rln;, 
Ami ibc roQfihcit owtoOKr tlvnt Kpning op 

WLlh"BoyKii'«A f^3 thiiijrP* 
Tb« Hnir vr** laroinod In « mlnqtc, 

No4 a loan that did not Btrlic 
ror *M >hotatbok)liivUo baby — " 

Tbe babf that waa ** alive: '* 

n« WM tbroBgcit by kncvling *«ilorv 

tn t&D Diiilti of ilji: ilfiXf iloEC 
JUaA be bvl't htri oitrl tight myallj— 

Tlw lair UitJc babj'klax — 
Till oftc of tbfl ahouttnff oODrtlvn^ 

A nun *iltb a bold, bard lan» 
Tbv talk of rnllca of Ibe oonntrj. 

And ibo terror utf tb« pUcv, 

Babod Ibc little klcs on hl» ahonH»r, 

And rtauiAlvil, *' l^k ai l^l! " 
Aa tW babx flngvra cloleh^il fiu balr. 

Tbcn "Bon, band ruuad tliat batl'^ 
Tb«ra iwver w isvdfa a lut-fuU 


Of lOTfr, iMlKoM^MBiwtHt 
BeA»p thtj i%cm^\ war (o*u. 

ikBd tbM, •- TWw <k«nv for ibe tebjf ** 

[ trU roa I1kb« chevrs wcva ocMit: 
Anit thp w«y 1e whlrb tl^j w*r» flvm 

W'm cnosf h to niAt Um t«at. 
ADd Uictc «u ■ ••UtfeD aUrttn, 

And A cmfl <■>■> ntavr mU ! 

f t^ dm* It WW put lo bed.'* 
So loAkhw ■ bole ■bMptaft, 
TW Mdkacc, ■OM c ii fc a* UacertodT, 

FIlKlMt oat IMID ttfr Ol(tlt. 
Aad Uw boM-Aw^ kadfT ^iKkM, 

lie's u ^anw ■> be l« fttod-tookitic — 

B(9», Itel VM ft ihow ttoftt pobJ! » 

I** prfhlrc fit large has but & very vnrju^ 1d«a o^ hov 
ArirrijH ix mil, sfid tim poopl?, iMtsidi^ the tllmlU^ec^; 
iui4lTr^lAr«uii4m'«e«, wboin«k« Aliviagb^iL Wbvn 
<Uift tf*ntin)f m^aftoii U &bQut to npt^, a cTaju of p«of)W. 
who In Ub4- vrmUrr hnn^ ilioiit tfae «Ali>otu, vmnotv 
tboutfc* Aud gfimbliitg bdlA of the Wge citie*, Aact 
for tbe clrcuAea to bid fitf wbu are known ai the 
^" pHrU«^«*/' irbkh atv, a* a mk, ondcotoed to «w- 
iftot only tli« «aiodj tod taoonade ■Nwli And lb» 
sUhMbowa, but all vofts of irmiMimf d«rkv« hv tdkM 
inuiiapfictinf^ coDotrymati i« UptH^ml oat of bi«Mm- 

ij^j <ir hnrrovrin^Tfl, u the csmp erat b«. Mont* bmi, 
thliQb1«-rij^«nit Avreat-clotb d^Ar*. and a11 Elm a a nf 
(tuinbW» And lliM-vtA irho faAVO ikiC 5«t riMtt to the 
digniij of *' workinif " tho wa1eiin^-p1air'C« and mB>- 
>kncr rtwifti, Urok uptm tlw rottie of a circoA as tlMir 
Ic^tiibAtfl llrJd of operation. Tbo nrraa propnetor 

rbo fiaU tl»« lot upon whiob bis toot or Itala an 



piUlied hoa the ri;;bt to aiiblct aticb poitlons of the! 
p-ouiii] ttji he docs Dot 0««, for aucli i^iirpoees ob he 
decm» pruportimd vrhicb will not make him personally 
amctittblo to tho law* ftir whatever ii imca maj be cora- 
mittcd tlicrc'. It lia« been vhown tbjit iii rmmy c»]>f-4 
the maiio^crA not trniy <iell In ^itntlikm tbo privilo^ ol 
loimtiiig oil Ihe ^i-ouui] atiil robbjiijic ibe imtroiis of lU« 
oircuH, but alsft receive a &barc of tii« i1]*g»lteii wealth. 
*■ TUvie are," eaid Mr, Coup, tlie cirtius owner, to 
ftn interviewer, ■* lote of ahows with big htntk aocouiita ^j 
whi> bavo ma^dc tbcir money by actu:J]y robbing their ^| 
patrons. They lucd ti> swindle on the 9caU, I'lit thM ^^ 
is done awav with now entirely, or nearly no. Of 
com-«c. I am »ot nt libci'ty to mentiou nuine^, hut I 
rniilil riMonifth ynu by dt?«i^*ii4tiii^ bhon^a llii? riiaiia^t?i~s 
of ^'huh havt iiindo tho greater pirHion wf tlalr money 
hi tbifi WHV. Hut a^reatti'kk wbirh ia being prnctlacd 
In diis; A man la aent ahead of the sboiv irhci i^ nni 
known to hrtvc any connection whatever with it< In 
fiU'l, hr dtiiiiir-t Uiat hr h:iH uiiytbiiig t« lUi with it, iind 
yet he U really employed liy tho mann^-rw. Tliiw nmii 
eniiVjLftKrK thi? liMvii :ntd fiiid^ nonic tinnt who huH a hi^ 
hunk ai-t-nunt and who Ih giillibhi enough to oontido in 
Ht raii^rrrsi. Thv it]|:i*iLt inakvH bSa aLn[tmhi1aiK!«, geU 
mu* hiH i';on!u1tine(.\ rnid then ^vith a ^reat show of 
Noerocy tiifoimM liiin bntv lie ean innke a pile of monojr 
wheu tho ciitiia eonie^^ nJoiLg. The innocent dttason 
Mte« at the hnit nod )ti Hl*frr<Hi agninAl n gnnihling 
Bohefne either iiiKuhr or untxidi- nf ].h« ic-nt, and )ofte4 
often 1jir*^n minis, of niciiKty. Pt-rhit[rH bu h a man 
wlio«o xneiid ftuuiding preveuu liim Uom making \m 
lo«fi known, or. more rr'etf|iii*iiTlyi he railn to p^u^'pi^ct the 
ngeiit, who hlu>4ters around and deelarL*s that ho, too, 
lias lofit money on the arheme. And thna cIm^ hIiow 
go«!i ftoni town to town, making aUmmt m miteh hjr 




tiitioWng from ftA |mtroii» iin \l ilnra nt thrt i'wMtri vm^ori. 
Tht-ie are ^lioi^s wbid. nmku friini $3ll,fn:iO lo $10,000 
;i bezLFuni m (Uih wnv jmkI timt gin's h ^tioi] iv^j' loAiird 
jxi^itig rortfimrprliiriiig, aiul Ui)iitlo an ileiii* T Iiave 
rnmlr wfir an thc^e IV-llou'* for yewrs nml ikin (.If^tcririhed 
to keep it up. If ! emtiiot ruii u «finw williout biving 
It 1»L of glim 111 iiift; jtuhiviicH itttiutKivl U^ H, why then TMI 
b1j>|i nimuiijf H hliow. f iJ>olislt(-tl everylhin^ of tbt* 
kind lunt HL'jLhiia, i-veii dmvit Lu llit? f^tilllng of Iccuiiiznilti 
in I lie seaLSi T tiWow lemonade to be 8oLi] nrtw, but 
the men are waUrh«id curefnily and the first one t^anght 
ttwindling my |i:Urnria, fjfF ^(len hi« liejiiL" 

" Do yon n*»t. find it ilifBrnlt t« keep garnUl^i-s And 
ce>i^fid<'ni-4f tn(?n nway frnm ytwir kIujw? " 

" r did nt (ii"*1, hui it is now knf>w]i ammiji; tlinm 
llml 1 wdl nut jdlrtw it JUid llipy 'k^*\'[^ away. My lift* 
lina bfton tUrmiluaed sovoml tlnti^^ junt on n<.'tonnt nf 
this, but 1 still live 'And silll propn^e to keep tip the 
H^hL I huvo been ollmxl U4 lil^h iii $1,000 a we«lc 
Tor ibe privilege to rob my patrnn« hy (-nmii-rollowcrSt 
"50 you can *<*** timt tii<» priviU-gi* ix worth Komothing, 
In Gc^nrgin a gaii^ thn^ah-nnl publh^ly lo kill mo on 
Might tor TiirfiiHing to kt them hung around my tiTnl«, 
bnt »(>aie of oiy men went for them and eloanod thtiin 
nut very effectnaltv- The 4ide-shr>w privilege'^ ai'e %tt\^ 
only on oondillon that no gambling shall be oiirried on 
in tiie ti^nts nnd that the patrons shall not be swindled 
ill anyway. The Bide^shows cJin be made to pay with- 
out robbery^ La^l s^^on the ]?ide-«howi? that trareled 
irith my fiiiow, made |T5,000, which wae more than I 



eoi»i«cuO with xhfi rin^work of 

circus U ail ncroljiit ofnti*? kind or otlier. IIU ithility 
fuuy 1m> liinitiM] to tunittig a fiiujjie fiomerftaull, still li« 
vrlll ht brouglit into tho arenn with the r«ftt of tfao 
company auci o;>ponupity will be fttt'ord«4 bitti to do 
his boKt. It i^ not dip6ot«<1t boiv«v«r, to Tttcmit the 
ranks fnim ^ticii a cIam. diildrvn tnuitt b4 tmirwd to 
tho profeution, hiitJ a l^ng «ii<l ivnlijouu tnilnin^ it 
ro()uirei, 1( ihij'tt parent* nre profv^i^ioiicUit their 
KtudiuH will t« all Ow incirtr aeTore, and rufTx a&d Movr^ | 
wiil Itc Uio ouiy cfhcoum^'oruent ^iv<Mi tbolr etni^ling 
childrcii. Fathc-t:^ bavu boou known lo boat Iticir •c>i(«, i 
to ki4;k lixem in tho |>rvs«i)co of the* Aiidi«tico. luid t o , 
odd other aud Awcror piiabhiut^Ltt ivboa the yMiii^^H 
acrobat reaches Iioino, Tho Socl<*ty for Ibo Prevflotioi^i 
ofCraclty to Children <^«Id lind pknty tiido in pro- 
venting brutnl parontx Troin abii:«ing thoir litUe Tolkfl 
if not in puuittijnn end i.rntirviy tu tbo awiftnnd rviiigb 
UuiEiiiig iiiiii \ioy& are put tlirou;;'h in order tbat thejr 
may be hirod out or loosod to circiid nuuiA^r». t 
Now York I understand ihM bi*ok©n-dowu ring i>o 
fonnor^ have scbooU in wliioh hoya ai'o lau<^l «Terj 
brancJi ot tbo circus buirincfA, just a« thcro aro nditig 
schools whoro young men and young wotnca may learn 
pud-ridins And go even a^ far 04 riding bfoxrback. Tb 
scho<d» for iicri^bats ari^ n»nii1ly Lvmdudcd by crnol 
besnleM follows irbo urgit tbe pupilo to their ta«kfl 

in I 

S I 



nuftuni — bars, rope«, nreighu, traiiex^^ tigliUropts, 
«tc» ClrcoA mniin^'irnt in wniii ii( ulmt fMrBBiaill »iti>fiv 
goin^ Srjutti «r Wwtt a|j|>ly here niiil lake iLcir ctimLiti 
of Um) \>nyi, A bargain i» '|uit-kly iiiAdo aiiil tlio diiliE, 
formiinj ofthem anr Ktill mc-iv r-hllilrcii, goes forth 
In jcjiiL tlitf tbnni^ ^ni^itgiHl fnim April uiilil Orlplipr in 
umu!«iiig ilif' |iitlf1i<' Jti lilt! Havrt]ii?>l an*iiH. 

Wbi'ii ilifi cbiUl grfU laUi Uw cievtud ntig tlMtrrf nont 
l>r liiijMT of III! faitlii^r fijkii>|>aili^. hfi iiuk ta w^i aii«l 
Diu^L be done Jit nil hiLzanU. A falluro oiio liiiiia lo 
Aci?oni|)1UU a feut iiiUht Iw folluweit hy anotbi^r auit 
niiolljcr »t1rin]>1. iiiilil lli*» fnnj t< ut, Inst KjlisOtrlcirily 
[tn>4rnliT(L Olivci Lngiiii u'lu a1. a dri-iiK in^rTonilsinre 
uL Ctiiriaimli aL wbicih s\iv. wiLuv-tnufl an oxLrjiinliuai'j 
bi?<tJLni*i9 uf enjelly tm ibe purl of ai'IreiH ^nxipm-tor la 
H rblbl rider. Tbe eireu-i wan iitviied niid iikCLriii^iHl br 
a i-erttuii clown. Tbe tlowii-ij)ro|iiieu>r, Mi'^n L'lgiui 
goefl oTi to «aT, bjtrodu<M?d a Utile ^r1 to tbe fludieueo, 
sa^mg tbat sbe would exiiibit hrr i^WtW tri ri<]ii>g. Ho 
i^txtexl tbat lh« hrji'«i< wnn «oiura-bat iiiiimiHl to Uw hog 
atid if it nboiild br4)p«ii that the rUhr A*ll, no oiio n«>d 
nilrnain tiny uppn^bt'iiHioii orMM'ioiiK ai^cidifiiT, ti* tb« 
art^im wasi %o\\ uad itijury woiilri Iw iin[M><«iblr. It wnut 
Mitrvtr un ti]dii4)]>v iutrodii(*lion for llic chU^l, mid caU 
cubti'd to lill Ler wltb fear aud daabt. Tbo cbild 
tt'hirlcd rapiJly round tbe n'n;; two or lhre« timc>4, u^ing 
Deitbei' roiii Dor bmding strap. Sbo stootJ oti one 
fool, tbi'U chaD^d to Ibe other. After tbis sho was 
called Li|>o:i Id jump the streb:hor». llul hirr biir«o 
b«eii well traiueid, i\}9 Teal would bavo )Hivi\ no vvry 
dillicult onu. But eho bc<-ftmo untanglod hi\h% claih 
id fell to tbo |>mii»d, under tho borKt's fcwi. Sti« 

'n« pbuTcd again r>n lh(i ^mck of tbo hnrvo and com- 
pcllcil ouc« inoi-e to try tbo foal. Her full hii<l not 
givcu bc*r ncw<K;nticicni*o mid nbo M\ a 4CL-ond Limo, 





ndcmtly niiicli a^iiini:! 1ic*r indiiiutkiu iiiiii in M]jito uf 
licr ti-cmltliii^ mid lii^r UrurM, uilIui-o'h proUat u^uii^t 
barbftrity, mIiu wit» toi***o*l ajjiiin to hor placo. BuHior 
Donr^ hod gouo. She vrtua utiorly domoralJisod, Judf^ 
meot of dUUkiiiTV. hm} rmtluohorBoIfwereloet. A;^iii 
she attoiupU^d to I'xooutc 
the leap. Agiiin elic I'cll to 
the gfftijnd, ^tiiUin^ Ut-jw- 
ily upon her \wtnL Sht^ 
Tullt^tl directly under Uio 
hordo'a fe<jt and only >>y 
a efaoi^r cbmico uHciiped a 
tcrriblo dciith. Tho nu- 
dicfoco. — more merciful 
than lho«o withiu the riiij?. 
I»y thjj' time lind Won 
thoroughly nronsed mid hi- 
dlgiUMit* Cric«junl <<liouts 
were horird /roin all qunt^ 
t«r«: ''Shnmol »hniii«!*' 
"Tlral^ll do!" "T«kc 
her oul ! U\kv hc^r out 1 *' 
cauio up fti*i« (jvui-y side. 
It would uot ati^WHT U> 
dUrc^iird »nch coimnuudfi, 
and with & »nt\\e the riug 
RiAj^t^T vr«Lit Lo the crblldt 
niiM'd b<Tr fi»m th»' diint trai-eti:. 

wli^tnifllir hiy, uiLd Ird her* crying mid Aubbiiig, to th« 


The ttK'u uiit] uTitncn who jwrfonn nt dliuy hei&rliiA 
oil Ute tnijieitQ nud Ayiug Hnjpi rnvjuontly m«^t with 
tcrrihlti hc^idcuts. Still thn dtffieulty of tliooto fmtK U 
)>elng coiidtAully liioreaaed^ and iH^rformcrft, not MtJ»-; 
£ed withbaviDg tbolr^ye* open during their perllotu 


AdtOnATtW AND miTEexhlANWU. 

flight from one tnipcxc lo iiiiotbfrr, cnvrlojjp tbrir iM^dfl 
in HHoks am] ulllKni^h imt nhoUv hlimliti^ lhcnif>o1rcH, 
yoi-y nmttJi-mlly iiiterfort- xvitL tbo vUiou, nhioU in ull 
audi inbUnc«0 8b<»ul<i not bo ohatruclvJ. A tTpi< 
a«CLiJont of tbo tinpcsc kiud biippoiic<l at & [wrformanco 
of old John Kobiiiaon'a circus at South FtiM»lo, Uol- 
oraJo, on June \i^ 18tf^. White the AMrrdo Faruil^ 
were performing on the tmpcxc. the Mnk<^ which sup- 
poits Iho ni|ic pulkd out ot the gi-Diiml, whioh \itid 
boon &(dlcii>2d by th<^ Afternoon »torm, nmi let Iho por-' 
form^ra' — three m uumbtr, Williuin^ Lt^vria, nnd hift] 
wire, Emmu Alfnfdo — suddenly to tbt prnnmL Tli« 
ftct ia a eort of douiilo bicycU and trapec*? pfrionnuocfi- 
Williiun pro|>cls & bicyel« back and forth ou ft liuol 
stretched from pole to polvi. niid Lewis niid Eiiiuia 
perform on two trnpcEc-bin^ft ftiispcndcHl from the bi- 
cylo. IVhcQ Ihe Miike ptdlcd up last tiij^ht the rupo 
Gollnpifcd jtiAt At tijo moment tli.^it l/cwis wn» hnngiii] 
by hif* feet from llie UiWvr Imr »nd Emiiiib frotii Ihaj 
iqtpcrt hoth ttiui^ht dtiwii, with arma folded* Knunji 
caught herself on the lower bur an<l (Im aide i-ope-nj 
but her hni^hund fell ^ti'aight to Ihe ground, iiU^hliii^] 
on the bnok <>T hin he^d, the fidl lieing tu'clvo or Amr-»] 
teen feet. He wnA At oiice rctnovnj to bi« dre«Ainj 
room, mid the phyoicbnA who nerc ■umtnorKrd W' 
ihitt lii» aptne w^u injured* Hiilf an liour Inter he wj 
removed lo a lioteU where be died at fcnir P. u,f| 
June 13th. 

A i^vnini&t who fell from a trapes^ m Now Orleans 
gave the fuliowing Account of hiH senrntions: *'Amifl 
tiie sen of fitcca before me I looked for a faniilinr t>ne, 
but ill vain^ and, tiiniin;^, t r^teppcd back to IIh? rope 
bywhichweitKieRded t^jilif imi»r'/c, mid going np bund 
over hJLud wuct »c)on aetUed in my »wingiti|; pcrcli. As 
1 looked down I caught eight of a face in one of the 


AClKill^TICM AN1> KQriCtETlllANlftM. 


boKOa, that iit nivit* ntivixrtvn] my nrvontinii* \{ vtwb 
that of n IfCiLQtifuT gid, vrith #wcct Miio cy€«. mid 
«r>1^cn h"ir rnUing imoonlinwl over hor ehouldcrti in 
hcJivv, wnviiig itiiisson. HtT hrriutiliil vytrs, tnrnod 
towiinl rnij* oxpruaHt^d only terror ul (he scomiii^' Jan- 
g(^r of tbo p4?rfi?raicr, And for the mumout 1 longed to 
Htffliiro htr of my perfect Biifoty* but my brother was 
by my *iilc mul wc l'C2:nn mir iwrforniancc. in tho 
piiUMr» for iirciith I uoufil noctlmt j^wcot fiLtrt* iiovr piUo 
AS ikutli, uiul the blin oji'* Miirin^ wide op<;n with 
four, ntid I ilromli-rJ thn cWvai of our fitiinh, vfbich — r 
U'iiig tho i1tv»]1 ii(^(. — ^ ^LVtfi tUo iniiiiiiiutcH] Iho impiisM-* 
sioit thrit, Uolli ixn-frirtncra aru afi<»ut to bo iliir^bod hcfuil* 
loiiK 111 tbc (ilag«. HiLViik^ oorttplfitfMl the Ooulilo 
IHi-foi-nuiiiL'c I oaocudod to Iho ii]>iH'r bat, and, coating 
off tbc coiircct, we bopin our combinalion featfi. 
While b»Ln*;in*f by my foct iu tho upper trapozo, my 
brother hiding suciiioiukil from my hamli (tho lower 
bnr beiu^ <lTll^V1t back by a ciupcr). I folt a Might 
.^hot'k, ftixl tin* rope iK-pfcii *lowly lo 6\]\i \mtit my foot. 
My bt^itrL ^ivo a ;?raiiO jump, auit tbt^a fleoQie<l to HL»p. 
na I iraliKTMi nur awful «<ituntion' Tbo lashiug which 
belil tbc bar hniJ par led, the rope wa« glidiiif^ ixjund 
tbo bar, and ld itnothcr moment ^vc should be lying 
ROisclcAS on the »Uge. I tthout^d ' mider' to Ibe ter- 
rified * auper,' who ittntautly .iwitEi^ tho Imr back U> it# 
phic«, and I dropprnf uiy hnilber ini It nr* IIia Uir^i 
ptmud Aiiupped and I [rlnii}£ed downwai^. I niiyr Iht? 
biwer Imr dA»rlia]j: towaii] lau aimX I made a dcapuratu 
gni^p at itt for it wae my 1a«t cbanee. I misj^cd it I 
Do w u Ui rough tbo air I fvll. Alrikiog heavily on tho 
stAgvt. Tile blow reiidoi-4'd mo noiiKelcM and my col- 
lar )h>iio nr^u broktm. I naji burn<?d bohiad the bt-^iica, 
atiil Minn lUEntt tii my f«ftiM!H. My first thmi;^lit waa 
tiiai I mu»t go Ijifcck and |fo tbrougli luy [itirformauce 




at once, »Q(1 1 itiTtiiaUy maclQ a daab for the sta^s'^ 
but I wss r^traiiKtl, aud Jt iroa many wo«k9 l^doro I 
vns iiblo to perrorm igain/' 

The circu«-^:o«rs or a d«c«do fl^o were Mcoatomcd 
to t>gfat-ro|Hi iind eliirk*wtro performaiKce m th*; ring, 
wfaeo oM muii »act young woiaont omiUjitiTe of tho col- 


c>brftti>cl Bhwutin, yvvut throut-ti eom<? wnml^rfwl flvcmi^ 
tiotifi ill m^d'Uir. Noiv the ti^ht-rii|»o nnd l(>ci«j wii-o 
liAro both riliiiogt entirely di^riipiK^arod Ironi the ring, 
and oul/ in the ftcnaU shows aro they givon a plaiw In 
the pro^irummo. Still tboic are maiij oxe^lleiit per- 
formers iu thi^ lino who find tfm|i1oymtJtit uii tha vamty 
Mage im^rtij^ opcciiilty peoplo. The beet of these ta 
Zjnt'retti. ihu poittomtnic cbvu, who thoiigfi tin old 




maa dUplnjs wondcrfn! agility wtcu irHh haUtico-polo 
in hand lie iitidd hiii^dclf nt tlio half-wuy pcntit on bin 
rope. L&dk'a who have taken to the hcimpcn path 
bavo attnincil proiuinenco as ropo-wujkora. One of 
tbo most bcuiititul iirid ut ibe a^mo limo <laug<iroLib, of 
thr^ pcHormnncc^ tliLLt th« small ahowa oQVir to tbcir 
uudicncoA is titnl of Mu^lartn.^ L:taalk. who pLiccv Imv 
ViiiU vl^htr-yaixr-tthl ^luughlcr Ja a wh^tTjlmrrtur filled 
with tlowc-r.9, atid on it rope thii'tj fotjt nhnvo lhi> 
ground without net hviiL-aUi uekI with iifUhiti^ hut 
baiHl ground t« roceivti both iji i jlm^ of a EulU liuiidlt^H 
tho Lurruw over along i-opo whllu th^* peuplu hultiw 
Look up in brcnthlcns (oar K-»l the ^'niw tip and 
IV dmiilfiil nrcidctit result hcrforo tbo feat is ficcoin* 
plir^hi^d. Ti^ht-ropc vntlkiug, however, ia not ncqirly 
«ii dillii'ult t\A it appo;u'A U> hn. Th<< pcrrfi)Mni<r Dr<i(U 
att^udy nerved, a cool ejri;, itnn limlis iiinl n Imhnie?;- 
pole, the ltt:Jt-Uumcd :iitii;h? htfiii^ tlui most rH!H*ii- 
tiah TnLlniiig is n?guircd, oT otiurse. Ixjt it ih not of 
the rigorouit nod i^rotrnclod kind that ottier fer«LH de- 

Tbo tr^iuin;; of ridcrit im not mi difficult or nttcadod 
Willi Buch dttugera. ahhough it U \wr\Unis ciinngh. If 
a cirtuia-tidLT has a mm <ir d;ut^U(iM' Ik; wishtTi \n hnii*^ 
up for tho ring ]m will lic^in l>j tarryiiii^ thn ohiid, a* 
mx>a M it M atrong eitoagh. up^Mi ihe liorm* with ham, 
llitlA nrt^iiiitrniiilig it Ifi Miwiding Upon Ihu iiinnrtl in 
nioUon ; but if u hay at 'JU'\ im Uikeii up nL an :i^'o 
whi-ti )t i^ nil longm' tixvty tn niirry liim an'innil th»« ring 
nil thi? Imck of a hoi'iitf. In* ii piit m Iniiiiing with wheit 
tile i.-irouH i^eopU call *' llieincM:hanir." TiiiniH a Imim 
cxlcnding out froru a jiivoted cisniri^-iiolA and having a 
rope han^iiii^ do^TU at tho eilgo of the Hug wIlli a atrap 
lit tho mil whirh iA f:thli-ih-d »n>iiad tho pnpirrt wuikl. 
be rup« U long cnouitJi ii^ jillow ihu im|>il to iLaod 



u[>oa tbo book of an ADimaU AQd by moan* c»f iu 
port bo id ko|>t in an iipnght ])0»iUon until be gets 
Acotitftomvd to the tuoticn of ji hor»c, and u proventod 
from falling fibould he mhtt bi:* footing. 11« beg:iud 
ixitb H I'jkI r>n llio bdck of ft j^otitla flninial, nnd keeps 
*m vrilb *'tlji; mccliaiiic " uiitt) be In nhlc to jitAnil 
aIon<T on llie home, fioih which time mi Lhr |uid itt tliit- 
canlvd and the j>u|>il goes it iKirelmck, Kd. Sliovrlm,, 
a giiod ridoi- aiiO pn>tmiieiil, >ii bU line, Icibl mt< Uiut II 
takes uliout Bix tiiuaiba to Imeitk » bi>3 in £m> iLut bi* 
will be able lo riJe fairly, but tlmta girl msy be lau^t 
in iUrco tnontbff. 

Tim Iniiniii^ ^^ ^^ during \ht^ wtntci iDontbfi 
vfMc Um) «1ix tiA lA ill <|iiiirl«r». A umall ring in always 
:l dcpnrlinefii of Ibo wiiittfr <|unric;ni, luid in thM tJiB 
tntino'l nnimiil* nn* krjit in |jnu?tirr an*l new ones are 
hrcikrii iiu tb<' whip biiing frri^ly u-i^tl tj)kmi nil in giv- 
ing Ui<-n) their tc*.-(rti)nBt. A hi^r>«) tltui bt iiilniilc^l for 
1.!i(* [<iltiniEin3 lAnsH nd^v hating uiipiiM-il I1«t onlinary 
Tnuii(r-iivrii>«, Utr wsintM^Vf niimt li-uni In gi<i up on bi» 
hiii<! ti*^ 111)0 paw the Air wltli thu fori^ l^gH, aat wq vtwj 
llirtn in picLui'4-8 of the tTkraine Mallion>» eU\ Tn dn 
llii« lliff floiiniLl iiiUF^t liavo bis b;Liin<:hett ulren^'EJieiivd^ ^ 
Bv whippin" 1lt€ ftirv !fgA bo Ik mado *nTtdiUiliy Lo riatt 
on the hind imrw, Tlicr fioru^ Ibidx it, difHrtnll. at ^rst, 
Itnl jiKlirinii« uhi|i[iln;f gvix him up in tb^ nir »t 1n«t< 
and IKn xigbt of T.lir llin^uU-iiiLig whij> krrpK him ib^rei 
1LA litng UN thi^ni ia ntnTn^j iu biH bantmbtvi to keop 
hi En lip. 

•* Tbt< wnrk of the loading (H|U&«Lrimin<i U nn<t ofthQ 
mottt lalKtrioirft \n the^ urhrdu rai^e of th« elrc^UM |iro*l 
foi^on. It r«?^i]ire3 phj&Iad oounkgi* of th« htglioftt 
ord^r, oombined ix-iih groat ponvr of endurance and n 
eapaeKy for ailopting oTwself to n constant change of 
scene and suiTounding. People who witae^ only Utoj 



hrilliunt |N*r^tL'rii[iiK'«ii in Uio rtn^ in t\i\ JitmciKphcre 
iTiduii willk Ii^'bt mid muaUi, \\\\\c ifTvum of thd ^rcari- 
flomo lull ai)^ (irndjrtTry wliuli protrede thotii." 

Tlio epenkcr ivna MU4 LiJIy Dunoon, n fjiir-iiaihxl 
Eii^lish liwly, with Ihc form of ii.Fuito, wtio jii-rivod iu 
lliiAviiunliy fiiMii Loriiloii fKiQiolimo K;ro lo till Hii 00- 
vngEi^mcTit H* kiiitictg cigtif-fftricmic in F»>njp;»iigb'» 
cii'cua. As >hi> nfiporinH] in tlii> piirlor in an ijilL<i-vi<!W 
vrith a PlLilAdQlpliiii n'|u>rlpr, hIk.* ii^i^lii nulurully Jiuvo 
been tJikcti for Ujo picc^^ptroan of «oitio fEishionnble 
Kn^'li^h bf>anlinir'>-chno1, or ibo duii^UtoL' of somo 
»itilfol(l4'Oiinlr_V8ciuircof KcntorSo'i»icx^oranyl>oJy» 
in frtct, rather tbim the during ri«bT vrhtjso poi-forro- 
lui^^o* hnvc bcwitikn^tl ain\ t^birUcd liie ctrcud-)^ing 
niiikituilc of L')iiil»n, Fiirifi, nntt Berlin* In fcniuro 
EL!id tnritinin- Iit^f Li|ip(^;imnco \imti tTiat <ff tbo English 
■>i:iil1i?w(»innii, ijtbik- ber omvereation tlirougbout ro- 
vrulcd H delicacy ut' tb»iji-bt and'cxjirciinioii oommon 
only tn ibo wcll-bnd hidy. 

"Iho trnioiiijp otwetmiry lo fiiiocwts iu eqii««tniu] 
pi^rfifriniinct'''," winlinued M\^ Doacon, " is luonoto- 
lania in tho cxlrvmc uiid in eonio imrU vory tlttiiirtroiw- 
None hui tbiTw in ru;;^d lii'iiUh ever witlMtunil it, and 
ni) iMv« wilboiit a |>cifoH vby:<ii?id or^iinicntioii Dhuuld 
iindcrUko it, Tbo oitliiiiiry om'toib^ja of Ibo ndln;;- aio triflt* Jiacfimjwitxd T\'illi Ibo tn*k§ ini[>o*^iJ 
in pwirctelou^l triiiiiin^. Wbcn » woman hn^ olj1ubi«d 
ull IJm liLH'wle<.tg<i lo l>o m.-qoircd in n ridii^school, 
»luT bith only goi lH« TUilimcoU of n-ni ur|nyariaii nil. 
Sbo iu*i*l iJiou istiXvt tbc cinrud riug au<i f«niilUri«e 
bcT*»Hf with lliL" dnlic- rr*inirc*il of hvr tbcro. Sho 
muift be ini'paiTd \*> cndnm ftlU and l>ruiK..-c witbout 
riombor. t«ijfet!i€r wfih IVitiiU'ot Mtildin^ ninJ ^^rreo- 
>i<m4 from llio iiislniHor^. No womno, ud1c«4 aho bo 
jHJMfWhcnJ i»f pxlmonlinwi-y ii;ilurtil «kd1, oujjlit to up- 



ppiir hi tli« itng liornm »i aDdicni^ until »Uo lua grad-- 
iiul4Nil fmni a iiOiu^-Hcliool, and then pracU»d in the 

AOKOH.VniW AM* K.UtKM Jll.4M^» . 


ir>&t cnrLiiii fuilarv aiid liiin^Uiniion upou her Clrst 

■* The bent mjiiftftlriiui mritrucLor in Kiinipe — m Tnct 
[tbe only Olio 4>f tvitiiMisWI ri'|»iit:iUoii — u M, Siil- 
|n>(?u«ky orik'iEin. He h one iif tho jfiamlc^l Iioi-hc- 
len In i\w vtiyv\i\^ nrid Ui h\ti gruat citvu-i iiurluil4*3t Momu 
iif tlie fiiip^ stock «n the oonthieiil. Hy ftuw in-s first 
in Lon<]on, my iiuttvo places m^iiiy yi^urfl a^n when I 
wns pcrf^mitig wJtli my brothers nnd tiialerd In Hcii-> 
!«v"*i Kogeiit Street circus, niid olforeii to lake mc with 
lim to IVrlin ninl compleC*? my training, I nocepted, 
|«LitJ ri]tcri?d Im drou4 jit ihi? German capital, whoi-e I 
Lruccivixl tho moAt cftrefal inetrtietioti he coul<l givo 

" M. SdlnuHinkv woiiM soncj tno into iJw rini^ wiih 
^biit tno«t Kpirit^^fi hiivi.-^ «vcry diiy m\^ Htittid by to 
direct my oxor<u!io«. S<inwtimo« 1 thtju^lit L (hould 
never aurvivo Lbetunibli^ dbi^Ttline, ami often thought 
I i^houMgo back toLoiiJoiuiiid ctuileiit myi^HT with ^u- 
injC n attctmdmto t'ldev, buLthijkLndiic'^-'iofmygood old 
iiiHtnictor fi(k|t<*ned tho itiuuirR-mlilo liu]ii|»?i nod bniiAc^ 
I nio(tivo4i, uiid I attactttnuiiipUcd. Kmpcror MilUatu 
^and the cnjwii prints attended the ofix^ua Uic night I 
ma<k my di^but, uiid cumpUmeiilcd nH< fonually utid 
l.per«on[dty frt^m thiMr iwx, 

'* M. SiilmfHiflfcy'a coui^c of Iniining is vciy ripd, 
Liid thftt acctjunta for it« tborou^^bncss. Tho pn|)tl 
>niLiH feurrendvr wholly 1u iho iii:^triictor aitd liccomu 
vury inucl) as :i linll of wax in h\ii haod^. At (ho out- 
■Bet, hoiveveri the scliolflr must obUuJi complete uvu- 
<tery of her hor*irs- Fcnr ia a qiiuUty utterly hostile 
Kt«4U(x:i'J4J^rEi1 i?'pic«tniMi]i^tn, iind itnl<<*.<« thi^ iHipil cun 
boUi it At the Mart, «hc had hcttvT give up Imr am* 
iMtion nnd nhniidoti tlin pmfessiciii. She ivill nevar 

ftcnonATtCH jiKr Kuvt:FTiEUS'iK», 

•iKtxwtl ^t U>nff m i^ho i« nfi^id oUlier of )ior»t;ir or licT 

«< Uiit* lu 1 sriid bcfui«, 110 ouo tiuiiocjuaiiiUHl irith 
tho dun^eroit^ pivpaivUcir^' instrgctinn of an cqi»08- 
trirnno Jm* nnv pmpcr osUaiuto rjf tlm toil And wcari- 
ncM wliicb l]«r iicrfonnunco^ ri'piTW'Ot. Oiw noror 
kiiowe Uic boun<llc^ftrf cupjic^ty of tbti human framo for 
piim^ oikI iivboa luiUI Olio liAi ^oiio into Lralniug for 
circna-iklitiif. WliMt, with mirulj liw-^t-s. uLt^oiufort- 
aMo e;i{1(llc]^t :iiL(l (ho violent cxorciBo invoIv^HJ, fiv« or 
eis hoiire of i>nLcli(<o tvory day for niontlie U coituiii 
(o do one of two tbin;;:^ — it f!it!icr killt) tlo pupil or 
lirin^ bcr up to tho pLTfoction of plij^'^k-iil wcnuiiniiDod. 
TL*s hmtA fur practice Adoptcil hy M. Salmoimky vrero 
ill the foreiiooD — ^ncnilly fi'^ni eight to twelve* 
with, pcrhnps, Another hour or two in tbo cvxrning. 
Towith-Caud thU cour!<Q cinc nm^t drcM loosely atid 
become » drvoteo V* plAJii living nnd llic Uw» of 
liygicnc. Any nogUri't of iIjumc jirincijdcs tn- luiy gnnt 
IdMi rif p|rrc-]> iiMirilly reMjIl-i in bnikt^n liciiltb nml pn>- 
fcs^iiinsl fjiilurc. 

^'Agiviit uMJiy iK-i'sriii-i wIkj li^ivo tilt' ideji Uiul llm 
lifiM)! II dri^iin hUu in u Imppy riu« — timt tt ]»- a ruuuil 
«f ^irginina tutlc, tinael. nud ]itig-nia»t«r-embe1- 
liali(>(] hpWndur — would he sadly shocked If tttey 
4roi]UI grL A glimp*o f*f tho nnil tliinsTi Tbc»c ppojiio 
iuo niiHl:d^«n. Il U iv:dly » lUl? of hin'il wtirk nt pi"ptly 
tauAt rdl houiv at iIir ilriy- Wht'u thii Apliniilid Hllti. 
PeerlcwH isn't sp«^d(ng jirntittd \hv. ring, ItHhmjf Iii^r 
bpintocl liTiH'-bjik-k )irn'?4i- Icj fury> mmd thi-' pbiidtt/i 
of ftdniiiiMg ihoiivirnlH, dim ifi int!iidiit^ lier ti^hU* 
i^titeliin^ tln?iol on hfv vn-^\uu\v^ ATinuiming her limisiu 
with Jvilsum, or pritrtrnin^'. The pruniiG uflhedrciifl 
lidcr itf liko tb« ri*h<inrs!il of the uctot^ only mom no, 
for wliilt' Ibo ftt-lor Uaa only lo rebi?»r(»© until hin first 



pcrformmioo aud thttncrtti ^im (iljijing a purt irilhoiit 
further troqblo, Uio ride*!- niurtt ptit ui jm hmjr Dr two 
every 4iiy lo kc<'[> her joiiilw llmlmr iuid her ruiM'leii in 
proper trim, But for tliia ihiiU- piimtUu tho iK-i-fiirm- 
[uicps of our eircutti'^ wuuld be lhi> IlieaLro of iiiaji/ ii 
iiM^c<}y iiistciiil of tbe Aoctien of mittfi mul ghiduoa^ 
tlmt tliejr arc, 

Tlic faf^riimtion thut tho circus ban (ov poopio who 
know iiiil!i!fkg nlioiit il4 hiMflhhr|>?t, ijt ilUi^trutrd in thr 
WL-HT <if H Oii^irgiiL liih, who livc*l in hijciirv. tiiul "luKm 
hiifiil>LiiiiI wii:« itiimht'rr-il Aiuoiij^ \hn mrwl iiromintfrt of 
Iftr 8t:iti*'s cMlivi'iu, SliiT hc-iTjimi! itittrtit^il wtth m di'- 
Mir<i Ni:U ^1lO woiitd like La Mprirt ti^hli itiid i;:iiixr 
dn^Mifft, Riicl whirl idioirL ihir riitg on a H|iirilml horsn, 
ftn Mh« i^truek tip ui<ijtt:i;iita]ico ivilh riii ripK-^trijui , wlio 
li[ipp(*iitMl Ui coiim nff>ii:; wiLh u f1v-)>y-iii}^'hL nhow, 
nitd 6]ii|]oil wUh liini. TIut tiukUuHl foMowod tho 
slioV to Tqxiui Fornti nionrJiH iiftt^rwimlAt sud hnd na 
Interv^iMV wilh hi* wiTr, w)i<i }i;id hRi-tinu^:iiir4|iJc&1rioniie 
in Acniull w:i}',dcih]^ u ji.nUrichug i\ci m trM'h |uM'fi>rm- 
anco. All hitvrview wilh the hii]y fsi'dod \n niiiko her 
w<* hrr Hillv. Th*» hiMiitntd itow grniv di'j:|H'rnto, 
Vivnt uwi»y itiul hir4.'d :i lot of L'owbovi wbttiii he look 
lo Iho «how wkU tJie midi'mftiidi u^ tliit as looa mc 
Mths Kitlidlii (the wife** jidoptod imnu' ) put hi uu »p* 
p(^arau'-'0 tbcy wore to ninh forward^ itiid bcv^n^ Uw 
cony h**r fn>ui the lout. Wbon ^>e I iidy appeared and 
tiiu«lor v^as tc>iK^hin^ up tka hci*ls oftlio AikJmal U> iset 
hiiii iiilo ti fuuej-ftl j<»3, ti>e hiislHiud nud cowboje ad- 
VMUced. Tko hitshnnd sdssod fai» wif«, draf-^Tod hoi 
fvom lh<j hor^o, mid whili^ tho cowljoya tcHi^Sit h^^ck 
Iho pcrforuit'ra ami itttn<fhcA ho ^t her into ^i c;inia^ 
Hud dfuvo het away, Icj^riuif the JiudieiKn? hi tho wildest 
atatc of excitement. KIeiU wordtf And gentle U'cat- 



now in lior Georjria hom£> and does not want niiy more 

A I'ari^ ooi'rcti|tc>D<toiit tclla itfi that tlie fuiivml ^^^ 
thai charming circa« ridvr, EmiJio L^iw^ott wbo wa& 

killcil in Aprn> 188i. was a Panslan oronl. Th« poor 
girl had bug inlMlikcLl tLc United Stitc^, and hud t 
frtwdoiii 4]f mEiiiiii^r iiiiil ii(^lf*n-.'«pcrt ^liit^li n^i uflim 
tiiigtiMh lJi€ Amttriraii jmuig liulyn Sbc wm nn la 
Imc'k nun of Um mu^. gi-Ui-nnd rrpjiturr*^ imagina 
Till? ti^iJiv u'ltA IiliK% IhiI, wiiliiMiL iiii-ii^rL<tioHn. Htv 
puMCH iit lliu Kiuldlif wrni Mtmply t?:t4piiH]UT, uad tl 

ACltOHATICA AUfy KQU»Tft|jlKlttM. 


iLppciircul iiiiNtiidltvK ThcT fniiUirrji vr^ra i-lngnntljr 
fiiniit'iK iiiid liio I'vi'N exjitvMfiJ ti linivis kiiKl soul. 
KuhIIl' Tjiiift^ct wiin iiuH'iT |kiipubr Limii Surali Bt-ni'- 
burrlt liail *v<>r buen In Puns- Hor less siiL-ceatifiil 
nvhIh \i\ Uie Ciirriiiii worfl Ijron^'ht l>y Iht exoomJJiig 
uiuiiilfility to pardon Ik*i' putiUc tnimiphs, She did 
not set'm cv^r to pxi*h« jwilnufty. On thf- Jujn :ind 
niglirs (>l» wliirli wlm pp-rff»mn*il llm rliviiu wriji rrowifi'd 
wiUi f:i4lii[]U!il>lLi piM[i1(^ Tlirrti wru no iitnouiiL of 
wnukli thut rtliL' iiiiyUt nnt ljitv<* jioftsMwed bail sho noL 
Iwori A (iinud, sLpnuif-will^rd, 8i*l f-ri:'j*jH* iug giiL Slie 
tiuil no ourrjiit£L> and ii^eil t<i w^dk IVtitu thi> ]ii]>}i[HlrotiJo 
lo tlio Kite OUefkrtinpf, wln.*rr» tili'^ h:id h smaU litdging 
on the m^h ticuir. A number t}f hriMncrutir' and plu- 
tj^'Hilii- fuliidivrii iimhI t^ <i^o»rt Uiw lo iho door, 
thrptigli wlitc'h niiwi nt ihrri wtrc idlowi'd by her lo 
potti. SliR LiHpirod lo ciTdIo for li<<rHoirii Impjiy honio 
and lo niftrry soinubody whom fth*^ eoiiM love and 
esteem, lior sislcr, Cloiilde, in Uio nioi^iuiiLtic wife 
cifiUc IViiico do itouu, brotli^r oftho Gennun »ru')a«- 
Badoi' »t ConHliiiuiiiopI", iind \% ]ixik<>d tip to in her 
fjiinity cin»l<^. The* iidmirulion of lli« Kmpiv«« Kli^it- 
boih fiir Bmilii? wa% iiiort'iuvd l»y Uio dwi thut iJic* 
dinrming uh'ciiM rldt^r spurned ibo nddredii of the crown 
priiioo of Aiiftlriu. 

H« W115 very much in love with her wbiMi ehe was in 
Gcrrunny* a cr>uple of yearA ago, aod would Imve for* 
fftvorn Diurrhi^o if «ht.> wotild li^ve consented to bo hU 
Dutiurry. SLq did mit like Ibeyoun^ mnn, nnd told 
him BO. Tho emproK^j, wliou >^he w:u JiDro, mwd to 
tmdii^ rtpp ointment* to rifle lu the HoU Avitb Knnl)i>. 
Her m[ij?>ity thought thu eeuy^^ro chnruiin^ lo Utnh. ut, 
but wuntiUj^ in lirmiiuHn of bund. The hiii^o on n'bioh 
4li« roilo wjtU impLU-ml Elizabeth in the sbadfrd iiUt>y6 
of tho Boie was tbo ono tbut oi^caEioiied ber denlb by 



rolliDg over on her itiiJ driving the r-rut<;li of lUc< 
'8Addl« into hor aide, Tiie aij*:iisL liidy iioiic«d tlio 
hurdiices of tbe l»nitL*'« mouth, iinil iho tc^isiug nnd itt 
th<T eniDc timo irre^oluUr wiiy in wbidi Cinilu; licld lii^ 

Biiiilkf Lf»[«»€t iLinii^d ai 4!liL«»ic ]>tirit^ of «tjrlc. 
T1iL*rti wiu iKiliiing i«(?]i>jitit)iiid iti Uvr inunncr. Hncj 
tiii|ienii1 frit'iid Flrx;iljH.1i llioiiglit lit-r tliti mi>^t. Iildjr*; 
lilitj |itirHi)ii fiha bail si^hji tii Pann. Utir ^aimv^i vrurti' 
Mimpli?, b'Jr address rmji:iljlL>, iind lUore wiw aerioaft-j 
Deas even hi her siuUuh. Mcniliertt of Uie .lockoy' 
Club 8pok<i tn hvT h:it in imnd, Hi>r dt^iUb wds 
Bittiivlv duo lo liifi hiiiil mt^uth of her hoi*)^. At a-l 
rchpiu-hnl tlm h<ir*n ttimi^d muodj mtwJo for tlie kUiIiIci, 
niul, fiii^ihi;; llit^ door ifliut uptiiut bim, n^.'iroi] up 
on lli^ hind lrg<. Hiil:iiK'(t weis hiiil, thi? horxt* rnlltMl 
ovor, itiiil l]w cnilcii of tlin ^^iddli! (imiLxhcd in tUa 
ribii upikii th<^ liKkgs Atid ho»rt. Pour RiiiilU^ luid th<^ 
<.^>ura^ 1u tbiit sUiUf lo walk to tho Inliraiury. aii^l 
wheu tibe was tak«ii borao lo luotiiit live tli;;hts of 




Tbcro is fi j^reat ^tial of romniico in thd IiOit of a 
circua pcrforniti ; aiwf « the tltoatrioal world i* often 
pt^nctraUd in eciLrch of mibjcct^ ndi in fictioitt sa, 
too. rnnimirers oiitcr the criv-LW riTi*r lo find u hero oi" 
homiio for aii o'or-lruc Uilc. In n Wc,»tcrii paper I 
found the foUowiiijr prclly nnd touching i<torjr, which 
hiul lict'ii r.oplnd fnitii 5iitiiit otlii<r pnprr 
without (^n^ilit, anJ which, ua it lUviln wiUi <:irciJA lifi\ 
^B and jiiLrlif^ulurly ihnt fvuMiiv tif St wr hiivii Junt li^fl — 
eipit'Hlrttinip'in — I Twll^'ve U will U- found jiiU'i'«Hlin^^ 
iiiut ill i^Lfrodudn^ it i-v^^ret iliut I iim mi»i!tiuuiiited 
wilh the nnui'co irhonco it cfliii«, ntt the pahlicatiCEi in 
whlcli Jt origirijilly iippniicd c^rrtfimly deserves Dieii- 
lion : — 

Thn \nt*tli Amni'hMm CrmKolTitntod Otn'»« wiin tn 
»linw In Bhiulowviltr, Rh:idowvil1e wcm nxinird liftiT 
II U'lfriiil of II Imunlinl ■dt^don'' iJint riirr<hip('H Uir triwn 
lifter imnsyt; ziiid hmg hL^fn-o lli*? l-.-iuvelh flnp* vvi<r« 
drnvrn fmeic mid th« hi jrhW gilded ticket-wiigon, with 
llio *' I'lertrif lic-ket wHtT " wa-* readv to ehiiti^e ^'reen* 
bftekft for the i"ed-hiu:kod '* open leanme/' the ground 
and t«o atredU leuiSing tu tlie \at wero erowded tvilh nn 
nnxloi]^, expoc'lnnJ, pt^utiiil-ninjiohiiig, clien-inij-gum- 
mnsticAithig <'i>ll<^<'f.ioiK The tar^c pnutiT* iiiv\ hinid- 
1>]1l4 nnnimnri'iT in bij^hly <*i>Uii-rd tflvlt^ tha urrivnt o? 
"Mt^A Numdo Flon^iicCtfin, lliu mnvt wohderfid Imre- 
back rider in thw known worW ! " whilo tho little 


4 ftOKAKCE or TitK ItlKC. 

"gutlcr snij^cs*' simply bcs^-od tbc pL-of^ic lo'»wiilt 
for MiiHi Nftuiiic Fl«i-cii*tcm/' 

The "'iooPA arc thrown opon," luitl lii to^ Ibsn 
twenty niimitcd the immvnao cauvubS is riBlti;; and 
falling with thi* oojic^ntrateU ivapiratiotsd of fivo tbou- 
Bonil p^jIo. Such a crowij I ChJU'ltM DickciiSt Aii- 
ihony Trollupu, (n Brcl Hurtc would haro been in 
ocfitaciofl at the carion« collection of ficcs. auAtnmoA, 
&h4 voninculiir, not to meulii>ii the OKpr^^sAioiirt of 
<^iuiktt€ LM]thiisia?fiiL or ^ui'pnao nt th« cntrivn into^ 
tbc riii^ of even tho sawtltMt rakcr«. 

The IniiiJ iii\^ ciuK-d iU aticinpt iit onti of Btntur^a*! 
wuIlkc^, nml tlio tnjiAtirt' of cert-mmilce. Mr. Lutil 
walks couiieqiicnlinlly into the lingt bowing t^ tl 
va*t concoui^e, who applaud at — they soorco kno^ 

*' TJua ivay, Mr. OliphanL" 

** Ay fit aye w fill Xro hi hnm. Ah, firl thb fae^ 
<t{ «miHng fiicc!* H nJf^^^hillg even t'O the wiwilunt; 
[Ap|ilam«c,] ^Vliiit ulinlt wv Imrc now, AJr?^^ net] 
ibo Jcr4t0r(F) n9 ho thrown hb hat in the air and 
chMuth ii. im — th^ ground. 

•*Wi, Tom Kail/' 

^'NiJtthe t€nJev«ngor. «irf" 

"You mcaia tflnor Hhtgcrl Nol The pod ridci 

"It's hII lbc» BiLHin, Mr. Lmit; but time'a Ij^iug* 
AU! hui-n U Karl! Ndw, thun, Mr. ICtirl, that's tl 
way I UMLtl to riih? — (nsnU*) in my ininO," 

Aitd All il ^iieH, Out! ;ict alitor ntiotbt-r, eAcb on 
fthowhig agility, ilarhig, and skill ; wbilo the i>lil jo^ti 
and ruig maHtor enturtaiu the crowd and iv»t the jwi 
former 4. 

"MlflS Nannie >'U>n?iiE(«tii , ladinx am) giuiLlcimmJ 
w)U DOW have thn brtnor of a|i|warir^ iK^fiirii yuu i| 




her ^^'ondcrful hui^h&ck uct — riding a wild, uatatiud 
horttf} without cit!i<Tr bnJlo, suJdlc^ t>r «ui-€1u;;Ig. Ah 
net never before ArcoEiii>li>«lkcd — alllmu^h oitciy at* 
tciupu^d ' — Ijy jLii^ Indy xu thu world! MliiN Noiinic 

A lillii^, prcUj UuK^ Itidy, with im AEixitiiu, cure* 
worn fjn-e, AU*p|i4>d inlii thif ring, luid, HottDowlml^iii;^ 
lli« a|»jjIatiM.' <if ilii" MitdiriLri-. viMilled ligliCly on Ihe 
back of bt'i" bt^L'k Uorar, jiml ijuiikL-r ilmii a fla8h 
tif lisliliiiug w:u» olT. Aivtnnd iii^d araiiiHl tbi.^ f<M'1r- 
lw[i-ffK"t mroli> «b<T g-tw^^ piniuHliii;^, [lOHtarin^* iiiid 
<loirtg n I'i'uWy ^riirt\Ui\ hikI wriridrrfiil tu-t^ 

Shrt IK wimt u\] IliA p:i|»<rK bn^l MiiIiihtiI sbr n'nuld 
1m(. Tlii-rr U )L ^p'trir, of rprklru diinDg Hjinbin^ from 
bcr dink p_v*i« :u "be jumpn " Itici b:u"H*rji," nii<l I'ven 
tki* old niid sloitnl i-iiig nui-cU'i' wulrbu* her u(i\»(iun1^ 
fid abc AltompU one Jtoi min-e dririnf^ iliuii tlie rest*— 
thiit of stnndinoE on her tii>-lrws on th<* bir^e's hiw!- 
fjunttcre nnd slowly |iiroiiottliii^ as the iininiiil coa- 
tinwyi h\9 m»t} colder. 

Suddonly »\w n?<>]B. She bus lost ber halAiice. 
Ovi^r fibo poc*, llrr b**iid lnw #triirk lb« ri»^ board- 
A»jhri(*kafa tbouMinid nnxiomt voic» rendu ibi: idr, 
and 111] U conl'ii^iion. 

Sbo i* bI<H»diii^', Idocvliti^ j>rr)rii=L*lv from n out u\ Uer 
fomboeid. A buiuhx^d hiitidti tirv rondy to «^i>tivi>y h«f 
to the dro^uig'Unl . 

A rnu^b'bewn fipoclmen of a mnn Giidd«Dlv appears 
lu tUoJr midst. Wh^ro he oame from or what mov«d 
bim no cn^ knows, 

**^ Stand hack I stund iKKk, 1 tay^ and pvo tbo gnl 
airl Doyo boar?** 

Instinotively every ono obeys him. 

'* Vera** n doctor. DcctoTi tlits ^1 1 know, "fond 
tor boTt on* look t«r mo for the jKrki^itt^^/' 


A romjlxce of thb riso. 

A qui^t* confi^lmit-Joukiiig gctitlvuiaik, Di-. Adams, Is 
olrady hy h<>r eid^, atoppin;? tlio tnvf of l>Wd, And 
lindor hix diret*tioii8 sbo is ooui^ey^td to hi*r drc^iDj;- 
tcnt, tb* minrr, UU, cithlotic» Qitd vritfi immcDsc, «un- 
Imnxd lionrd. foll^wiii^ niixiou&ly iii tb« roar, 

Tln> porrormntifo hji« hcon ivnoffo<i «nd Ibft oi'owd 
arc for^i^ttii)^ tliv lUH-ldent, whL^ii tbo miner n|»|H<flni in 
the riii;; driLjr;^!]^ aflcr IiItii i« jiol' fanner, MonKicur La 
Ftii^'t*. Hs bo ia cLi[Ii*4l, "li.o diroijgftwt inuii in Uso 
world/' nbf> ivsitiU wUIi iiU bis ruivibttbi-Mroii mti^clo« 
tbat aro clincbud Jike s. vIcl* on bis ooll^, 

A trapcixT A<:b i'^ bciii;; pi-i't'Ltrtncd, but nil oyi>8 axe 
on tbo iiiiiicrAiid iiis victini* ui>t oue oi'Ui<T iicrfiiimcra 
having interfered, tie they nil diaUh«uud fear ha KoL-go 
Ibi' hir* btjllyin^, bni^rfidtwio character. 

*' LoibEiiM nnd t^intlomin, Ibiji yct% coyote am tlicr 
cnuEio ou Ihiit ycru yoitng gid er faUin^. I kni>wa Vin 
both- lie wanted tri' kill bcr, Y©*, y<rr diili yc 
^kunt^ ! ]]i: E<t.rtle brr irboa ^bl< ivai' a t'tiile from my 
HiHlvr* 1 kikuwi'<] biui ; I kiii^wcd litir. Elo Ii*<arn i 
ViiFi Gomiaff t«r-day «iid bo ^t-d tZiat hcM kill her. 
Liiy down, yer hc-bai'! Luy down, 1 eHj. 

'■ I was btrkiidin^ clofto on tvr tUif^ nii^' wbcu I ^cci.i 
biin Bro eumtbing at hci-. Slic tinned Uer putly eyes 
lo Aco wbnt it wur nnd nrer she went. Mi«t«ti>er- 
fcmner?, yr^ll 'mmj?4it nir fur uttcmipliTi' yvr firrforiu- 
aniTi^fl, Tttit I tliiiu^bt I'd b<t tbcMj yt'iv know trbo tliia 
nkaiik ih. Now» tb<"n. Mc*Bt4?r Lor Forney, iiliasJobn 
Raffprlv. ubat liu\u vt-t gut titsay fu my sio.tomeut?''* 

" Hang biiii ! Hiin^ bim I Sliauglij binil" I rokc 
tn tho crowd a^ lb»^y Ib^ tbirir At^ats ami ru«b«d for Uus 

''Dack! Dadi! Yer ^kairt hanj^ biinl Do yor 
bear? Tbor [\itft man tInLt niiKoi^ n lli^or t^o llimltln 



huu* I'll |)ik in Iti^t ytiv ttatr iIiibI I Do ycT 
lienr? " 

Hift ivrotver lovoUed at the* flugry. gnimblifi^ rrowd 
liolfl (hi'in hiK'k. Tlicy nil knrw Inm. Afl kiu^w riM 
NVd Strtilb<frv, ttio moKt driving uiul W^L xlmt on iliu 
frontier; n iiinti whom ilic mtKUiii^ rujin-d nion* iJmn 
ii Vf)iolo Hi-my of tiuuifrd Xr"iT«d Stiil«>a soldiers; & 
remnrtiit of n mco of men who oould 6«ttIo 1h^ Inrlinii 
<]ije^Lloti quickt^r, !i&ttm\ mid wjiti l^^s eiq>ciisp th:in si 
wbolo jirmy uf Iiidbn vrbielcGy-^^liiiii; aifoiiU ; u nmu 
who they knew tia^ dnn-f^miin iiud vindicthii vhcn 
arou>^cd, Sa all ki^^pt their di^ljii(*<*, 

" Now, liiin» yer ^oll-danwd ftkuuk, git up off yor 
koccwl GUI" 

'*Tho doctor says Minx PloTonst^in i» dyiiigl " lb« 
ring mii^tifr, jmIo and Invutldv^c, uDiiouiit-'od fu ho rau 
iulo tlio ring. 

'• Dyin^, did yer siiy' Mister? Oh, yer moan rtKlr- 
t1«enak«I Fray ahe iii;iy live — pniy ! Ef «ho dios, 
ril hiiii^T yer Bculp on her c<ifljri 1 Do you boar? " 

Poor Hurtoity, hy the iiiUrrvcnti'iii f>f tlia Bheriff', 
who biid tt fix'O ]>[LSs to the show, nitd w:iH proj^cnt, was 
r«ika«Dd fmni NmI Slriitli«r»'« hi>ld and tukcit fiway to 
the li>d(-u|> wliilo Nrd Inirri-'il to Ikis iKidtfidu of his 
•iftlcr'M child, Mm Njttmio Don-iidttiih. 

8ho to^od rind montu'd ujjoii her improvised hed 
of tftruw. Hit ft^i-:uish-*triokon few uround hor; for 
slio was loved hy th« company, llcr In>trok«s ^^yos 
would ©iK-ii appciilirigly, mtd looking with tcai^-lKHlim- 
mcd €xi>iv»»ioii iit Kim< funiilmr fjux- n«ir her, try to 
#lliilo tiidii u rci*ii;*iiitii»n -— » f^iid, pjiiiifid reotij^iiition. 

Tliv doolor knc^ll huiido her with one huiid nu bt^ 
ptd»o bud one on hvr tmndii^cd rorch4Ntd, nml tis ho itCK 
tic«d ihe vecary^ f^jnt ]>iJAulion. would ahikkt his head, 
prophdto of tior death. 


II_i J>.^cr -*!?* iifn aui 

— :.- - ivr i^'i la- 

tiT^ 111 fTE" " Hi 

'-' ! ' -' ::.''* .. \ A -:.■; "*r'k -r.? hJrn t(j her, and 
'-' ■ " './ f, "f. ':'* ... t', J., r -I'j'-, w}jj-pf'r- sl (Vmi- words in 
'" ' " IS ■•■ i-i'-*i 'rrn'j\iri:ii-', jiiid iiii'tiiijjr lo Ned — 



, vi'liij ifl oiirlouHly wutohing tliU iaai Hceae — jkuu out a 

b«rd. niuBcular hand n* he saje : — 
i ** Mr- Srnithers, Nnnnte tellu int* you arc hrr n\ui\v* 

tl am i^iTiiTHgiefJ t^ lie niarmd U* Nfin." 
Old Nrd cjcd him cnrioLisly imd dotibiiii^ly tu* hci 
I ropliov : — 

" Will, *ii' ! whtiL Nrui loll* y^r U ^otpv] irutlK I'm 

hcruneK*; Imi (vboiil the olliPi- puit uf tins l>iieLieas I 

\ ain't NO iartin*'^ but Mfoing Nnu'i Irouhlod face ap- 

ponlliigW turned lo lilm, he eoalluuoa : " Bjit waa she 

right? Nau oui^htor be married. Ef she vas tbo 

woiddn't ^>o yerc, u jiiinpini;; on hiir hor>4e«* l>:ick», bo 

L showins hor — [ m<?ai), Kir* (hoouijhtnrbu iit luiai, and 

' I'd dothnr barbiick ridin* forthcr croyrd — thet in, our 

k^Ho crnwci, t<?r liutti ; but 'sii^uso mo, wo luuvt move 

Ntiii — wliul'* ycT biKi]os«, air? '* 

** I' III til Ihotfaiuo biic^iiuied juKun ; wl« wi*ro U-ougbt 
up ti»gL-tbi*r, tmintd together, and uext week we were 
r to 1>« murriod/' 

" Top;pther, I eerposc ? " liiui^hmi-ly nii?w<>rod \od. 
Re ho saw >'nn brigbtcrii ruid MtnJIe at hav intcudud'n 

Nail wail carefully Toniov^d to a hotol, the proprie* 
t'irof thu I'irciia dolniyin;; all llic; ucceaaary cxp^iiTtca 
of a lurgu n»jm and exlm alEoiKlatieo. Old Nod wjid 
about to start fitr bU fliet«r'fik Nan'e aunt, to ntlend 
h«>r, as tbo doctor bjtd tukni a move hopeful ri(.^tT of 
hor roonvery if proporly nursed, wlicn ho, etiterin;; the 
bar-i-oom M Ibc botcl, pfOiiarittoiy to etoHiii^, tnu 
»uddonly aiiulonwiirc tliat bo wing tho tiirgift nf At lonst 
n doijcn oycti, all Mtiiriii^ fvitb n. |>cqdcxod ^luact at liim. 
Firnt he thougtil it nii^bt be ftoiDcthln^ hi hii <iroM, 
but thU ho quickly aacertaiui.*J irn'i not an i tboii ho 
anrvcyod liH face iu tlio mirror opposite. At t^dt Lo 
got uugry. 


A Bf>uAvre or tiik iuno- 

"Whfttftreyc flll *t»riii<* «t? l**} I ovm onny on 
yor onuvLhiag, oh ? " Hn wa« doiiunt now- 

"Nf>, Mr. Stnjthi*r*, you Jon "t owe any'jody hvro 
nnyliiijig tbitl I run uivuru of! We bnvct i'oii;{tv^itc-d 
bcro U>eon*;rAtithiteyr>iu Wo linve litrnM you fmd ro- 
Oovoivd your iiiocc ninl your itiino, iiiul wo c^f^iiio, na 
fellDw-town^tinor^ to L^on^rzitulato you.'* It waa tbo 
tovru ju«1icc wbu sf>ok(a, 

"Myiioo4o,l>ar<ini^n rvj? diefcirepodtbufc Ihor mme 
I Wttntor soil out to-morroiVi and " 

*■ Mr. Sti'uthcra, here's & tclcgmm for tou." 
mouohgcr boy }i»n(Ii;<l htm u l«lcgrani, 

" lioinl th^a fir nui, jidgOt will ycr?" And h 
hikTi4li:d tilt-' I^Lc^ruuL to tliu Jiulico oftlif; pcdcti. 

<■ Mr. Struthf^rd, it is an offer frf>in CoK AlUton, o 
Biin Fnmciif^co. Ho miys : * 1 vnW give you thr/^^i liun- 
dr«d ttiouddzid doli^rA aud one (luarter sbjiro ict ytmr 
Ked <9iikh nniie. Answer. Fny in caiah/ Tbat' 
all, air, oulv tho no^s hits bccD oa tUo street for half 
AH hour! '' 

'■ Wal, I dochro tbut> piitnt^ new? 1 Let'« take a 
driuk, l>oy«. Squii^o, you jUt niiAwer tbj^t tillygraaa. 
will yer? Tell Kumel AIUUjii I'll tnke tho offer, and 
he may netid the uieli yeru. Say, boys, tbd's gud 
newfi, 1>tJt 1 muat tell my nc«so E " 

** Blr. Slni(her»< before you ^ will you tcJIns about 
your iiioGc ? '* 

"Sarllinglyl V«r«oo boys, aboout tllleeti y«&r9 
ogone my »t!<tCTr dic^il nn' Icll h:ir Wtle ofie — N^imio 
woi l^r iiunte — Ii^rt brr with a widdcr HoinAn iu 
'Frweo, I war away in Novady ; hcd ouly Iwou ^uo 
three iiioliUu. The yoQUjj: un war only uiiioy'arsold, 
ui' wb«u J ^it tliet iicwo I wnrntruckduinb* Yer«co. 
my »i8t«r hi-d heiiH diseuae, I ^Uiied with my juick 
mule fir 'Fresco, but whin I 'nvcd Ibar tbe young iin 



anJ Ui<f widdcr vr&r^ne. I henm aho hcd gout; to 
BiiiiuEvl With bcr huabaiid* o man nitnioii Kiillertj, n 
sirkua perrorinsi', «o 1 wait^. AbeouL tlivL Limo I 
vnji Ukiu «ick ivith Ani;Jt^>ox, and vrh\n I j^ot w«U J 
could Hol^l ii'> iicvTi 0(1 Iliet^iiUiig uu. so I gavo up 
Ibtr triiil, Aboailt oiio oioiitb a^'o 1 wui- i\t Hcd Gulch 
Catijron, ov stokiug off" my ' find,' whin Jim RuMits, 
my olc parJt vrvoto ma Troia Sixn Vosca thct ir^ k-ctJo 
iiu wtir witli this ycre sirkii>i and ttict faci' niimu wiu 
NLinnie FloriNi.*tL*iii. So t gtrt on Ihar tr.iil, found 
UiU jTkJc^ ItjiflVrty hcd her as hi^'n — or nurthcr hia 
d»rter^gi>l JSOO a n-c«kfir hcrau' gavolitr iiathiiigr 
Mi I lit on tiiii) jijie U>*i]i]p>'. dvapiivd on him fOTil, iLnd 
Uivr wnrwuir mvut iii ttic? air. DuL ho crutvlcii], uu' 
nnw 1*111 ^iprii^ U*r m-m] liini tt-iini^m. I Hunk hti 
C3:m do tmirp gJK»d litvukin' stmin (hfui jjtrrformiiig ou 
i-'aiinrMiw — th? " 

Tlid cifiwtl — i1. was H crowd by tho ttriie he }uu1 
jiiiishud — giiri! the uM irmii Llii-e^ lotiFilu^ iheerti mid 
he eA<;Hjit?d fnini ih^riit huALeEiid^ U) Nnniue'a room to 
find her womlerAilly iojproved ami able U) sit up. 

The ouv!us left Sbiidowvillo without '* Miss Xunala 
Flort^iiatehi,'* nrid to-duy bho h^^ rotuE'iied fhiiu a 
vilhige church ji bWniing hride. " Finnfc Grsic:t\ ibe 
colebmtcd biir^bavk riil«r/* bt<tDg bi?r hippy buabuad. 

Old Nod occupiL^s ^ «o;U in tbcir (^arrimge. 

''tluciie, you havn tuiulo mo n h^ppy womrui and 
Kmak a happy' 

*■ YiL«, kctLo un, I «oqHHo <o. It i« hotter tbon 
bar*-bnck ruliag, jiin't it?'* 

<* Yi/)«, iiiiolu. But how cau I thank yoii for all the 
M'l'ulth ycHi have iilioworod on mv, oiid for tho homo 
you bav<T bought ua? " aguiu flsk&i Nau» a» «hQ kissed 
bis lupi^y raLC9. 




" Wall, leetle un, I doo't kinder want eny thanks, 
only plese don't — I mean ef yer hev eny children, 
leetle un, doii't trust 'em ter eny widdera ter aell 'em 
out ter sirkus people fur bar' -back ridin'/' 

*'You mjiy be certain of that. Uncle Struthers," 
answered Frank, as he kissed his bride. 

*' Wali, I hope so. Enyhow, if yer do, aee they 
doesn't fall from thnr horse's back iulo a rich uncle's 
pocket — eh, you liLtle pet I " And the carriage 
stopped in front of their nevr homo, happy, bright and 

chapt*;b xld. 


One of the great fciLUircs of oil tmrcllingtcut^howa 
and, ukIl^iI, in tho long jrcnrH a very prtjininvtil. fsu- 
Lurfi of tli€ It-gltimato tthovf wEien ju^liu;^, tumbling 
and tiling of that kind were eithei' liitorapor^ed 
bctwccu tljoActfiof a trof-udy, oi'dll^d tlw iutennUsioii 
Iwtwccn tbi.'T tragrd/ and faivc. was the acrol^tic nrl- 
iM, the jitlilctc. thpgyrana.*t, or whatever cUc you mxy 
fticl 1lk(i catling biin. At thu Wginning of this oon<* 
Uivy there v^vrc dcveiiil rcriiownrf] fii?rr»[jELt^» iini] ibc 
imiiiWr luLH ini^ieaaed Ui miuIi aii t'xUint ^ ami ihn ^ti- 
eral deairefur cxbibitiona of physical M\\ — th;il. aL-n>* 
batios liavc^ taken po»«casioii of many fields. The aoDg 
and diuK'o tmLn uUnn tij Introduce m iniirli as po»i»ltile of 
it iiitn h\!% TU't or nkebrh. and t^ven tbo t^cpief'trijjrL hiiU 
cqiii^-i^rlriini? nltrtnpU and Kti^'rwedM in «rnrnhinin^ jkcr- 
IhniH »(jniei->ijiulliiig w\\U ^-vkilfnl riding, and llx? iii<arrr 
th« jH^rfonncr jjotvi turtanis Ij^aking ]iis iiM-ck Uj« 
bettt-r the peopk" setin to lik« it. 

Th© aihlete who dtnph^ed hts pruwo** or skill in 
Lhi3 ai'tfium of And^Eit Roino or AUicna waa a much 
more Important iwrsonngo than the circa* iwrformer 
of ti>-d.iy. It wn« the passic^nuto lov^ of manly *port* 
wbirh prodnred the malchte^s Greek form, ilie «cine 
of pliy«ii^a1 p^rfr*ction. The >sat'crft*ful alhl^te, sioro- 
bat, or diarif}t(^<^r«>f twf> thrnisand yoitritfigo waMjipo|V- 
uhir ht*ro, tind hi* ItinnipliH, lorcji, and ivuxrcr vri^ro 
im mortal uied lii pootry niid ftontc. A stiocoi 





Icto wfts then cf moro amportancc tlian tHc ooiij 
man of to-Jiiv. Ami yet tho modem «.thle4e* wUli 
oc:cu|]viii^ a niuoli Io^vlt docI»1 scale tlinu tlie aiKieni' 
jiritcLitioiLer, U jurt !\a Alruti^* au<] tlio ^tcrobut o^^^ 
to*duy la even move aUilfut ihi^M Uia elik3«ie pre«lixca-^H 
nor. The drcua perforimrr ihiiiks uothlng of exccut- 

latcr tlian » cciitur}' tigo wera 

iug feala wbicb uo 
deeiuod uuixiasiblc. 

Kenrl/ owiry man hikI boy wbn np|ir^iini lit tbc cimi 
Arena now-ji-diiv* is i^oTinUn] i% vwn\h\r u( tbe corps 
tbiit dmv^ U^lb gniiiil iiiul b>Jly tiimbbiig. In ai»;ill 
i^liovm tlie 4^<^r]>-■i uf bMi|ierA und Luirhler* in iti<.'rit^Lfl-«l 
\ty tbii zuldiriiiii of at'vinil duiiiinii^'i wlm run tbj li( 
more ihttU Lum n hitiiU •spring' or jl furwurd auiiitii'T^uul 
etUier on the aiLwdunt or from llio !*|>nuij-bojinL Man 
ofUie be^t iK:ru1mt8 have b«i;j;tiu tlieir htudie^ in tb 
open strwls bv wjilkitig on tljeir bm^J^ or hamm<^rin 
their IippIk ngrimst, Oii' bnm Urkk» in somerAnults o 
bunO-Kprin^; oibri^ hcLvi* hrieti <?il(M<iit<id in the ri 
followinj^ iboir faMicr* tirul ^tomolime:* gnrndtathcrt 
intoltiu uri-ruc jintl'i-^Hion. From tbu i-«iika of tlici^ 
two i^L]L#»(*ti Mume uf ibe be^l acrobats and ulblelej hciv^ 
uprmijf. I oflii reeuU sevend very g'>"d li^iper* niwl 
luiublera, whose earliest effon* wei-o ivUiieii^ed aii4 
wondeivd at la some vacnut lot or frteuUIv atubl 
yard — whert? spriiiff-boanU were improviwpd and feutt 
»4 daiifferoiii^ nx *' revolving twice iu the air wflbout 
slighting on their fei't " — a« the nng lanaMer u»iia 
auuouneeK tlux uct^ in hiK mo«t grniidib)<]ui;nt Myin 
wL.>re attom[)lcd ul l\w poril itf youn^' mid fi'iul tieck« 
So too with muriy bonxtmUil bur unj tni]>t'z<^' pcrfunu- 
or«. But to come back ti the Leupcn niiit tunibkra. 
The biuid ^'ives a doimah and hi tbcy irutu* tur iho 
" gioniid act," Tii*iy form In a ruw, and b<jw to tho 
audience and Lbea uway each one w^;-l& in n huad-: 


LEAPIVO lyp Tt'HBt.lX». 


ef linff and front eom^rsaalt. Then th<>7 retire nnd 
&in£:lv, tho in^r bopiu tft tumblf* bnolctvAi-<J atnl rort»^!ird 
acrof* siiid shout tbo nnir» bends and feet are kopt iu 
a whirl until th<' final effort is roiu7faod, when tho clown, 
vrbo IK froquMitly UK good uu artist in tho hu«ino«e as 

of the nnuiUer urouiid the Hng^ tUt-« eEowu wimliitg hfm 
ijf) whilo tho htlPT ro1l8 Like & wheol. In b^ek band* 
^liringfi filong tho inner «dge of tho ting* A »bon in* 


LF.Arixo Asn TontLtxG. 

G in 
■ In^ 



ler¥»i1, anti the l^H|>en< uoiiui lu.^lli« aume meo 
IhoM^irho Uavodoiifitho htnibliu;;. — bow, ainIreiiTO in 
folli'vr tach otJitr rapidly Jowu an iticluiH*l]ilBi)o. liouj 
from l.ltr »prii]^-1><ijinl, iind aft.i^r a lorwanl sonieivnulj 
Untl ^a-f^iy sxm] ^rtwt^Miy in tlie s4>fL mHtLr9fi« beyoi 
Our, two, Uin«\ fotir, itnd fivi^ Imrnr* jim liiHtngM in' 
nml |>1mH-i] in friiriL ul' llm ^j»riii^-1iiiiiri] vihlU*. llit* itiJiU 
r.n-dti Id druvrti fiirUu-r Jinay. A^ thu riuin1>r*r uf liorMW 
iiiciviiM-?! atm! tb« pi»ril rind UiM.anco ^ruiw gn-Mli-r, Ui 
number of teH|jen4 <le4?i<t-iij4e tUt at luHt ihn-e U[ipeju^, 
perhjipH inoro bonnes nra added to the er^uSni^ Hue, tl 
m!ittrE>6>9 14 piai.^ed nt the fnrlhor 4*nd of the ring and 
the ring-mujitor — eomeiimes iti^a lecturer like Uarry 
EvarUj tho '* little GratiX orator," of Coup's show for 
the punt niid pr^i^cnt »«a«oii — mounts a pedestal near 
Uic ontrunrc, uiid with litcnloriari voicif r«>iaiirka : 
*' LiidtcA ttnd pcQtl<!iti«u, Mr, Rjitchcllor^ tho c^hampjoi^^ 
lei4)ur af th^ world, v/\\\ iiow throw a doubto som^it^H 
#aaU ovi>r nlnett^cn horse* [*oQH»tJin<M fewor olophnjiU^^ 
are employed) — lliat is to saj, iho ^oDttemau will ro^j 
volve twice tn the air boi^sre alighting on hb feoC oi^| 
the luaLtroas — a feat tliat no other pet^otnior m this 
or any olhor oountry can accomplish. Ladies am 
guntleuiun, Mr- BjUchellor/* and Mr. Batcbellor, v.\ 
It ttn «xceUeut Icjipor* And ehnrox tho chnmpion&bi| 
with >'*i'Alik Gardner, formerly of Colo* whovr, but 
now kIUi Hnrniim, makcii tho leap in n olovor 
comparatively caoy tiiaiinor. 

This diifiruU icixt, n<'vcr oxoeut^d, it is 
withtii the pant ouo huiidrc-d y«arft» atm now bd wJl 
iwa8i>d At almost uvory firdtHrlasa circus performance 
tbU country— but not alwaya for tb« aamo dLstAnco 
attiuned hy Muaars. Batchcllor and Gardner, Forty 
year* nffti tbo Bi-itinh performer who eoald throw & 
double aonicr»anlt was looked on d« a wonder. Tl 





rnnifiiiii Rrilitih i-lnwn :iticI Hrrolml, tfiXociU<f l1ti« feat 
ill Frum'oiii'K <'triiii% thru AUitiniiDrl ft)r tbe nctacioii nt 
KUinbiirg. StffiUimd. It wnif th» same Fntdcoiit who 
wfterwHnl iimnii^rd the hi[>pO(lmmii in New York in 
ldG3-4, imJ llitf conipEiiiy wiiit bonkn) in: fir^t-cUM in 
^vevy roapftut. Thu doiiUlo coniomault Wfi4 ]K»rrortn««(l 
by Tornkiiuon ut hh Uvncfit., itnJ the nniioiincomi>nt of 
Uiotheii gtvtki fi-ul pntrkod tho wooden Uintdiiij^ to Aiif- 
focatioii. Wlion the riii^-muater hiu\ miido the prolim- 
bar/ spoGfh, and TomkiiiHoii relir«(] up ilie )cto«pc< 
inolhio wliioh t*^rmimu|L^d in lite aju-Iiic-h-mril , ovory 
heait stood atiU. A qiiiok, impetuous luih down the 
board, aboundhi^hmtbeair, ABlo^TfcvoEutiou and tho 
l^mnftst dodi^endod noarly to the {ground. It ecj^mcd 
iinpoesiblo to do it, but in tho In^t six f<eet tho curlod 
ttp body turned onco more, and Tonikiri^ou alighted 
on the big, M)ft Q)ibttre5A ivn hiA feet, but ttag^rin^. 
Ho WAtf provonted from fulling by tho Hng-ma^tcri and 
fts ho turned to iio iiitiid<t, Francoiit, tho cuthiKHinntio 
Frfiuoh munugcr, puUi>d bim warmly on tho buck, :unid 
Ihonppliui^o of lh« viifit aitdicuco. Ii wo^ a niro feat, 
in tho*e duvi, Toinkia*on and tho few other BriUtfh- 
doubto m>inereault pcrformDre did it only at infrequent 

In thiA country CostelU, a noted circus loaper, tnu<Io 
It more dllEcult by cleoriikg u tiumlKr of horoe^ at thi 
aame time* Uiit soon a number of acrobnlJi wcro ablo 
tofoLloirhU rxample, and eren cxeel him in bcigbt 
and distance. NowaiJiiy^ a citx'u* ncrobut who c^nnnot 
do a iIouUliT tioiiierAaulb In tir>t confide i-eil jinything bnC 
an <»nlin:irv pr rfoniirr uulifVH \tv cnn dn olbftr sloimi* 
tionuL am\ orlgiiird fentit* Ijiut yvar lUrnuni luid a 
oorpfl of nerolKtl^, o\ vrhcmt lurTeii pnYormed dtiublR 
B0tQ«n4uult« «%'ery night diirii]^ thoH^tt^Hon. Juhn Rol^ 



Iiifoii hAH 1tii*c mmi who can ti<i tl. Th« moat surprii 
hut\ un^X4'iillo<] fc^l of (IouMp ■»nnH>rsa<ilL tlir'>wiii* 
th:it of tliQ Garnellu Brotberat wlu» ircrfunned it i^^^J 
v&ritiLj llali^ Anil drrm^os a fovrreAra rgro. Sunding^H 
oil bis brother's shonWcrs (he Toun-v-r (iariKlla sprang 
up and rcvolv^^d twice, landing ngAtn on the slioiildcrf. 
When it is oonsldcrpfl that the duubte eoiuerMult by 
other iierrormnrs is atxonipliHhed hy n sliort spurt* a 
sprin^-bonnl, ami no ivtriHinn jL^totboiFjtotol all^bl- 
ing. iTut fnnt or^roiiiig Ganirlla mti^i h» cluwvid Ji lining 
■Uiu tinprocwlpnti'd maivisls of thn ttcmbatic art. 

Till" tripbi sonu-rsiiitU i?* u ilmrim *]f (ivcrv Tcmiig nml 
aniliil.iiiuii lUTnfial.. Il rcipiiivs pfu^notiiiiial L]cx1<!rily 
ofbiidv. aiul IB kiiok^ii Ut 1>n ho dunj^-inu^ tbnl fffw 
havo even atietnjited It. Fume aad rortmie awnlu tiny 
pepfoniier wlio can *b> il, nay twenty tim«t'4 in tmo 
t^utiiij^ *ea^oiL. Were It nol that circua muui^m 
know that the feat, or e^'en the attempt. If ropoatod a 
linatted number of times, will certainly resuU In a 
broken neok, ihoy could well afford to pay the performer 
$10,000 to $20,000 for n season i m*} were U not, 
loo, ft proven frict, it tronld soein that the ir^ws of 
gravitation an<\ X\\a limitations of phy^^icnl dexterity 
fcirltiido the turning of st tripU »ocier*fttill except by 
flocident. In ItirniTi^ a doEtblo somei'xnnlt offa eprinj> 
hoard, it ek nnrejuury to mriko n )tiii[> nt aii anglo of 
ubaut thirty itep^i'ooti to obluin thi* ne(-o>«snrv ■* Imllast' * 
or inipc^tus to turn twice. If un nlmovtt pf^rpciiiJif^utar 
leap i« inadCf tho l(5fl|>er wruld nut hiivo leverage 
enough to turn. In order to inako Ihe dciuhlo )ioin«r- 
sauU the ped'ormor has to leap from the ftphn^rboaixl 
TTith nil bi4 mi^bt to set the projter an;;1« &» well im to 
ottaio a BUlficient height, so iliat he may bare timo to 
tuni Iwieo over before nli^bUn^. The Ktme eonditioiis 
govern the triple soincreauitt only it ia Doccasury to go 
^■bout onMhirtl higher >nl - the air. 




Ad An^rif-nn iirtmo'l Tnrnm- nrrompliahod a tri[On 
«om«raAii1t oii«?o in ihtb ooiint n' uml u^din in Koirlnnd. 
Ho trim] it n third timd luid bmko liin ni^ct;. It 14 
t!]iLim<^d Unit n'iiJ] ihii; ox<>o]>tto)i aiinl tlio <)XROi>lioii of 
Bob StiotcncVi ol'JohtL HobiiiMon's tihnw, luid Satn R^in-' 
hanlt, iin «t-l^H't', n*> ikcrobzit h:i« hoon KUi^^ccAnfuL 
Tlio itkoptic miiy >*Jiy triplo »a]iivrfl:iuJt4 muy boftooom- 
pLij^hcJ hv tluf niti of liigh^^r uiid moro po^rcrful Hpi*in^- 
boanlH than iiut^e m u^to, but that vi'ould raoroly <rliflD^ 
thfl nn^lc. nad tlio reault would bo tlio eamo. Of 
comae tbo boftitl <\oiit(l be placod bigb otn>n™|i, but tho 
«|)odIic gri'fl^'jty oftbc! porfDriacr's body would bo in- 
^roA^ed wbilo do^cciidiu^, Thtr b<;Ij;bt is not tbo onty 
trouble* [fit woa only ba>;htt sitcb men a? Stickticvt 
Bdtchoilor, Uardncraiid one or two others, by improrcd 
Appliances and pracllco would overcome timt ditS- 
ctiUj. Hut :iftor ttio double somcrwjiiilb in accom]>li4hc<l 
tuid tbc piirforracr U ready to turn ft^dii. ho " lo:»e* 
J*U cnUh " or the control of bin b^jdy, and w govijntrd 
iu hi» desicont by grAvitationiiloue. llis bcud being 
lieuvln' tbiui lun f<;el, ho vt very apt to light on it firat 
jiutl bnink b'w hw k. 

Til" lir-"*S iw-'imbHl ullrnipt to tliiviw a triple »ome> 
Btttill in thin n^untry wiia inado by a performt^r in Van 
Anib]ir^b'beLri.'nfi at Moliile, AMhima, iu 1»*I2. Ho 
bi'oke his neek. AnothiL>r atli^mpt ata» imuic in liondoti, 
England, in 184G. It ^aft tniulij in A<ley'jt anipbi- 
thf^air*?!, tliiiii liMi^i^d lo \{'>v<•i^ &Cn*!iing, thi? Amenrnn 
nLEi^agri'K- In [\va rnmpJiny hii* M. J. [.ipniiiiiT ii Ibm 
Ttttdlnr, TjAvi J. North, now in ]im<il:iyn, No.w York* a 
(jiimiri* ivju^'-tlrijin ; ibi' Itilr U'iUmni O, Dulif, a mitiro 
of Cineltiruti. who died hcti^, blind and brtikuii down» 
and vr\m waa an nvrobtit and o<in»Mrian of ^re^ 
rcptitntioii, mid Wm, J, Hobb«B, a tine leji|ier. It 
was previously annouocod tliat Bobber would attempt 



LE.\l-IXO AXf* rrVBUXCt. 

u ln|»1eiv»ii>«irhAiili, nud ilio )io4br wtih jnmitifNl, Ha' 
tried it, &d<1 x^as hi'^biitilr killex}. Tii« next ro try It 
VTi* Jnliii Amor, n-h<» w^ji twrii under tbo n^of of t^ait 
Riirr'n fjitliPfA df^mHlo, n^ir Girflpd, I'ornsylvnnia, 
Afii(irtrftvr1lmiri>rj-i^rAintht«co(iiitry wtiti Dna Htc«'a 
irinMiA, %n<\ in tl»»t iliij was cnn^idorod tlw gi*eatwrt 
gvniiuiHt in Anii^nen^ itiuA to thir worM, Ho t* vsttd 
Ui Ike tlifi ttrnl |i«<rforrii4^r in AmvricH to turn i\ daulila 
M^nvrHiiiik ovt>v four \hit%^.*. In IK.'jtl h4f wont to 
Eiigljind and trivelloil wilh u virous atl tlnrough tho 
iiolU'd krii^d^nu. In the *ame mir hu eLttenipted to 
tum a triple ^omeraault tt the I«lo of Wight, hut 
landed tm his f^>ithmd and broke Iijm nock. 

Billy Duttoj), it ii Etnid, performed the grcnt f<^At 
while a meraber of Luke's cli^>Ufi, nt Klkhoru, lllmoia, 
iu l^itO, at a reheaniAl, In tlie prefteiiue of Joba Latr* 
ton, the funiDua (rlovrii, now with Aobiiuon'e circus. 
DiittoTi wus ftmbitinua to have It to aay he dtA it, and 
did uot mAlce tlie nttemt>t with the iiLtonliou of repeat* 
inffiL He made the leap from iv hifjb spriop-l>oQrd - 
DiiltfJii »^ai<i then ho would uot try it iig»in,aiid tbat 
bifl lij^htin^; iH»on hie feet wii« an accideiit» &s ho could 
not control his body aftor taming tho second time. 
Fmuk Stiuk^, who was well known iu Cincinnati, un- 
dertook the fcjit at the f^Lir grouudft in lndiana[>olu? in 
IS70t for a'vraii^r of 1100. in the tirst attempt ho 
turned three time?, but ali^^fatcd in a x^iltin^ poAtttre* 
Every one was nfttiwticd vitb the raiult, aikj the moncjr 
vra» tendered him. He proudly' re fufM^d it^ Myi»^ he 
would mpcHt it, nn<] light upon hi--" feet before he fell 
0uffieient)y ja<itit)ud in t'lkin;; thr $100. lie did re- 
peat it, hut struck oil his ht^^td, dtalocAtiKij;^ hifl neck* 
ntid deatli reAtiltod a fi^vr hcjura al^erward. Boh Blick- 
ney nccoinpliahed tUu jji^-al fejit when fourteen yearsof 
age. while pracLiving in a gymnaaium on FomlM Otli 



Street, New York, William Stein, an attache of 
KobiuBon*3 circus, was one of the persons who held 
the blanket for him to alight upon. Stiekney says be 
believes be could do it again, but would not attempt it 
for less than 110,000, being fully convinced that the 
chances for his final exit from the arena would be good 
on that occasion. Sam Keinhurdt, a former Jeaper, 
now a aaloou-keeper at Columbus, when with the 
Cooper & Bailey Circus at Toledo, in 1870, not being 
satisfied with Inniing double someranults, tried to add 
another revolution. He turned twice and a half, 
alighting on the broad of his back, and wlis disabled 
for a short period. The fiict that a tH pie somersault 
was ever accomplished before a circus audience, after 
due announcement, and under the same conditions as 
double somersaults are performed — namely, landing 
on a mattress — may bo seriously doubted. The best 
informed circus men say that it cannot be done with 
anything even like comparative safety except in the 
sbeets, a blanket held by a number of men being used 
to catch the alighting performer. It is claimed, also, 
that it has never been accomplished except in that 



was in ihv *if!trj? of flu? nM E^muht^ Pant, at 
LotiU uiin iiOiTriiooM tn lA'iK 'aIich it wan iuvzuieil by 
Capt. ^[. V. BHt4>!i ami nife, tin) tiillc^t mnrrled coiipio 
In tbe wurlil- The^ were li'flvelli[]g' Willi CoWs cir- 
cnn, »i>il by iiivitntSoii of ihf- rrLitit:i^in^ r«lit*>r, wlin 
waiitrJ Hi^rii inU'lviowed* tl]c»v vUiliul |1j(i [um'ttpiipfrr 
oIHi'c-. A voiy Kriiull iriioHrr hriil Ih'I?ii auigiit'tL l<t cln 
thi^ Ljilking* ttud Uo wliIN'i] [iHlu^ itniiiin) \\iv esluli.* 
ILhIjuiojU uihH h fPU'rin^tt iJnrt'<* up Ui iho dimr ami u 
Altmit went u|>. " Hera llw^v comt*," »t ilio aouiul of 
wliioli the* iilorvii>w£rr liiin-iodlv mude t"i>i" iho waste- 
basket which wela TinJcr itie tnbli^. Whotber the giant 
Aiid ^iiEitcj^ saw tlio <liiniiiutive reporter €r not they 
kept on coming in, nml tbe ecrjlio san- no otlicr way 
out at' it tlmn to dive into the ainplt? i-ecensoa of tbo 
b^i«k«L, and iiostlo U]>on a boil of «(*boo1-<!irI |wotry» 
)ttatO9m0n*s m^^js, imj nppliontionfi from lik«t yonr's 
ami thp omini; yi^iip** collo-jo prai!iial«is. r«r tijniia^- 
inj« o'litorabip. Tli(>i*i? is n barijfiric I'c^fiiJcpodnlmuiFJTi 
( ivhioli i* n pJOiJ Ion* word io rin*j mto a eh-aplcr nbout 
six-i(tori<TiJ propio) and fi prcr^iiliiig ntmofphcro of 
NtilfocnhoEi in hjuIi il vroitttvtiri^ki^t ; ncvcillirk'^M, tho 
tiov rc|Kirtcr cronobml doctor oa tbc Itrobtii^'iirifrgluu 
people ni>pmiu:bo,d wilh ji rjilii>L(? tlmt iioiM^d tbcir beels 
upon tbo Hoot, llirir fonjin'.-i n;rain--*t Ibo roofn of Llic^ir 
moEitli)^. mid t.but imuU Ihin^^ louk aii<I f^ound oj if aU 
tliD quurrcling P'>w«r3 of Europe bad hcI their oonw 


JUff APVtiyi'UUE WITH ausT^. 


tnfl MBlBate di^vrn in tlio JCrx^nittg J^c»t oflico tor the 
epocST^arposo of diiving the scii8o» of iU whole Mud' 
out tluoiigh tli« top of ihc biiildiug. Bitt Ml thi* wrti 
»cnLplii(? lili^A roiiiimiml witli tbo Awful nKniteitl when 
tliu ^'Mut ULiiftiiiit ili-liiirnili'ly ?(;i1 dcrwit mi the t:il>1o 
ju-Ht oTcr 1h<T wiiMohankrt. U wotilt] l^tko a uiUliiiii 
IiorH[v|}i>wiir jm'kvori-w, I jilioafd tliittb. Ui niiHi) Lbo fal- 
len liiijH*!*i>f lliH iri«»rli"rjusMlit'ii. A tiixu Htaads fconic 
r1])iM4^* if i\ r[iM(itri4i(>ii«f TuIIa oji bii^i liLii'i'iotllyi but 
t'lmiK'f? L-iUftbL-il lo L>:irTh tiovvr huen a-^iUi* wlicii n gUtit 
likethUUthrffrLfi^iiiu;; toiiitikLiHiivoiL^jr-cliTiiroiit ofliiin. 
I BHji[)oso iK'iirly ever\'bo<ly hn* ht^anl llir fitiitiv Mory 
iiboul the fiU wttmfMi ncul llii! liviiLg n^ki^K'loii, lit ii Ncfnr 
York i]i(i>H?um, ithoft'll in lovi? nilti (-ju'httllier, Thay 
got (dung v**ry nici'ly fnr a ivliiU^, miil wiTe as nll(?(v 
lloiiiiu^ 114 if tho lu'o l>:i(l pooled lli<^ir i'^^u*?y of lle*h» 
b1nod, atifl huim, mit] divlOt*!] up so that uu-li tip| 
Ihe ftoulo at two hutjflr(.><Hunl PKty |>i>nmK, iiistrjiil of 
the wlialo-Uke spoiivti lipping ihoiifilr :tt foiir htictihcil 
And DlnetVi ^(iiilo the ckobloii biixhrnu! did nut »u(<d 
nny moio thtui n tiiiT'lv-jKiuiul Hc^^iinti fif th(^ Itotim to 
balanco liis wpight. Thpy wt^m as happyiM ilwr ^woite- 
oU of tho viii^^ini^ biHi; inttil oii<f diivtlxt huicWiid iiU 
lowcd liU ]x*yAit to striiy olT lo iho Ciicu*<isn girl, who 
btul iKttin orifiiiAllv btini ia Irt-'biud, )>ul bat] lit^r !viii' 
curlud lor a nhort widc-tihow i?n^;Lgviti<?iiC. Mr. Skoli^* 
Ion vroi uutkiiij; lh« nelglitioil kind of lov« to tb4» fair 
Clroasebn for probably ii montb before lUc fal womao 
wa£ Diad(^ awnro of ibo f&ct. Then the monster tbcit 
is usually ropresontod as ^^rooii^yfrd. to<fk po^«s8ioii< 
ofber. Slic k€|>t u carc^ful \ii;il of all ■' Skio-aud- 
bon<is' '* doiri^ia, nn bIk Called him, iinUI one day >iho 
found hini during Ibo uoon hour, with hie knn flnnA 
ttroutid tho Clrcn«9iaii giri's ntrck, and his thio lipi 
gliHjd to h^-r pouting UbtM9 of dicrry-pcd, li ia iio- 

^ tr%r 



|)o88lblt« lo de^trilw the U^riiMe inatiiier iii wliidi 
»vFoo|ied down upon "Mr. Skeleton. Ii wata ewngh 
«!iy llwit ttlw fovcTHKl apjtiw wltk HtAnuirig nipi<l>ly» iitiJ 
»]in(]knii [mil Jig out nfliiH mltling Iioikw, nfiif r whir 
Khitthrvitliiin orj thrllnciraitd i1^lih<*rnt4>ly»jLtrpoiibim, 
Tim vivat?ion-( Hhowmaii vrhci told this iLUbrvi^:»d «raill-' 
kIoiio i^ouM not Iiiivd mmlc n iiuu^r short uf wiiU-|ftiper 
mit ot^lhc living «k4.0eUin, li&d oim fslteii oii bim, luij 
only fi>r lUe bulLiH)« on LU vt**! fu* emM bavij tto^n 
ptibbod tlirou^b llio t*rark utulor iho di>oi\ iiA«f liio Tot 
TVomaQ g*)t Ihrouiib with hinj. But to couie back 
Capt^ BiLtos, tlic tnble upon wLich ho kad seated litcn- 
A*f\f groaueJ, ami the ilitk^'r^jwiter moau«d» Tb« 
fteotlng second* were luuffnijlcd into eooturie?, tijJ iho 
aiAQ lu tbe wutiio-ba^ol ftl^4^rwa^lJj lc>ld ido that li 
felt kiii)d«lf ebdakiti^ iiUo Bomeibiu^ ISko a bomceo^ 
putbit! pill. Tbe bibli*, bowevoi% up^tcarod to eiaiid tbo 
prciWtiKf u ;;re*dt deal botlv>r tbiin the porson uiidor it, 
and il vpuj« Btnijolimi? Wfore tbo luttor came to riscon- 
cWv biitiM?lf 1i> ihti &vk(cky of bis eitimtuiu. Wheaiu^^ 
did HO }ic peeped out. ^^M 

The flight ibat met hie ;:iu:o was a curioua o&e, ^ 
There was tbe ^^nt towering j^ianto^i of {'Aau^mg 
fen1iirfi» and wiih nothing ot'a •* fcc-fo-funi " 011- about 
Iter, qoietly acatcd in Iho editor's chair, tnkiii^ in lb« 
flUuiitloii a^ if &hc h^d htynn ao^-iiHlomcd in thvr tbing 
0mc« Adam's f^tthcr wii4 bLd<Miiadcd. And tbvro 
were tbo editors And iiGir4*bin)t«iE» gn^iug on odmir^ 
injly, witb one or two of them iuirti*"idurh- »wo*trickco 
and \vild-€^ved. But Lbc bat-k^round v^a-f tbo tbiiig. 
It wad a circuA in it^fclf. At the doura A»d wimlow», 
upon lablea and chairs, and pc^rchivl fiirtlirr tip on th« 
top of an inotteiit^ivx^ and nvcak |uiiiUion, a^ higb ftsthe 
;iaii1 hiniM-lf, wiM a g)i4»tly iimj'of ^piiigiiioutb«^Mid 



rrfttinff o_v<*a in a sotting of oager and dirty faces, — 

I inside and out, hish and lowr, unywhera and «vory- 
where ait-utid lht> itietitutiL>ij within e^iog diatance 
woro iiownboya and boot-black* till ono couldn't riMt; 
ivith a dim and distant tiorizr>ii of nioro ro«p«ctaliIe 
visltord who hud been t<!nipt«>d ii) by the unut^ual eccnc 
and noiac. After the luual courtcaiea had b«oa intci*- 
uhan^cd, the editor i^omarkod : — 
*' 1 bad a young fellow assigned to interview yiiu, 
Uapuuu. but I don't knovr whciy he i# just now," 

I'* I'erbnps \w*f gone to git an oxtonEttou ladder," 
9uggcstcii n forward ncwaboy- 
" No, Skinny, '* wid noothcr ; " U*^ told tuo ho was 
goin^ to g<^t old Stout'» lialloon." 
AC lhi--» nitxcu^nt thero wa^ a conimotxun iuid«r Uic 
tablif. The ^innt'd fiM>t liad ^wun^ hiU'M and collidi-d 
ivlth tho w;iati:-*baakvt. Tooayit wa^a bl^ fnot would 
b(' ViUtt (^ullin^ the pyramid of (!'lieoph 3 brkWmt or 
the Colueisns of Uhodee an ItaLiau pluati^r-cabl . Thtiy 
Hay Chicago girls bavo h\g feet ; T don't knovr this to 
ha a fact, but if tbry buvi^ nnytbing llko \\iq |le']al 
spread of (.<aptjtiii WnU^* llicry iii'r: eiiUtli^d to (lin credit 
generally giren them ofgrnatiu'** in llii* wny. Atnny 

Irate tlie collision iHstwenn tlifi ftKit and thi? bajik^ 
.caused thi? i^ioinlilo nt|Mirtf'r to iliM-biHr Ms wbeiv- 
abonts. The mitmigiiig i^dit(>r ■junlitJMl liU roiuhiPt its 
uabocominif a n^witpaprr-mnn, eind the giant biniftvlf 
gently t-Afju«ftlod ibo si^ribo in **<3mv A>rw:u'J. 

"You ivou'L muke a wiitc-h*<!hami out of jHb?" 
queried the i-oporier, apprehensively, 

I*' No^ no/* the giant iinswerod, In &n assuring lone. 
"Nor a scarf-pin?" 
The giant said be wouldn't. 
T1ii« allayed tbo reporter's fesrs, and be oamo for- 
vrard from the ntcDosphero of " reRpectfully declined " 

^7^ MS Ai»rc5Trvs with cu^ns. 

liter^tur^ id which he hati been. Carx. Bues's greet- 
ing was mf>t Idii4t aod =o wa= thai of hk wife- The 
reir^ner saw sit oq'.-« th^re had heea no neces^itv for 
hU prerioa-s ticnuJltv, and managing to get within a 
CrtiiAe of r&ril= of the giant's ear, be excnsed his 
awkwani and eiIIv actions. A pleasant chat followed, 
ilk wlii'.'h tij^ ^ant and giaates^ gave brief outlines 
of lh';ir p*rnjonal history. 

Cajit- Bate-4 is now ^1^79) thirlT-five Tears of age, 
«tahd-i ?even feet ekven and oii^half inches ia height, 
and w*n^Ls aTwui four hundred and eighlv pounds. He 
i* vt;\{ prit toother, hiiudsome in features, genial in 
»|»eecb, and h;ii the reputation of being a sharp, 
shrewd man of the n'orld. Mr?. Bates is thirtr-two 
yt-ar-i old, of the same heiirbt as her hu^^band., although 
nhe really ^^ceins to he tuller, and turns the scales at 
about four hundred and tn-^^iity pounds. She is thin- 
ner h\ form, but of exoolleut physique, is handsome, 
and \r.\ti tlie Hume frank :knd sniiLinv expression on her 
faee m th:it eo^^tanlly worn by her husband. She 
say?* ^he likc^ tht show bur^-iues^, because it brings 
her in lonUv^t with so many persons. The Captain, 
thoujrliT Jiiivin^ bi't-u in it about twelve yeare, and 
areumnlated fonniderable means, does not care much 
aJwiut panidiug hi* enlos^ial proportions before the 
public. It ha^ ljoc;n his desire: of late years to live in 
jirivate, 'juietly on Ins farm in Ohio, where the touple 
Inn'o a Ikjusg bwilt expres?ily for them, with doors, win- 
dows, furniture, etc., on a giant scale; but until this 
year they received mj many handsome offers that they 
ffusook tlie s'ld for the sawdust, und the plow for the 
iflalforrn. In 1H80, I tliink it was, a giant child was 
bfjrn to this enormous Ci>u|ile. The infant weighed 
twenty-eight pounds at birth. 

Aft^:r listening patiently to the Captain and his wife 

Ay ADrK!nT-KB vrrrit niASra, 


a* Uicy B\yokv v^ 1lium»tflved, thu \\U\e reporter wliom 
I hiWT Uitvodnccd ilio rc^LiJiT to iiUco^h-, »u'^<,^ciu*il oa 
ho nearly <ii*locHlcd hh iicck in lotitjng up at tiie liifty 
cotiplc, tli^it it xyiiuUl U-wc hci^ti A nice tliti]<; to Tut 
ur»ijittl when \htY w<jrc inftkifiglr>vcl<> ciuli olliti, [)ut 
Mr*, IJiiIm iwiid tlint wiiH nithi-T n dclic^Uo niiittcr lo 
nHI up, iinti ihii ti-purtf-r niiliAidi'il, f cimlit moI, lu^lp 
tliii^kiiig, 1i»w<TVLM', tliiir. 11 fr11i>w intj^L fit^l aviM ijiK'or 
wilh r«»ur liuiidn-d iind oi!i1 poutiil?i oftivTiTcdutart upon 
lii?« knL-e. Hini:iUivjtii Inii^^'iij;;; }^(nii^ on iiU tlie lini4?, 
;iHi1 14»v<*'«I^Ila lli:it inr^'ilrii ii fT;ti-'M>'f biUtiT in nnm- 
fri'ni tliu lit'tU't-diTptlia pU-iiiip; a>iuv« Ijia lieuil Uk(! 
iiKmiiliiiii zi-p]i>r9 iirouiid ihc Tike's ^©ak bl^^iial **ti'- 
\UG stHlion. And Ui^n wlim :; IrUuiv f<-1r. liis luve 
nM'ny d(tiirii in hi?4 liouU, ivlial jlu Alhiiitii? c^iMe joli It 
]iii]%t hjivo Iirifji {t> iiwi^}lllt*xtli.^i^y^v\lt^vQ^t woa I AiiU 
iheold pirilon prito, hnw Tj rnj*>t bnvr. hof^ii libo tho 
g:Ll(-S tti;it hmvo KiiiiMni lilioiililricd with prf>tjmli]y a 
litllo ettni linuTing to it. Ami wlnit *"fn'wing-giiia 
ftwopping iiinKt \m\a jfiitu? on, nnd im riv;ini rating, 
^nrhrip* !i jilnto ti* lingo its a N-iilblnnd /'j^W Jit^ !i liinn, 
fuid no two A]ir)(ni>< in it, Adwi-y Oh, IitiL le nitjeii Imvo 
licMMi a bf^v&iily Uili^g t 

*■ Yon wor<*Ti't nfruld of lior hi*,' Tnxillifli\ Ci|it»iii, 
^ro-reyoM? "* fricnJly iiilPiH^giili^d rim rrporti-iv 

**0h, no; not Ht wll," nnnwrn^ij Uir Capbthu 

** Ifyoii »uit down on hiiTi outv yoLi ronlil hiLTci i^old 
hinn for ci bundlu of Itiuuu p;i[H:'i', c^rmliln't you ? " 

■-TbutiM not it, my lioy," iaddlbe Cu|>lniH. '*Sli« 
didn't IniVL* miy Ing htotlnT," 

" Oh, m. I *ws" 

Tlwa tlio diicourve nirn«d Inio othor chfliinels, In- 
tdiidvd to b© of specliil inl^iMt to ^piitfimnckx — as 
the BrolHligjiriL'^iioiH c:ilK'<l ordin:ii-y ntorUdx — who 
uie c<>Mii.-ru[)l!iiiiig mut-rij4g«< wjth gi;ini4!HteA» 



Av Am-KNTonR irini oiAirra. 

*■ T BDppcMd Mrs. Batv« f1oc» not wi«Ld on orOiiiarj 
rolling-pin?" the rci»orUr hiilf c^uerlod, iidOi-CAsiiij 
jitni<<eirio Cnpt, Hfil4*R, 

•* Nn, m<l((i^i," ihr \ui\y lirnu^lf n>p)iinlt laiiglilugly. 
■' I Ivivo mu) mti^^^^ PXfu^nAj far iny ttwu U6e> Ti^oi 
tinp of tli« lurg^TKtofHiw YoKiMniU! Valley' t*c«ft," 

"AniJ you 1?*^' il on the oUI nmn now niwl then?" 
Uicj rcrporti^r juWI. 

" I ean nnitwor for tliat," put in the Cnptain. " Sbi 
tAmctimi^« brings It Jowil bo henvily r>ii the f^ar t^h^vii-' 
lion of my ftkull thckt It feeU ax if 1 luuV nin ngsiiii>.t » 
plle*<)rirer on a drunk or Inst my wny umW thi" hui 
mi^rs of a qitnrtz mill/* 

Mr«- BntOG cerialnly had the pbyeicHi Mren^h tn^ 
make a rolUng-pfii i)»nc« a Lively Jig in Aoy clir«<?tioiit 
andif tho weapon is ftnythin^atnll like vhat it istioi 
Toprcseatod to ho, Thorns cclohra ted luimmer will have' 
to (£0 to tbc hoapltal us a weak nod deliilit^itod eoncorii 
until thfi jikbtits lay tiieir domeHic difficulli^ aettlo an 
retire pcrmnnontly from actlT-e e^jrvice, 

"It must Ihm( g»pmtJ(?thin£;whoDtb«tCapl4mc<iiiic»^ 
homo lalo nt night, from tho lodi;Ot you know, ftdls 
through tho kit^hon window into a pan of dtabos, nuj* 
atlor Htumhljng up etnir^ f^s to hod with hts boot4 
on?'* the reporter iiiAinuJitcd, as ho lockod aorrov* 
fully tit the giitntoM, 

» Uli, lift never docs that/' said the lAdy ; and after 
a minutt? she added, " nnd Iic'd hotter not/* 

Tbcgiaiitcss looked knc>W)aglyattheginniwhaIitokv?d 
down at tlic Jloor. Aly Ihoir^hls wroathed thcniiBidvrA 
fondly riround Ihi? YwK:mttc-trroTolling<pm,aitd T«£i'f'9iJt 
Capt- Batch's thonghtii vtcvo turned in Uio bnn\n dirac-j 

** Nobody ovtr dnre.-i to write hiifft'daiix in Mm, 
Butee." said tlie roptjricr. "I 8np|io«e you know 

AV ADVESTtmr vrrrn giants. 


circus Aiifl tkciiU'icrAl ]>cc)|>l« ara «ul>jccL Lu tliut ftnrt uf 

"Not nuybo^j- that I knov «f," thu Ciipluin lut- 

''Aitil T j»i||i)in!«n if niij-lKiilr i\Ul tliry wDuMirt c-ii'^ 
nlnjtit linviii*r yini know il, (tiHirri''' »uid llic little 

TluT C?:i[ibti[i ni:nlo nj> rt-iily, Inil n Tm'*UTUiTi< kiixl 
ofhxik crimiW lEiIii UU e^^i^a, ami iriLiijrliody nr»]ii}J 
thiit iiowspajirr ol^icc Imd d.irp<l lo enterL-iiii a «|mrk 
i»r aJTcctinn for Iht^ giimi^«j( lie couTil »oo At urro^ Ital 

]m <li<ln't Mrilul l}ir ghost «r :i xlmw wt)il<> \h^ gmiit 
^tov iiroiitiir 

*' Kiiu', ('jipljiin,*' tlir tiny nml tiniKl roport^r 
Vtniiivlci'tL RUiving tn a OihL'iir'p, " f know yan 
like tnivrlliii^, iinil I huvo <]ni^ metro iiiK'vtiiMi I u-nukt 
like to luk you. It in iiVmt ttic* h»U*l ni-'oommocliUionit- 
D«n*t vin] occfldonally huvo in bang your h^juL i>r foot 
over tlio ©lid* of tho beji voii encoiintor? " 

Thh queslioii disiXUfllod the Caplaln mid lie ro»o 
lh»m tho InMc indi-^itiiiilly, 114 ili<l Mr^. 1VUo« fi-oin the 
editorial cliMir, mid doubling tlirtii^rlvpa itp i\9 they 
retuiluul tho (if>orwiiy they in!|j>-«lii<:illr swi.^|>t out of 
tlifl uow«|>npcv officii, mid atupjiitig into their ciLiTiago 
were driven aw:iy. 



'^IiionLiii^ |iit|K-r The tmiii)>ei- luii] tlic »h'ri'L ure nut. 
given for n^n-Hon^Llmt will aL once |jn'S4-tiltlieiii&elred to 
eit'ry iiitt^Uiginit uuUf'i-. Now Uu-re Id Hi»netiiJie>i that 
tn itii af1vertt4eEiH'iitivhicU:kl[i'actsoL]e tlkoii prelly ;(irL 
A fe\r lined mny ruriiidh n n^iit littto iiilellecliijil flirla- 
ticn, aiul very freqiieiilly ci\n, like a luiy uiul giretty 
maklmi, keep couxltii^ t\ fellow nlciig until he w pei*^ 
fectly ln»4t in the mn2e nf nr iiHertioii tliat he hs» 
nnltiirr tli€ t»rt nor the willingneiits In tryf Ui oHciipo 
fi'orii- A^ mnnn am my ryc^vt lit ii|kiti iJtrm :imi lim 
w4)ntK frorn ihc^ onjiiliU \V in Ilit? lii^giuriiiig 1o Ui<i pe- 
riod nt lli<^ i'lifl nero Ukeii In, I wan [rrevouiilily goiio 
on Uir(n- Likn xhti iTinnurtul .f. N., I inirnedtatoly 
lifted ilie veil and lo»ki'd at llie i^nppohiiioiH »aiit"tU)iry 
behind U, And then aow that walklug art gaK«r}\ Cnpt. 
CoHtentenUB — knnwn ta tbon^andfi of people wlio saw 
bmi IrnvelUng sb the Intooed tnun — Iviog Ijonnd hand 
and fctot upon the eiirth lud siirraunded by halfa dozen 
Chtne«« TntHim, wbo were indu^trioUBly priclciii^' him 
with potiitod iin»trnments, which wore ever and onon 
dippt^d \nt4} the little hiuhi* of bhu-kiuh'blno liquid. 
Tiio aeoTi<j ebnngx-d rudtlonly into a room at Nt>. — 

th Str(>et, and the TarUre wero ineULmor[)ho0e4 

10 a »[tig\Q individual of a docidedl v C=tuoa^iaii a(»|icctt 



Iiul wiUi rt>iLtur«8 wrought hi thiiL itidi^liDctuosA which 
very fn*qu«n1ly is chnnurti-nHlio of Uto eliJipi^s ami 
torta^ »eeii la vrnknij^ <hvAi]fAp imcl thi-t CSi^ek CitpUuu 
FM repliiced by uii prjiully CaiJrjisiiui nulyt^t-t, wliu wnsi 
qinetty tinilerj^oin^ liui o|>mitioiiH of 1invitj}i; liia hrcjial 
ULtooril 1n llm moM, 1:ivi«h fuui |Mi-hjn*Ki|n<f rMiiiii*r thiii 
ttio nrtUt knew honv T]ii« hli'^i foHtmi^d lu«lf lu my 
minJ to Kuoh iin oxtmorilinuTy <;xu<iit tliaL luvroly fiii 
tlin puq>oiM> ofgrntirying & ci»rt<uti ImlhKtIvio curl' 
Olity, a* vtvW it« lo ut^tt if uiy nuppo^itioiLa wer« 001 
reot, I calkd nt tbo Iiouh^ iiidiotitvd u<?rl u(\criinon. 

It vrm a lurj^i^ tliroessftory board iag*houM> In a v«i 
quiet pari of ibe cUy, and aitutitod romimti<-:in 
enoui^h to lend th« oi>loriiig of fact to the pii-turt; 
hud previously coLijuii^d up of th« fiiirroundhijra of lUo] 
genttcmsLn who irunted to bo tattooiird. 

A youijg girl opeiiod tho door, who knew Qothiag ol 
tho (J^rKOEi who owccd tho hihiuU Ihnt iippuiircd m the 
adv«rtl«^Rt«ot> I oxpbiaod that tkj« wils tlio nuiuber 
and street — it wits cerlalnly iho right ]iou>m — and 
ooiildtrt nho roooUo<;t eomc namo tliut b^jpiii n-jth au 
H. No, «ho could not. She did not think there wus 
uny goiitlevtiuii bourdiik;; in iho butii^o whodo mvnto l>o- 
gati with lui H, und thi^ii «ho rccoUoctod Ihnt thcro 
}md 0U1110 to thu hoiiAi; u iVn- days before a injii who^o 
name nhc did not kmivr, Slio would caII ber oiothor. 
(■ Mu I uh, tnni'' rung di>vvii through the haUvrAy* 
and around bohintl Uw tiUiir<^a4o, and down into the 
dining* room, aud up coinc the Ei^unug rt-apodM, 
" 1*11 be thero in a minut<i/* KiUcrtbr Imdlndy with 
a wet towel on her head, mid wiping her liiigcrs oii tho 
corner of ber &pix>n. Jti answer tu the diiiig:htcr'« query) 
OS to what the ** new gciitletnau'a " iMtnn vcaa, eho i^e- 
plied, a» if eho hud known him since ilie corna'-Abone 
of Cboop4 wiLS Uid, tbat be irod Mr. ilirniicboi 



WiLM hi^ iJk? Nil, not Jutit thtni, Imt lui woulil 1»o buck 
III ttmtA fnr dinner, wbic^b would be apre»d ui about ktlf 
an botir. Som[?wbat dUapt>oiutdd I replic^d that I 
would take a walk arouod aud call nC tbfi end of the 
half hour, and waa aboiiL to leavo the door wli«a a 
Toi<m wju henvd on tho tipper Inndinff, nod lie words 
"Hold oul' ^noiit^d ill a very ]>mcmpiory manner 
bnm<^ht nio to a hdt. Et wka Miv lloniiobort^, hs I 
«ion iwc^rtatncd, when :i UU, stout, woll- proportioned 
^'entloTuati, t>f biLnil&oini! fuutum« mid Iho prcttio«t 
bittck hull' my <iye3 ever guzt^d U|>ijii, camis down, in- 
troductxl birn«olf, and invited mo tn. The objocC of 
tho Tieit waa oxplained in a fow words, 

"Well," said Mr. Ilenneborry, "I've been j net 
talking to a fjentlemaii up in my room, an old sailor, 
who WSI0 ci'ipplod eoQii? yoara nj^o, by I'aUing from tbo 
Mpar ol'tt Smith Amyrit^^n j^^iibr, bo ho saye, nud wbo 
apporhrtf to be pretty cxpvrt. I ntthcr like tho man, 
mid I think ha will a(>out »uit luo. He needs ntoney, 
vrhiit yon don't upjKHU' to do, and I think ho i:^ ju:9t tbc 
very iimii lor what 1 waul. So you aoc, 1 think you're 
alittlo Uto/' 

I exi>rc85i:d my iv^rct ot not having ceon tlie adver' 
tUement earlier. 

"Von boe/' coEitinued Mr. IlMinebei-ry, "I vfaiit 
aoiucbody who wilt ^^tay iu the H<)u:»e here, itnd be 
Jtvinbiblo at all time«» during ihis day. It'? t pretty 
long j*tU — '' and hero ho checked hiuiHolf. "No, I 
doirt nivun u lon<;job, becau»o thej-ei uiii't ntncU of it, 
but what th^rc h has got to bo do»t- neat and light up 
to ihw handle. What sort of work can yoii do?" 

I bared my ann and exhibited a Urge dLMtb-head 
znd cro«a-1>one4, uii Ament-Hn e^igle, and a bu«t of 
Cleor^e Wadhinj^'ton. whirh T h;ul tattooiid into uw, 
when yi»iiii;j; uikI fcmd and fooliKh, by a Greek «uior I 
mot ill KlJliVjLukee. 



tlllC TAm>0>;|f TWiMli, 

'HinlN iiri'Uy g»>tHl/' vu*l IIi»iiin*l>t:iTr- '^ Wlier? 
oani lUv h\tHhn*iM — If X niiglit mil it it liu<i- 


ni<i-i> I >^Kj)]i^lii<^*i] (LuiivQolil etuil-maktir Imd t»u<ffit' 
im^ Xho ivrt jmicJ thsit, hnvln^;^ ;i4^i^uin-d tli« iuiiOiim <i|K'r- 
tiiiili nrprirkiiig lli(.<ro1or irHn Ifie flviili. I Wtts |wrf«<ttlv 
jiV, Iminr in ttir husinEXd, rs I n^a al«o mi csqi^riciRW^I 

Fui-lIkt XA\k fr)ll[>vrdi], in wbioh Mr H^iuielicrTV 
i^oko of tuUi>niTi^^iimLl)y. f>ut tuoMl^ m ATl4i«lon to 
tli« i>er*oii to lio LittofMftt nor iho <'Tt.<'nl "f iUtr worl; to 
be tloiie. Ai luvt, uu ti(T riKi* fmiu hiK 44i:iir.n«ii ^oniU 
remiiulcr that hu Itiul H?ud iilinnt nil ho trnittcO to mv, 
rviiMrkocl thiit T iiit^'M ciill n^uiii, lu Un lixd yta ruado 
no dvtinili^ afrait^cmunt wi(.H Iho nuiii it|»-4»Utrs amJ 
probably woiili] iictil two. 

I wuiil nfl* dmgriuctt, mid wuh«d tbut ll>u oM kali 
vb-iih thi; lin>kcii l';^* who luul jzoltoii Iti [||m*uO of nie 
luul ltri)k<!ii hiH m>ck whcti ho f^^ll iVoiu the s\mr oftbnt 
South AmGiicitti Kiiiler. I left Uio doorwlii^tliiii;. '*Wo 
Pbi-UhI ]>y tlie River Sidi*/' 

A s]tui]t<*r i^iLu LI shndy »|iot ut ft saTo divtniif^u from 
the liouBo, ami a mind iiiaJo i:pto Anait iho outcoming 
of tho 9Licc»»isful rJi^al, wovc^ tlio n^nnlls of a ^uildtrti 
iDB|)ir(itioi:). All hour [la^HciU n half morv, Ihroo 
qiiart«i'fltati<l \X wii^juet "br>ut na evco oougilo ofWut^ 
when out from thodoorof ffo. — , — th Slrc«t, liiniK><l 
a middfe-agc'l* Ijchl imiQ.anil liummcdinxrlly t'lwaixja 
mi;. Hv pi^vcii mo hy, for alwuit haiT a l»l"ck, when I , 
caiu'ht oi>. and intM^tucx-d ilit; ojNMiht^ w«4|ge of eon- ^M 
Toi^:itioii l»y fx-maHtiug that llic wyalher wuf a htUc 
Lt>otc'r th^kii folk^ urmnid tliciyj luid ^rcen UM^d to Tor the 
p:i»t moatli otr ikj. 

*■ Wi-U, yew," was lli<; reply, " hnt 1 dot* I mind U 
rb. You fice I've liove to in hotter ytorU* XhAH 
eirar he. That dunstntko i^tTtod wa* lajuu 


minci- comiMiroii with lliv IjnmbLuit dinmU Tvo 
IiullctI tbioii^li. Tvif bveii uloii^ lJi« Afrk^in coutit 
wht-ii tt wjiH )ii>t- <-n(>U;ifU to m^ku a mill-Him syrtrnt. If 
they couKI havL' Jual »Ui)»|jud UiAt weather Noith it 
wouW llijuv tinj NorUi Folo uito hot wut«r in^dc of fif- 
teen uiinulL-a/* 

And then the ciippU^U ^rfiilur toM of ether cxpcri- 
■fiBtea ill oth€i wmm climiitc?^, .'itiil \^t^ t^ilki'd on id 
DQ cn*y, friendly w.iy for three or fmirblorks, ivhcii 
tiiy eomimii'ifrn n^iinu'krd tlmt he w/is giiiii^ to Inkir Uio 
earn. I miid I w:tA gnh\g ti> do tlio ttujitt*. nod ii^ »ioti 
»■ wr wrrt? *ojir<*il im ibr »h:n1y «h!(* of ih*? (Hmi'ryurico 
1 n*iimrki<J jii n [Tiirt-lnw, iiff-bEiod wtiy ; — 

^< YiMi ^nL id)L-:id of tik^ ill Ihjit jolt Ouwn at Hvuno* 
b(?rr_v*s, "lil tiian." 

He o|H^iJL'i] lii^ t*yes, looked :it ni€ h&Tf HU9|iiu1oU8ly, 
iu>i] s;Tid : " Tbt^ii ynu^ro tho yoim;; iii;iu the ^iitle* 
toiin w:iH Ijdkin^ jtluBiil. In iii<t. Yon ivrnt tn ^o hlnip 

Irhiii nfionHXinr' 
All ulliL'iiiiilivo WHH Uil; MtiHwcr. 
" UVII, ynu iiiT^ihi't hi! SHj |iul out. Ho ain't en- 
^;gugod tioliudy vet. At \cxt*l bo iibrt cWihI kUIi ttic. 
I'Tou »vc. ho'B a hit ^onry. Didn't ho U'll you wlmt he 

-' Yea. At leiisl, ho Ic-ft m* to biTtr ihatlio vnuit«l 
oithor himwif or eomobody <?Ui» laltoowl." 
-All ov«r?" 
•* I ihoitghl tbnt wa* wbiit he meant," 
■> WolU Uliiat UU jib 1 llo nmlo mo make all »owU 
o' pronuwa iiot (o ojhmi Tny |ioii-bol<t nlwot it." 

•' It is ti vflry funny prujoct, Un'i ii?" ft*kod tho ro* 
- porter. 

I "Oh, no, not at nlK Tve been ot it aforo. I 
worked at n nmu u|> in Omadu fi>r uhout throe inontfac 
and ^tt him nigh luilf dono, wkou he di^/' 




Till! Tattooed twinb. 

w&tf lh« next j:«iiUo tAdinuitUoii. 

*'Yce, fli>mctimo3» But H«nD«;lKTn-y can »Uii(I it. 
Ho looks lis if bo Imd Uio coiietitutiou unil be ap|M.'zirA 
to be rocklo«a of tbc cousoqilencos. He ivunta to Itc a 
fthow-felluw. llc'a struck on it, jus% tbc eaino &« Uvit 
Cunudzt chap who hickod. He's got an idva Unit 
tbcrc*« tnoDcy in U, mid lic'9 nlwaj*? tulkin' about tbul 
Orcaaii clmp ils i* with tlw drcuvos, ymi know,*' 
" llovf long will it Uikc to (Jo lh« job? " 
"Wdl, tiwit I don't txactlj know. Ho t»Iks of 
harin' two of u» sit it. Maybo you're* tb« otniar fi^Tlow, 
luid hL-'-i in a slormy liurry uboul hiiviii' it (ijtHiKO npj 
and vrunU a f'l^Uovr to tXay in the bmtsa with bJiu nil 
the tiuio fto thnt he can take bi^ tuttouinf{ ju»t wbeii In 
fcL*U lik<f it. Aui y<m girod liidrawin* ilniL^ooDfl, flriii' 
fijJi, rlvpbnnta, biiey utjiistrictora aud aich,'younj 

I regilied tlr:it I was an itdc[>t in dcliiicAting animiib 
iif tbc 6crl iJiimcdi 

"Then I gnt^w ho'll want yon, 1 umtiI to !«> 
pretty gtj«d dniwrr inyM-lf aloru t fell from lUiit Swut.l 
AiiiiT'irjin , liuL tnv bund nbukf^^ no Httltr iviw ; \>ut yon 
ju-hL lay tbt; Ifnca, and if 1 dou^t ii\U^k 'em !n a» Hi 
us n <?u|ipui- |datv, my inmie ain't Jiu:k Ho^ii." 

" Whjit will hi? jjay for tb<5JobP" 

" Widl. I uaki^d 1000 cak-'Ulia' six months wouti 
do it, hiti hL' biou-^ht niG down lo lI'vO and will pny 
my l"iniil imd lodgin', Tb:it ain't IjiuI.*' 

Tlio n*pji1er coinridi^d witb Jack no>;aii t!ml it 
up|N':Lr4.'d U> hva. pretty gi.iod thing. 

■'Aud you dnn't git yonr money down either. U« 
Witnti to f te fixed up frmit this miU-s iif his firvt to near bis 
shirt Gollai' and wrii^tbandii, in the hiniae whei'o ho 19^ 
now, and then he'»goii*' olT lo some quiet *pt>t m 



have hU fuoQ and handu and even hh cara and tbo top 
of lii.H htiid, for hv'» partly liulJ, ctunc up iti df>mc place 
ill th« couittry* or umjr lie out hi eome of ttio raciSo 
islands, uiid if it's a liur^iu botw«eii ue rilhaivo to ^ 
with hiui/' 

'* Vihat cntoli«> ino," said 1, as wo got tip to leave 
lhi!ifir, '■ is whuLlK-mi^-'ljcTiTwilldo wilhhiiiiBelf whon 
Ujg liiiUiiiii;^' toucbtja arc aW put oei liim/' 

'* I cuirt *ay, but I s'posc b<:'ll go off tti Uw t>iind- 
widi Islaudst mniry u nigger r^pjiiw, or »^>mi;ll»ng of 
that frort. uml oomc boirk witb a a}ck-aiid-bull alory 
ubout b<:iiig ctiptiircd by ^(VJi^j^eSt and tlien amng 
'round tlie circle witli «orno i-in-iH or otbcr< He's ^t 
the Tuiinoy to pnali tlio tiling tbroj<fh. find I l)cliev« bo 
can stand it. Mayb« he'll ti^Lrel with old Cos^tcuiiSr' 
iind tboy'll axW ih^m^eivvs Iho tattooed twins." 

And the old fi-llow Imtghod hcailily aa tie got dowil' 
cai'cfuliy frcm iho pliUronn i>f tbo cur, and limped 
away towanls the river— porbnp:* down to the Bethel 
Ilom^* oil Uir Icvcc- 

The r[>rv^otiig story may 1«t rL'xar^le^ aa ijuit* a mi* 
uabic clue yvheu a^AociiitJ^d with a pici^e of infurmattou 
furuif^bctt by an Albany, New Y'i>i'li» journal, wL«ao re- 
porter enys Uic woik on Capt. Coslontcniis^Bbodypal^l 
ivhvn compared with that j^liown by a youn^ inEiii who 
fi^toppc^il o%'cr in Albany ono ervnbig la?ft summer on 
hi» wny from Sarafiiga to hi» borne in Syracuw. lli« 
jirnno in Ilviny Frumdl, iind brf i« hot twcnty-thTM> 
yvara of age< Altboiijjli to young, he ha5, acenrJbig 
to bU own atory, afcn eoTiaidi-'rable «f llfi-. In IWfl 
be i^n away from bomtr, hbtppi^d im a ni(?rcbaniL veatrti 
wbicb vaa tradinjf ainou]^ the Wii^iin^toii Ulaaila iu 
Suntli Tacilic. Whilu tbcio ho undcrwcrnt tJic tattoo* 
in^ process, ^rhi;-h be described aa the mo^ iNunful 
torturv vxoT endured. 


mis TATToorn nvtsffr. 

" How wAEi tl done, nnd bj ivboni? ** be irnn nnlrcil 
bj at roporU-r. ^U 

'' By tlic imiires, and with six nt^odles fo»Ua«d to a ^| 
rtl«k. Do you »eu theiii (showing tb« bocks of his 
IiaiidA and wri&ts)? Tbci^ Is a ]ndy*% f^ico on oiio and 
a t])jiir« on tbo otbcr. Vermilion red and ind»gi> bluo 
were iijwd. bcingprickcd in wijh llio tK^cdlcA. Novryou 
zK'o thut tilt' MTorlc i.^ oxrculcJ ji]»t ar iicaUy and per* 
fectly as it coiilil pcvMbly l»o on tbo huiiun vkin. 
WdU i^ tcHik wt-i'kji Wfore llie design waa finUbcdt 
and it Iiiul ti> he pnckml nvvr a nnuiltcr of liini!»/' 

*■ It inii^t iiurc \ttxu puitiful/' 

<■ II WAA. Diit then 1 biid no chcnc^ but to aub-i 

*■ Wbyp wero yon c»ni|H'11riI to uiidrrr^o tbo tattoo- 


V *' 

Ml imrw 

<* llurdly tliAt, but iL vma wincr todoBO." 

" Hnw rould Lialiviia t-iw-cuUi tli« work 

" Tlit»y itw*d d*)8Jgiia given tbeni by ii siiilor u^med 
John Wi'IIh, who bi^lontjod in an KiigtiNb vesai-I, 
TU08A on [ny uriht ure not au jjorfeci ii« on olber |inr- 
tjonscir iny biidy." 

" l>id tbfty (jitt«o yon lUI ovor?" 

■■All oto<*|it 11 Ntniil) piiHion oftlm Icift ia^ nbovr the 

Tbo dcnigiL' >o hi(Tiri(x--'iU]y worked Into FnimoM's 
«kin tiri* niimcrfiiK and bt^initifnl, niul scoino oftlicm *io 
qi|>i-opmtc to tbc young inmi'fl nutSotkulity tbut it is 
dilBeiiU til im;t^ino hnw a S'uilh Pivoilie »nviij^% own 
vitb im En^dUh vuilor for nu nJvUor, vliould luiv« «o- 
loct^nl ftueii liuiiij^ |>iHurv^. On }iii btLck, extciidinff 
fi-Din vboiilder to ebunlitr, and from tbo ii;4)0 of tJm 
ncek dovriiward wa» a Bpintcd lUustiatioiL of two »h\pt 
in action. D«lo^v it is a dAake vrllb protTii<lbi!* fangs 


and a acroll with Paul Jones's motto, ** Don't tread on 
me/* On hia breast is the national coat of arms 
worked on the breast of an American eagle with 
pinions outspread, and the nattonni colors in its beak. 
This covers the entire breivst from armpit to armpit, 
and from the throat downward. Both arrds are liter- 
ally covei'ed with designs of beasts, birds, and flowers. 
The lower limbs are also ornamented, one with the 
■' Crucifixion ofChrist *' and the other with the sham- 
rock, harp of Erin, and other designs. Each knee- 
cap looks like a fnll-blown rose, with its vivid coloring 
and almost perfect imitation of that flower. The re- 
mainder of his body is similarly decorated, over Ave 
months being occupied in the process, and consider- 
able more time being occupied in healing. His skin 
has the fettling of the finest velvet, and ho says that he 
does not experience any evil efleots from the immense 
quantity of pf)ison0U9 dye injected into the cuticle. 
Ro has tried to eradicate the designs on his hiindd by 
buniin^, but without avail. 


Vi rue UEXAClBftlC. 

Ikiforo ontering lb*- moimg«rJc lot ua look at tiio 
hw^ e^innori euutlin;; horo out«ido the droaaiDg-tont. 
It looUo liho n p{}nc1^-i'ou:^ nUinir, 1>ut invc4ti^Jitioii shows 
tbnt it 1:1 niado ff wood. There i# a Utitniliiml &liL 
ut tho lo\7rr cud and :^ kror. It vcHiuircft an oftnrt to 
piifth tlic Icvor )m^k whioh indk'til(*-H tb^iL tiK^re fdi a 
|)i'oMv !<tmnjc apnn^ in lEuf hotlniii <^f iUo c^iiiuoti. 
TiiJ«» id llio i)iccc of iiidiifuive tbat Ziucl n dtiot out of 
intnn net «oniudMtAiK4f nwii}'. &ho Ik^^nn JicrUituk in 
Lhiec;inftr>n, wliiili U liltod to an ttti;f1o of itUont forty* 
Bfo do^^reca, nfTiuriii>A ji rigid |iijaiLioii, nm\ id ibc ^w<\ 
Hre the lover is pulled back, the epHii^ relca^ud, u 
pistol is tired, and whiio Zaz^l is coiumg tbroLj^ii tho 
air 11 little ulotid of emoke rulU from tlic c.iimoik'fl 
mnulh t\ad i* swept nw^tv Almtint before i»ho land* on 
Wr h(u-k in tho net. Sig. Furini UV9 Z:izc1 h bio 
dntijEbtcr. H^ininm «rfljr« tliAt when bo wii» in London 
whnrf) 7At7x\ tyiiA di^iii^ tijc ctmnon net. crciiiting u 
grt'iit fjixim, the pretty liMlo Frtncb girl camo to him 
crying a:hI Asked lo bi5 Uiknn rtwoy, SIw nua only 
;;L>tllii;* aboLit six doUaLF* ji ivct-k for the i«mIous warlt 
»be was doiu;^ and F^rlii) wiis dniwiiig u^ salary 
out of wbicb she got ttiis piitance, 

SL^. F^ArikK also owns Ljjc Ziitus that Lavo :ipponred 
hero. As their inana^r he ih well paid for ibenu nud 
as tbu Zulus i^leop itt Iho mciin^rt'nc tcul ali<! hare bat 
few waiiU and he gives them about n dollar a daiy — 


l.\ Tiii^, SdCLrVACkKKlK. 




ilLVeHl<iiii>[LL fiJi' lilm^ Zulu (^lijirlcv uti exIuliiUoii in 
Nf!w Vrtik i;elfl llio iiiii^iiificept sum of one dullar a Ohj 
for iloiii<p }il« nntivv w^if-rUtico nti<l utAiitliiig llru iiiirlor 
the ftiunerniis eyes I.lutt nro leveled At Lim J^ily. 
There ix a bit nf rnntance nbouL this l>Wk warrior. 
Among the rrowdi; who thronged In ure thu M^tt^^^ nf 
the Zulus lit Rimunirn Diiiio AIu>irtim, Nisv York VMy, 
kiKt winl.rr, vsha iiii ItriTi/it] girl niiiin^t] AnilitCr, C(tr*ini, 
oight^eri yiHirit qU\, a. miiMic U^irht-rbj outruimtion, and 
the diiiighk'r nf ii Mr, Cur^^iid whn i* in Ini&irtPHH In 
Now York, Znlu Chiirl*^/ won lier mlniintion jmd 
Invo, and alio spent lUflny quarters from her hard-earned 
snvhigi to see tho dusky object of her alTocttnii«. 
Cburlie did not repel her nlfec^lions and they swore to 
be trne to each other- Mr. Corsiiii, however, did not 
ro^riird with fiivor the projqwct of a mirri.i^^e between 
hia duUEjhtor nnd a nogroj an<l did wvorytliin^ in bi» 
[lowor to diHKiiadc her fruai carrying cat her inton- 
tinn. Liutt week, however, the cou])1e oIo]hh), but 
winin on their wiiy to n mbjUter'* houa« they woro ar- 
ri^tvil at th« iu4iauce of Anita's ftitber. 

When the ease came up on the following morniajf in 
tbo Ju[Ti.-i'E»on Mftrkot court the fulher wanted tu have 
the pi'l fl«nt to BlachweU « Inland, but upon hor 
promm to obcty him and luavo the Zulu bo ebjinged 
bid mind and took her home. But eho a^in met 
Char1<>y and, iiceomimniod by another Zulu named 
I7&ibdi, and Charles Kicbarda, a whito man, tb<\v went 
to the rcaidenee of th9 Rev, B, O. Page, Urooklyu, 
and asked to be niELrned. Tbo minister conacntedt 
but he 8eems to have made a uiii^take^ addro»aiitg 
iiXi the qno4tiona to Usikali instead of to Charley, 
and then |>roiiounccd tbcin man find wife. On loani- 
jng bi^ tui^akc, however, lie performctl another 



ccriMtKiEiy luTtwueji l|io right piulwH, Tlia ni^wly injir* 
riml cmijile then tfi*iil Ui tliQ mii^eiiin, vhei« the 
briikgrtiom took [nirL m tlio iibUiiI Ztilu wiii'-il;un-"u. 

The tatto<w;l (irook CootcnUiiii^ wiib hii pJi.t<ir*- 
coverod flc'ih U nluiivft nil otjjoet of iidinlrAilou to tlio 
liullcfl. He fthyi be ww* Irtllooei;! liXu liU pnwent 
abnpo hy Cbiiiose TirtAfs und tullA 4 hufMwbif? story 

Tho toituriiiif dod^n't Bc«m to U»ve impulrcU Iil4 
bvailth oi' bathored bifl n|>|H»lho suiy. Ilo is n m:i-r»ifl- 
CfiHt lookin;; fniin |>lnMTc:i]ly ttiiil In hU iiii'(Cn|ii3if'] i-on- 
dttion i« a fi^uro ihdt Iho eye of nn nrtiH iroiild dc*- 
Ifjvbt tn dwf'll u|Mii. IIn oitlv hvEil id d Endy ^ho 
iji now on cxhlMt'on in Kiiji^uiiil jiikI i^hosc bruai^l 
mid tt)t|K'r mid low^rr liinb« are povi*rcd with Uttoo* 
ing. 1 <Jo not know b<.^r bUtory* but i(h« f>n>Vjaf>ly 
tiiiUnilllt'd to Ihv procefta to tnakL' motioy out uf 
lb. Dr. LEH<<ifJBuj;iio, u FrNi«b ^hysicimt, hu§ jiiil)* 
liiliod A book oil tho bublt of tAttooifi^r oB 
pmctlaed In the Freiieii Army- Thero nro pfofnp- 
dloiml lultooor^ in F;iris nod Lyon^ vho chiU'f^n [lalf n 
fnuic tbr ench dc«i^i. tront^ndlr tliu ttvttooi^ hii« cinr- 
toons on |>ri[HT ^in^l rn|irodijt-<t« th^vL4* on ih<s ikin by n 
motrbniiiotil prnci^hK, [^ih'e^) [liTHipu <Mk<i n j;»<h1 d^nt ; 
n bi^ r<^|>rn!icntntiiHi f>( ttu JndtLin htddiii;; tip tha fine 
of cbe United StrUCfl eo^ts tbo docorntei jwrnoo fif- 
teen frnnce. Cbinn ink i^ tho coh^nn^ eulvitnnoc pTV* 
forrodt tonchod up wilti v<»rmibrHi. l>r. Lrtcn&^ia^iie 
btk» coiloct<^d'>lU1 tUoUnnnd thnsc and t^iiKy- 
thixw d<»ipn*, t3ttl«w<l on thn*c biindrcd nnd sovcnty- 
oigbt itirmlK*iin»rilioSis'ond AfricnnBuUidionnrottnifii 
imdc^r urroHt in mllitiiiry pridoott. Mnny witto tatt4ioo4 
on cri^ry part of tho 1v>i!y cxcwpt i\w iiuk«r Hide of the 
thi^itt. Patriotic niiJ rpbgioua dv«i(pi^ nnd Tti^rii^ 
lion:! ainouutod to iiinvlv-uuo. Tht^^j were tvrf> huit*i 

jy TUT. Mr^SAQEUlE. 


fyed and eighty firaoi"(tu* .ind ciotic device* and three 
liiinOred and fony-four works of pure fantaaj'. such 
na ladiee dnvtn^ in ii cnrvhi^c, the hor^ei plunging and 
scrrauU ninhii)^ tn Uieir lu-aOx. Tlio ^reat efforU of 
nit ar»? roa^^rveil fr»r tlio fturftii^i*?* of Llic Urcii&t and 
Imt'k. Tt^o 8ulijoi.'t^ of riKUi/ of tli<* dnnvinga arc best 
It'ft uadoscribod. the irti:it*hiatloii of a dlsAipatod tol- 
tiicv l>cijt*r ritiiu* saviijje In Us piiHtv. Amcmg |>a- 
lri'»tic am] it li^io':» cnibtcEHi arc cited two Jcrils, nine 
theolo^nd virhic^i*, nix cruoitixc-H, livc» KiHti^rit of char* 
ity, iUrvt}. Iji<ml« i^f rni^^^liULti, iK^t fljtttin'ecl, and five 
puriraita <>f ideal jjiilfi of Ahafi', wtih no fewer thnin 
t(iirt>-fniji" I>u8ts of !lie ropulilic. Among ainnials iiw 
iJiMi and llic foi'peht hvc the firoritc tott^mi^. Among 
flower* tlio |innAy i« i^t'iit^rtilly pivftTi-nd . Thn iv^thrJic 
rla^Jic:* will lie gricvi'd lo hnxv thnt rint a Hiii^^^t lily 1141- 
pcfarit. and lhrn> vmn nitly m^c duirty. Among inytli- 
olngind .■^id'jfiils llnT nin'iii* an* lli« JjCivhU'H fiviinh*j<; 
next ctjiuea B^ujcLua wllli lia iiaidfi, VtiiJUt»« Apollo and 

Gon. Tom Thmnb and Im ngraG<aM<> liltle wife are 
niK*r mttrei flwin^in^ ariuiiid tit* 8awdunt circle wlUi 
fhrJr i»1d rricod naniiim. Gi>ii, Thnnifi ih iho most 
iiii(-^i!«Mfii1 dwarf (hn world h:i» pv^r m»pti. Iff \n rich 
iknd iiA hu[ijiy n% if hi^ ami hiH wifrr wcini nw tnll tit 
Ciij»tain ntii] Mi>, Rih>^, th» guml. and jfianloKii who«B«' 
immiMLsc fiirmi l4>om up :i1*[>w 1\m crtivrdi tfiat tlirong 
iIk* iiu^riiL^'Ht' t^iiE. T tmvo vrrliten elaewhen? alxtul 
capt^Lin iind ht^ wtffr. 

*»Tnmmy T'tim Is sw worst bluff al jmicnir I ^vpr 
WW," E4ii| CainpTiiihn nui> diy, hi a rnnfidrMttiil mooil : 
<■ I rido win hixTrii m Kcfenty-fiocx from PiltMbnrg t» 
Vwiling, iukI U« lnii«* mft (^Irfen dollar* on fi yair of 
deiieeft. Zo Genora]« Is n bad man at aee iiaiSoiial 



Csmpaniui, it u well kcoirD. u exc«eding1j coonomi- 
oa1> and tho lo»a of otovcu dolbr* ho gtilpod doirn m 
well lu ho oouldr einking it ciwujr 1>cl(iv tho region of 
Ilia lovrei- regbter. It iras a niisfriTtuDO ht will nurer 
b« able to forget entirely, but Geii&ral Thoniaa Thumb 
13 a perfect ba»ilUk to the diatuigtiuiiGd tenor. Wbea- 
CTcrtlicir sho^ra exhibit lix the aaiiio towu th« aing«r 
look* up iho dwarf mid challiMjgcs hiiu to a game of 
chance. Thoy U»t met in St. Louia, a tbort tamo 
before Campunini's departure fur Kuro^^e. aii<l oddly 
enojgh they j^cttlcd on n. game of billiards, although 
probably for prudential reaaoti^ oo Onaipaijinra 
pAit, M it wiiA inipon^iblc for Tom Thumb to win such 
1 diflaBri.mtiA aunt ai eleven doUnnt from Uii? ItiiHi 
that mniily gnuic. 

Thegnmc toiik \Anon in the pnnripvil billmnl-mnm 
St. Loiti-«, anil it vrvtreiidtirrddciutily iictorr-Htiiighy Uu 
fiuit ihnl ('harlen M»j>le<(on, rsiiltlt'^Aly jaiiri<il. hr?pl 
lh<^ lalley. A great ertJiri) wuh nEuni altmcl«<l into thai 
nMiiii, and tlm only regn-l of Iht? two dislingui^ho 
playi>rd wan tlua they had iiol chnrj^d a gvuervlj 
a<)mUt«ir>n, reseryed Beats extra. 

As l.liH^amf^ proceded (*aripaninl grev vieited, nm 
the AoiiorouFt notua of htit full, nuh voied re^ouDdoi 
through tho corndont af tho grcuit hotol. This* ii 
turn, irriutpd the Gpiirrnl, and his tvoak, pipthg tones, 
with a tingti of uagrr in ihnin, eniitni»lrd >il.tTitigi*1i 
with tlio llidnui'H. The erowd Ifloglii^d, and Oim* 
paninl iinruiiMlou-ily eichlbiU'd fioine of iha richi 
irouAiireA of his srrM*k-ln*trade, uhile the Genonil grew" 
dixpt'rat^T and abftolutely tried to rejich acro&s Uio 

•*Fefteen," shonted Cnmpaiiini. 

Fniling iu his ilr^t etToEt, the General again tiled Co 
uecompliHb the lmpo«siblo. 



^ofU^n^** Cumpnnini shouted once more. 
Jii«t th«i) ChiLrk« ittopi>4><l forw»r<l mid ofiforad lo 
lift ii(> link llo]i-o* My Thuml>. 

" IVIjo Ss plnying tiiU jptuw, oijyhow? " llie Goueial 

" FefWeii," again ahout«d Campunim, 

"That umkoe llirt^o liniea Uk* bluody iLnlian has 
eaid ' fcftecii,' " TLmiib romarked, rogaining his Itmt 
tompcr, and Lhcii to Cumpauiui'ft diamuy ttc )iraot*od«ii 
toieurely to win Iho gutiiis. 

*' Kkleu dolliira at pokair, tweiay*livo cei)U iit biU 
liftrdfl — clcfcn twonty-livo/' the U-uor kept inuUering 
durio;; tho rest of the day, and that ui;;ht nt ibe opera 
Ci>l. MapbHon oould not undorataad vrhy C'rLmpaiimi 

Tho "'Wild Ape of Brtmco "' scorns to l>o quite an 
rnU-Ili^'Tut aiiiniid uud display* lirsUratc taste in cLoos- 
inj^ hi3 company. H12 lini bariird by cx|>cricnco thitt 
firU were inad(» to bo hiig^ud jiad kinicd, Tlirougli 
tbo ham of hia cn^ ho buft setii many a ritr:il lay-f*^ 
ivui^t 111 tbc power of n pli)tigb4>«v'i4 arm, and w^ti-h^d 
tbaii- lipH niti't in a fimaLk that 111 oi-c (bait dimouutcd 
tb« old niiuAirel jokea1>out Iho M>aiid i-eaend^liug tho 
iioi&e mado by a low ptilliit" hor btiof out of 1b<.'< iiiiuL 
tt wz\s 110 ^voiidt-r, ibeii, ibat wben tbc *^ivJld ;ipu" got 
out of bU cngo, while tho circu« wan rxhibiting down 
SoiiUit hi? roi~(rol nil h\j^ Hornro Tirrrdiittr, miil iEia>]«? a 
ni*h for oiK* of Hjo prtMii*:*t girln uiidri' tbc lla[jpliig 
rjiiivati. Ht! gol' inHMtrrn around bi<r iiM'k and with 
\ha paw tbnt Vp'^h fivo tnm^bt bff du^nmi und made a 
di-'spti'alo elTort to ubuln n kUft. Tbti girl's o«coit 
WAS at fii'^t l^rrHiifd and frit liko climbing onr of ifao 
rpjarl^r-poloA, all tho frrpLdu9 in Uic n<ii^bbujh«od 
■brbikttd, and Iho mal<<H Ih'^hu L<i divo imdi.'i' their 
9ifala. At last a jfuidkinan rLi:?bi-d np wilb drawn ro- 


IN riix MKVAunsic. 

voWernnd fired nthot cloKcto tb^ ape's ear^ wbi>ro- 
upon ho at tywrt* nhnmioiu^xl Im» nitrtil.ntory cttoftA, inudo 
bU n^iy out a( iht} i&d uud f>vor tlii^ top nf th« canvas 
to the c«ntre-pnle, f»i tbo t4ij> of wtilHi liv waa soon 
Mated, sciMUrblng hts liead and «frid«Mtlly ^jigoyii)^ tli<) 
iMtiiitiiLioLi hi? wna making for tbe crowd in Uus stroot 
A curiosity that has Wen before tbv publio for) 

fttmottt twenty ytttus U llw ■* two-beaded Tronmn? 
MiUic ClmHline. The fuel of tbe matLer \h Xhat lUvns 
are two wuiucn joitivd together below tbe waldt, but tts 
tbey Idve a bin^Le phjr«ical orj^aiiiEalioii i^mix iDaDaj*or 
baa aectl fit to civll ibcm one. Tbia freak of nature is 
iDore ftftlomshing tbun were tbe Sinmr^c tirin» fir tbo 
Hungurun ftialcrs. The two-headed woman wu« boni 



nortf ito town of Whilovillo, Coliniihiiii Omiily, Noilli 
Cai-oliLin, t>n July 11, li*M. l*i-im' Ut tUU Millie 
Chri«tino'» moUicr hnd giv«]i Mi-th lo liro lioys ond 
two girU, ]l)I of rtnliiiury -^ixo iiiul d^forinilv- 
Tbo " twrt-homW wtjuiim ' will ho bust U[id<*r»loi>d 
by rotidiiiy un oxtniH froiii a loeluro by l*r<)f. Pan- 
caottt of thti Jctfur^tm Modiool CoDo^Of FblUdtilpliia, 
The Prof^Bor examined tbU curioeity and diaouesotl 
upon tho sLibjoot Iwfijre a Lirgo guthoriJi^ of nicdi<?jil 
men* In iutt^dticiii<; Milllo iind Cbinstino, hc' euid ho 
coueidcrcd them tho mosl itit^rcMinn; monstroflity of 
their clAna tliat hiLs cvt^r como iiudcr the notico of 
•oicntitic moll, fur moro iiit«rc,-«tTn>^ thfin tho Sinmofic 
twins. In the middt of hifi dinroiiracr the yoiin^ ludj<'« 
cntcrcnl, c)ud in ^rei>n ailk on tbeir two h<Klicv(, pretty 
Htblo broii£i^ boota on tbcir four foet, vrliito kitU on 
their four Imndfi. They moved forward Hkv aji ex- 
panded V, Viitb a crab- 1 ilco movement tbht wiw not 
uagrn<^Dful. Boi-n hnck*to-back, tho Profe«aor ex- 
plained that tlic ojiiunU dc^iiv of oach t<i w^dk fac« 
forwiird bad twlntinl them in their presc'it position, 
Soparato <intiticJ, ricpnraU indiriduuHtiof, (luch caii 
purnue tfepanitc Linua of thouglit and convcr«atioQ inde- 
pendent of the oth^r. From hahit lhc:ir appctit<:7« call 
for food and diink at the mimv. time. All tiin ilU of 
Hu-ih are UDt» however, aece^^rily thvir!i m common, 
Ouo may have the toi>tbacho and the othet bo frwi 
from any ache. Hul in the GXanu^iaUi-Mj coudncU^d ti>* 
day the Professor di»coTored arcinarkahluduveb^poLOoL 
of)<ien»ihtlity vinco his previous (rxiimhialion, eight yeiira 
ngn. Tourhiiigtbcni on nnyeiitlrentenf tbebody.on any 
foot, forexiimplc, both in (lomaion were conKiiuua of 
tho touch. Cbrinliiio han h<Tnn iind ii4 now the Inr^r 
and atronger of the two. Aj ehildn?i> tbpy usod to 


bnw llttli? alrii^]«;M hihI ijuam^U foe suprvunu^}-. hut. 
&A Uic^' I'lJuM utvi get awuy fnjm awh othcr»tbrjfaH/ 
coiiLrlmlril tliut iliitt tMHl w«j U> ^l »]oikg ill ;bcir tiorcl 
palh liiroujrh life vraa to yMd to eacli other- Tbdr 
piTiwnt Iia|)|»ines8 aufl affection for mmA other ]« an 
riantpln for cotipliv wbu nm vokinl l^gi^liv^r hi mjirital 
linmU. SonK*tiiiii*n OhriKtinr roll:* ovrr Millie in livil 
without jtwnlu^uijig li«r. Both can sWp MTjHinitiiljr, 
Tht'v (TEn itHiiiJ niid wullc on thHr oijImHit Ug*, l>iil 
they prvfcr tr> walk oti nil foum. Millio ttoiinut lift ti|» 
ChHHtiiiD'it legs, (H- CfiriKtiim 3hIillMi** lifg«. Sinco tbo 
nuogarlui siMom, ihu:-o bnj ba«Q no sioiil^tr cm« inv 
ported reooliiiig ritiult Ufi^ for ono hundred and fl^ronty 
j««ra. The bond of union bgtvr«oii thciqo, which n 
JuAt above tl]6 bono* of tho «pino, I* chieflj cartiJtigin- 
ouA, but the >|>inujt iiro ^) t^toM^ly npiwoxlmalod thiit 
tlioro iff ail oM^f>ufl union Ijctwccii thom. To iho qticft- 
tjQfi b}' PVtifoiw>r j'lUU'oiMt, whether oithar wxu oupigeii 
to bo tnan-ied, onch d«mcd the aoll iuipoaclim^-nt with 
d«ciKi(in> though Uic Professor cxpUinod Uiat phy*i- 
cailj tliorc flrc no acrioiw oUji^ctimis to tho ituiTia;*o 
of Ilcr or Them; but morallj thcro wm a most do- 
cided oiju, Dui'ing the? Prtifosaor's lecture tho MUkco 
Christine MilUc JtinJ MiUio ChrUtiiic npiieorod vofy 
much ijittrt^wtud in tho diagnosis of thi^ir tfin^U^ ^Q- 
dilioii and evidi-ii^vd their superior inlelli^jomw by 
ibeir iipL ami i-eiwlv luijfflfera. 

Turning from iho hniiian to the zoological brooch of 
tbeevhibilion, vn Ond the u&ual fts^ortuK-nt of auimnU 
fbom the monkrynptiJ Jumbo, the clcplmnl.wJioiaonljr 
ODO of a dosrcii in tlie pOFfSfuwioii of hU owner. Allper- 
formiiig^^leplmnU'* ai>> weH ti-ainod.ftndtbemUacaroely 
one t)i>it cann»t Hgury in ihr Hug, rr-itiondnig to tho 
good itdvicv of tiu-' Inibier, n^ th^ b.Gu|ti-ni i>fti?u »l^lo 
^omMlnii. Tlio monk^ya are iitwajrs ■ «ouroe 


nrTniMc>mout, and netOT loo»e tboir drawing power. 
Thcjr jif« iiili^lli^iit animal*, bat tho iutlimitioii tboy 
have for miAc^uet' makes them quit^ tttngorous. They 
IpII H fiitjiiy htoiy fthiiut i\n ortor out Wtst who had a 
peL moiikoy iliut hti ciirnnl willi hint wherever hfl 
wFiit, ev<?ii t» the thoHtn'. J(M',k(» iippc^tred to be per- 

r<H-L[y 1mrriiU-HM, jitvl il-« ho had lic«u At iho lh^ili'<? 
ulght alXur ni^ht witlnxit iiiEikiiig troiiMe, hU niiiMtc-r 
never ctroamt that bi» would do iiiiythiuii out o( Iho 
truy. Irnigino ht^ Hurprtt^v thrrt^foro when one iii^lit 
lU) Uv vrns ill the laiUsi of u ufimeJy |jart Jowii oime 


IN mr, UKKAaRltCC. 

Jocko rmm Iho *<flio»" ivjUiAfiiUofii^o bohftd fil<!lictl 
out of tbo ]>roi>ortv-i-<>ni]]. Hit sippucimnoo broufflil 
d€wii the hoiiKtf (uiJ tli«i })lu^' urns «pin)od. 

A tTAVullcr in JHpiiiL vrntiits; about tho ninuKomontH 
tl»t>rc tolls urt (jf u \'vr_v rttunrUublo 8igi»i'm *i|woiiinjn. 
Hjj Adv« : '' Thuro i:A an un]m-ttiiilintia tfliotv, mating 

Olio e'en t to wUllf-'rld, tllivt id fllU of illtCU^at to t)lOM4< 

wlit> !i:ivc Wniiip* towrii'd Darvrhi*a tUuoty of tho 
origin of nij^kiiKU It liiH a tnuiiM iiir>iikoy of do 
iB&iui »ttninm<iiiU. TIr' creatijrv fituuds uprii-lit aboiit 
ihtvc fvct high, a vclMrvcIopetl and inldloutu^jl- 
lookiii^ monkpy. wkich will gn thTnij;^h M the po^tur- 
in^ known to tkc f»[noua lti<tiii-rui>bL r mau, ntul Hinir 
tlmt Ihitt rnmou* iiKiividmil uoiikl tmt tlir<rw kintooir 
iuUi, hut the cfxiwiiin^ fiiLt llml liL' Ijfl«i Ik-cil tnu^ht U 
to dance thf? Jii]mnc-ti? lUnco to |K^rtoclion. |jkiii;^ltie 
i?xiujt fltqi, huviiig the cifrruct aWiiy of the hody. krojK 
hij; time fuuUk^ly, and ua'mjs Wis arrna ami ImmU in 
uxuct accord with the m*>v*rinciU* of the feet, tt i» 
difficult to rcatlxc that a dumh hmtc can l>o cducatotl 
^» complutcly AS tiua crcattiro i«. Uacar Wilde ivud 
thU ntoiikcy vprnAd niitkc n stron-; partnership in lli<^ 
pbntfomi bu^iric=>i, for the mouk^^y if ccrtninlv 411 
OMthcto — ^* ft dnrliiig and n duijy." 

If any roador w^int^i to hay n mctui*:crio hoican oIh 
finti luBuunoHitivo fniui duiih-nt lii Now Vork or Klin^it^ 
He nuiiit huvo pk-nlr of money thtjit^h, aa the priecii< 
of aniimiLs ran^c high, oa will be aeen in lht« fnllowin^ 
II;;urc«: An ckpbant niiiy be Imd for tlGjJOO^ liou 
and ]iciic!«!9 with cngr, |V«O0i) ; a6A cow, |8,000i pair 
of larg« Icopardv and two smaller ditto, I5.0JD; Aits^. 
truhnnk.-inganKi.|3,(H>0: Aii:^tm1ia[i wombcittll2.0<K> ; 
D^liich. ll.f^'iO; myd ti^i\ (■»,000; stirixid nimd,, 
t^iOOQ i raro kinU, iuuiik<^yo and k>»cr ntiimalfl, iii' 

i> THi: >iE.sAOftuie. 


iiiing lhoi49 of Ammcau nativity^ $£0,000; toUl, 

Among tliG rarest anlmaU, siiy* a wrii^r on ihU ftiiH- 
JE«ctt atv tho Iilppo|>nt:kTiiu8 and iho g»ij, or lioniL-d* 
hor^o. A firtt-cliige hippo[io1amii4 is worth Ave or six 
thoii^iiil dolliirif, !i]i (?1i?|ib:int frotii tlir<^@ to six thou- 
hiukL i]olliii<E, :i ^iritlTo ix wortli fthoiit tlirco thoU8;iiid 
tlolhir^, ri Bungiil tijf4ir iir li^^as will hrin^; {wo Unm- 
i iiEiiicI JoUiii')^, [c»|>»r(l4 VM-y from vix to nlnr hiihilrcvi] 

( dollure, a Uy^^tia U vroitli A'loiit tivu UunUrLHl iloZlur*, 
^K ^vhllo an ontncli rale^ iit tliri^^ hiin'li'ed ilr>llurH. Tho 
^1 |]i-ki.-liHi bhovTS f hilt, AtthoiJifh c]r)>cii«c4 may Ijc heavy, 
^H rec«ipU ar« propttriioiiatoly larLrt*, ai>d that it <i<wA n<»t 
^^kniquir« muny 1aix<? hoaHls to m^ikiT a gi:Kjd )maiii(}S8 fof 
^^Fnno ti'ador. A N^w Vork hoiiso in tlir^o yoar^ aold 
^H twenty JJont, twelve ok|>bmt«, eiK pralTve, four Ltoti<^L 
^H tigont, vi|;ht loopurdft, i^igUt liycTinK. twijJvo nfltn(>hofl 
^^ ami two liippopotumi, 1>uiii<; a t4ttid huMiic^ of Eiliout 
(U:f,OUO, or over (-'HjilKt ]K^r tiiiinjujf in the? lino of 
lai^i beuAtB alono, cxoluaivo of thi^ smaller uliow^ 
licuAtH, em-'h rtd nionkoys. aii<l oxohislve niso ol" Inrdat 
wbtdi lalLcr lWa\* luoro than douMo tho aiiioiitil ^ivoo. 
Unua. or horned- bo raoa, Uavo oomo iuto j^rt^ ikmaod 
of lull- >cai's. both from their oddity ami rnrity. and 
are valued (it seventeen or ciglktocii hundred dollara 
An olophant i^ alwiiv:" in dcmaml, and ^vlht 
r^l^p it he midc or fvumlo, lar;:c or amall. ■* trick '* 
othfinviHo. Ddtriubea, ilioujj^h huuvy caU^r^i cro not 
wry «\|i<ciieivc, as thoy have ca^t^iroa stirmacha and 
dtgr^l atouQ, ^lasa, iron, or aLmoat uiiythLig «be tha 
one choosc8 to give thorn. tliou>;h tl^oy aro jinl^ea 
of good DKttt whi,'i] ihcy gi^t it. They ara not iha only 
crmturca that f^at ghLiti. Ilcllcr or lloadia — 1 for^ 
vrbkh (^ thcaiT miigicrans — fonnd a liwtc am oiijf Ori- 
ental jtijTgUra for pounded ^\tA&, which they ato IQ 



lurgo qiuiTi1iti(*A. A ti-iiil hy tlia CaticflAliiD trickster 
d«Telo|keil tlie fntt tbatglB*swas not oulj not Iiijuri- 
oiikwiieiitfikeii in r«a«oiiiible Jo»e8,but th»t it 8«rveilMi 
»ii ;ip[iptiK<?r. utimaUtrng tbo stomacli to hurgi^r nAvr 
fmiil, Tlirni iim twn Kpitririi f>r n*(tncK Icnown U* tlift 
tniiUi^ IIkt filrii'k nriil \.\w ^niy ; tntlli hh? vri'v Hlrurt^, 
ilnil, ju)i] pinrtu^ully imtiiiiiul>1c. I^nfi«« tigern »m1 
)t>iil)iLrd>< form ri>ti!tt itui'nt iittrLM^titniH of iiluin^t all 
mnDii^eri«a, ami nre ton frLruiliHr la n«^(t di5aa-i|iiirm. 
It may he liec^ remoiuW<rt-il, buu^wr, tliHt |)oople wlio 
d^ii) With Uiene oroatuivs flfid titat there U compstra- 
tlvoly little diiugei' to Ihemselv^H to bo drP!id«d from 
ftitberliniis or linnpsne*, Tliem? unimsiU tir'vvv iitUcb 
any human Wing, «nvo when cxccsGiv^ly htm^ry; aiml 
who<] rnra^rd^ fnun nny caumi, niwuyfi hUow Kiifit vivi- 
h\& «i^i4 a« put ihdr kQo|>ei^ nn their ^uanl ; whereat^, 
thtr np|>nKtt<T (if th(fjMi Htuomentfi U truo 111 res^ard In 
tlg<M"* Biid !w)pflrdii — th<j latter <»!*pociAlly, which are 
re^rdeJ by thciBC in the ti'stdo aa the movt dniip^roufl^ 
cruel ai)d iri^aoUtTou* i>f ull thu ItoaKU with which thoy 
are brought in ooiUact. Auionoaii lioiH or jnf,ntur«, 
utiil American or Bmsiliaa iS^i^ are vary Gerco, tin- 
t)imnbk nrid stroii^r. iilihoiigh inferior in rijw to tlM 
lion or iij^i*r pnip4*r. Of monkeye and babooii# littlt 
morv than hnn iilv^iuly boen gaid need bo rctp^ted faoro, 
Tht'ns arc about oik' hLmdn»d and tifty difToront «i)ori^ 
of tb<!^ cr«aLun7«, iha ino^ intolligitnt of wliirh irt tbo 
ringtatl«fd monkey, and iho nio^t ittupid, that varioty 
known a^ tho lion monkey, fh>in \iu bt^ing giA^d, 
in^tCFid of brnins, \rilh a lou;^ niano. Th« varivt/ of 
detr and antolopo arc imnivroLid, and nlvrayft tiad tyvuly 
puTi^ha^i^r^ ; the "cnultte autclopo vriU bring tvo or 
tbff'e hiiikdn^d dollars in tbo niarket^ 

A lihoiv iif xvild animnla U one thin^, and a very 
A thing itoiuutim<>^ ; bat tbe same uumbcr of wild 


Fild J 



bfiflsis when not in eIiow — bwt mcroly in winter qn;ir- 
tvM or out niid awjiiting snk* ]>rcsc[it!» a iJin^^rciit, uiuU 
aoinctimcN, n cunoun ^pi^cticlc. Thus in n corUiu 
back yaril in thiji ril_v of Ni-'W York, ilm ^ill^uUl' a night 
id prafrOnk'O 111 tlr» li»vri' iif ainiiril Itfe ua ta j$flWU(^(l 
prolmbly in llic liinyti of i\w ^vhok- worUlH VtiU t^iitor 
by a low doorway, anU at first |{]aiie« you sea only a 
iiQiubcr of bi:rxtt4, with mn Uurs \n fnmi — aniut«ur 
odgca IQ f^ict — Aud nn:aii<^ij &toug»kl« of c^ch cttbc^rt 
ju»t a« ciwi!!< tiiny iw, without Mkt ullghti'st onlvr or 

Sncrul urniii^iuiMit. K you }nnk a Mrcniii] liiiio At 
(Sw boxpit yi>u VfiH \wt nuuii? uwaifl ctf Ui« fuot that 
they ura iiihAliii.t'1.1 by frt-rlatii iiifivjiig uhjiiiuLh; Tor 
pairs of bji^hl eyt^s will ^lu?mi out itytoti yiiu Uin>iigh 
llm irou lT]n> Jtmf omt?^ioiinl KViiU^ltihg ofAomt^ Ljea«My 
Liil* u<>!iii»!tt tlioi^idrA of tlie t-iigi??4 will Wcoint* AiKliblc, 
JL1 \u\i every now inid then n ili.-c|> Mmntliciv^J lour, 
IiiKjii'rtiii^ tbi» hoxM^«;ri'^ in- ni^<-bi>xi*T<, nuirr. cWi'ly 
yim will ^mu rurlla-r, ihiLl oiut nf llu-tii <^niUuiiH a thn-c- 
ye;n- olO linii, jtjst ^vtttug Ins yoini^ m»UHULfhe, or, 
vliftt fliuwet-s the MAine |)ur|HiKn to it limi-^bift minie. 
Next box to thisyoii will duel n Waucs^. iibont tlie huiiio 
ug9 A>i L«r ntito, ii iliio >«[)^ciiiien of Afri<*nn femitlet 
who Hecm« Tdry mtKrb attiuThcnj to a dt^ that shares 
hvr cai^ff wtili Uirr in pin-ft^rt hui'iiiony, :it U'!i>i mi fnr 
a* tho liontfM 14 conct^rncd, for sho doc^ all fiho can to 
livo at pearo with tho dog, yiijhiiug Uj hix wlnhuM iti al 
|mrticijliirK. ^viiijT tip h'T nu*?it. wbcin^vcr hu btki-M 
faucy to it, aud gL-itiii;^ nuC of biH way \vhcrii*VQr W 
wUbtt^ to ivalk uhotit, although doggy 4I0CA not soeni 
tn ho n vopy amiiiljle piirlnor, and every novr And thuu 
^v«M thci lioiw^d A bit of his cuiud by hh\ng her In the 
A liulc iH'youd ihi* iiraQg« couple lie two more 
hozoft — the upper one containing a pair of ywiug 
hunting; leopanlft, ae phyful as young kitteas, vrhiv 



IK Tir« MrVAflBUlK. 

Bp«iid ihw time 3U cnlling to tlio caU of tbo n«i<;hb<tr- 
hocKl, the lowfrr on« boiDsr Oiu ^oon« of thd iinpri«oki-* 
Dicitt of a fu1l-^n>wii, vctv hiintUonio, rorv crcMic 
1on|mrilo:u<, vrlio ia always snariin;: miJ Aookiii^ whi>m ^i 
or what fibo may d&vour. This liitUr be&at baa il^| 
S])0oiak1 jtrtlipalhv t^> a yomif; la<l who ha^ charge of Ler, 
ancltnG« half aditzvn tjm<^ a d:iy to tunbo niinco-Ti)cat 
qI him. Ou tho oppc^ito sido uro a number uf boxes* 
oontAinin^ moiih<*yi4 of varioua iti>ccio« and I>sIh>oii8. 
Ono of lhc!?P monUoyw is a y>vr.t\ fnmiU-, rhrMtlcnod 
VioLontit and H one of the maat vxpcrl pidcpockpU in 
Now York, nhicU ia tmyin^ a )fr«at doaf. Tic eon 
rolievi* a visitor »f hm watcb niiiT L*haiu oe* piick*.«t-boiik 
iu a inanaor mual refreshing to a monkey and moralist 
to fritucAH, mid uUhou^h as ugly as Bin » as quick as 
l^ghtiiing. NL?xt dof^r t» 1bi8 kloj^toinuniuc npe U u 
huppy fiHiiily of nu^akcya — futh&r. moihiT au<l haby-^ 
who Ilvo together livvly as clama at tho turn ot tid«. 
Oil the ground, at a Iktlo dHtancc, lios another box, 
which contaiijs a monster liaboou. Thia fdUov ]« 
called JoiiiiJ^, and ia, vrlthoJt exception, the u;f]ieaL 
individual lit exifttciicc to which the Alrui^hty baa cvor 
given n sliajw — *noh fit* it i«, Thwo hi*; apc» arc fro- 
(pivatly pahiK'd olT on tlic public for gorilln.i ; tbry aro 
Atii>iig uti panU. ^ntl« tiA l^imbq, imd cun fni luugbt 
trickd like dojfd> A« in the c^^e of cauinctf, ncrcrily 
aud kindncsi are resorted to lu tniiuio^ them. Prof. 
Uarry I'arker, iji epcakia^to mo about «>du(3itin^ liU 
dogflt SL'iid ho rarely used the irhip upon thcni. but 
Oiideavorcd, by properly feeding and ?pc-aking kind 
irord» to tLicm, to mako tfacin obedient to bia coin* 
maml. Atill tbc whip mufit be u»^d. Cog5 Ib&t liop 
around (mi two f<^ct have their little ]imb« lambed frtini 
under them until th^-y filmo-it fuel tbo «ting >if lira raw* 
Judo in the toi>oof Ihotraiaer's voice. Clonn doga» 



which have recently been prominoiit features of circus^a 
and vaiicty sho^s, nrc taught to go through cvcnr 
nrLit:!^ tbat Is put down upon the flmir Uy thc^ir 
UJiwtwn* ; Uint i* why iltvy wiuiriii thrnugh fl liooii, run 
iitidor mill uvifilurii dhnirrt, |Ki!*r4 itiidftr biindW niLd 
upMtl tUi< loiipin^ ImAkrt th;il. 'us uficil In <h>g oirciiAitsf. 
Piijf, Puvki-r nml Pnif. Willie Culih, I nmy ln"re 
rt^injLi'k, urn Iho lr»l dug^lnuiti^n hi tho rrmiitry, and 
bi*Ui liavtf Uirgo aud finu tiontictlotu of uduf*at»<.l ruiil- 

In the renr porlion of the y&rd whicli wo hnvo fx?en 
vJHftLiig U iin itiHoTiiin^ jn wliuh thnw f>r fi>ur hrmiitii 
lic}rKirH or piiniiM, rdh><l <^iuiJi, nni iti^THiiiig (lifir 
rulioiiK; n<ixl, Iji Ihr^sfi U u rji:ui hi whii-h in i*[)iifiru-il ii 
frciifitl ponntpthi*. who whowit hU hHHtW on the huiAt 
|trfivoi.':U[ori, iLiii] komi<liTiir^ hIumi fhiri"** li* n« instilt 
iiK*:iiit tti liW. Thi) L'uiiihj^rtiif of riL^-H liv \ioxes\ficfim' 
pleted by thiit in which in hchl in duro^^ n }^ruz^\Un 
tlgwr tif tho fi«i"n»at ponsihhi (Ir-^-riplioii, who florw 
nntliiiig but ghircT u|Hin you nud wunt to cut yoiu Tliu 
mc^iUi^»itc»rri ri thu cM>U<*vttoiL iiru ft^d oidv oiieouduv — 
ut »Qoii<— nml (^oHl!ihout a diilbir pf^r diiy hi ftt'd ; tlio 
frult-eat«rs, like the elephitnl, eat ciU the time, ad (unoy 
prompt*; while the veget^inansjiki? the monkey<9, t-ike 
their throe sqiiurii mnnl* a day. Ai* a ruloj all nuhuulfl 
^njoy a better average t>( ht^rdth Than nian, h<^oari>te 
they hare no aoqtnt'oil lUHlnt ordlHHipuU^d h^ihiu. Tho 
•lephaiit live* for conttiriCtf \ the jmrrot in a ceDU^na^ 
rian, whilo thu lion liv»>-* l>ut twenty yeais or so. On 
tho whole, the average life of ihjiu i* jjreaier ihau that 
of Iho in;iJoHty of tho Ha-«alLed bea«U, though th«ir 
aveni^ of health exceeds bis. 

W:i.i:*work6, of ono khid or other* enter inlo lh#di»- 

pUy made In tho meiia^one tent; hat th<r li|rcinc« all 

U seam hrokon or «tifooblcd by long unugv. aod iiiAc«4<>f 



being aMrnctivQ, many of Lh«m arn repuliiivo. Haw 
dIffereDt (mm MjtOame Tuft^&ml'H pxhUilHon — tb« 
prototvpt; of nil lliL* eHVirt'i tlial ]ih.v«- ht^Mi iikulu in tho 
orsi-work \\n« ! A corraspon<1(?Tit who rlsk^ tJib d 
]>1ay iDAiiy jenr^ n^o, tihun tbo (li^luy hwl a irorld- 
wid^ iiinn\ WT^U* ■— 

*' Mnilfiina TiiswiuiT* rAmr>iis iTxlii)>iiioii of wax stat- 
unry luiil wrf»rkH in wnx tilTnnloil iiir n v*jry riUcrlsiniiig 
dvl-ii hij^'j; cK'cuiitilioii. Horu nri^ fulUlviiglli jtortniit* 
in vfiix «f nil llift ii<jUi)iW nf tliH VfnrUl ; Quwii Vi 
Ha, Prluce Albert, the vnysd cbUdr^it, G«orp« HI., 
Queeii Chariot!**, George IV., William TV., (tc*orge 
ir, LouU XIV., Emperor Louis Napoleon nod his ^l 
flrnpn*»w in*>ir bridal rof^tume. flenry VI It., Oirdw^H 
Dnl Wi.>lwiy, nil tho pr<iKi*Mt *njv*rpign* of KiiiN>po, Kos-^i 
nttbp G^ii. Tom Thiini'), etc., iiumbtrnni; n^nrly tWD 
butidmi] figuro' in nil, *o arttsticuliy luiAini^d nnd so 
well executed llml iho oiToct H|n>n Uiv rlMTtor no oiitor- 
itii; ix tbo Min;« wi on i-nmltig intu a gruitd druwhi^-rooiii 
filled with nnblv liidicit itnil gentlvoHm. So ])vtf(TCt 
«voryt1uii^ thutyou look to hi^rirthct figiinw «pGfllc,aDd 
CAn liunlly convinot* yourKc^lf tliiit they do not more. 

" Tbu Mtp'tnU roimi cif MLu1:tm<t Tii^tuutl'tf exIu'iUioa 
li callifd ihn Ko^w Koouu which oonUioA the fi;;ur« of 
G«orgo IV. weiiria;; iho order of tbe Garter. Th 
robo WAfl worn by his iimjosty in the prooc«aion 
Westminster Abbeys E^ bid eoronation. To tlie rlgh 
of thi^ h th6 robe the BAina monnrcb iroro at the opoii 
iiig t>r FjirliHiaeiit. nud on tho left the rol>e worn b 
tho Kinir ill returning: bo Wostmiiist^rr Abhc}' cflor t 
crirouulion. The cost of these Ihreo robe« ww about 
tpn,(»0(>. Thn third room of the exhibitbn in called 
tbe Gi>lJ>(in Ouimber, and eonlaiiiH rtdiiM of the Ktn- 
pcror Napoleon, umoiiiT which id the ciimp htHlMoad 
iided l?y Nupoloon durm}; his sevcu yours mX St, If oIoeui^ 





mih tho muttraaa and pillow on which h«> di<fd ; the 
ooronution robe of Napoleon auci Ibo robe of tlio Em- 
press Joacphme; the coiohraloil fla^ of KIHn ; tho 
FWord worn by tlio Emporor duHiig lii« cnmixusu in 
^ypU nritl many other ri^iks of bini, Jn Hnolh*^r r(Ji>ni 
irt thr curriu^ iu whicli Napiiluoit mnJc tlic cunipEiij^ii 
of Hiis-iiu, mxd ^vWldl v/^ia oiiptiih'J on the <TV«nin;^' uf 
lh<» batUe of Willorloo i alao Llic caiTliij-o he ii^d at 
St» Hcloim, in which, of couiao, 1 aal dovvu, according 
to ctutom. 

" In anolhev room arc many rcUc4 of iho Kreia-h 
Revolution, ainon^ nhivh nrc the iiistnimcnt-5 )>y which 
tho mifortntiiito honU XIV. wii» h<*hr^ii4li*cl, .is aUo 
RobvMjiicTiTv iittil iitlirrB. Thfiitu arc but a frw of the 
many cuHoua and iEit(^rc:«tln;£objccl?< t.u be ^rcn iit Ihiri 
«xce«diuj;]y eiit«rtatniu^ L^xhibittfin ; and 1 iiiiAdcd at^v- 
eral hi>ur» bci^\ qui(« lost In Lbe ^xamiiialioii of the 
collcf^tion and the rocol lections whii;b the varioua arti- 
ol«A awukoned. 

The ni^iia^ti'ic. no matter how hmall or bow rjilcn* 
sivo tt may be. ahriLy^ ha.-t mui:h n'ilbni iln ca^i-n and 
lying around under ita uaovaa Ut iiitoivut youa^ and 
old allko. Il Is like n vnhlinc of'liaturn] hlnfoiy tIthI 
may be forcvci ^tuiiiod ^vithoiit cxhauMni;^ ihi* iiilui^'at 
Ihiib attarbcA to it» and thft knowfod^o contaiooil in 
il> Thrown down aflrr a Kni^lc iK^niwI, thn bocfk is 
pirked tip ii^iin and a^nn, and varh tirnii it:< piclnres 
And pa^tm Mrum aa fnvU and MUerlainiitg titt Lln^y wpini 
in tho be^tniiJn^, So, Ith}, Lhv i^ollt^i'Luin »f irurinftU 
lie*, that nowsi-diiVH form a very itn|iortanl jmrt of 
rwry tonl-i^how. ni^v<.<r kujes its iLttraEelion for th«' 
public. Griiy-bairi^d men who hi boybood looked* 
ofMn^ntontiitrd jiinl Hiiii>in4bed, hitii tho den of llofui, 
atiU ^nd Ihv ^luaa pll^wu^fl in conum]pUliii£ thesf 



wonderfLil beaat« from a 9af» di^Unce. anil take delight 
in makiug their chilJt^u ucqtialiitcU with them. Tbo 
btiigkd forests ami in;itCc(] jini^'lea uf nen' reg-oijs arc 
constantly givjii^c up new ^[KHJLu]ella of wild animal 
life; und wiih Hits ulJ reliaMe atlractioiis still pleii- 
tiriil, aiul sUitliiT^ jioveltica cfccAMiomilly coming' to 
(liwfrUifiivc, tlicri" 1^ evwn- K';i«i>n tn liclicw tlitit tlio 
niningpnc will rrtain jtn [trcAifiit lioUl tipntt the Iwart 
of tbn iKHiplu, am] Ijist AN IrHig ru* tbrro m (niiv^ii^ in 
iJic wdrlii Id <:iJVL*r nno nr color rnoiigti to litl an onli* 
nnry Hliind of hifU. 

Now w« lijivo i^et'u alnvut jlU llitfTo is to m-c. Pns^iij^ 
out and by tbt» HiiliviiWw Mowol- wilU liis T^lL viuinaii 
Hud liriui mail, hi4 gTa»9 hlowor and lri«ih CirvaflMurt 
girlu, hts ju^lei', and the lieaillo^ hand of muMC be 
liaa pla^'iiig >it ono 4?nd t>f liis dirty trnt ; wo move 
down tb(? ^tlTiTiel, th& Houiid of tin? siilivfhow music diea 
oiil, tho r-Uiv!U( fjidcfi iN'fiind thn houi(iN-ln|v>^, nnd wo. 
Iiavo left tUn }i]^^^w world wilh eiIL llx HiniT^lilm* and 
f1i}ii]oWt it^ lauglili'r mid Uittrit. 


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